Big Brother Slapped With Disclaimer -- What'd It Say? And Are You Buying What Aaryn's Selling?

CBS further distanced itself from the prejudicial views being expressed by certain Big Brother Houseguests by slapping an advisory on this Sunday’s episode.


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The installment that followed found Aaryn and Candice openly confronting the former’s racist comments, after she lost HoH and was sent to bunk with her African-American castmate. Hearing Candice complain about the set-up, Aaryn tossed her roomie’s bed, teeing up a tense encounter ‘tween the ladies.

“Whatcha gon’ do, girl?” Aaryn asked, antagonizing Candice. (“When is the black gonna come out?” could also be heard during the fracas –perhaps coming from GinaMarie?)

As Howard and others (including Helen) consoled distraught Candice, Amanda confronted Aaryn and her cohorts about their repulsive ‘tudes — and how their racist remarks could affect them outside the house (which seemed a bit on-the-nose for a random observation, hmm. Already Aaryn and GinaMarie unwittingly have lost jobs, while Spencer’s been censured by his employer).

Aaryn later apologized to Candice and fretted that her “jokes” were being misconstrued as racist. In the Diary Room, Aaryn claimed she was sincerely upset that her words were taken the wrong way — while Candice in her own DR piece made clear she didn’t buy that mea culpa for an instant, and will continue treating Aaryn accordingly.

What was your reaction to reading CBS’ viewer advisory, right there in black-and-white? And how about Aaryn’s “I was joking” defense?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Olive Pink says:

    I can’t wait until Aaryn meets Julie. I hope CBS allows Julie freedom of speech!

  2. Joanne says:

    The only reason Aaryn apologized is that she knew she would go up on the block. what a phoney piece of crap she is, her parents should be ashamed of her. Puhleeeeze dont’ think we are stupid and that we believe that self serving apology. The little creep should be thrown off the show!!!!!!!

    • Stephanie East says:

      Totally Agree! There was a personal motive behind that apology especially because she didn’t admit any wrong doing she simply apologized for how Candice interpreted her remarks!

  3. Brooke says:

    CBS can say or attempt to distance themselves from it all they want. As long as they remain on the show they are condoning it. They should be out period. Reality show or not. Celebrities have lost their jobs over racist remarks and these people are far from that. It is a shame they are keeping them for ratings and money no matter who it hurts.

  4. Gina Marie is just as bad if worst than Aaryn both of them have a lot of growing up to do.And as far as the other two Jeremy an Spencer it does seem that people are giving them a free pass to talk about woman any they like . karma is the concept of “action” or “deed”, understood as that which causes the entire cycle of cause and effect (i.e., the cycle called saṃsāra) originating in ancient India and treated in the Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, Sikh,[2] and Taoism[3].

  5. Libby Q says:

    Aaryn has most likely denied her lies her entire life & thinks she can use the “I didn’t mean it” defense as her excuse. She needs to be held accountable.. BIG TIME… GinaMarie simply doesn’t have any good sense at all… her behavior over Nick speaks volumes about her & her mental state.

  6. Matthew says:

    Why is everyone so nice in their nomination speeches? “You’re tough competitors, I’m giving you a chance, BLAH-DEE-F***ING-BLAH.” I expected Helen to go on a tirade. Game or not, in her position, I’d have said, “You’re both going on the block because you’re racist, childish, and absolutely bad influences not only on each other, but on the rest of the house. As far as I’m concerned, you’re both my targets this week, and there is no pawn.”

    Then I’d probably make the handle signal for “suck it” (cross the X over your crotch? I dunno, it’s something some wrestlers used to do) and walk out of the room.

    Aryan nation sympathizing hobags……

  7. Tammy says:

    I like Candice, but you would think out of all of them, she would be more aware of what she say’s as well. What bout the comment Candice made on Sunday? Her and Howard, as well as other houseguests, were talking about what they like more, this or that. Howard asked Candice if she like Oreos or Chips Ahoy more. Candice say’s, “Are you talking about Light Skinned Oreo’s or Dark Skinned Oreo’s?” (Chocolate or Vanilla) No one said a word about that, so is racism only ok if a Black person is saying it? I totally understand they were talking about flavored cookies, but I have never heard of cookies being described that way and this is coming from the one person who I would least expect it to come from!!!

  8. K.Toner says:

    CBS needs to step in, save face and not allow Aaryn to continue on the show. Seriously, with the Martin/Zimmerman case going racial now they need to kick her off and have a stern talk with the rest of the houseguests!!

  9. Amanda says:

    I am offended that Aaryn tried to say that her remarks were because she’s ‘Southern’. I am Southern Caucasian woman who lives in Texas, & grew up in Louisiana. I in NO WAY think that her behavior is acceptable. It’s disgusting. After seeing her bully her way through the house, it makes me feel sorry for anyone who had to deal with her in high school, or now for that matter. I applaud Candice for not punching her in the face because I think I would have if I were her.

  10. Janielle says:

    All I can say is you can’t fix stupid and most of the cast this season don’t belong in my front room! I check in next season to see if they do a better job picking the cast!

  11. Karla says:

    I don’t understand why Aaryn won’t be evicted this week, she definitely deserves it Also what is up with these girls sobbing because someone they have known less than a month is gone? Gina Marie is acting ridiculous, she is acting like a 13 year old. i would like to see Aaryn and Gina Marie be evicted next.

  12. Stephanie East says:

    Was anyone else disturbed by the scenes from last nights BB where in the same show that they addressed the racism they tried to make it all seem ok by showing the fake apology from Aaryn but then also showed Howard (a black houseguest) in a negative light with the lying comments and didn’t show the meeting in the HOH room later that evening when Howard and Spencer met with most of the houseguests and came completely clean and apologized for everything?

    • Matthew says:

      They’ll probably edit the “coming clean” part into the next episode. That or it doesn’t matter to their narrative. And they showed the Howard part because he got caught in the lie about his vote by Helen, and then caught in the Moving Company because of Jeremy coming clean with Helen. Probably not the smartest gameplay move, but it’s a far cry from racism. Nobody’s perfect, and everyone has “hiccup” moments (even visible minorities).

  13. Gwendie Mccu says:

    I did like how Howard tryed so hard to throw the have not contest and McCrae was so bad that it was blown. Howard was trying to make them suffer.

  14. April Lewis says:

    Last year a guy was removed from the house due to a violent out burst starting a fight. so what is the difference here. Aaron, Gina Marie and Kaitlin should be removed as making racist remarks and starting fights should be a automatic door out of the house. It is offensive to not only the other HG, but to us the watchers of the show. I have to say this has been the worst year since BB started. And to have Howard have to deal with all this and him a man following the lords word. It has to be really hard for him to deal with all the racist remarks. All three girls need to go.

  15. kimberley kh says:

    what is going on with Spencer…I don’t watch the live feeds or anything like that and people keep saying Spencer grouped in with Aaryn and Gina Marie

  16. Tina B. says:

    I don’t hate anybody because the word hate is what leads to this crap but these girls, Ginamarie (crybaby), Aaryn, Kaitlin are all absolutely repulsive. I just can’t believe that Aaryn is a Psychology student. Are you kidding me? There are people who are so smart that can’t afford higher education and are begging for it and yet this chick gets to go to school? A higher education is wasted on this idiot, are they that desperate at the University of Texas? The look on Aaryn’s face when Amanda pointed out that people can see and will judge them outside the house. I don’t believe her “joking defense” It isn’t a defense, it’s sickening and they are all just horrible. Are all the parents this hateful too?

  17. Stacy says:

    What is really crazy is CBS is willing to potentially pay her half a million dollars. Really?!! The longer she stays the higher the chances of her winning. Here is the other thing- the longer she stays the higher the chances of her being a juror. Does CBS think that she is really the right person to help determine who the big brother winner is?

  18. Pamela Newman says:

    BB fan here watching from Australia, twice now on our BB AU there have been housemates kicked out of the BB house for a lot less than America’s racist bimbo’s. Can’t understand why they are still there or is it all about ratings ?????

    • Lyn says:

      Of course it’s all about ratings. It has to be in order to keep a show. I don’t want to see BB get bad ratings and disappear. Do you>

  19. Kathy Hutchins says:

    AAryn’s is a racist and she did not mean her apology. The fact that she was smiling as she said in and later told Kaitlin she just didn’t care how it appeared, tells her true nature. I think Big Brother should have taken her, GinaMarie, Spencer and Jeremy off a long time ago! I can’t wait until they get booted out and find out they have lost thier jobs. Why is Spencer only being sanctioned, he should be fired! I would suggest Jeremy be fired as well, but he probably does not even have a job!

  20. While I love to watch the Drama on BB, However I cannot tolerate watching Aaryn; listening to her turns my stomach! I am not sure why BB has not pulled her and Gina marie out of the gameit is a mystery to me. They pull people out for being physically abusive so when did it become ok to become racially abusive! Before any one asks about my race, I am a blue eyed blonde from Northern MN.

  21. m evans says:

    I am appalled that CBS would air GM’s horrible comments to Candice about her mother not wanting her. Every adoptive family and adoptee should demand that GM be evicted immediately. I respect Candice for being so strong, and having to endure living in such a hostile environment. The longer the show airs, the more we are able to see the sickening racial hatred from Aaryn, GM, Amanda, and Spencer. I am disgusted with this show. I don’t want my children to think this behavior is EVER acceptable or that people who talk with such vulgarity should be allowed on television.

  22. Barbara says:

    The show to me is racist.. I hope AARON and GINA MARIE get kicked off…… you will only get maybe 1 or 2 blacks,Asian, hispanic , indian..etc…. and the rest (90 percent) caucasion on BIG BROTHER…. so what does that tell you!!!! All of the reality shows are like that..Mrs America, USA, Bachlor and Bachlorette, project runway…Survivor..Top chef.. NEED I SAY MORE.. …. as if they are saying…. to many of the other nationalities will cause a click or a you wanna be start in something atmosphere…….If you say different you have got to have a problem… it is the fact