666 Park Avenue Series Finale Recap: 'There Is a Price to Pay for the Thing We Want the Most'

666 Park Avenue Finale RecapNot every burning question got answered as 666 Park Avenue wrapped its 13-episode run — like, who exactly is Gavin Doran, and how exactly do his enemies get sucked into the walls of the Drake? But there were enough solid answers to make you feel like the elevator arrived at some kind of destination, rather than jolting to a stop somewhere between floors.

Before we get to how things ended for Jane and Henry (and Gavin and Olivia), let’s dispense with a few dangling subplots.

* Brian and Lou, fresh off their self-defense killing of batshit crazy lover/assistant Alexis, decide to stuff her body into a garment bag and wheel it down to the basement along with some cement blocks and mortar — nothing conspicuous about that combo! — where they can wall it off and then try to resume their normal lives. Wouldn’t you know, though, Lou loses an earring in the process, and when they return to the burial site to look for it, they’re greeted by Gavin. After sharing that both of ’em have been living on borrowed time — Brian in exchange for success as a playwright, Lou for getting away with a hit and run — Gaving delivers the bad news we know is coming: “I own both of you — and I’m terminating the lease!” And — bam! — in a flash, they’re the ones trapped behind concrete, doomed to die together (or worse, get turned into fuel for the Drake’s human-to-energy conversion project).

* Jane’s dad spends approximately two-thirds of the episode trying to blurt out a couple of basic facts: Jane’s mom died in a bathtub at the Drake and everyone figured he had killed her; Jane’s mom had had an affair with some mystery man, but broke it off well before her death; Jane’s dad stashed Jane away with relatives and stayed out of her life, hoping she’d never return to the building that made her mother crazy, all as a way to protect her. (Wouldn’t it have been more effective to write her a letter at age 18 outlining good reasons not to move to NYC?)

Anyhow, during the process of getting this info, “the Drake” tries to “show” Jane the truth about mom, too, by causing the drain chain in Jane’s tub to wrap around her leg, bring her to the brink of death, then release her. (I won’t lie: That scene freaked me out.) At one point, Jane sternly tells her dad, “I already know that I’m in danger there [at the Drake]!” But instead of taking his advice (and her fiancé) and heading for L.A. or Detroit or even the Lower East Side, she insists there has to be “a bigger reason” that she, her mom and her grandmother were all drawn to the building. (If Jane were a character in a slasher film, she’d totally run up the stairs instead of out the front door when confronted by the knife-wielding psycho.)

* Unlike his political opponents, Henry refuses to trash disgraced Councilman Sullivan in the press, but the latter dude — knowing Henry’s benefactor Gavin leaked the story of his affair with a teenage staffer — decides to harrass him in the street, telling Henry that in politics, “we all end up with blood on our hands.” Henry then dreams that Sullivan (with a gaping hole in his head) creates a bloody mess in his bathroom, and when he wakes up, he learns Sullivan actually took his own life. “Not to sound too ghoulish,” says Gavin (sounding totes ghoulish), “but I expect your noble intentions will pay dividends at the polls.”

OK, into the important stuff…

Everything culminates when Jane’s dad gets drunk and shows up at her apartment with a gun, demanding that she leave the Drake for her own safety. When they get on the elevator, though, it refuses to follow orders, transporting them to the penthouse suite and a waiting Gavin. When Henry comes home and finds bloody handprints on the bathroom mirror — maybe Sullivan was there after all? — he rushes up to Gavin’s place, too, where his father-in-law is all “I’m trying to set down my gun but it won’t let me!” BAM! Jane’s dad shoots Henry right in the heart, then makes his exit by elevator, where Gavin’s creepy henchman Kandinsky is all, “The lobby is out of order. We’re going to the basement instead.” Sorry, Jane’s dad! It was nice knowing you! And hopefully it’ll all be quick and painless for ya!

Jane, meanwhile, is desperate to save her man, and as she begs Gavin for help, you can see where it’s all going to end.  Gavin explains that he was the one who’d killed Jane’s mother: They’d had an affair, that affair resulted in a baby girl, and Gavin wasn’t prepared to let that child be taken away from him. (Translation: “Jane, I am your father!”) Jane barely has time to get upset, though, because Henry is bleeding out on the foyer floor.

Gavin: I can save Henry.
Jane: I’ll do anything.
Gavin: You have to understand, Jane: There is a price to pay for the thing we want the most.

Cut to…”One Year Later.” Young Nona is continuing to cut and paste clippings about weird goings-on at the Drake. There’s a headline about “Playwright and Wife Missing.” A Playbill for Brian’s Disappearing Ink. And a story about Henry’s landslide win for the city council seat. Plus, Nona is wearing Jane’s old locket. Maybe Jane doesn’t have a need for it — even though it saved her during with some sort of levitational pull during the bathtub incident? Hmmm.

Then we head upstairs, where Jane is rocking a severe (but hot) bob and dark red lipstick, and Olivia is praising her work in restoring the Drake, noting that she can’t wait to show her friends at Architectural Digest.

Out on the balcony, Jane and Gavin have a little father-daughter chat — on the one-year anniversary of her decision to save Henry. It seems as though Jane has become Gavin’s assistant in finding lost folks, providing them with the things they want, and then, once it’s time to pay their debt, collecting their souls. Is Gavin the devil in this Faustian dance? How important is the physical brick and mortar of 999 Park Avenue in the scheme of things? We’ll never be entirely sure.

But Gavin does reveal this much: Jane and Henry will have a child who will grow up to be a powerful, feared leader, who will do “great things” and usher in “a new order.” Jane barely reacts, but later, when Henry joins her on the balcony, she looks at him meaningfully, and reveals that she’s pregnant. And I’m 99.9% sure that’s the end! (For the record, as the credits rolled at 10:59, the local ABC affiliate cut into the feed with an update on the George Zimmerman verdict, but it appeared as though the final dialogue in the 666 Park Avenue finale had been uttered. I’ll rewatch the ending on ABC.com when it posts and let you know if there’s any update.)

[UPDATE: The NY ABC affiliate merely cut off a shot of Henry touching Jane’s stomach and looking down with wonder, then as eerie music cued up, the camera zoomed out from the happy couple to a shot of the Drake and the NYC skyline.]

And with that, I turn it over to you: What did you think of the 666 Park Avenue finale? Are you glad you stuck with it till the end? Did the conclusion satisfy you? And what burning questions would you still like answered? Take our poll, then sound off in the comments!

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  1. Kate says:

    Mine cut off before he even brought up the future just asking if she regretted it and she said sometimes then bam cut off for the case.

  2. Kristoffer says:

    I wasn’t sure how much more there might have been since Jane mentioned she was pregnant while the camera starts to pan down to her belly, right as the special report cuts in. (I will check back to see if you say there is a bit more) I am curious if this is how the season would have ended anyway or did they have enough notice about being cancelled to try and wrap things up this way? I still have questions but I guess it was a satisfying ending….

  3. Steven says:

    I enjoyed tonights final episode. At least it didn’t just go away with no closure to viewers. More networks should do this.

    I know this isn’t on topic – but would like to know if tvline has more info about Cory Monteith’s death?

  4. Paul says:

    I watched it a couple months ago online, I found people from Australia had posted it. While I really liked this show and the ending was decent, I wish they would’ve explained more.

  5. Anne says:

    I hated the forced ending and cursed myself for sticking with the show.

  6. shuayb says:

    I sincerely wished that they stuck more closely with the book instead of this mess that they made….

  7. Jackie De Vries says:

    I am glad I stuck it out, but it did seem rushed. Also no one leaves the Drake that Gavin does not want to, so how could Jane’s dad have taken her all those years ago? Seems like this was thrown together when it got cancelled

  8. Tenney says:

    I think the past few episodes were kind of thrown together but I think they were trying to rush an ending to provide viewers some kind of closure. It may not have been a perfect ending but I am glad they were able to do that. I really loved this show. It had great actors, it was kind of creepy, and different than many things on TV today. I honestly don’t know why it never caught on viewers.

    • Christy says:

      Actually all the episodes were already finished when they got cancelled ABC decided to just pull the show mid season, these few episodes we saw were already done they just gave viewers “closure” lol

    • Reba says:

      Yes, I loved 666 Park Ave too and was sorry it was cancelled!!! The actors did a terrific job with the story (didn’t ham it up), the story was always changing and it was diff from other shows. There was alot more that could have been added to extend the show more seasons. Instead, STUPID and TRASHY shows like Honey BoBo and the Kardasians have stayed. Geezzz, who decides these things? Are they nuts? Bought off? What????

    • Rhoda says:

      I totally agree with your comment. Loved the show even if a bit of a disappointing ending.

  9. sd says:

    I am glad they were able to wrap it up as I had hung with it. It did seem like it was thrown together a little, but I’d rather have that than nothing. If it had clicked with viewers they could have had a never ending cast of characters move into the Drake and pay the price for selling their souls. I think the aspect of Gavin being the devil, which they hinted at in the promo’s and beginning, wasn’t something that a lot of people were comfortable with and never tuned in. It was kind of creepy for network TV. Probably would have done better on cable.

  10. GS says:

    I missed the final episodes. What happened to Olivia?

  11. Vic Tori's jardine says:

    I really wish ABC would bring this show back! It had a great cast, and endless possiblities. Network TV has a habit of keeping the reality stuff, but something that makes your mind click, they seem to hurry up and cancel before others can catch on to it. I wish there was the possibility of a cable network picking this one up like some of the other shows that were saved in this matter.

  12. BeanDVRqueen says:

    Thanks for your concise and detailed wrap-up. I had it on DVR and half way through the viewing it occurred to me ABC might have interrupted for the verdict. Normally it wouldn’t have mattered but this was the SERIES finale for gosh sakes. So I made up my own ending (which is what we have to do at times when they cut off these programs without tying up the loose ends!). I got the ONE YEAR LATER, then did a FIVE YEARS LATER….the Drake fell into a giant sink hole and went straight down to where it belonged….never to be seen again…..Nona is pictured in a meadow cutting out the article “Record Heat Causes Infamous Hotel To Sink Into The Ground”….and I think we know the major cause of “the heat”.

  13. maria says:

    Loved the show but still too many unanswered questions. What did she give up? Her fthr? Unlikely since we found out Gavin was her real father. Why do she give up her locket? Why were some people stuck there? What about the conspirity team? Was Patrick the original and trying to take over again?

  14. damonous says:

    While the final episodes were indeed a litttle on the hurrried side (I kept looking at the clock in the final, wondering exactly HOW they were going to wrap it with so little time left), I thought they did an excellent job considering the time alotted. Is it weird to actually ‘thank’ ABC for allowing them to end gracefully (even though the idiots cancelled it)?

    Good show: kind of a cross between the 1st season of the original Fantasy Island and the old Twilight Zone with some Exorcism dashed in. In some respects, maybe it was better off to go only 13 episodes with a definitive end. It’s a taught thriller as it stands, and I can only hope ABC will be smart enough to package on Blu-ray.

    I think the ending is quite clear that Gavin is indeed the Devil or a direct surrogate thereof, especially with Jane preparing to give birth to the Antichrist. Her being Gavin’s daughter makes perfect sense to the whole show, too: one thing that often bugged me every episode was, ‘Why is Jane so OK with all these creepy goings-on?’ …now, we know.

    • Jeffrois says:

      Taut thriller? Nah.

      The only thing about the birth being the antichrist is… the baby is the son of Henry, not the son of Satan. And it being the son of Satan/Gavin is kind of incesty.

  15. Judith says:

    I like BeanDVRqueen’s version a LOT! ;-) Unsatisfying wrap, to say the least (when I loved the show), but better than no conclusion at all.

  16. Whatever says:

    I’m happy that ABC dedided to air the final few episodes.
    I hate it when networks cancel a show and leave viewers who DID watch it just hanging.
    The 666 Park Ave Finale was much better than the Cult Finale.
    The Cult Finale really didn’t answer anything.

  17. Brandy says:

    I don’t think Gavin was the devil. I think he was just a demon doing the devil’s dirty work. The devil could have multiple places like this all across the world with demons doing his dirty work just like the crossroads demons on Supernatural. This episode was a perfect season finale but not a very great series finale. ABC really needs to bring this back. Why do they renew crappy reality shows like Survivor and The Bachelor but when it comes to good shows they cancel them on the spot?!?!

  18. Leslie says:

    There is a perfect Segway into a horror/thriller movie a la the Omen

  19. charity says:

    I think that the 666 in the title alone was enough to scare off many viewers. I liked the show, thought it was both well-written and well-acted; maybe if I didn’t like it it would still be on the air. The shows I like are always canceled. Also, it’s pretty rotten to label a Finale ‘part 1’ that really is confusing. I had to go online to try to figure out if it was still actually a finale or what was going on. On a larger scale, it seems that shows about good or evil are both going by the wayside. I think people just don’t want to have to consider ethic or moral dilemmas when watching tv. The mindless masses could not enjoy the challenge.

  20. Cyndi says:

    I enjoyed this series a lot and it’s a shame it got canceled. Though it didn’t feel like the ending we got was where the series was originally headed. I wondered if the “1 Year Later” was added after the show had been canceled? Regardless, I’m glad that ABC aired the remaining episodes for us. Thanks for the recap!

  21. JoeShmo says:

    I didn’t really care for this episode. The reason is that to end a storyline with three of the best actors is really stupid and it was done without much thought either. If this continues I don’t see this series lasting too much longer. If it just becomes Gavin’s playroom I seriously think you are going to lose many people who have invested time watching only to be presented with the obvious that Gavin is all powerful, all knowing and always gets his way. The twist with him being her father is fine, but it could have been done differently too just seems like a huge repeat loop of yawn. I am kind of disappointed.

    • Kristoffer says:

      What do you mean “if this continues I don’t see the series lasting too much longer?” You do realize the series was cancelled and this was the last episode right?

      • Rhonda Kersey says:

        Really, I thought they did GREAT with the little time given. I personally loved the show and am happy to have at least some kind of closure. I really would like it to continue, there are tons of things that could come, starting with the birth of what i assume to be the anti-christ…..this was EXCELLENT TV!

  22. Lawrence says:

    Yes, I agree with the majority, The writers did the best they could with the few episodes allotted. Certainly they had grander plans and more nuanced developments had the series been given more seasons to develop. Ironically, I believe, had they made the Jane character as hot looking and intriguing as she appeared in the final scene the series might have gotten a bigger following!

  23. Tvgirl says:

    I I didn’t even know it was back on TV. So now I need to backtrack and see what I missed. It was a super rushed ending but I’m about 90% satisfied. At lest it was better than Ugly Betty’s ending finale. That made me upset for days. I still miss that show.

  24. Steve says:

    Bravo to ABC for at least wrapping it up rather than leaving everyone hanging, as seems to be the practice these days.

  25. Dawn says:

    A lil confused why it was seasone finale part 1. But this is it? Its over now?

  26. connie says:

    Loved the last few shows. Sitting on the edge of my seat as always. Just like others I can’t understand why certain shows are still on while something as good as this gets cancelled!

  27. Lynn says:

    I had recorded the episode on DVR and it was interrupted in my time zone when Jane & her Dad got into the elevator. Of course the DVR stopped at the time the episode should have ended, so I don’t know if they ever played the end. Thanks for the recap – it really kept me from hanging for eternity!

  28. Karl says:

    Thanks for the update. ABC in my area, of Florida, interrupted the last 7 minutes of the show with the Zimmerman case Just as the story was about to wrap up. Meaning I didn’t see anything after the last set of commercials prior to the finally wrap up. All to wait for the Zimmerman verdict to be handed to the Judge and then be announced. By the time the verdict was read over the air, it was just past the shows end credits. In other words, they could have interrupted after the shows conclusion. Again, thanks for the wrap up, ABC and their Zimmerman conclusion made for an unhappy series finally watcher.

  29. N says:

    I liked it and was glad I stuck with the show!

  30. Carla says:

    Thanks for the update. Just wanted to make sure that nothing else happened after he belly thing. I guess the one question they failed to answer was, “Who is Gavin Doran?” Is he actually satan or a mere demon assigned to plague NYC? However, in a prior episode, Gavin was mentioned as the dragon and that’s also one of satan’s pen names, so. . . I would love for an indie channel to pick this up. It got much better in the second half. I don’t think ABC gave it a chance, especially in that crappy time slot. Not much can survive up against “The Walking Dead.”

  31. Maritza says:

    It actually said it was a part 1 of part 2 so not sure what happened there.
    I was very happy as well that ABC did bring back the final episodes. Hoping that they will maybe bring this back like some other networks are doing with some shows that were cancelled too soon.

  32. Janice says:

    It was great the last few episodes. I don’t know why Abc cancelled this show. They leave others on that aren’t great and cancel good ones

  33. Rhonda Kersey says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING THIS SHOW BACK!!!! It’s the first thing my husband of 25 years and I have enjoyed watching since Will & Grace!!! Seems like everything I LOVE gets cancelled!!

  34. Ram510 says:

    The finale was rushed but these last few episodes they have aired on Saturdays have been really good. I wish they would’ve started this series out this way at a much faster pace. The title was a turn off as well. Why could they just call it “The Drake”? And in the final scene she looked HOT, had to rewind that a couple times. It’s too bad it’s over cause there was alot of story left to be told and none ABC’s new dramas look intriguing

    • Ouch says:

      Yes, it should’ve been titled “The Drake” and a lot more people would’ve tuned in. People were scared away by the devil stuff. A shame, the show was very well done. Disappointed in the finale though. Not satisfying at all, at least to me.

  35. Bonnie says:

    Michael Slezak. You rock. I had dvr’d this and just now watched it tonight. I was so pissed when they had the special report about Zimmerman and I missed the last minute of the show. I was desperately looking online for anyone that might have seen the last minute. Thankyou so much.

  36. What really was an intriguing, well-acted, nicely-paced show ended disastrously. What a shame. Yes, it was needlessly cancelled and we can sing ABC’s praises for a 4-show wrap-up. However, the wrap up was just awful. I agree… the whole thing with Jane’s father so inept at speech he can’t muster the simple truth – talk about dragging the show lit when we’ve got an entire plot line to wrap up in a matter of minutes. Not to mention all of the unexplainables. And Jane just accepts everything she’s experienced and been haunted by with calm demeanor? Become’s Gavin’s apprentice? Come on. Cheap.

    • Ouch says:

      Yup, a big disappointment. Also disappointing that any challenge to Gavin was so easily squashed. Seeing the ever-certain Gavin have to scramble and defend against challenges was the best part of the show.

  37. Sam says:

    This was good, honest attempt by the creators of the show to answer as many quesitons as they could in one hour. The “one year later” trick did manage to answer a lot of questions. There was a lot of carnage as all the characters besides the primary ones died in the last three episodes (all of their debts were paid off at the same time). This was canceled early in its run because the ratings from the start were not good. So the writing team knowing that the writing was on the wall wrote it in such a way initally (the last three episodes) so that if it had a suprising renewal, a few questions were left unanswered. But for the most part, they gave this show decent closure for its brief 13 episode run.

  38. Nikki says:

    gavin was Satan and she is having satan grandbaby

  39. Nikki says:

    Gavin is Satan and the blond-headed chick is his daughter and she is having his grandbaby

  40. Demi Ricci says:

    July 20, 2013

    I really enjoyed the show, is there going to be a second part? I am sorry to see it end.


  41. andrew says:

    Loved the show.

  42. Lola says:

    This series was terribly inconsistent. In the beginning, they were happy to hire Jane because it meant she brought Henry. But it turns out Jane is the one they wanted in the end? And her inconsistency with wanting to stay/leave the Drake. Also, they kept changing how old she was when she lived at the Drake as a child. They said baby, but we saw a picture and she was around 4-5, and at one point, they say she was 8. But still a baby. I had hoped that she would be the one to bring down Gavin and not the other way around. Just disappointing. I

  43. Rhonda says:


  44. TN says:

    Sorry to see this show end after one season… I loved it! Wish ABC would reconsider…

  45. Danmizer says:

    Gavin isn’t the devil.
    Possibly just a demon or someone who made a pact with the devil.
    He said in the finale that this was the price (him and Jane) have to pay to live a life of luxury, no fear and being able to change the fate instead of the world deciding fate when you are born.
    Don’t quote me but that was a summary of what he said.

  46. This series gave me the same unsettled feeling that I got while reading Stephen Kings, “The Shining”. It would have been nice to have been able to look forward to more story in the fall, but I don’t have any say over these decisions.

  47. Kelly says:

    I started watching this show then all of sudden it was off the air.I happened to turn the channel one evening and seen they were going to show the final episodes,I was so glade to be able to have a chance to see how it all ended.I just hate when the networks put a show on,you start to get involved in it then out of the blue they cancel it on your here have been quite a number of shows like that.Also,like someone else mentioned this was part one,is there going to be a part two?Who knows,apparently the network has no idea.

    • Christy says:

      When I looked at it the “info” for the episode it said Part 1 of 2. I guess ABC decided not to air the other episode. Oh well…maybe its for the best.

    • Lawrence says:

      To Kelly: You can count on ABC not bringing it back. Just look at the way they played out the last four episodes. No announcements to the public, no previews for the remaining epidsodes. The network treated 666 like the proverbial red headed step child!

  48. Cindy says:

    I know this comment will not be appreciated, but I don’t really care that 666 was cancelled. I’m stil in therapy regarding the cancellation of Sarah Connor Chronicles: Terminator and Prime Suspect and Human Target and ….. etc.

  49. erica says:

    lol and whats funny i guess because it was interrepted i didnt realize that was the finale, ive set my dvr last week and yesterday, so today i decided to look it up and found out sadly it is no more :(

  50. Heather Dawn says:

    I too am a fan of the series and am going to miss watching the show. I did hear that one of the main reasons it was canceled was due to the set and props being damaged from hurricane Sandy. I don’t think ABC wanted to invest the funds required to rebuild and repair. It is a shame, I love the characters and the storyline. I will rewatch the 13 episodes and treasure each scene.