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The Mentalist: Red John's Identity Will Be Revealed in Season 6 — Find Out When

The Mentalist Season 6 SpoilersThe Mentalist‘s most enduring mystery will be solved in Season 6.

CBS confirmed on Monday that Red John’s identity “will be revealed by the end of this calendar year.”

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But first, as Matt Mitovich scooped last week in Inside Line, the list of suspects will be narrowed down from seven to six in the Sept. 29 premiere.

For the record, the list of possible perps includes Gale Bertram, Ray Haffner, Bob Kirkland, Sheriff Thomas McAllister, Brett Partridge, Reede Smith and Bret Stiles.

Who do you think will be unmasked as Jane’s arch nemesis?

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  1. mkm1001tx says:

    I think Red John is Patrick’s father.

  2. dok says:

    Ridiculous chatter.. RJ is on 7 list. I bet for Brett Partridge is RJ. Now he died, but nothing is impossible on Mentalist. :)

  3. hayden green says:

    ok the only answer noooo one person has put, patricks “dead” wife.. cbs has the show elementary, which sherlocks ex girl friend ends up be moriarty. and she would know everything about partrick. and the ultimate win because patrick thinks its a guy

  4. Steveo says:

    Cho,,,, Think about it.

  5. Nina says:

    To me it seems like Red John is Walter Mashburn.
    1. The writing on the wall if you all remember was – He is Ma… maybe the person was trying to write he is Mashburn but couldn’t finish writing it.
    2. When Patrick and Walter meet there is a little bit of a interesting compatibility and we know that Red John sees Patrick like a enemy and a comrade in the same time.
    3. He likes to play games, has friends on high places, has money ( if you remember when Patrick met Lorelei she told him that Red John gave her the money to bail him out of jail in Las Vegas )
    4. He agreed with Patrick when he said to him: You are vain, egotistical and hate being ignored and also added that he is ruthless and hates to lose.
    5. He also says : nothing is dangerous if you think ahead….
    6. He wears red shirts and red sweeter.
    7. He seduces Lisbon. Just imagine when he is reviled as Red John how would Lisbon feel…
    8. He fits the description that the psychiatrist have Red John.

  6. Dianne says:

    Am I alone in thinking it is Lorilei?

  7. Alex says:

    Is The Mentalist going for season 7? I hope so..i attached to the characters. I will be sorry not to.!

  8. dan says:

    I don’t think its any of the 7. It’s not Jane, because the blind girl would have knew him.

  9. Gary says:

    I am sick to death of the “Red John” storyline!!!!! The show used to be funny and very clever……now it is getting boring. LIGHTEN UP or you will lose more viewers.

  10. Aryan says:

    Red john shouldn’t be revealed……let the mystery go on…….what is the fun in revealing the unknown…….the suspense is gone then………but i still don’t understand why did the man at the end of season 3 claim himself to be red john……that is one question i would like answered……..

    • Nina says:

      Well i think that Red John paid him to say that he was – red john, or he was connected with him….
      however i think that Mashburn is involved in some way……and i agree i think that the mystery should go on….and if at the end of this year we find out who red john is….it’s going to false person and the real red john would be discovered at the end of the series and it is going to be someone that non of us suspect :)

  11. Gloria says:

    Excellent writers!

  12. matt says:

    I have no evidence to support this nor do I have a good theory this is just what I think and I cant tell you why. I have not seen all the episodes. I think that van pelt either is or has something to do with red john. The episodes I have seen have given us some sort of info on all the main cbi characters except van pelt. Again I havent seen all the episodes. This is just what I think. Of course we wont know untill the revealing episode airs although I must say it is fun to hear and read everybodys theories and opinions. Cheers.

  13. Dalibor says:

    All who think patrick is red john himself are idiots, how would he do it with rosalind when she was calling to patrick RJ was at her place

  14. cmaglaughlin says:

    The Facts:

    Red John is in fact a male. This was confirmed by Rosalind Harker who was a former lover of Red John, as well as by Lorelei who often refers to him as a male.
    Red John is described as ”just under six feet tall, with short, straight hair. Not muscular but not soft, with strong hands.”
    It is highly unlikely that Red John is someone on the team because in The Crimson Hat, when the whole team is plotting against Red John undercover, Jane is in the limousine with Red John in the back seat, while the whole team is with Lisbon. As well, Lorelei had said that she was “surprised Red John and him hadn’t become best friends the moment they shook hands” implying that Jane and Red John only had a brief encounter and are not in fact friends. For all intents and purposes, Jane is quite close with the team, they might even be his best friends. Therefore Cho and Rigsby are ruled out.
    “Roy Tagliaferro,” ”DR. JOE N.H.” (an anagram of Red John) or “Doctor Joe in New Hampshire” are all alias’ that Red John goes by
    It is highly unlikely that Red John is Kirkland because it is implied several times that Red John does work for the CBI or related to the CBI, as well Jane only recently met Kirkland. Kirkland definitely could be working with Red John, but he is not Red John. Another reason is because Kirkland killed Lennon in the last episode, however if he were Red John, that’s just not his style of killing. Red John seems to be almost arrogant in a sense, he enjoys showing off his work, and being known for his killings. It could be a Red John accomplice
    When Jane and Lisbon were in the basement in the season 1 finale, there is a man in a hood who comes out of the door and moves in the darkness while Jane moves to the side and Lisbon is fighting with Dumar/Tanner. There is no way it could be either one of these two due to this fact.
    Red John is left handed, while Jane is right handed. We saw this in season 4 when Red John comes to visit Rosalind, and we see him drinking tea with his left hand.
    Red John is described as smelling of earth and nails. Rosalind Harker, if it was any one of the team, would have recognized the smell easily. The fact she didn’t suggests that none of the team members or Jane is RJ.
    While the team was still in California, Renfrew was killed in Mexico. It would have been impossible for him or any of the team to get to Mexico, kill Renfrew, drive back and have time to get back with the team. They were around each other the entire time.
    Red John is known to have been at the farm in 1988, where he first killed. His victims now date back to 1988.
    Red John is approximately in his early to mid 40’s. This is because Jane asked the Priest how old ‘kids’ would have been there, to which Jane answers his own question with ‘under 30’. Using this information, and the fact RJ’s killing starts in 1988 when teenagers worked at the farm, he would be between 40-50 years old. More in the mid-40s range.
    We know Visualize is associated with Red John. We know he was in Visualize in the 1980’s, and we know that he first put his trademark smiley on the barn in 1988.
    Red John is technologically sound. He can use a camera, has great computer skills and knows how to use things the cops use like security cameras, bugging devices, etc. Jane is not technologically sound, since he called the maximize effect ‘Bigify’.

    Red John isn’t…

    A female, meaning Lisbon, Lorelei, Van Pelt, Hightower, Kristina Frye, Agent Darcy and every other female is ruled out.
    Cho or Rigsby because they are friends of Jane, and Lorelei implied that Red John and Jane were not friends. As well, when we have seen Red John, for instance during his ride in the limo with Jane, both were elsewhere. Cho is far too short to be Red John, and Rigsby is too young.

  15. Adrian says:

    Here are my 2 cents. i believe Gale Bertram, Sheriff Thomas McAllister and Reede Smith all have the tatoo because of that whole tiger, tiger secret organization. And think about it… Brett Partridge said tiger, tiger before he died so he was a member too. Why would a secret organization kill one of their own? I think that even though a guy with a 3 dot tattoo killed Kira Tinsley, that doesn’t mean that her killer is Red John. Here is my scenario: The three above are part of the organization so they have the tatoo. Brett Partridge was one of them and Red John killed him so Patrick would follow the organization. Then somehow, Kira Tinsley stepped on their toes and had to go away. Patrick thought that her killer was R.J. but in fact is just another member of the organization R.J. had Patrick follow. And because i believe they wouldn’t kill one of their own, i believe that the people with the tattoo are the innocent ones. Therefore either Bret Stiles or Ray Haffner are the only ones remaining. And since Bret is too old, the only remaining plausible suspect is Ray Haffner.

  16. Travis says:

    My thought is that Van Pelt is Red John… she has red hair… is the one all information goes through… is around on every case… came to the CSI shortly after Patrick… she ends up narrowly escaping all the time while always killing the person who could talk… it is totally her ;)

  17. Jessica says:

    I think Red John is a society. Not one person. There could be a leader, but not a permanent fixture. Meaning that even if the current leader were to die, someone else within the society would rise to the ocasion and keep the society or “cult” alive.

    I have read a lot of opinions of people who believe that there are disciples and I agree 100%. Even to the extent that a lot of the murders are committed by these disciples and not be the “head honcho” himself. I believe it has been made pretty clear that he had a lot of people working for him and they “adore and worship” him as if he were some sort of God. And yes, police are obviously involved. People in all sorts of ranks, politicians, FBI Agents. Only having this sort of relationships, could they get away with all of this for so long.

  18. Jayson means says:

    It’s van pelt! Think about it, everything with red john is red. She has red hair. She know everything that is going on. Think about where she is every time red john attacks. Just wait you will see.

  19. Kholofelo says:

    when is it showing in south africa?

  20. cmaglaughlin says:

    Partridge in episode Season 5, episode 22, during a hotel crime scene, says, “Hi,” (under his breath)in reply to his forensic photographer(paraphrase)”wishing I could work with a serial killer.”