The Bachelorette Season Finale: Desiree Chooses [Spoiler]! -- Plus: Meet the Next Bachelor

The Bachelorette Desiree Chooses“Will Desiree’s dream of finding love be crushed forever?”

That was the most dramatic question looming over the most dramatic season finale of The Bachelorette of all time ever in perpetuity for infinity (at least until next season, anyhow, mmmkay?).

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For the uninitiated, last Monday’s two-hour weepstravaganza found Brooks — the bizarrely coiffed contestant who’d stolen Desiree’s heart — telling her he wasn’t in love and didn’t think time would strengthen his feelings. The blindside left Desiree reeling, sitting at the edge of an Antiguan pier and wondering if she wanted to continue her “journey.”

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But hey…as they say in Hollywood, the show must go on. And so, as the start of Monday’s telecast, host Chris Harrison sat down with a shellshocked Des, ignored everything coming out of her mouth, gave her a meaningful stare and said, “So, what I’m hearing is you want to continue?”

And the good news is, Desiree couldn’t find the wherewithal to say, “I want to get the hell off this island!” Instead, she agreed to another set of one-on-one dates with her final two suitors: Drew and Chris. But was she merely holding out hope for a dramatic Brooks reappearance?

Soon after the start of a horseback-riding date with Drew, though, Des realized she wasn’t feelin’ it, and broke things off with the man who’s still in the running toward becoming America’s Next Top Ken Doll Template.

Despite her feelings for Brooks, Desiree decided to treat her relationship with Chris as a separate entity, and a catamaran date with the super sexy former baseball player awakened a groundswell of romantic feelings. Was it possible that our protagonist was merely skittish about falling for a man who would really and truly return her feelings with equal fervor? Or was it possible Brooks was going to regret his decision and make a last-minute plea for Des’ heart?

After getting her family’s stamp of approval for Chris, it was time for the final rose ceremony. Chris, not realizing that Drew had already been dismissed, skipped his standard poetry reading (thank goodness) and laid his feelings bare in what even my cynical heart must admit was pretty romantic fashion. “I want to be that rock that doesn’t break for you,” Chris said, adding that he no longer wanted to make decisions for himself, that he wanted to make decisions with Des for their combined future.

As Chris got down on one knee, though, Desiree stopped him, and explained that she’d been in love with Brooks, that she’d been blindsided by his exit, and that…”I couldn’t see the one thing I always needed was right in front of me.” Awww. “You never lost sight of what we could be,” Des added, “and for that I am so grateful.”

And with that, Chris whipped out a massive Neil Lane diamond and put a ring on it. Whether they’ll grow old together — or even survive the next three months of Us Weekly and InTouch covers remains to be seen. But check back Tuesday morning for a gallery of ridiculous screengrabs that will tell the whole sordid tale with all the cynicism you can handle!

Juan Pablo Bachelor ShirtlessUpdate: During an otherwise tame “After the Final Rose” special, Chris Harrison revealed the star of the ABC franchise’s next chapter. Desiree’s muy caliente castoff Juan Pablo (pictured), a former pro soccer player, will serve as the titular Bachelor when the show returns in January 2014. I’m predicting a 20 percent ratings rise based on the Venezuelan accent alone!

What did you think of Des’ choice? Take our poll below, then expand on your thoughts in the comments. And on a scale of Lorenzo to Travis, how hot is Juan Pablo?

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  1. Gailer says:

    Truly shocking ending. Loved it

  2. “It’s the moment we have all been waiting for…as Desiree is down to her three final suitors in this epic, two part season finale of the Bachelorette. And probably, the most dramatic one that we have seen in years.” Theose were the exact words that ‘Bachelor’ and ‘Bachelorette’ fans across the country, in fact heard from host, Chris Harrison, as part 1 of ‘The Bachelorette’ season finale aired on ABC last week. And a lot is on the line now, as Desiree tries to pick herself back up, as she copes from the heartbreak of Brooks’ unexpected, sudden exit, and hurtful rejection, and slowly, but surely, starts to find what could be, her perfect happily ever after tonight, on the second part of the season finale of ‘The Bachelorette.’ And then there was one, as Desiree, in a tearful goodbye, sent Drew home, halfway through what was supposed to be their final romantic date in Antigua. After riding horseback, side by side, conflicted feelings were spoken upon, and another suitor bit the dust. Yep, talk about dramatic! However, that leaves Chris, whom Desiree described as “a potential future husband,” while experiencing a “completely new day” with him aboard, surprise, yet another catamaran, and at the same time, were able to share and reciprocrate upon their similar views on love, and yes, without a doubt, ‘having and spending a future’ together. I don’t know about you, but, that sure sounds like the “real thing” to me. And while Drew left just short of meeting Desiree’s family, Chris certainly capitalized on the opportunity, after enjoying their final romantic one-on-one date, with an extra special, sweet, and thoughtful gift of a poem-filled journal given to Desiree towards the end of the night. Cue the tears of joy and happiness! With her family’s approval of Chris, and the permission of a proposal granted from Desiree’s dad, all signs lead to the next big step. Question is…who will she choose? Stay tuned…Ok, it is now my pleasure to introduce to you the very happily and newly engaged couple, Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried. And yes folks, he did indeed, put a ring on it! I think it’s official and safe to say, that waiting for love was absolutely, and truly worth it in the end. With that said, I do believe in love and fairy tales 110%, and I couldn’t be happier! Cheers to all of the hopeful romantics out there! Another season is in the history books and one could be starting again as we speak. Are you ready for this journey to repeat itself? And the new bachelor is…drumroll please…Juan Pablo! Shocker! Sound off below…

  3. Robb says:

    I did learn on thing while waiting for Castle season 6 promo
    This show sucks.

    • leigh says:

      There was a Castle season 6 promo? Any idea where I can see that?

      And yes…this show does, as you put it, suck.

  4. rebecca says:

    happy with the ending…Chris was my fav from the beginning

  5. Wrstlgirl says:

    Totally lame.

  6. Chablis says:

    And more excited for next Bachelor – Juan Pablo .

  7. carrie says:

    Why did Brooks continue on until the end and then break her heart.He should have let her go earlier if he knew deep down inside he did not love her.Chris has always been there for her and loves her like crazy.He will always be there for her and I hope down deep she feels the same.I know inside she is still hurting for Brooks,but I think she will get over him and begin to love Chris and except what he has to give her.
    I think Brooks had no real plan in his life and did not want to change his life yet for a woman.As they say maybe he does like the older woman.Whatever it is his loss and he will wake up one day and realize what a BIG mistake he made letting Des go and breaking her heart..Good Luck Des

  8. msw says:

    I have been watching this show for a long time (yes, it hurts me to admit it) but honestly, that was the best ending ever! I loved that she realized that Chris was the right man all along. They actually seem really well suited and I hope they manage to stay together and happy.

  9. Blinged Up says:

    Dez Shmez. And who is Chris again? Bring on JUAN PABLO!

  10. Timmah says:

    I watched the proposal carefully when they ran it again and whenever Des said yes she shook her head no. This is a well-known body language indicator that the person is lying. In this case I think Des actually lied to herself and made herself think she’s in love with Chris.

    • Kim R says:

      I agree. In the asides when she was crying and talking about Chris’ love for her she actually slipped out, just for a second, that what makes it hard is that she doesn’t feel the same way. Then she stopped herself. I did not see happiness in her eyes at all. She may have grown to love him at this point but back then….she was making herself choose him in spite of her obvious feelings for Brooks.
      And when Brooks came on last night to talk to her, I think he is an honest person and just trying to figure it out himself. I think the final three all seem like good men. And in my opinion, Drew was a little mad underneath it all, yes? :)

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Drew seemed bitter but sometimes when your hurt you put up that defense mechanism. Don’t know the guy so it’s just a guess but I believe he was really hurt by all of this and was trying really hard not to be angry at Des.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I believe she is lying….mainly to herself. She couldn’t have the guy she wanted so she convinced herself that Chris was the guy for her. This girl just wants someone to love her, she said it over and over in her interviews. Chris does so therefore, she settled for him.

    • Kaycee says:

      Another well known body language indicator that Des displayed last night was when Chris sat on the couch next to her, he put his arm around her and leaned in towards her, Des put her hand in his but instead of her body leaning into him she was leaning away from him. At some point shortly after that I guess she realized she was not as snuggly as him and changed positions. I don’t for one minute believe she is in love with him like she loved Brooks and she was so desperate to be loved…..she settled. They won’t last…..and…..another one will bite the dust.

  11. Lily L says:

    Disappointed in the ending because I was always on Brook’s side, but appreciate his honesty ande am very happy who the next Bachelor is. If it was anyone from this past season other than Brooks or Juan Pablo, I wouldn’t be interested.

  12. A says:

    I have absolutely loved Chris from when he had the best arrival in Bachelorette history in episode 1. He is just a real, dorky, endearing, guy.

  13. Bev says:

    She settled.
    She was talking herself into for the entire episode. Even during the proposal.

  14. Connie says:

    Well “if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one your with”. Then you are not alone.
    Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.
    Yes, I believe the ratings will go up for Juan Pablo, just to ogle, and the women will be really coy and caddy, providing a lot of entertainment, and it should be a good show next season.

  15. sarah says:

    Chris was my pick for her from the start! I never liked Brooks. I did like Drew but Chris was the perfect fit for her! I wish them all the best!
    Okay so now that Juan Pablo is the Bachelor I will have to watch for sure!

  16. E says:

    I really liked Chris from the beginning, seems somewhat normal (except for all the “poetry”), doesn’t use hair product, doesn’t shave his body. BUT, Des seems like she a “people pleaser” and I wonder how much of her decisions was based on her desire to be loved and the pressure of an entire show on her shoulders after the Brooks let down.

    I’m sure Des is a lovely girl, but her personality couldn’t really carry this show. Emily was shrewd and funny (admitting her reservations yet intrigue with Ryan) and her backbone (WV hoodrat).

    Even during ATFR, she was just babbling with no ability to acknowledge that her turnabout was quite something, but instead tried to justify it like it was a normal course of events.

    I’d buy the ending if she’d asked him not to propose and just continue their relationship.

    • Kaycee says:

      You are correct in saying that she SHOULD have done the right thing and not accepted the proposal and asked to continue the relationship to see where it goes. That is what is wrong with both of these shows…..They should not be proposing from a 3 month relationship that is built around fantasy. Get back to the REAL world and then see where the relationships go.

      I have no doubt that they won’t make it. Des was so desperate for someone to love her that she would have taken anyone after Brooks left. Lucky for her she had two disillusioned young men.

      • E says:

        You’re absolutely right, but even in the skewed reality world of the Bachelorette, this particular engagement is just crazy. It’s one thing for someone to “fall” for someone and “date” someone for a few months (granted, very little real “dating” time) but at least your affections are consistent. I read in recap of their appearance on Live With Kelly that Chris never saw the Brooks break-up episode, that he and Des agree to only watch “the good parts” of their relationship. Um…wow. I think that’s pretty unfair to him given the depths of her despair over Brooks leaving and her 3 day rally to fall for Chris.

  17. MLO says:

    This whole franchise HAS TO GO! Ugh.

  18. H.Houston says:

    I have to say I am super happy that Reality Steve had it all screwed up. I don’t know how they managed to get him to NOT spoil the ending but I was so thrilled last night I was jumping up and down. I kept holding my breath hoping that Brooks and Des didn’t suddenly get together.

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