True Blood Recap: Love at First Bite

true blood terry dies season 6
Since neither you, I nor anyone else believed for a nanosecond that True Blood was gonna kill off Sookie, nobody’s gonna get the vapors when they read that no, her father does not succeed in drowning her in this week’s episode, “Don’t You Feel Me?” But what may come as a surprise (not a vapors-worthy surprise, but a surprise nonetheless) is the identity of her savior.

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HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO | Though Billith senses that Sookie is in danger (even emitting one of his patented “Suhkies” in response), he can’t wait until nightfall to ride to the rescue, so he dispatches daywalker Warlow to the scene. After Papa Stackhouse is sent packing by a magical fairy ball and a stern talking-to, Sookie spirits away Warlow to fairy land, lest Billith succeed in summoning him back (using the vomit-and-writhe method that Jessica so disliked). In the netherworld, Warlow spins a lovely tale about how, if he and Sookie got together, he could stop, you know, eating people. She’s still iffy about becoming a vampire, but she apparently likes what she hears – so much so that she lets her suitor du jour bite her (just a nibble), bites him (ew! She doesn’t even have fangs!) and then, living up to her rep as a “danger whore,” screws him while he’s tied to a rock to ensure that he doesn’t lose control and bleed her dry. Ah, romance!

AND NOW THE END IS NEAR | Meanwhile, at vamp camp, Eric and Pam survive their fight to the (true) death just fine, thank you very much. (Whew!) But the Governor is still hell-bent on making Eric pay for turning his daughter, so he injects Nora with a fatal dose of hepatitis V. (Would it be wrong to say “hurrah” here? What if I say it very quietly?) Later, Eric summons Willa to help him escape so that he can get Nora outta there. (Wait, that dose was supposed to be fatal… die! Die already!) Before they split, Willa wants to spring Jessica and Tara as well. “I guess,” says Eric in the same tone that most kids use when asked if they wanna give Aunt Bertha a big kiss.

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DAY JOB | When Billith realizes that Jessica is MIA, he summons Lilith to get the 411 on how he can save her. Unfortunately, the mother of all vamps doesn’t take kindly to being used as a supernatural Google. (She even has to scold him for giving her attitude. The idea!) Luckily, Billith is able to connect the dots between Lilith’s reference to “the tyrant” and a newscast about Louisiana’s new deal with the makers of Tru Blood, and deduce that the Governor has Jessica. In no time, Billith has downed a vial of Warlow’s fae blood and beheaded the politician. Which, in retrospect, doesn’t save Jessica at all, does it, Billith?

OUR MAN ON THE INSIDE | Of course, Billith, Eric, Willa and Nora aren’t the only fangers out to spring Jessica from vamp camp – Jason wants to save her, too. But as soon as Sarah discovers that he’s infiltrated the LAVTF, she sets out to make him regret it… by forcing him to watch his ex have sex with another vampire. (Mind you, Jess doesn’t have to go through with it: Her would-be partner, James, withstands UV blast after UV blast rather than be turned into a rapist.)

TRAGIC KINGDOM | While Holly comes up with a brilliant way to make Terry forget his troubles – have a vamp glamour them away! – the solution comes too late: His old buddy shoots him dead the next day! (RIP, Terry. You will be missed. For the love of God, is Nora still not dead? Come on!) Even sadder, Andy names his daughter, No. 4, Adelynn Braylyn Charlaine Dannica. (Still better than the name Sookie. But not much better.) And, after Sam returns Emma to Martha (with the proviso that they stay away from the pack), Alcide decides that, in spite of his roid rage, he’ll let the shifter and Nicole live (so long as they remain out of sniffing range). Is it too late to renegotiate the part about letting Nicole live?

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Brothers & Sisters’ Luke Grimes made a great first impression as James, I thought. But it’s gonna be a while before I get over Terry’s death. (Was he not the sweetest character on the whole show?) Did you see the twist coming that the Governor was only interested in jump-starting Tru Blood production so that he could poison all vampirekind with hep V? And what did you make of the big light that radiated off of Sookie and Warlow when they sealed the deal? Did they make a fairy baby? (Or, if Andy’s history with faebies is any indication, a whole litter of them?) Hit the comments.

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  1. Allie says:

    I will miss Terry. I didn’t want him to go. I’m all for a Bilith exorcism, at least he can go back to season 4 annoying. I think a Sookie/Warlow baby would be an interesting way to go, but I feel (and hope that it’s not just bad acting) that there was something missing in the weird glowing sex scene, like maybe Warlow is holding something back? I mean, we’ve spent so long despising him and Sookie and Jason wanted to kill him and then suddenly he saved Sookie by killing her parents (I did like that though) and saying he’s waited for her and all that lovey crap. As much as I want Sookie to be happy, I hope Warlow is the same evil fae/vamp tricked her and she ends up pregnant. I like Nora, but if she’s going to die, just do it already. Nicole is annoying and I want Sam back in Bon Temps. If Alcide stops being a super d-bag, I want him to stay. I mean if he’s pack master, can’t he tell them to stop hunting Sam? I love the vamp camp storyline.

  2. bend22 says:

    OMG! Deucalion killed Terry!

  3. Mikael says:

    I like Sookie & Warlow, but I don’t buy Sookie all of a sudden hopping on him like that. It seemed to come out of nowhere. Maybe she’s drawn to him in a way that’s out of her control or something. The parents trying to kill her and Warlow actually saving her seems like a big ol’ retcon to me, but I’ll go with it. And where did Warlow break out from in the beginning of the season, the place where he sent Niall? I feel like I missed something about where Warlow’s been all this time.

  4. crizle says:

    Sookie has always wanted to be a vampire but she wants the sun too. Like Eric once said post sex she’s greedy. She wants to have her cake n eat it. With ben she gets to be a bamp but not confinded to the shadows like normal vamps. Sookies either go vamp or preggas lol

  5. Eva Patel says:

    Has anyone read the novels? I have to say I read a few of the story caps on line and they sucked! Those are some talented writers in this world and right now they work for HBO writing the trueblood series. I can tell you this from what plot summeries I have read on the books they really didn’t have a lot to work with. The book only provides characters , their backgrounds and abilitys . I normally get upset when Hollywood doesn’t stay true to the book but in this case I am so glad that you didn’t because Bon temps just wouldn’t be the same without LaFayette. I really can’t see Tara married , Tara is way better as a vampire . I would really like for Warlow to stay around for awhile to at least give sookie a steady guy in her life to see if Eric can win her back from a guy that she is intended for. Because let’s face it Bill is never going to be competition for Eric . And I want warlow to be the one to change sookie to a vampire. So that she would be a hybrid like him. And then having the ability to send him to a differant relm then being charged with killing one of her own kind and what makes it worse it was her maker. That would be a nice twist .

  6. Eric lover 26 says:

    I think what can save Nora is warlow or sookies blood. If Nora got their blood she would be healed and Eric would be forever in sookies debt. He would owe her big time and I hope that sookie and Eric would be able to be together again they are awesome together becuz I think she is part of his humanity she makes him feel human and alive. She changes him as who he is and was. I think sookie and Eric belong together. But if they can’t be together I guess I would be good with sookie and warlow/Ben being together. As long as its not bill I’m good. I think they made warlow to be part like bill and part like Eric’s personality. Because warlow hated his maker and what she made him same with he hated Lorena and what she made him. Then Ben is like Eric by being bad but deep down he is good he has a kind heart and he loves deeply. So if sookie is with either Ben or Eric I’m good with that