Scoop: Supernatural Spin-Off Premise Revealed

Supernatural Spin-OffThe Supernatural spin-off will have Chicago roots.

The potential offshoot, which is still in the early stages of development, will be set in Chi-town, TVLine has learned — and it seems all is not peaceful there.

The project will explore the clashing hunter and monster cultures in the Windy City.

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As TVLine previously reported, the planted pilot will air as an episode of the long-running CW series in the spring and will feature several new characters.

Supernatural‘s Season 9 premiere airs Tuesday, Oct. 8 at 9/8c.

Supes fans, what do you think of the spin-off’s location and premise? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. J. says:

    Only spin off I would watch, would be Castiel picking up the mantel left by the boys. He could be a history teacher in the day and becomes a hunter/assassin by night. Yes I know sounds like fanfiction/comic book. But damn that would be awesome!

  2. fobkick says:

    Why are some people so negative? Sam and dean were strangers when supernatural first started. I like sam and dean aswel but I don’t just watch it to drool over them. There’s a lot more to supernatural. I want a spinoff,bring it on.

  3. Mel says:

    I love Sam and Dean and watch because of Jared and Jensen. I will watch the spinoff, but am not even going to think about it as being related to the show that is the brothers Winchester.

  4. LSJ says:

    They had talked a few seasons ago about doing a spinoff around Samuel Colt or at least in his time period. I think that would have been far more interesting to watch.

  5. bastet says:

    I would like that…I would actually much prefer this to SPN as it is now…Without the brothers and their insane dependency/shipper following, there is a possibility of interesting new characters, some actual personality growth and new plot lines entirely. Demons and angels could work together or against each other, depending on how the show ends and we could have some vampiric empire or something new and exciting…It could be the new and improved Dresden. I would love to see an entirely new cast, I really would. SPN as it is now is so bound by the cast/past and there is very little I enjoy about the shown anymore. So, hell yes ( and if Gabriel could be in any way involved,even as a guest- I would be a happy camper.)

  6. Becca says:

    I plan on giving the show a chance. I learned my lesson with Elementary. (the show wasn’t a spin off, but still). I was VERY skeptical about Elementary when I heard about it, and it ended up being a great show. And we don’t even know anything about it. All we know is that the idea exists, where it’s going to take place, and the tiniest bit of the plot. My mentality is ‘don’t knock it until you try it.’ If we learn more about the plot and it sounds awful, that’s one thing. But don’t kill the project before they’ve even started. We know hardly anything about this show, so don’t develop an opinion until we do.

  7. vairyangel says:

    Just as long as politics STAYS OUT OF IT.. I’m good. Supernatural has had way to many episodes with left leaning BS lately. I’m Conservative and I don’t care to see all the politics in what is suppose to be a break from reality.. Same goes for any political party, leave it at the door and lets enjoy a good show without the bull. Please.

    • Drew says:

      If politics came into it at all, it would be hard to realistically do a conservative bashing story in Chicago politics.

      I’m conservative as well and I don’t have a problem with politics in TV shows if it’s realistic and natural (watching Veronica Mars and seeing Gia bash the Bush twins was realistic coming from that character… But on Supernatural they’ve bent over backwards once or twice to make awkward Cheney or Joe the Plumber jokes that were out of place and detracted from the story). The challenge is for the writers to let the characters speak, and not to force their own opinions into every character’s mouth. It’s also difficult for a writer to allow a character to be sympathetic and/or heroic while not on the writer’s side of the political spectrum. People like to demonize the opposition, after all.

    • kate says:

      bitch bitch, moan moan. philosophical question: if this post involved right leaning BS, would it exist? doubt it.

      • Drew says:

        The poster said that they didn’t like politics invading their TV shows. It’s a fair comment and hardly counts as bitching or moaning.

        Question: If their post contained rah-rah liberal BS, would you be as opposed to their posting it? Doubt it.

  8. Drew says:

    Y’know… I like it. Chicago is the perfect place to set up a humans vs. monsters war because it’s not too far off from reality.

    Plus, if you remember back to season 5 when Dean and Crowley were trying to track down Death, they went to Chicago and there was that warehouse that they thought was important. Crowley popped in and out of there and then hurried Dean away without ever mentioning what was inside. It’s been a question mark for me ever since. Now maybe they’ll answer it!

    Supernatural is good because of the sharp writing (grounded in real urban legends and whatnot) and a solid cast. If they can get good writers and a solid cast, there’s no reason for this not to work. Supernatural is a big universe and it should have had a spinoff long before this. Jensen and Jared are great, but I’m betting that most guys aren’t watching for the eye candy.

  9. Megan says:

    I think I would watch a spin off if it was their kids going off into an adventure, that is if they don’t go all George Martin on us and kill everybody off. But if everybody or at least one of them ended up having kids and the kids just get throw into the world of hunting and have an unnatural aptitude for hunting I think that would be awesome.

  10. Brandy says:

    I think Kim Rhodes would be a welcome addition to an Spn spinoff. We need to have more strong female leads. Kim would rock as Sheriff Jodi Mills.

    • Lilly says:

      Kim Rhodes can barely act and her character is lame. Bring back Samantha Ferris or give Alaina Huffman the spin off lead. Someone who can ACTUALLY act.

  11. Severeth says:

    You know if they are running concurrent they will probably go with a prequel format…but they said it will be set in China town…I like stories set in China town in small brief moments in movies and tv shows but fully set there?? Is there going to be a little basement shop where they hold haunted items and refuse to sell them because they might break bad if fed after midnight? How about a setting never done before for a supernatural format…how about 500 years in the future and they travel to different planets chasing the supernatural…yeah that would suck too probably..or the whole show be based on the place where angels, demons, etc go when they die…just whatever they do…for god sakes don’t make it a male and female cop duo that moonlights as hunters. I beg you..

  12. Razor1331 says:

    Hmmm. Supernatural happenings in Chicago? This sounds like the Dresden Files.

  13. erica says:

    I think this is PREPOSTEROUS. No show, since time began, since the dinosaurs walked the earth, has ever had the beautiful epic chemistry that JarednJensen bring to Supernatural. No couple ever have had JarednJensen’s love and chemistry and love for each other and SamnDean’s too. It is utterly ridiculous that this network even think of continuing to operate after Supernatural ends because JarednJensen’s chemistry can’t be repeated. The CW should CEASE BUSINESS when Supernatural ends. And JarednJensen are not allowed to work with any other actors ever but each other because of the awesome JarednJensen chemistry.

    • erb says:

      Really? Jared and Jensen aren’t allowed to work with any other actors ever. I hope you are a troll, because this statement is utterly ridiculous.

    • Drew says:

      I’m pretty sure this was a joke post… or… I hope it was.

      • Maria says:

        Joke, I would say. Though it is exactly the kind of thing “fans” of J2’s ~sekrit love~ say for reals over at the spn gossip comm on LJ.

        • Drew says:

          The Beckies freak me out. I try to avoid them. To me, Supernatural is a tough, manly show. Cars, guns, gore… dudes being dudes and doing what dudes do. I never get the fangirl wars and whatnot. It’s like they watch a different show entirely.

  14. JaniceC678 says:

    Like so many others have said, the magic of SPN and what has inspired such rabid devotion among the fans is the relationship between Sam and Dean and the amazing supporting characters that we have come to love nearly as much. Pair that with storytelling that never fails to come up with surprising twists and all sorts of emotional drama and…yeah….we’re all addicted.

    I have my doubts about a spin-off, BUT…. if the writers can create equally compelling characters and provide the same great story-telling, I’ll certainly give it more than a fair shot to make me fall in love with it.

  15. buttercupwishes says:

    I want a spin off with Cas as the lead. Give the guy his own show!

  16. Jim says:

    Wish they would spin Castiel off as the star of the new series. Watch SPN for Sam and Dean; can do without Castiel altogether..Set him up as human, train him as a hunter, and send him to Chicago. Then we can get back to a few more seasons with J2 which is why I watch.

  17. Crystal says:

    I think it’s a pretty cool idea! I hope they find people with really good chemistry though. That is so important and one of the reasons Supernatural has been on my tv from Ep. 1. Sam and Dean have awesome chemistry. I would love to see more shows like this. I hate reality t.v. so bring it on!

  18. V Alexander says:

    I just really need a Ghostfacers spin off, even if it is only in Chicago. But I know that won’t happen, so I’ll return to my little dark corner of the Supernatural fandom and keep wishing

  19. BeccaB says:

    Hmmm – wasn’t that show call The Dresden Files?

  20. connor says:

    eeeh, i dunno how this is gonna work, seeing as they’ve killed off pretty much every character aside from sam and dean, what are they gonna do? ghost facers? maybe they could have done a meg spin off earlier on (i’d have actually watched that) but at this point the only thing i could see them doing is a cass series, which i can’t see doing very well at all, i think they might be grasping at straws with this one, btw i could see ghost facers working as webisodes on youtube

    • Drew says:

      They did a Ghostfacers web series a while back. This one will be new characters designed specifically for this series. It should work as well as anything else, I suppose.

  21. Tawrens says:

    Gee but their idea of an SN spin off sounds a awful lot like NBC’s Grimm.

  22. Shaun says:

    I thought the point of being a hunter was to avoid police scrutiny and move around?How can they do their job in 1 place?!

    • Joe says:

      Chicago.. and chicago land and its burbs are a huge place.. belive me.. there a lot of places to hid and pop up in the city and her burbs.

      We ( the city )could house 20 hunters and it would go unnoticed. Dead bodies? Get them all the time. Unusal events? Happens from time to time.

  23. Jordan says:

    I would absolutely give this a chance because i have seen plenty of good spin-offs( not including SGU). My only problem is that it sounds like someone was reading to much Dresden Files when they thought of the plot.

  24. summer says:

    I, personally would like a show more on the west coast. Mostly because it seems like the show is set around more of the mid-west and east coast. I can’t even begin to think of what the spin-off will be like, and eve though it is a supernatural spin-off I’m not just going to watch it for that reason. I hope that it has a good plot and story line as well as having the Winchesters and Castiel cross over into the show as well. But anyway I was hoping more for a west coast oriented show almost like Angel. Hopefully the spin-off will be as good as the Angle was from Buffy!

    • Drew says:

      If this show is anything like Angel, I will stop watching before the first commercial break. That show was promised as a darker, more mature, somewhat noirish series and we ended up with green dudes with lipstick and horns singing karaoke. It was horrible, and ruined the Cordelia character.

      I am obviously still bitter about that show. :)

      I’m kinda over California-based shows. LA’s gotten all the love since the dawn of television. I kinda like that shows are moving around more lately, even filming in other states. I could see a Supernatural spinoff working someplace like Portland or the like, but I think that Chicago isn’t too bad.

  25. Judy says:

    I know someone (maybe many someones) may get a bit pissed-but this sounds an awful lot like the Harry Dresden novels (granted, Harry is a wizard, not a hunter, but close enough for government work).

  26. Ann says:

    Honestly, the way the description is worded “…explore the clashing hunter and monster cultures…” makes this spinoff sound more like JC’s old project, “Being Human”, than SPN.

  27. Ann says:

    Honestly, the way the description is worded “…explore the clashing hunter and monster cultures…” makes this spinoff sound more like JC’s old project, “Being Human”, than SPN.
    Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing I have no idea. I think it’s way to early to tell.

  28. Gwen says:

    Not interested in a spin off. I watch for Sam and Dean and their relationship. The chemistry between Jared and Jensen is amazing and not likely to be replicated in any other show. Plus, I am not interested in the sound of this pilot episode, I want to watch Sam and Dean, not a bunch of secondary characters. The same thing happened in Criminal Minds when they aired the pilot of CM. Suspect Behaviour. It was horrendous. Hardly any of the CM team and so pretty much unwatchable.

  29. Joe says:

    I’m kind of excited… Supernatrual set in chicago? Great idea.. will they capture the feel of Supernatural? I’m pretty sure they will. Will it be the same? No.. it will share the same universe. . And lore but it has to stand on its own as it own thing. Besides Dean and Sam have enough going on in there fictional lives.. let some one else be on the bottom of the mountian looking up.

    I have one real problem with the show.. while its set in chicago.. it will suffer the same flaw as every Supernatural ep that was suppost to be chicago… they film in canada.. and they never get the artitechture or the views right. The only way you can see the Sears tower and down town from Oak park is by being on the el or metea tracks and facing Chicago.. and they are far off.. not looming over. For the shot to have worked.. they would have to be near down town.

    But its just a personal beef.

  30. Elly says:

    I don’t think that a spin off is a good idea. Supernatural is about two brothers fighting evil and the relationship between them. No one else could replace Jared and Jensen, if they won’t be main characters anymore, the show won’t be the same, it won’t be as good as it is now. So please reconsider the spin-off, it won’t work..

  31. Fran Meador says:

    Supernatural fans!!! It’s time to do your thing!!! We need to stop this ASAP!! A spinoff can only mean bad bad things for our wonderful show! The network knows the power of the Supernatural fans and they fear it! They know the lengths we will go to when it is threatened! This spinoff idea is nothing but the network looking for a way to make us take less so they can pay less. They have Jared and Jensen signed through 10. If we want them beyond that we are going to have to demand it! Accept no substitutes! The network is trying to water down the reaction Supernatural fans have to taking away our boys by offering us some B version of the show, thereby avoiding having to pay Jared and Jensen millions. For those of you under 40, there once was a show called The Dukes of Hazzard. I personally did not watch that particular show, but I do know it had very loyal fans. When the lead actors of DOH demanded the money they were entitled to, the network tried to substitute a couple of clones, thinking fans would accept them because they loved the show. Oh, no they di’int!!! Ratings dropped, the network paid up, and the rightful leads came back. Sadly, many fans had already tuned out in disgust and never returned and the show died. Don’t let this happen to Supernatural. I don’t know who they have in mind for a spinoff. I love Charlie. I love Garth. I love Castiel and Bobby and everyone else. But Supernatural is about the brothers. Make the network pay whatever it takes to keep them! Rest assured, if the network thinks we’ll settle for less, that is EXACTLY what we will get. And we’ll deserve it. KEEP OUR BOYS!! WHO’S WITH ME?!!!!!!

  32. claudi says:

    I love SPN series, mainly thanks to Sam and Dean – their fraternal relationship, so I doubt that the spin-off will be successful, I have the feeling it will be just another series. Jensen and Jared are great actors, and making this series so successful. The so called offshoot me with any serial tired. So no – thanks!

  33. dianna says:

    Set in Chicago, huh. Could it be about a wizard who is a PI named Dresden?

  34. Cami says:

    I would definitely watch the spin-off, but I think they need to wait until spn is over. They should have some familiar faces to so we aren’t just watching a new show, were watching the continuation of a loved TV show by getting some guest appearinsis by Jensen and jarid or eaves some from the after life.

  35. jason says:

    Half of you are too interested in stargate to care about supernatural. Many people complain that the show is getting old and the stories don’t seem to change much overall. A spinoff is a huge opportunity to tell different stories. Hopefully ones where people can’t just come back… I love supernatural and the spinoff should be fantastic. In my opinion it would be awesome if they just let sam finally die. For real. And not come back. And have the spinoff be about deans life after sam dies.

  36. denise says:

    Garth deserves the spin-off

  37. Rake Sanders says:

    I am in love the Chi, love Supernatural can’t wait.

  38. Lee says:

    Sorta makes me sick to see how many people have forgotten what the boys and their world is about. Cas is a fine addition but nothing beats the humor and relationship between the brothers. As far as spinoffs go, the ghostfacers (or hell hounds for those true fans who remember the original name) would be the obvious choice with a side plot involving all our departed heroes. This would give the boys an easy in easy out option for cameos on the new season. This being said, we don’t want to have J2 being split between both seasons as this will in fact crush both the original and the spinoff.

    • Nicole says:

      Lee totally agree!!! I think the writers have forgotten this as well. :) We need the brother’s and their relationship back, they can fight, they are brothers and brothers fight but, but now we are seeing Sam and Dean being pulled even further apart. I’m hoping that changes soon. :)

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