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The Mentalist: Red John's Identity Will Be Revealed in Season 6 — Find Out When

The Mentalist Season 6 SpoilersThe Mentalist‘s most enduring mystery will be solved in Season 6.

CBS confirmed on Monday that Red John’s identity “will be revealed by the end of this calendar year.”

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But first, as Matt Mitovich scooped last week in Inside Line, the list of suspects will be narrowed down from seven to six in the Sept. 29 premiere.

For the record, the list of possible perps includes Gale Bertram, Ray Haffner, Bob Kirkland, Sheriff Thomas McAllister, Brett Partridge, Reede Smith and Bret Stiles.

Who do you think will be unmasked as Jane’s arch nemesis?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Vanessa says:

    I think Partridge is RJ

    • john says:

      i am sure christiana frye is red john .they are gonna make it totally unpredictable.

    • Peter says:

      I agree, it’s certainly his voice, but I think Bertram is a disciple. I remember he quoted a line of poetry from Blake, who wrote Tiger Tiger. Or it cold be a misdirect. Can’t wait to see.

    • Josh says:

      Yea, either him, gale bertrum, or haffner

    • Paulina says:

      I think that all of them will be somehow involved … I can’t wait…………………

    • Red john is no one on the list
      watch and see r j is ether lisben or Patrick his self some how living a double life of some how not even he knows about there gonna end it with a BMG so expect the unexpected anything can happen and trust me there will he a huge twist we none see coming

      • hiha says:

        i agree patrick he is rj

      • Liana Kivi says:

        Did you even saw one of series, if you can say something so stupid!? Patrick Jane is not Figaro, he cant be here and there the same time! Just watch some of the series again and use your brain. Also Lisbon cant be RJ
        How silly someone could be – hahahaaaaaaaaa

      • chuck says:

        I think James R.J. & he may not even know it? I think he possibly has multiple personalities. I have thought this for roughly last 3 or 4 seasons. I think he’s hip not I zing the others to commit some of the murders & to also erase their memories if they ever get caught! That’s one reason he doesn’t want Lisbon letting the rest of team to know about or investigate the 7 names. I could be wrong but I think that would be great way for it to end! Well guess only time will tell. just hope they don’t give it a Soprano’s ending or any other great series ending Soprano’s & Quantum Leap pop in my head as the worst ever endings to great TV shows. Now Quantum Leap I was pretty young so it ending to a preteenager was horrible.

      • anindya says:

        this is stupid whatever happens jane r lisbon are not rj ..come on if that happens the people will feel wth ..this is so stupid .. it will be not a good twist .. the best twist will be all 7 involved with someone else being rj who is not in the list but controlling them .. may be rj is not a guy ..but jane looks sure rj is a guy so jane will look stupid so proability low ..

      • Bruno stated at the end of the last season when the list was presented to the world that Red John is one of the 7 on Patrick Jane’s list.

    • Mark says:

      I think that Jane is actually Red John. How else could rj have killed Patrick’s happy memory. If you watch strawberries and cream, or last years finale with the thought in mind that Jane is really rj and he is manipulating people, not to mention crazy and a schitzo, you may start to agree with me :-)

      • Aaron says:

        Can’t be, the writer ruled out that Patrick is the killer. He’s even talking about maybe making a season 7. You can’t do that if Jane is Red John. I also don’t believe it’s Bertram because that would be way to obvious.

      • Jack says:

        And he killed his own wife and child? Don’t be ridiculous. It would undermine the entire premise of the series.

      • Dalibor says:

        1. blind girl – rosalind harper would recognize him… 2. when rj was calling to Patrick he was at rosalind place there is no chance patrick is schyzofrenic

      • No way. First of all, the show would be over, and that does not sell advertizing. There was an episode where RJ tied Patrick up. How could he do this to himself? I don’t think so.

    • Graham Reid says:

      I’m Haffy to say that I know edzakkerry who Red John is!!!

    • Mentalist says:

      Bret Stiles is RED JOHN…He is the head of this Criminal society.
      While I think all of them are involved, I always knew someone who came after Jane to the CBI…Is a Red John disciple..I suspected Van Pelt Lately..But I think its Bertram now.

      Haffner, Partridge, Sherif, Bertram, FBI agent,are all under the influence of Stiles..

      He controls their life.. he is their head…Specially after covering 2 girls bodies in Blood like liquid in a ceremony…
      2nd girl was covered by her face, ….

    • Nina says:

      I honestly don’t like the idea of RJ being Brett Partridge because in my mind Red John is manly, sophisticated, has many friends, and is meticulous.
      I don’t see BP as RJ because he is not lovable as a person, an we can all agree that the followers or RJ see in him as a God like figure, protector, and are willing to do anything even to take their own life for him.
      And Brett Partridge is not someone that would make you do anything of that magnitude.

      The killer must be physically strong, evil eyed yet mentalist like to get people to do what he wants.
      Brett is boyish to me, and has really weird fascination with RJ, i see him as RJ fan but not RJ himself.

      To conclude,
      Red John must be manly, sophisticated, to have a lot of friends, to be well read, to me patient enough to wait for the perfect moments and to do such heinous crimes.
      To me Red John is ether Sheriff Tom McAllister or Gale Bertram ( although Ray was the one I originally suspected at the beginning of season 6).

      I would be satisfied with any of the final five (now 3) suspects as being RJ, but not with Brett Partridge, simply because Red John is characteristically similar to Patrick, and I don’t see BP to be shoulder to shoulder with Patrick…..
      Man like Patrick deserves to have wordy enemy, and not twilight looking geeky guy that to be honest – irks him (and me too) :D

    • Sunny says:

      I think red john is Patricks Dad. He is mad coz Patrick ran off and became a goody 2 shoes, with a perfect life. He killed the wife and daughter from jealousy. The dad thinks he is the perfect mentalist and he wants to prove it to his son. THE END. Thank you everybody, good nite!!!!!!

    • cmaglaughlin says:

      Rosalind Harker’s(the blind lady) description, if it is to be believed, further states that HE is “just under six feet tall, with short, straight hair, not muscular but not soft, with strong hands”. Can’t be Mashburn…too tall, and would not be hanging out in a relationship for 6 months with an older blind woman. He’s got plenty of bimbos to keep busy. Same for Bertram…too tall. McCallister not afraid of heights…RJ is. RJ is NOT a woman. He has to be on Jane’s final list. From past episodes, only ONE SUSPECT FITS perfectly(remember the motorcyclist who rescued Patrick, screaming away from the scene?) If Heller is to be believed, RJ is on the list, and the only one that matches the blind lady’s description exactly is Brett Partridge. RJ faked his own death. I DON’T like this one bit… reminds me of “Dallas,” and the faking of Bobby’s death, only to further turn loyal viewers more irate over trying to “fix” the screw up by the writers. Partridge WAS in the pilot and had it “in” for Patrick for the way Jane always corrected Brett’s forensic scene analysis. Haffner too tall, muscular.

  2. Don says:

    I personally think Gale Bertram is RJ; it’s the old adage ” keep your friends close but your enemies closer”… just a hunch.

  3. Mrs. Peele says:

    i don’t believe it…. i stopped watching at s.3 because i’m so tired of jane’s attitude and the never ending story of red john …enough already.

    • Lori says:

      Exactly. Who cares at this point? I stopped watching also.

      • trish says:

        I love how so many people are saying they don’t care and have stopped watching, why even come on here to comment if you don’t watch it?!

        • Charbel says:


        • Samer K. says:

          They definitely googeled The Mentalist to check for updates.

        • Christy says:

          I feel the same as you do. If they don’t like the show I think it’s really rude of them to get on and make rude remarks about the show. I’m not impressed with these people at all. that is just how I feel about it. Sorry if I am being rude.

        • kidist says:

          @trish, i totally agree why bother commenting if y’all are no longer interested..doesn’t make sense. its one of the best series being made right now!!!

        • HazzyDee says:

          I understand where you’re coming from but as a person who stopped watching after season 3, I always kept up with the spoilers and even watched a season 4 episode (I think) where Jane had supposedly found and shot RJ because, whilst the RJ plot has extended way too much, I’m still interested in knowing who it is. Knowing now that season 6 will be the reveal, I have now began to rewatch from S1 and considering both Bret and Bertcham is still in the suspect pool I’m thinking its one of them as they were the main suspects back when I was watching.

      • cmaglaughlin says:

        Then stop posting comments on Mentalist fan boards!(get a life while you’re at it)

    • Abbs says:

      Season 3 was in 2008/2009….if you stopped watching about 4 years ago, why are you on a site for season 6 spoilers?

    • 329748may says:

      Must watch season four. I bought season five today.

    • William Christian says:

      My dear Mrs Peele, millions of people disagree with you and I for one find it very hard to believe you don’t watch this show anymore or have any interest in it, especially when you post comments on a site like this. Okay, I agree with you that the the Red John saga has dragged on a bit, but in shows like this there has to be some kind of bigger than life villain to chase, otherwise there is no point or direction to the show. Anyway for what it’s worth It seems to me that Bret Stiles is either Red John himself and has some others doing the actual killing for him, or Red John is someone else on the suspect list but is being controlled by Bret Stiles. Either way I think Bret Stiles is the brains behind the operation. After watching the character of Bret Stiles for several years now, it seems to me he is the only one other than Patrick Jane in the show who has the charisma and the charm and the ability to seduce / mesimerize people and exercise mind control over them. Bret Stiles and Patrick Jane are a very much alike in that respect and it doesn’t stretch my imagination to think they could be very good friends under different circumstances, as one female character in a recent episode pointed out. Bret is the only other character in the show that is either on par with Patrick’s mental abilites or perhaps even surpasses them and they both seem to genuinely enjoy sparring and jousting with each others minds whenever they meet. Bret Stiles also has access to and controls a lot of wealth and alot of human resources and seems to be untouchable in many respects. And finally both Patrick Jane and Bret Stiles seem to have an almost dangerous if not sinister side to their personalities, but at the same time they are very engaging and very likeable characters. And that’s about it for my thoughts on this subject. Of course I could be totally wrong about all this, I don’t take to seriously. After all it’s just a show, haha! BillC.

      • Angela says:

        My money is on Bret Stiles being RJ, he totally fits the bill. I do however have a feeling we will be left a little disappointed when RJ is revealed. Totally love Patrick Jane’s style, that man is awesome :)

      • cmaglaughlin says:

        good try, but Brett just does not seem to me to be one who would kill much, let alone children. He’s too busy Visualizing and speaking to his followers!

    • Comment says:

      I’m watching Mentalist because I like him and his tricks. I don’t care about Red John’s case but I have to say that I’m very intrested who is he. If you’re watching Mentalist only for resolve who is Red John, it’s your problem. Bye.
      PS. Sorry for grammatical defects, I’m Polish, just learning :}

    • I don’t care that you don’t care.

    • Then why are you in this forum??????????????????

    • Nicola kemp says:

      Regardless of who is or isn’t red john, it sure as hell has a lot of people guessing!! Its a tv show written by human beings using there imagination!! It’s not real life its just for fun!! And as for the people who “are sick of red John story line” are you freekin kidding me!! That’s the whole and sole point of the series!! It’s not CSI!! they don’t whip out forensic kits and uv lights!! It’s all about Jane, his story, his life, his past!! Hence it’s called the MENTALIST!!!

  4. Mark says:

    The Red John story needs to end. It’s gone on WAY too long.

    • Melody M Strohm says:

      I TOTALLY AGREE – red john saga has dragged way too too long. i don;t care who he is – just KILL him!!!! and let’s move on to newer stories and new life…

  5. J says:

    Excellent! Thanks for the scoop. I don’t know which candidate it could be and that is what makes this such a good mystery. They are all viable suspects! Hmm so will the audience just learn or will Jane too? This is going to be good!

  6. Kim R says:

    You know a show has drug something on too long when a fan really doesn’t care anymore. That would be me. :(

    • jk says:

      I’m not sure that’s true. You know it’s drug on too long when ALL fans, or the MAJORITY of fans don’t care. Just because A fan doesn’t care, doesn’t mean much.

  7. John says:


    Should have been done in 3.

  8. JT says:

    It’s that FBI guy (forgot what his). He killed the guy Jane wanted to question in the hospital at the end of last season.

    • LEP says:

      I think he’s just a RJ disciple. Too obvious.

    • Maria says:

      I think its either him or the one that was in the first episode. And I absolutely love this show

    • Josh says:

      you mean robert kirkland? i think 1 of the 7 is a red john follower but not sure who, red john killed a happy memory of patricks, therefore i thihk it is somebody who knows hypnosis, like stiles, but hes too old to do crime, he has a follower which is haffner. Partridge sounds like redjohn, haffner could possibly read patricks thoughts in hypnosis, and gale bertrum iv always suspected. Remember that redjohn’s girlfriend said he was under 6 ft, and has short hair, which probably eliminates bertrum, that is unless redjohns girlfriend, was really dating a redjohn deciple, claiming he is redjohn like the end of season 3

    • James says:

      I agree that the guy in the hospital that killed lenon is red john. Or is that too obvious

    • Kathie says:

      He’s homeland security and his name is Bob Kirkland. He’s on the list and I think it is him as well.

    • shawn says:

      Jason Lennon is killed because he know Red John. Bob Kirkland asks Jason “do you know who I am”. Jason says no he does not recognize Bob Kirkland. Therefore bob is not RJ.

  9. Holl says:

    I am so happy that this is finally being concluded. I CANNOT wait to see who it is. The only thing that worries me right now is there won’t be proper closure for Jane/Lisbon. I am as emotionally invested in them as I am in the Red John arc. But I guess that’s life.

    If I really want romance, I guess I have to stick with watching Castle/Beckett do the old song and dance.

    • @Holl says:

      Same here on both. I do really like Jane and Lisbon. I hope they continue on with them and I hope the show continues after the Red John saga. The show’s good enough to.

      • kidist says:

        i knowww….. the mentalist is a great show even w/o red john plot. risgby, chow,lisbon ,jane and vanpelt make it seem realistic and fun.just an amazing show

        • Alan says:

          I like the character of Patrick Jane. Not every episode is about Red John, so obviously I watch,not for the Red John storyline exclusively, although I am interested. I watch because it’s a extremely enjoyable program. Hope it continues for many more seasons. Quantum Leap was one of my absolute favorites and they took it off before it’s time was due. I sincerely wish and hope , that the same stupid mistake is not made with The Mentalist.

  10. Enri says:

    Yes! Thanks so much! I love the Mentalist.

  11. marge says:

    I think that last season was fantastic and that this one will be even better. I do not get the people who “stopped watching” in earlier seasons yet still post in spoiler sites. That is a mystery. LOL.

  12. III Frogs says:

    I’ll be glad to be done with Red John, move on to Jane and Lisbon’s relationship and see it treated fully, and then go on to a seventh season full of wonderful cases of the week and maybe some great arcs! It’s such a clever, intelligent show. There’s a lot more they can do!

    • Sandy says:

      I agree. I am looking forward to knowing the answers about Red John but the show is great when they are solving all their cases. I hope it will continue running.

  13. Chloe says:

    I’ve about given up on the show after this past season. It has nothing to do with the show itself but with the way CBS treats it. I’m tired of sitting around waiting and waiting for it to begin because afternoon/early evening sports programming runs overtime. I love sports, please don’t misunderstand me. But CBS needs to allow for this problem that happens week after week after week. Even when they moved the telecast back to 10:30, it didn’t always start at that time. I thought after football ended that the problem would end, but nope, then golf backed it up. There were some nights when the show didn’t even begin until after 10:50, which is just idiotic. It would be better to just preempt it & show it another time.

    I had hoped that they would move it to another night for next season, but no luck. And since it’s not on OnDemand, I highly doubt I’ll be watching it this season.

    • RC says:

      I still love The Mentalist but I TOTALLY agree about CBS and the late starts EVERY Sunday night. It was especially annoying when I wasn’t home and had it set to record on the TiVo and when I went to watch it, I was watching the last half (or more) of the Good Wife and a small beginning part of my show. Hope CBS gets that problem solved this year!

    • nate says:

      You can always watch the reruns on TNT that’s when I catch all of the episodes

  14. J says:

    People, if you don’t watch The Mentalist or have stopped watching it, please don’t leave bad comments in here.
    Plus, just when things are getting excited you quit the show? This season will be full of plot twists and action!! But on the other hand I’m sad because it could be its last season…

  15. Tookie Clothespin says:

    Hate to be the one to break this everybody but, just because they are revealing who Red John is doesn’t mean that the story is over. The creator of the show, I forget his name, has repeatedly stated that the story of Red John is going to end when the show ends. Red John may be revealed but they will still have to gather evidence on him, prove that it’s him, arrest him, try him, etc. Unless The MEntalist ends up on the chopping block this thing is still a long way from over. Not saying that I like it or agree with it but, don’t get your hopes up that it’s over.

  16. mia says:

    LIES. They’ve said this to us before….come through on their promise…only to backtrack the next season. I’ll believe it when it sticks.

  17. Kim R says:

    I think the other issue with this drawn out scenario is that there has been little character growth for Jane. He is the same as he was at the beginning and that, to me, is uninteresting and disappointing. It makes the characters flat for me. Other shows seems to be able to give you glimpses and insights as the series goes on but these folks are the same as they were when the show began. Disappointing.

    • DJH says:

      I agree. The Red John plot was getting tiring. Give me back the good ole days when there were plots with every show or two. I thought that the writers were just not any good, so they dragged the Red John thing on and on and on…. I love the characters, and would love to see Jane get over his loss, Lisbon to have a romantic partner ( Jane maybe, but not necessary…) and the other characters continue to have individual lives. I would also like to see Jane sleep somewhere but on that sofa!

      • Bill says:

        In the good old days as you put it, there also were serial type shows that dragged on for years. I remember a show called the Fugitive, starring David Janzen who was a Dr on the run chasing but never catching a one armed man who killed his wife and then there was the Hulk that went on for years and also MASH..

  18. Zepp OnAir says:

    Bet almost lost, but … The less suspect for me, is Cho, and he is Red John.

  19. jax says:

    So excited! My husband has a crazy theory – Jane is Red John. I told him he is crazy!! Love The Mentalist!!

  20. Marcia says:

    I just hope this doesn’t means that season 6 will be the last one, I still can see life after RJ been sent to jail or killed. I would love a 7th season.

  21. jonathon says:

    laugh everytime I see all the hate for the Red John story. How can you hate what has made this show so great? If red john was figured out before now the mentalist would be over, this isn’t like an arc like you may have on a criminal minds or csi this show is better than them because it delves from a man and his horrible past as he seeks to find his arch nemesis, its almost like a t.v. show based off of a superhero fighting his main villain like superman vs. lex luthor for example. He wants his revenge so bad but he cannot find him. now he finally is finding out that he is so close he can taste it, only 7 people it can be. the list shrinks more and more. the conclusion will be worth it and sadly the finale won’t be too far behind but this show is great and the Red John story being “dragged out” the way it has is the reason why.

    • Kingsley Flint says:

      I agree with this. Patrick Jane is a beautifully created character, very well fleshed out, his relationship with Lisbon is a delightful tease, the group as a whole are really nice decent people, the whole thing is massively elegant and well conceived and written. What more could anyone want? I look forward like mad to finding out RJ’s identity. Probably Bret Stiles, but we are ready for a big surprise. Definitely one of the best shows on TV right now.

  22. JCK says:

    The photo of Simon Baker is air brushed within an inch etc. It makes him look like Jimmy the new footman on Downton Abbey, who is about 15 years younger.
    I’ve given up on Mentalist until they are done with RJ. The show is too tedious.

  23. Talk about a 1-in-7 chance Red John’s identity is finally revealed. Not much of a gambling man in my opinion.

  24. Alice says:

    Wow… I’m excited…. I might even put it back on the DVR list…. now it’s watch live if I can… I cared about who Red John was till the non murder of him…. It will be the one who makes the least amount of sense, I’m guessing….

  25. wjrxyz says:

    I can tell you RJ is really the Mother from How I Met Your Mother.

  26. Kate says:

    If one watched The Mentalist ONLY for Red John, then I could understand people tiring of waiting for the reveal. But while Red John is a vital part of the show, it certainly isn’t the only reason to watch. I’ve enjoyed the entire team and their stories/interactions as well as the stories of the week. This year should be another good season!

  27. prish says:

    Brett Partridge has the body type from the past stories, where Red John was walking away. Were there more? Somehow his face and demeanor would work. His age works well, also. Red John would have to be a lively guy to get all he gets done, done. Plus, we viewers do not have a relationship with the character, so let’s use him. This way it can be a fun story, instead of a heartbreaking reveal.

    • trish says:

      Do you really think brett partridge has the ability to control and manipulate people into becoming his puppets? Yeah he maybe has the right look, but he’s a loner and doesn’t fit the personality, red john is like Patrick in a way..he is highly intelligent and cunning, I would be so disappointed if it turned out to be partridge.

      • Bill says:

        I agree with you. The only character currently on the show that approaches or perhaps even surpasses Patrick Jane’s intelligence and has the wealth and the resources and the ability to exercise mind control over other people is Bret Stiles. Stiles may be too old to be RJ as other comments suggest but the remaining suspects on Jane’s list seem to be mere puppets under someone else’s control who are carrying out the master mind’s wishes.

    • nate says:

      I think red john has to be really wealthy or highly connected to maybe the CIA or someone that Jane hurt that is both or manipulating him for some reason

  28. David Santos says:

    For me the issue is not whether the Red John story is the only thing I watch for. It’s just too frustrating for me. I for one watch because of the case of the week. But all this teasing, this story advancing less than a foot per season, that gets me too frustrated. Sometimes I feel like the writers played me for a fool for five years with a story that never ends, just because I am curious to see how it will end.

    It’s basically the same reason why I hate cliffhangers: seems to me like a cheap trick to get the audience to tune in to the next episode. Only in the Red John case, we tune in to the next episode and by the time it ends we know almost nothing more than what we did when it started.

  29. I would like the show to reveal who Red John is to the audience first before Jane finds out. This way we can get the inside scoop of the character, find out how he operates, and learn more about him or her.

  30. rodin says:

    I’m happy about this. I’d like to see Jane move on from Red John.

  31. Monique Mullens says:

    Its Lisbon because she wants him!

  32. j@aol.com says:

    About damn time!

  33. PFitzDC says:

    I’m still irked by the Bradley Whitford doublecross. That scene between them was soooooo good–written and acted brilliantly–and to turn around and make it a fake? What a cheap trick. The show lost me as a viewer.

  34. roshan says:

    I think RJ is dead already its only his disciple.

  35. chloe says:

    I’m so tired of hearing about Red John. I’m also tired of the obvious, lame weekly cases. And I really hate that they make Lisbeth seem completely incompetent–like she can’t solve a crime w/o the help of some random volunteer.

    Having said all of that, I still watch occasionally. I can’t quit the crazy hot Simon Baker.

  36. JoMarch says:

    I don’t care who it is; I just want it over already. I think the show will be just as good without that recurring story. I’m also probably one of only a handful of fans that thinks Lisbon and Jane have NO chemistry together other than friends. I think it’s because she’s so unattractive and unfeminine. Why is she the only one that wears jeans so often; the other police characters don’t. Not a good example from the boss.

    • Chloe says:

      I completely agree about Lisbon. I see no chemistry between them. And between her hair and her clothes, she looks horrible all the time.

      • givemevegan says:

        On the contrary, I love the chemistry between Lisbon and Jane. I think Lisbon is gorgeous, and it’s her thing to be the no so girly character. She has heart. The last thing a mourning man like Jane needs is some hottie feminine agent. To me that would just be a bore. The friendship bond is there. As far as I care they could never establish anything more and I’d still be glad to watch their dynamic. Simon Baker is marvelous. And that car and his style and…will stop there. I’m looking forward to whatever is coming up with this show. Just keep them coming!

  37. leticia says:

    im glad that the mentalist will reveal rj ths season,lookin,forward for the big reveal n no mattter wat mentalist is a great show

  38. R.zack says:

    the names are just RJ’s disciple, the real RJ is Jane’s father.

  39. Pj says:

    Some unusual comments on here, same old trolls on every mentalist site!

    How can you say Lisbon is not hot, you can’t even spell her name properly!

    Good idea that we find out who red john is b4 Patrick and he eventually hunts him down

    • Holl says:

      THIS! I am a straight female, and I find Lisbon attractive. To say that she is not is unbelievable. To say that Lisbon being unattractive is the reason Jane/Lisbon cannot happen is an invalid and shallow argument.

  40. u.r.in.trouble says:

    I’m excited to find out the true identity of RJ.
    The last 7 remaining suspects just don’t connect for me. In the season 4 finale when Jane is in the car, listen to Red John’s voice. It had bugged me and sounded sort of familiar… I swear it is Simon Baker.
    I know they have come out and said that Jane is not Red John… which to me wipes out amazing stories but if it was Simon maybe they are making Red John a relative of his like his father or maybe he has a brother. There is a reason other then Jane’s blantent taunting of Red John that caused him to go after Jane’s family. They have made it clear especially in season 5 that Red John feels a deep connection to Jane and the 7 remaining suspects just don’t do it for me unless there is more of a connection that they will dive into this year. I could disect this for hours…

  41. Red John was never shown! It is not in the list! Once in the youth Patrick was familiar with Red John and they said hello, but that was “a passing acquaintance”…

  42. Pj says:

    Enough with Patrick Jane is red john! That would be 5 years down the drain for me, 5 years of emotional involvement wanting him to kill the person who killed his wife and daughter!

    Agree that end of season 3 would’ve been perfect ending.

    Now I think Jane’s father and Kristina Frye could be involved as those stories have never been tied up.

    Also think Brett Partridge would make a brilliant red john

  43. Gary says:

    Bob Kirkland will turn out to be Red John!!!!

  44. Katie says:

    I never really was too invested in the RJ plot line, but I AM very invested in the character development form this storyarc and how they deal with the fallout, whatever it may be.

    • Holl says:

      At least you watch the show for something Kate. Unlike the other people are just saying how much they hate the RJ story arc and they don’t watch it at all.

  45. Luis says:

    If Bret Stiles isn’t Red John, I’ll eat my hat!

  46. Mike Bauer says:

    The main reason I want to see the end of Red John is so Jane can have more fun. The stories where he is “more normal” are great. Really enjoy when he uses his “power” more!

  47. Manish Thakur says:

    Bob Kirkland is RJ for sure because his voice matches the most to the voice of RJ in previous seasons.

  48. I will be patient and wait for season 6 to show here in South Africa, I just hope and pray it will not mean the end of ” THE MENTALIST ” the best show ever Thank you so much !!!!!!!

  49. Patrice Jain says:

    I think that I am red John ………..
    To be continued