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Revenge Quadrangle Downgraded to Triangle: 'There's No Love Between Emily and [Spoiler]'

Revenge Season 3 SpoilersMuch of Revenge‘s second season found Emily VanCamp‘s vengeance-seeking leading lady juggling three men: Daniel, Jack and Aiden. But the actress tells TVLine that pretty soon, she’ll have her hands full with just two of the hunks.

As part of ABC’s plan to streamline the drama in Season 3, which will be overseen by new showrunner Sunil Nayar, Emily Thorne’s love life is about to get a lot simpler.

“One thing that Sunil and I talked about was really defining her relationship with these men, because it got very muddled,” she reveals. “No one is going to love three men in the same way. We really needed to define: Who does Emily Thorne love?”

And that definition does not include one member of that trio.

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“She’s really using Daniel,” she concedes. “It’s unfortunate. There really is not the element of love between Emily and Daniel. It’s part of her plan. Jack and Aiden are her two great loves, for very different reasons. Emily and Aiden understand each other on a totally different level than anyone could ever imagine. And yet the nostalgia and the childhood love and the purity and the wholesomeness of love with Jack is such an appeal to her, too.”

Bottom line: Though there will no longer be a three-way tie for Emily’s affections, the revengenista certainly won’t have it easy. “She’s battling these different emotions of two different men, and yet she’s marrying another one,” she says, laughing. “It’s incredibly complicated, as always.”

And the Grayson scion’s absence from Em’s heart doesn’t guarantee that his townie rival — who in the season finale learned that Emily was really his childhood pal — will want anything to do with the duplicitous Ms. Thorne… and VanCamp can see why.

“I can say the relationship with Jack is going to be tense for a while, obviously,” the actress acknowledges. “She screwed him real bad, let’s be honest.”

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  1. xx says:

    That makes two Sunday night ABC shows I’m dropping this year. Emily and Jack are unbearable.

  2. Kristina says:

    Can they please just make Aiden go away? I like the actor and I’d love to see him in something else. But his character is worse than useless.

  3. Spencer says:

    This is really unfortunate since Daniel is the only one I liked her with. However, why does she need a love interest? Can’t she just have a season or two where she is purely focused and kicking ass and taking names?

  4. K. says:

    I love Emily and Jack together but really with all he’s been through it will be some time before they ever get together…As long as the show stays on, I say they’ll be the end game, unless he gets killed and it’ll be her and Nolan to raise the baby!!!

  5. Callie says:

    I know I’m gonna get a substantial amount of flak here, but I frankly don’t like Jack or Aiden. I’ve always liked Daniel, and liked him and Emily together. I might stop watching, because apparently now the romance is going to be a substantial factor and won’t include Daniel.

  6. RD says:

    Aww man I wish they kept Daniel, even though I prefer Aiden. jack is just a so dull – Daniel/Emily at least offers serious manipulation and I love the trio of Aiden/Emily and Nolan revenging away together :)

  7. allen says:

    Comment #2
    Why Daniel and Emily are still not married? Meanwhile, in less than 2 years, Jack got married, became a father and widower, and Charlotte get pregnant. So screenwriters, what is the point to the engagement-reengagement show with no end? . Hello, divorce exist. If D&E finally don’t enjoy themselves together, they can fill for divorce, and fortunately they do have the money for it. So Get them married and proceed further revenge plots.

    • allen says:

      Emily’s love affair a waste of time, three men for what ? The more she cares about them, the less she is a revengista. Is Emily the only woman in the whole Hampton? Jack grew up in the area, and has never found a hottie since Amanda minime girl: are you kidding me? Aiden, “I’m not the enemy” so what are you? A Jealous controler killer? Give me a break with both of them, and action, more revenge please!

  8. dani says:

    I wish they woud get rid of Jack. He is such a boring and bland character, and he and Emily have no chemistry. They played house on the beach when they were kids; that is not love. Aiden is the guy for her; he is her lover and protector and understands her at a level that Jack cannot even comprehend. I hope Sunil dorenKt force Jack and Emily on us: it is just too pathetic to watch. Also, Barry Sloane is hugely popular actor esp. Outside the U.S and if they want Revenge to go global, as they seem to want to, they will keep him around.

    • For the love of Pete people, get over it. They have made it clear from the beginning of season one that she and Jack are endgame. I ‘m sorry if that disappoints people but these romance storylines are just filler. They stated emphatically that Emily and Jack wouldn’t get together until he knew who she really was. Now, voila, he knows and they are officially acknowledging that Daniel is a red herring it’s time for some truth telling and love healing. I don’t particularly care one way or another it’s been so obvious I just resigned myself to it as a given. I don’t watch the show for teenage romance, it’s all about the revegenda for me.

    • GuyAwks says:

      I can’t comprehend why Jack-haters even continue watching. The show isn’t “forcing Jack and Emily” on you, you’re “forcing” Jack and Emily on yourself by continuing to watch. Emily’s character is built around her childhood memories and Jack is huge part of that. Get over it for Pete’s sake or go find a show that isn’t a soap opera.

      • deme says:

        Oh honey, this show is every bit the soap opera and the childhood angle is a very big reason why. Emily’s character is built around her father’s destruction and the effect it had on her life, leading to her quest for revenge which Jack’s character is not a part of at all.

  9. Max says:

    Aiden and Emily are just such robotic people, I feel nothing when I see them together. I don’t feel anything for Aiden period. I felt something in Emily’s interaction with Jack in S1. I liked the human side he brought out of her. Now the whole thing is tainted. All the lies and loss, why would Jack want her and all her crazy? I felt Aiden was part of what went wrong in S2 so I was baffled as to why he was back. I thought he was over revenge? Now I see he is back simply for triangle purposes. Daniel is just an insufferable arrogant douche now. I still think he should have been the one to die, but this show is more about the eye candy than anything, so no such luck. They already said Emily doesn’t love Daniel last season. So end this farce already. I ship Emily with revenge. She is more passionate about it than these guys. At least she was in S1. Get back to that!

  10. Maryam says:

    Lets be real….. Jack and Emily will be endgame.

    • Len1 says:

      This is it. Its felt like that from season 1, they are the build in couple – designed to be rooted for (whether you ship it or not aleast acknowledge it) just like Emily is rooted by us in her revenge.

      Emily never ever fell for Daniel, yes she cares for him to some extent if something did happen but its was never love.

      As for Aiden, they only understand each other coz of revenge – thats it.

      Jack is the wholesome love, and her home.

      • deme says:

        You want to get real. Jack & Emily isn’t wholesome anymore. Neither is it pure or whatever dreamy tag you want to put on it. Of all three relationships this one has become the darkest because she purported to love him yet sat by and watched his life be blown apart by her lies. Let’s not kid ourselves Jack & Emily from S1 are gone.

    • GuyAwks says:

      This. People who say otherwise are clearly in denial and need to watch another show.

  11. dani says:

    This show is looseley based on Count of Monte Christo.if you remember the story, he does not end up with Mercedes (Jack).instead, he ends up falling in love with Haydee (Aiden). Not sure if Sunil will stick to the original storyline. They can do anything, but not sure if Jack and Emily are necessarily the end game.

  12. roshni says:

    Despite their brilliant chemistry, no redemption or further twists are going to justify Emily/Daniel for me (though i love them ofcourse!). Emily/Jack is a case of pure nostalgia. When they both finally outgrow each other is when they will be better friends. Aiden,well, won’t last long. For me, it has always been Emily/Nolan.. Been together since Emily became who she is now, knowing each other inside out, best friends and soulmates in the truest sense. If there is ever a true love for both of them, and if they plan to give as much importance to the romance angle as the revenge track, then eventually they’ll both end up together. Or so i feel :)

  13. Ella says:

    I like that she’s true to her character and doesn’t try to pollute Emily Thorne with her real life relationship with Josh Bowman.

  14. Camo says:

    Who cares about love triangles lets just have action and red sharpie takedowns

    • EXACTLY, I’m so annoyed that every. Single. Show. Out there decides to roll over for the shippers and become all about the romance and annoying triangles/quadrangles/whatever at the expense of the actual storylines. I got into this show to watch Ems kick ass, takes names and get revenge, not tepid soap opera crap.

  15. Sara says:

    Emily has more chemistry with Daniel than she does with Aiden or Jack. Emily having feelings for Daniel would make the show interesting. I could totally see the two of them taking down his parents. It’s so sad that they’ve closed the door on an interesting storyline.

  16. Rose says:

    Couldn’t stand Daniel from the first episode, hate him even more now!
    Jack, is just her young love and I agree with who said zero chemistry between the actors!
    Emily and Aiden sizzle! He’s the one who really knows her!!!
    If Aiden is out, so am I!!

  17. Bella says:

    Aiden & Emily are my pick. I liked Jack & Emily until Aiden came along, once he was on the scene it was Aiden & Emily all the way.

  18. A says:

    I don’t care about any of them. I only care about her revenge. That’s what the show is about! Bring back the season 1 Emily!

  19. Isaac says:

    Yaaaay, Aiden! Suck it, Daniel!

  20. andyi says:

    Team jack forever.I never understood the focus given to D / E, I always thought the story horrible since the middle of the season for two seasons eles.Tem hope that the ratio J / E to develop so winding

  21. RichieS says:

    But what about Padma&Nolan?

  22. lang says:

    I really hope Emily don’t be with Jack.
    Her chemistry with Aiden is really strong.
    With Patrick comes along, I hope 1 of them or they will flirt.

  23. luvi says:

    all the jack haters shut up jack and emily have chemistry get over your self she doesn’t luv daniel

  24. anonymous says:

    i hate both aiden and jack, ems doesn’t have chemistry with these two. aiden such a control freak, and i see jack as boring old man. thanks tvline now i don’t have to wait for season 3, i lost my interest in this show since season 2. i thought season 3 would be different but turns out just the same.

  25. Steph says:

    I’m not sure why Daniel fans are so mad. They will probably hook him up with the new girl that is coming in next season. If I were a fan of Daniel, I would rather have him be in a loving relationship than have him being used. I’m team Aiden, but if he were the odd man out, I’d be OK as long as they brought in a new love interest.

  26. unknown says:

    i am emily fan, but i don’t want her to be with aiden or jack. i just hate cliche storyline about childhood love it’s just so lame (btw that’s not even love, it’s just one summer), and i don’t like aiden because he likes to control emily and control everything in his way, also he blames everyone

    • rachel says:

      well it was more than one summer. they put amanda in longer hair when she first met jack for a reason. so if thats your excuse…. and your problem is that you don’t understand it. They became best friends. It was childhood love before they knew what love is. They never got the chance to find out because they were ripped apart. And now they know each other as adults. Jack represents innocence to Emily; he humanizes her. Maybe if you stopped hating, you could try to understand it. Same with Aiden. I don’t dislike anything. I think people that do try too hard to dislike things. Its so easy to like everything. You could enjoy the show a lot more.

  27. Asia says:

    Surprisingly, even after all that’s happened, I still like the idea of Emily and Jack the most. I can’t speak to their chemistry because it has been so long since they have had any real interaction, but I really enjoyed the dynamic in season 1. People see things differently when it comes to chemistry anyway. I really love her vulnerability when she is in his presence. You can see glimpses of Amanda. I think there is the nostalgia factor but I also think Emily knows Jack well enough as an adult and she loves the guy he is now. He’s a good guy, he appeals to that normalcy that deep down she longs for. The question is, can he love her for the person she is now and forgive after all the lies? I feel like he’s who her heart truly desires so I hope he can. Though there’s nothing “wholesome” about this story at this point.

    As far as she and Aiden, they went to revenge school together and they both know what it’s like to have parents framed and killed because of the Graysons. That’s the understanding. Ok. For all of Aiden’s understanding he certainly tried to hurry along her revenge plans behind her back. I guess that “understanding” is conditional. This relationship works for who she is now, but outside of revenge, I’m not sold. Honestly her sleeping with Daniel while with him was a complete turn off for me and spoke volumes. Which brings me to me to my conclusion. Until Emily’s quest for Revenge is over, she won’t have a successful meaningful relationship with anyone. That is her priority. Who knows she may not want either when she’s done. She may want a fresh start, and some therapy. Daniel is irrelevant.

  28. Belle says:

    Jack is not the end game here. In my opinion Aiden was her first true adult love, a 8-9 year old can love someone sure, but to be “in love” doubtful at very best. Jack is the connection to her father that she longs for, being with Jack washes away the last 20 years of her life if she can be in the “moment” when she was 8. Sorry she and Aiden are soul mates, movie love if you will…what Em and Jack had/have is a childhood crush that is most reminiscent of a heartfelt BFF love – seriously, if Jack was so in love with her way back when, he’d have recognized her in a heartbeat!! I’m not knocking childhood crushes, they are very real, but its so much different than really being in love :) Don’t hate on me, just my 2 cents. Emily belongs with Aiden, he has always been her rock…Jack has only been this dreamy reality in the back of her mind.

  29. Mrs. Ben Covington says:

    I am a Jack fan. I agree that the S2 version of Jack (and Jack w/Emily for that matter) was less exciting – I don’t like him being in on all the Revenge plots, I liked his innocence and removal from it all. But if they can recapture what they shared in S1, I think they’ll be amazing together.

  30. Jj says:

    I think Jack and Emily have tons of chemistry, and tons of potential. Emily is using Daniel, and he’s way too much of a wimp to deserve her. Aiden was not bad, but still, Emily and Jack are way better together.
    TEAM JACK!!!!

  31. nick says:

    well i’m trying to be unbiased here. i would love sleeping with the enemy and fall for them storyline, it’s much more interesting and fit with the series. and if they keep leading us to childhood love and memories, i feel like watching fairytale. About aiden, i didn’t find his storyline interesting since the day he came. Initiative, colleen, etc bores me.

  32. Viv says:

    After last season I didn’t think Daniel’d be in the picture and I hate Emily/Jack since the beginning, they have zero chemistry and I usually don’t like childhood first love stories. I’m glad Aiden still has a chance, I love team ninja the most, not to mention team kickass with Aiden, Emily and Nolan.

  33. Antwon says:

    Emily and Jack have no romantic chemistry. No matter how much they try to force it. And the dying dog stuff was just ridiculous. There was no way that dog could still be alive any way. Jack is so damn boring. He’s about as exciting as a piece of toast.

    So she doesn’t love Daniel she’s just using him? Well her actions sure showed that she cared for him. If not, oh well–at least he hit it the most LOL!

    • allen says:

      I really agree with you on “the dying dog stuff”, but all the dog story was odd. How can a baby pet recognized, 18 years later, a master whom it lived with less than a year. That was a big fish to reel in! As you can see, they forced the relationship by bringing a dog and the memories of childhood sentiments. Jack and the dog is Amanda’s past, not Emily’s future.

    • GuyAwks says:

      The “but they have no chemistry” argument is so tired- they have no chemistry according to you. Not to most other people (and the writers who clearly think they do). I say Jack and Emily’s chemistry is intense, passionate and strong.

      Emily’s actions towards Daniel are akin to a babysitter looking after a bratty child. She actually rolled her eyes when she hugged him in the finale. Her contempt for him couldn’t be any more obvious.

  34. Maria says:

    I love Aiden!! I know not a lot of people will agree with me, but IMO Aiden And Emily were a great couple. I think Jack is kind of boring, I would rather him dying in the season finale than Declan. Jack was just her childhood crush, that was a long time ago! Aiden knows the real Emily, the real, revengy, ruined childhood Emily; Jack only knows the little girl Amanda, they are completely different Emilys.

  35. deme says:

    Granted I’m no Jack&Emily fan at all but the argument that them ending up together is so cliche doesn’t hold water when comparing it with Daniel&Emily. Falling in love w/the enemy is just as cliche. Both scenarios have been done to death.

  36. Asia says:

    Well this is disappointing. Emily and Daniel have the most chemistry in my opinion. I’m sorry but Jack and Aiden suck as love interests. I see nothing there with either them. It’s just as well I suppose season 2 was awful and there’s still a handful of episodes I haven’t seen. I guess my interest in Revenge is gone.

  37. Genevieve says:

    I’m a bit disappointed, I mean, Daniel and Ems has had a long history, even if it is just her revenging plans, I can’t help but think they look good together. Aiden and Ems also have great chemistry, and it would be awesome to see them together. Nolan and Ems are forever, so they will always have great scenes. Jack is insufferable and ill fitting for Ems, with zero chemistry and he always ruins Ems’s plans. I’m glad he got screwed?

  38. Len1 says:

    I am Team Jack, have been from the very start. Jack-Emily have the meant to be factor, the purity. No matter who and what Emily goes through, it will always be Jack she will love and protect and choose him.

    • deme says:

      Yeah nothing says purity like letting the guy you love believe someone else is you, co-opting your shared memories to further the charade and then watching as he marry the imposter. Meant to be huh, no trust required.

  39. JE says:

    The fact that Jack turned out to be this really good guy and grown up to be one, is something that is so appealing and loving to Emily, coz all her life she is has been with ppl who are spiteful, fake and nasty and here is Jack, who is the one person who hasnt changed even with this anger he has, he’s still Jack. Jack and Emily have chemisty, they are heart-touching and thats what its meant to be. We know in S1 that Jack felt this connection to Emily, and couldnt put his finger on it and he would of done and would of been different even Fake Amanda didnt go and screw him by saying Hey i am Amanda, which Emily had to go along with and keep her distance from Jack. But lets me real – Jack always felt the pull and connection to Emily.

  40. GuyAwks says:

    So glad that the writers confirmed what we all knew was obvious. Daniel is a spoiled greedy man-child with no moral compass whatsoever. Of course Emily doesn’t love him. I can’t wait for Jack and Emily to happen this season (although I don’t mind Aiden too). Team Jack!

    • WingsStef says:

      Also don’t forget how he reacted when he found out David Clark was framed. Emily even broke up with him after that. I think that event was the reason Emily will never see Daniel “as the one” even though yes, Daniel does like Emily. I am team Jack too! (Aiden was okay.)

  41. Chanel says:

    JACK & EMILY all the wayy! their so cute and their chemistry is amazeballs :)

  42. missJ says:

    While I agree with Emily’s analysis, her chemistry is the best with Josh! I mean what’s the use of denying something that has always been so evident?

  43. SarahJ says:

    I am so hoping for a spark between Nolan and Emily. I think both of them would make a perfect couple considering they both know everything about each other and given a chance love might blossom between them eventually.
    Rooting for Nolan Ross!!!

    • Lyla says:

      I love Nolan-Emily too! sadly, I don’t think they’ll ever go that route. Maybe they’re going to pair Nolan and Patrick, idk.

  44. Mandy says:

    Interesting to see it out right stated. I have always suspected this, but I think the emily-Daniel relationship was played up so that we wouldn’t think of her as a bad person. If she had some conflicting feelings then everything she was doing to him wasn’t cruel. A they simplify things, I think it becomes more difficult to believe Emily as a sympethetic character.

    • deme says:

      But at this point having shown the Graysons’ present day evils and Daniel’s consent to his parents’ machinations, declaring him as just a pawn w/no love involved does not lessen the sympathy for Emily. Daniel is no longer so innocent.

  45. I really think Emily should end up with Daniel..I know she’s using him, but is there any chance she’ll fall for him for real!!#the.story.needs.comolication

  46. anne says:

    Jack and Emily are the end game, I believe. I love the chemistry between them. Aiden I liked, but not for emily. I know that some people think that they had chemistry, but I sensed nothing between them. I’m looking forward to seeing Jack and Emily finally hook up.

  47. Phyllis George says:

    I love the idea of Aiden in the picture. However, I don’t think fauxManda really died! Who saw the body? Remember the person who identified the body said she had never seen a dead body and it did not look like Amanda. Conveniently Emily never went in to view the body???

  48. Nancy says:

    Nawwwwww I was really hoping she’d fall in love with Daniel :(

  49. Elena says:

    I still find Emily will end up with Aiden… Let’s be honest, after a certain point in life, we all outgrow our childhood loves/crushes. Sure, Jack will forgive her, but Emily really toyed with him and I do not think he will forget that she allowed him to fall for Amanda even though she wasn’t the real Amanda Clark. Obviously, they will always have at thing for each other, but I seriously hope that she ends up with Aiden. If Emily doesn’t, then it will be yet another TV couple that a lot cheer on that don’t end up together, thus leading the watchers disappointed once the show ends.

  50. LOL guys you gonna have to watch the show over,over and over again till you understand it emily is for aiden or daniel one of them too. But I also think emily should not fall in love with none of them because she only came to the hamptons for one reason to revenge her fathers death but it seems like she gotta revenge almost everyones death now because of too much destractions she can’t be doing that tekada said she must learn to close her heart but its hard for her to have 3 men on her back and nolan is a good friend :)