The Killing Recap: All Out of Faith

The Killing Recap ReckoningNo, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! Nooooooo!

Show of hands: Would anyone really be upset if I ended my recap of this week’s episode of The Killing right there?

I mean, yes, we all know bad things happen to good people. And we all know TV shows — especially AMC’s dark crime drama — aren’t under any obligation to deliver us happy endings. But still, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! I do not want to accept what my eyes witnessed in that taxi cab trunk, on that coroner’s table, nor the sadness and desperation and loss of faith that followed. No. Just no.

Bullet is dead, destined to become a mere statistic in the footnotes of the Pied Piper case. Seward is about to hang for a crime he didn’t commit. And there’s a sour smell wafting from that perfect souffle of a case that’s rising in the oven back at Seattle PD headquarters. (Anyone notice the bandage on the back of Reddick’s hand? Hrmmm…) Well, at least Linden had the good sense to deflect Holder’s ill-advised kiss in one of his darkest hours.

Let’s break down this week’s action:

THE CASE | Danette comes home from a long stretch of posting “missing Kallie” flyers and finds Joe Mills looking like a total sociopath. He steals her cash and reclaims some of his camping equipment, and news of the crime interrupts Linden and Holder’s dull day waiting for Adrian to get psych clearance so Linden can interview him.

Danette directs the cops to Mills’ storage unit — Whaaaa? Nobody thought of that before now? — and upon arrival, Linden notices that not only has dude clearly been sleeping there, but that his cigarette butt is still smoldering. A desperate chase ensues, during which Mills and Linden get into a violent, frightening alteraction. When Holder shows up and overpowers the pervert, Linden distributes a series of “corrective” kicks to the dude’s torso, her own bloodied face a mask of rage and shock.

In the aftermath, Reddick arrives (suspiciously?) on the scene and says they’ve found a box of rings in Mills’ cab. “It’s Christmas come early,” Holder’s former partner boasts, but we all know Santa isn’t real, yes? Linden looks through the trophies and sees something that stops her in her tracks: It’s Bullet’s necklace, and she races downstairs to stop Holder from popping the trunk of Mills’ vehicle. It’s one of the saddest, most tense scenes in The Killing‘s three-season history, with Linden arriving just as the latch is sprung:

Linden: Don’t open the trunk.
Holde: What?
Linden (pleading, almost whispering): Just come over here. Please, Holder. You don’t need to be here. Holder, please don’t.

But our swagger master can’t help himself. He looks, and sees Bullet’s corpse, her “Faith” tattoo a clear identifier on her bloodied wrist. She’s been dead less than 12 hours, and she’s got dozens of defensive wounds, Reddick tells them back at the station, before tempting Holder thusly: “Five minutes. No witnesses. Just say the word.” Not on Linden’s watch! Linden also notices Kallie’s blue ring isn’t among the collected pieces of jewelry. Could the kid still be alive?

Mills asks for Danette, and the cops oblige, but as the shattered mom tries to pump her ex for information, he’s trying to justify his child porn videos: “Those little girls — they came to me. It’s not wrong. It’s nature. Can’t be helped. They look at me with that ache — that sweet, sweet ache,” he says, half mad, and 100 percent despicable. “I was gentle and I took care of them. I made it go away.” What’s fascinating is how the thing that seems to upset Mills the most is when Danette says she spoke with his mom, and then adds “You’re not her little boy anymore.” Man, sometimes it’s the little details that make this show so wrenching.

Linden, crossing her t’s and dotting her i’s, goes and interviews Adrian, who identifies Mills as the killer from an array of mug shots. (When he says the lights were off in the kitchen, Linden flinches, leading to a moment of pure heartbreak. “The Christmas tree was on,” says the boy, knowingly, “that’s how [I could see].”

But later, during an innocent chat with Danette, Linden learns that Mills was in Alaska during the Christmas season in 2009 — meaning there’s no way he could’ve killed Tricia Seward. Holder theorizes that maybe Adrian wanted to please Linden, had seen Mills’ face on TV, and made the leap in his mind.

But it’s another innocuous conversation that leads to much more explosive results. A fellow cop informs Holder that Bullet called the station “a bunch of times” the night she was killed, and that Reddick was the one who logged it. Holder goes nuts, showing up at his ex-partners house and giving him a brutal beat-down while the man’s wife and daughter scream for mercy. It’s there that the camera flashes on the bandage on Reddick’s hand. Is that another red herring, or a red-handed sign of guilt? (I’m starting to believe it’s the latter.)

As the episode comes to a close, Linden floats back to the station and finds there are four rings from Mills’ cab that remain “unidentified” (aka don’t have a direct match to any of the girls’ corpses). Skinner tells her that he’d like her to stay on the force — that it’s where she belongs — and Linden puts the idea of Seward’s innocence to rest. “I was wrong,” she tells her boss/former lover. “There’s no connection between Tricia Seward and Mills.” But wait: That’s a half truth. Sure, Linden knows there’s no way Mills could’ve killed Tricia, but that doesn’t automatically mean Seward killed his wife, either. And her careful word choice tells me she’s holding onto that theory as quietly but doggedly as those four rings she took in their evidence bag to her car.

THE KIDS | With Bullet dead, Kallie missing, Pastor Mike in the clink and Angie on a bus to…somewhere, the story of our runaway youths is winding down. But the question is, do we really believe anyone gets a happy ending? Lyric informs Twitch that he’s no longer on probation, so he can move to L.A., and that her social worker has an apartment lined up as soon as she can get a down payment. So Twitch — maybe knowing how Bullet’s death has crushed his sometimes girlfriend — combines their resources and gets the apartment for both of ’em. “Being with you’s all I want,” he says, and it almost sounds like he means it. Lyric looks up at the ceiling of her clean new living quarters and gives a girlish twirl — right before her face twists into the saddest of expressions.

THE CONVICT | Seward’s game of taunts with bald badass Becker continues, with the prisoner promising that once he’s freed he’ll visit Becker’s wife and “have a go at her like everybody else here.” But Seward is crumbling under the weight of his imminent hanging — and the lack of response by Linden to his multiple phone messages.

During yard time, Seward’s deeply religious neighbor Dale confronts Seward’s desperation, his fear of death, and gets him to drop to his knees, weep, and pray for help. It’s at that exact moment Dale begins to laugh. Turns out he’s your garden variety sociopath who — locked away and unable to destroy lives with his hands — now goes ahead and gets the job done with his words. “Alton was easy, but you? I thought you’d be harder to crack,” he tells Seward, before walking away, bored. It’s a truly chilling moment — Dale’s eyes sparkling with delight at having broken a fellow human — but a nice touch in a season that’s often made cops look worse than convicts. (These death row dudes can’t all be repentant and gooey on the inside, right?)

And then there’s the ongoing saga of Becker and Henderson. The latter, upon finding out he’s been unknowlingly added to Seward’s execution detail, gets an emergency call from Becker’s wife, rushes to her aid, and discovers Becker’s son has shot a gentleman caller to their home. Becker arrives almost simultaneously, and in a flash, this hard-edged prison guard knows it’s his own child who’ll soon be behind bars. As if Bullet’s death wasn’t enough extinguished promise for one hour!

THE DETECTIVES | Holder refuses to give Linden a smoke at the storage unit: “Buy a pack or two — reciprocate the love every now and then!” he teases, but the l-word is now in the air, and it’s feeling like our hoodie-sporting cop is developing a crush.

After Bullet’s death, Holder splits with his cute ADA girlfriend, who winds up enraging him by noting “the danger these kids put themselves into every day” while she’s attempting to console him. Holder rages that she doesn’t even understand his “serenity” chest tattoo, explodes about how he used to shoot meth into his veins every day, and you know if either of ’em took a Cosmo quiz, they’d know the relationship could not be saved.

Linden, returning the favor Holder extended by visiting her after she was kidnapped, lets herself in to Holder’s place and tries to find out how her partner is doing. When they both sink back into the couch, cigarettes in hand, Holder goes in for a desperation-hour kiss, but Linden adroitly deflects it. Holder is mortified, but Linden consoles him in a way that’s almost sisterly. “It’s OK,” she says. “It doesn’t matter.” Grief makes people do crazy things.

What did you think of The Killing’s latest hour? Can you believe Bullet is gone? Who’s your pick as the real killer? And what burning questions will keep you up tonight? Sound off below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. RJames says:

    Part of me really wanted to see Holder & Linden get together, even if it really messed things up after.

    • Annie says:

      Oh my God, was ANYTHING on television ever more heart-wrenching than Linden running to that cab screaming “Holder!”? I am utterly UNDONE.

    • Annie says:

      Also: It’s gotta be Reddick, right?

      • jax says:

        This! and it’s got to Reddick.

      • Lenz says:

        I think the case is closed. Mills killed the girls and Twitch might have helped him kill Bullet. The last two episodes will be about Ray Seward and who killed his wife.

      • Kim R says:

        That’s what I thought after seeing the bandage on his hand. They said Bullet fought hard. I wondered about Reddick all along and now am thinking that he had some sick “arrangement” with Mills. Mills gets to feed his twisted needs and then passes the girls along to Reddick, who they get into a vehicle with because he’s a cop.
        This season has been excellent. When Holder leaned in to kiss Linden, I was saying Yes and my husband was saying No! Hahahahaha….I’m still such a girl. :)

        • Bob says:

          Could there be two serial killers? Here what I think. Prison Guard Becker Killed Ray Seward’s Wife. “Becker is never home and keeps disappearing for periods of time” Something is up. And Reddick killed those girls. I am betting Becker and Reddick are somehow related.

  2. Rae says:

    I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I desperately want them to kiss. I was watching them on that couch in the cloud of cigarette smoke and really bad decisions I thought that they are really the worst together but at the same time I was thinking they need to make out.

  3. Alichat says:

    OMG! This episode. First, it’s ridiculous that Joel Kinnamen has not received an Emmy nomination. The moment Reddick brought that box in, I said “he’s the killer.” Now knowing this show, it’s probably another red herring, but I did notice the bandage on his hand. And the car that pulled up outside of the diner where Bullet was looked like your standard police sedan. Plus, Reddick egging Holder on to take some alone time and beat Mills just seemed out of character for a cop who’s not supposed to give a crap about the case. I hate that Bullet died. I LOVED her character, and the scenes between her and Holder were some of the best in the season. I gasped when Linden pulled that earring out of the box. And the look on Holder’s face when he looked in the trunk. Pure torture. I’m glad they had Linden deflect Holder’s kiss. It showed that Linden seems to be finding her sanity again, plus I like them as just partners. I really don’t want to see them become romantically involved. I’m still trying to figure out Adrian’s agenda. This week he fingers the guy the police are after, and in the tease for next week, it sounds like he says Linden was there? Tonight’s episode was just fantastic.

    • prettypinkie says:

      I couldn’t of AGREE anymore with you ( FLOUNDER* ) I too think it’s Reddick* as soon I saw the Big Band-Aid on his hand that’s what I thought right away was him, “I Love this show so much it has you THINKING ALWAYS back to back an that’s what makes a GREAT SHOW !! I hope it keeps going OOOOOON !!!

    • The Beach says:

      This was a really good post. Thanks! My take on the preview though was that it wasn’t Linden that Aiden was talking about. The boy was at the prison to see his father for the last time and I think he saw the killer there…Henderson? Becker? Reddick?…just my take.

      • ACQ says:

        Or Dale. The crazy guy talking to Seward in the prison yard. He talked about killing with his hands outside of prison, but on the inside he used his words to hurt people.

  4. Maddy says:

    I’ve never been more pissed at this show and that includes them making us wait two season to find out who killed Rosie Larson.

  5. Keith says:

    Jonathan Demme directed this episode, that’s pretty cool.

  6. AshleyRae says:

    WTF!!!!!!!! BULLET IS DEAD?NOOOOOOOOOOOOO i’m so pissed yet so sad……. if kallie turns out to be ALIVE and finds out that her best friend is dead that’s just gonna be heart breaking.

  7. kvasilarakos says:

    Such a gut-wrenching episode! I’s sad to know Bullet is dead. The other deceased girls were taken after they got in cars while hustling, right? I can’t picture Bullet doing that – especially after being so distraught over Lyric and desperately trying to get a hold of Holder by phone. Wouldn’t it make sense that she would get into Reddick’s vehicle if he promised her he would take her to Holder?

  8. Columbus says:

    Unlike with the Rosie Larsen case, I actually cared a lot for Bullet which is why her death is so upsetting. The actress was superb and deserves an award for her work. I saw Reddick’s bandage so it is probably a red herring.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Not so sure about that, Columbus. I think Mr. Slezak is onto something here. Mills wouldn’t have known how to find Bullet. Furthermore, Mills had no way of knowing that Bullet was onto the identity of the killer. The killer is a police insider, which only leaves Reddick and Skinner. They’re the two who would have been privvy to the messages that Bullet was leaving at the station.

      • John says:

        I also believe Reddick or Skinner. But I also think Twitch is involved too. How else would he have all that extra money? Informants get paid sometimes pretty well. He most likely gives info about the girls. He didn’t seem as upset as his girlfriend really or didn’t expect it to end that way and feels guilty.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Maybe, but Twitch was super poor earlier. Remember he cleaned himself and Lyric out for a bottle of hair color? It wasn’t until he became gay against his will that he got some money. My theory is that he has gone gay for pay and Becker is one of his clients. Who knows? It’s fun to guess though.

  9. Sarah says:

    I was screaming ‘no no no no no!’ at my TV when they showed the tattoo. I’m heartbroken! I should’ve known a show this dark would dare to go there, but I was honestly shocked. I just wanted Bullet saved so badly after working so hard to survive and help her friends survive. The Holder-Bullet scenes were almost as riveting as the Holder-Linden scenes always are. God the acting on this show! Brilliant.

  10. Kristen V says:

    I just rewatched Episode 10’s preview and I can’t tell who Adrian said he saw in the apartment. Did anyone catch the name?

    • Alichat says:

      It sounded to me like he said “Sarah was there.” I listened to it three times and can’t come up with anything else.

    • Brenda says:

      I’ve rewound that part of the preview at least ten times and can’t make out what Adrian is saying. Part sounds like he says “You were there that night. Guess you must have……” but I don’t know. Frustrating lol

    • Tom says:

      Adrian says, “[He] was there that night. He was the one I saw.”

      The way they portrayed it in the trailer made it look like Adrian was talking about Seward, but it could easily just be them trying to throw us off.

    • dan says:

      “she was there that night. She was the one I saw”

  11. Mo says:

    omg this show! I nearly gave up on it last season but these recaps drew me back in this season. Bullet = NO!! I loved that character. Holder/Linden = Oh dear. As glad as I am that she put a stop to that & even though I could see it coming & was whispering, “don’t, no, that’s such a such a bad idea, dude” I still almost wanted her to give in, just to give him some kind of comfort.

  12. D Allen says:

    A million questions: How did Mills leave the storage room without anyone noticing? Was there a back exit or something? Also, some enormous storage unit place! Weird.

    If Joe and Danette were tight for so long and he “loved” her kid, why did Danette send Kallie into the street when he was coming over? How does that figure?

    Finally, we talk to Adrian and no questions about the drawings? This show just confuses me constantly.

    • Laurak says:

      I hear ya.

    • bigdave27 says:

      You answered your own question about the storage place being so massive. My thought was, how does anyone get anything in that storage space? That is a long way to go to store your stuff…too much work IMO.

      I think Danette was being selfish and wanted her “time” with her man and maybe she saw that he was more interested in her daughter. Mills wanted Kallie there for sure.

      Yeah they are leaving that one for Linden, illustrating she is a good detective.

      Good questions.

  13. Laurak says:

    For some time I’ve been thinking it’s the former BF of Linden. Why has he shown up twice? I think he’s the killer, knew she was the lead detective on it, and has some sick pleasure in getting with her.

  14. tamihagglund says:

    Oh, Bullet. Really thought she’d make it. And with all the focus on the prison guards I didn’t even consider Reddick. But he makes sense–he could have told Bullet to meet Holder at the diner, then come and said Holder got held up but he’d bring her to him. Maybe whoever Angie (was that her name?) pegged to Bullet was wrong. And him getting the rings from Miller’s car, plus the bandage…just makes sense.

    Although I will say that baby face guard not wanting to be on Seward’s death crew still seems suspicious to me. Doesn’t want to see the man pay for a crime he committed? Keep wondering if Adrian will visit his dad, see the baby faced guard, and freak out. Besides, what if Reddick DID kill all the young girls but baby face killed Trisha Seward and has Kallie? Maybe.

  15. Whatever says:

    Nooooo Not Bullet !
    Yes you could of ended the recap after the first line enough said.

  16. Superhero says:

    Look, I haven’t been overly fond of this season, but I need to give credit where credit is due. When I first heard about Bullet, I laughed at how ridiculous her name was and immediately assumed that she’d be as terrible as all the young characters in the first two seasons. In the first episode, I absolutely despised her and wanted the killer to find and murder her as quickly as possible. But now? Dammit, The Killing, you somehow made me care for that damn kid.

    You are a very, very flawed writer, Veena Sud. But you deserve credit for what you did with her, so I will eat my words for this specific issue.

  17. Liza180 says:

    I am very much liking this season although I’m not a fan of the Peter saarsgard role. I was really enjoying Bullet and was shocked when they found her. Something about the defensive wounds is a clue. I wondered last week if it was a cop that was watching her in the diner because it sounded like there was a police radio in his car. I could be wrong, though and like you all said–it might be a red herring. However, I’m very sad there are only 2 eps left. I really miss the parents from last season…midge and (cant remember brent sexton’s characters name). They were so good. But I’m really enjoying enis and kinnaman’s wirk thus season. Seeing Holder so vulnerable with Linden was mesmerizing. I love this show. I watch Drop Dead Diva right after because the two shiws were not only brought back after cancelation, they are a yin and yang viewing experience and DDD lightens the mood aftet the darkness if The Killing.

  18. Joey says:

    Sad episode. Sad Bullet died. glad they got Joe. crazy Holder attacked Reddrick at his home. Holder and Linden were close to kissing.

  19. kate says:

    It sort of makes sense that it’s Reddick. If he was logging the messages at the call station, Bullet might have given herself away that she figured out who it was. Sad stuff, I liked her.

    • Lisa G says:

      I’m sure she told him where she was waiting for Holder if Reddick asked her, and that she knew who it was. Of course she might not have had a name, it might be “the P.O.” or it was Mills not knowing he had a partner. (I say this because I would think he would have identified himself.) It also didn’t look like a cab…no meter and didn’t look like any yellow).

      I wondered if since Kallie’s mom said Mills brought expensive Christmas gifts if he gave Danette Tricia Seward’s ring. Does Linden have proof he was in Alaska the whole time? Maybe Reddick was Tricia’s P.O. too? Of course P.O.s and police are supposed to be different, so maybe there is some cross pollination here….

  20. JeffDJ says:

    Excellent episode. It was gut-wrenching seeing Holder dealing with Bullet’s death (Noooooo!). And what a scene when Linden gets beaten by Joe, then kicks the crap out of him when Holder holds him down. Also, I thought it amusing that Holder didn’t think his ADA gal-pal (played by Jewel Staite) understood his Serenity tattoo, heh-heh. ;-)

  21. Patricia says:

    This episode hurt so much! I can’t deal with Bullet’s deayh. Nooooooo! And Holder going in to kiss Linden! I wanted that kiss to happen so bad.

    This season’s been so good, the show better come back!

  22. Diane says:

    Seriously, NO, not Bullet!

    And I couldn’t get past Linden just believing Danette about Joe being out of town. Couldn’t Joe have lied to Danette about being in Alaska? Also, even if Picasso saw his mother being killed, I still don’t understand how he knew where the bodies were buried. Overall, though, this was a great, great episode.

    • kingo sleemer says:

      This. I was aggravated with this episode because it made no sense to me for Linden to not somehow verify that when Danette thought Joe was in Alaska that that’s actually where he was. Dude’s a serial killer, killing countless girls somehow, he’s going to need to tell his girlfriend something. “I’m going to Alaska” might be a better thing to tell her than “I’m going to go kill some people.” Frustrating.

    • PugJ says:

      How does the son Adrian know about the body dumping ground? Who took him to that location? They must have went there multiple times for him to draw the picture good enough for Linden to use the picture to find the actual location. Adrian drew the picture for the first time right after the murder of his mother. His mother was not found in the dumping place but in her apartment.

  23. Penn says:

    This show is just amazing. I love the acting, it’s incredible. I’m really sad about Bullet too, but no fairy tale endings here (I hope this young actress has been notices and gets loads of parts). I think the writers wanted to show how vulnerable runaways really are. That being said, I had this silly hope that she would end up being adopted by Sarah’s former mentor and her partner. If they execute Seward though, it will definitely tip me over the edge. As to the ADA, I’m so glad she’s gone! It’s ok the kiss didn’t happen as long as it happens eventually! What a Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. stefano says:

    francis becker is the killer

    • JJ says:

      No. He just has problems and I think the reason that he doesn’t come at night is because his wife is nuts and he doesn’t want to deal with her.

    • tracy harland says:

      Could it be Beckers wife? Maybe Becker was having an affair with Seward’s wife. Hence the ‘SHE’ that Adrian mentioned. If it was ‘she’ that he said.

    • PugJ says:

      When the naught clerk at the hotel was first brought to the station for questioning -before we found out she was the mother to Mills- did anyone notice all the rings she was wearing? Was that episode one or two I may to review that scene and look at the rings more closely.

  25. Maria says:

    God does anyone else want Linden and Holder to kiss as much as I do?? I really thought that was it! Gut wrenching episode, this show is the best thing on television.

  26. Flounder says:

    Bullet left messages for Holder saying that she knew who the killer was but if Reddick is the killer why would Bullet get into the car with him? Then again, if the killer is Reddick, Bullets calls to the station would splain how he knew where to find her. The bandages could be a red herring but Reddick was really into celebrating both when he came up with box of rings and then with his family when Holder pummeled him. Baby Face Henderson is not a killer, nor is he cut out to be a guard for that matter. He’s human, working in a world of sub humans… The little kid shooting the mothers boyfriend is messed up… what a dark show. But I love it.

  27. John says:

    Here is my theory and it’s been there all along really. There are two people or three involved. Cops need informants and sometimes pay them. I believe Twitch was paid to snitch on Bullet and help get the girls to the killer which is Reddick.

    I also think Seward is not innocent.

  28. prettypinkie says:

    I love this show a lot , It’s always has you THINKING an it has you Going back an Fourth an your always feeling in Shock in every Direction, That’s what you want in a GOOD show an this is one of them , The Killing brings you in an it makes you want too watch it I can’t wait for next week to see what Happens ……….

  29. Diana says:

    Good but sad show last night. Bullet grew on me and I didn’t want to see her die. That scene was similar to the movie & when Morgan Freeman ran to Brad Pitt screaming don’t open the box .. anyway maybe Reddick is the killer and that’s why he didn’t tell Holder about the phone calls. Can’t wait for the next 2 episodes

    • DanielleZ says:

      Your comparison about the scene where Linden runs after Holder screaming for him not to open the trunk does remind me of the scene in the movie ‘7’ you mention. Wasn’t this the second time The Killing paid homage to ‘7’ this season? I seem to remember in an episode early in the season someone–one of the cops perhaps–making a comment about ‘a head in a box.’ I think it was The Killing.

  30. Jen says:

    I had to look up the actress that plays(ed) Bullet. Bex Taylor-Klaus. Hard to believe this is her first “job.” She is pretty amazing. I see a bright future for her.

  31. DavidSask says:

    Peter Saarsgard ruined the show this season, its like I can’t stand his character or story arc!!

  32. Robin Ruwet says:

    I think the Killer is the Becker, the bald security guy at the jail. I think he follows Mills after Mills videotapes the girls and kills them. I’ve thought this for weeks now and will be REALLY surprised if it is Reddick. This show is SO awesome, I hate to see it end after two episodes more………….

  33. jenferner8 says:

    I am absolutely heartbroken that Bullet is dead. I’m almost more heartbroken for Holder. I’m thinking that Twitch is involved and apartment may be a way to ease his guilt especially now that Bullet is out of his way in regards to the girl, plus we don’t know where he got money for apt. Linden needs proof the guy was in Alaska, why is a kid lying about who he saw that night and what the hell does Becker know about all this?
    I am loving Sargaard in this role! He’s so creepy cool!

  34. Anngella says:

    There are definetely multiple killers. I believe Seward is a serial killer but he didn’t kill his wife. Does that translates into a copycat killer with accomiplice(s)? Who knows…

  35. Cris says:

    I don’t really think Becker or Henderson have anything to do with Trisha Seward’s murder. It just seems kinda lazy and a little bit lame…the killer just happens to work at the prison where Seward is? What possible motive could either of them have?

    Also think back to the episode where Seward has the the panic attack and Becker talks him through it. That scene showed a great deal of kindness in Becker. I don’t think he’s a bad person, I think he is a victim of his work environment.

    It COULD be Reddick, but I also smell a possible red herring. If we are to consider Reddick as the killer here’s something to think about: just because Angie told Bullet the name of her attacker it doesn’t necessarily mean that Bullet knew what he looked like.

    Like the first and second season, we have already met the killer.

  36. Kristen says:

    I’ve got it! The killer is Skinner. They’re using Reddick to throw us all off again but he’s not smart enough to pull this all off. Skinner heard of the call from Bullet and went to go pick her up at the restaurant. He is somehow in league with or is framing Mills. He framed Seward and knew no one would believe him if he said Skinner was the serial killer. He told Seward to take the fall and he would let his 4 year old son live. That’s why Seward hasn’t tried to stop his executions or proclaim his innocence until now when Linden is starting to believe him. I realize there are still a lot of loose ends but I think it somehow comes down to him.

    • Vince31 says:

      I’m with you–my money is on Skinner! I posted a comment below that gives some reasons that are similar to yours. He is too eager for Seward to hang and too easily accepting Mills as the killer when there’s no evidence yet that he did it.

  37. kim says:

    I can see how Reddick might be able to plant a box of rings in the storage bin undetected. But how could he have gotten Bullets body into the trunk of Mills’ taxi? Bullet may have grown tired of waiting for a response,for her calls and decided to take matters into her own hands. Reddick was Angie’s guard before she left the hospital….I doubt he would have let her get away a second time if he had tried to kill her.
    I wouldnt be too surprized to find out someone planted Tricia Sewards rings in the box with the others if they were aware Linden was making headway with clearing her husband.
    How did Twitch know about Bullet? How did he come up with the deposit? Dannet said Joe stole her car and all her money…maybe Twitch is partners with or helping Mills.
    Twitchs creepy p.o. made him get in the back seat, taxi drivers fares ride in the back seat, cops also have people in the back.

  38. Holder says:

    Mrs. Seward took Adrian for a walk and they happened to go to the dumping ground. The killer saw them, followed them home, waited til dark and killed the mother and perhaps would’ve killed the kid except he wasn’t in his bed, he was in the closet. Adrian draws the picture because that’s the last place he went with his mom.

  39. I think its Becker or Henderson. Probably Henderson because he seems less likely!!!

  40. FONDA Tait says:

    So upset about Bullet. I hope they at least show us how it happened, one minute you see her in the window, the next she’s in a trunk. I need closure!!! Holder was so genuine in his reaction. This show is great. I do hope the actress that played Bullet has a promising career, she was the best thing on the show!

  41. 444 says:

    I suddenly noticed Reddick too, he is like the friendly innocent “family guy” right
    …also remembered episode 1 when they find the body´s wrapped in the red biohazard plastic;
    and notice how they mention its someone with access to police equipment
    Also how did the killer knew that bullet had specific information?

    still confused about how Adrian knew about the dumpsite though..

  42. Julia says:

    I am very, very annoyed with this show right now. Bex Taylor-Klaus said Bullet was just a minor character and that she was upset with her being a big character- she just wanted her to be a character on the streets that meant nothing. After more research on The Killing, I found out the show was cancelled after the second season. But it then was renewed. I think this show went the wrong way. Killing off Bullet was just another setback. Bullet was THE BEST character on the show. Bex needs an award for acting so riveting and intresting. I mean it was stupid to kill her off. It makes the show step back five steps…Bullet was like an undercover spy on the streets- she found out more than anybody could. I think this show really threw everything around with her death and screwed EVERYONE over. Just when you think they’re getting somewhere, they get setback AGAIN. This show for me is 6/10. Bullet didnt need to get killed off.

  43. Jack says:

    How about the last shot,the boy saying”that’s him”

  44. Pamela Bush says:

    When Holder arrives at Reddick’s home, hanging behind Reddick on the wall of his dining room is a print/photograph? – a horizontal landscape of trees that except for the fact that they are shown with leaves – is eerily similar to the landscape Adrian kept recreating. The set designer could have hung anything – this was a conscious choice.

    If Reddick is the killer, his departure from the force would leave Holder needing another partner. Welcome back Linden.

    • Vince31 says:

      I noticed that too! I thought of all things to have in his home, a print that looks very similar to the drawings we’ve seen from Adrian. Very interesting!

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Wow, Pamela, excellent catch!! I was patting myself on the back for catching the bandages on his hand, but you caught something even less obvious.

  45. Vince31 says:

    Thought this was the best episode of the series. Really loved the first 10 minutes–the storage place scenes had Jonathan Demme written all over them. What a treat to have him direct this episode. I think Skinner–yes, the head of special investigations–is the killer. He is anxious for Seward to hang, he’s out celebrating the capture of Mills as the serial killer, yet there’s no evidence yet that Mills did it and very few people could have known where Bullet was when she was at the Diner–and that she knew who it was. She called the police station and Reddick (according to the coroner) “logged the calls.” Doesn’t mean he ever spoke with her. Anyone at the police station could have seen the info in the call log.

    I admit Reddick having the bandage and conveniently finding the rings is very suspicious, but I still think the police captain is involved, along with Twitch–who conveniently has money and is no longer on probation right after Bullet is killed–something Skinner could have easily arranged. Also the car that pulled up next to the Diner–it was blurred out, but it definitely wasn’t a yellow taxi. It looked like a black Mercedes. Skinner worked the case involving Seward’s wife’s murder with Linden 3 years earlier and was the one who always pushed for Seward to take the blame–Seward barely remembered Linden when she first visited him early in the season, but he remembered her partner (Skinner). Definitely don’t think it’s Mills. Plus a lot of the teenage girls knew Mills–Lyric was “with him” in his taxi once and had been numerous times before according to the conversation they had. When they showed the girls getting in the car with the killer, there was no recognition of who was driving–they would have recognized Mills (or even Pastor Mike), but they did not recognize the driver. Finding the rings helps it look like Mills, but the rings could have easily been planted by Skinner (or yes, Reddick) at the storage place. What we haven’t seen yet are the fingers–aren’t they the killer’s real “trophies”?

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I appreciate this theory and I believe it has its merits, but there are a few problems here. There is quite a bit of evidence that Mills is the killer: the rings and Bullet’s dead body in his taxi trunk. That being said, I agree with you that the killer is not Mills and that is an inside job for the same reasons you mention.

      Skinner is on my list of suspects, but I still think Reddick is suspect #1. My thinking on this goes back to Angie. 2 things to note:
      1) Remember the day after the Angie and Pied Piper sighting by the young motorist when they police were at the scene investigating? Skinner asks, “where’s Reddick?” Where is Reddick indeed!?!?!?!
      2) Reddick was in charge of guarding Angie at the hospital, and she escaped from the hospital. Why’d she disappear? Did she recognize Reddick’s eyes or voice? And remember Skinner’s reaction to the news? It was frustration and supreme annoyance. One could argue that his reaction is due to his desire to kill her while she was in the hospital, but I think his reaction would have been a bit different if that were the case.

      Now we get to figure out how one of the cops (Skinner or Reddick) is connected to one of the prison guards (Becker or Hernderson). Becker or Henderson are in on something, i just know it!

  46. Connie says:

    To all of you- intringuing theories and fantastic research and thought put into this…but one thing bugs me…Lyric did not seem that upset about Bullet’s death. Also, at the beginning did’nt she ask Bullet if she could wear Kallie’s ring ( at Beacon House) ?. I also think Lyric has mental problems/severe personality change. Just a thought.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Fair comment. My take on Lyric is that she has an almost sociopathic survival instinct. She uses people for her benefit. It was never about being with Twitch; it was an escape to Los Angeles to date a model/actor. Notice her verbal slip when she saw the new apt for the first time: “this is mine?” not ours, mine. It was never about Bullet; she protected Lyric and pulled the strings to put a roof over her head. That would explain her cold reactions. Sociopaths aren’t programmed with the empathy chip.

  47. katem says:

    I recently discovered The Killing on Netflix (don’t get AMC) and really like it. Love it in fact. This season is so, so good. It is compelling, thoughtful television. Love the dark, slow pace, the sad reality of life on the street, the fact that all of the characters, cops included, inhabit this grey world where there are few absolutes.

    As much as the last episode was sad – liked Bullet a lot – I think it was the best yet. Gut wrenching and beautifully acted. Wow. Did I say I love this show.

    Would LOVE a season 4. Netflix, AMC I hope you are listening.

  48. katem says:

    As for the Pied Piper, not sure why but I’m hoping it isn’t Skinner. He seems like a decent sort in an understated way. Something makes me wonder, though, and that’s Linden’s reaction in the promo to Adrian saying “He was the one I saw” (my take on what Adrian said). She looks unhappy and unsettled, which could be consistent with Skinner being the guy Adrian just nailed. Though you never know with promos… :)

  49. CaptainAmerica says:

    Skinner killed all the girls they found. He also killed Seward’s wife. Twitch took a bribe to help lead Skinner to kill Bullet. Where is Kallie though and will they find her?