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CBS Boss Addresses Cote de Pablo's NCIS Exit: 'We Offered Her a Lot of Money'

Why Cote de Pablo Left NCIS

CBS didn’t let NCIS leading lady Cote de Pablo go without a fight.

“I really want to clarify: We offered Cote de Pablo a lot of money — and then we offered her even more money,” CBS Corp. president and CEO Les Moonves shared Monday morning at the Television Critics Assoc. summer press tour in Beverly Hills. “We really didn’t want to lose her, we love her. We think she’s terrific. We obviously were in discussions… and ultimately she decided she didn’t want to do the show. It was her decision. We don’t like losing anybody. We did everything humanly possible [and] exhausted every opportunity, and she just decided she didn’t want to do the show.”

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News of de Pablo’s imminent exit from TV’s most watched drama came on July 10, barely a week before NCIS began production on its upcoming season and two months after Criminal Minds actresses Kirsten Vangsness and A.J. Cook endured their own protracted contract talks, as they sought greater pay parity with their male costars.

At the time de Pablo tendered her decision, she issued a statement saying, “I’ve had eight great years with NCIS and Ziva David. I have huge respect and affection for Mark [Harmon], Gary [Glasberg], Michael [Weatherly], David [McCallum], Rocky [Carroll], Pauley [Perrette], Brian [Dietzen], Sean [Murray], all of the team and CBS. I look forward to finishing Ziva’s story.”

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NCIS opens Season 11 on Tuesday, Sept. 24, where its new time slot rivals include ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and The CW’s Vampire Diaries spin-off The Originals.

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  1. mia says:

    I’ve never watched NCIS, but if its one thing I know its that the shippers for this show are fierce. I feel really really bad for them, having this happen. I’d be devastated.

  2. GUES says:


    • Sonny Bell says:

      U r so rite Gues! How bout Dana K Patrick? Her tranny looks better anyway!! Remember,
      Chester left Gunsmoke, & it folded, the world stopped turning when, Dallas & Falcon Crest, &
      Dynasty folded. How bout Startrek being yanked? The real world is a drag, soaps is where it at!!!


  3. GUEST says:


  4. Sophie says:

    😔 NCIS is going to be so different without cote and ziva… But I’ll stick with it :)

  5. JG says:

    If she wants to leave let her. Use that money to create a new show for the network. Preferably one without letters of the alphabet in some stupid abbreviation. NCIS,CSI,etc Enough already.

  6. Dean says:

    I could handle Mark Harmon leaving. His character personality has become boring. But without Ziva, I think I’m done with NCIS.

  7. carol says:

    shes 33 years old in a long term relationship. maybe she just wants to settle down and raise a family. shes worked hard shes entitled.

  8. Curtis Anderson says:

    Watched NCIS from its birth. Knew it to be a hit from the start but when Cote De Pablo showed up, her part took the show to a whole other level. Good luck to her in whatever she does. You Go Girl. NCIS can and will survive without her thanks to the great writing staff and especially the other actors who are all favorites of mine. 2 from times gone by.

  9. Donna says:

    Ziva is good and the show won’t be the same without her. However, I agree that leaving because you think you are worth more may prove to be disappointing to her. Other actresses who thought they had it are not doing so well in TV land – the shows do not have a large following.

    May be a while before she can hit the big time. Good Luck and hope you don’t get hungry.

  10. Marissa says:

    Someone has unleashed the kraken! Given the tenor of posts on this site and others, the lunatic fringe are getting even more unhinged.

    • ian says:

      They are just mad because they didn’t get to see Tony and Ziva together. While it would have been interesting to see I never felt that it would be good for this show. GIbbs and his rules have been on the show since season one and to then write in well I will let the rule of no co workers dating slide would be dumb. If you want romance watch NCIS LA because Hetty has no such rule. Kensi and Deeks makes a better couple in my opinion. I always felt that Kate would have been a better girlfriend for Tony. ZIva is more like the older sister. Fans saying they will bail now that Ziva left were never fans to begin with in my opinion.

      • Joshua says:

        I agree. I still miss Kate. This was Shocking news about Ziva, but I remember how I felt when Kate died and they first brought in Ziva. My first reaction was, grrrrrr who is this Ziva? I wished Kate was back. Then I ended up liking Ziva too. It took a bit, but it happened. I still love the show. I will be open-minded to the next one. Ziva is a great loss, but it is still not like losing Gibbs or Tony. (That would be a tragedy.)

  11. martie says:

    i wish she’ll change her mind, i love her, bothe her and weatherly are so funny. please stay

  12. Ja says:

    I do not think I will ever watch and enjoy NCIS without Ziva ….

  13. tina butler says:

    viva is one of the best there is please don’t leave

  14. Think she was a great actor,ill miss her on that show,alwalys wanted to meet her.

  15. Ron says:

    He’s Lying! You can tell, his lips are moving!

  16. Eddie says:

    She’s making a big mistake. She should have taken the offer!

  17. N.C.I.S. is my favorite show. I have watched it from the very beginning and will watch it till the end.I always buy two complete sets of each Season and will till the end. I will truly miss Cote a lot, but if she wants to leave to have a family or sing, I will stand behind her and wish her the best no matter what. Cote you are a great actress and sing beautifully and wish you only the very best. I hope all the others stay, for the others have been there all and most of the time from the beginning and they are what makes this show a huge success, along with the writers.Keep up the great work. MJH


  18. Karen C says:

    I think that CBS honcho should have not mentioned the money part. Cote hasn’t said a thing and he had to make her out to be greedy when she probably wanted to do other stuff. She has always said she would like to do a show like Tudors, etc. Her part was also the most physical part in the show and she had been injured many times. Real nice thank you from CBS (ha) Just real tacky on Moonves part and I will not be watching any longer. I know I have a lot of older relatives that just loved the Ziva part and watched for her.

    • I think Moonves was trying to relay that the money was not a factor in Cote leaving and that was why he mentioned it. Many people think she was just out for more money – he was relaying that she wasn’t.

      • IvyKllr says:

        He said she was offered “a lot of money” and then “a lot more”. He did NOT say that she was offered the amount for which she was negotiating. Therefore, money may still have been the reason why she left. “A lot” does not necessarily reflect “amount requested”.

  19. Blake says:

    Some people can’t handle fame and prosperity very well. This is the tv show that made her a household name. She is committing career suicide. She will fall off into oblivion and into the abyss of Where are they now fame. She was a great actress on the show and gave it a certain tension between her and Weatherly that made the show worth watching. It’s her decision but we probably have seen the last of Cote.

    • Ben Lunt says:

      You may be right. I like watching the girl, just as I liked watching Jennifer Aniston. Aniston’s career has nearly tanked since Friends ended. It’s like she’s a ‘One Trick Pony’, and Rachel was her only trick. I hope it isn’t the same for Cote, but it could be.

  20. Art says:

    So now she can go back to Columbia and deal drugs. I never liked her and am happy to see her go. She made a really lousy Jew but I guess that to the almost all white audience that watches the show they probably could not tell the difference between a Jew and a Latina.

    • Jop de Ruiter says:

      Geen discriminatie a.u.b. No discimination please We don’t like that in my country Holland, so stop this

    • IvyKllr says:

      Wow, racist much? Your statement would seem to imply that whites can neither be Jews nor Latinas – both of which would be incorrect. And, in fact, it is possible to be white, Jewish, AND Latina. As for that drug-dealing crack, keep your ugly and offensive stereotypes to yourself.

  21. John B says:

    A lot of money compared to what? As much as Michale Weatherly or her other male co stars or, a lot for a woman? Sounds like the typical TV executive response that everything can be cured by Money. So perhaps it was not about money at all. We will never know but her loss will be felt by the show. At least by not killing her off, there is the possibility that she may come back at some point.

  22. Mildred Harmon says:

    Money or not, I think it was very selfish of Cote to wait until the last minute to decline to return. I know she has a life other than NCIS. But the show will be hard put to find another team member who fits in as well as Ziva’s character. She may have a hard time finding roles that do not type cast her.
    On another note, I do not know if I like the idea of McGee having a new girlfriend as alluded to in the last episode of season 10. It remains to be seen if that plays out.
    I love NCIS but every time it gets to be interesting the people change.
    All of the above is JMO.

    • IvyKllr says:

      Cote’s behaved like a professional all these years. Based on that, I suspect contract negotiations were still continuing over the summer, and CBS figured their “a lot” and “a lot more” money would be sufficient. However, if it didn’t match the amount for which she was negotiating, it would mean that negotiations failed “at the last minute,” because CBS figured Cote would settle for what they offered. Instead, if her stated demands weren’t met, and she stuck to what she was asking, it makes sense that she left as a result of her demands not being met. It may have been “unexpected” to CBS because they “expected” Cote to cave at the last minute – not because *she* made last-minute demands and decisions.

      • Ben Lunt says:

        Again, sounds true. I have an idea. I won’t watch the show until she comes back, with a proper raise. Of course, my one tiny little self won’t hold sway over anyone, but I’m thinking at least a million or two others feel the same way and the shows sponsors may have an issue with that. We’ll see.

        • Marissa says:

          proper raise? If the reports are true, she was getting an 80,000 an episode raise. Who gets that large a percentage raise? Makes my paltry 5% a year look pathetic. Also, did you miss all the articles and reports where the actor herself (and the NCIS producers) say no amount of money could have gotten her to stay, that she wanted to do other things?

          • Ben Lunt says:

            I have a feeling you think it’s appropriate for the boss to say what’s good for you, even if he makes 30 million per issue of your effort, it’s great with you if he pays you $100 for it. After all, $100 an hour sounds like great pay – for someone driving a truck. Artists and athletes live in a different spectrum and play by different rules. We are now living in an atmosphere of rapacious greed from the higher end. The banks and big business have stolen about 10 trillion dollars from the lower end in the past 10 years, and whether you think $80 grand is a lot of money or not, the owners of the show and the studio do not. It’s peanuts – chump change, and they publicize it so people like you will be shocked at the number and miss the perspective completely. Don’t waste your time telling me how little people should be grateful for the crumbs off big peoples tables. It’s ludicrous. She’s a woman playing in a big man’s ball game and they love crushing her publicly to your applause. Just another view from a different shore, for perspective. Don’t take me too seriously here, I’m just throwing more fuel on the fire to see how far this issue will play out. The truth is, none of us really know what the truth is.

  23. Maria says:

    It really doesn’t matter….the show was great before de Pablo, the show was great while she was on there, the show will be great without her. I wish her the best of luck in the future and look forward to see her back in several shows. May the world be at your beck and call Cote!!!

  24. Joe says:

    They should bring in Lindsay Lohan to replace her.

  25. Amanda says:

    One person’s “a lot of money” is not anothers. I’m not inclined to believe Mr. Moonves version of events, due in no small part to the fact that she was in negotiations with them until the week preceeding their production date. If she, in fact, had no interest in continuing, one would think logically she would have voiced that in April rather than pay agents or legal representatives to negotiate a new contract into July.

    Also CBS’ credibility is on shaky ground with me since their treatment of the actresses on CI and also Jennifer Espositio on Blue Bloods. it is also telling that theirs was the only network unable to initially reach an agreement with Time Warner. All these factors say to me that CBS is both greedy and undervalues its actresses.

    • IvyKllr says:

      THIS, so much. This to the nth power. CBS does not value its actresses nor wish to pay them anything like what their male counterparts make, and they treat their actresses as if they were interchangeable parts, like Legos.

      • Marissa says:

        Or, conversely, she may have had demands that were non monetary that CBS or NCIS could not meet,

        • Ben Lunt says:

          Of course – that’s it – she wanted a pony.

          • Marissa says:

            Several reports leaked in May and June that she wanted CBS to pay her own makeup and hair people, whilst not using their staff, and that she wanted higher billing than Michael and a “starring” credit on the episode banners and DVDs. It was also reported that she wanted 4 day workweeks/2-3 episodes off per year, so that she could do more traveling. If those reports, which persisted over several months and via several sources, are true, those could have been the lynch pin in negotiations.

          • Marissa says:

            A pony request would have been an easy one to meet ;)

          • Ben Lunt says:

            Absolutely. I would have gone for the pony. Or a pet monkey, and I don’t like monkeys – they throw poo around.

          • Joshua says:

            A pony? Perhaps she wanted her own show right after NCIS called: (ZIVA) lol

  26. garice says:

    OMG, she will be missed. Wow don’t know what to say…. NCIS cast members are the best, great show.

  27. Khat says:

    Simply hate to see Ziva/ Cote leave. Interested in seeing how this is handled in the story line

  28. zmustgo says:

    Looking forward to being able to watch NCIS and no longer having to endure ZCIS.

  29. Nyny talattad says:

    I do not want Ziva David or Cote de Pablo to go….OOOh I just love her…please…please

  30. Wolf says:

    I just worked out based on Mark Harmon’s reported $700,000 per episode at 13 episodes per season, means he gets $9.1 million per year for acting in this series. Does anyone else feel that our values are somewhat skewed when actors make this much for working part time, while teachers make barely enough money to live on? And police, fire personnel, rescue personnel – all who put their lives at risk for us on a daily basis don’t even make 1/7th of what Mark Harmon makes for 1 episode? Actors are basically doing what they enjoy doing – the earnings for the actors on this series seems obscene.

    • Ben Lunt says:

      Are you suggesting it would be better for the owners of the show to pocket almost ALL the money it brings in and pay the actors what teachers make? Then sports figures. Less for players and more for owners – though it will never result in lower ticket prices. You do realize you vote in politicians based on their promises to lower taxes – the very same taxes teachers are paid from . . . . . . . . . just saying . . . . . .

  31. Delia says:

    It sounds to me as if Moonves is trying to do some damage control. Using words like “a lot” and “even more” don’t mean much.

    If Cote had decided she was done for personal reasons, she wouldn’t have been in negotiations. It’s obvious to me they didn’t give her what she wanted. I think that was a mistake.

    I liked the show a lot, and thought the ensemble cast was/is wonderful; but I won’t be watching anymore without Ziva. Nor would I watch without Tony, or McGee. Just wouldn’t be the same.

    CBS is spinning explanations and they don’t pan out.

    • Ben Lunt says:

      I believe there is a fear the series might fail without Ziva. Like all TV Series, the writers eventually run out of fresh ideas and small portions of the audience filter away. Eventually the executives see the dwindling market share and begin the inevitable ‘adjustments’ to compensate. The actors also know this is happening. Attractive young women look elsewhere first, as they know they are the most vulnerable if the show tanks – ‘pretty’ only lasts so long and draws so much.

      Unless the writers regenerate episode interest without the use of cliché tricks like the ‘Nemesis’ option (Red John, Moriarity, etc) they will soon “jump the shark’ and fold.

  32. Maureen Muñoz Chacón says:

    Lástima sin Cote de Pablo ya no me interesa ver más NCIS

  33. Vic says:

    Give her, HER own show! Along the lines of Alias with a gal we all ready know can kick butt. Or a female “Person of Interest” ! Maybe join ‘P of I’ and team up with John to kick some well deserved butt! Maybe after a break she’ll consider something along the lines of these scenario’s.

  34. jl jones says:

    cbs=cheap bastards, they lied to her, insulted her, and treated her like a pos,, she was
    the lowest paid cast member of the whole series, and then they gave everybody two
    raises, one unsolicited, and one solicited, and then they came around to la bonita, and
    offered LESS then everyone else,was making, and then they lied to the public, about
    this “huge” sum of money they offered her, THEY LIED, stand tall COTE, you deserve better, than this lot of pikers

    • Alisa Neely says:

      GET OVER IT…..Cote does NOT have the work HISTORY of MH, MW & DAVID ( ducky), to DESERVE their pay……when she has that kind of history, THEN and ONLY then should DEMAND that kind of money.

      • Ben Lunt says:

        I wonder if ‘work history’ is even a tiny bit of an issue. I know many, many sports figures with extensive ‘work history’ making the league minimum, while a new star comes on and starts making 10 times in a single year what these other guys have made in their whole career. What the hell does work history have to do with stars in ANY venue?

        I’ve got a feeling the Ziva character will be missed, regardless of cheesy romance angles or racist ‘doesn’t look enough like a Jew’ rhetoric. You turn on a show you like because they often represent a ‘family’ of actors you are comfortable with. Missing family members have very often spelled doom for even a good show.

    • RJ says:

      Jl, most of your information is patently wrong and other is wild usnupported supposition. As per TV Guide magazine, Cote was making merely 5,000 less than Michael, double what David McCallum makes. She was quite well paid and in the higher echelon of cast members, as Weatherly, Perrette, and De Pablo make more than their cast mates. If you’d care to discuss underpaid, look at Sean, Brian, Rocky, and David.

      • Alan says:

        From what I heard Michael makes about 250,000 a show. Cote makes 125,000 per show. She was offered 200,000. She asked for 225,000. They told her to take the 200,000 or leave it. She left it. Please if not about the money than why has Cote not spoken up to her fans and say she leaving for personal reasons. CBS made a big mistake in letting her go. Just hope
        they don’t kill her off.

        • Alisa Neely says:

          to be honest: i DON’T CARE WHY SHE IS LEAVING…..i’m just GLAD, THAT SHE IS GOING….past time to be honest….she DOESN’T deserve to make MORE then MW or the 1 that plays ducky.

  35. james says:

    I remember when the show spunoff from JAG. I did not like Sasha Alexander’s character but I am not a Cote fan either. Not a slam on the ladies just my opinion. I prefer Lauren Holly to Rocky Carroll again my opinion. I remember when Gary Burghoff left MASH he said he wasburned out. Maybe Cote was and chose not to express that publicly . I was glad NCISLA cane along i

    drew me back to the original show. I think NCIS should go out on top and end in a couple of years and not refuse to die like CSI abd the law and order shows.

  36. I just get a little tired of investing years into a show to have one of the lead actors leave for whatever reason. They are getting paid good $$$ to begin with and I feel when you enter a weekly series show, you owe it to the fans to continue the show until the end. It leaves a bitter taste for me to watch that actor again in another show as you don’t trust they’ll see it through to the end this time. She will wind up just another “has-been” and will soon be forgotten.

  37. Criminal minds fan shayla! says:

    There’s gotta be something with CBS as I’m not being funny Paget Brewster off criminal minds left and she was one of the best actresses ever! It was her choice, as she wanted something new, but was it something else also? And not Cote is deciding to leave also HER decision but are we hearing the whole story?

  38. Teresa says:

    I hate to see her leave she adds a great story line to the show. All characters are great and seem to work well together to bring the show it’s great ratings. I wish her well in her career and hope the show does not try to replace her the next person will not do well as we as fans would expect to see Ziva.

    • Ben says:

      No Ziva, not much reason for me to watch. There has been weaker and weaker writing and the individual character focus side stories are mostly a lot of ‘ho-hum’. Facts are facts: lose Penny on the Big Bang Theory – show will die. Lose Ziva on NCIS – show will die.

      • Unless they replace Ziva with another very attractive, young, hot, actress that can appeal to all those horny men out there.

        • Ben says:

          Well, you sure can’t use someone like me for a test case. I’m 66, live on a sailboat, travel around a lot, and never date, though I do socialize like anyone else out here in the cruising community. The thing is, I’m just not some 19 year old horn dog who judges show characters based mostly on how they are developed, story-line-wise, and how willing I am to believe such a person could exist. You see, I’m a writer, and the Ziva David character is a good and solid part of the show. An important ‘leg’, if you will, and without her, I’m not sure that dog can run. It wasn’t about her as a sex object – it was about her as an effective and believable agent who happened to be pretty ‘easy on the eyes.’

        • Marissa says:

          Because a police procedural is about appealing to your sexual attractions? Way to prove my point :)

          • Alisa Neely says:

            female characters can be BEAUTIFUL….but, they should be able to ACTUALLY do the job they are hired to do….WITHOUT having the STRONG MALE characters being turned into WHIMPS, to make the female characters look good…..so i agree with you.

  39. I’m so glad she’s leaving. Hope we can now get back to team stories with great interaction instead of forced sexual tension.

  40. Ben says:

    Was it forced? It didn’t seem forced, and it didn’t seem like much of an item. I mean, it was just a little tiny part of the show. Most of the interaction between Tony and Ziva seemed like friendly competition or teasing. Sure, there were some sections where they tried (the writers) to test out a possible ‘love connection’ thing, but it looked like a potential disaster. What a lame way to screw up a great show. So they toy around with minor jealousies and trite jabs at each others dates. A silly gimmick in marginal writing (around the Tony/Ziva thing). They don’t seem to know what to do with it.

    • Marissa says:

      Was “what would any woman see in you Tony.” love banter?

      • Alisa Neely says:

        i agree….imo, NO it was NOT….same with her making lite of NO ONE buying his “fishys” that he sold when he was in College…..she didn’t act as if she was IN LOVE with him….she FELT she was ABOVE him and thought she should have the SFA job…..i mean, you DON’T accuse the man you (supposedly) LOVE of murder….throw him to the ground and shove a loaded gun in his chest….and want to be PICKED over him by the team leader…..i will be THRILLED to be RID OF HER.

  41. One big factor in this situation is that Diva is a hottie and many men probably fantasize about her. Sure, Mary Tyler Moore and Carol Burnet and others have more experience and are more talented, but Diva has almost a cult following of men who think of her only as a sex object. Like it or not. The producers know that. The salaries paid to actors and actresses on major television shows are partially calculated on experience and tenure but the “X” factor is sex appeal to viewers. Mark Harmon, to many women, is a sex object. They like his smile, his good looks and his grey hair and the show rewards Harmon for all of that, plus money for his acting skills.

    • Ben says:

      Well, you can’t argue with the “Any hot girl is a sex object” angle because so many people use it, but you DO have to recognize it fits right into the sexist/racist mindset like “Any tall Brother MUST be good at basketball.” The problem with such statements is they have a way of looking true whether they are or not. If you ask me, Sophia Vegara is much more a ‘sex kitten’ type the Cote, who seems more like a good sidekick to Jason Bourne than nightclub arm candy. There’s no doubt she’s pretty, but they never seem to dress her up sexy, if you know what I mean. Just sayin’.

    • Marissa says:

      Harmon has a lot more talent than Cote, Kevin. Sure, some men have oversexualized her. It only takes looking at that disgusting soft-core TV Guide photoshoot to prove that was the way the show was going. But let’s face it, men who are turned on by the hot girl who can kick the guy’s butt are usually more shallow than the average rain puddle and a fickle viewer to boot. They’ll go wherever their testosterone leads them. Maybe NCIS should stop pandering to these viewers and start appealing to those viewers whose emotional depth does’t begin and end around their waistlines.

      • Alisa Neely says:

        well said and i AGREE…..and as i’ve said before: cote does NOT have the work HISTORY of the TOP male actors on the show….i.e. mark, michael and david……i NEVER heard of cote, until she showed up on THIS show…..also, she is NOT an EP for the show….she has NOT directed ANY eppies for the show…..unlike acouple of the other male actors on the show….so NO she did NOT deserve to get as much or MORE then MW and MH.

      • vperl says:

        I represent that, shame on you. You found us out, even after all these years, thanks Sherlock, your the best.

  42. lylah says:

    Well for this season CBS says they are gonna have fun with. Okaaay! NCIS is a drama about our military. Find someone b4 its tooooooo late! Got an idea ! Play with my grandkids…loved the sh

  43. vperl says:

    More than likely the work hours are extreme, and she just was worn out. She may take off a year or so then look for work. Does she have a family, maybe that is a answer.

  44. Maggie says:

    I will miss you Ziva. Please reconsider.

  45. vperl says:

    She is young, probably wants “me ” time. After 8 years at her age it is good to leave, a sad, but good decision on her part.

  46. vperle says:

    They should get a Blonde female with bigger “personality ” than the tiny Ziva, for weeks I figured the Ziva character was sexless . No room for that unPC talk in workplace, about relationships, and such vulgar off putting remarks.

    Just dead bodies and stories. Need big blonde with big ones.

  47. ncis fan says:

    Ok seriously people… she’s gone accept it and move on. It doesn’t matter how much everyone makes in comparison. Its personal, just like the reason she left. Ive been watching NCIS since the beginning, and if you are a fan you will continue to watch regardless of who leaves, because you well know they don’t dissapoint..and yesterday’s episode was great even though Ziva wasn’t there. And remember it’s just a TV show….not real life

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  49. john a. macejko says:

    what happened to the storyline on ncis. it got boring and I don’t mean due to the loss of ziva. the stories were great the last 9 years. the new character, the young blonde, I’m sure she’s a good actress, but not for ncis. her character lacks something. again, the new shows, are boring. thanks for letting me write my opinion. john m.

  50. just saying,i have all ten seasons of ncis,but will skip the 11th!!!Ziva was an important part of ncis.the little blonde they put in ziva,s place drives me CRAZY!!between the bony face black eyebrows and poor acting skills she needs to just go away.I watched the first episode this season, and then gave up !!never thought i would be saying this but all good things must come to an end.Maybe they will do a spin off with tony and ziva!!

    • Franklin Rogers says:

      Dr. Jeanne Benoit returns. If you check out older shows you see Tony admitted to Ziva that Jeanne was his true love. She is seeking NCIS protection against her father’s arms dealers. When she said she was in Africa, she was actually in hiding and gave birth to a daughter she named “Antoinette”.

      Give it up. Ziva is gone forever. This is a much better story line. Why can’t the writers see it?

      Aside, when will “the Director’s” identity switch be fully revealed?