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NCIS Boss Opens Up About Cote de Pablo's Surprising Decision ('I Really Wasn't Planning for This'), Hints at 'Romantic' Exit Storyline

NCIS Season 11 Ziva LeavesAs caught off-guard as he was by Cote de Pablo‘s decision to walk away from NCIS after eight seasons as Ziva David, showrunner Gary Glasberg recognizes the seriousness of the situation and as such hopes he will do the character justice during her swan song.

On Monday night at CBS’ Television Critics Assoc. summer press tour party, Glasberg spoke with TVLine about the “very” surprising news, how he reacted to it and what “Tiva” fans can expect when Season 11 gets underway Sept. 24.

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TVLINE| How surprised were you by Cote’s decision?
I was very, very surprised. I think it was you that I told at some point, that I was “very confident” that this was going to work out. And I was very confident. This is not what I was planning on. As [CBS Corp. CEO Les] Moonves said earlier [Monday], everyone really wanted this to work. She’s a part of this family and a part of this team, and the efforts were being made by everyone.

TVLINE | Was it, like, a matter of Cote wanting to re-up for just one year versus multiple years…?
It wasn’t even the specifics. It was clear at the end of the day that this was her decision. And we have to respect it. Someone asked me if I was planning for this, but I really wasn’t, so basically the minute that this became real, I had to throw out a lot of what I was planning to do and start from scratch. But what came out of it is a really terrific [season-opening] two-parter that I think people are going to be really blown away by.

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TVLINE | You previously said that we would find out what Ziva and the others were up to during the four-month time jump. Will Ziva’s story now be different?
Basically, the Ziva story sort of intertwines with where we left Gibbs off at the end of the season, with the sniper rifle. That whole story arc unfolds through the first episode, and then Cote/Ziva plays very prominently in the second one. There’s a really significant Tony/Ziva payoff — everything I hope the Tiva fans have been waiting for.

TVLINE | Oh, but I can’t imagine it’s much better than heartbreak for those fans and for Tony.
It informs her in ways that I think the fans will enjoy. It gives us some insight into this decision that she’s going to make. It’s exciting. And it’s romantic.

TVLINE | Is Tony the first person she shares this “decision” with?
Oh yeah. Look, it’s a storyline that I took very, very seriously — I felt like I had to, for the fans. I recognize what this means to them, and I recognize what her absence is going to mean. Someone asked me what I plan beyond this, and I can’t replace her. I can’t even use the word “replacement” for Ziva and what she means to this team. The only thing I can try and do down the road is come up with another character who feels organic and fills a void of some kind.

TVLINE | Because at the end of the day, Gibbs’ team will be down a man.
Exactly. That desk, at the end of the day, is going to be empty.

TVLINE | So, what are we talking as far as the timeframe for filling that void? November sweeps? February…?
It’s going to be a little while, and I really don’t know who that character is yet. But that’s something we’re talking about right now.

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  1. Kibbles says:

    First off, I fail to see WHY the show has to bring in another agent for the team… How about we let the chemistry between the remaining characters settle back into place… since the albatross of Tiva will be gone. Maybe now, we can get back to some real character development and actual chemistry.

    Second… doesn’t this whole “romantic” departure tease just fly in the face of the overwhelming insistence that Tony and Ziva were “just friends” in the season 11 finale? There was a whole five-minute long exchange in the woods outside Gibbs’ cabin that worked hard to drive that point home. Uh… I know NCIS has a problem following it’s own canon, but really… talk about a short memory.

    And, Gary hopes to make the Tiva fans happy…. you mean, that virulently vocal segment of the fandom that’s been spewing venom at everyone (other fans and people involved in the show alike) since Cote’s announcement went public? Those people? WHY?! Why would you want to reward that kind of behavior?!

    You’re never going to make them happy. They’ve consistently griped about every single episode that didn’t have a Tiva “moment,” or a big enough Tiva “moment” for them. You will NEVER make them happy until the show become all about Tiva and nothing else: them getting married, having babies, fighting crime with a kid on each arm…. for that segment of the fandom the rest of the show doesn’t seem to matter. For that segment of the fandom, even Tony rarely seems to matter. I’ve never seen ship fans who really only like one half of their professed pairing the way Tiva fans do. It’s got to be all Princess Ziva all the time for them, or nothing is good enough.

    Can we PLEASE get over this Tiva thing and let it die like it should have done at the end of season 6?! Tiva was dead and buried the instant Ziva shoved a loaded weapon in Tony’s chest and intimated he should have been the one who died. There is NO romance after that. To suggest otherwise is delusional and disturbing.

    • Nancy Fleming says:

      Are you stupid or just ignorant? The entire cast makes the show work…..like a wheel….remove a spoke and the wheel dosen’t work as well. The powers that be are on the wrong side of the camera.

    • Beth says:

      you need someone for Tony to Lord over and a new agent is the only use for him . He can’t Lord over McGee as McGee is so far above him in intelligence and case solving / I would like to see McGee take muscle lesson and knock Tony on his ass just once
      . My opinion is she)Ziva) was tired of being subservient to some pip squeak. Yes I like Tony and he has his place . But be honest how many cases has Tony actually solves without several head slaps from Gibbs. How many head slaps does he get for wasting time and effort .
      Taking credit for others work , and really is the epitome of work place abuse of those with less seniority by getting into their record and posting info on line
      I know Gibbs thought Tony would replace him someday , but we have been there and done that and the show would not have made it if Gibbs had not returned .
      Yes Tony has his place but his Narcissistic Personally Disorder gets old and stale . he is the epitome of the Gov scandals we have going on in real life today
      . Remember the Paris Trip.
      and the delayed flight that got a sky marshal killed and the lady they were bring home almost killed . the Death of Director Sheppard. while he play around in La , does anyone remember a couple of more agent he dropped the ball on. Tony is always sucking up to someone trying to be important . Tony is always looking for ways to cheat on his job.

  2. Bellz says:

    There were only 3 agents in the beginning…Gibbs, Tony & Kate. I too feel they can go on for awhile with just Gibbs, Tony & McGee as the agents. The wheels will still go round. I was hoping Dorneget might come in for just a few episodes as well. Season 12 can be early enough to find a replacement. Hopefully one that won’t bring out any sort of ‘love interest’ between any of the characters. I think it would be funny, albeit for just a short time if Diane Sterling came on board. We need to keep up the jocularity.

  3. Joanna says:

    I have been watching ncis from the very beginning. It really does bum me out that ziva is leaving. I have been waiting a long time for tony and ziva to get together. I say just make everyone happy by finally putting them together for us tiva fans then totally taking her out for people who are not tiva fans. speaking as a tiva fan its not totally fair to end without allowing us to see them together atleast once. i really loved kate and i got over that in fact i like her in rizzoli and isle. we will get over Ziva as well. Maybe let the people vote on who u replace her with.

  4. Dwight says:

    If Ziva is leaving because the producer won’t give her a raise, a big one, he is as stupid as anyone could possibly be. The main dude and the women are the real draws to the show. Seriously!! She is integral to the chemistry of this series. Paulie has been the only other women of real interest to the show since season 1.

    • Bellz says:

      The producer does not pay the actors any money…CBS does. They offered her plenty of money – over 4 million for the season and Cote said no. She herself chose to leave.

  5. Beth says:

    If they make it a Tony/Ziva attraction it will ruin this show. To me the show will not let anyone grow because Tony has to always be the SENIOR AGENT . I would like to see Ziva go with maybe a CIRAY. rather than a sickening affair. Tony is to much of a Narcissist to really have anyone be “In Love ” with him .I would like to buy Tony for what he is worth and sell hem for what he thinks he worth.
    He is not the brightest kid on the block, nor is he the “Hunk” type . nor is he handsome
    and someday Gibbs is going to have to realize that Tony will never be the agent Gibbs is and will never be able to be a team leader
    Yes Tony has his place but a case solver, a life saver, A” I on your 6 person “. Not a Ziva or a McGee who both have their specialties. Tony is the guy who “wasteful spending .the party on gov time. fits to a T . To me Gibbs acts as if Tony is the Jr that will never meet the challenge but you have to care about him anyhow if for nothing else to head slap. I have never thought these were love pops .

  6. Dan N. says:

    Cote dePablo is an extremely talented actress, and yes I’m sure she will succeed in life in anything she puts her mind to. That said, I am NOT sad that she will soon be leaving NCIS. Her character, Ziva David, has turned out to be a pushy broad who is only too happy to push the guys around because she CAN. Yes, Cote is beautiful, but Ziva is repulsive.

  7. Julia says:

    I’d say bring Jessica Steen back as Cassidy (I’d rather hoped she was going to be the Kate replacement years ago, before Ziva came) but since SOMEONE was shortsighted enough to kill off a viable character played by an excellent actress I really don’t have any other suggestions.

  8. G3NK5T42 says:

    Some of you are so pathetic! Caring about Ziva and Tony, as if they are actually real people! It’s a damn show, watch it as it comes and enjoy, but stop making it into a reality… In the end it’s all about money. If tomorrow Mark Harmon gets an offer for a lot more money to do another project, he’ll dump Gibbs and NCIS like yesterday’s trash! The only people actually invested in these characters are some of you pathetic loser living in your own little imagined Hollyworld! Once Cote leaves, you all will forget about her like a bad case of amnesia. Kate was a great character everyone loved, and she wanted to move on to RosolI & Isle, so they put a bullet in her head, and all of you cried as if your mother died! Then they wrote in Ziva, made her part of the team, even though no one really liked her at first being Mossad, and Ari’s half sister. But as soon as she got a lead role, you all fell in love and started creating terms like “Tiva” and then it was like Kate who? So after the season opener, she will be replaced by some other hot broad who probably auditioned on her knees, and before you know it all of you who are crying about Ziva right will be smitten by the new character, since you’re all about as loyal to these characters as your spouse is to you, because while you’re off in your imaginative Hollyworld, discussing this show and the characters as if it was real life, your spouse is actually banging someone else in real life, because the thought of someone as pathetic as you makes them sick to their stomachs!
    And don’t even try to respond back at my comment, trying to turn this on me for being on this site, commenting this article, because I do really like NCIS, but I also know it’s a damn show, nothing more, nothing less! No matter how good it is, when something better comes up and more money can be made, it will be canceled, like all the other great shows that met that fate! And all those made up characters you perceive to be actually real, will fade away and out of everyone’s minds, replaced my new characters and a new show!

    • Bellz says:

      You are really rude and offensive to insinuate that any new female looking for a role would be on their knees to earn it. And females are not broads thank you very much. You must be a male. Mark Harmon would not leave NCIS if offered more money for another show, he is producer of NCIS as well as playing Gibbs. He earns $700,000 per episode..or there at. Sasha did not leave to go to Rizzoli and Isles, she left because she wanted to have a baby and NCIS’s long-day would of been too much for her. Rizzoli and Isles only started about 4 seasons ago. She did Army Wives before that.

  9. Dot says:

    After watching last nights re- run, I’m inclined to suggest they bring on Agent Sterling…Gibb’s ex. THAT could be very entertaining!

  10. Morgan Anderson says:

    Cote maybe come back it their season 12 hopefully season 11 will come out good with out maybe some tiva out there and also hopefully she was a lot of recruiting episode in the season 11

  11. Denice Sanders says:

    I really have enjoyed the chemistry between the characters of Tony and Ziva and I will miss her part of this program very much. I have to say that I have been bummed about how things have transpired, but I respect Cote’s decision to leave NCIS and I wish her well. I am hopeful that CBS’s writers, the producers, etc… who make the programming choices don’t leave Tony as a Jr. Gibb’s character who is following brunette woman all over D.C. marrying and divorcing and pining for his unrequited love… Ziva.
    Now, having said all of this, are you people all for real? You do understand that Tony and Ziva are fictional characters on a television program, don’t you? Ya’ll talk like they are members of your inner circle and you know them personally. Some of you hate her and others hate him and some of you love them both or hate them both. Wow, I am amazed at how badly some folks need to get a life of their very own.
    Honestly, you have to be aware that all of this is Tim’s fault and perhaps Abby. They are tired of being left behind as the weaker, and less attractive quasi characters on NCIS. After years of whining and complaining, they finally fooled Ziva into ending her run as an NCIS agent, breaking Tony’s heart and giving a story line to McGee and Abby who have run off together with the nun’s that Abby bowls with, to place first in the NCIS Bowling Tournament and Chili Cook Off.

  12. johanna haussler says:

    NCIS is my fav show, ive been watching NCIS from the very start. I admit when Cotes character first came on in season 3, It took me a few seasons to warm up to her character. So now when I heard the news, Im like I hope Ziva doesnt die, im glad the writers wont kill her off. Anyways I just want to say to Cote, good luck in the future, you will be missed and we all hope that you will guest star in future episodes soon.

  13. charlotte says:

    i love Abby she is the best amazing smart and beautiful , such a cool person as long as Gibbs and Abby stay on Ncis il be happy :)

    • Tony says:

      I think Gabrilla Anwar from Burn Notice on USA woul be a good replacement to Ziva, Burn Notice is in final season and she will be looking for a job

      • Dan N. says:

        The beautiful Gabrielle Anwar, who is now finishing up her “Burn Notice” career, would indeed be a good replacement for Ziva. But be careful what you wish for. Cote dePablo is only 33 yrs. old, while Gabrielle is 43, ten years older than the departing Ziva.

  14. Jean says:

    Looking though I find I agree with Paul, Gretta, Bellz and Dennis Hill among others. As far as Gibbs leaving being the beginning and end of the show. Other shows have lost major actors after ten plus years and survived why not this one. Tony could be in charge with his faithful side kick and maybe we could have two female agents of the same age instead of one alone. I find I am not sure if I will watch season eleven even to wish Ziva goodbye. I prefer to remember Ziva as she was without all the sudden happenings. I appreciate what Gary Glasberge did for this character and Cote de Pablo. Her departure leaves a big hole in the show for us but that does not mean I wish the show ill. As for Mis de Pablo I wish her health and happiness. Most of us find it hard to juggle home and work. I guess for some things just come to a head. I hope It is worth it darling.

  15. Cat says:

    Honestly, I could care less that she is leaving. I’ve never liked Ziva. I liked Kate so much better!

  16. Jean says:

    She bored me to tears. I bet Ziva had a better world wide appeal. I am from the UK.

  17. Mike says:

    I was sad to hear CdP is leaving until I read these comments. Lol, you people arguing about fictional characters, really? Sad. I am almost ashamed to call myself a fan of the show.

  18. Keydazy says:

    Ziva’s leaving has got me excited for NCIS again. I’m definitely going to watch the first few episodes of the new season to see what it’s like without her. Maybe Tony and Abby can be friends again?

    – My only concern is that they’ll compensate for the lack of Tiva by throwing McAbby at us heavy.

    • Tony the Tiger says:

      Since when has Tony and Abby ever been mad? This show is a team spelled Family. Abby always worried about the team. No one was ever mad at anybody except when Ziva was mad when Tony killed her boyfriend and was later resolved.I watch NCIS over and over again.I watch every maraton. If you do not know the show please do not knock down anyone of the team.

      • Bellz says:

        You are right Tony The Tiger, Tony and Abby have always been friends, as all the team have been.

        Ziva was part of that family too, like her not.

  19. Maryann says:

    I guess I am one of the few people with this opinion. I really like Ziva, and will really miss her, and I really wish Tony was the one going. I can’t stand his juvenile behavior, and I think she is way too good for him. It would be really great to see her character develop without Tony dragging her down, and to have her on the show tied to a recurring character who would be a much better romantic interest for her. That said, it is refreshing that showrunners today listen to the fans who have strong feelings about such things. I would rather be outvoted than have showrunners oblivious to the fans’ wishes.

    (Disclaimer: I really like Michael Weatherly the actor and liked his interplay with the star of Dark Angel, back when he was second lead on that show. It’s just Tony that I can’t stand.)

  20. Bellz says:

    An update to whats going to happen.Gary Glasberg has said to give structure to Ziva’s send-off, Tony tries to bring her back to the team. Some characters may not get a final bit of face time. He wanted to have as many moments as he could fit in (episodes run for 43 minutes without adds), but his main concern was for Tony and Ziva to have the time they deserved. This is something that’s going to linger with Tony. Picket Fences vet Costas Mandylor will play a key role in the two-part premiere, as a businessman dedicated to fighting terrorism. So I think Ziva goes off to work with him.

  21. Liz says:

    She’s a part of the family and part of the team, but not important enough for tight-wad Les Mounves to pay more money.

    • Bellz says:

      It wasn’t just about the money Liz. As it has been said here and elsewhere it was also about her real family, her fiance’ Dieago, and time for herself. Les Mounves offered her more money but not as much as Michael Weatherly. She also wanted a 1 year contract with less episodes about Ziva. If you read interviews and things that Cote has said it was HER decision to leave for a lot of reasons to not do NCIS anymore.

  22. basketpam says:

    I don’t think the characters of Tony and Ziva could EVER, in ANY reality in this universe make a relationship between the two of them work in the long term. They’d end up killing each other. Both have characteristics that the other despises. Oh there’s a sexual tension between the two of them, there’s no doubt about that and I imagine this coming season that temptation which they’ve both avoided up until now will finally happen. But if you think about it, there is FAR too much about the other character that drives each of them NUTS. Do you people HONESTLY think Ziva could stand 24 hours a day Tony being Tony with all of his stupid immature, childish, egotistical, self-absorbed actions? I’m sure they will sleep together and part of the plot will be keeping it from Gibbs, McGee and Abbey. But I can’t see either one of them being the giggly, silly, little school-girl types that often happen in an office romance. Trust me, they will NOT end up married or any other silly situation. And no, they do NOT live together in a secret story-line off screen. It would serve no purpose as it contributes nothing to the show. I think the woman who started that entire conversation is getting WAY too caught up in this fictional world called NCIS. Doing things like this is NOT how Hollywood operates except possibly in daytime soap operas. In those shows NOTHING is off limits including alien abduction, baby swapping, reincarnation and any other bizarre plot you can imagine. After being on this earth 52 years and seeing all the WILD plots soap operas have used during their haydays, I can believe anything on those shows, but NOT NCIS. Actually, I would have thought Leo would have left since his wife was killed. I’m surprised he wasn’t replace. I’d like to see Lt. Col Mann come back Into Gibb’s world. I REALLY liked her and was sorry to see her go. She was the woman closest to his wife that was killed. She wasn’t the “play girl” type he’s married since Shannon’s death. I couldn’t STAND two women chasing him, Samantha Ryan (Jamie Lee Curtis) or the lawyer, Ms. Alison Hart. Both of those characters just drove me crazy, I wanted to just reach in the TV and smack them one with a good ol’ Gibbs regular. I wonder if Gibbs WILL ever end up with someone when the series ends? Interesting thought!

  23. jane says:

    I am still very! very! sad that ziva is leaving, i am going to miss her so much. i love to see her and tony together. this is my number one show,and ziva is my number one,in the show.without her, it`s not going to be the same. i hope that she will come back soon,very!very! soon.
    jane m.

  24. I’m just astounded by how much hate is being shown here. I love NCIS…but, in the end, it’s A TV SHOW!!!!! The fact that some sad people are sending hate mail to the actors who said they’d stay with the show is PATHETIC. (poor Pauly..you should be ashamed of yourselves!!!) Just because you have no life and live vicariously through the actors does NOT mean you get to treat them like crap when your little fantasy doesn’t happen.

    It’s like watching angry 5 year olds.

    If you’re only reason for watching was to get your Ziva fix (I get it….men like her because she’s hot and women fantasize they are her)…then you aren’t a fan of the show!!

  25. bill says:

    I like the show as much as anyone. But people, try to remember, it’s ONLY a TV show.

  26. jimw says:

    I think it would really be a ‘tear jerker’ for her to die in his arms. If the whole crew pledged to find her murderer, the thought of her would remain and give them new purpose and direction.

  27. David says:

    I hate seeing Ziva go, but I think a great new ‘re-addition’ to the team would be Catherine Bell (Mac from JAG)(also on ‘Army Wives’). First of all (on JAG), Mac is a Marine. JAG is where NCIS spun off from. Plus, she is beautiful and exotic and has the greatest facial expressions of any actress. I think she would be a great addition to the team and also a love interest building for Gibbs (which could lead to some very intense story lines).

  28. Carol says:

    Gutted to hear Cote has quit. Thinks NCIS will not be the same without her. Ah well! We will still watch and I am sure grow to love the new character bought in.

  29. Theuresa Maven says:

    For those of you who never experienced the “original flavor” NCIS, and do not understand why some of the posters prefer the first two years of the show than the dreck that is being shown now, USA is showing an NCIS Labor Day marathon today, at 8 a.m. New York time, beginning with the Sasha Alexander (Risolli and Isles) episodes, which were a little more adult. To the young lady who said why are you still watching — you’re right — I recorded last season’s episodes but have not watched any of them, and to answer your question — I watch the show primarily for Mark Harmon, and oh yeah, the plot.

    • Bellz says:

      Drek? NCIS has evolved into better and bigger everything over the last 10 years. Kate was a wuzz compared to Ziva. I still liked Kate but found her too girlie. If you haven’t been following along with the characters over the past 10 years then you will have missed who they are now. No show stays the same after 10 years. NCIS got to 22 million viewers for who they all are as a whole team. It has taken every actor to make NCIS what it is.

      • Theuresa Maven says:

        Belize: Dreck is Yiddish for rubbish.

      • Theuresa Maven says:

        Oops, sorry for getting your name wrong Bellz, but if you read what I wrote correctly, I clearly stated that I saw every season, with the exception of most of last year, which means that I watched nearly nine out of ten years, and the plots went way down since Bellasario was made to leave the show that he started, and dreck began being produced. And while we’re at it, when is the show going to stop using those tired movie sets when they are supposed to be in D.C.?

  30. Theuresa Maven says:

    Note to CdP: Remember that it took David Caruso nearly 13 years after be left NYPD Blue before he got another television role. Just because someone came onto one’s television set for free, does not mean that one would be willing to pay to see you in the movies.

  31. Ronald Ivy says:

    I think that it stinks that Les could let her leave the show. Something is wrong here. The money that she has made this show and Les could not make something happen. They will not find a replacement for this lady. She is the best that they have had. Sorry to see you go Ziva. We will miss you a big bunch.

  32. Millie Taksler says:

    I watch the shows over and over – Please Ziva – it will not be the same without you!!!! Don’t kill her off – hopefully she will return in time. It’s like losing a family member. I knowits fictional, but I hope I continue to watch it.

  33. Kafir The Infidel says:

    Ziva gets a Gibbs-like job with the Mossad.
    She and Tony never get together as they know that going over that line will ruin a good relationship.
    The show will be existentially different without Cote.
    I wonder if she worries about being ‘type-cast’?
    How many more seasons can NCIS persist without going flat?

  34. Sande says:

    I’ve been watching NCIS almost since it started…It’s really a bummer that Cote didn’t get the raise she wanted and,has to walk away…She is definately my favorite character…Once they lose her,I don’t want to watch the show anymore…Shalom Ziva…!!!

    • Tony the Tiger says:


  35. beth says:


  36. Rose Ewald says:

    Clearly, it’s just another case of antisemitism. I think she can easily continue her career representing someone less controversial.

  37. jl jones says:

    glassberg, you and moonves, are both mf-ng lying pos’s , you disrespected de pablo,
    by making her the lowest paid cast ember, and then you turn around and state you
    offered her “tons of money”, what you didn’t tell the public, and this has been confirmed
    that the entire cast got an additional raise, WHILE SHE DIDN’T, you people have no
    respect for anyone except, your ethnic black hearts, you can sugar coat this anyway
    you want to, you can also geet one o your flunkies to remove, but it doesn’t change what
    you are

  38. mick says:

    i would rather see tony back with his first love

  39. frank says:

    I strongly think this will cause a few problems for the ratings of the show because we as the viewers have been accustomed to seeing these characters every week for the last 8 seasons it will be hard not to see Ziva on the show anymore.? Its not just one character that we will miss but the endless possibilities that could have been (for us as loyal fans) this will be difficult but then again as human nature teaches us “We don’t accept change very well but it is inevitable never the less”. I personally will not stop watching the show but I must admit I am a person that strongly believes in ” If it not broken don’t try to fix it”. But on the other hand One must also honor Ms. De Pablo’s decision! I for one wish her the best life has to offer in her future!!!!! If she is to return she would be EXTREMELY WELCOME !!!!! (in my book just like when you see a family member you have not seen in a longtime). I know everyone involve with this project has their hands full but we have faith in your abilities going forward!!!!!

  40. Anton J Fury says:

    Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) is NCIS

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  42. sid camehl says:

    i dont care if ziva and toy get together the show is not the same without ziva i would like to see her come back

  43. vanboy says:

    Samir Qamar pimps MedLion Direct Essential Care as an close all solution for $59 a month.. Which is then followed up by an astute remark from Larry Canes that asks the $59 a month is also about to cover an extremely sick patient, with co-morbidity difficulties, just like a diabetic paraplegic with stage four prostate cancer Appropriate? This just illustrates the complex character of healtcare and that there is not any one-size fits all, respond to. Individuals peddling a short mini-health program, related for the MedLion approach are called, Pre-paid Suscription Well being Plans. They can be not extensive well being plans. They offer services that can be provided at their facility level and do not offer specialty treatment or hospitalization. You have to order a supplemental strategy (if obtainable). If healthcare were a $59 a month solution, Medicare would not be owning any troubles at all. As for just a Nationwide roll from one thing like MedLion, it contains a location nonetheless it will should be honnest in its marketing and advertising that it is a minimal services approach. Several people today would obtain a limited plan that really don’t come to feel they use a doctor that substantially, or they can be young and impervious to at any time definitely remaining sick past a basic medical maladie like pink-eye, flu shots, smaller stitch and sew incidents, and common colds. Inside the healtcare company this can be merely a compact phase up from your nurse operate clinics at CVS, Walgrens, or Walmart that will refer you to a doctor once the incident calls for it. Healthcare like any other business is mostly You will get What you Pay FOR. The issue is a large amount of us would really like it totally free. But even cost-free healthcare has to generally be paid by somebody or for people looking for it absolutely free, by somebody other than themselves. You can see how quicly this can become polarized devoid of a real solution. Even so, we’re in a time in location in our culture that calls for much better imagining and needs to generally be a lot more constructive in finding a solution other then my political social gathering is appropriate and your politcal celebration just wants unhealthy folks to die. At that level it has regressed into idiot thinking and serves no a person. Will we basically find a way to at any time get beyond a one-party solution fits all? I certainly hope so, although it does not appear a lot of a possibility but.

  44. Reuben says:

    I love Ziva however I really hate Tiva. I liked it better when they were always fighting to be honest.
    Just my opinion.

  45. Thanks for finally writing about >NCIS Season 11 – Ziva Exit Storyline – Cote de Pablo Leaving Show | TVLine
    <Loved it!

  46. Zi va is unreplaceable. The new girl you have is awful, she tries to act like Cote did, but that comes across as fake. Of course with her married their is not the sweetness between her and tony ( she is very harsh and brass) the repore tony and Ziva had was the core of the show. I will not be watching NCIS as long as that fake girl is on.

  47. randall1022 says:

    I hope that Ziva will be back some during season 12. Although, I do like her replacement. She has done a great job.

  48. foto bugil says:

    Nice respond in return of this question with real arguments and explaining
    all on the topic of that.

  49. Bev says:


  50. Julia says:

    I really miss Cote I hope/pray she will decide to come back to NCIS to me this is one of the best show on T.V. I’m always watching the previews with her in them or the other one That plays Kateln. The cast players are great,but I just can’t get into the other one who took Zeva place and this is kind of scarey for me because I have never been like this for any show I have watched on T.V.
    The girl that took Zeva’s place is good and I would never knock her down.shes good also,but (Cote) Zeva brought excitement to the show.
    I wish her the best of luck in the future for what ever she does

  51. John says:

    Michael is married and has a couple of kids. And no he isn’t with Cote.

  52. What are you talking about? He’s MARRIED and not to her. She’s engaged, and not to him. THIS is one of the reasons the character needs to die so de Pablo will be gone, permanently. This sort of rumor can be horribly destructive, to both of them.

  53. Joy McQueen says:

    they don’t live togather

  54. FD says:

    Michael Weatherly is married to a physician and has 2 children.

  55. ArcticT says:

    I truly hope you’re joking and not that delusional.

  56. tiva makes me puke says:

    oh yippee….another delusional MOTE shipper

  57. Duckie says:

    For those getting all antsy about Michael and Cote not living together, I think Barbara meant Tony and Ziva. They hardly every show their homes/apartments. So, I don’t know. Do Tony and Ziva live together (as roomies?).

    I think that’s the whole idea of Mikaylah’s comment (above Barbara’s) — even with Cote gone, the other characters can make references to her as if she is still “there,” just not working with them anymore. She and Tony can have a relationship off-screen. It’s sort of like how we never see Howard’s mom or we never saw Carlton the doorman on Rhoda or Niles’ wife Maris on Frasier. The characters were there even if the actors weren’t.

  58. John says:

    Now that would blow the shippers minds! LOL

    Could be, Tim has an entire life off-work so why not those two?

  59. not trying to help says:

    Wait – married to a physician!?!? I thought they broke up when she found out he was just working her toget to her arms dealing father….

  60. Um… I was talking about the characters. As in, have Tony and Ziva have a relationship privately, but we wouldn’t necessarily see it onscreen or at work. Not sure how that was confused.

  61. Charlotte says:

    Not uh

  62. Patty Smmeltzer says:

    Don’t know where that came from, but I don’t believe they do live together. Michael Weatherly was on a talk show recently. He is married, living with his wife and I believe has one child.

  63. basketpam says:

    Gee, I imagine this is quite a surprise to Michael Weatherly’s wife who is expecting their SECOND child this fall, and his child he his with this wife not to mention the son with his first wife. Before you spout out some stupid comment like that again, make sure you KNOW what you’re talking about. The truth is just far too easy to find out today.

  64. susan lauber says:

    I thought he was married? Did they start seeing each other after she started the show? I hate seeing her go but glad they don’t kill her off like they did all the other women. Why is it she left the show, I didn’t get that far as of yet.

  65. doonesb says:

    Please…please don’t put the egotistical, self centered arrogant tony with Ziva. I know I am a minority with this comment, but, she would deserves SO MUCH better than the character tony…