Lying Game Cancelled, Bunheads Fate Still TBD

The Lying Game CancelledIt’s Lying Game over, folks.

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Series lead Alexandra Chando has confirmed that the mystery-filled ABC Family drama will in fact not be returning, via a message on Instagram:

To our awesome #lyinggame fans, thank you for these two amazing seasons. Unfortunately, ABC Family has decided not to bring us back for a third season. We so wanted to do 10 more for you guys! Thanks for your support and keep up with the cast to see what’s next for us!

Chando’s announcement comes in the wake of much speculation that Lying Game’s modestly rated run had ended, especially as the freshman series The Fosters keeps hitting new highs in the Nielsens.

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That leaves Bunheads as the only ABC Family series with a fate that remains TBD; check our Cable Renewal Scorecard for updates.

What burning question from The Lying Game would you most like answered?

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  1. Lupe says:

    ABC FAMILY… how could you. You couldn’t even give the Lying Game fans two hours of some sort of ending? However, you can keep airing The Secret Life of the American Teenager? Ridiculous…I just don’t know if ABC Family is worth watching anymore if the show you get engaged with gets cancelled….

    • Pooja says:

      I know right. i hate that show. its so nonsense. like seriously. even the 9 lives of chloe king is better than the secret life of an american teenager. ugh The lying game, 9 lives of chloe king, something else too…..ugh hate it!~

  2. nik says:

    So just found out that LG not coming back, that’s ridiculous how can end a series with UN answered questions???? ABC family knowing this I’m sure ahead of time could of done a two hr finale or something. Every time I start watching a series it’s always something!!! VERY DISAPPOINTING!!!!

  3. leanne creekmore says:

    abc family needs to bring the lying game back you cut it off in the middle of a big mystery. if your not bringing it back at least like someone else said put a 2 hour movie about it and let everyone know what happens to the twins their parents and the investigator. at least let us know what happened and who done it. stupid to stop a show mid stream

  4. Liz says:

    This is horrible. I liked that show and now we don’t know how it ends…errr….keep people hanging….I normally don’t get into that many shows but I was into The Lying Game and Switched at Birth. This really sucks.

  5. angel says:

    what,thats bull. i was so waiting to see what happened.. i love the twins.

  6. angel says:

    Bring back the lying game please…..

  7. angel says:

    how do you just leave us hanging like that. let us see the mystery

  8. Tj says:

    I get interested in a show and bam out of no where AFTER im hooked and want to see what happens, ABC Family cancels nearly EVERY show!
    Make it or break it, Jane By Design, The Lying Game,whats next?! Switched at Birth? The Fosters?
    I didn’t want to watch ANY new ABC Family shows because of them doing one or two seasons then dropping it…. but the Fosters looked too good to pass up….
    But seriously, i would have SO much to watch and i would put ABC Family channel above ANYTHING else.. NOW, this fall i am not watching ANYTHING on ABC Family… and that’s SO weird to me….

    bring back a wrap up of The Lying Game PLEASE!!!!! Don’t your Viewers deserve that at least?!

  9. LezPretends says:


  10. Tammy says:

    That really does suck…. Why is it so hard to finish something you started.. Or why did you start at all if you weren’t going to finish??? It is obvious you had a lot of people watching!!
    another Epic Fail :-(

  11. Hope says:

    TLG cancelled, I rarely watch TV and I really enjoyed this show, so much that I searched the books. Maybe they figured after everyone knew about the twins that would be the end, but that was just the beginning, if you ask me. I guess all of the reality shows, that I don’t watch are taking over TV. Another network should pick up TLG. And who calculates these Nielsen ratings anyway, because I may not have watched it at the set time, but I had every episode recorded & set to record wkly. The character Sutton was very diff than her character on As the World Turns. Even the soap opera’s gave you a count down, but they had been on for centuries, if they didn’t give finales, it would have been riots.

  12. Ashley says:

    this really sucks lyeing game was very exciting i could not wait 4 season 3 it is awsome this really is lame.they should talk about bringing it back this was a bad choice,

  13. Kristen says:

    I am so shocked and surprised to hear that the Lying Game was cancelled. Especially because it aired right after Pretty Little Liars, I figured it must be doing very well. Is there anything that we can do to convince ABCFamily that they need to bring it back??

  14. Check out this 9/26/13 inspiring interview with the Costume Designer of The Lying Game Mimi Kaupe on BEAUTEologie website

  15. Teresa says:

    My daughters and I have been waiting for the Lying Game to come back on, this is ridiculous that I had to find out on here it’s cancelled. We love this show atleast there needs to be a ending.

  16. Lauren says:

    All networks are retarded. They either force a show to extend itself beyond meaning causing the quality to degrade OR they cancel a show without letting it wrap up. Utterly ridiculous! Haven’t they learned yet that the Neilson ratings are bogus and mean nothing! The REAL way to gauge a show’s popularity is to see how much it is talked about on the internet. Networks are always trying to think of new shows. How about you let the old ones finish properly because you just know that whoever isn’t watching now is going to watch it in the future on netflix or whatever. People’s thirst for television will never die. They just can’t watch everything on TV at the same time so they prioritize. But you bet your bottom dollar they WILL eventually watch it in the future after their current programs wrap up. Use your brains networks! They keep making the Firefly mistake over and over and over and it’s killing me! I get invested in characters, spend time and tears, just to be left hanging with a noose around my neck. SICK. OF. IT. Bunheads better not be canceled. I love the characters and their dances.

  17. Kristin says:

    I’m just going to stop watching ABC Family’s new series. They cancel every show! Just like Kyle XY, 10 Things I Hate About You, Nine Lives of Chloe King, Jane By Design, and now The Lying Game. Right when you get hooked they cancel it and they don’t even give you any closer! They leave cliff hangers. It makes me so mad. Well they’re going to start loosing views. Oh well for them.

  18. meme says:

    So sad one my favorite shows I been waiting for a season three :(

  19. MaryMegan says:


  20. Shelley says:

    I agree that you should finish the show instead of leaving fans hanging. You could of ran the show during summer then brought the new fall shows on. I watch something on another channel that does that, it makes it nice so you can watch both series not reruns. Everyone is happy!

  21. Hannah says:

    ABC Family has some great shows, TLG, S@B & PLL… Sad to hear about TLG though!! I loved the actress that plays Sutton/Emma! I’ll stick with ABC Family until they cancel PLL – that’s when I draw the line! ;)

  22. atilla says:

    i love this show pls pls i kill my self

  23. shelley says:

    really…. I hate ABC for this stunt… Because this serie has done one hell of a job on tv… I’ m watching it on the internet cause in Holland we don’ t have ABC. I really want new episodes! Please ABC! Make new ones!!!!

  24. Joy says:

    So the rumors are true! I must say that I am very disappointed in the cancelation of the Lying Game. It was a show that I was very interested in. if by some miracle the show can resume I will be a viewer as I was before. Yes there is a book like almost always to such a drama, but the visual is what I needed. No more ABC Family for me for a while.

  25. Hannah says:

    so they cancel chloe king then jane by design and now the lying game. if they cancel pretty little liars im never watching abc family again. pll is the #1 show for teens in america so if they even consider cancelling im gonna sue

  26. Donna Hart says:

    I doubt if ABC reads these comments or cares what the viewers think but here goes. I just found out that Pretty Little Liars and Jane by Design have been canceled and think it is very sad/bad for the network. I am a senior citizen who dearly loved these shows (even if they were about the young generation), but I will NOT WATCH anything new they throw at us.

  27. Patrina says:

    i agree, noone likes BUNHEADS !?

  28. Brittany says:

    screw you abc family!!!! The lying game was one of my favorite shows!!! I just researched it to see when it would come back on!! Im so disappointed:( Hopefully they or someone sees these comments everyone wrote. Cause they dont want people hating their network. So they better straighten up fast and atleast LET THE LYING GAME DO SOME TYPE OF FINALE!!!! And start doing that if theyre going to cut off a show!! UNLESS THEY WANT THE COMMUNITY TO THINK THEYRE JUST A JOKE. Its already beginning to happen!

  29. Wow! Really!!! Another one canceled! How frustrating!!!!

  30. Cassandra says:

    Please bring back the lying game,am realy into this movie now*crying*

  31. Terri says:

    I agree : a great serie! I was really looking forward to seeing season 3!!! I am really dissapointed too!!!!!!!

  32. What is with all the shows being canceled and the final episode is a cliff hanger???? Seriously feel like banning the network, The Lying Game, Jane by Design?? What’s next? PLL, The Fosters, Switched at Birth?? Ridiculous. Very upset.

  33. Megan says:

    THIS SUCKS!!! I really liked this show! Foxfamily changed to ABCfamily for the better, but everything cancels. Keep on with all the OLD shows in the afternoon that are no longer on air! WOOOOOHOOO! loser.

  34. Beth says:

    Boooooooooooooo! Do a finale!

  35. Kwatika Ellis says:

    Its sad that they not bring it back for a 3rd season. How you going to have season 2 ending off with Alec falling through the celiling and possibly dying and now you saying no season 3. That is a bad way to conduct business. I really had my hopes set high on a season 3 because its more secrets that need to be revealed.Is there anyway yall can at least do a 2 hour finale or anything to finish off the lies.

  36. queenfro says:

    why im sad

  37. ev says:

    Seriously this pisses me off bad!!!! This happened to make it or break it as well. I really wish they would finish series!!

  38. Caelynn says:

    ABC family that is brutal… looks bad on you.

  39. Pam says:

    Put on some more reality shows. Loose all your viewers.

    • Raegene says:

      REALLY!! We’re tired of reality shows. We know there’s a bunch of crazy people out there, we don’t want to watch them on T.V. we see enough crazy people in our daily lives. I personally HATE them!! It seems to be a way they can have programs without having to pay for the shows. ABC you make enough money to pay for some good shows for your loyal viewers. ABC please rethink your decision, or give us an ending to the Lying Game at least!

    • Raegene says:

      REALLY!! We’re tired of reality shows. We know there’s a bunch of crazy people out there, we don’t want to watch them on T.V. we see enough crazy people in our daily lives. I personally HATE them!! It seems to be a way they can have programs without having to pay for the shows. ABC you make enough money to pay for some good shows for your loyal viewers. ABC please rethink your decision, or give us an ending to the Lying Game at least! Who cares about the Bunheads.. I watched every episode of that too.. it might have been okay if it was a longer show, but they talked a hundred miles an hour and faster every season to compensate for the amount of commercials which is getting ridiculous! a half an hr. program is now only 15 minutes! it seems the longer a program runs the more commercials we have to watch. How much money do you need to run a show? Do you really need so many to play one program? Someones pockets are getting bigger.

      • Raegene says:

        Why do they keep canceling all the good shows? I keep getting into these ABC series and watching them faithfully! and just like Pushing up dasies Bunheads and now the lying game.. you just keep your viewers hanging! Is switched at birth canceled too?? I’m so frustrated with you ABC.. Get it together or I’m done with all of your series. You at least owe your viewers an ending to your shows! I’m SOOOO angry with you!

      • Raegene says:

        Why do they keep canceling all the good shows? I keep getting into these ABC series and watching them faithfully! and just like Pushing up dasies Bunheads and now the lying game.. you just keep your viewers hanging! If switched at birth gets canceled could you please give us an ending? I’m so frustrated with you ABC.. Get it together or I’m done with all of your series. You at least owe your viewers an ending to your shows! I’m SOOOO angry with you!

  40. Mrs. Irritated says:

    If they would take off some of the old irrelevant shows maybe there would be room for good shows. Every time I start to like a show they cancel it.

  41. Amy says:

    I loved The Lying Game!!! At least do a two hour finale that gives closure to everything. Please!!

  42. Marie says:

    I am from New Zealand and got engrossed in season one that was screening on tele and really looked forward to season two. I have just watched the last episode where Alec crashed onto to the table after falling through the roof. Just done an internet search to see when season 3 was going to be available only to find this page to say that there is no more. Little disappointed to say the least that there is not another episode. It frustrates me how TV companies can just pull something and leave the viewers hanging dry. If I knew that there was not going to be another season I would not have wasted my time watching them in the first place. Think twice before you decide to run something that you don’t intend to continue. I may not be in the country of origin where it was made and aired but still would of liked to see what the end outcome was going to be!!!!

  43. Kimberly says:

    this is very disappointing that lying game has been cancelled as always the networks win and the viewers lose out!!! This was a great show and kept me coming back…I am not of the younger generation that this station seems to be aimed at but as an older adult viewer it is sad to see a great storyline lost.
    Bunheads was ok but like any other show there are followers and everyone deserves a wrap up to end a show they watched from the start….
    Networks, writers, producers should not start something they are not willing to finish…shame on you!!

  44. Raegene says:

    I am so aggravated by this.. I hated to wait for the last season to start up and have been impatiently waiting to see this next season! Who killed Mags boyfriend? They need to do a 3rd season to wrap it up! Did Alex ever get back with his wife? or did he hook up with the girls mother? I have so many questions.. what happened to the woman that got killed? I NEVER missed an episode! and I’m not a teenager, I’m 47 years old and still LOVED that show. I could have watched it everyday! and NEVER would have got bored. ABC, PLEASE BRING IT BACK, if nothing else for a 2 hr. grand finally? We want to at least see an ending.. Don’t just leave everyone who did like it hanging. It makes me not even want to watch ABCs programs, afraid I’ll get interested in another program that I’ll never know the ending to.

  45. Raegene says:

    As for Bunheads.. I never missed an episode of that either but the longer they were on the more commercials they had to show and each season they had to talk faster just to get a half hr. show that only lasted 15 minutes. What’s with so many commercials? Does it really take so many to pay for a show? or is somebody’s pockets getting bigger? ABC re evaluate before you loose your viewers. and BRING BACK THE LYING GAME long enough for us to see the end, please??

  46. Jelessa says:

    BRING back the lying game. I have been waiting and waiting and just wondering what the hell could of happened! It’s so uncool to lead us hanging, everyone would prefer the lying game over bun heads!!!!!! It was such an interested show. I was sad every week just to wait for the next expisode! This is still killing us!

  47. Jemma schmidt says:

    The Lying Game, Make It or Break It, Jane By Design and Bunheads…. Abc get you sh*t together! Bring them all back!!

  48. stacey says:

    the lying game was one of the best shows.i watched this with my daughters.we are all mad it got cancelled and for no good reason.i agree with all other comments.Come on ABC Famfly….bring it back.or at least a Finale.

  49. kylie says:

    Wow this could be one of the stupidest things they will ever do. Abc needs to think about the consequences of this. Cancelling the show with out closure is cruel to there loyal audience. This is going to sting them more than it has stung us. Only a small portion of the audience has found out the fate of there favorite series and is being vocal about it. They are yet to realize the full extent of the fall out.

  50. Annika says:

    I just can agree with all of you. I’m from germany but i watched every single episode and was so fascinated. This really was a great show and I’m still soo sad that they won’t continue it. It makes me angry. It may be stupid but I can’t give up hope. Please bring it back or finish it!!!