666 Park Avenue Series Finale Recap: 'There Is a Price to Pay for the Thing We Want the Most'

666 Park Avenue Finale RecapNot every burning question got answered as 666 Park Avenue wrapped its 13-episode run — like, who exactly is Gavin Doran, and how exactly do his enemies get sucked into the walls of the Drake? But there were enough solid answers to make you feel like the elevator arrived at some kind of destination, rather than jolting to a stop somewhere between floors.

Before we get to how things ended for Jane and Henry (and Gavin and Olivia), let’s dispense with a few dangling subplots.

* Brian and Lou, fresh off their self-defense killing of batshit crazy lover/assistant Alexis, decide to stuff her body into a garment bag and wheel it down to the basement along with some cement blocks and mortar — nothing conspicuous about that combo! — where they can wall it off and then try to resume their normal lives. Wouldn’t you know, though, Lou loses an earring in the process, and when they return to the burial site to look for it, they’re greeted by Gavin. After sharing that both of ’em have been living on borrowed time — Brian in exchange for success as a playwright, Lou for getting away with a hit and run — Gaving delivers the bad news we know is coming: “I own both of you — and I’m terminating the lease!” And — bam! — in a flash, they’re the ones trapped behind concrete, doomed to die together (or worse, get turned into fuel for the Drake’s human-to-energy conversion project).

* Jane’s dad spends approximately two-thirds of the episode trying to blurt out a couple of basic facts: Jane’s mom died in a bathtub at the Drake and everyone figured he had killed her; Jane’s mom had had an affair with some mystery man, but broke it off well before her death; Jane’s dad stashed Jane away with relatives and stayed out of her life, hoping she’d never return to the building that made her mother crazy, all as a way to protect her. (Wouldn’t it have been more effective to write her a letter at age 18 outlining good reasons not to move to NYC?)

Anyhow, during the process of getting this info, “the Drake” tries to “show” Jane the truth about mom, too, by causing the drain chain in Jane’s tub to wrap around her leg, bring her to the brink of death, then release her. (I won’t lie: That scene freaked me out.) At one point, Jane sternly tells her dad, “I already know that I’m in danger there [at the Drake]!” But instead of taking his advice (and her fiancé) and heading for L.A. or Detroit or even the Lower East Side, she insists there has to be “a bigger reason” that she, her mom and her grandmother were all drawn to the building. (If Jane were a character in a slasher film, she’d totally run up the stairs instead of out the front door when confronted by the knife-wielding psycho.)

* Unlike his political opponents, Henry refuses to trash disgraced Councilman Sullivan in the press, but the latter dude — knowing Henry’s benefactor Gavin leaked the story of his affair with a teenage staffer — decides to harrass him in the street, telling Henry that in politics, “we all end up with blood on our hands.” Henry then dreams that Sullivan (with a gaping hole in his head) creates a bloody mess in his bathroom, and when he wakes up, he learns Sullivan actually took his own life. “Not to sound too ghoulish,” says Gavin (sounding totes ghoulish), “but I expect your noble intentions will pay dividends at the polls.”

OK, into the important stuff…

Everything culminates when Jane’s dad gets drunk and shows up at her apartment with a gun, demanding that she leave the Drake for her own safety. When they get on the elevator, though, it refuses to follow orders, transporting them to the penthouse suite and a waiting Gavin. When Henry comes home and finds bloody handprints on the bathroom mirror — maybe Sullivan was there after all? — he rushes up to Gavin’s place, too, where his father-in-law is all “I’m trying to set down my gun but it won’t let me!” BAM! Jane’s dad shoots Henry right in the heart, then makes his exit by elevator, where Gavin’s creepy henchman Kandinsky is all, “The lobby is out of order. We’re going to the basement instead.” Sorry, Jane’s dad! It was nice knowing you! And hopefully it’ll all be quick and painless for ya!

Jane, meanwhile, is desperate to save her man, and as she begs Gavin for help, you can see where it’s all going to end.  Gavin explains that he was the one who’d killed Jane’s mother: They’d had an affair, that affair resulted in a baby girl, and Gavin wasn’t prepared to let that child be taken away from him. (Translation: “Jane, I am your father!”) Jane barely has time to get upset, though, because Henry is bleeding out on the foyer floor.

Gavin: I can save Henry.
Jane: I’ll do anything.
Gavin: You have to understand, Jane: There is a price to pay for the thing we want the most.

Cut to…”One Year Later.” Young Nona is continuing to cut and paste clippings about weird goings-on at the Drake. There’s a headline about “Playwright and Wife Missing.” A Playbill for Brian’s Disappearing Ink. And a story about Henry’s landslide win for the city council seat. Plus, Nona is wearing Jane’s old locket. Maybe Jane doesn’t have a need for it — even though it saved her during with some sort of levitational pull during the bathtub incident? Hmmm.

Then we head upstairs, where Jane is rocking a severe (but hot) bob and dark red lipstick, and Olivia is praising her work in restoring the Drake, noting that she can’t wait to show her friends at Architectural Digest.

Out on the balcony, Jane and Gavin have a little father-daughter chat — on the one-year anniversary of her decision to save Henry. It seems as though Jane has become Gavin’s assistant in finding lost folks, providing them with the things they want, and then, once it’s time to pay their debt, collecting their souls. Is Gavin the devil in this Faustian dance? How important is the physical brick and mortar of 999 Park Avenue in the scheme of things? We’ll never be entirely sure.

But Gavin does reveal this much: Jane and Henry will have a child who will grow up to be a powerful, feared leader, who will do “great things” and usher in “a new order.” Jane barely reacts, but later, when Henry joins her on the balcony, she looks at him meaningfully, and reveals that she’s pregnant. And I’m 99.9% sure that’s the end! (For the record, as the credits rolled at 10:59, the local ABC affiliate cut into the feed with an update on the George Zimmerman verdict, but it appeared as though the final dialogue in the 666 Park Avenue finale had been uttered. I’ll rewatch the ending on ABC.com when it posts and let you know if there’s any update.)

[UPDATE: The NY ABC affiliate merely cut off a shot of Henry touching Jane’s stomach and looking down with wonder, then as eerie music cued up, the camera zoomed out from the happy couple to a shot of the Drake and the NYC skyline.]

And with that, I turn it over to you: What did you think of the 666 Park Avenue finale? Are you glad you stuck with it till the end? Did the conclusion satisfy you? And what burning questions would you still like answered? Take our poll, then sound off in the comments!

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  1. Egon says:

    ABC sucks

  2. Andrew says:

    Bring this show to AMC right after the Walking Dead!!!!

  3. Bonnie Slickerman says:

    I’m disappointed that it is being dropped.it was an excellent show.

  4. So when does this Garvin get his pay back/Is he God?

  5. Shaniqua says:

    This episode didn’t give me much closure. If anything, it left me wanting more!

  6. Debbie says:

    Please bring back 666 Park Ave. One of the greatest shows on Tv

  7. Camille A Fishback says:

    I’m a little late but though I liked the finale, on on-demand, it says it is part 1. Where’s part 2? I was expecting more on the story lines. What happened to Sasha, Gavin and Olivia’s daughter? I wanted more, more, more!!! It’s not fair!!! :(

  8. So, you’re really not going to bring it back? Well, that’s disheartening. I really wanted to know how it was going to play out.

  9. jojo says:

    well everyone you can thank the terrorist group known as 1millionmoms for the cancellation of this awesome show, watch out the news might be next

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  11. Jon&Bella says:

    I need to see more of this Tv-Show!!!

  12. Sierra says:

    What was in gavins box?

  13. arash says:

    Why did they do it. it was the best series that I ever seen
    I just dont know whyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    Please man could you believev that

  14. Abuchi says:

    I need money. I need u people

  15. Jonathan says:

    Reading about the cancellation and why such a fantastic series was cancelled makes me puke!!!

    Shame on the idiots who petitioned its cancellation, and bigger shame for abc to listen to them!!!

    This has a great storyline… If ur offended don’t watch it!!!

  16. Actualy this series was so boring, Gavin always win, not even a single person made him suffer, from start to the end which is boring, on the other hand Jane accepted him as a father like nothing bad happened, that made the finale extremely boring.

  17. Rachel says:

    Please bring this show back! It’s only fault was not being easily found/advertised! I had to watch it on comcast on demand to find it. Thus was a great show!!! BRING IT BACK WITH SOME BETTER ADVERTISING AND WATCH IT TURN INTO THE NEXT LOST! I am so sad it’s gone!!!

    • Blue Eyes says:

      I totally agree. I never heard about it or I would’ve watched it when it first came out! But I just watched the whole season over the last couple weeks on Chiller. It’s such an awesome show! Wish they’d bring it back, like you said, with better advertising and everyone else would watch too!

  18. Ousmane Barry says:

    This has been a great serie. I really love 666 park avenue. why the didn’t show seson 2 and 3

  19. sherri says:

    I wondered what happened to the show I do miss it and I never got to c all the episode .I didn’t have TV for awhile sorry to here it was canceled.. to many ?? Re this show

  20. messaine says:

    I really really want a new season of 999 park avenue

  21. andra says:

    I want them to make a second season.

  22. andra says:

    I want to see a second season of this show

  23. Jay says:

    I thought there was going to be a season 2 until I googled it to find out that season 1 eps 13 was meant to be the final episode. What the heck? I am so disappointed with that decision as the series fans

  24. derby says:

    i realy enjoyed the series but dissapointed with it taking too long to continue i am curiou to find out more about it wat happens to janes unborn child????????

  25. Ashley says:

    They need to make a second season I loved the show.

  26. They should have not put Lazarus Part 1 if there was not going to be a Part 2. I was very disappointed in the ending.

  27. Christy says:

    I want to know about the stairs… Is that a stairway to hell? And I remember seeing somewhere, on Netflix or Hulu, there was and ep 14 & 15 but it wouldn’t let me watch them… They weren’t available. I don’t know what that was about but is there? I really would love to see at least one more ep to truly sum EVERYTHING up! Don’t get me wrong, I GOT the show and all, except the stairs, the meaning, who was who and what was happening, why. This was really a great show! I wish it hadn’t been cancelled… Total bummer! Of course a lot of tv shows I like/liked, such as Las Vegas, just end with no “REAL” ending, conclusion, just leave you hanging… It really sucks! And is not right. The directors of these shows that do this and the TV channels should AT LEAST allow us ONE final “real ending” ep. It’s like being broken up with or when someone just stops being your friend with no explanation, no reasoning.

  28. Steven L Marshall says:

    I just watched the entire season of 666 Park Avenue on Netflix in 3 days with my Wife Angie that let me add is a very conservative CHRISTIAN!!!!! So we both think you should continue the program!

  29. brenda says:

    I heard 666 Park ave is coming back on in October, is this true

  30. Blue Eyes says:

    I’m obsessed with this show. Just saw all of it. How can they not have another season? I’m so sad right now. Beautiful, wonderful, complex, sophisticated characters! Great storyline and creepy ghosts/creatures! So suspenseful! I wish it’d come back on. I’d always watch!

  31. Eric Stanley says:

    I really liked the show, I hate when you get into a show and they cancel it.

  32. Nathan young says:

    Was an excellently written series. Just completed the last espiod, left alot of unanswered questions. Hope they bring the show back!!

  33. Shakiyah mills says:

    They need to make a season 2

  34. Crystal says:

    Will there be a new season?

  35. Brandy Mccall says:

    I really hate that Abc cancelled due to the ignorance and intolerance of One Million Moms. Those ladies need a hobby…crocheting maybe, or boyfriends ha!!seriously , park avenue was an awesome show and I hated to see it end

  36. kim sayles says:

    Um I miss the ending of the show of 666 PARK Avenue Series , the part where she says I ll do anything , Galvin says you have to pay for what you love , something like that . when will it come back on so I read that Jane is pregnant .

  37. Why did they cancel the show i loved it wish they would make more seasons . I was all episodes in one day cos it was that good

  38. Rosanne Ostrowski says:

    This show should still be on tv

  39. Rob says:

    What will baby’s name be?? any guess, Gavin perhaps !!

  40. Moe Makha says:

    I was so disappointed about the end.It shouldn’t be like that.I thoung Jane figured out about the Drake &Gavin.and she would kill Gavin then she let the souls who trapped in Drake. 😒 But now she Followed Gavin.Ohh It did not give me pleasure .I hate the end.😒

  41. Natalie Weinstein says:

    What has television come to when A star directors and actors are prematurely cut out of a job that primarily shows promise and success? The story was so real I questioned whether is was fact or fiction. The show was phenomenal and whom ever has the brains…will pardon the cancellation.

  42. Snake Pliscon says:

    It seems to me like the final episode was a dream, and it was one possible outcome if the writers had got to continue the show. I mean how can it end with the lead turning evil and the bad guys win. thats too much like real life. T.V. is for enjoyment. and I rather see the good guys win.

  43. Izzy Lafayette says:

    I am currently watching the show a second time, I forgot a lot and one of the Dutch channels is showing it again. I remember that the show left me with many questions though. Who is gavin? The devil or working for the devil or some demon? How does the drake fit in? What use do the souls in the wall have? Gavin was present at the murder in the fifties but bought the drake later… If Gavin is not the devil but human how did he become what he is now….
    I will probably have more questions after I finish the season. But I really like the show, the many mysteries and the creepy feeling you get. A shame it was cancelled!