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The Mentalist: Red John's Identity Will Be Revealed in Season 6 — Find Out When

The Mentalist Season 6 SpoilersThe Mentalist‘s most enduring mystery will be solved in Season 6.

CBS confirmed on Monday that Red John’s identity “will be revealed by the end of this calendar year.”

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But first, as Matt Mitovich scooped last week in Inside Line, the list of suspects will be narrowed down from seven to six in the Sept. 29 premiere.

For the record, the list of possible perps includes Gale Bertram, Ray Haffner, Bob Kirkland, Sheriff Thomas McAllister, Brett Partridge, Reede Smith and Bret Stiles.

Who do you think will be unmasked as Jane’s arch nemesis?

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  1. Bravo says:

    I mean that I think that Patrice Jain is red John

    • brandolino says:

      Ridiculous, its either Haffner Kirkland or Partridge,
      only Kirkland and haffner fit the blind girlfriends physical description of red john
      only partridge and Kirkland fit the voice we heard of red john and we heard him well
      only Kirkland has both these characteristics
      Kirkland has already been portrayed as a murderer

  2. areesha says:

    waiting for season 6 but am getting tired of the plot… all good things come to an end eventually. don’t let such an excellent series lose it lustre

  3. Christina says:

    I don’t know why but I have a knawing theory that Alex Jane (Patrick Jane’s Father) is the our elusive serial killer! when you go back to the episodes to do with Jane’s past Carnival life it sort of adds up!

  4. nhoJ deR says:

    Why is everyone so wrapped up in who Red John is. I think it’s more the symbolic effect Red John had on Jane and the people around him that is important with this show. Everyone that got bored at season 3 obliviously sees Red John as an actual person, and beings as they don’t have a face to put with it they get frustrated.

    When actually if you think Red John to be more like a, Religion for want of a better word, then you see the effects it has on people.

    You guys who are saying you stopped watching the Mentalist ages ago have been affected by Red John because you’re still looking for the answer to his identity.

    I myself see Red John to be more symbolic, almost like a religion. His disciples show just as much with their dedication to him. When someone turns on Red John (aka Lorelei) then they get killed. This in my opinion is a very strict cult. Red John’s disciples seem to carry that same fascination of Patrick Jane as RJ himself.

    I will be sad when Red John is revealed because there goes the mystery that has kept watches hooked for so long *Cough even you guys who stopped watching but still want to know who Red John is*

    Oh well everything has to end sometime, they just better end it with all the loose ends tied up or I swear we should all have words with Bruno Heller….

  5. Bob Kirkland is an easy guess.. but probably a red john operative, gale bertram is possible.. haffner doesnt seem like him… bret stiles seems like a good candidate but it would be such an easy guess

  6. 329748may says:

    Just bought season five today can’t wait to watch tonight.


  7. 329748may says:

    Can’t wait for season six.

  8. JCMG says:

    So I think the idea of holding on to RJ this long adds an element of reality to the show. I mean real life serial killers take years and years to capture, sometimes decades. He could hardly be considered so illusive if Patrick caught him so easily as the fake RJ in season 3. Plus the way he met fake RJ would have been totally unsatisfying if that had been the way RJ bowed out. They need his character to really be examined once revealed.

    But seriously to all the people complaining about RJ, don’t you understand he is supposed to be Moriarty to Jane? The showdown will be epic.

    Personally I think Partridge is RJ. He’s been there since day one, hates PJ and if he is RJ then he’s playing the fool. I reckon one or more of the suspects will end up dying at RJ’s hands this season. I suspect Sheriff Mcallister will die or be ruled out very quickly. I think Kirkland will have an unexpected twist to his character.

  9. Aby says:

    Patrick is Red John for sure.

    Think about it,
    The last finale RJ killed a memory, how is that even possible.
    This is a split personality disorder.

    • Mahdi says:

      I agree , its a very big possibility .

    • hassan says:

      that’s how i feel , nailed it .
      i think no ending would be better from RJ beeing jane himself

    • Kathie says:

      Jane was in a mental hospital for 6 months. His psychiatrist almost definitely asked him about childhood memories. He was so out of it he may have shared that info and she wrote it down. If Red John can infiltrate the FBI, Homeland Security and the CBI, he can surely get his hands on the files of a psychiatrist. Think about it. Also, Susan Darcy went mental at the end of Season 4. Maybe it was a game to get her into the same institution that Jane was in so she could look for information for Red John. Maybe????

  10. Alva says:

    I think Bruno Heller is messing with us again, he wants us to think who of the seven people it is when it really isn´t any of them. But maybe it´s one of them and maybe not…

    • Pam says:

      I was wondering about that 2. The car dealership owner maybe? Do not remember his name. The voice was identical!

    • As I mentioned previously, Bruno Heller said that R.J. is one of the 7 on Patrick’s list on a blog like this during an interview. I think that we have to believe him. He was not trying to be vague or to deceive. Oh, by the way, Patrick Jane’s name was not on that list. It is not Patrick.

      It boils down to Bertram or Partridge. Has to be one of these two. The previous director of the CBI was killed in the back seat of the limo last season. Why? So the Bertram could get his job and infiltrate the CBI. Bertram is my second choice because he picked up the cell phone and called somebody after Patrick told him to be at his house. Guess who the somebody was? Partridge?

      The gun shot at the end of the show where the house exploded may have been Partridge shooting the person (one of the five) who was going to reveal who Red John was. Then he blew up the house to get Bertram and.the chubby guy out of the scene. Any body agree? Let me know..

  11. Nicole says:

    What if Jane’s dad is Red John. Now here me out. 1. Jane has never dealt with someone who has the same skills as him and that is as good as him therefore red john appears to be always one step ahead. Alex has the same skills and taught Jane everything he knows. 2. Brett Styles says its out of a form of love for Jane- a dad loves his son 3. How did Red John know what happy memory Jane had- his dad was there! 4. Jane’s dad was more of a showman than any other thing- they describe Red John as a showman and an artist 5. No one knows where Alex is not even fellow carneys- Alex could have gotten a different identity and name and is one of the seven suspects as a different person! 6 Red John has resources that include money and can manipulate people- Con men have a lot of money and if your a fellow mentalist you can manipulate people- Alex Jane 7. Why was Lorelei killed where a bunch of carnival stuff was stored- he was trying to give Jane a hint 8. last and the recently known fact i just learned was Jane was taken to a social worker place for a few years when he was a kid- that was when Alex thought he could better his skills and went to visualize, and he ended up killing someone. This idea is just what I think even if it is far fetched.

    • brandolino says:

      only haffner and Kirkland fit the physical description of the blind girlfriend
      and only Kirkland and partridge have the voice down pat.
      only Kirkland has both characteristics
      Kirkland is who the writers have
      set up to be red john. they even showed him a cold
      blooded murdered already.

  12. Mahdi says:

    I think Patrik is Red John

    • III Frogs says:

      Bruno Heller, the creator of the series, has said definitively at least a couple months ago now, that Patrick Jane is NOT Red John. So, please. Stop. People are tired of correcting you.

  13. Ed says:

    JANE is Red John.

  14. F says:

    I think Red John is Bret Stiles. He is intelligent and powerful..and he has shaken Janes hand, and the have a special bond.

    • Charbel says:

      I’d really like to see Patrick Jane narrow down his list to one suspect, they catch him and in the end it won’t be red John who was caught

  15. cherry says:

    cnt wait fo seasn 6…en am hopng ts nat gonna ebd there…aftr red john being identified wats gonna happen then…am tuned!

  16. faris says:

    i dont think its that RJ is one of the guyz on the list he is gonna be someone we havent expected !! thats what i think ! someone that we know is now RJ is gonna be RJ !!

  17. Mixu says:

    Interesting theory Nicole about Janes dad, then why would he kill his own grand daughter? I would be amazed if RJ is somebody else than Bret Stiles. If we look at the cast of suspects Stiles is the most known actor of the list and therefore usually the main villain. Secondly RJ has disciples and influence therefore he has to be higher rank manipulator. Bertram looks more like RJ:s pawn. Jane gave him advice in poker. RJ would be smarter to play better poker.Partridge looks psychotic and his personality would match well with RJ but his rank as forensic guy wouldn’t be credible to have so much influence. Haffner and Kirkland are disciples of RJ when they have connections to visualize cult. Lets see what happens :)

  18. john says:

    I don’t know who will be eliminated, but I don’t think it will be Gale Bertram (not at least straight away unless of course he is Red John). The simple fact being, the fact he is on the list has really put Lisbon on edge and when the list is narrowed down and if Bertram is still one of the suspects will make her even more so. Makes the show even more suspenseful than it already is.

  19. John says:

    RJ is obviously Brett Partridge, watch season 2 episode 23 “BIG HINT” Jane surprises Brett and RJ does the same in the ending of the episode

  20. hassan says:

    since i started watching this series, my gut kept telling me that RJ is patrick jane himself!!! , it’s all about the same person. maybe we are talking about split personality or dessosiative personality disorders ….. i think many scenes were from patrick’s imagination (or hallucinations ) !!!! , doesn’t sound suspecious that RJ was aware of the 7 suspects? he wanted them to be suspects , in addition , it’s not possible to know a good memory from someone’s mind and then distroy it like what happened in season 5 ending , except offcourse if both RJ & jane know’s each others very very very well ….. or they are the same person !!!!!
    i think it will be mind-blowing to see jane struggling to understand that he created this personality ( maybe out of guilt ) & created a high-levelled story to deny himself from admitting his own reality, and how lisbon would react…. ANYBODY AGREES WITH ME ??

  21. Kevin says:

    Dont want to make this a long one so I belive that red john is none other than patrick janes alter ego yes I know that its a bit of a drastic saying but it could be a small thing to look into

  22. Dz says:

    I think RJ is Jane’s dad also. Considering that there is no explanation as to what happened to him, he is the only one that is truly smarter than Jane, and a very twisted individual, it would make sense. Plus, that would be the perfect twist, since he has all but totally vanished from the thoughts of viewers. The only problem with this theory is that Heller specifically said we can trust the list of 7 suspects, so I guess we have to wait and see.

  23. brandolino says:

    I cant believe no one is saying they think Kirkland is the one. Other than Kirkland
    based upon the description of the blind girlfriend, only Kirkland fits the description
    as to height and potentially rough around the edges, that certainly does not describe
    partridge, although I would add I agree that the voice of red john in the episode where
    he saved Patrick jane’s life from the theatrical students, it is clearly closest to partridge’s
    voice. only partridge or Kirkland have that high voice. we know brett stiles does not fit
    the blind girlfriends description and none of the others fit the voice not hafner who is another
    one of the cult. See this whole group were at the ranch where Stiles had his partner
    killed by red john and created the whole mess, this group are all working for stiles
    or have worked for him as security etc. now kirland is NHS LOL and others work
    CBI FBI like Athena, the creepy brunette. This is bad news for Visualize his entire
    empire will suffer if its found out that red john is his former cult member.
    may even be current employee living a double life like Kirkland that’s another fact.
    Kirkland is the most obvious and I would be stupefied if the slouchy whimppy
    coroner Partridge turns out to be red john I cant buy it, hes not a charismatic
    magnetic aggressive intellectual in any way. so hed have to be completely
    schizophrenic and that does not work for this case. sorry, Kirkland is really
    the only one that fits the blind girlfriends physical description, no matter how
    much plastic surgery you cant change his height and big hands rough skin
    masculine nose etc. that she described definitely not Bertram or partridge etc.
    or stiles you know, only haffner and Kirkland fit it!!!! and haffner does not have
    the voice. it may be discovered that red john is a group.

  24. gaith raheem says:

    I’m love this show very mush, beside the revealing of who are the rj it’s take long time but it’s still an excellent and great show.

  25. k says:

    guys it may seem funny and i have missed some episodes due to my working hrs but it does seem nobody knows who rj is because the decision may not have been made yet. like you cant accidently drop clues if u dont know. so having 7 or now 6 suspects has a purpose for the writers. i would love to c rj caught and a series where jane gets to psychoanalyse him with out chance of escape. meaning nobody can get him out no keys to cell constant surveilance or only with like twelve access codes people n prints. maybe even rj invilved with a ring of killers n jane gotta catch each one making the rj case just the start. agree catching rj has gone on bit long but if u can follow ideas of continuing the plot many people like me be alot happier. continued viewing and a resolution to rj case :)

  26. Raghav says:

    Red john is not bald. According to Rosalind Harker he’s got short, straight hair. This puts gale bertram and bret stiles (somewhat) out of the suspect list.

  27. Obiora says:

    Its lorlei Martins. Dont any of you see it?…she says red john wants to be his friend and that what she asks for from jain when she was in his custody.Why else Would she want his friend ship and dont forget the first time they met they shoke hands…and if all this is true then she is also manipulative. THINK ABOUT IT!

  28. Me says:

    maybe i am wrong but i personally think they are stuck, i think that even the producers don’t know what character could be red john, but there is a solution for it. However, i am not a fan of the series, i have watched the last 2 season and i dont like it.

  29. Kathie says:

    My thought has been that Bob Kirkland is Red John. I’ve heard people mention that Patrick’s father might be RJ, but if he is then Bruno Heller is lying or Jane’s dad got some sort of plastic surgery and a new identity. I just read where someone suggested that Red John may not be a person, but a group. That would make sense. I can’t wait to see the season six show that reveals him, but even more so I look forward to the shows leading up to the reveal. All of the characters’ personalities will come out strongly! I love this cast as a total group. Yes, Simon Baker is the “star” and I love how he portrays Patrick, but the other actors and actresses are also awesome. Bring on Season 6!

  30. Kelley says:

    I think it’s Sheriff McAllister. I have no reasons why, it’s just a feeling, but he has been there since the first episode. He shows up once or twice a season and is not a big part of the storyline of whatever episode he’s in. He just kind of lurks in the background.

  31. Temirlan says:

    I think that RJ is Haffner. I sure it.

  32. Fuad says:

    I love the show and I love mysteries, I really do. It’s been years of patience, i can’t wait! I´m expecting just one thing, really only one thing; to be sorprised. Not obvius but neither inverosimil, just perfect, like season 3 finale.

    I Can’t wait!

    Cheers from Chile.

  33. Dave says:

    I’ve always had a suspicion on agent cho

  34. The Fat Guy says:

    I honestly think, being that I haven’t seen season 5 yet because I’m waiting for the dvd release, it’s both Stiles and Partridge. I felt that it is Partridge not just because of his voice when he saved Jane’s life, but also because appeared on both the first and last episode of season 1. I think he just shows up to see how Jane is reacting to the case. As, for Stiles, I suspect he has something to do with RJ’s actions like maybe through hypnotism in the past. I mean, how else is he knowing everything that RJ is doing? On the episonde “The Blood On His Hands”, after Stiles tells him about RJ’s “Surprise Party” plan, Jane asks him how he knows what he’s planning and Stiles replied “I know FAR more than what you OR Red John can ever imagine”. That is what made me believe that he has a lot to do with what Red John does and the only thing I can think of as of right now, after watching season 4, is that maybe Stiles, at some point in the distant past, hypnotised him. Think about it. Normally when people know something about RJ, he has them killed, but STILES knows so much more and hasn’t even been touched or threatened. This had lead me to think that either RJ is actually working for Stiles, OR during hypnosis, Stiles told him not to kill him no matter. I can be completely wrong but I haven’t seen any of season 5 until its dvd release. Just figured I’d throw my 2 cents in.

  35. Dinesh says:

    Definitely not Stiles, I agree he might have hypnotised Red John and it was an experiment gone wrong…

    Haffner, he doesn’t have the vibe of an elusive serial killer, maybe he befriended Red John at that farm…

    Bertram, certainly a possibility with the poetic clues. Then again, he doesn’t look like a serial killer but more of a pawn…

    Mcallister, he is not Red John for the fact that he would make a poor RJ…

    Kirkland, definitely has the pitch in his voice to be RJ but just TOO obvious that it wouldn’t surprise the audience…

    Partridge, a shady and mysterious character. I believe RJ is of a matured age, so not him in my books.

    Smith, too fat and dumb to be RJ…

    A group, a smart thought and it’s a definite possibility and would be a surprise. It would make sense, because each person on that list contributes somehow to being RJ…

    Patrick’s father, I doubt he would kill his own grandchild and Heller lying would make the audience furious. The idea that it’s a relative to Jane, makes it very interesting and catching.

    Frye, woman are not so intelligent lol…

    Therefore, it’s either Bertram or a group. A family member of Jane is far fetched but would be really intriguing.

  36. Craig R says:

    Has everyone forgotten what RJ said to Jane after he saved him from the student filmmakers? “Roll Tide!” Reference to Alabama’s Crimson Tide football….. Hmmmm, now you remember? Which one is from the’South’?

  37. Katy says:

    It has dragged on for long enough. I think RJ is the sheriff, think about it, in the last one of season 2 when Jane meets RJ. RJ has cowboy boots on . :|

  38. Paulo Brasil says:

    In the episode hat RJ is with Rosalind (sorry, I don`t remember which on), the camera show his hand and his back and he is a tall, skinny and gray hair man, not a woman, not fat or bald (if it is not a disguise), so let`s forget about Gale Bertram, Brett Partridge, Thomas McAllister, Reede Smith and Bret Stiles. Then, remain Ray Haffner (he never blink, or he is bad actor or cold enough to be RJ), Bob Kirkland (definitely disciple by his action). So Bruno gave us another deception, remember Kirkland taking a picture of Jane investigation? RJ also reach these 7 by Jane understanding… RJ will reveal it after all 7 suspects been narrowed one by one… The real RJ only can be Ron the background character in almost every episode… this is my guess.. and the name RON sound much like as RED JOHN, this simplicity intrigues me… Theories… lol

  39. Mallec says:

    I think Red John is the eccentric rich guy that seduced and eventually slept with Lisbon.

  40. tunde says:

    The show is simply amazing…Someone tell me has redjohn been revealed yet?????????

  41. Carlos says:

    I would really love to see patrick being RJ.
    The red face on the walls kind of look like Patrick a bit, his little droppie eyes with his fashionable hair going to the right just like Patrick

  42. Elisa says:

    Bob Kirkland (FBI) is my choice, although I think there could be others involved in some sort of government plot. Hope it is not one of those “dream” endings like Life on Mars.

    • bumbik says:

      it shouldnt be him … RJ shot the video with Lorelei (obviously while she was alive) before Bob Kirkland send that “repairmen” to Jane´s safehouse to find out what he knows about RJ (while RJ already knew it and he wouldnt behave that way)

  43. zongezile says:

    All the seven suspects are controlled by RJ aka Stiles. I bet you all are never gonna be satisfied by the end of the RJ reign.

  44. Jacob says:

    I don’t think it’s anyone on the list. I think it’s Patrick Jane’s twin/half brother. They’ve had episodes with his dad,but not mom. She raised Red John. That’s why Red John killed Patrick’s wife and kid, but toys with him. listen to the voice when Red John speaks. It sounds like Simon Baker using a higher voice.

  45. Bill says:

    Well, season 6 Mentalist opener is now over, so all of you people who thought RJ was Bret Partridge can find a new suspect because Partridge is now dead. And all you who thought or still think that RJ is Patrick Jane can also find a new suspect because Lisbon has just been kidnapped by RJ and it was not Jane who did that.

  46. Lily says:

    Heller has said that we’ll be ‘disappointed’ when we find out who Red John is… and to be honest I’d be disappointed if it was any of the seven, they are either too obvious (Stiles Haffner and Kirkland) or too feeble (Partridge) or too underdeveloped as characters (McAllister and Smith)….what about Bertram?…well he did know the words to Tyger, Tyger…

    The ‘hero is the villain’ approach has been overused in film and TV – but it’d still be kinda cool if Jane was Red John.

    Wouldn’t it be super cool if it was Lisbon? Just imagine her face, turning to camera to admit it was her all along. That’d be some dark-shizz.

    All the usual reason that someone could not be Red John (too feeble, too dead, too good, too short, too young, too old, too close to Jane etc.) cease to count in this case because RJ is cast as a master manipulator and if anything; the series has told us not to accept any information at face-value.

  47. bill says:

    Did u ever notice that CBI Ron is in all of the red john episodes but not many others hint hint

  48. shawn says:

    I just watched “Black winged Redbird”. In it Bertram say an interesting line – “When you get Red John in your sights I’ll be there”. If this is true then Bertram must be Red John. Later in that show it appears that RJ might be a combination, but certainly Bertram has just said that he is RJ.

  49. asdasdasd says:

    RED JOHN = RON, the guy that they show once every few episodes for a second, works with the CBI team…has been in the first 2 episodes of season 6

  50. Bjorn P says:

    The basics of the series are really cool, but I agree to many comments above that the red John story has gone to far… The episodes without red John are so much better