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NCIS Scoop: Cote de Pablo to Exit This Fall, Producers Promise 'Appropriate Closure' for Ziva

Cote de Pablo Leaving NCIS Cote de Pablo is invoking Gibbs’ Rule No. 11 — “When the job is done, walk away” — and has decided to leave CBS’ NCIS.

The actress, whose contract expired at the end of Season 10, will appear at the start of Season 11 (premiering Sept. 24) to conclude Ziva’s story.

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“I’ve had eight great years with NCIS and Ziva David,” the actress shares. “I have huge respect and affection for Mark [Harmon], Gary [Glasberg], Michael [Weatherly], David [McCallum], Rocky [Carroll], Pauley [Perrette], Brian [Dietzen], Sean [Murray], all of the team and CBS. I look forward to finishing Ziva’s story.”

In a statement, CBS said, “We respect Cote’s decision, thank her for being an important part of the NCIS team, and for eight terrific years playing Ziva David. Cote and CBS share a great respect for the NCIS audience, and we look forward to working with her and the producers on appropriate closure in this chapter of Ziva’s story.”

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News of De Pablo’s departure comes at the proverbial 11th hour, since NCIS is due to resume production next week. Her future with the show has been conspicuously in question since the spring, when her character of Ziva was steered into a dangerous mission of vengeance, at one point winding up in a (seemingly) brutal car crash.

After emerging from that episode-ending cliffhanger surprisingly unscathed, by season’s end Ziva and others had resigned from NCIS — and then the season ended with a four-month time jump, the disenfranchised agents thus far unaccounted for.

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Show boss Gary Glasberg maintained back in April, when de Pablo stood as the only cast member unsigned for Season 11, “I’m confident that things will work out, and we’ll present the best finale that we can and go from there.”

Are you bummed that Ziva and de Pablo are outta there?

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  1. Jessie says:

    I think they should wait to introduce a female replacement for Ziva at least for a few episodes. Give them Deeks instead! It would be a great twist for both shows, NCIS and NCIS L.A and the producers would have enough time to find a good female actress and build up a good story instead of giving just a second Ziva. Additionally Deeks and the Team (mostly Sam) need space from each other after this finale, I think. L.A should get Dorneget, then maybe Sam will see how fortunate they are with Deeks :D

  2. MERRILYN says:


  3. Mona butter says:

    Ziva don’t leave I way h all reruns I know some words for words the perfect cAss luv mark Harmon and Abby ducky tony jimmy Magee and ziva very upset u r leaving

  4. Big Al says:

    The show is bigger than any one star. About the only character that is irreplacable is Gibbs. I thought we lost Ducky a while back. The show survived when other characters died, like Kate and Sheppard, it will survive Ziva’s departure. I think her character has had a full arc, her connection to Mossad is severed she avenged her father it is time to move on. I am just curious what will happen to her and who will replace he.

  5. CED says:

    I will truly miss the character of Ziva. She has been a great addition to the show and I love her character, it’s a shame they couldn’t have convinced her to stay. As long as they can hang on to Gibbs & Abbey though, I think most NCIS lovers will hang in there to find out where it goes.

  6. cherry says:

    Just read, cote wanted to make what michael makes which is about 225,000. They offered her 200,000. Mark harmon apparently urged her to take it, but she was holding out hoping they would cave in, but they didn’t. This was about money. Don’t be greedy. Every one else was on the show longer, they should make more.

  7. Cinda says:

    First it as CSI now its NCIS they keep killing off all the good actors. I guess its starting all over again. First it was Kate now Zeva. Whos next Abbi or Tony? I guess I will be finding something new to watch on Tuesdays. I do love all the actors on the show but its just the start of getting rid of everyone including the viewers.

  8. Shelly says:

    To my knowledge, nothing has been released publicly about the contract negotiations between Cote and CBS. To imply something on either end is speculation at best. To say that Cote was a diva or demanding or has an inflated sense of her own worth is insulting. No one knows how she acted in negotiations or what she asked for. I understand why people may think it is a money issue as Cote has always stated that she would like to be on the show until the end. Just last Nov in TV Guide she talked about how she couldn’t imagine the show without one of the 8 of them. Yes, that would make some people think that she was forced out. Just because it was her decision, doesn’t mean that it couldn’t have been forced. On the other hand, Cote de Pablo was 25 when she joined NCIS. It was her first big role. Perhaps at the age of 33, she is now ready to move on. She has always said that the theater and singing are her first loves. Maybe she is afraid of being type casted, maybe she is tired of long hours, maybe she just wants more personal time or maybe she is ready to settle down and have a child. Who knows? Unless Cote speaks, we will never know the truth. To make things up is just ridiculous. Cote and the character of Ziva are the reasons that I started to watch NCIS. She is my favorite. It is like losing a friend to me. To not see her as part of Team Gibbs every Tuesday is really hard for me to comprehend. And it is different from Kate leaving. I am sorry but to lose someone after 8 years of investing in them is much different than someone leaving after 2 seasons. The writers will need to handle this delicately. If they kill Ziva off or make her a traitor, they will alienate even more viewers. These writers are clever and they need to come up with something fitting for the show. I think if they send Ziva into hiding to resist arrest or to get away from Bodnar’s people who are seeking retribtution, I could handle that. Someone also said that they heard that maybe Monique was going to be back on. Maybe she comes to help Ziva go into hiding. Or maybe she has intel that Tali is alive and she and Ziva go to look for her. Either way leaves it open for Cote to make guest appearances throughout the remaining seasons of NCIS. I really do not see the show going longer than 12 seasons. I could be wrong, but that is my opinion. As for a new love interest or a partner with chemistry for Tony; I do not want to see that happen.This is not because I do not want Tony to be happy, but because the writers played the game with us too long and now they can’t deliver on what has been hinted at for several seasons. I do not even want to see them bring anyone in right now. Some of the earlier episodes of season 7 when Ziva was waiting to be reinstated were some of my favorites because they focused on Tim, Tony and Gibbs. Another person wasn’t needed. Instead of focusing on Tony’s love life, let’s concentrate on McGee’s. There is plenty of material with Tim’s background and Abby’s background. They could pull in some bits about Jimmy and Breena adopting. We could see more of Agent Borin and Agent Dorneget. The original 4 (Gibbs, Tony, Abby and Ducky) are really all the show needs to focus on at this time. The writers need to give the audience sometime to adjust. As for TIVA, I was a fan but I too grew tired of the constant teasing. No couple in real life would have abstained for this long or toyed with the will they/won’t they crap. In my happy world, TIVA would have happened in the last 4 months when Tony and Ziva weren’t working for Gibbs and she could promise to come back to him when it is safe for her to return. In this way, Cote could appear in the series finale and Ziva and Tony could go off together. For those of you who don’t think it would work well, I refer to ER. That is what they did in the last episode when the show reunited Doug (George Clooney) and Carol (Juliana Marguiles) and the off camera relationship did not ruin the show. I also believe that the series NCIS would translate well to the big screen. I really think that after the show ends that people would go to see a movie every couple of years starring this cast. I mean can you imagine an NCIS with a multi million dollar movie budget? I would love a little grittier NCIS with a little more edge in the dialogue, a little more bang in the action sequences and a little more romance in the love department. But, these are only my hopes and dreams. What will be, will be. I am still going to watch the show but the amount of time I devote to the show will be determined by how well they deal with the exit of Ziva. To the writers I say, in the immortal words of Abby Sciuto, “The balls in your court…This is your move, and it better be a good one!”

  9. Guest says:

    To the person who said Cote was being greedy; please. When Cote joined the show, she was replacing the female lead-the LEAD. Shoudn’t she be paid the same amount of money as the 2nd male lead? Everyone connected to the show has said that Mark, Michael and Cote work the most hours. They are the ones that are there day in and day out, 5-6 days a week, for 12-16 hours a day. Sean Murray and Pauley Perrette work maybe 3 days a week and have less screen time then the other 3. Why shouldn’t Cote have the same amount of money for the same amount of hours? If Sasha Alexander were still on the show, they would be paying her the same amount of money they are paying Michael. I think Cote has proven herself and her dedication to the job. So what if she is behind by 2 seasons? I don’t think it was unreasonable for her to ask for the same amount of $ that her male equal is making. Michael Weatherly also asked to be allowed to direct episodes which he probably makes an additional pay for. It’s not like she was asking for Mark Harmon’s $750,000. per episode. It’s the #1 show on TV. CBS could have coughed up the extra $25,000. per week. However, this will eventually hit them in the pocket when viewers and ratings go down because they lost a central and key figure in this show.

    • JoAnn Kimball says:

      Could not agree with you more. That was the point I was trying to make when all this started. It’s not greed when you deserve it. And there is no doubt in my mind that she is/was worth at least as much as Michael/Tony. I hope this was not one of those glass ceiling issues that happen because she is a woman. In any case, I am sure she will miss the show as much or not more than we will miss her. They had good chemistry.

    • Marissa says:

      Whose to say Sasha was making as much as MIchael? Salaries are determined by a lot of factors, not only number of lines, but promo, of which Michael does the most of anyone in the cast, with the exception of Pauley, and many other very individual concerns. Salaries aren’t and shouldn’t be equal, because work hour for work hour nobody works exactly the same hours. It isn’t like an office environment. How would you feel in your job if someone newer was earning the same amount you did, and you had more extra responsibilities?

    • Andrea says:

      “To the person who said Cote was being greedy; please. When Cote joined the show, she was replacing the female lead-the LEAD. Shoudn’t she be paid the same amount of money as the 2nd male lead? ”

      In a word, no because many Hollywood salaries are based on the totality of an actor’s career, not only on his or her status within a series. Mark Harmon is paid the money he makes because he’s had a several-decades long career. In terms of Michael and Cote, they are also not equal. Michael has two years more time on NCIS in addition to his time on soaps and as the lead in Dark Angel. Assuming that Cote and Michael are “equal” assumes that they started NCIS with careers at equal points, and they haven’t. Even if you divided Cote and Michael’s NCIS responsibilities right down the middle, Michael would still earn more money because he has done more in his career before NCIS and on NCIS than Cote has. Cote was a virtual unknown before NCIS. Michael was not, and Mark was a bigger “known” than Michael. That’s why Mark’s at the top.

      I feel that the fact that Michael’s a man and Cote’s a woman allows people to cloud the issue, but if we were talking someone like Maggie Smith or Juliana Margulies followed by Marlee Matlin’s Oscar and her TV work, I’d pay Cote less than these women as well for the exact same reason. If she wants to use her experience at NCIS to leverage more money on her next project, by all means, but to expect to leverage her NCIS experience on NCIS is unrealistic, in my opinion, since Michael and Mark are also gaining experience that will always put them ahead of her.

    • Steve B says:


    • Judy Hitt says:

      Correction: According to ET several nights ago, Mark Harmon’s salary is $545,000 per episode.

  10. dee says:

    I think the way they are ending Ziva on NCIS she is returning home to maybe take her father’s place. What ya think.

    • lia says:

      yeh I think that maybe she is returning back home. and I know this is a stupid idea but I think that maybe they should make a show about Mossad and Ziva is in it. but one thing is for certain I DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT want them to kill Ziva. I deffinatly do want an epic Tiva moment with a giant kiss. I do agree that someone should come with intel that Tali is still alive and they go of to look for Tali. I think the new character should be someone from either Gibbs’s or Tony’s past. But I think they should deffinatly wait two to four episodes before they introduce her replacement. It should deffiatly be a women other wise Pauly will be all on her own and there was Blackadder (soz I can’t remember her first name because I didn’t see the interductry episode with jag as I was two I think.) Kate Todd and then Ziva all women. And she wasn’t being greedy but I would of taken the two mill (or 1,304,972 pounds stearling.) I could only dream of earning that much money when I’m older. and I am NOT and I repeat NOT saying she should die and I really don’t want her to die but if I had to write her dead I would kill her of in a similar way CSI did with Holly Gribs (s1eps1&2)
      if my spelling is wrong it is one of two things either it’s the English way of speeling it or because i am dyslexic

  11. cherry says:

    If mark, michael and cote worked more hours that could be because that is how they wrote the show which is not right since there are 8 people who work on the show. I just posted what i read on another web site, but in all realty it is really none of no ones business what any one makes. I hope they bring back mcgee’s father and they tell the story of what broke up father and son. How about if they tell the history of abby and mcgee an put them two together.

    • Anne says:

      I doubt that Sean only works 3 days per week. He seems to work just as many hours as Michael and Cote do. Maybe his work doesn’t stand out as much because the character of McGee is, oh, less forceful than DiNozzo’s or Ziva’s are. Sean has scenes in the field, in the bullpen, in the lab, in MTAC, with Vance, and in personal situations (McGee’s apartment is the only home, other than Gibbs’, that we have seen on a regular basis.) Since his contract negotiations last summer before Season 10, he has been given 3rd billing for the show – after Mark and Michael. To some of you, the billing order may seem unfair, but that is the situation which the show agreed to.

      • lia says:

        I agree that Sean probably doesn’t work only three days I’d say the all work the same days it’s just come like Mark, Michael and Cote work longer hours possibly but i really don’t know. but i would say Mark, Michael and Cote are in slightly more of with interrogations, bullpen and going out to either bring someone into custardy of ask some questions things like that. and if Sean’s in MTAC the rest usually are in there as well,

  12. cherry says:

    If mark, michael and cote worked more hours that could be because that is how they wrote the show which is not right since there are 8 people who work on the show, in all realty it is really none of no ones business what any one makes. I hope they bring back mcgee’s father and they tell the story of what broke up father and son. How about if they tell the history of abby and mcgee an put them two together.

  13. cherry says:

    If mark, michael and cote worked more hours that could be because that is how they wrote the show which is not right since there are 8 people who work on the show. I hope they bring back mcgee’s father and they tell the story of what broke up father and son. How about if they tell the history of abby and mcgee an put them two together.

  14. Ruth Ellen says:

    Hey writers I respect her wishes all I ask please don’t kill her character ziva
    Too many characters has been killed its become boring repeat thing
    Hope you writers can shock the fans who loves tiva
    I hope you gives us not expected how u write her off than expected her to kill her off the show


  15. Guest says:

    However it has been reported in previous years that Cote has always been bumped up to the same salary as Michael when her contract comes up a year later. For instance, in the contract negotiations for MW for seasons 8-9 it was reported that he was making about $125,000 per episode. The following year when Cote’s contract came up for seasons 9-10, she was bumped up to the $125,000 per episode. She is a year behind MW, so for season 10 she made $125,000 while Michael made $225,000. Why shouldn’t she be bumped up to the $225,000 now? They have always put her on the same level before; why all of a sudden should it change? Now, if the reports of their salaries over the years are inaccurate, fine. But if they are truthful, why should it all of a sudden change now? Actors also negotiate things like directing or bonuses or time off, etc…We do not know what either actor has asked for or received in these categories. Maybe the $225,000 was the only thing that was equal. His bonus or directing fee could have boosted his pay even more which are things that she may not be receiving. And let’s be honest, no episode focusing on Tony and his father or any stand out episodes featuring Tony have brought in the numbers that “Shabbat Shalom” and “Shiva” brought in for NCIS this past season. To say that Cote de Pablo and Ziva are not worthy to the NCIS family is just asinine.

    • Alisa Neely says:

      maybe she wanted MORE then what MW is getting this time…..we have NO WAY of knowing what ALL she was asking for…….there has been NO GROWTH to ziva in the 8 years she’s on…..and they’ve had to DUMB DOWN tony, just to make her look good…..sorry, if you can’t make a female character look good and strong WITHOUT hurting male characters….something is wrong.

  16. Virginia says:

    Ziva ziva ziva! No no! Please finish the series, I respect your decision but Gibbs rule you forgot never leave things unfinished. You were suppose to marry Tony. My goodness this writes itself. We all wanted that ending ! You two shooting your way into the sunset! The studio was a fool to let you go! Jumping the shark again. We will miss you! It was a good run! Thank you

    • Good grief no! Why on Earth would you want to saddle Tony with a psychopath like Ziva? Best thing is for her to be out of his life. The character will live much, much longer and be happier, too.

    • lia says:

      there’s only one problem with that in reality the will they wont they wouldn’t of been going on for so long.
      I wish they hadn’t killed Jen

  17. Trish says:

    The producers promise “appropriate closure.” Hmmm…Jenny and Kate and the Director’s wife all got bullets – will Ziva be strangled? Much as I have loved this show, despite being a bleeding heart Liberal who is in the minority (probably) watching it, the male decision-makers do seem to have a problem with women. Do they honestly think that anyone could fill Ziva’s shoes and all will still be well? They’re wrong. The writing is good – excellent, really – but the actors mean everything. EVERYTHING. And losing Ziva is a death blow. There was no comparison to the chemistry between Tony and Kate. It was nothing compared to the heat and true love that he has with Ziva. And she represents everything that is fabulous about STRONG women. I guess that the white guys calling the shots had a problem with that. I’ll watch the first few shows, but if she is killed off – I’m done. And I’ll monitor closely how they’re going to save “NCIS.” That’s exactly the perception that I have of the show now. I’m thinking that they didn’t give Cote the money that the boys received – which is why she’s walking. If that’s the case, more reason than ever NOT to support it anymore. I’m very curious as to how this will unfold.

    • Sharla Percell says:

      I agree…..Diva’s a Malory part of thie show……the chemistry between her and Michael is WOW. The show will not be the same if we lose her or anyone of the other characters. NCIS is Super…..thanks to the writers and most of all the Characters!

      Diva Must stay! She is worth every dime!

    • lia says:

      maybe not strangled but have her neck snapped cause then they cold put her in a coma so she isn’t actually killed

  18. Sue says:

    Damn, Ziva was my alter ego. Able to kock major ass, man or woman. I hope they leave her role open so she can come back if she wants to.

  19. TivaNCIS Fan!! says:

    If Ziva is gone NCIS will lose many viewers, including me:( I love her and Tony! Gahh this is so frustrating:(

  20. Jackie Norcross says:

    NCIS was my favorite show, but since ZIVA’s character is leaving I will NOT be watching it
    anymore and I hope others will do the same. Its really bad that when you’ve got something good, someone has to mess it up. ALL THE characters on this show are essential. Its a said day.

  21. Steve B says:

    How about this? Mr. and Mrs. Denozzo as a new spinoff show for CBS. Both are agents with talents they learned from NCIS now as marries specialists in the espionage world. With their chemistry it would be a lot of fun. This is of course when NCIS finishes their run some day down the road

    • Um…no. *shudder* What a horrible thought.

      • cernicalo says:

        I second that, tejas! Just ewww. Can’t imagine playing the spy game with a partner you couldn’t trust not to mention one who so enjoys torture — and doesn’t mind using it on you!

        • Not to mention that as incredibly talented as Michael Weatherly is, he’d have to carry the whole load as de Pablo doesn’t have the chops for a leading role. (She doesn’t really have them for a supporting role, for that matter.)

    • JC says:

      I would think that if they aren’t even allowed to use NCIS characters on NCIS LA any longer (see Marissa’s comment further up the page), it’s very likely they could not use them in any other spinoff either.

      • Marissa says:

        Ultimately it might depend on who the show runner would be. If Mr. Brennan, I don’t believe there would be any chance, as he was the catalyst for the lawsuit with Mr. Bellisario. However, if Mr. Bellisario, who created both characters, was involved, and compensated fairly, it might be able to happen. Having spoken that, I don’t believe this would be a good idea at all. Michael needs a role vastly different from Tony to avoid being typecast.

  22. Barbara says:

    done with the show…if there is no Ziva…I watched from the beginning…its just like the Closer….when its good…lets change it. The show won’t last long now…downward spiral.

  23. Robert says:

    The wife and I watch NCIS all the time and have got very close to all of them.
    What gets us as befor the network seems to get tired of the characters for some reason
    and drops them as they did ( Jenny and Kat ) the network must be full of VC and those other
    people that don’t like American or good people.
    O well….its their lost as all ways.

  24. annie says:

    I for one am excited that the writers and show runner will be forced out of their rut. The characters have become stale and one dimensional. The writing has become soapish largely because of the constant focus on Ziva’s constant tragedies – although Gibbs and Vance seem to have an awful lot of soapish focus too. I am hoping that Tony might actually get to be something besides the butt monkey he has been written as for so long. He also seemed to be allowed to cower in Gibbs presence and admire Ziva, but not much else since around season 6. I hope this means that we’ll never have multiple Mossad arcs again and that the team can get back to being a team that solves navy crimes with clever adult humor, subtle pathos, and quirky characters who ALL get a chance to shine.

  25. paul says:

    I will miss Cote DE Pablo I hope they don’t kill her off , so she can come back , like they did Kate

  26. King C says:

    I have long thought that Tony and Ziva would be good together. Ziva seems like the type of woman to Tony needs in his life to get and keep him right in the relationship, plus help him mature. Tony on the other hand would be the man to bring happiness and laughter into Ziva’s life. They are the perfect balance of serious and fun! But after so long.Incame to grips that it wouldn’t happen, just like Elliot and Olivia on Law and Order. McGee and Abby should be the married couple on the show. Cote De Pablo as Ziva will definately be missed. I do hope that the writter come up with something better to end the character than they did with Kate and Jenney. Ziva could never be a.traitor and a ending like that would disinfranchise alot of NCIS fans like me.! The lose of any of the characters from the show is like loosing a good friend or close family member. I love the show, will continue to watch, and wish the entire cast well. Final thought…Gibbs should stay single or move up to the Directors Office and leave the team in Tony’s hands!

  27. Jerri says:

    based on all the comments crying about not getting their Tiva fix, it’s really hard to see how the show skews towards older audiences. People in their 40s+ aren’t THAT bothered about ‘shipping’ a pair of fictional characters on a TV show.

  28. Phyllis says:

    Ziva adds so much dimension to the show. She and Tony don’t ever have to get together–thus missing the Moonlighting curse. She’s as important to the show as the other cast members and as such should be paid accordingly. By the way, have you noticed that except for Abby no female character lasts on this show? Wonder what CBS has against women.

    • lia says:

      i must admit i agree with that. i wish jen had lasted longer. No offence to rocky carrol but i proffered jen. and also with jen it shows women are just as good if not better at being director it also helped to even out the ratio men:women on the show

  29. Fatemah says:

    Really sad to hear that Ziva is leaving :( But I am excited to see who they’re going to bring in to replace her character/spot. Looking forward to having a new face and some new tension on the show as the new character tries to fit in!

    NCIS works because they focus on the crime solving and leave the relationships to a minimal – too many of the other shows are all about the relationships and not enough about what the show’s supposed to be about.

    I loved JLC on the show! Not only was the whole DOD involvment exciting but it was good to see someone push the boundaries with Gibbs. Gibbs needs someone who can challenge him.

    I wish they’d bring back Jean (The Frog’s daughter) back! She should come in and play Palmer or Ducky’s assistant! I’d love to see her and Tony rekindle their romance.

    Also would love to see a Callen/Sam and Tony/McGee episode – put them together to work a case! That’d would be an awesome episode!

    Still going to be a die hard NCIS fan no matter what!

  30. lia says:

    I don’t want ziva to leave but if she does DO NOT kill her and at least let her have a good proper snog with tony.

  31. Fatima says:

    I just found this out….. Late I know… And I am soooo mad. She was the reason I started watching the show. Ziva and Tony relationship was sparking, I thought this season. But keeping my fingers crossed that she will change her mind.


      • stressline2013 says:

        If you were a fan of The Closer (TNT – 2005 to 2012) and stopped watching when Emmy Award winner (2010) Kyra Sedwick left because she carried the show, try Major crimes. It picks up with the identical cast and replaces Kyra with Mary McDonnell as head of the unit. She continues her role as Capt. Sharon Raydor who was the internal affairs captain on The Closer from 2009 until the show ended.

        The characters still have great chemistry and there’s a new story line with a teenager in witness protection who lives with the captain. The stories are as innovative as they can be in a police show since just about everything has been done many times before.

      • Steve B says:

        Here is my recommendation…. Mr and Mrs Denosso Versed in espionage and many more areas od law enforcement.example…. Mr. And Mrs. Smith Jolie/Pitt movie

  32. Linda says:

    Please let her leave ALIVE!!!

    • stressline2013 says:

      The unlikely (to me) success of NCIS-LA leads me to suggest Cote get her own show where she plays a top agent in an American branch of the Metsada division of Mossad. According to FAS, it “conducts highly sensitive assassination, sabotage, paramilitary, and psychological warfare projects.”

      In reality they may or may not have a base in the United States, but who cares?

      To avoid the “been there, done that” romantic tension between co-stars formula of NCIS and so many other crime shows, she should be in a complex marriage with hot sex. Have her married to a journalist who works for Al Jazerra America new TV station to add another dimension.

      • Steve B says:

        How about this? Do you recall the Movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith Jolie/ Pitt
        How about Mr. and Mrs Denozzo both with experience in many dangerous endeavors.
        It could be a great followup to NCIS some day.

  33. cherry says:

    Money was not the only thing. I read she wanted a 1 year deal, but they wanted a multi year deal. It is crazy to stop watching a show because a character is leaving. It is a tv show. I will continue watching. Tony does need to grow up a bit and hopefully this gives the other people more air time.

  34. David Jones says:

    I cannot imagine the show without her, she has added such a lot to the show. We will miss her terribly.

    • stressline2013 says:

      Think of the few shows that survived, and went on to reinvent themselves, when one of the primary characters left. The best example is Law and Order when the beloved Jerry Orbach (Lenny) died. Most recently The Closer successfully morphed into Major Crimes when Kyra Sedgewick, as Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, ended that series.

      Orbach was replaced real cop (17 year Chicago PD veteran) turned actor Dennis Farina as Det. Joe Fontana. Farina died just this week. Sedwick was replaced by Mary McDonnell
      playing Captain Sharon Raydor.

      What these two shows had in common was an incredible ensemble cast. I don’t think NCIS has this. Abby and Ducky are good, but without someone totally amazing new in the Ziva, I doubt they NCIS make it for more than a year.

      • Andrea says:

        What’s wrong with that? NCIS is a ten-year old show. This season is a given, and it’d be a great bonus to be able to get to 12, but I realistically don’t expect more than that, Ziva or no Ziva. I’m very excited that we finally get to turn the page on her character and explore other characters and storylines that don’t involve her.

        • stressline2013 says:

          Surely CBS executives are searching for a replacement in the beautiful female kick-ass agent role Ziva filled so well. I am sure they want to go well beyond the 11th season. After all NCIS was the number one show for the 2012-13 season beating out Sunday Night Football.

          FYI, her are the top 10:

          1. NCIS CBS 21.6 million

          2. SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL NBC 21.0 million

          3. THE BIG BANG THEORY CBS 19.0 million

          4. NCIS: LOS ANGELES CBS 17.5 million

          5. PERSON OF INTEREST CBS 16.2 million

          6. AMERICAN IDOL (Wednesday) Fox 15.1 million

          7. DANCING WITH THE STARS (Monday) ABC 15.0 million

          8. AMERICAN IDOL (Thursday) Fox 14.8 million

          9. THE VOICE (Monday) NBC 14.4 million*

          10. THE WALKING DEAD AMC 14.3 million

          Would it be too unbelievable to bring in Jennifer Garner?

  35. stressline2013 says:

    I know we all are fond of Cote de Pablo, but perhaps it is really all about money. According to TVWeek, Mark Harmon is the highest paid actor in a TV show at a cool $500,000 per episode.

    WikiAnswers gives the other actors pay:

    $250,000 goes to Michael Weatherly each episode
    $250,000 goes to Cote de pablo each episode
    $250,000 goes to Sean Murray each episode
    $250,000 goes to Pauley Perrette each episode
    $250,000 goes to David Mcallum each episode
    $100,000 goes to Rocky Carroll for each episode he is in
    $150,000 goes to Brian Deitzman each episode he is in

    If Cote insisted on a major bump in salary no doubt Michael would also have, as would the other actors.

    As much as I like Mark Harmon, I have to ask you all this question. Do you think one Gibbs is worth one Ziva plus one DiNozzo?

    • Andrea says:

      When Michael Weatherly and Cote have television careers of the note and length of Mark Harmon’s, they will be free to negotiate for that much money. From many of the comments hat I have read from Michael, he seems to understand that fact about Hollywood. Since Cote has not made any comments that I’m aware of, I can’t speak to her thoughts, but Mark’s salary is NOT just based on his time at NCIS.

      As to the comment before that, the kick-ass, superhero, action-figure stuff was one of the things I really disliked about Ziva. I’d prefer a competent female agent that DIDN’T have to spend large amounts of time “kicking ass.”

      • Sherry says:

        Not sure where Wiki answers got their info but I read somewhere, Cote gets less than 200 per episode and was offered 200K and wanted 250K. The said yes to 212 or 221 I forget and she walked. As far as Mark he is also a coproducer.

      • stressline2013 says:

        McGee (aka McGeek) eventually became a realistic field agent, although that took some time. Abby already kicks ass in her own quirky cerebral way.

        I am not a “Ducky” fan. I find his rambling as annoying as Gibbs does, but I can’t tell him to can it. I did like David McCallum in “Man from Uncle”. I could do without all the autopsy scenes. I don’t think they add too much to the storyline. Half the time I think they are added just to fill out the hour.

        There is a successful formula in most similar American crime shows, and this is having a beautiful female kick-ass female lead. Producers are well aware of this. There are lots of British crime shows where females don’t kick-ass, in fact in lots of these shows none of the cops even carry guns.

        I think the last wildly successful American crime show with a female lead who never held a gun (as far as I remember) was “Murder She Wrote”.

        As I wrote before, those who write here that NICS should just exit gracefully on top of the heap after the 11th season I remind that that CBS isn’t about to let that happen.

        After all NBC had Law and Order, which ran for 20 seasons and spun off an entire franchise.

        NCIS has a long way to go to move up from the bottom to the top of this list:

        Scripted TV series 10 seasons or more
        Number of
        seasons Series Network First broadcast Last broadcast Number of
        24 The Simpsons[1] FOX December 17, 1989 present 530
        16 Real World/Road Rules Challenge MTV September 28, 1997 present
        20 Gunsmoke[2] CBS September 10, 1955 March 31, 1975 635
        20 Law & Order[3] NBC September 13, 1990 May 24, 2010 456
        17 Lassie[4] CBS September 12, 1954 March 21, 1973 352
        16 South Park Comedy Central August 13, 1997 present 230
        15 ER NBC September 19, 1994 April 2, 2009 331
        14 The Adventures of
        Ozzie and Harriet[5] ABC October 10, 1952 September 3, 1966 435
        14 Bonanza[6] NBC September 12, 1959 January 16, 1973 430
        14 Dallas CBS April 2, 1978 May 3, 1991 357
        14 Knots Landing CBS December 27, 1979 May 13, 1993 344
        14 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit NBC September 20, 1999 present 319+
        13 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation CBS October 6, 2000 present 295+
        13 King of the Hill FOX January 12, 1997 September 13, 2009 255
        12 My Three Sons ABC September 29, 1960 September 2, 1965 378
        CBS September 16, 1965 August 24, 1972
        12 NYPD Blue ABC September 21, 1993 March 1, 2005 261
        12 Murder, She Wrote CBS September 1, 1984 May 19, 1996 264
        12 Hawaii Five-O CBS September 26, 1968 April 26, 1980 279
        11 M*A*S*H CBS September 17, 1972 February 28, 1983 251
        11 Cheers NBC September 30, 1982 May 20, 1993 273
        11 The Danny Thomas Show ABC September 20, 1953 1957 351
        CBS 1957 September 14, 1964
        11 Frasier NBC September 16, 1993 May 13, 2004 265
        11 Married… with Children Fox April 5, 1987 June 9, 1997 259
        11 The Jeffersons CBS January 18, 1975 July 23, 1985 255
        11 7th Heaven[7] WB/CW August 26, 1996 May 13, 2007 243
        11 Family Guy Fox January 31, 1999 (original)
        May 1, 2005 (revival) February 14, 2002 (original)
        present (revival) 200+
        10 Murphy Brown CBS November 14, 1988 May 18, 1998 247
        10 Friends NBC September 22, 1994 May 6, 2004 236
        10 JAG NBC September 1, 1995 May 22, 1996[8] 227
        CBS January 3, 1997 April 29, 2005
        10 Beverly Hills, 90210 Fox October 4, 1990 May 17, 2000 296
        10 Smallville The WB October 16, 2001 May 11, 2006 218
        The CW September 28, 2006 May 13, 2011
        10 Law & Order: Criminal Intent NBC September 30, 2001 May 21, 2007 195
        USA October 4, 2007 June 26, 2011
        10 CSI: Miami CBS September 23, 2002 April 8, 2012 232
        10 NCIS CBS September 23, 2003 present 234+
        10 Two and a Half Men CBS September 23, 2003 present 224+

        • Andrea says:

          In response to the above comment, sure CBS would like NCIS to go on for however long it is able, but I reject the notion that Cote is solely responsible for that success or that the series is doomed without her. The tenor of some of these comments suggests that I, as a fan, should be thanking my lucky stars for the existence of Cote because there would be no series without her. I do not feel that way. The show is not CASTLE or BONES. It’s not called ZIVA. It’s NCIS, of which Ziva is one character within a larger cast.

          Some may not like it, but CBS regards NCIS as Mark Harmon’s show. It’s been that way since the show started, it will be that way until the show ends, and there have been umpteen references to that being the case. It is not like it’s been a surprise. No one is going to make Mark Harmon money except for Mark Harmon. Done deal, end of story. As for Michael, as I’ve mentioned several times, he has done mathematically more in his career than Cote has at this point, both in what he’s done before NCIS and his two years before Cote arrived. If he indeed is paid more than she is, I have no problem with that in the same way that I have no problem with Mark making more than Michael.

          From what I can glean from her public remarks and behavior, Cote seems like a perfect pleasant, intelligent person. However, I don’t think she’s the greatest actress to ever grace the screen. In terms of negotiations, those took place, and she declined whatever the offer was, which she is certainly free to do. However, unlike CASTLE or BONES, the story of Ziva is not mainly what the show is about. I understand that some people really liked that part, but you still have a show if you decide to tell the story of Borin or whoever Agent X will be.

          It will be a different show and some will not watch it, but there will still be a show. I reject the notion that NCIS is somehow over without Ziva. It’s not. Scandal would be over without Olivia. Bones would be over without Booth or Brennan. Castle would be over without Castle or Beckett, but the fact that Ziva joined the show in S3 proves that is not true about her. NCIS was not over when Kate died, nor will it be over when Ziva leaves. Different and over are not the same thing.

          Both actress and character are not the great and powerful Oz, and to hear those types of comments marginalizes the accomplishments of everyone on the show, in my opinion. This has always been one of the great flaws of Ziva’s character—that she is somehow so super and special and wondrous that the world can’t go on without her. Her life has been so epically tragic that viewers MUST love her. NCIS had the same issue with Gibbs until the Shannon story was dialed back into the background. I hope the new character will be spared similar writing because it will do her no favors.

          • Alisa Neely says:

            very well said Andrea…..and sooooooooo very true……if ziva had been SUPER on her own, they would NOT have HAD to turn tony into a complete fool…..who some wonder WHY he’s he’s even still at ncis, let alone gibbs’ 2nd in command…..to make her look good…..and sooooooo many stories WOULDN’T have had to be wrapped around her……there are OTHER characters on the show, that have pretty much been BENCHED in favor for ziva….and that is WRONG……NOT ALL NCIS FANS love ziva or cote.

          • stressline2013 says:


            I agree with you about Scandal, that is Kerry Washington with a great supporting cast. I wouldn’t call it an ensemble show. I don’t think NCIS is Mark Harmon with a great supporting cast, rather I view it as an ensemble show with no particular start. I see what you mean that Mark Harmon (61) with his illustrious career commands the higher salary.

            I do think the show could go on without him though. It IS great to see someone who has aged so well in a role, both his character and in real life. There are lots of crime dramas with actors in their sixties but few with primary characters that age. I love “G.W.” Bailey as Provenzer in Major Crimes, not just because he’s my age. John Voight is older than me (at 74) but I don’t partiularly care for him. He is in Ray Donovan.

            I’d like to see Harmon make it on NCIS until he’s 70. None more years!

            Bones and Castle, among more recent crime shows Rizolli and Isles, King & Mawell, Holmes and Watson, and Jane and Lisbon, are shows that could be best called crime duo shows. Going back, likewise for Mulder and Scully, and Maddie Hayes and David Addison.

            Damn, do I watch too much television?

            By the way, I enjoy your well thought out comments.

            By the way I don’t hide out when I post, WordPress just gave me this name. I’m Hal in Middleboro, Massachusetts. I’m easy to find for someone as savvy as you.

          • cernicalo says:

            “Both actress and character are not the great and powerful Oz, and to hear those types of comments marginalizes the accomplishments of everyone on the show” is an excellent opinion and one shared by a great many, me included. To hear the wailing and threats of non-viewing from a highly vocal minority — those who watch just for Ziva. While it’s obvious that many viewers preferred Ziva over Cait, her departure will not end the show because it was never centered around her to begin with. Viewers need to get over it, it’s done. Give the writers a chance to show us what they can do.

            I truly believe that a grand majority of viewers are fans pf the show itself — not just Ziva. Please people– calm down and show the rest of the cast how much you appreciate their work — not just CdP’s.

          • stressline2013 says:

            Like I keep saying, it’s a very well casted, plotted and crafted ensemble show. Like I just wrote, the show doesn’t have a lead character (think Columbo or Monk), nor is it a duo show.

            I think any actor could leave and the show would survive.

            The only character that excels beyond others in their niche role, playing the kooky cute geek, is Pauley Perrette. Kirsten Vangsness as Penelope Garcia on “Criminal Minds” is my runner up.

          • Andrea says:

            Hey stressline2013! I think it’s hilarious that you think I’m technologically savvy! Not that I’m a technological idiot, mind you, but would you believe that I only have read comments on the last page of this thread because I can’t figure out how to read all of the ones that get wedged into places further up in the thread? I think I need help from McGee.

            I keep coming back to this thread because I know that I dislike Ziva. I know that about myself and have zero problem sharing that fact. However, I do know that a large portion of the fandom likes her, and I’m trying to be mindful of that loss (because everyone has a TV loss that bums them out. (Zach on BONES comes to mind for me.)

            There has also been such animosity between fans of Ziva and those of us who aren’t. As much as I want to be empathetic, reading some (not all) of these comments just renders me very unsympathetic. People can stop watching whatever show they want to whenever they want to, but to argue that Cote should be paid (whatever the amount) equal to Michael doesn’t fly with me.. To suggest that she’s in the realm of Mark is absurd. (I’m not saying that you’ve done that, but I’ve seen that thought expressed.) To say that she is what makes the show has me at a loss for words.

            As I’ve said, she seems like a lovely, polished, accomplished, intelligent woman, but such fervent adoration will do her a disservice in the long run. She’s 33-34 years old. Maybe one day her career will reach the level of Mark’s, and it may very well match Michael’s at some point. However, at THIS point, she’s not there yet, and if the two of them are who we’re talking about, they should be above her. Now, if Cote ever does another series and she’s the headliner among lesser-knowns and newbies, then yes, pay the woman because she has done NCIS and that should count, just like Michael and Mark’s previous accomplishments have counted.

            The idea of Cote being “worth” as much as either Michael or Mark also has me thinking of people below Cote on the pay scale, like Brian Dietzen. Many fans were so excited for Brian’s bump because they’ve seen him play a recurring character for so many years. Almost every place that I’ve read online had no problems with him receiving whatever he makes because he earned it. To just pay Cote anything to get her to stay diminishes Brian’s accomplishment, in my opinion. There’s a reason many actors are paid according to the accomplishments of a career, and not just the popularity of one role. Palmer is decently popular, but I’d say Brian made Palmer popular because Brian worked toward a goal.

            I appreciate that some love and adore Cote. I appreciate that many will miss her. I also recognize that I have a particular disdain for the character she plays on NCIS. As has been said, we don’t even know if this was even about money, but I’m firmly in the “there’s a limit to what she’s worth” camp at this point in her career. If she and CBS could not reach agreeable terms, then good luck, Godspeed, and good-bye, but there’s a cast and crew that will continue on without her, with (hopefully) more successful years to come.

          • Alisa Neely says:

            once again, i say; VERY WELL SAID and VERY TRUE.

          • stressline2013 says:

            Like I said, it’s an ensemble show.

            An example of very successful star driven show was “24” which had, I think, a near essential female character. I think few but Mary Lynn Rajskub could have played Chloe O’Brian as well. Her character came on in season 3. I thought she was as interesting a character as Jack Bauer. In fact she was in 126 episodes, more than Carlos Bernard as Tony Almeida (115 episodes, 2001-2009). Chloe’s geek was as unique as Abby, only in a very different way.

            To me Ziva fit well in the NCIS ensemble. I think you could say that the sexual tension between her and DiNozzo was contrived, kind of a cliche, although I liked how she could put Tony in his place.

            It wasn’t exactly like Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd on Moonlighting. (I don’t know how old you are to remember these shows.)

            Even though I enjoyed Ziva, I can think of a number of actors who could have played that role very well. How about Rooney Mara from the Stieg Larsson Trilogy (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo / The Girl Who Played with Fire / The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest)?

    • Alisa Neely says:

      Mark Harmon is an EP for the show, so he DESERVES to be paid MORE….and MW: has DIRECTED acouple of eppies and has gotten paid for that….then, they along with the 1 that plays DUCKY have been doing TV work longer then cote…..i’d NEVER heard of her before she was on NCIS……i don’t find her all that special…..and others feel the same way.

    • Charles says:

      Check your math. Ashton Kutcher get $750,000 per episode. He definitely is not worth more than ZIVA.

  36. NCIS FANATIC says:

    I would like to see NCIS and NICS LA interact more often this would make it interesting also Diva should return to Israel and be replaced by another agent from there. Also I agree that Gibbs should find out his wife and child are still alive.

    • sherry says:

      I’ve said for years, Gibbs never saw Shannon or Kelly dead, they were “buried” by the time he got home. I believe they are in the Witness Protection and he will some day see them on the street. Gibbs will never be happy with anyone except Shannon, he and we know that “for a reason”. Just wait and see, the perfect ending to the series.

      • Andrea says:

        I like Gibbs, but I would really dislike it if Shannon and Kelly were actually alive. There’s something to be said for dead characters staying dead. I was a big fan of that story, but it’s had its time, and I’m glad Gibbs is now able to move forward and not be quite as tortured by what happened.

        • Alisa Neely says:

          i have to agree with you…..it’s had it’s go….and it’s time for gibbs to FINALLY move on and hopefully be happy….and for the powers that be, to FOCUS on the OTHER CHARACTERS now that ziva is GONE.

  37. cherry says:

    I agree with everyone who said cote was not solely responsible for the shows success. It is the chemistry between the characters. I hope they do not replace her right away. I read they offered a lot of money, then more money. I am curious to see what they have been doing for 4 months and how they get back to ncis.

  38. Robert Gla says:

    I hope she leaves and goes back to Mossad as section head/chief. But, she may come back in the future when NCIS visits Israel.

  39. keydazy says:

    Ziva’s leaving? I might actually start watching again.

  40. Bella says:

    Really will be missed Ziva! Go on and open new doors for you…….

  41. Barbara Conner says:

    Well…. I’m Done… Love…Love…Love NCIS… but… when Ziva goes… so… shall I….
    : ) Re Runs…for me….
    Love to ya…
    Barb C.

    • stressline2013 says:


      If you watched NCIS just because you liked Ziva, fine, stop watching it. If however you watched because the entire show had a clocklike precision to the way the characters interacted, Ziva being an important wheel in the meshing gears, perhaps those giving up should rethink this. Unseen on the screen were the producers, directors and writers who put this long running number one crime drama series together.

      Do any of you doubt that the people who cast Ziva are putting all their creative energy into revitalizing the show to make age gracefully? I am sure they are thinking about great story lines which take advantage of the existing chemistry between the remaining characters, and their potential for doing new and interesting things.

      As for adding a new character, they know that there is no “replacing” Ziva. I think they will add someone as a field agent, though they don’t have to. Any new female will be compared to Ziva, so I think they will try to make the character very different. Just who they add, and who they choose to play them,

      Personally, as a lonely 69 year old widower, I’d like to see Mark Harmon (61) develop a love interest. I’d also like to see him realistically age as he approaches my age.

  42. stressline2013 says:

    He’s a free plot idea (although I will accept a token credit and a few bucks from the show)

    Have Ducky get kidnapped. I’d like to see him have a chance to revisit some of the aspects of his Man From Uncle character, Illya Nickovetch Kuryakin. (Look at some of the photos of him from them, he was considered a “hunk”.)

    Ducky is similar to Kuryakin in this (from Wiki):

    He holds a Masters degree from the Sorbonne and a PhD in Quantum Mechanics from the University of Cambridge, though he admits to not keeping up-to-date with the field (‘The Her Master’s Voice Affair”). He appears to have been an undergraduate at the University of Georgia in the Ukraine, where he practiced gymnastics (“The Hot Number Affair”). Kuryakin is a polymath. He is well-read in English literature, he has an in-depth knowledge of music and plays the bass viol, the English horn and guitar. He also sings. He speaks many languages including French, German and Japanese.

    HOWEVER, it would be interesting to put Ducky in a position where he can reveal hitherto unseen skills. For example (from Wiki):

    His technical skills are also well honed. He is an explosives expert who stayed on at the U.N.C.L.E. Survival School a month after he graduated to teach a class on the subject. In “The THRUSH Roulette Affair” he is described as “proficient in Physical Arts, Judo, Karate, Fencing, Sharpshooter,”[4] and references are made in various episodes to his training and expertise.

  43. wayne parsons says:

    you loose ZIVA and you loose me as a viewer

  44. Jeannie Bonn says:

    Was saddened to hear that Ziva would be leaving the show this year. NCIS just won’t be the same without her as all these characters played their parts so well together. It is my hope that somehow she would reconsider but reality is the decision has already been made. I do hope that the in her last episode that there is a good departing of their ways. After watching the show all these years it would leave an awful feeling to see an argument or a death for the reason for her departing. Let your watching audience be left with good feelings after all their years of faithfully watching this show please.

    I wish to thank Cote De Pablo for the years of enjoyment she has given our family in her role as Ziva David and wish her the best where ever she goes.

    • stressline2013 says:

      It looks like Ziva /Cote fans outnumber those who have some kind of visceral dislike for her.

      I am usually a stickler for at the least a modicum of plausibility on crime shows that try to depict real life (not James Bond of, for that matter, Man from Uncle). I can accept that in the interest of plots they take forensic analysis what really would take weeks and get it done in the time span of one show.

      To the writers, directors and Cote’s credit I was able to accept that NCIS actually hired a former Mossad agent whose father was the director of that agency.

  45. Katlynn says:

    If Ziva quits I am going to stop watching N.C.I.S
    I love her the most out of all of them.
    Bones if going to be my new favorite tv show if Ziva quits N.C.I.S.

  46. SL says:

    This going to sound out of place, but thought I would share anyways. I am watching NCIS re-runs and was thinking a lot of storyline and plot holes were developed with Ziva and Director Sheppard. We know Ziva saved Sheppard’s life, but never really found out the details of that. We know Sheppard vouched for Ziva and placed her on Gibbs’ team as a liaison. Ziva killed Ari and later she was ordered to kill him y her father in order to gain Gibbs’ trust which still does not make sense in my eyes, but we never really learn why Director David needed or wanted Gibbs’ trust etc.. Then the Vance connection has yet to be fully explored and does not make sense either. It seems like they used what was Jenny’s storyline about saving her life with Vance’s storyline instead. So many still unanswered or not fully explored questions regarding Ziva. I like Ziva and sadden to see her go and hope she is not killed. I think the writers destroyed her character in the last couple of seasons by softening her way to much and making her seem needy/clingy or unlike herself. Why didn’t Ziva avenge her younger sister? That was the reason why Ziva joined Moussaud in the first place and at the time she was estranged from her father and avenging him seemed sort of out of place when I look at it. If it was Gibbs who was put in mortal danger or on life support it would have made slightly more sense as a revenge story as she adopted Gibbs as a father figure. Anyways just putting out there all the plot holes left between Jenny and Ziva characters and other story lines not explored.

  47. maryj says:

    I hope the writer let Cote protrayal of Ziva leave the show with something that make sence to the writing. She could become the Director of the agency her father was in charge of and then she could conversate with NICS time and time again, we don’t have to see her but we know she is there. I just hope that do not kill her off like they did Kate. Tony and Ziva could have a long, long long distance relationship.

    • stressline2013 says:

      Good idea about Mossad. I’d say an assistant director because of her age. Israel does have a history of women in leadership positions, Golda Meir for example.

    • Steve B says:

      How about an offshoot of NCIS with a Mr. And Mrs. Denosso starring Ziva and Tony. Some thing along the lines of the Mr & Mrs.Smith movie but they work as partners in spying for the USA and Isreal?

      • Huskygrl says:

        What part of SHE quit because SHE doesn’t like the character/show/job anymore did you not understand? Let the poor woman go and even more importantly let the actors that still love their jobs have a chance at doing them and ENJOYING them!

        • Steve B says:

          I understand it all. What part don’t you understand? If they would have offered her the correct salary to begin with rather than how they handled it we probably would have had a different outcome. It’s all about money! Don’t kid yourself it was not about the part.

  48. stressline2013 says:

    My comments are usually replies so they are scattered all over this page. I have been suggesting names for female actors to move into the vacant team slot once Ziva (happily with-child-DiNozo) departs.

    I wrote these ideas for new character and plot development:

    Duckie will channel his inner Illya Kuryakin (look it up if you’re too young to remember) when he gets kidnapped and tortured.
    Ziva will return four months pregnant. Whose baby is it? The mystery resolved when it turns out to be Tony’s. They move in together and Tony becomes a father.
    Jane Lynch (who would leave Glee while it still has an audience) comes on as a new field agent. She plays an “out” lesbian who formerly was in the Secret Service First Lady detail.
    The rumor has it that she has connections in Washington because she frequently seems to know about things no one, not even Vance, knows about.
    Abby has an “is she or isn’t she” flirtation with her.
    Jimmy goes crazy over this.
    Abby tries to figure out is she’s bi.
    Since most of you here don’t like Jamie Leigh Curtis, Gibbs meet an old flame, played by
    Sigourney Weaver (who hasn’t had a hit since Avatar).
    Once Ducky escapes his kidnappers, Cheryl Ladd returns as his old flame Dr. Mary Courtney (from 2011, “Thirst”) and romantic sparks fly. A new Duckie emerges.
    Sorry, no change for Vance this season.
    As for Gibbs, we finally find out if or how he gets the sailboats out of his basement. I have an idea for a mind blowing subplot involving an adventure on the high seas.
    Remember, Donald Bellisario, you heard it here first.

    Aside from Jane Lynch, here’s another idea. I just read that Kathy Bates of the cancelled “Harry’s Law” is very unhappy with NBC. She would make an interesting NCIS field agent who, like Lynch, nobody would ever compare with Cote.

    How that as an amazing new threesome: Sigourney Weaver, Jane Lynch and Kathy Bates?

    • cernicalo says:

      Love everything — except baby DiNozzo. Let Ziva just be gone — PLEASE!! No TIVA or TIVA references at all. And why does GIbbs need a romance at all? He needs to get his head back into his job and his team without going off the rails on vengeance for everyone. The team needs to work on being agents and friends. Love Jane Lynch and Kathy Bates — two very no BS ladies that I’d love to see go toe-to-toe with Gibbs w/o any romantic crap going on.

  49. Anita M says:

    Wow…I will truly miss her. The Tony Diva chemistry was coming together. At least don’t kill her off. Keep the rest of the team intact. This show is awesome. Bring in some JAG characters… Mix it up a bit.

  50. Margarida Mayer says:

    Love NCIS, very disappointed in how CBS treats it female starts ” It is now being reported that Cote asked for the same amount of money per episode that CBS is paying Michael, the actor who plays Tony” NCIS is over for me…