Emmy Nominations 2013: The 44 Biggest Snubs

You can’t always get what you want — especially when it comes to Emmy nominations. And so while today’s announcement of the 2013 contenders included a number of fresh faces and nifty surprises (huzzah for Anna Chlumsky!), we still found ourselves yelling The S Word — “Snubs!” of course — at the questionable judgment of those at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

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Check out our list of this year’s 44 most egregious omissions from the race — damn, some of ’em really sting, don’t they? — then hit the comments with the snubs that left you ready to storm Emmy HQ with brickbats and torches.

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  1. Mark says:

    Seriously… Whoever decides on who gets nominated really need to watch some more TV, ironically. Pathetic list of nominees.

  2. drhenning says:

    This is the reason why Emmy’s are pointless.. Those who nominate don’t watch TV just read press clippings… geesh.. thankfully, I can easily ignore it and enjoy what I like.. The Americans, Orphan Black, Parenthood, The Good Wife, Justified.. So many good shows I don’t have time to work!!! And now we have stuff like Orange is Black..

  3. China Blue says:

    For the record, nothing about Happy Endings, including the cast, was ever any good.

    • Dan says:

      Even as a fan of the show, I have to agree with that. It would never be possible to nominate any of the actors as “great” or the show as “best”. It was just an ok show I liked to watch.

    • All three seasons of Happy Endings run, had critical acclaim, every member of the Happy Endings cast, including a few of the supporting cast, deserves a Emmy, even a nomination at least. It’s cancellation was hard enough, being snubbed at the Emmys makes it even harder.

  4. Alex says:

    I was half expecting Tatiana to be snubbed, not only because of the sci-fi thing. It didn’t help being a Canadian production on a little watched channel either. I think even her age hurt her. When was the last time someone in their 20s was nominated as a lead? She had a lot working against her that I anticipated it, but it’s still soooo disappointing. I thought maybe, just maybe.

    At least when the Oscars get it wrong they spread their nominations to both vets and young, up-and-coming talent.

  5. AlisonC says:

    I know you love Connie Britton, Michael but I think that Hayden was outstanding in Nashville and deserved a nomination more.

  6. Callie says:

    Tatiana Maslany, Monica Potter & Lana Parrilla were all robbed!!!

    • Liz says:

      Lana Parilla? Oh please, she is way overrated… She has only two expressions: “I’m so evil and I like it” or “I’m good and I cry”… Ridiculous.

      • Dan says:

        Lana Parilla is terrible. It’s ok if you like her character, but please don’t come saying that that’s good acting.

  7. Dan says:

    Is it serious that nobody so far touched on the name of the incredibility that is Mads Mikkelsen in Hannibal? The guy is a whole new Hannibal Lecter like we thought wasn’t possible. Just wait for season 2…

  8. Ethel says:

    Same old, same old. I agree with almost all the snubs except Happy Endings and New Girl. Tried to watch those shows and just could not get into either of them, esp Happy Endings. Shame about Justified actors being snubbed and TBBT stars shut out except for JIm Parsons. Hope it wins Best Comedy, long overdue

  9. raymondj64 says:

    New Girl / Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield & Zooey Deschanel; Jonny Lee Miller;
    Simon Helberg; Melissa Rauch
    Eden Sher;
    The Mindy Show / Mindy Kaling

    30 Rock / Fey & Baldwin?? Again?? Really??
    Modern Family a

    House of Cards is only in there so the Academy can be seen as hip and forward thinking.

  10. Aleesha says:

    So seriously disappointed nothing for SouthLAnd, The Americans, or Happy Endings!!! Michael Cudlitz was the best this last season. He really deserved some recognition.

  11. Jo Ana Scott says:

    Every year it seems that the networks, whom viewers have to pay to see, gets more and more nominations. I am disgusted that regular viewers, who do not pay to see hbo, showtime, et al, are subject to seeing actors like Monica Potter get snub. I feel that their should be separate awards. just my opinion but if you’re going to put it on tv then every viewer should be able to see it Thanks

  12. Philly In DC says:

    I would trade Harry Hamlin and Robert Morse for James Wolk. (Although Robert Morse probably got nominated for his single line in the finale which was brilliant)

  13. Vanessa says:

    Completely agree that Nikolaj was snubbed. He’s been absolutely incredible this season, the character has been consistently interesting. Barring his wedding to Sansa, I’m hard pushed to remember anything outstanding Tyrion did.

  14. Wesley says:

    Still trying to get over the ridiculousness of New Girl getting absolutely nothing this year. How is that possible? Jake Johnson, Zooey Deschenel and Max Greenfield just completely ignored for their super incredible talent. And WHY Parks and Recreation fail to get rarely anything I will never understand. And Monica Potter good graceous, I don’t think the Emmys have ever made me this mad before. Can’t take it.

    • Shannon says:

      The complete Emmy New Girl snub is what is had made me the most mad of all the snubs this year. Not even 1 nomination!?! This show was on fire during seaon 2 and the whole cast deserved nominations!!

  15. Sarah says:

    Tatiana Maslany and Jennifer Carpenter are not just potential nominees, THEY ARE POTANTIAL WINNERS. God, this makes me so angry! They aren’t nominated, when in fact they should be the winners!

  16. Aaron says:

    I thought Anna Torv chose not to submit to the emmy this year??

  17. Vince says:

    What does Katey Sagal have to do to get an Emmy nomination! Jfc, it’s ridiculous, but I agree with the nominees this year (minus Connie Britton). Rooting for Vera Farmiga!

  18. Samantha says:

    Jim Beaver as guest actor on Justified…

  19. shay says:

    agree with most of them but where’s courteney cox( one of the biggest snub since friends, never nominated for that, seriously?! and cougar town and stana katic!!!

  20. Snubs of them all: Jennifer Carpenter, Monica Potter and of course John Noble. The Americans also got snubbed as well as stars Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys and Noah Emmerich and no love for New Girl and stars Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson and Max Greenfield. Also, bummed out that Nick Offerman got snubbed for the second year in a row, Kate McKinnon and Taran Killam from SNL didn’t get no Emmy love and poor Casey Wilson of Happy Endings. BTW, still no Emmy love for NCIS.

  21. Jason says:

    Rupal as Best Reality Show Host, and Rupaul’s Drag Race as Best Reality Show… EPIC SNUB!

  22. Ruby says:

    Hey don’t look at me, I gave up on the Emmys when Battlestar Galactica was on TV. The fact that fantastic shows like SouthLAnd, Justified and Sons of Anarchy get ignored while they keep voting for the same things on the “big networks” over and over again completely invalidates these lists.

  23. Amanda P says:

    You people have got to be kidding me – ABC Family and CW shows getting nominated for Emmys? Emmys are for the big guns, the high drama. Your favorite show is your favorite show for a reason – because you like it. But that doesn’t mean it’s the best or anywhere near the best. For every one of these nominations to be included, someone/thing who actually got nominated would have to be EXcluded, and in MOST (not all) of these categories this is not an option, the best have already been nominated.

    I haven’t seen Orphan Black so I can’t comment on that, but I think the only things missing from the nominations were New Girl cast members and Parks & Rec as best comedy series.

    Get real.

  24. Shannon says:

    I’m so upset about New Girl. Not one nomination!?! That show was amazing last season!!

  25. kwise says:

    Jake Johnson was so brilliant this year (and always). I agree he was robbed. Simon Helberg has also been standing out to me this past year when I watch BBT. I’ve become acutely aware of his talent lately – I’m glad you mentioned him here.

  26. Molly says:

    Is there a rule in Hollywood that movie stars absolutely MUST be nominated for Emmys if they go on a TV show even if they don’t do a great job? Seriously.

    • DW says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Movie and Broadway stars get special treatment from the EMMYs.
      A good example is Nathan Lane. He was fine on The Good Wife but in no way should he get a nomination for Best Guest Actor in a Drama.

  27. DW says:

    Probably the very worst set of nominations……ever. I have no need to spend any more time thinking about, reading about, or watching the EMMYs this year. Move the show to cable where it now belongs.

  28. Fi says:

    Agree with the snubs for Tatiana Maslany, John Noble and Sutton Foster. Alas, none of them stood a chance. TM and JN are on scifi shows and the Emmys ignore those every single year. And Bunheads didn’t have enough buzz for Foster to have been a possibility.

    Also agree with snubs for Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Andrew Lincoln and Parks and Recreation, though I was naive enough to think there was at least a small chance they’d get the nom.

    I disagree with Julianna Margulies and The Good Wife. JM is a fantastic actress and TGW is a good show but season 4 was not up to the quality of the first three seasons. Also disagree with Anna Torv, as the show gave Olivia such a passive role in the final season. I would’ve nominated her for seasons 2 and 3, easily.

    I go back and forth with Michelle Fairley. She was clearly brilliant in the Red Wedding episode but had very little to do prior to that. The show began destroying Cat’s arc in season 2, when they shifted so much focus to Robb/Talisa and that continued with season 3, right up until her final episode. That being said, she was brilliant in that episode and she’s a fantastic actress so perhaps she should’ve gotten the nom despite not having any decent material prior to the RW.

  29. Queen Storm says:

    Uhm?? The Americans anywhere? I feel that’s a R E A L snub . Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys have been consistently on fire on it . Can’t believe this . Anyway, not that I’ve ever believed the Emmy’s to be good judges of tv shows .

  30. No Larry Hagman (which would have been a shoe-in for him to win…), no Patrick Duffy, and definitely NO Linda Gray??? Come ON, Linda Gray TOTALLY shined in J.R.’s Masterpiece! EVEN IF it was after the deadline, she deserved an Emmy for that.

  31. Reece says:

    I think Kristen Bell is great on House of Lies. I don’t watch Parenthood, but even I know Monica Potter should have been nominated. Boo.

  32. CJ says:

    Lilly Rabe, she was AMAZING in American Horror Story

  33. sarah says:

    Based on shows I watch the biggest snubs for me are:
    Monica Porter
    Peter Krause
    Parenthood – Show
    Charlie Hunnam
    Maggie Siff
    Katey Sagal
    Sons of Anarchy – Show
    Dexter – Show
    Michael C Hall
    Jennifer Carpenter
    Suits – Show
    Gabriel Macht

    Of course not everyone can be nominated but there really is not much on the list of nominees that I care about, but I am sure I will end up tuning in anyways!

  34. What about Rectify? The best new show on television….and nothing. It says something about this age of television that there are so many deserving nominees…

  35. DW says:

    How could Simon Helberg not get a nomination? Really? The EMMY nominations are worse than a bad joke this year.

  36. D-fm says:

    Ive honestly stop caring about the Emmys because all they nominate every year are the same ppl whose characters are written specifically with these critics in mind. Few exceptions here and there, all the same. *yawn*

  37. xwiseguyx says:

    Michael Cudlitz being left off the list is one of the biggest snubs in the history of snubs.

    • CHH says:

      Michael Cudlitz’s performance on Southland this year (and past years) is the finest acting I have ever witnessed on television. He just got robbed.

  38. lariet50 says:

    Am I wrong, or did they have some of the most blatant snubs in Emmy history this year?

  39. Ann says:

    I’m disappointed Hannibal didn’t get any mention. How about Gillian Anderson for supporting or guest star

  40. Figures says:

    Tatiana Maslany – huge snub, wow. How do you not nominate someone who is almost the entire cast of a show and brilliant to boot?
    Also, I know Once Upon A Time was probably looked over because it’s fantasy/it’s writing can be probmatic, but Lana Parrilla and Robert Carlisle were definitely snubbed as well. Or even Barbra Hershey as a guest star!

  41. Tom Charles says:

    thank you for not including Eric Stonestreet.

  42. Janice says:

    NO CBS AS EXPECTED (except for TGW)… I guess that’s what you get for producing brainless, stupid ratings monsters that no critics care about

  43. Castle says:


  44. Misanthrope says:

    Corey Stoll as Peter Russo in House Of Cards? Seriously, that guy was fantastic.

  45. Leslie says:

    GUILLERMO DIAZ – Scandal!!!!!!!

    • Kathryn says:

      Agreed. Guillermo Diaz & Jeff Perry deserved to be on that list. They light up the screen whenever they’re on it. They make every scene better.

  46. Nan says:

    Tatiana Maslany is just one in a long list of scifi/fantasy actors to be snubbed by the Emmys. Lucy Lawless, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ben Browder, and John Noble are just some of the many deserving actors to go unnoticed by the Emmys. Jaime Murray in SyFy’s Defiance this year has been amazingly good. Maslany’s co-star, Jordan Gavaris, also deserves a nomination for his superb work.

  47. Courtney says:

    Still no love for Castle, especially Stana Katic. I thought this might be her year with the emotional performances from “After the Storm,” “Recoil,” and “Watershed,” but apparently not.

  48. Nicole says:

    Why would Kaley Cuoco not be counted as Lead Actress in a Comedy?

  49. Vikki Gamier says:

    I’d add Mads Mikkelsen to the snubbed list. He and Hugh Dancy are superb in Hannibal. Sad to see no Sons of Anarchy noms either. I didn’t think Mad Men was all that great this season. What do I know though….

  50. Cass says:

    Great, most of my favorites were snubbed even from the list of snubs. Phylllis Logan is always wonderful as Mrs. Hughes on DA and even got a snippet of her own story this year, and Robert Carlyle as Rumplestiltskin/Mr.Gold is what’s worth the price of admission at Once Upon a Time (a silly show, but a virtuoso performance by a brilliant actor).