It's Official: Bunheads Cancelled by ABC Family

Bunheads CancelledUPDATE: ABC Family is now officially confirming that Bunheads has indeed been cancelled.

Bunheads is a wonderful series that we are very proud to have aired,” said an ABC Family rep in a statement. “The series had amazing storytelling, the most talented cast and a passionate and loyal fan base. Recognizing all of this, we took extra time to try and find ways to bring the series back for another season, but in the end it simply wasn’t possible.  We wish the cast and crew the best in their future endeavors.”

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ORIGINAL STORY: ABC Family is on the verge of cancelling Amy Sherman-Palladino’s acclaimed-but-little-seen ballet dramedy after one season.

“It’s definitely on life support — at best,” acknowledges AS-P’s spouse, Bunheads consulting producer Daniel Palladino. “It’s gasping for air, pumped full of drugs.

“And the waiting… geez,” he adds of the network’s months-long cone of silence. “I don’t want to say it’s getting ridiculous, but Obama is planning to address it on Monday.”

One reason for the hold-up on a renewal/cancellation decision, per insiders, is that ABC Family has been actively looking for more cost-efficient methods to produce the Sutton Foster-fronted series moving forward. Unfortunately, it’s not looking like any of those options will take root.

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  1. Sheila says:


  2. Jill says:


  3. Summer says:


  4. Mom2Sweetpeaz says:

    So sad – I love this show. Skip The Vineyards and even Twisted and focus on Bunheads please. This is my favorite show from ABC Family ( with Switched at Birth and the Fosters a close second). If there is a petition let me know!!!!

  5. Jesse says:

    Of course! Why do we want a truly original show with a distinct point of view when there are more wheel-spinning mystery shows ready to fill their slot and get all the good buzz?

  6. Heathers says:

    I liked this show , sorry to see it cancelled. I especially liked Sutton Foster. I also like Twisted, but it is a completely different show. I can’t believe this thread has become another play of the RACE CARD!

  7. Bonnie says:

    Already gave up ABC, now I might as well give up ABC Family too. I hate reality programming. I want to see good story lines and actors not real people acting like fools and thinking we care.

  8. Haley says:

    I’m disappointed with ABC Family. I understand (sort of) why they didn’t bring it back. But ABC Family started off bringing in great, informative, inspirational, heart-warming, tear-jerker, memorable TV. Now with Ravenwood, Twisted, PLL and Vineyard I think they are coming out with stuff to try to compete with The CW or something. What makes ABC Family a truly inspirational station to watch is their smart, witty tv with Switched, Greek & Fosters. Why throw away what made you great just to make you last longer? I hope that Vineyard and Ravenwood isn’t the future of this station and that they take a step back and see what they once had and try to bring that back.

  9. Babybop says:

    Argh. They always cancel the good shows and keep the garbage.

  10. Anandasky says:

    Any chance of someone else picking it up – anyone, anyone – hello Netflix!

  11. Can we #WeWantBunheads to Twitter? Isn’t the reason they salvaged Drop Dead Diva because in trended on social media for the first time when fans were outraged vocally on the social media site? Isn’t it worth the chance?

    • Brandy says:

      Drop Dead Diva was brought back cause Sony and Lifetime made it cheaper to make more than the fans online /social media

  12. James says:

    I’ll really miss Boo! And I was excited about the possibility of seeing more Jordan in the second season!

  13. Tee says:

    I kinda lost interest in Bunheads by the time it finished airing. ABC family isn’t making it easy to get invested in new shows since they seem to like to abruptly cancel them. Lying Game was getting more and more meh but it’s annoying that it ended like it did.

  14. Tee says:

    Also The Vineyard looks terrible and I hope it flops like no other show has flopped before.

  15. Lisa says:

    Why is it that networks only want to air reality TV crap or shows geared for young men? Shows that appeal to women always get cancelled and I think it is because the networks refuse to accept the fact that women are busier than men! Most women work full time, women do more of the housework and cooking, have the kids more often as a single parent and are usually the ones acting as a caretaker for older parents. That doesn’t mean women don’t watch TV – we do! We just often need to watch our shows online or via DVR! The networks need to realize that women may not watch on their timetable but women are now earning more college degrees than men so we are still a demographic they need to cater to! They should reduce rating expectations for shows geared toward women and smart alpha consumers…intelligent, educated people make more money so they are a valuable audience to have but given the fact that the average IQ is only 100 the smarter audience is also going to be a smaller one. Why doesn’t TVLINE write about any of this?

    • Aimee says:

      Here’s the problem. Advertisers (and therefore Networks) don’t care if you are watching the shows. They only care if you are watching the commercials. If they can’t get you to watch the commercials and possibly convince you to buy their products then it doesn’t matter how much money you make.
      Look, it stinks! I agree. But the fact is, the way TV makes it’s money is getting people to watch the ads and folks who DVR or watch online don’t watch ads. Oh, and TVLINE has written about this. Matt Mitovitch (sp?) wrote a very good article about this several months ago.

  16. ArleneH says:

    I have deleted ABC Family channel from my life. It is a hypocritical waste of time, claiming to be for ‘family,’ when really all it wants to do is show off teeny-bopper cleavage.

    It had one show that made even that worthwhile, called ‘Bunheads. Now it’s cancelled I am out of there.

    Disney’s ‘Mickey Mouse Shorts’ are now the best thing ABC/Disney currently airs. Looking forward to grown-up ABC shows this fall.

  17. Emma says:

    NOT FAIR!!! :( Bunheads is amazing and such an inspiring tv show why cancel it, really?

  18. Kirsten says:

    Good. Lets continue to kill well written shows and keep alive slop like Melissa and Joey.

  19. ern says:

    Honestly, I loved it mostly because of my deep Gilmore Girls nostalgia. I miss that show and the characters so much I’ll take anything remotely similar or by the same author or cast. And most of the time I just kept hoping Lorelai wakes up and tells Rory about this weird dream she had that she was teaching kids ballet in her mom’s dance studio in this weird little town where Logan’s dad was a stoner with a ponytail and Kirk was a coffee nazi among other things. And they would talk about what it all means and then just dismiss it and get back to their lives in Stars Hollow.

  20. Temperence says:

    Considering some of the real drek they are airing, it’s kinda abominable they got rid of one of their few great shows,

  21. Jamey Arnold says:

    This is just crazy! How do any of these networks give a show a chance?? I mean they said it was a great show and had a loyal fan base …and yet still cancel the show! What does one have to do to keep a show on the air anymore?? Its ABC FAMILY!! Its not like they have a whole lot of shows to find space for! I’m just so sick of it all!

  22. Tallee says:

    What was so expensive about this show?
    I think the problem was that enough teens weren’t having sex on it so it was too clean for the “family” channel.
    Even their sitcoms are full of innuendo these days.

    • Billiam says:

      Yes, I agree with you. It seems that ABC Family has to have shows that deal with teenage sex, homosexuality, race issues, domestic (and other) violence, drugs, all the things we parents want to shield our children from. They are children. Let them keep their childhood instead of growing up too fast….

  23. samson says:

    NOOOOOOOOO!!! WHYYYYYYYY?!? I need my Sasha and Fanny fix! :(

  24. susan says:

    Never seen bunheads but I LOVE twisted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PPL is okay too, just would like some closure its like the mystery never gets solved.

    • Roxanne says:

      Please,we already have the never-ending-mystery PLL where stuff just piles up and never gets resolved, which totally sucks.Seems like script writers just don`t know how to get out or put a stop to it.We need something like BH ASAP!

  25. sarah says:

    Sadly I saw this coming. I really liked this show.
    If the ABC Rep claimed how great it was etc, it is kind of silly it was cancelled, I think they are just trying to smooth things over for the fans that watched the show.

  26. Tanya says:

    Now this is just wrong! My mom and I just finished the first season of Bunheads and to rip it out from our hands and our hearts so cruelly, oh ABC Family what tragedy have we committed to be put through such injustice? Horrifying, absolutely HORRIFYING!

  27. Brandy says:

    I hope they at least release it on DVD.

  28. S says:

    After watching Australia’s Dance Academy…Bunheads just seemed silly. If you were interested in the dancing side of things, there really wasn’t much dancing. Sure they were show parts here and there and end the show with a number, but you couldn’t really figure out if it was a midlife crisis show, a teen show, a dance show or a Gilmore wanna be show. Given the way the show was starting to be set up, Sutton’s character with Sasha, the mother in law (mother figure), the crazy best friend who has a special talent that is under appreciated (Sookie), they were just starting to create a GG formula.
    ABC family should look at getting Dance Academy to show here in the States. If you haven’t seen it, you should watch it. You will see the actors from the new show Camp on NBC and it has a story line that will keep you interested.

  29. Itssonotfair says:

    It should have been on the CW, with their ratings this show would’ve never been cancelled on that network.

  30. I hate you ABC family, I hope you know it. LONG LIVE to #BUNHEADS!

  31. CeCe says:

    I’m done with abc family. Bunheads was one of very few shows we really enjoyed and the second half of the season it only got better. Hoping against hope that another network will pick it up. Sad day

  32. Marie says:

    Terrific – —NOW BRING BACK BODY OF PROOF!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Kristi says:

    Ugh. I’m so disgusted with ABC Family right now. Starting boycott now.

  34. McKayla says:

    So they freaking cancel Bunheads and Jane By Design, but they keep renewing Switched At Birth and Lying Game? ABC is not the smartest network on the television…

  35. G says:

    Very disappointed. Goes to show don’t get involved in a TV program since networks are so quick to cancel them. I really enjoyed this show with the high energy, quirky characters, and story lines. It was the only program on this channel I watched, and I will not get involved with another program on this channel. They could have tried different days and times.

  36. Mark Orelski says:

    I am a disabled veteran, I have been unable to live life as it should be, one of my escapes is unfortunately the television, I enjoy MOST of ABC FAMILY’S programming one of my favorites, BUNHEADS, please reconsider renewing this program it’s serious yet comical a healthy blend that’s missing in life

  37. Donna says:

    They always take off good clean shows and leave these stupid reality shows. It was a nice change when flipping I found this show last year. TOO BAD was good show

  38. Mark says:

    Well, it’s official, I am done with ABCFamily. Will not watch any shows they have, or any movies then run. No Harry Potter, or anything else. Will block them from the remote

  39. Mark says:

    After all, it is the only real way to show displeasure with a programming change, don’t watch anymore ABCFamily, and they will get the point, cancel good, intelligent shows, and the advertising dollars will dry up. Then you can become WGN America…

    • Billiam says:

      I hear you but unless you are a Nielson ratings reporting household, it won’t matter if you stop watching or not. Sorry.

  40. Violet says:

    Bring it back!!!! My day just was ruined, it was one of the few shows my whole family could watch together. My little girl liked to dance with the dance scenes, and my husband and I cracked up at the dialog….you are sorely missed in my house Bunheads

  41. Noelia Rivera says:

    Why on earth would you cancel that show, it had the sparkle that every teenager needed, it was so classy and had such an amazing crew, the characters were so different and added something new to the tv we’re watching today, it wasn’t an idiot show with people acting like idiots, it had a new vibe. You had to wait a little longer to see how the fanbase would’ve grown. I’m so sorry that you had to cancel the show, I was getting excited about it…

    • Billiam says:

      At the end of the show, there were nearly 1 million people watching Bunheads. I bet that if even half of those people sent a pair of tap shoes with a $10 bill stuffed inside to ABC, they’d reconsider… After all, all they really care about is money. The shoes would be a symbol of the fans and the $10 would tell ABC just how far the fans would go for the show…

  42. Kristen Churchill says:

    I loved this show because it was like Gilmore Girls, and of course it gets canceled.

  43. PROM3THEUS says:

    I have given up on watching any American produced TV series’. I’m just sick of the best of them being canned after one, two seasons tops. Even when they have huge fan bases and are money makers like Firefly, Star Gate, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Caprica, man, every series I have ever watched pretty much gets canned in a matter of a month.

    I am starting to think that perhaps it’s because they find an audience that has no home, we wander from show to show looking for something to engage us intellectually, stuff that isn’t fart jokes and pie in face gags. They know we’re out there, and they produce something that engages us and know they have a dedicated fan base. Based on this they can get insurance out on the shows success from their underwriters. Hollywood accounting kills more shows than anything, especially Hollywood insurance fraud.

    So they predict X million viewers and making X million per episode, and after a great hit season they can jack that insurance policy up to something insane that covers the next five series season runs, then poof, oops, it’s history. They collect the insurance money and then hop onto the next gravy train of fast money. And therein lies the problem, Hollywood types want fast money not steady money. That’s why they’ll never be The Simpsons, or How I Met Your Mother, etc. and most importantly they’ll never be remembered as long as they keep this nonsense up!

  44. Linda says:

    Bunheads was the best show that ABC Family had! Why don’t they just dump some of the junk shows, instead? Right now they have nothing left that I want to see. Bye-Bye, ABC Family…….

  45. Kate says:

    What a disappointment. Amy Sherman Palladino is brilliant. After losing Gilmore Girls, I was so happy when Bunheads came on-after a long wait for something from Palladino. I loved the new characters. Bringing back so many cast members from GG was wonderful too. Like seeing our old friends. Please give this show more time.

  46. Linda says:

    Bunheads was an acual family show; clean. That speaks a lot about a network when a show like this is cancelled. Apparently they prefer teenagers having premarital sex, babies at sixteen and masterbation as religiously acceptable

  47. Terry says:

    Sad, sad choice ABC and you call yourselves a family channel. Ha. The most family friendly show you had and you cancelled it.

    • Billiam says:

      Sad because after the show gets cNCELLED, It won an award and no other ABC/ABC show win any award, just Bunheads. Lets all send $10 attached to a pair of tap shoes!!

  48. Amanda says:

    #SaveBunheads!!! Drop Dead Diva was given another chance on Lifetime because the fans put up a fuss. Let ABC Family know by tweeting and posting on Facebook. It doesn’t hurt to try.

  49. meghan collison says: