Magic City Cancelled After Two Seasons

Magic City CancelledMagic City is closing its doors for good.

Starz has opted not to renew the Miami-set period drama for a third season, our sister site Deadline reports.

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“We are tremendously proud of the series and everyone involved,” Starz said in a statement Monday. “From the writers, to the cast and crew, it has been an incredible collaboration. This was a story born from Mitch Glazer’s singular vision of Miami, the Magic City of his childhood, and we are grateful to him for bringing it to life on Starz.

“The season’s story arc will allow us to deliver a satisfying conclusion to the series,” the pay cabler continued, “and we thank all the fans who checked in to the Miramar Playa.”

Magic City concludes its run with the Season 2 finale this Friday at 9/8c.

TVLine’s Cable Renewal Scorecard has been updated to reflect the cancellation.

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  1. annie sisk says:

    Man, poor Jeffrey Dean Morgan has the worst luck, relative to his talent, in picking projects. Poor guy – he’s really quite an intriguing performer. (And that’s not because he’s a hot buttered biscuit with a side of sexy gravy. Well. Not JUST because.he’s a hot buttered biscuit with a side of sexy gravy.)

  2. Behzad says:

    Will Starz ever keep a show on the air past 2-3 seasons?

    • Spartacus was on for four…

    • Patrick says:

      The problem for most cable shows is that there is no market for the shows in syndication. Sure, a few hits might reach the 88 eps necessary for syndication. But, given the small number of shows produced it takes too many years to reach that number. Those that do often don’t have the content appropriate for syndication (hello Sopranos).

      And that is where the money is in TV. Syndication. If you can’t sell a show into syndication, it doesn’t make sense to make more than 60 or so eps. Given union rules for actors, the raises necessary to make more than 60 eps get prohibitive if the produces don’t have the ability to sell the show into syndication.

      It is killing my SyFy shows, so I feel your pain.

    • Stars as of now for canceling manic city can kiss my ass I’m threw with this sorry ass Chanel they are mentally if they canceled that show

    • Diane Geswein says:

      I just received starz and I loved Magic City and the whole cast! I guess I can cancel Starz
      now, because I certainly don’t care about white Queens and pirate crap.

    • Pat says:

      So greatly disappointed that Magic City was cancelled. I didn’t know about the show the 1st season – just learned about it during the 2nd season & was hooked from the 1st viewing. Can’t believe this happened to that show. Possibly it didn’t get enough PR & that’s why I didn’t know of it for 1st season How could the network do this to this show. What a tragedy

  3. Jaimie says:

    Maybe now JDM can find his way back to Supernatural. HIS BOYS NEED HIM!!!! ;p

    • Kristina says:

      Fingers crossed! I’d love to see him back there.

    • rowan77 says:

      First thing my mind went to was the spin-off should be about John Winchester, now that he’s available, but then, I’m selfish, and we’ve tread the Winchester ground pretty well with Sam and Dean. I really hope they being JDM into the mix this season anyway. If we’re getting Bobby, it would be really nice to see John again.

    • Brooke says:

      I had the same thought when I saw the headline, “Just in time for John Winchester to come back…” :)

    • Drew says:

      It might be interesting to have John come in and evaluate where his boys are at these days. Their actions and all of that. Do they size up to the John Winchester standards or have they bent the rules too many times? And in the end, do they even really care? Dean isn’t just his father’s follower anymore. Sam has let go of the anger. So if John started acting like John, how would they react to him now?

      Of course, they couldn’t keep him around. But there might be a way to explore that idea.

    • John Winchester as The Big Bad this year.

    • Ella says:

      THIS! I was just going to type this, he seriously needs to make a few trips back to Supernatural. I especially want him to meet Cas, lol!

    • A fan says:

      I see I’m not the only one hoping for a Big Daddy Winchester return. Get the family back together again, with Bobby and Cas included. (before someone else hires him again)

    • jdmfan says:

      Supernatural. Sam isn’t looking the best these days. Maybe its time for good old dad to come back.

  4. Luis says:

    Now I’m a little worried about Da Vinci’s Demons… no show on Starz passes through season 2 or season 3

  5. Scott says:

    Boo! Just when the show was finding its stride. Goodbye Starz. Came for Torchwood, stayed for Magic City.

  6. Eliza says:


  7. Austin says:

    It wasn’t very good anyway.

    • A.J. says:

      I’m sorry you have my first name. I enjoyed “Magic City.” Everyone has an opinion, you know the rest of saying. I hope it happens. Never say never.

  8. Lana says:

    Not surprising…it was BORING! I tried to watch, but I’m not sure I would have continued even if JDM had done all of his scenes nude.

  9. d j says:

    As im awaiting final episode for this season that news is a bummer. I am a BIG fan of Magic and love all the cast including Ben..That’s bad news…..sigh deeply

  10. Jared says:

    Not surprised Starz decided to cancel Magic City. The show never really took off with the viewers or critics.

  11. JWH says:

    Show was really boring. Tried to watch the first season but the only entertaining part of the show was the nudity and it was usually from unknown bit players, which makes it less entertaining.

  12. blatch says:

    Sounds like Starz is saving the budget for Outlander. i know a lot of women salivating for the adventures of Jamie. At least Jessica Marais can go back to being blond now

  13. Magic city is one of the few intelligent dramas on TV. I subscribed to STARZ just because of Magic City. Say it ain’t so!!!!!!!!!!! I am sick to my stomach. Please please no no no no bring MAGIC CITY back!!!!!!!!! Ike Evans and Sid Raskin both ROCK!!!!!!!!

    I want my MAGIC CITY!!!!!!!!!

  14. Sherri Maki says:

    I’m so sad. My husband and I love this show!!! This has been the best show since the Sopranos!! Now what are we suppose to watch

  15. Sherri Maki says:

    How will we know what happened

    • Lgarcia says:

      Please this can’t be true. Just hot into the show. Should not take it off was so very juicy, corrupt and warped. My family loved it so hyped to see next season after finale.

  16. Kasper F. Nielsen says:

    Getting your show on Starz is the worst decision ever for any creator. Except for Head Cases 3 and Spartacus’ 3½ seasons, all 6 other original shows have ended after a maximum of two seasons.

  17. greysfan says:

    Why am i not surprised by this decision. This network couldn’t care less about the fans and always seems to cancel shows which are in their prime. This show is an intelligent one and its such a shame more quality shows get cancelled.

  18. Terry says:

    Ok, that is it for me and Starz. First Boss and now Magic City. You get really involved in a series and they yank it on you. Back to Showtime and HBO for me.

  19. Susan says:

    Bad decision on STARZ part. Excellent show finally finding its audience and stride. Lots of Friday night magic city parties to watch every episode. Now lots if disappointed viewers. I am cancel STARZ

  20. scorpionglow says:

    Disappointed by this news. Hoping JDM returns to Supernatural in some capacity because man does that show need HELP! Starz will lose me completely if Da Vinci’s Demons is cancelled next year. I’m madly in love with that show.

  21. Mila says:

    Disappointed. However, it’s not surprising. The show never got high praise from critics; and, I barely saw it on social media sites

  22. Rod says:

    If Starz would commit to 3 seasons on their new series, maybe add a few more episodes to each season, not make a final evaluation on a series during a summer run, and do a better job of promoting, maybe they would get the results they are seeking and stop disenfranchising it’s viewers. This show deserves better than this.

  23. CC says:

    I watched an episode, great looking people, horrible acting.

  24. Bob says:

    Loved the show and its locale and the amazing cars. Very sad that it’s ending but I guess it didn’t get the ratings and the cost was too high. A real shame.

  25. Margie says:

    OMG!!! Poor JDM!!! What a great actor. Loved him on Greys Anatomy too. So disappointed they cancelled Magic City. He really made the show!!

  26. Stew says:

    My wife and I have never been this upset about a show getting canceled in our lives! This show helped us get through Spartacus withdrawals. It is entertaining, riveting, great acting, great cars and god what a history lesson. Somebody blew this one.
    Wait a second here, so somebody at Starz thinks Young Leonardo and the White Queen are better shows than Magic City. I think somebody need’s to give up the medical Marijuana.

  27. sean says:

    This show was amazing. I may have to cancel my subscription to STARZ/

  28. Ramirez says:

    I am done with Starz. Magic City was the only reason my wife and I added Starz to our cable package. Canceling the show before the whole story could be told a waste of the actors’ talent and viewers’ time. Bringing about the premature end of this brilliant, entertaining and well written show is all I need to drop Starz from my lineup and never look back.

  29. karla moser says:

    Starz, bad decision. Directv, pick this show up and save another great show

  30. Ralph says:

    I don’t know who makes these decisions at STARZ, but this is it for me. I will cancel my subscription with STARZ. One of the best shows to come around (Magic City), in a very long time, and it’s done. Very Upset over this. My wife and I loved the show. It had a very good following. Great Cast, Great Story Line. I’m switching back to HBO, Im hoping some other cable company will pick up Magic City.

  31. alain picado says:

    This show was the reason why I even watched the starz channel.

  32. Scarlett Kisses says:

    I am so in love with Ike…he is melted butter drizzled over baked cinnamon sweet buns with a side of sex on the beach ! How dare you idiots remove him from the screen of my dreams and the city of Magic. This show was a Masterpiece!!!! And please tell me that Judi Silver did not die. She is Tinkerbell incarnate.

  33. ina holiday says:


  34. Michele Simon says:

    They did the same thing with BOSS!!! You get involved in these shows and then poof they’re gone. Not nice.

  35. Joe C says:

    Don’t let Magic City die. Best show on television. Starz spent all this money on sets but horrible PR. Starz you should be ashamed at yourself as a company. You will also be sorry when you see how far this show goes elsewhere. Sad to hear of the horrible speed bump. Keep your heads up Magic City cast,writers, and everyone involved. Some things have a funny way of working themselfs out.

  36. Brett says:

    I just don’t get it. It was good show. A lot better than others currently running. Starz just doesn’t know how to promote its shows. Boss was another gripping political drama with great acting and yet they canned that too. The producers and writers of these shows should leave Starz and shop there wears at a stronger network that will give them a chance.

  37. rose says:

    that’s soooooo bad…. love this show…. booo for starz!

  38. Tatlo2 says:

    The only reason I subscribed to starz was for magic city. Sad to see the show go. Guess my money will be spent else where now. As far as JDM I think he is a great actor. Would enjoy seeing him in more films. I too do like supernatual, but feel its time for him to let that part of his career go. Although I would not be against him going back. (Will miss Magic City)

  39. Tatlo2 says:

    The only reason I subscribed to starz was for magic city. Sad to see the show go. Guess my money will be spent else where now. As far as JDM I think he is a great actor. Would enjoy seeing him in more films. I too do like supernatual, but feel its time for him to let that part of his career go. Although I would not be against him going back. (Will miss Magic City)

  40. Joyce says:

    Bring Magic City back! This is the only reason we also subscribed to starz. My husband and I are beyond disappointed. In this world of mediocrity (Kardashian-style), it is so rare to see wonderful talent, an intricate plot and historical significance tied together in an enjoyable TV show.

  41. Ceejay says:

    First they cancelled BOSS and now they cancelled Magic City, both superbly produced and performed shows that they should have used to build upon instead of taking down. All you do is loose viewer confidence in future shows when you pull the plug on quality tv instead of supporting it, audiences never forgive and never forget. We invest time every week watching these shows and its a slap in the face to us when you pull a show without giving it a season to properly conclude its story.

  42. Marlene says:

    Magic City is superb entertainment. Bring it back!!!! Find a new channel that will truly appreciate the caliber of Magic City.

  43. mahai says:

    First time I have ever really gotten absorbed into a show on Starz and it was through word of mouth because there was little to no advertising. After watching two seasons on demand in the last month, I’m disappointed there won’t be a third. The plot was getting better and hopefully someone out there will see the potential and pick up this show on another network and do it justice to the amazing actors, writers, directors, producers and other employees who make it all come together. What a shame…. Won’t be coming back to Starz if this is how they do business. Back to HBO and Showtime.

  44. Rick Sand says:

    Very disappointing. Danny Huston was the most wicked bad guy to come along in many a Miami moon. We were looking forward to season three – now it is not to be.
    Thanks to everyone involved in making Magic City the great entertainment that it was.

  45. BoomingOnion says:

    oh, I loved that show and I cannot believe they ended it. It wasn’t as good at Sopranos but since I like Mad Men A LOT as well, I started watching this one. Now its off….well that is just great, Starz. Oh, and I have a freeview of Starz for 3 months, but I will NOT be keeping it once it ends. Idiots…..

  46. Maira says:

    Why on earth would you cancel the BEST show on television?????? I will never watch Starz EVER again!!!!!!

  47. Tony Gucci says:

    They could have given it a fitting conclusion. Now what the heck is gonna happen. Does Ben go after Ike. Is Ike’s son sticking it to his wife. What the hell is going on.

  48. Steffen says:

    I will never understand why this show would get cancelled while other shows that are so incredibly dumb keep running for years! Were the ratings so poor? If that is the case, and I have to assume it is, then I have to ask: What is wrong with people? What is wrong with our country? Are we so dull at this point that all we watch is Jerry Springer? Or stupid 20-something-year-old girls that look gross and act like they are on drugs 24/7??? Are we too lazy to move our brain a little, think once in a while and try to follow a really interesting story that keeps us going for weeks and weeks? Was this show too good and too sophisticated for us? Guess so! I can’t even begin to express how upset I am. I have cancelled my Starz subscription over this! I think Starz should get cancelled all together! We would all be better off! They just lost one more rating due to their ignorance. Even Starz was too lazy to move their brains a little. This show was too good for Starz! It’s as simple as that!

  49. Ade says:

    An excellent show, one of the best, it will be sadly missed. It was getting me through the painful loss of Southland, another amazing well acted and under appreciated show. I had that stomach churning sickly feeling with both of these on hearing the bad news, and also with Brotherhood starring Jason Issacs, a superb often violent, well acted, truly gripping series. Its a good thing Breaking Bad manged to pull a few sheep like tv watchers away from their reality tv, CSI and Law and Order , and get itself the attention it deserved.

  50. Tony B says:

    By far the best show on cable, more action and intrigue than the Soprano’s. I’m very disappointed that the show is being canceled with so many loose ends. I really hope Starzz reconsiders.