Did a True Hottie Get Hotter? Will 666 Explain the Suck? Sitcom Promo Too Serious? And More Qs!

True BloodWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including True Blood, Switched at Birth, Teen Wolf and Big Brother!

1 | Agree or disagree — True Blood‘s Rob Kazinsky became, like, 10 times hotter when he switched on Warlow’s British accent?

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2 | Was that Falling Skies‘ most squicky visual effect yet, when all those “things” swarmed in and around Hal’s face, in and out of his eyes?

3 | How is it possible that, in a Dexter episode that featured victims with their heads sliced in half, the most disturbing thing was the suspect’s mother’s piecework fur quilt?

4 | Why didn’t The Killing‘s Holder and Linden arrest Pastor Mike on charges of identity theft as a way to keep tabs on him while they built their murder case? How did Bullet wind up at the train station where Pastor Mike’s vehicle was found? And prediction time: Will Holder ultimately become Lonesome Linden 2.0 by season’s end? Or will she — and hopefully solving the case — veer him off that isolated path?

5 | At the very least, the season finale of 666 Park Avenue has got to explain how and why characters like Teddy Sears’ dashing Det. Cooper get sucked into the walls of the Drake, right?

6 | Isn’t it time Food Network Star spiced up Season 9 with another dash of Susie Fogelson?

Switched at Birth7 | Did Switched at Birth‘s alt universe Bay/Emmett scenes make it even more obvious that those two need to have more stories together?

8 | Can we start a petition to ban in-show, scene-specific hashtags? #annoying #unnecessary

9 | Defiance‘s Stahma totally Mags Bennett’d Kenya, didn’t she? (“The poison was on the flask.”) And this all coulda been avoided if she didn’t share with Datak one of the “tricks” she learned from their shared mistress!

10 | TVLine reader Dan wonders about Under the Dome: “How come none of the townies who were outside the dome at the time it landed have come up to the dome to see their family?” And we want to know: Is Chester’s Mill also stuck in the past? How else to explain all their “confusion” about Norrie and her two moms?

11 | Was Teen Wolf‘s motel so creepy, you half expected Norman and Norma Bates to make an appearance?

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The Bachelorette12 | How cruel was it for Bachelorette producers to air an entire conversation between Desiree and Brooks in which both of them repeatedly referred to “like” and “love” as adjectives, not verbs? Also, we’re not OK with Brooks’ shirt-sweater combo for his dinner date in Madeira, are we?

13 | Who Googled “The Siberian Husky” after Mistresses‘ Joss referenced the move while watching the porn shoot out her office window?

14 | So wait — based on Victoria’s “You’re all gonna die” prediction, are we supposed to believe Siberia‘s poisonous mushrooms can give people the power to foretell the future?

15 | Will Pretty Little Liars‘ Spencer ever learn that it’s never really OK to be that rude to your best friends? And why exactly were the cops in the woods trailing Hanna anyway?

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16 | Didn’t the progress he’s already made – even at this early point – make Jade’s So You Think You Can Dance injury and subsequent exit even sadder? With Jade dropping out, wouldn’t it have been nice if Nigel & Co. had invited back Week 1 evictee Carlos to continue on?

17 | After the Power of Veto competition, did Big Brother‘s Jeremy make anyone else physically cringe as he acted like a whining baby in the Diary Room?

18 | If you’re Annabeth Gish’s character on The Bridge, don’t you have the lowly ranch hand be the one to open the mysterious secret door hidden on a remote corner of your property?

19 | On Hot in Cleveland, wasn’t Victoria surprisingly calm about Emmett’s disastrous proposal?

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Rookie Blue20 | If Rookie Blue goes through with all these hints of Andy/Nick, would that pair the female cop with one too many of her colleagues? Or are you intrigued enough by their chemistry to overlook that?

21 | Which celeb from the Hollywood Game Night premiere would you most like to have over for your own “game night”? (Alyson Hannigan gets our vote.) And are the cash prizes kinda skimpy, or is the contestants’ real reward getting to hang with a half-dozen famous folks?

22 | What’s your guesstimate for the Sharknado budget? Could it possibly have topped $1 million? (We have many more questions about the Syfy shlockfest here.)

23 | CBS’ current promo for Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar’s The Crazy Ones is a bit overly emotional/dramatic for a comedy, no?

24 | Did the black fabric mannequin used this week in the George Zimmerman trial remind you of the American Horror Story Season 1 bondage suit?

25 | Did Fox & Friends‘ Brian “Butterfingers” Kilmeade put toddler basketball phenom Titus Ashby off talk-show appearances for life?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Margaret says:

    20. I enjoy seeing Andy try to figure herself out without Sam. She definitely has a cool chemistry with Nick, I’m happy that it looks like they’re going to explore that. This also brings out the insecure Gail, who viewers don’t see that often.

    • Lisa London says:

      Could not agree more! Yes, it might be one too many, but their chemistry is great and Nick is way too lovely to endure Gail’s special brand of crazy for too long. I love Swarek but Andy and Nick seem way more compatible.

      • Regal says:

        Didn’t think I’d say this but I totally agree. Andy and Nick feel way more natural than Andy & Sam or Nick & Gail. (Of course the Nick/Gail one might just be because I’m still a Gail/Dov shipper at heart.)

      • Sheriberi says:

        I think that on paper Nick and Andy are an awesome match, but there is no sexual chemistry there. They seem much more like brother and sister to me. The sibling that they both wanted and neither one of them had; someone to talk to, someone to tell you the truth no matter what, someone to tease you and love you back.

        The chemistry that Sam and Andy have is so very rare and so very fun to watch. I don’t want to see either one with anyone else. I want them to work through their problems TOGETHER.

    • t86 says:

      Totally agree about Andy/Nick. the hints are there since the season 3 finale. I hope the writers will explore more about their relationship. Their chemistry is natural, and they seem really confortable around each other. no much drama and all. I like that.

      • trock7 says:

        Andy and Sam are still the real relationship, and one I am pulling for. I think Nick is a good palate-cleanser for her. He’s just fun. She needs a fun relationship right now. Luke was too much drama–manipulating, lying, and cheating. Sam loves her, and she still loves him, but there’s a lot to get past. Nick is the perfect person for her to tease and play with, but it is NOT gonna make it comfy at the office.
        And let’s talk about Cruz, who is a ticking time-bomb, and one Andy is most likely going to be the one to diffuse it. Anyone else think she’s going a little manic lately?

    • Ari says:

      I just so adore Nick and Gail and don’t want to see anything screw that up. If Andy were to date Nick this would be the third guy she’s dated that she works with. She needs to date someone outside of the precinct for a while.

      • K. says:

        Agree with you completely, I mean there has to be other guys outside the work place…Also I think going after one of your girlfriends guy is just wrong!!! Let Andy date someone on the outside and then please put her and Sam back together…..

  2. Sarah says:

    #8 no more in-show hashtags, for the love of god!

    • Daisy says:

      Unless we’re talking about #Sharknado. Then it’s okay. Otherwise useless and painfully annoying.

    • Ari says:

      I’m torn on this one, I find the in show hashtags beyond obnoxious. However, I can’t help but feel like the networks are monitoring how many hits those hashtags get and if I use it I’m being counted as a viewer. Since ratings are such a big deal and only Jesus, Mary and Joseph got to be a Nielson family, I like to have my viewership counted, even if that means using the obnoxious hashtags.

    • stella says:

      They do it in PLL all the time, one time the hashtag popped up before the moment happened and TOTALLY ruined the big twist.I was mad.

    • TV Gord says:


  3. C. says:

    7- We don’t see them together nearly often enough this season. I hope this scene meant that they are going to start interacting a bit more with each other (all the more since I really don’t see her relationship with Ty lasting more than a few episodes)

    • Winter says:

      Ty and Bay have no chemistry. I have absolutely no idea why they brought him back. But the promos for Monday look like they are going to be having sex.

  4. P4Principle says:

    “Also, we’re not OK with Brooks’ shirt-sweater combo for his dinner date in Madeira, are we?”
    LOL, no we are not. I like Brooks, but he needs a makeover for sure. Hair and clothing. That sweater was horrific. Don’t they have wardrobe people on that set?

  5. kate says:

    #1 agreed!! I wish he could always talk with an accent
    #20 love the chemistry between the two so I’m good with a mccollins ship

    • Lisa London says:

      #20: Same here!

    • CA says:

      #1 listen to any interview with RK – he isn’t faking that Brit accent. He is English by birth. So, technically, he does always speak with that accent!

    • “#1 agreed!! I wish he could always talk with an accent” Lol…I think that could probably be possible…considering he’s actually British in real life! ;-) Now we just have to hope that the True Blood peeps will allow him 2actually have the accent on the show! I mean, Alexander Skarsgard is Swedish, Ryan Kwanten is Australian, n Stephen Moyer is British also, n they rob us of all of those sexy men using their accents for the viewers lusty benefits, so, here’s 2 wishing they at least let benlow be british, n ditch the VERY MUCH LESS SEXY ‘drawl’! Lol

  6. I can totally see Nick/Andy together, but Team McSwarek has already gotten it’s fanbase together, with the writers practically deciding they’re endgame. Besides, it’s good to see that there are men and women who are JUST friends and have a brother/sister type relationship.

    • debbie says:

      i am all for Nick & Andy showing that men & women can be just friends. I think the reason TPTB aren’t doing that is b/c Andy already has a friendship with Chris & Dov.

  7. dean says:

    #10-its been painfully obvious since episode 1 someone is trying to push an agenda with lesbian mom characters.

    • Sheila says:

      I believe that Stephen King has a daughter who is gay.

      • Actually, I lived in Bangor, Maine for the 1st 22yrs of my life, and actually went 2school from kindergarten to 12th grade with Stephen King’s kids, n no, he has no daughters-gay or straight, but he does have some hideously hairy sons, so I’m thinking the “gay female” ur convinced he has in his life, is probably his (fuglicious) wife, Tabitha. Lmao. Just sayin…

    • Kat says:

      to answer Dan tho, the 2 older guys in the diner where not confused they were showing their disaproval for the lifestyle. As for the younger kid, he was confused b/c she had told him he didn’t know the two women. I think his confusion was more b/c she had lied to him about her parents.

    • Rook says:

      Chester’s Mill is a small town, while I think they know that two women can raise a child together they just don’t expect it. Seeing how everyone knows each other.

    • Aeol says:

      I think this is just a sarcastic observation of perceived small-town bigotry, people. Also @Dean not sure what a “lesbian agenda” is – as there are hundreds of thousands of gay and lesbian couples raising families, why shouldn’t they be represented on TV? I wouldn’t call that an agenda, rather, an accurate portrayal of reality.

      • liz says:

        Oh, you’re supposed to pick up your ‘Lesbian Agenda’ at the annual meeting, its on the welcome table right next to the ‘I’m a lesbian,ask me how’ buttons.


  8. #1 – Even though I ship Eric and Sookie, even I had to agree, Benlow’s attractiveness went up a lot once he dumped the Southern accent and went Brit!

  9. Jared says:

    I’m not sure why S@B decided to give up on the Bay/Emmett storyline so fast. To me those two had the best chemistry compared to anybody else they tried to stick Bay with.

    • Regal says:

      I think they’ve got to go back to it eventually. I mean with this episode it kind of made it clear that the two were always meant for each other, I can’t see them ignoring that for too long.

    • Ari says:

      They have to be working back to them. I still think it is too soon to go back there since they broke up over cheating. I love the Bay/Emmett scenes. There has been not enough of that this season.

  10. Elyse says:

    I have my own questions for pretty little liars: why are these girls still walking around in the dark? haven’t they gifted each other with keychain flashlights yet? or downloaded the flashlight app on their smartphones? AND are you really still trying to hide stuff from A? you haven’t realized yet that A is always 10 steps ahead?

    • tripoli says:

      It’s amazing how little they’ve learned. I was shaking my head in frustration, watching Hanna bury the gun. Seriously girls, how many times have you been given photos that appear to show you doing some shady or illegal stuff? A is always watching and usually from the bushes with a cmaera handy. Stop running off alone, in the dark, doing things that can easily be misinterpreted.

    • TrashBash says:

      Hahaa!! EXACTLY. I think they’re all socio-paths and sadists to be honest.

    • kat says:

      How are they still going off alone in the woods? That has turned out poorly so many times. Yes, split up. Like not only have they not seen their previous seasons, but they have never seen a horror movie?

  11. Kathy says:

    I loved Hollywood Game Night, and like Jane Lynch, I, too was wondering about Matthew Perry’s hair.

  12. valeriel40 says:

    Agree or disagree — True Blood‘s Rob Kazinsky became, like, 10 times hotter when he switched on Warlow’s British accent? OMFG, YESSSSSS. He went from boring, vanilla Ben to HELLLLLEW sexy, British vamp-fairy hybrid. ROWR.

  13. Robin says:

    7 | Did Switched at Birth‘s alt universe Bay/Emmett scenes make it even more obvious that those two need to have more stories together?

    Yes! Yes! I forgive Emmett…as has Bay…lets now get these two back together and just forget about Ty…

  14. dan says:

    Hey TVLine, thanks for the shout out in #10! As for #7, yes we need Susie (or Medusa as other fans call her) to inject some excitement into this season. And why is Rodney still a contender for Next Foodnetwork Star? Dude can’t speak clearly and his food looks lousy (quiche in a jar? Please Stop).

  15. #10 – This point is down to the adaptation from the book. They haven’t got time to deal with it, I guess. Re the lesbians, has to be some producer’s clever idea to be “current” – and there’s no way to have the situation other than animosity.

    #21 – Loved Hollywood Game Night. I’d go with Kristen Bell. Fun stuff.

    #23 – Yeah, me too. Saw the long promo and said, “This is a comedy?”

  16. wordsmith says:

    #2 Nope – Falling Skies’ squickiest visual still goes to the bug parasites erupting out of that guy’s mouth last season.

  17. wordsmith says:

    #16- As unfair as last week’s ouster may have been, inviting Carlos back to replace Jade and then immediately kicking off another guy (most likely BluPrint) would have been bizarre and awkward.

  18. #4– They did try to arrest him but he was already gone. And Bullet wasn’t at the train station, she was at the Pastor’s house after the police raided it.

  19. Len says:

    10. Ever tried to get past a military blockade? Not exactly easy, plus usually even just having one is enough to stop the average person from trying somethng.

    10. Or maybe Chester mills is full of scientists where they know it isn’t possible to have two moms, as it is scientifically impossible for two women to conceive a child (so far). While it is possible to have two parents that are females. So they are confused at why they are called two moms.

    • dan says:

      I thought about the military blockade around the dome, but it still seems to me that family members on the outside would want to periodically “check in” with the people in the dome. I know they can’t communicate and set up an appointment, I just think its weird that people talk about their family members who are outside yet there are no efforts to show them looking for each other (not artfully stated, but hopefully you get my drift).

  20. Flora says:

    #20 Rookie Blue does too many live triangles, they need a new gimmick.

  21. Sheila says:

    #7: Maybe they’re being kept apart by Bay’s hideous wig?

  22. jenferner8 says:

    #10. I’m still trying to figure out why the hazmat suits never seem to notice all the crazy bats**** going on inside the dome. Given the scene in episode one with Linda and Rusty, each side can clearly see the other but not one of those people on the outside has reacted to ANYTHING going on inside the dome. The scene where it looks like the hazmats are washing the dome and the boys figure out some water is getting through. If it’s as the reporter said, the gov’t really has nothing to do with what happened then why isn’t somebody communicating the old fashion way, pen and paper? That reporter clearly has no problem carrying matches around, get cardboard and a Sharpie and communicate for crying out loud!
    I’ve not read the book but I’m half convinced (until the show proves otherwise) that Angie really is dead and we are “seeing” her as Junior “sees” her.

    • Doug says:

      The only way the behavior of the people outside the dome makes sense is if their side has gone opaque and they can’t see into the dome from their side.

  23. marga says:

    No quiero Nick-Andy. Pobre Gail !!!!

  24. Jan says:

    #1 Oh yea i’m lovin’ the Brit accent… now that he’s found out I bet he’ll be rockin’ the accent full-time….. (But I’m forever on Team Eric)

  25. sarah says:

    #8 yes hashtagging everything is getting out of hand!
    #16 Jade should have been sent home last week! So I was even more mad when Jade dropped out due to injury!
    #20 I am team Sandy all the way but I think Nick is hot too so I would be fine if they hooked up.
    #21 Alyson Hannigan is my choice too. Daniel Dae Kim is 2nd but only if he would bring Alex O’Loughlin with him!

  26. Babybop says:

    I agree with the banning hashtags thing. SO annoying.

  27. Paul says:

    I think you are correct about #23 to a point. It emphasizes the bond between Williams and Gellar. There is nothing more emotional than the bond between parent and child. They are establishing the emotional connection. Don’t worry when they get going you’ll be crying with laughter

  28. Jules says:

    #1: True Blood – hell yeah, a British accent (any of them really, but especially English ones) are always sexy and make everything more awesome.
    #7: Switched at Birth – oh yes, Emmett and Bay need to get back together, and pronto!!
    #11: Teen Wolf – haven’t seen Bates Motel yet, but that motel was so creepy. That made it an amazing episode, in general I have to say, this season has been full of really good, nice and creepy episodes! Well done, Teen Wolf!
    #20: sure, it’s starting to get a bit much, but hey, these two have some serious chemistry, I’d really like to try that out, because Nick and Andy started out truly as just friends, became great buddies, and now maybe more. I love relationships that develop out of true friendships, so yeah, let’s go do that, and additionally, it’ll show a very vulnerable side to Gail, which I’d also like to see.

  29. Jake says:

    #15 Has Spencer just become increasingly rude and obnoxious to her friends or is it just me?

  30. Whatever says:

    1.Warlow’s British accent is very sexy.
    5. I just hope they give us some answers and don’t end the show with a cliff hanger.
    10. Well in the book the military doesn’t allow relatives near the dome until they have a “Visitors Day ” when they bus all the families to the Dome so they can visit with relatives inside.
    The media is there too.

  31. Sar says:

    20. I never thought I’d ditch team McSwarek, buthe chemistry and ease of Andy and Nick’s relationship. I hope they really explore this relationship for a long arc. Love Peter Mooney, more screen time can only be a good thing!!! Yeah McCollins!!!

  32. GTS says:

    15.) Wasn’t it a tip off by A? I forget the text A sent, but I thought it implied she told the police. I think it was something abut Hanna getting a lawyer. Maybe I’m wrong.

  33. #20 The hints about Andy/Nick are there since the season 3 finale. I hope the writers will explore more about their relationship. Their chemistry is natural, and they seem really confortable around each other. no much drama and all. I like that!

  34. Kathryn says:

    As far as Rookie Blue, there IS not Nick/Andy sexual chemistry to be intrigued by. They have a vibe that is solidly in the brother/sister domain. I HATE even the thought of Nick and Andy’s friendship morphing into anything romantic for all sorts of reasons, the least stomach turning of which is Andy sleeping with too many Div 15 cops. But yes, that will be too many inter-division hook-ups for Rookie Blue. I pray they don’t go there in a serious way!!

    • debbie says:

      Thank You. I don’t see the sexual chemistry between them either. I would love for them to stay great friends, uc partners, brother/sister kind of relationship. Like Jarrod Mitchell said earlier, “it’s good to see that there are men and women who are JUST friends and have a brother/sister type relationship.” That is reality also. Why can’t they show that/

      • Ali says:

        While the relationship gives off the brother sister vibe in some sorts that is simply because the underlying chemistry is not allowed to be explored because of their respective roles and relationships. It is a common reality that people develop feelings for others that are never allowed to be explored because of their jobs or the fact that they are in relationships with other people. It could be a great story line to go through the difficulties of transitioning from a relationship that is grounded in rules about what they can and cannot be into exploring an underlying sexual connection, transitioning the brother sister behavior to the relationship behavior. It is clear that her relationship with Nick is portrayed differently than her relationships with Dov and Chris, and the chemistry between these two actors is believable and something to root for. However, it equally compelling to present them as a couple that has incredible chemistry and might “crush” on each other, but are never in the right place to explore that.

        • Kathryn says:

          LOL, only if by “great” you mean something that makes The Exorcist projectile-style vomiting a real possibility when I’m forced to watch it. I don’t want whatever portion of however many episodes they go with this pairing to become hate watching. That’s before all the other friendships being put through the meat grinder even come into play.

  35. Gem says:

    1. Strangely (being English myself) i didn’t expect his English accent to make him any more sexy but it totally did!! But then he was always sexy in EastEnders as Sean Slater!

  36. Bobbi says:

    #16 – It also would have been a nice gesture if they had offered Jade the opportunity to return if he wanted to, once he healed.

  37. DarkDefender says:

    1. AGREED times, like 100.
    3. Genius.
    18. Especially if he’s in a red shirt.. (ala the away team)

  38. Robin says:

    #20 No to Nick and Andy.. chemistry or not it’s becoming the graveyard of Andy’s ex’s that Tassie Cameron said she didn’t want….she must of forgotten about saying that. Drama for the sake of drama just to keep a couple apart drives viewers away

  39. Gina says:

    NO. To Nick and Andy. I fully expect them to go there but I am fully against it. I don’t see any romantic chem there at all. They are wonderful friends!

  40. Kira says:

    1. Totally upped the hotness!!!!!
    7. Time for Bay & Emmett to kiss and make up. Miss them being together!!
    11. Totally creepy!!!! Best episode of the season!!!
    20. McSwarek forever!!! Yes Andy and Nick chemistry but seriously!!! Time to stop hooking up with people in the precinct. I would rather them remain best friends.

  41. dude says:

    I dont think Spencer was being that rude. She was right.

  42. Leah says:

    10. Goodness. The Dome is getting ridiculous. I had moderately high hopes after the pilot…but each episode since has been much more CBS-y. It took these people a day before they were cool with being under this dome? Dumb.
    17. Don’t even get me started on BB. Jeremy is a tool. I could rant about how screwed up this cast is all day. (What the heck else am I supposed to get invested in in the summer?)

  43. cass says:

    20. Definitely no Andy and Nick . Too many men in one work enviorment does not bode well for her reputation,she becomes a joke then. Plus she has natural chemistry with Sam .If it happens with Nick i there could be a negative impact on the audience.

  44. Crystal says:

    The prize Is low so they can pay all those celebrities

  45. Truefan says:

    Don’t find Warlow sexy. That’s Eric’s department.

  46. Louise says:

    Just so hope that the rookie blue writers don’t go there with nick and Andy. McSwarek forever! If they go there, there’s a real danger of getting into soap territory. Let’s hope if Nick and Andy do go there, it is merely a way of showing that she truly loves Sam and Nick will always be second best as a love interest.

  47. Sheriberi says:

    I do not want to see Nick with Andy. You can’t show Sam and Andy as soul mates and then put Andy with someone else. If they want to use Nick to make Sam jealous I don’t mind but I don’t want to see Andy thinking she is falling in love with anyone else. Luke hooked up with a new rookie every year and I didn’t think that said very much about him.

  48. Alison says:

    #20 – No way do Nick/Andy have that sexual, heightened, get-me-excited-for-every-scene-they’re-in chemistry that Sam/Andy have. The two cannot be compared because they’re not even in the same galaxy. I do expect the writers to go there (it actually irks me as to how unsurprising this storyline is–though maybe things aren’t all as they seem). I have NO feelings towards Nick, positive or negative, so I just don’t get why Andy would even want to go there (outside of their good friendship) just because Sam is with someone else. It’s an over-used plot device. Hook her up with a hot EMT or firefighter for a couple episodes, not a character who has a friendship with her and has seen her with another man (Sam–the love of her life), through the break-up, and the fall-out. If he wants to date a woman who has obvious feelings for another man, Nick is only kidding himself and it’s pretty obvious he has more deep-seated issues (according to his webisode, it’s the truth). But if it pushes Sam to actually grow a pair and fight for her so be it–I just wish he would do that without having to see Andy with this (bland) man.

    • Sar says:

      I think it’s refreshing that they make Andy’s next potential love interest someone opposite of Swarek in all respects. While the chemistry with Sam and Andy has been there since day one, Nick and Andy have always connected, but now that connection is developing slowly into something more. I think it will interesting to see how Andy handles someone like Nick and an attraction that has creeped up on both of them.

  49. ER says:

    I’m totally down for some Andy/Nick action. Personally, I think that Gail’s best pairing was with Dov, and I still hate the writers for just randomly dropping that storyline.

  50. kay says:

    7. yes, it hasn’t been the same since bay/emmett broke up. whoever though emmett cheating on her was a good storyline should be fired.