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NCIS Boss Opens Up About Cote de Pablo's Surprising Decision ('I Really Wasn't Planning for This'), Hints at 'Romantic' Exit Storyline

NCIS Season 11 Ziva LeavesAs caught off-guard as he was by Cote de Pablo‘s decision to walk away from NCIS after eight seasons as Ziva David, showrunner Gary Glasberg recognizes the seriousness of the situation and as such hopes he will do the character justice during her swan song.

On Monday night at CBS’ Television Critics Assoc. summer press tour party, Glasberg spoke with TVLine about the “very” surprising news, how he reacted to it and what “Tiva” fans can expect when Season 11 gets underway Sept. 24.

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TVLINE| How surprised were you by Cote’s decision?
I was very, very surprised. I think it was you that I told at some point, that I was “very confident” that this was going to work out. And I was very confident. This is not what I was planning on. As [CBS Corp. CEO Les] Moonves said earlier [Monday], everyone really wanted this to work. She’s a part of this family and a part of this team, and the efforts were being made by everyone.

TVLINE | Was it, like, a matter of Cote wanting to re-up for just one year versus multiple years…?
It wasn’t even the specifics. It was clear at the end of the day that this was her decision. And we have to respect it. Someone asked me if I was planning for this, but I really wasn’t, so basically the minute that this became real, I had to throw out a lot of what I was planning to do and start from scratch. But what came out of it is a really terrific [season-opening] two-parter that I think people are going to be really blown away by.

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TVLINE | You previously said that we would find out what Ziva and the others were up to during the four-month time jump. Will Ziva’s story now be different?
Basically, the Ziva story sort of intertwines with where we left Gibbs off at the end of the season, with the sniper rifle. That whole story arc unfolds through the first episode, and then Cote/Ziva plays very prominently in the second one. There’s a really significant Tony/Ziva payoff — everything I hope the Tiva fans have been waiting for.

TVLINE | Oh, but I can’t imagine it’s much better than heartbreak for those fans and for Tony.
It informs her in ways that I think the fans will enjoy. It gives us some insight into this decision that she’s going to make. It’s exciting. And it’s romantic.

TVLINE | Is Tony the first person she shares this “decision” with?
Oh yeah. Look, it’s a storyline that I took very, very seriously — I felt like I had to, for the fans. I recognize what this means to them, and I recognize what her absence is going to mean. Someone asked me what I plan beyond this, and I can’t replace her. I can’t even use the word “replacement” for Ziva and what she means to this team. The only thing I can try and do down the road is come up with another character who feels organic and fills a void of some kind.

TVLINE | Because at the end of the day, Gibbs’ team will be down a man.
Exactly. That desk, at the end of the day, is going to be empty.

TVLINE | So, what are we talking as far as the timeframe for filling that void? November sweeps? February…?
It’s going to be a little while, and I really don’t know who that character is yet. But that’s something we’re talking about right now.

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  1. DonInFremont says:

    RELATED | NCIS: Read the First Details on Ziva’s ‘Emotional’ Exit
    the above link is busted, if anyone cares….

  2. E Kellogg says:

    I have loved Ziva on NCIS and I will miss having her on the show. She will be a big loss to the show. It really is too bad that what ever the problem was that they could not work them out so she could stay. I hope to see Cota De Pablo on another show soon she is a great Actress. Good luck to you

    • Dee Smith says:

      I looked at a lot of commens about Cota leaving and she will be missed by many people that love to watch NCIS. It may not be money but something else that is more important to her. Wish her all the luck.

  3. amorebondade says:

    This new development MAY keep me to tune in LIVE. It is indeed a bittersweet scenario. It had to take for one the actors to leave to get TIVA. I am waiting and others are too, to see how this pans out – even the millions of people who will never read this article, and be able to post – because we have been toyed with for too long. I hope it’s satisfying and written beautifully. I also hope it’s not a one night stand, but a great love story.

    For all the antis out there, can you kindly tell me a show in which none of the leads got together? Whether you like it or not, that’s just TV for you. Two major characters in a show will eventually get together. NCIS is not driven by the crime s/ls, but by characters. Why do you think of a lot people watch? To see who killed a Navy Officer? No. They watch, because they want to witness the interactions amongst the characters, and the s/ls they will get, and how it affects the team. Do u think NCIS highest rating episodes were about the cases? No. You need to start accepting the truth that TIVA is one of the many reasons, albeit important, why many people love to watch this show.

    I am all for TIVA, and will have faith in the writers to continue to write this lovely story for these two dynamic characters, even if one won’t be on all the time. They are also leaving the story open – by not killing the character,Ziva – so that Cote De Pablo can return one day if she so desires; and I have a feeling she will. It would be foolish of them to kill her. The backlash they would receive if such a thing was done would not be from only TIVA fans, but from A LOT of female viewers. Yes, NCIS know they have a track record when it comes to women.

    The show is going into it’s 11th season, and probably will only go for only two or three more seasons. It’s about time Ziva and Tony got together. A great writer will know how to handle the semantics of it all.

    Another note, please do not disrespect fans who support this pairing by referring to them as crazies; very disrespectful. Respect should be given even though your opinions do not align with others. Displaying a lack of respect, shows what little class you possess.

    TIVA all the way, baby!!!!

    • Amanda says:

      This◘ says it perfectly ! But I am a Tiva fan and admittedly fanatical crazy about it.

    • Angela says:

      can you kindly tell me a show in which none of the leads got together?
      As someone noted on the first page, “Criminal Minds”.

    • Melora says:

      You are living a fantasy world. I feel sorry for you. First not every male/female character has gotten together. And second it has DESTROYED shows when it happens. The majority of the time it is NEVER done right and TV Show writers make a big mistake when pandering to fair weather fans like you. You say you want strong female characters but yet you always demand them romanticized which ends up dumbing them down into stereotypes.

    • Melora says:

      If you guys respected the ENTIRE show you would not be considered crazy

  4. CA says:

    After reading this interview it is very clear to me that Mr. Glasberg is not the right person to run this show. He has absolutely zero love for NCIS, it’s wonderful cast of characters (except the character who is leaving) and doesn’t care about the fan base as a whole.
    Catering to a pack of loonies who have have been screaming and promising to leave the show as soon as Ziva does is a really bad plan. What about those of us who are excited for this new season? He should be just as excited. It’s a new beginning, a chance to start from scratch, take something old and make it new and fresh again.
    Instead, we are being promised more of the same crap. The show needs someone at the top who actual enjoys his/her job. Not some droopy dog who is bemoaning the end because ONE actor out of eight chose to quit.
    Instead of kissing the rear ends of a loud, obnoxious, nasty few fans who won’t even be around for November sweeps, how about writing the show for the millions and millions of us who have been around since day one? Who stuck with you guys even when the show went in a direction that they didn’t enjoy? The fans who will stick it out until the end?
    If Gary can’t think about ALL the fans, it may be time to roll in some new blood.

    • Bellz says:

      He and the writers are the ones who gave us this wonderful group of characters. They do what they can for both sides of the fence. I feel you are being insulting to Gary. He isn’t bemoaning anything. Writing out a main character is very daunting at a short notice when you have had other plans. Just because things aren’t written to your way of thinking doesn’t mean he isn’t thinking of NCIS as a whole. You can never please anyone. I don’t want Tiva either but it is a small part of the show.

  5. Anna says:

    It would be interesting if he put a lesbian character in the Gibbs team, if would provide a different interaction between Tony and this new character more like buddies friendship than a romantic friendship. And of course with the rest of the team, with Abbie would be funny too lol

    • Bellz says:

      I would prefer it was just the 3 guys again for awhile. It started out that way in the beginning and they did fine.There is no hurry to add in another character this season.

      • Stacey says:

        Kate was on the team from DAY ONE, or the end of the first episode. So no it was never only guys. And I do think they will miss having a female. Having a all male team is fine for a little while. But it might be little much after awhile. So I think my November they will be auditioning new team members for the fourth desk.

      • bill says:

        I agree. Just a three man team, with occasional help from other NCIS agents.

  6. Bellz says:

    I prefer the crime stories myself. I have never been a Tiva fan, but one has to consider their feelings too. I see nothing wrong with one big final goodby kiss. After that we will be left with no Tiva anyway. I look forward to all episodes of season 11. Keep up the good work guys.

  7. Michele says:

    I am a huge Tiva fan. However I am withholding my decision re: continued watching not based on CdP exit but on how the show unfolds in the first few episodes after her departure.

    I do hope her exit was really her free decision, although I do worry based on the recent issues with Criminal Minds female cast.

    And please do not hold the unfair actions of CdP/ Tiva fans against CdP or all shippers – I imagine having fans may be like having clients in that you can not always control them and you don’t always agree with them.

    At least Abby is not going anywhere (she is, by far, the most original character on network television).

  8. CdPfan says:

    NCIS is likely to struggle w/o Ms. de Pablo; many fans are upset by her departure and CBS knows this all too well. It will be very difficult for them to create an effective personality to join the team, and they will never manage anything nearly as fantastic and intriguing as the character of Ziva. Additionally, Ms. de Pablo will be a very hard act to follow; she’s done a wonderful job for eight years.

    But if Mr. Glasberg doesn’t deliver on his hype for the Tony and Ziva relationship this time around, it’s likely he’ll achieve more harm than good which will inflict further damage to NCIS. I do hope he knows what he’s doing.

  9. TVDIVA says:

    There is no way the showrunners were “caught off guard”. Cote de Pablo did not sign on the dotted line for months, so they should have had a plan B in place. I respect her decision to leave after eight years and go onto to do other things. Just like when Sasha Alexander made the decision to leave to leave after two seasons and that brought in Cote, someone else will come in and add a fresh new dynamic to the show. I wish both Cote and NCIS the best in the coming season. Both will be just fine.

    • Stacey says:

      I believe they were since word only came out one week before the show was to report to set to start filming on the season premiere. And now they had to fix any potential threads out there about Tony and Ziva continuing to be unresolved, or long terms plans for Ziva’s character because she would be unavailable and only around for a short time to finish up the storyline. They should have a plan B. But I can understand they were feeling optimistic, and while they knew it was still on-going, they didn’t think she would leave. And they had to fix any holes in their plans. And also they had a lot of notice to find a replacement for Kate. Sasha came before the end of the season 2 was written and filmed, and so they had time. Now NCIS is caught having to keep the desk empty for awhile until they figure out a direction to go because they were told so close to the start of the start of filming.

  10. Lois Oliver says:

    I have watched this show from season one, Never though Tony and Ziva should be together.
    Tony needs a wife and family, settle down in ways his father never did. Ziva will never be the typical wife Tony needs.
    They are not suited for each other, possible short term relationship, but never a permanent one.

  11. Ange says:

    At least they are not killing her. I hope they do not go too far ‘romantic’ with she and Tony. That would absolutely ruin her and what she stands for as a character.

  12. Jerri says:

    I wonder if this is just damage control on the producers’ part? hoping the fans will forget everything by the time NCIS premieres so they’ll tune in and all will be ok, no matter what they end up doing at the end of the day.

  13. dan hiller says:

    I think Ziva needs to express her love for Abbie and walk to the elevator smiling over her shoulder at Tony. Fade to black. Good bye Ziva…..

  14. dq18 says:

    Okay, so I haven’t read all the comments. Honestly I care about the show as a whole rather than just one relationship. Having said that, Tony and Ziva have had amazing chemistry due to their fantastic portrayers. Those that took on NCIS:LA were recently introduced to a wife we never even knew existed. Maybe the showrunners are going to take a page from that playbook and tell us that Tony & Ziva are happily ever after personally, but we only get to see the professional Tony. And professional Tony can’t cope with the thought of bad things happening to Ziva, so she goes into the private sector or something. Quite honestly the plots don’t generally go TOO deep into personal stuff, we only see Gibbs’ dad from time to time, so it would be easy enough to pull off. It would also open a door for an occasional drop in, if de Pablo so desired.

    • Amanda says:

      I like this idea. That way NCIS stays professional and the focus is back on the team and solving cases. But the cray cray Tiva people (of which I am one) get what they want. For me, win-win.

  15. Robin says:

    Obviously, I’m in a minority….
    A romance between Tony & Ziva is neither here nor there as far as our house is concerned – wouldn’t complain if it happened, wouldn’t complain if it didn’t.
    We’re tired of losing the NCIS women – PERIOD!!!!
    First Kate, then Jenny…. now Ziva!!! Granted, it appears Ziva won’t die like Kate & Jenny – but the fact remains that she’ll be gone.
    We love EVERY member of the Gibbs Team (yes, even Vance – tho he took a while to grow on us…LOL) and it is gut-wrenching to see ANY of them not there!
    I realize things happen, actors/actresses lives change, time marches on, etc…. Accept it?…yes, eventually. Like it?…. Absolutely NOT!

  16. John says:

    As long as they don’t boat anchor Tony to some invisible Ziva it should work. I’d say do a flashback filling out Paris, closing with their deciding/acknowledging they don’t fit that way and move on. That would explain all these years of NOT being together quite nicely.

    Closure and no destruction, freeing Tony to continue along freely. One more mope on the show and it’ll be one too many.

    • Jerri says:

      That’s what I’m concerned about. that they will have Tony tied to an invisible Ziva, have him ‘talk’ to her on the phone every other week as a gimmick to keep the Tiva-ship going. Tony deserves more than that. So does Michael Weatherly.

      Yes other shows do this sort of thing, Niles’ wife, Howard’s mom, etc are never seen onscreen but are heard/talked about, but they key difference here is these characters have never appeared on screen in the first place. Ziva was on NCIS for 8 years, if they toss her over to the invisible-line like Niles’ wife or Howard’s mother, and have her be in a relationship with Tony through that, how is that any better than the fans waiting for them to get together for the past 8 years?

  17. olo says:

    OMG, this is a TV show. Yes, I’ve watched it for 10 years, also the reruns, reruns of reruns and late night reruns. Yes I have a very good life, just like “white” noise as I read. But seriously TIVA or not TIVA folks, it’s a TV show. Do none of you have a life other than this. What about Deeks?!?!?!?!, What about Callen??!?!?!?, What about Sam??!?!?!? or Hetty?!?!? on NCIS LA. There are other tv shows that are entertaining. NCIS still has Mark Harmon, adorable Ducky, Tim, Abby and Jimmy along with Vance.

  18. Kristen says:

    I’m really hoping that Glasberg and CBS is hearing what fans are saying. Be respectful of the Ziva character, stop distorting the truth that Ziva left on her own (there is always a price to make someone stay). I know I personally will not watch again and I will not fall for the bread crumbs that they have made Cote throw out to them so they do not black ball her. Just please reward Ziva for helping your show go to number one as a team. (that will never happen again) and let her put Ziva to rest. I can not emphasize the anger I have with CBS and Glasberg for not fighting for Cote. All I can do as a fan is stop watching and root for Sasha and Cote in whatever they choose to do.

    • bill says:

      Good riddance. They offered her $225,000 an episode, she said no. Maybe she grew tired of the character and wants to do something else.

  19. Cindy says:


  20. Amanda says:

    So glad to hear the executive producer of the show acknowledge how important Ziva’s send off is and especially addressing the years of teasing the Tiva fans. Not sure that he can satisfy everyone, since even among Tiva fans (and I am a BIG one) there appears to be disagreement as to what would be appropriate. In my perfect world, she leaves to take the heat off the team re Bodner’s death and because of Rule 12 (“Never date a co-worker”). She and Tony confess their love, kiss for real (not “Under Covers” style) and have a relationship off camera. I mean, it’s not her walking Tony off a dock, a la ER, but it’s a start. :) I would LOVE to see her come back for a series finale though if all the stars aligned, but who knows if that bridge is burned. Honestly, I figured Glassberg would kill her as he did Mike Franks, Jackie Vance and Eli David, so if she lives – hurray!

  21. John says:

    Have got to say the more I read of these “I’ll NEVER watch NCIS again, EVER!” posts the less and less I want to EVER see the Ziva character on the screen. So here’s hoping they write a quickie scene or two I can ffwd through with ease and be done with it. Then continue on watching this terrific ensemble get back to work, absent the soap bubbles… lol

    • Bellz says:

      The show is about all the characters not just Ziva. It is a team show and the other actors have played their roles terrific too. Its a great effort by everyone. To stop watching just because one actor leaves is to offend the rest of the cast. NCIS is what it is because of ALL of them.

  22. Holly says:

    Nicole Mirante Matthews left and Cote is leaving. If only Gary Glasberg would take a hike, the show could maybe get back to where it used to be. Oh, season 5, I miss you so!

    I am so hoping that this will pull the show back to its ensemble-cast glory. More Ducky! More Palmer! More McGee! More Abby! And especially more Abby friendship with Ducky/Palmer/Tony and McGee. I miss Abby/McGee lab time more than anything else. More funny! Get episodes one and two out of the way and then let me sink my teeth into another Chimera or Shalom or Cloak or Red Cell.

    Honestly, if it were season 5, I’d be sad to see Cote go. But the direction that Shane Brennan steered the boat, and Gary Glasberg’s, “Full steam ahead!” caused a shipwreck. I don’t watch for moody, angst-filled swooning. I fell in love with the show because it was clever and funny, with a side of angst. And a little light-hearted shipping? We’ve been getting that since season 1 – with Abby and McGee.

    • Bellz says:

      20 million+ in ratings says that the show is doing exceptionally well. Gary must be doing something right don’t you think.

    • ClassicNCISfan says:

      Considering that Shane Brennan HIRED Nicole Mirante Matthews, I’m amazed you’d want her to stay. She was one of the most prolific writers for super-hero Ziva with heavy shades of Tiva anvils at the most inappropriate times. Fans of the ensemble show will not miss her.

  23. Dot C. Leach says:

    I think they should appoint Ziva the head of Mossad. After all, she was trained for that all her life. She has a relationship with Vance and could be his equal. Then, in the future, sporadic appearances could be made and she could figure in to the finale of the show down the road. Imagine the phone conversations or off screen trips to Israel Tony could make.

    • Holly says:

      She is a 31ish year old American citizen who relinquished all ties and allegiance to Israel. That is part of the oath that she swore at the ceremony they showed in season 7. She also hasn’t lived more than 4 months at a time in Israel since she was in her early 20s. She is not a politician. She hasn’t moved up the ranks of Mossad for 30+ years. She hasn’t even worked for Mossad in over 3 years and, before that, only kinda worked for them. She is, in no freaking way, qualified to lead Mossad. At all. That would be like a 31 year old ex-American coming back to head the FBI. The idea is patently ridiculous and, if Gary Glasberg does it, I will hop on an airplane and call him an idiot to his face.

  24. B.Sidney says:

    Let me shed a tear for the poor oppressed Tiva shipper

  25. jl jones says:

    cbs=cheap bastards, if la bonita was family, you should have treated her as such, not
    degraded her, with cheap wage offers, that were insulting, while the rest of the cast
    made out like bandits, cbs has had some uncanny luck in spotting talent for throw
    away characaters, and then REALLY SCREWING things up, when the throw away
    character becomes an integral part of the series, through good acting or a decent
    person, la bonita, you can hold your head high, you deserve it

  26. Chery Wilson says:

    The show will never be the same without Ziva!!! This really saddens me.

  27. Chris Myers says:

    I think from what I read, that the writers will just write a nice exit for her with the possibility of coming back at the end, that is the classy way to go.

  28. anthony naughton says:

    At least they didn’t kill her off; the other female cast members who decided to leave the show wound up on Ducky’s table (Kate, Director Sheppard, Agent Lee). So at least there is a chance for Ziva to come back. And please, I know this show is from the same people that brought us JAG, but if they give Tony and Ziva an ending like Harm and Mac got in the series finale of JAG, someone is going to have to slap the crap out of Bellisario for not giving the fans everything we wanted to see (Yes, I am still pissed off about the ending of JAG and that was 11 years ago!!!!!). I would love to see them bring Catherine Bell and David James Elliott back on NCIS for at least one or two episodes (now, if they were to tie it in with NCIS: LA and the new NCIS: Red Team that they might be coming out with as a 6 part episode, that would really be awesome) so we can get a final clarification on who had to retire from the military so they could be together.

  29. g2-d110dee21c03c2c9f2e7b6a2fc1009de says:

    I really am still in shock that Cote is leaving. I am glad that her storyline will allow het to return in the future. I really can’t imagine the team without her and I am so worried that the ratings will decline after Ziva is not longer on the team.

  30. Tonyfanx2 says:

    I personally volunteer to be Tony’s new partner.

  31. teresa_u125 says:

    “Someone asked me what I plan beyond this, and I can’t replace her. I can’t even use the word ‘replacement’ for Ziva and what she means to this team.”

    Thank you, Gary, for acknowledging this. I am crying because of this.

    • Jerri says:

      you’re going to have a really tough life ahead if you burst out in tears over something as silly as this. either that or there’s something seriously wrong with you. try eating less sugar-y things & junk food.

  32. superstace says:

    Good Lord people, you do realize that these are fictional characters, right? Pretend? Not real people? I love the show and would love to see a Tiva moment finally, but sheesh! Let’s not get angry at one another over it. Can’t we all just get along and enjoy the show?

  33. DEL061 says:

    I would like to see Tony & Ziva hook up. They have a moment like Bones and Booth had…where she gets pregnant. She isn’t sure if she should tell Tony…….she gets shot saving Tony…she doesn’t survive, but the baby does. I think the former Chuck Star…Yvonne Strahovski is the woman to replace Ziva…….to make the team whole again. She has the looks and can do the fight scenes…..and did a great job with weapons on CHUCK. Tony can be off the market and being a Daddy……let Mcgee get some…….see if there are sparks…..if not…..have Ziva and tony have a moment…and leave….bring in Yvonne Strahovski and let tony start things up with her…

  34. Bellz says:

    That’s a great fan fic you have there DEL061. NCIS is a crime show.

  35. Dee Smith says:

    I am sorry to see Cote de Pablo leave the show. She is a good actress and sets the group together as family. It wouldn’t be the same with her gone. Wish her all the best in whatever she has for her future. Hope to see her as guest in the show now and then. Maybe in another series later. Like her acting style a lot.

  36. Kay says:

    I’m still in shock of cote. I definetly won’t be into ncis as I was before. This really sucks. There’s this little hope in my mind that cote will see what this is doing to the fans and change her mind, but I know that’s probably not going to happen. One can only dream.

    • Bellz says:

      Actresses/actors are entitled to move on from a show. Cote did her bit to make NCIS what it is. She owes nobody anything. There are other cast members who do their job and play their role extremely well too. Lets not forget them. NCIS will move on whether some fans stay or not. Why anyone would turn their back on the other characters just because one of them leaves means they aren’t a true fan. Its a slap in the face to the others who also put their effort into making NCIS the best show ever made.

  37. H says:

    I stopped discussing NCIS just after Season 6 with other fans because the T/Z discussion frustrated me so much. They do have a romantic chemistry – it’s written into their characters; I don’t understand how a person having seen every episode can deny it. You might not want the characters together; but the romantic implication is undeniable. It’s been toyed with. It’s there. Both characters feel something for another. Bemuses me how people can deny it’s existence; I totally get you may not want the characters together.

    Back in the days of S6 I had to sit there and rip people apart for insulting both Michael and Cote as people. Ridiculous.

    Anyway, I’m really sad to read of Cote’s departure. I can only hope it’s because she’s moving onto something just a big and incredible as NCIS. I’ve enjoyed the character. In my opinion.. she’s irreplaceable. The writers have a really difficult task ahead of them – especially because Ziva’s such a popular character.

    Regarding T/Z – I’m not fussed if they don’t kiss etc. A scene with them talking about the relationship as co-workers and friends over the years would be satisfying for me. Their bond has been great to watch.

    • Melora says:

      Its called context. Lots of characters on shows have it but that does NOT mean every male and female character should get together.

  38. terry says:

    curiously i glanced at the article and happened to notice comments… not a few, but probably over 100 comments. Seriously???????? Assuming most are adults, you’re battling each other over opinions of a TV show i.e., fiction, not real, it’s their job and a form of “entertainment”. Wow…. this is just reflective of where our culture is today….

  39. michele127 says:

    Yes the comment was about Tony and Ziva who have in fact been sharing an apartment since her Father was assassinated by Bognar. NCUS didn’t especially Gibbs living by herself until he was captured or killed. The comment wasn’t meant to be taken literally as to Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo. Come on people stop and think before you all have a vein burst in your head or a heart attack. Please by all means let me apologize now if I spelled Bognar incorrectly. May Michael his wife and his children be together forever and Cote living in bliss with her boyfriend, you know something one of the guys in charge said has me thinking. something about Cote’s real life being used in the storyline somehow. Maybe she’s engaged, pregnant or both, now that could be fun. As far as the ones talking about Ziva being killed off, not a chance in hell each time the can have her back on an episode the rating will go through the roof not to mention think most of the U.S.would go to LA to protest hell if it happened they would or should make NCIS a done deal no one would watch it. Everyone’s loyalty paid back in such a horrible manner no one ever watch NCIS again!

  40. NCIS observer says:

    Look, something went terribly wrong!! Friends of Cotes, Diane Neal (Borin) and Muse Watson (Frank) have made some nice comments about Cotes on Twitter. Diane, as Cotes friend, after talking to her and passing on all the well wishes, support and concerns from her Fans, says Cotes, “IS exceptional, thoughtful and truly deserves the affection you feel for her. She’s a special gal”. Cotes has made the decision in the best interest of all the Fans and crew! Something happened! The move was for someone?!?

  41. Kiera says:

    Well, some people are apparently very hateful after reading through these comments.
    Cote’s amazing, Ziva’s amazing, regardless of who you think the character should be with. Certain things make people happy and they just want this to pan out well enough to do the character justice. I for one am looking forward to seeing how this ends, despite my desire that Cote would stay as opposed to leaving so suddenly. I hope they do the character justice, and I also hope people stop saying the things they’re saying to people here. Nobody deserves that.

  42. Melora says:

    As a woman….I’ve come to believe that a great many women are their own worst enemies when it comes romanticizing their favorite characters. They always say they want strong characters but I have yet to see any show successfully put two characters together. The show always suffer. Its 2013. Why cant we show men and women having a supportive and enduring non romanticized friendship?

    • Bellz says:

      I agree totally Melora. Many shows where the characters get together becomes a ‘been there done that now’ and it becomes all about those characters. Bones went that way. I had to stop watching in the end because the storylines became more about the characters love interest than the crime stories. Jag did it right. Once you couple up a pair you more or less have to keep it going.

  43. Dennis Hall says:

    I will miss Ziva– her character as an Israeli agent working with NCIS was a wise choice. It represented our support and alliance with the Israeli government. I hope they ‘replace’ her with another Israeli agent to (hopefully) fill her shoes. Best of luck, Cote– you will be sorely missed!!!!!

  44. yunis says:

    lot of comment between tony/ziva it is just in the screen so ziva can reshercinded decision to NCIS and to wemake viewers love to see get love connection and make a bonding to be having a family by being joint by a loving child on the screen that is it solved. and talk to ziva to rescind her decision.

  45. N Fleming says:

    I personally have watched the last episode including reruns. Loosing Ziva is a real shock and not a happy one. They are a great cast….if its not broke don’t try and fix it. You’ll only make it worst! CBS has so many popular shows-now the’ll have one less viewer and I’ll bet there are thousands just like me. Pity the replacement!

  46. Bellz says:

    Please don’t stop watching N Fleming. Ziva’s character wasn’t the only one that made NCIS what it is. The rest of the cast do an admirable job too. Watch all of season 11 before you make up your mind to move on.

  47. NCIS observer says:

    The characters, Tony and Ziva DO BELONG together. BOTH HIDE behind a mask of strength, ‘clown town’ attributes (as Michael Weatherly describes his off beat character at times HOUSEKEEPING EPISODE S9 DVD COMMENTARY)and assassin built persona to the now VULNERABLE SIDES the Writers ad Producers have carefully unveiled over the years. TONY AND ZIVA’S direction were headed to a point where the Fans of the show could see their progression when you but the whole DVD collection in years to come. The Fans of the Show needed to enjoy the ride the Writers and Producers wanted to take us all on :-) The CBS NCIS website Insider Blogs (CHOOSE THE MORE TAB ON THE TOP OF THE WEB PAGE)which are the Producers/Writers own take seemed content on the direction of our beloved characters. LETS ALL BE OPEN OUR EYES TO THE SHOW’S WRITERS AND PRODUCERS AND ENJOY THE RIDE AS LOYAL FANS!! Novelists write a book and publish it (UNLESS THEY ARE THE CHILDREN’S CHOOSE YOUR ADVENTURE GENRE :-D)and we have the choice to continue reading, or not, THE SAME GOES FOR THE TV SHOWS WHICH ARE CREATED :-)

  48. Stephen Blum says:

    I do understand and respect that she made her choice to leave the show but with me being so much in love with her it breaks my heart, if there’s a possiblilty to rewrite her character’s departure i got an idea for that, that is she got a job offer as a head of security in Fairport,NY and becomes romantically involved with a guy named Stephen Blum and staring to consider moving in together

  49. Brittani says:

    I think if zeva leaves you will be loosing a ton of veiwers because most of them are female veiwers and the little romance thing going on between Tony and her make us love the show she is a valuable asset to the show and you must keep her

  50. curtis mcpeek says:

    Kate was a terrrible loss director shepard as well ziva was an absolute wonderful addition not any kind of replacement for those gals. cote/ziva will be greatly missed an there will never be a replacement nor anyone tbe can overshadow her. hope to see here on future episodes.