The Fosters Finale Recap: Home Sweet Home?

The Fosters Season 1 Finale RecapFor its summer finale, ABC Family’s The Fosters threw a wedding on Monday — and as favors, fans took home some major cliffhangers.

But before we get to those shockers, let’s discuss the non-surprise: Stef and Lena’s love for each other. Over the course of the first half of its freshman season, the series has proven itself to be surprisingly sweet and thoughtful, and the two partners’ nuptials was no exception.

After a few alarm bells — mainly Stef struggling with her dad’s voice in her head telling her that the entire thing is wrong, which leads to Teri Polo’s best scene yet as she confronts him — the two are legally wed by Lena’s dad (played by 7th Heaven‘s Stephen Collins), who got ordained online for $29.99. (Nice touch, show.)

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Now, onto the twists…

HAUNTED BY THE PAST | Callie is presented with two options by her lawyer (Andrew Leeds, aka Bones‘ Pelant, so you know it’s going to be a bad situation): Tell the truth that Liam raped her and watch him most likely get off scot-free, or lie that the sex was consensual and he’ll probably get jailed for statutory rape because of the age difference. “I don’t know what you’re going through, but I do know a lot about lying,” Mariana tells her foster sis, redeeming herself after a season of not-so-great behavior. “Whatever you decide, you know we’ve got you.” Callie decides she can’t let them take the truth away from her, and it costs her: Liam goes unpunished. Still, she’s thankful for the experience. She didn’t get the justice she wanted, but “I know what I deserve now,” she tells Brandon.

“Do you? Because you do. You deserve to be happy,” he replies, moving in closer. “You’re amazing and kind and smart and beautiful. You deserve to be happy. To have everything that you want. Don’t you?” And what Callie wants is him. The two finally lock lips after 10 episodes of sweet torture.

The Fosters Season 1 Finale Recap KISS AND RUN | Meanwhile, Brandon’s girlfriend Talya comes looking for him, but it’s someone else who interrupts his makeout session with Callie. Jude walks in on them and accuses his sis of being selfish and ruining a good situation; The Fosters want to adopt them, but the brother and sister are a package deal, and this will probably get them both booted to another home. So to protect Jude, Callie sneaks off in the middle of the night and ends up leaving the first real home she’s known in a while. She hitches a ride with Wyatt, who’s leaving to go be with his mom in Indiana.

Since foster siblings can’t date, I was wondering how in the world the series was going to get around the kiss going forward, and this is certainly one solution that provides some interesting story potential. Will the family go looking for Callie? Will Jude feel like he was abandoned? Will the Fosters still adopt him? How will Brandon react? After all, he and Callie never even got a chance to discuss what happened. Bonus: The development keeps Wyatt, who’s become increasingly likable, in the show’s universe — should the producers want/be able to get him back.

BEYOND THE BORDER | Callie’s not the only one leaving town. Lexi’s family is planning to cross the border to visit her sick grandmother, and, unbeknownst to the teen, they’re not coming back since they’re undocumented illegals.

ARMED AND IN TROUBLE | Stef reveals to Mike that the guy he shot actually dropped his gun. However, she tries to convince her partner, the suspect did not put his hands up, meaning Mike acted within protocol. Still, Mike is unsettled and it remains to be seen what’s going to happen to his position as a cop.

Fosters fans, grade the finale below and then hit the comments with your thoughts on the emotional episode!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Chris Hudson says:

    Best performance of the night goes to Maia Mitchell. Everyone was great, but I think she elevated it to a whole new level.

    • Eli says:

      Sorry but no, Sherri and Teri are miles ahead of all the kids when it comes to acting ability (as you could expect them to be of course).

    • dude says:

      Maia’s my favourite but Teri Polo definitely gave the best performance last night. They’re both really good actors though.

  2. Columbus says:

    The wedding was terrific; the chemistry between Stef and Lena is off the charts. Loved the wedding dance with all of the kids. Wonderful to see Lorraine Toussaint and Annie Potts together again and cracked up when Stephen Collins was referred to as “Reverend”. So glad that Callie did not lie on the stand – and that Mariana, who had lied repeatedly through the first 10 episodes, provided key support.

    Can’t wait for the show to come back in January. This will be a long hiatus.

  3. S says:

    Great finale to a great first part of the first season. Although I think there were a few clunkers in there(a lot of it having to do with Mike), this show was a great surprise. I really was kinda skeptical of the concept, I thought it was a lot of big concepts in one show, but they really managed to make a lot of stuff fit into the show and fit well. The show got better and better, and with the apparent chemistry between the cast I can’t see it slowing down, with them coming back in January the fact that it is so far away is the only bummer about any of this.

  4. juan says:

    Great Finale. Some great stuff in there and that confrontation between Stef and her dad was fantastic. Teri Polo was amazing in that scene and MVP of the episode. I knew that the Lexi thing was gonna be that way, I mean I kept thinking how they would be able to get back.

  5. razz says:

    Amazing finale. If the story lines wren’t enough, the actors took the story line to a whole new level with their acting ability. This show always brings great excited for the next episode. I hate to have to wait until January!

  6. Linda says:

    Great finale.

    I loved seeing Stephen Collins as ‘the reverend’.

    Maybe sometime down the line Stef, Lena & Callie will hear that Liam (attempted) raped another girl and was finally put behind bars. That guy needs to be punished!

    I cried right along with Teri/Stef while she was telling her dad not to come to her wedding if he can’t be 100% for this.

  7. Mayra says:

    The whole thing was awesome. But the best part was the song. I didn’t know ‘Same Love’, and it made me tear up a bit.
    thank you for everything, The Fosters. I’ll miss this show until it’s back!

  8. Ana Monge says:

    Just I l o v e THE SHOW!!!! IT’S GREAT!!!

  9. Katie says:

    I LOVE this show!!!!!! Teri Polo and Sherri Saum are *amazing* together!!!!!!! My NEW favorite show!!!

  10. mea says:

    There had not been a great sitcom like the Fosters in years. I love how the shows the closeness of a highly blended family. Steph and Lena are strong role models. The young actors make each character realistic. I can hardly wait until Season 2. Thanks to all responsible for going out on a ledge with this storyline.

    • green says:

      The Fosters is not a sitcom (situation comedy).. it’s a soap opera.Just saying.:)

      • Alex says:

        It’s a Drama. Soap Opera is a type of drama but The Fosters is definately not that.

        • green says:

          Ohh..while you seem to be very confident in correcting me that The Fosters is not a soap opera can you tell me what type of drama the show is?What’s a soap opera to you,Alex?Enlighten my simple mind.Maybe then i’ll stop thinking that what i’ve been writing for over 2 decades now for tv and radio are not ‘drama-soap opera’ but ‘drama-definitely not that’.I’ll also apologize to my drama and literature students for teaching them trash all along.Or maybe we’ll just settle with a common opinion that The Fosters is one awesome show? How’s that for a compromise,Alex?

          • Alex says:

            First off, I wasn’t trying to insult you so maybe you better knock that chip off of your shoulder. And second, I think my over three decades of WATCHING television allows me to tell the difference between Days of our Lives and The Fosters. I am NOT saying one type is better than the other but I am saying there is a very distinct deference between the two in style, tone, and overall production. I never called anything trash. That was all on you. I think perhaps this is a sore subject for you and I’m sorry if it got you riled up but I would appreciate it if you just stated your case next time instead of jumping down my throat.

          • Erin C says:

            whoa…settle down

    • GTS says:

      A sitcom is defined as a situation comedy. This show is not a comedy, or even a comedic drama. Just a regular drama.

  11. A2 says:

    Brandon is so annoying and his storyline is nonexistent. The only weak spot of the cast.

  12. Holly says:

    Love the show…love this episode. MVP for this episode goes to Stef and Callie, both had to make some difficult decisions. Can’t wait to see how this show develops…January can’t come soon enough.

  13. Mick says:

    Part of the reason I love the Fosters is because it reminds me so much of Wildfire the first hit for ABC family. The pilots were very similar.

  14. michelle says:

    I like the show and it is interesting to the foster system. Hopefully some of the things will change. It was controversial and interesting to have a show about a lesbian couple however it is noticable to me these to are not or it might me the network. No kissing seen. it seems like they are walking a thin line about that and not comiting to it.

    • JKR says:

      To be fair, it’s ABC Family…the focus of their shows are usually the teens. That said, it’s pretty great that there is a show that revolves around a lesbian couple and their family. That’s more than can be said for the major networks. And not for nothing, there hasn’t been a lot of kissing (unless it was Jesus’ storyline). They did show Stef and Lena in bed together (presumably post sex) twice in one episode.

    • Gail says:

      I think they committed pretty dang hard to it last night! :-)

  15. kat says:

    Loved the finale. The scene with Steph and her dad was heartbreaking. The whole thing was done pretty well. The wedding was lovely. My question is- who are the people who go on every finale recap and give it an F? Even the best finale always has at least one percent Fail. Not important, it’s just so obnoxious. Just like the people who read and comment on shows they hate….

    • Angie says:

      I gave it an F because of the plots. The Brandon and Callie kiss was disgusting seeing how they were just told they were going to be siblings, then she runs away knowing how close Jude is with her instead of just stopping the nonsense with Brandon? I could go on and on about all the different plots I didn’t like with the ending, but it really went downhill from the pilot to the finale. I don’t really care to watch anymore because I don’t know if the writers will be able to fix it

  16. JKR says:

    This show. Seriously. Last night was gorgeous and honest. Teri Polo was outstanding in that scene with Stef’s dad. Lovely episode.

  17. dude says:


  18. Susie says:

    Truly loved the finale. Broke my heart when Callie left for the sake of Jude. She deserves happiness too but I don’t think her younger brother sees what she has been going thru. She gives up everything for him and he’s clueless. As for the wedding, it was spectacular and sweet. I loved those moments between them. I’m so happy Stef stood up for herself. I can’t wait until January gets here.

    • Alex says:

      Susie, you have to remember that both these kids (Callie and Jude) have been in survival mode for most of their lives. They have been treated badly, abused and worse and haven’t had a real home or someone to care for them since their mom died. The only thing on their minds in all that time is STAY TOGETHER and BE SAFE. You don’t forget that easily. They are finally in a good situation and Callie’s actions could destroy that. Jude reacted because he saw Callie making a decision that went against everything they have been working for. I’m not saying she doesn’t deserve to be happy. I’m just saying, like it or not, it was not a smart decision. It could get her in serious trouble and affect not only her life but Jude as well.

  19. Mary says:

    Kudos to the writers for creating such great characters and major kudos to the actors who make them so real. Steph and Lena are my new favorite TV couple!!

  20. green says:

    Just my tuppence worth: The writers meant for Callie/Brandon to be endgame so the Fosters can’t adopt Callie and Jude because if that should be the case there wouldn’t be any Callie-Brandon loveteam.

  21. Wesley says:

    Great finale! Mike and Stef need not worry. No District Attorney worth his or her weight in salt would take this to trial on the word of a druggie and a liar like Ana against two cops. If by some chance it went to trial a defense lawyer would eviscerate Ana’s credibility in about five seconds.

    I have an honest question about how the foster system works: Callie and Brandon are 16? Can’t remember what their ages are. In any case if Callie and Jude were adopted I get that nothing could happen romantically between them. But when they turn 18 can’t they do whatever they want? Is there a law on the books stating that two biologically unrelated adults, that are siblings via an adoption can’t be romantically involved?

    • Winter says:

      Callie and Brandon cannot be together as long as she is a ward of the state and he lives in the same house. If Callie is adopted legally (which would take several months) then the state would have no interest though Lena and Stef probably would. Same goes for when she ages out of the system (at age 18). Also Brandon could go live with Mike and the state would most likely be satisfied. Of course you have to think about how the parents would respond to it and how it would affect the family dynamics.

      • JKS says:

        Here’s the thing…Does Callie really want to risk being adopted into a good, loving home just so she could have a relationship? She has no idea if she and Brandon will last. She’s 16 for goodness sakes. How many people do you know who are still with the person they dated when they were 16.

  22. Wesley says:

    Great finale! Mike and Stef need not worry. No district attorney worth his or her weight would take this to trial on the word of a liar and druggie like Ana over two cops.

    I know that there are rules about foster sibling being romantically involved, and I get that if Callie and Jude were to be adopted by the Fosters nothing could happen between Callie and Brandon. My question is, Brandon and Callie are 16 I think? Can’t remember what their ages are. In any case, once they turn 18 can’t they do what they want? Is there a law on the books stating that two biologically unrelated adults who are siblings via adoption can’t be romantically involved? An honest question, not trying to be funny here.

    • ZmaX says:

      I’m almost positive there aren’t any laws like that and there wouldn’t be any problems if they were over 18. I’ve even heard of situations where one person of a same-sex couple adopted the other so they wouldn’t have to face such huge inheritance taxes when one passes away.

  23. Olivia says:

    I love this show I love Stef and Lena they have amazing chemistry, they discuss their problems and we never have outside influence in their relationship. I am not a fan of the Brandon and Callie, some people think Jude was selfish but he isn’t why would Callie kiss Brandon after finding out Stef and Lena were going to adopt them if she had done it not knowing they were going to adopt them then I could understand. When you rewatch episodes of Callie and Jude you realize there is little Callie does not tell Jude, also at the quinceanera Jude tells Callie she is not stupid but she makes stupid decisions. I am doing my count down until January.

      • JKS says:

        Add another +1 from me. I get that these are teenagers and as we all know teens are not known for always making smart decisions. However, it really bothers me that Callie would do this knowing how adversily it could affect her AND Jude. It also really, really bothers me that Brandon would continue to persue her after she told him in no uncertain terms how much trouble she would be in. Not to mention the horrible incident with the last foster brother she had. Yes, I know Brandon cares about her and means well (unlike Liam) but the fact that he would still push her even after he knows about everything seems really wrong. Look, I know the writers intend for Callie and Brandon to be endgame and I’m not nececessarily opposed to that, it’s just they could have handled it so much better than they have.

  24. Babygate says:

    I was a little sad that Lexie is going away. I like her and Jesus. Especially Jesus and the way he’s trying to be better and avoid making the same mistake twice. Really enjoyed the episode, especially the guest stars. Several throwbacks which was fun. The one thing that really, really disturbs me is the Callie and Brandon relationship which is preventing me from enjoying the show more. And last night it was escalated to a whole new level of wrong because they kissed AFTER they found out that Callie and Jude were being adopted. So, after they find out their sibling status is going to be legalized, they decide to kiss. It felt so icky to me. I hope they put an end to this because I don’t know if I can keep watching if that dynamic gets elevated. Everything else about the show, I love. Even Mike.

  25. asiya says:

    Aah! I love it! I can’t wait for the second season! Vote for it on!

  26. asiya says:

    I didn’t know how to delete my first comment! I love the show so much. If anyone knows when it airs on January comment! I reviewed this on
    Best show ever, vote for it on

  27. Sebastian says:

    Really enjoyed the show. But, assuming it settles in for the long haul, they need to spread the imperfections out a little bit. Mike is saddled as the drunk, absentee father, mistake ridden cop. Lena and Steph are the saints. Never a problem not solved for them by the end of the show.

    Its OK to make them vulnerable. Its OK to through a victory or two to Mike. Its OK to let Callie smile some. Geez, work on the writing!!!

    • Gail says:

      I agree with you somewhat. I think (I hope) that the writers didn’t know if the show was going to get picked up so they “through out all the stops” so to speak and put in a bunch of stuff to add to the drama and get people interested. Now that the show has been picked up for the backhalf (an probably a second season) they should start to pace themselves more.

    • Deana says:

      I think Mike’s going to be redeemed through this whole Callie/Brandon situation AND its going to make for interesting viewing! I bet Brandon moves in with Mike (so that Callie and Jude can be adopted AND so viewers stop thinking the relationships gross). Mike owes Brandon and I think this is the only believable way for them to “makeup” plus Stefs going to be upset that Brandon leaves and it may cause friction between her and Callie.. Regardless I can’t wait for January! My new (surprisingly) favorite show.

  28. Patricia Reed says:

    Great Show. My partner and I are in our 70’s and really relate to Step and Lena, having raised four kids together ourselves. Enjoy the kids and how they solve their problems and their outlooks on life. Love Jude. Happy that he stood up for himself. Callie took the easy way out in the immediate, but will have to face her problem later. She is a good kid and deserves all the support she can get. I am going to make a prediction that she and Brandon decide to place a hold on their emotions and date others. Her trip with Wyatt may help her obtain strength with that decision. She will be back home soon. Marina and Jesus’ mom may do something good for her kids by recanting her testimony, or become even less sympathetic by attempting get money from Mike or Steph while they record her extortion attempt
    In any case, we are looking forward to January for the next episodes.

  29. hannah says:

    Really loved the summer finale. I thought they did and amazing job in all 10 eposodes. I almost wanted to cry when Jude caught Callie and Brandon kissing in the back yard. I think the wedding was gorgeous and that Stephanie and Lena are perfect for each other and I am happy for them. I love all the actores. My favorite is Jude and the moms. I loved when the moms and all the kids dance at the wedding together I teared up when I saw it. I am happy that Callie and Jude are getting addopted by Stephanie and Lena. I am so sad that it ended and I cry every time I watch the them songs and think about it. I can’t. Wait till January so season two can come on.

  30. Patricia Reed says:

    Disagree that Mike is portrayed as the “bad one”. He has a disease. In spite of that he tries to be a good dad. Disappointing at times, but he does try. Hopefully Steph and Brandon can help he deal with his problem. He does not want to lose contact with either as he loves them both. He deserves some gold stars for the way he has supported Steph in her current relationship. Some ex partners, male or female, could make the gay ex’s life a living hell.
    Also, He is more sympathetic than Steph’s dad to the Same Sex marriage

  31. Abby says:

    It’s the little things on this show that make all the difference. Some of the side comments or looks that the actors give each other that make it so real. I particularly liked the scene in the kitchen when the mothers are getting on everybody’s nerves. Stef is getting ready to drink her wine when her mom says “oh look wine”. Stef reluctantly gives her glass to her mother and Lena quickly slides another glass to her partner and gives her a knowing look. LOL! That was so great. It was one of the many small but important details these actresses give their characters that makes it so believable that they are a couple.

  32. Len says:

    Bring Wyatt back!!

  33. 1278sheri says:

    When Cali ran away and the end of the show I was heartbroken she shows so much emotion she gives me that heartbreaking lump in my throat every episode. I just camt help but to think theres people out there everyday that go through the same hard times everyday :(

  34. maggie says:

    I love Wyatt! I want him to stay!

  35. melony says:

    the fosters should go and find callie and bring her home she deserves to be happy too and it been a long time since she has everyone can see there been a change in callie and yes callie does like branden but she did try and put it to the side for her and jude. i hope that this new season the fosters will still adopted callie and jude so they finally can have a family and branden and callie need to work something out that good for the both of them and their family

  36. christine says:

    awee i love brandon and callie together<3 &jesus is so hot holy.

  37. christine says:

    Brandon’s also a cutie and in a way callie reminds me of selena gomez!

  38. Pretty princess 16 says:

    I just want to say something to try and make some sense of the whole callie/Brandon situation. Okay forget the fact that this is just a show. honestly…this is how I see it Callie has sacrificed soo much for everyone else (I mean if it were any normal teen they would not have harbored their feelings for this long) this for the both of them was a NOW/NEVER and never again. Let’s face it had callie not run away(bare in mind neither of them are aware of this) they would have been siblings very soon they had this one chance to confess all this hidden emotion for one another (I disagree I actually think brandon was very patient with her-he waited all this time and correct me if I’m wrong SHE initiated the kiss) so they took it ……..imagine having these undying emotions for somebody and you only have sooo much of time left before the cards are of the table.another thing they could have kissed so they did not have to wander all these years if there was a spark. Right now for the end. As much as we KNOW callie ran to protect jude. It also could have been because Liam could have easily found her OR/and her emotions for Brandon were too strong. imagine you saw the “love of your life” everyday but could never proclaim as yours and every time he brings in another girl it breaks you down……..sooo guys please help me understand.

    • Madi_N says:

      Finally, someone agrees with me I love Brandon and Callie! They have the true love feel and it’s not their fault that the cards they were dealt put them in this place! It’s not like he’s known her his whole life. You could see the sparks from the beginning! I also love Wyatt but the chemistry with him and Callie is honestly more brotherly. I hope they find a way to make it work. Callie honestly deserves a little happiness.

  39. bella says:

    I did t like how she ran from home I hope she cones back