Fall TV Preview

Bones: Emily Deschanel Previews the Return of [Spoiler] and [Spoiler] -- Plus: One Hot Twist

Bones Tony and Roxy ReturnA blast from the past could play a role in saving Booth and Brennan’s future when Bones Season 9 gets underway.

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In the second episode of the Fox fave’s new season (which opens Monday, Sept. 16), B&B go undercover at a couples retreat — but as “Tony and Roxy,” the personae they first created in Season 2’s “The Woman in the Sand.”

And one way or another, things are gonna get hot for the duo.

As Tony and Roxy, “We get to do sweat lodges, which I have personal experience with,” Emily Deschanel reports. (“I went to Crossroads School, and that was part of the curriculum!” she explains with a laugh.)

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Alas, before any sweating commences, things are still chilly for Brennan and Booth in the wake of him bailing on their brand-new engagement, at Pelant’s bidding.

“There’s some tension there still,” Deschanel previews. “But as I’ve been saying, we start out in a bad place this season and it’s a slow journey to getting back together. [Entering Episode 2] we’re in a place that’s not great, but it’s better than where we started — so at least there’s hope there.”

Maybe Booth can restore their romance wholesale with one grand, romantic gesture? “Yeah…. Yeah…,” Deschanel agrees with a grin. “And that’s all I’m going to say!”

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  1. Bubbles526 says:

    Can’t wait for the new season…it’s past time we had some tony and Roxy fun! 😃

  2. jios says:

    How has this show survived? Network tv has really low expectations.

    • Mar says:

      This show has survived because enough people care to watch and enjoy it. Why is that so difficult to understand? Obviously not everyone likes the same things. If you don’t like or watch, good for you. Why would someone who obviously doesn’t care about the show cares enough to comment here, I have no clue.

      Can’t wait for the return of Bones, Tony and Roxy and the rest of the team.

      • i totally agree thanks for saying that. I personally love booth and brennan and all the others on the show. I will continue to watch it as long as it is on, and I watch reruns when the new ones aren’t on.

        • Jo says:

          I agree, this show is my favorite. I’ve loved it from the very beginning and hope it goes on & on. I have each season on CD, they are number one on my Birthday & Christmas gift list Bones has always had a extensive fan base. I feel the same way if people don’t like it just don’t watch and keep their feelings to themselves.

      • e says:

        I love the show its got everything. I cannot see anyone not liking it. At very least enough to comment. I think hes a closet lover of the show. Maybe he needs to see sweets to deal with his issues…lol

      • Greg Robert says:

        I’m a 65 year old male and I LOVE Bones. I love ALL the characters, the sets, the writing (!), the direction, and especially the way they avoid being stuck in a stereotype and use permanent and often unexpected plot changes is great. This is what TV can really do. So bad that WE have allowed it to become the vast wasteland.

        So I hope they stay on forever. The writers would even intelligently write it into the plot.

    • DL says:

      I refuse to pay your troll toll, sir, so get out of my soul! :)

    • Angela says:

      What a stupid comment. It’s survived cause it’s one of the best shows on tv, it has a huge & loyal fanbase.

      Let me guess you’re a Jersey Shore, or Big Brother fan *rme*

    • Nana says:

      This show has survived because this show is more worthy of the publics attention than smutty reality tv that most people watch.

    • Sam says:

      because its a great show..just because your to dim witted to follow the story line doesnt make others…go back and watch bogans race cars you little pathetic bubble

    • Mommahurley says:

      OMG.. I stayed away from all of the Bones websites, and fan sites for just this reason…. There are some really rabid people who feel the need to attack anyone who doesn’t agree with them,… about anything.

      I still love Bones, but I enjoy it so much better without all of this! exactly what you’re seeing on this comments page.

      Someone sees an update on their Facebook timeline, they comment that they don’t like the show? OR QUESTION WHY IT’S STILL AROUND. ? Who cares? It’s their feeling. Just pass.

      Write your own feelings about the show, but honestly… like 50 comments attacking the person who wonders why the show survives? Obviously it survives because it has an audience, and if this person isn’t part of that audience, they wonder how? Big deal… Let it go.. Move on…and keep enjoying the show!

    • Kathy says:

      Ya know, if u don’t the
      show, then simply don’t
      watch. David (Booth) &
      Emily (Brennan) have a huge fan base!! “Bones” is one of the more realistic murder/mystery shows out there. My own opinion. I can’t wait for season 9.

  3. Wendy says:

    I *much* prefer the undercover personas of Tony and Roxie to Buck and Wanda, even if – up to now – Tony and Roxie were only around *once* all the way back in Season 2. So I’m *really* looking forward to this undercover episode – and that hinted romantic gesture.

    Roll on, Season 9!

  4. Kat says:

    This season previews keep getting better and better and for those who no longer watch, stfu, and go troll some other show. Nobody cares what you watch. I, for one, am very excited about what I read and see for season 9. Best couple on TV, hands down.

    • Obviously someone cares what they watch they do. So saying “nobody cares” and speaking on behalf of all humankind is a pretty Ignorant gesture to say the least. What makes you think you qualify to answer as everyones opinion?

    • Kathy says:

      Kat, I totally agree. If some people don’t watch the show any longer, the need to zip ‘da lip. Lol
      Some things r better left unsaid. Rock on Bones fans!!!

  5. maria says:

    I love when b&b go undercover. But for the headline what I was really expecting to read is “Zack is coming back” :(

    • Midori says:

      Zack is a murderer and is never coming back. Time to movie on.

      • Andy says:

        Zach never actually killed.

        • Frankie707 says:

          It doesn’t matter. He aided a serial killer, he hid evidence, falsified evidence, helped him steal evidence for the serial killer cannibal. Zack told the killer where to find the lobbyist, and when you think about it he set up Booth and Brennan to be blown up by the serial killer, cause if he was already working with him when the lobbyist was killed, he was in on it when the killer set down that bomb with the teeth shrapnel. Which is why Zack made the dentures for him with the canines from the skulls down in limbo.

          The man would never be allowed to work in the lab again, or work with any real evidence. It’d never happen, even if he did ever get out of the loony bin and wasn’t sent straight to jail. .

          • Zach says:

            He also told them where to find said serial killer. Besides, he was only involved in one murder, making him not a serial killer by any means.

          • suzi says:

            I’ve said this before, and I will continue to say it until…I get sick of saying it. Zack does not have to come back to the lab. He could just still be a part of the show–an occasional visit to the looney bin, phone calls, video chats—just something to acknowledge he was a big part of their lives, and they still love him (as was stated on the show). I know many viewers have moved on, but many haven’t, and I would like to see they and the character shown some of the respect from the show I think he deserves. I doubt it’s ever going to happen, but it’s how I feel.

          • criket says:

            so what…if House, as a doctor, can be addicted to pills, steal from the pharmacy, perform surgery on himself with more stolen drugs and still practice…why can’t Zach come back???

        • Aeol says:

          No one said anything about him being dead.

          • Ane says:

            No one here has said that Zack was dead. They are only arguing about Zack being a killer.
            I for one don´t think he´s a killer. He aided the killer and was naive to believe the guy, that´s all.
            Zack is the best!!! I also wanted him to be back, but that´s probably never gonna happen.

          • Jinxy says:

            The actor who plays Zack has stated that there would be no return for Zack. Though it has been hinted that he might pop up every once and a while in an episode or two but as for returning full time its not going to happen

    • Melissa says:

      I keep waiting on Zack to come back too. I know it’s unrealistic, but I’m holding out hope.

    • Ashley says:

      Me too, if rather him than Wendal anyway. Whether he’s a murder or not. But If you remember, he admits to Jack he didn’t actually kill the person, he just watched. But if he said anything they’d take him out of the mental place and actually send him to jail.

    • Pompi says:

      What Jinxy said. The actor had to leave for personal reasons. It was his decision not the networks. Go bug him instead!!!

  6. madbengalsfan85 says:

    Oh Tony and Roxie…how I’ve missed you

  7. Douglas Hillyer says:

    The tony @roxie angle gives us a lot of direction to go.

  8. TBH says:

    Honestly it would have made more sense for Pelant to force Booth to break up with Brennan, not just break off the engagement. If he wanted to cause them pain it would have made more sense to have him simple break things off total. Even with a broken engagement they are still a couple, so what has he achieved?

    • Hoosierdaddy says:

      I don’t think Brennan (or any one of the squints for that matter) would fall for a straight break-up, it would leave her suspicious as it is so wildly out of character for Booth, Once she stops trying to rationalize her current situation, I figure she’ll start to notice that breaking the engagement was also out of character for Booth. Besides, current situation is slow and painful torture for Booth.

      • Boneshastohave206episodes says:

        I agree with this. It’s far worse for Booth to watch things slowly disintegrate without being able to do a thing about it. To have to watch Brennan trying to rationalise her broken heart must be killing him. I can’t wait to watch realisation dawn on Brennan and for Booth to get his vengeance sooner rather than later. This is my kind of angst and we know that David and Emily will play this so well.

  9. Emily says:

    I was really hoping for Sully to come back for an episode. I wasn’t a big fan of his relationship with bones but I really enjoyed his character and would love to see him with the FBI again

    • Ashlyn says:

      Totally agree! I loved Sully!

      • Sarah says:

        @Emily, @Ashlyn

        I never thought I’d say this because I didn’t like Sully when he was with Brennan, but I’d love him to come back now, especially to see his reaction to B&B being together. I think it’s also because I’ve grown to love Eddie on Warehouse. Maybe after the final season wraps he will come back.

        • Kat says:

          Seriously, Sully has been gone even longer than Zack and he was the one who left her on the dock, she wasnt worth staying for. Nope, his time has passed on the journey for our perfect, but flawed couple.

          • amber says:

            Duly Sully? He is so last decade…. move it on Bones fandom to characters whose name has been actually mentioned since 2007.. ..he is a has been who not even the writers think is worth mentioning….

          • anon says:

            Damn I thougit it was going to be the return of Parker and Pops….I just want PARKER and POPS to return so badjy….

          • madbengalsfan85 says:

            @anon An earlier spoiler suggested that both the Booth and Brennan families were going to be in an episode, sometime around Christmas if I recall.

  10. Caitlin Ewing says:

    Bring back Zack Addy if bones ends after this season I will be depressed. My mom and I are dire hard bones fans

    • Mar says:

      If you’re a die hard Bones fan you know that by now Zach has been on only 1/3 of the show’s run, time to move on and let him rest in peace in his looney bin.

  11. Boneshastohave206episodes says:

    I’m loving all these spoilers and can’t wait for S9 to start. Still amazes me people are stuck on a character who hasn’t been a regular for 5 years, but if they are given fair warning of the end you can bet he’ll appear once more. I also question the sanity of people who spend time finding articles on shows they don’t watch as life is too short. Anyway bring it on I say!

  12. Pat says:

    I cannot wait for the new season to start. I love all of the characters on ths show. The storylines obviously deal with solving someone’s death but they still manage to throw in some humorist moments.

  13. Liz says:

    Oh, I thought it would be Stephen Fry! We need the shrink/chef to help B&B!

  14. red says:

    Christine Angela Booth will be Tory

  15. jc says:

    I am so completely fed up with this Pelant BS. I know they thought they were being reeeealy reeeealy creative when they came up with a villain that could best the team. I wish they would realize that, after the first couple of cases, Pelant just became a combination of every soap opera bad guy and a cartoon Super-Villain. If they do not end his story arc at the beginning of the season, then they should at least give him a Cobra Commander mask or a mustache he can twirl (we can skip the snickering dog).

    • Wendy says:

      Muttley! (The snickering dog.) Damn, I’m old.

      • papnana says:

        Well said Wendy, Muttley it should be hahaha, I read your comment & actually LOL! I cannot wait to see the Tony & Roxie episode, I loved them before & I know I will love this episode. I do agree with the others that mentioned Zach would never come back. Don’t know how they would manage to put him into an episode & be right about it. (know what I mean?) If I remember correctly in one of the other threads it was mentioned that B & B do get married in an unusual manner-that we would not expect, so I wonder if they will be “Tony & Roxie” when they finally manage to get married???? That would be a hoot, so to speak. I am a loyal Bones fan & will be for as long as it is on. It would be great to see Gordon Gordon again in any capacity, yes? I probably sound jumbled in this post, I just had so many things I wanted to say so I was really jumping around. Thanks for allowing me to vent. To the rest of the fans of Bones, hopefully we will enjoy the upcoming season.

        • Kathy says:

          No papnana, not rambling. Just an enthusiastic fan. Watch, one of the writers,producers,etc..will read all these comments & get an idea. After they kill waco Pelant, & they will. The marriage goes on & Zach will be there with Gordon,Gordon Whyatt. Who knows, it could happen.

    • anon says:

      going by cast interviews, Pelant will be gone sooner than later, probably, hoping before the xmas break…even David says Pelant is getting old…give him props for that :)

    • Rorschach91 says:

      I completely agree! Well, not so much with your griping about Pelant’s portrayal, because I think he’s actually being handled at least as well as the other show’s major villains. However, I completely agree that he’s getting old. I mean, I don’t even think the Gravedigger terrorized them this much. Pelant has been around for, like two whole season just causing mayhem. The Gravedigger struck one episode in season 2 and then didn’t show up again for, like, two years and was then caught. Its time to retire Pelant.

      Also, the whole “Pelant’s forcing Booth to reject Brennan’s proposal” thing is just stupid and obviously a one-dimensional ploy for the writers to reintroduce some romantic tension to the show without any real forethought. I mean, why the hell does Pelant care?? Its just ridiculous. I don’t think I’ve heard of a serial killer character attempting to manipulate the events of a main character’s private life in a way such as this. Sure, the occasional “I know what goes on in your life and the people you care about” killer pops up, but they only use the INFORMATION about your personal life to let you know that they can get to the people you love. However, a guy saying “Haha, good guy. You can’t get married because I say so because I like being the center of attention” is just stupid. Unless its revealed that Pelant has some sort of crush on Brennan or even a gay crush on Booth, I don’t see any reason whatsoever that he should care about if they get married or not.

      And I think i know why they’re doing this. Because they know they botched Booth and Brennan getting together in the first place. They waited too long and didn’t realize that Emily wasn’t going to let her private life be dictated by the show. When Hart said that Brennan’s pregnancy was planned for a while, he was obviously lying. Emily’s pregnancy completely blindsided them, so they were forced to throw them together at the last minute, because they knew the audience would freak out if Brennan was pregnant by anyone except for Booth. In the process they made Brennan look like a rebound for Booth after Hannah and made their whole relationship seem to come from grief and comfort instead of actual love. They could have done it so much better. They could have even incorporated Emily’s pregnancy so much better. I can think of at least a few scenarios that would have been so much better than “oh, we hooked up after our friend died.”

      • Phillip says:

        You must be a detective to have found all that out. Or maybe you just too much time on your hands. If you don’t like what they’ve done, rant somewhere else.

        • Rorschach91 says:

          You know what? I actually don’t have enough time on my hands and I’m wasting my time here. However, I had something I wanted to say and I said it. Sue me! If I have a complaint about what they’ve done with these characters I’ve become invested over the years, I’m not gonna hold my tongue. When this show started, it was one of the best on TV. Nowadays, its not even close to being the best. Its just okay.

          The writers neglected writing the cases (which are now laughably unrealistic) and chose to focus on melodrama and workplace romance. And you know what? Even that is okay. However, they chose to degrade Brennan, who was once one of the most interesting and strong-willed (female) characters on television, to the point where she was just a love-sick puppy. She’s been demoted to Booth’s girlfriend. She took undeserved punishment from him when he chose to act like an ass. Oh, and they’ve also taken to making Brennan seem like a robot who needs to be told how to live her life.

          However, my complaints are beside the point. What we’re talking about here is my right to voice them. If I have a legitimate complaint, then I have EVERY RIGHT to complain, and its none of your business if I do. If you want to debate me, then debate me, but don’t say I don’t have the right to speak my mind.

          Oh, and you saying I have too much time on my hands is a bit ironic, since you went out of your way to respond to my “rant.” So, how much does that say about the time you have on your hands?

    • rita says:

      I soooo agree! i am tired of Pelant. He needs to go and soon. They have dragged that story out long enough.

  16. JJ says:


    • rita says:

      FWIW I do not like the character Finn. I just don’t find him or his backstory at all appealing. I do agree that if Daisy doesn’t have a relationship with Sweets then they can let her go too.

  17. Tyler says:

    Hoping they were going to say Zach!

  18. jax says:

    Does anyone know when the new season airs in the Uk?

  19. andy says:

    When i read someone was coming back i thought it was Zac…. that would be cool.

  20. darclauz says:

    They need to get rid of Pelant. Period. For the first time in my life, here’s a totally unrealistic Bones character that has been given unrealistic powers and successes… the Hodgins thing was stupid, and it’s stupid that they’ve given him this ridiculous power. If they don’t kill him, they’re going to lose people….

    • rita says:

      i forgot about the Hodgins thing and they need to fix that too. It was a fun story line, Hodgins being rich. I am sure there would have been a way to reverse those transactions. That was stupid and I want that fixed!

      • papnana says:

        I also want Hodgins to get his money back, what exactly did that accomplish to take his money away?? Let’s end this Pelant thing, I am sooooo over him & his devious unrealistic pranks?
        Let Booth kill Pelant & be done with him, get on another storyline & PLEASE not like Pelant. The writers need to revisit the beginning of their episodes & get back to writing really interesting episodes.

        • Not only that, but what ever happened to insurance? Surely as wealthy as he was, he would have had his money in financial institutions that would insure his money up to a certain amount. Plus, all his wealth wasn’t liquid so it was kinda unrealistic the way they did it. Still love the show though, def in my top 10.

    • Paul Banta says:

      I have a feeling the show was already setting things up for Hodgiins to recover at least some his wealth with that barbecue sauce he and “Opie” Finn developed. Even so I did NOT like that subplot either. I can’t believe someone as smart as Hodgins didn’t have some kind of protection on his accounts like “Lifelock”. I think the writers just decided he was too insulated a character and wanted to “level the playing field”. I want rich Hodgins back!

  21. Pompi says:

    I wish Pelant would threaten anyone who asks when Zach is coming back.

  22. Pompi says:

    Or that Pelant kills Zach!!!

  23. Joyce says:

    I hope they get rid of Pelant all together. I’m getting a little tired of him. And just when booth and brennan get together, it’s almost over. Getting bored.

  24. Kathy says:

    How can one be bored,the season hasn’t begun. I hope Brennan kills Pelant for interfearing in their love life. She had said she would never marry, then melts(I do),
    He needs to go. Oh, I sure hope all you “ranters” feel better. WOW! :-)

  25. Dee says:

    Frankly, I don’t know if even Tony & Roxie can save this episode. The previous descriptions make it sound a little too slapstick-y for me and edging awfully close to the disaster that was Double Death of the Dearly Departed. Bones was not meant to be (heavy) comedy, no matter what Hanson et al may try. Dark comedy, yeah, but not constant farce.

  26. Paul Banta says:

    Surely Zach Addy is the sentimental favorite, but Booth’s Brother or even his grandfather would do nicely too. I’d still like to see Hogins recover his fortune somehow (mabye with that bbq sauce deal with “Opie”). All I can say is KEEP CAROLINE! Got that, cher?

  27. Laura says:

    I absolutely LOVE Bones, all the characters, story-lines (except Pelant- kill him already). I miss Zack, like the Finn character and Cami’s daughter together. I hope they keep the prosecutor too. Daisy is weird, even annoying at times but seems a good fit for Sweets. Give Hodgins his $$ back and please, last of all, get back to the episodic crime-solving they ALL work together to solve, no more Pelant or likenesses.

  28. Adrienne says:

    Hey Dee. The Four D ep. In Se4 was and is, their FUNNIEST to date!

    • Dee says:

      And if Bones was intended to be a sitcom, that would be a plus. However, with the exception of S4, it has consistently been a drama, or even a dramedy–that is, crime drama with a sprinkling of light moments and a little dark humor. S4 was all over the map–some good episodes (Mayhem on the Cross, Girl in the Mask, Hero in the Hold, Fire in the Ice), some iffy ones (Con Man, Cinderella in the Cardboard), and some horrendous ones (4D and Double Trouble come to mind, and of course the last 3 minutes of End in the Beginning)–and don’t get me started on Stewie in Critic in the Cabernet!

      4D is an aberration, filled with the most blatant product placement (adding insult to injury) and most of the fans I know who have watched since the Pilot and are over 25, have mentally consigned it to the deeps and pretended it never aired. The characters were wildly out of character, talking about all that baloney about “translation,” and all.

    • Robert says:

      I’ll go Dee one better – 4D is exactly what Bones was never meant to be, and it was episodes like that which drove a lot of long time fans away from the show during Season 4. As someone who’s watched every episode from the beginning I’ve often wondered what the attraction was with Eps like Double Death of the Dearly Departed or Double Trouble in the Pan Handle, or (God forbid) Critic in the Cabernet. They’re crass and poorly written, the plots are contrived beyond the ability to reasonably suspend disbelief, and the comedy is low-brow and often reliant on slapstick elements. If this was Scrubs, sure, it’d work, but it’s a serious crime drama, and the only thing more insulting for the fans than them putting that crap out there, is the fact that in doing so they completely ignore years of established character development, And for what, a few laughs?

      Bones began, and for the first three years of it’s existence it remained, a show that was a serious procedural crime drama with dark humor and endearing light moments that often served as a counterpoint to the. Watch “the Man with the Bone” from S1, a great episode and one of the funniest of S1, and compare that to 4D. There is no comparison – Brennan and Booth are both better in tMwtB, the writing is tighter, the comedy is light relief, not slapstick, and the drama is real, not forced. Saying 4D is the ‘funniest’ episode of the series is, at best, polishing a turd.

      Look at S4 in it’s entirety and compare it to S3 and S5, and you’ll see the entire season is practically schizophrenic – BONES in S4 is a show in search of a direction. Episodes like 4D are aberrations in an otherwise excellent series. Despite what Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan believe, the show is at it’s best when it’s dramatic – neither David nor Emily are naturally strong comedic actors, but both are brilliant as dramatic actors. Why they persists in pushing them out of their strengths is beyond me. When it comes to S9 I’m hoping for more Eps like Partners in Divorce and, God help me, The Secret in the Siege over The Diamond in the Rough, but even if he gives us another Diamond, it’ll still be better than another 4D.

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