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NCIS Scoop: Cote de Pablo to Exit This Fall, Producers Promise 'Appropriate Closure' for Ziva

Cote de Pablo Leaving NCIS Cote de Pablo is invoking Gibbs’ Rule No. 11 — “When the job is done, walk away” — and has decided to leave CBS’ NCIS.

The actress, whose contract expired at the end of Season 10, will appear at the start of Season 11 (premiering Sept. 24) to conclude Ziva’s story.

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“I’ve had eight great years with NCIS and Ziva David,” the actress shares. “I have huge respect and affection for Mark [Harmon], Gary [Glasberg], Michael [Weatherly], David [McCallum], Rocky [Carroll], Pauley [Perrette], Brian [Dietzen], Sean [Murray], all of the team and CBS. I look forward to finishing Ziva’s story.”

In a statement, CBS said, “We respect Cote’s decision, thank her for being an important part of the NCIS team, and for eight terrific years playing Ziva David. Cote and CBS share a great respect for the NCIS audience, and we look forward to working with her and the producers on appropriate closure in this chapter of Ziva’s story.”

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News of De Pablo’s departure comes at the proverbial 11th hour, since NCIS is due to resume production next week. Her future with the show has been conspicuously in question since the spring, when her character of Ziva was steered into a dangerous mission of vengeance, at one point winding up in a (seemingly) brutal car crash.

After emerging from that episode-ending cliffhanger surprisingly unscathed, by season’s end Ziva and others had resigned from NCIS — and then the season ended with a four-month time jump, the disenfranchised agents thus far unaccounted for.

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Show boss Gary Glasberg maintained back in April, when de Pablo stood as the only cast member unsigned for Season 11, “I’m confident that things will work out, and we’ll present the best finale that we can and go from there.”

Are you bummed that Ziva and de Pablo are outta there?

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  1. AngelMoon Girl says:

    I hurt so much. Ziva WAS the show for me. And what about her and Tony!? Eight years WASTED. I loved them; their stories were so intertwined that it’s almost impossible to separate one from the other. I just want to go cry. I hope that at the very least the show lets them be together before the inevitable happens. Better yet that they keep the door open for Cote to return whenever she wants. But I certainly won’t watch religiously anymore. Goodbye NCIS ;_;

    • Marissa says:

      8 years wasted? were you watching for only Tiva? Most of us watched for the crime elements and all relationships.

  2. CA says:

    I am so loving the hypocrisy. How long have Ziva/tiva fans been bashing on anyone who doesn’t like the character or the pairing? Saying stuff like “you are not a real NCIS fan!” Now the truth is out, the real fans are the ones who stuck it out for 10+ years, even when they weren’t happy with the direction the show took.
    The Ziva fans are all bailing. She’s one stinkin’ character among 8. Her departure is not going to make or break the show. It survived the loss of Kate, even with a lot of people swearing they would never watch again without her, it will survive the loss of Ziva as well.

    The real fans, the true fans will finally get our show back!!

    • L. Burke says:

      I know.

      It is kind of ironic.
      was never a TIVA shipper but if they threw them together I just had plans to fast-forward through the stuff. Maybe they’ll go and say start going after some loose threads like what really happened to Abby’s dad, or explore Tony’s undercover opps with the mob, ect.

      I’m actually REALLY interested to see who the show plans to cast to replace her now. CBS has been hitting out of the park recently with casting recently.

    • ninamags says:

      Yes!! Agree with everything you wrote, CA

  3. Huskygrl says:

    I can certainly understand why Cote would want to leave, her character has become duller and duller with each year. And while I was once interested in Tiva they drug that out into nothing as well. I wish the actress the best of luck and hope the show runners take this opportunity to mature Tony’s character and get him back to the interesting person he was with the arms dealers daughter. And really I’d rather see them go with Mc Gee and Abby anyway!

  4. Chris says:

    I am happy to see no more Ziva. Hope wherever the writers go in the future it won’t be to ship 2 principles together. Characters can grow and date other peripherals but the core needs to remain a team dynamic. Walking a line of teasing tiva was too polarizing and left both pro and anti tiva camps dissatisfied. If they do ship Tony again, hopefully this time it will be with someone who is good for and to him.

  5. Allen says:

    thats bad news she will be missed.

  6. Rachel says:

    Noooooo I cant even. This is not what I wanted
    No more Tiva or misunderstandings of americanisms and no more Cote and her feistyness
    My question now is will we see a new romance for Tony? or is he forever avalible

  7. Rebecca says:

    I LOVE the character of Ziva. I have to admit it took me a little while to wam up to her but now I can’t stand the thought of her not being on…I am one who was rooting for her & tony though…..

  8. Laura says:

    Without Ziva there’s no show!! There’s no Tiva there’s no… no grammatical corrections between the 4 of them!! It will be heart breaking and just remember NO ONE WILL EVER REPLACE ZIVA DAVID #WEWILLMISSYOUZIVA!! It would be like with Kate all unexpected….and tragic… But well this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for we knew nothing can last forever……. #ByeZiva

    • Marissa says:

      There was a show before Ziva and there will be a show after Ziva. The show is far larger than any one actor (with the possible except of Mark Harmon)

  9. I hated when Kate left and way they wrote her off, whatever the reason for the actress leaving the show. I grew to love Ziva and felt that they would eventually pair her with Tony, perhaps at the end of the series, like Harm and Mac at the end of JAG, but I can understand the actress deciding to move on after 8 years. I will happily continue to watch the show as long as the writing and acting continues to be some of the best on television. It will be interesting to see who takes the empty desk. Will they attempt to fill the spot with another female, which may come off as trite to many viewers unless the writers use the Affirmative Action comments angle to “hang a lantern on it”. My favorite characters in the show are Gibbs and Abby, but they wouldn’t be who they are on the show without those around them. I am interested to see how the writers make the transition….No Two Tissue Box Shows, Please!

  10. Crystal says:

    Ziva will be missed. She made the show. I don’t like the episodes with Kate.Wish Cote would change her mind.i love NCIS! Good luck,Cote with whatever you do,you will be missed!

  11. NCIS Fan says:

    They keep killing off the female actress and if they leave the door open and do not kill her I may be able to be somewhat okay but still will not be excited as I am about the show for the past 8 years and like all the characters and their chemistry. I am frustrated that the show etc cannot come up with something else beside getting rid of the females. heck they could have made Tony his own team him being the leader and bring in a new guy. They could have done something with McGee or added someone to the lab. They also could have evolved Ziva instead of devolve her and make her less who she is and less kick butt. Ziva is a fighter and they turned her into some whiny female who is not as fun. If they say they did this for creative purposes I will scream because they could have found other ways to do things and other stories to come up with. It is like when they stated they killed Sheppard for creative purposes and brought in Vance and we were promised a lot on that one and got practically zilch especially when they made it seem like he was a bad dude and a traitor…
    With Ziva they were able to bring in Moussed and do story arcs with them that I am sure they have in real life. She gave aspect to that life and the agents within. Her fathered ordered her to kill her brother Ari to gain Gibbs’ trust and they never really answered why to that question and never really explored it. Why did Sheppard bring her in? How did Ziva save Sheppard and that is why Sheppard brought her in? Why did she need to gain Gibbs’ trust? What is so special about Gibbs that the Moussed wanted an inside person with him? She chose USA/Gibbs and co as her family and turned on her father etc… and became a US Citizen was that all for show? If it was it would make sense for story purposes but if not then it does not make sense. Still does not make sense about revenge for her father. It seems like the writers are trying to re-write everything about Ziva her past/her feelings etc.. They twisted the character so much it is annoying when they should have been evolving the character while still maintaining her kick butt self etc..
    It is the 2nd CBS show that seems to be and think the only way to refresh or make new creative stuff is to kill the female characters never a male character. Writers you did such a good job writing the character and they it seems like you got lazy or cow towed to the execs who do not know what the fans want in the characters/show..Shame on all
    I will watch the show in re-runs instead of on the actual night or not at all.

    • Shann says:

      P.S. since she somewhat severed ties with her father by returning to NCIS and becoming an agent etc.. it would had made more sense for me at least if she went “revenge” mode over if something happened to Gibbs as she stated she chose NCIS as her family and Gibbs was more of a father figure to her than her own. That would have been awesome if something happened to Gibbs that was life threatening, but we would know he would pull through but would make it seem not. that way Ziva would got revenge mode and give reason to return to kick butt self etc..

    • ninamags says:

      Cool your jets, there NCIS Fan, it has not been revealed how she will be written off the show.

      Nobody, anywhere is saying that she will be killed off.

      They might just have her decide to move on somewhere else.

      Why do “fans” of shows keep insisting that it’s their way or the highway??? The writers and producers make the show they want, they do NOT write what special snowflake fans want to see.

      Tiva fans might be the majority, they might be the minority. Why should writers kowtow to them? They are the creative teams that keeps the shows going. They should never listen to what vocal, possibly crazy, people might want. And they actually do have to write what the executives and The Powers That Be want for any particular show.

      Oh, and I’m pretty sure its Mossad.

      • SL says:

        Clearly you did not read NCISfan entire comment. Do you know all the fans? You are vocal too, so does that mean you are possibly crazy/snowflake fan as well? I am assuming not, so how can you state facts for people/fans you do not know? I like and would have like to see Ziva and Tony together, but I would not call myself crazy, teenager, old, etc.. Did she state she was going to quit entirely? No, she just stated she would catch in the reruns. You can still be a fan and be upset with certain things and not make it your priority to watch as it was before. She is right, they may not kill of Ziva but in the past all what they have done is kill off female characters to open new doors they say or for creatively purposes. if that was the case they could have done with the male stars. People watch the show for different reasons and the longer the show and bigger the fan base it is hard to please all. Read a whole comment and state your opinion not judgements or facts you do not know.

        • ninamags says:

          I did read that entire, rambling (seriously, paragraphs are our friends) statement. I’m kinda sure she meant that she would ONLY watch the re-runs of the show and not any new episodes.

          I’m just commenting on a statement made. Which, in case you hadn’t noticed was the point of these forums. I also did not say that I would stop watching the show. I am a fan of the SHOW not just of the one actress that apparently millions of people tuned in for and that will now stop watching because she is not there any longer.

  12. Katie says:

    This has killed it for me…. I loved her character. I loved her partner ship with McGee. I loved her father-daughter relationship with Gibbs. And I loved her chemistry with Tony. This is the beginning of the end.

  13. Jan Todd says:

    It would have been nice if Tony and Ziva had gotten together a couple of seasons ago.

  14. Shann says:

    On a side note for all those on every page/article who do not like when certain people are shipped and complain about the shippers etc.. Please do not make assumptions as what age range/gender etc they might be in because for the majority it is not the case. It is like saying those who complain about shippers are they themselves immature, old, spinster etc fans which it most definitely not the case but wanted to make a point. I am a TIVA fan and have waited for the writers to finally get the balls to get them together and see where they could take it. It could be good or bad, but at least they would see where it went and if those did not like it quit the show they would not be true fans like they say they would and could have possibly come around. We will never know now. It is also possible that the writers seem to be catering to a certain set of fan groups and not the fans as a whole. I wish they would have at least taken the balls to do something that many would not have liked but might have turned around. Also give those a chance to see where the pairing might have gone story wise. I am ashamed that the writers no longer have any balls, creativity and keep getting rid of the female characters and never a male one and state it is for creative purposes. If it is creative purposes than surely they could get rid of a male character and state the same thing. I do not want to watch a show that is all male cast and where the only female is in the lab or computer room. Females can do the job just as good as a male as proven by Ziva/Kate. I think with the introduction of Ziva and Moussed to the series it broaden/opened things and created new things for the show. After a few seasons just seeing the weekly case got a bit stale and having arcs like Ari etc.. at least in the background made the show more interesting. The show is just TV and have leeway I guess but if people are stating Ziva should go to trial for killing Bodnar should also state they should have mandatory counseling for all the trauma they endured as would be required by the dangerous job they do. Yet i do not see that on the show. heck they could have kept Ziva and brought in a female Psychiatrist to analyze the team etc.. that would have been interesting and could have brought back some of the humor to the show. Ziva is not the only one who has committed/done things and if those say she should go to trial should be equal and saying the whole team should go to trials for all that they did. If Vance was really protecting Gibbs he should had destroyed the evidence Abby found and not just hid it in some box unless he had ulterior motives. Equally opportunity for all characters even though I love everyone and they could have done so much more creatively with things. it is also been shown once the actors become producers/exec producers they have more control over their characters and sometimes that is a good thing others bad thing even with being producers it could be bad or good. I am on the border here with regards to whether they are making the show duller by not having classics we have grown to love like (gibb head slaps) or better.

    • ninamags says:

      The two women that have been on this show have CHOSEN to leave. Sasha wanted to leave the show and now Cote has CHOSEN to leave. Apparently she wanted more than what the producers were willing to give and SHE is the one that will be walking away.

      The writers will now have to scramble and fit her leaving with the greater season arc. Which I’m sure had already been planned to some degree.

    • Laura says:

      I know!!! They have totally killed the Gibbs slap on the back of the head and I agree with everything you said so yeah HUGE fan of TIVA too and they could’ve done more with that like you said….. glad to know I’m not the only one with those thoughts on my head =)

  15. Ben says:

    I really liked her character. They should let her go back to Israel and replace her father as the head of Mossad.

  16. Laura says:

    Dear producers if you’re going to let such an amazing person like Cote aka Ziva David go…. I won’t watch the show anymore…. And I’m pretty sure that from 100% of people that watch it after this event only 20% are going to keep watching it…… So sad… Cote you will be missed…. WE LOVE U ZIVA!!! and to the producers whatever you’re going to do to the departure of Ziva… Whatever you do DON’T KILL HER!!! And it has happened before but PLEASE DON’T DO IT WITH ZIVA! We love her too much!!!

  17. What about bringing back the character Special Agent Vivian Blackadder (played by Robyn Lively) who was in the original Jag prequel-NCIS?

  18. Laura says:

    I’ve made a serious decision….. Just like Cote de Pablo is walking away from NCIS so am I ….. All those Funny and Beautiful moments and all the Tiva moments will always be with me….. It just… The show WON’T and I assure you it WON’T MAKE SENSE WITHOUT OUR ISRAELI NINJA!!!!! This really breaks my Heart…. ='( Good Bye NCIS…..

  19. Linda Davis says:

    I will miss her. She fit in very well. I liked her spunk and she knows how to take care of herself but she was able to show her soft side. I hope like the others that when this show ends she will come back into Tony’s life.

  20. Claire says:

    I can’t believe this has happened. Ziva David is my idle, and losing Cote de Pablo from this amazing show has ruined it for me. After she leaves from finishing Ziva’s last storyline, I think I am done with this show as much as it pains me to say. This show is my life, and it has inspired me in so many ways and has become such a part of my life. I want to be an NCIS agent someday thanks to the character of Ziva David. This character has taught me so many life lessons, made me laugh, cry, and feel. She showed me that a women can be fierce and tough but also soft and emotional. She has showed me that despite tragedies, you can always pick yourself up and move on with your life, no matter how hard it hurts.
    I fear for how this final Ziva storyline will go, because in the past it seems the only way they let people go on this show is to kill them. Personally I don’t need more deaths like Kate, Jenny, Mike Franks, Eli, Paula, Michelle Lee, or Jackie. I don’t know if I could find closure if they just let Ziva leave and go work back in Israel or elsewhere, and sadly in some ways I feel like if Ziva dies it would have some closure. But what am I saying? I will never find closure of losing my favorite character.
    I wish Cote de Pablo the best in all she does, and hope that she gets another opportunity like this show, and continues to follow her dreams not matter where they lead her.

  21. Katie says:

    I hope everyone knows that my life is now over. With ziva gone I don’t know what will happen. All the times that she just kicks butt was truly my favorite part of the show. Even though we can’t bring her back I don’t think they should bring in someone new for Tony. There have been so many girls in and out and it’s been enough. I say Tony realizes Ziva was the one for him and stops trying. And they could always bring in another guy!

  22. 4luvofncis says:

    I’m literally in shock. Completely. I can’t believe Cote would decide this or CBS would let her go. Not at this point. And how can you resolve a character like Ziva in a month or even four months??? It’s not possible, and it won’t be appropriate, no matter what you try to do. It is such deep sadness that NCIS has to end this way. After an 8 year relationship & truly remarkable love story, what now? Really? That’s how the story ends? And if you’re happy about Cote leaving & aren’t into TIVA, I really don’t care what you have to say & I’m not going to waste my time responding to you. You have no understanding of this character or of Tony’s character, and you don’t deserve its blessings, nor do you have any inkling of how tragic this is. So don’t have the presumption to comment on something you know nothing about.

    • Marissa says:

      What would you have CBS do? Force her to stay?

    • Darlene says:

      After experiencing and losing the love of my life, I’m pretty sure I understand tragedy. Cote’s decision and it’s repercussions may feel tragic to you, I get that. But trust me, real life has some whoppers (both ecstatic and heartbreaking) waiting for you. And I will always know and believe that you deserve everyone of life’s many blessings and lessons, just as we all do.

      Peace to you.

    • Darlene says:

      After experiencing and losing the love of my life, I’m pretty sure I understand tragedy. Cote’s decision and it’s repercussions may feel tragic to you, I get that. But trust me, real life has some whoppers (both ecstatic and heartbreaking) waiting for you. And I will always know and believe that you deserve everyone of life’s many blessings and lessons, just as we all do.

      Peace to you

    • JC says:

      Wow. You make it sound like Tiva is a religion.

  23. Jackie says:

    I hate it. I know Miss De Pablo needs to what’s right for her, but its the beginning of the end for the series.

  24. Claire says:

    Well this just … wow, it really sucks. I love this show, the entire cast … everything, but without Cote — Now I wish they had ended the show this past season. Cote can’t be replaced. Sure, Sasha was replaced and I liked Sasha too, but she was on for only two seasons — we’re talking eight seasons, and in Mark’s own words, “with Cote, they got better.” This is truly the only show I would make sure got watched every week in my household so feel like we lost a family member.

    This does explain why all I have seen the few times I’ve had the TV on is the shortened version of the NCIS ad — minus “Ziva brings it.” This leads me to believe that Cote chose to walk away because CBS isn’t the brightest when it comes to negotiating contracts and sadly a number 1 show/cast/crew will pay for their … stupidity. In the past, I would hold my breath when her contract was up because for some reason I felt she would be the one who would have no problem in walking away if CBS pulled something. Not for a lack of love for the show/cast, but for her first love — theater and singing and wanting to get back to that. She appears to be a very levelheaded person who knows how to be true to herself and not roll over on command. I wish Cote all the best, but mourn for the show I loved. I just hope they do Ziva’s story justice, as well as Tony and Ziva’s story.

  25. Ris says:

    good actress but never really like Ziva as a character, she (or the writers) were always trying to hard, and really NCIS can survive just fine with a Moussad connection, maybe even return back to its USA roots

  26. Glenda Harjo says:

    Good Luck to her! She made the decision to leave and it is not like she hasn’t been banking from being an actress on a hit TV show so for what ever reason she has bowed out. Remember she is one of an ensemble of extremely talented actors and one character in a TV series. I love this show and enjoy this tv “family” every Tuesday. I agree it is shocking but hopefully it will allow her character to wrap her story up gracefully and respectfully as Ziva David is as a character. Cote de Pablo is very talented actress and best wishes to her on her new journey. I really hope that it allows NCIS to continue to be a smart, funny but especially entertaining TV show. I am not a fairweather fan and will not stop watching because a character I enjoy leaves the show on their own accord. Makes me a true fan!

  27. agentscully514 says:

    I started watching the show 8 years ago because of Ziva. When she goes, I am gone. Nothing against the other characters.

  28. dolcevita says:

    I’m am very heart broken by this. I LOVE the NCIS family just they way they are. The had the perfect cast and I can’t see NCIS without her. Tony will be heart broken. Like in 7×01. Or even worse because they’ve gotten so much closer since then. She’s like a daughter to Gibbs so idk how he’s gonna take it. I’m honestly just devastated by all of this.

  29. MichaelTX says:

    I think Yvonne Strahovsky (Chuck and Dexter) is available. She’d be great as a veteran NCIS agent transferred in from another office who busts Tony’s balls, but (not so) secretly has the hots for him!!!

  30. The color left my face when I read this headline. NCIS is the only show I watch & I loved “Ziva”. My hope is that they will not kill the character off & that she will leave the team to be with Tony. It is past time for the two to be together & it would be nice to see Dinozzo settle down with a family. I’m tired of watching him chase random skirts – that got old a few years back. Best wishes to Cote on her new ventures. I hope she remains as a recurring character.

  31. Chloe says:

    Very frustrating that after all these years of teasing us with Tiva, it ends like this. *sigh* I just hope they don’t bring back that EJ Barrett. I couldn’t stand her.

  32. Maya says:

    This is terrible. Ziva’s my favorite chaacter! Honestly, if they don’t put her with Tony I don’t see this going well with most of the fans at all. I hope they at least get Tony and Ziva together. Then she can leave. Tony could mention her every now and then, and maybe Cote can appear a couple of times. I will continue to watch the show to see how it goes, but I am still upset about Ziva leaving.

  33. maggie says:

    Cote de Pablo and the character of Ziva David is the reason I started watching NCIS in the first place. I loved her dynamic with all the team members. This will obviously change now. I basically have no reason to continue watching.

  34. N.A. says:

    Huh, don’t get me wrong, I like NCIS. But I never watched for the crimes, always for the characters. My two favorites, although I like them all (who wouldn’t?), are/were Tony and Ziva. One thing that really turns me off of a show is losing favorite characters. It ruins the story for me, especially since I watch for the characters. I came back after losing Kate but that was when the show was young and fresh. Kate was awesome but she was only on for 2 seasons so it was easier to move on. Ziva’s much harder to lose because the show is older and I had 8 years to bond with her character.
    I know that with this I’ll probably become an occasional viewer at best. Or, more than likely, soon after she leaves, just stop watching. I can imagine they’ll bring in a new person and she or he (hopefully she, since there’s only one other female there) will be written for people to love just like all the other characters. The writers are good that way. But it’s just not appealing to me anymore. I think I’m done this time and that’s okay. It’s not like they need my viewership with millions of viewers. And it’s not like I don’t have a million other shows on my DVR that I have to struggle to make time to watch when I can. This will lessen the burden. It’s just a TV show. For all the fans out there of Ziva, and fans of Tiva as well, sorry about your loss. Sorry that you never got your ship realized after so many years of fruitless teasing. Sorry you will be bereft of your favorite character next season. I’ve seen some of your reactions elsewhere and I know this is like a big sucker punch in the face. I wish I could do something to make it better. Truly.

  35. Frankie says:

    She was one of my favorites and I had hoped that when the final of the show ever came that Ziva and Tony would end up together. I hate Jamie lee Curtis in this show. She is not sexy, she has no lips and cannot see her as Gibbs lover. This is so sad to me since I love the chemistry of all of them except Jamie Lee.

  36. Sabrina says:

    Very disappointed with this news as Ziva was my favourite character on the show. I don’t think I’ll still be watching the show once Cote is gone. I hope that her leaving has got nothing to do with salary negotiations like the women on Criminal Minds.

  37. Hi Matt, now is the time to drop everything and try to get a scoop on the new female member of the team. Change is good.

  38. Seon says:

    NCIS will never never never be the same again.
    I guess this will ruin the show.

  39. Stormcrow says:

    I enjoyed Ziva as a character, she was funny, but I don’t feel she has “evolved” over the years as much as McGee or even Tony. Well, she’ll be missed. I wish her a successful future!
    I wonder how they are going to fill the gap, will they take a geek girl a have some geek girl/McGee moments with Tony snorting? Maybe too cliché. A paperpushing 40ish working mom to bring in some new blood? We’ll see, I’m sure the producers will get it right…

    Finally, I came here expecting some of the disturbing comments above. If you consider that Coté de Pablo’s departure is a bad thing because of the emotional/time investment you’ve made, you have to get a life. This is a tv show, entertainment. If Ziva’s departure is a life changing event, you’d better go out and do something meaningful.

  40. Glenda Harjo says:

    Hey all you who are not watching anymore because you are mad Cote de Pablo is leaving here is a tweet from Pauley Perrette

    Pauley Perrette ‏@PauleyP 14m
    If someone wants to leave, still 7 of us that want to STAY. Plus 300 crew members that love you too #WeAreHere #NCIS

    Show some love for the others on this show please

    • L. Burke says:

      Thank you Pauley!!

    • ninamags says:

      Wow!!! Awesome comment. Thanks, Pauley!!!!!! Of course we will continue to watch the 7 of you.

    • Andrea says:

      This person wants to watch those 7 people who are staying. Go Pauley and cast! Cote will go on with her life and do whatever she has planned. So will the cast and crew of NCIS.

    • John says:

      Wise woman, and her shop sells awesome food!

      • SL says:

        Nice Quote. I just do not want them to kill her off as that seems to be the writers mantra. It also seems like they only kill off the female characters who have a role outside of the lab/computers etc..If they kill off her character, i am done because I do not like them keep killing off the female characters. However, if they send her off to Moussed on some sort of mission maybe to investigate the creeping new director etc.. and leave the door open for her return on any measure I would be okay with. Please do not recast the character or kill off the character. If a new character is to be brought in let her have a cool back story and be kick butt and do not soften her to the point she is just so unlike herself/character. As long as she does not get killed off, I can be okay with it. Also, please do not have the new person be an interest for Tony as that is obviously not going to happen as it did not happen with Kate or Ziva and it would be a shame to continue that feat. I will watch and see how they pull things together and open room for the new addition. I also hope they get the show back to the fun self it used to be with the jokes, laughter, hand slaps etc.. I do not like the way they let Abby become so unabby like. I agree there are 7 others prepared to continue the great show and I should give it a chance before completely writing it off. I will if they kill off Ziva as that is a deal breaker.

        • SL says:

          Let the character be new and thus they can use probie again lol.. That would make sense if they brought in a new female who had other experience/skills to bring to the table and not much field work like McGee. I can watch that…

  41. Gisela Martinez says:

    I have been watching NCIS for a very long time and hooked my sisters to watching that to but we love how Ziva is she is a big part of NCIS I love how her and Tony are. Please keep them KEEP ZIVA and the whole group together Please

  42. Christopher K says:

    I have watched NCIS since it’s Debut in Jag….been a huge fan of the show an cast of character….With Ziva (Cote ) leaving..I will probably stop watchin it.she is one of the reasons i kept watching..I love the way she mis-says certain things like NCIS Season 5, Episode 14: “Internal Affairs”
    Ziva: I would hate to be misunderstood.
    Fornell: Does that happen often?
    Ziva: Once in a blue lagoon.
    Fornell: I think I’ll be able to translate.

  43. Arlene says:

    Yes we will miss her very much I love watching her with Tony, they make a great pair, I hope she comes back for a visit, or I wish she would change her mind, but if the job is done that ok.

  44. While I have watched NCIS since its inception, I truely believe this is the first plot twist that has made me want to not watch it anymore. Too many shows across too many platforms and networks get us accustomed to, if not attached to the same characters, the same chemistry. When they are sufficiently sure the audience is satisfied, they pull the plug on our happiness with the way things are going. When Sasha Alexander left, I wasn’t happy, but I felt that her leaving the show was very well done, in that she appeared in several episodes after as a memory and voice in the team’s minds to comfort them and move them to the next chapter. Enter Ziva. Over the years, her storyline has included many, many climactic plot changes and with each we root root root for her. I can’t root for this, I can’t be excited, and I certainly can no longer hold the same affection for the show that I once did.

  45. Samantha B says:

    What if Gibbs semi retires, leaving Tony in charge (but let Tony always go to Gibbs for advice), and perhaps McGee will be the next “senior field agent”.. CBS could then bring on a new female NCIS agent to work the field with Tony & McGee? It will work, the writers are professionals thus will make it believable!

    • Samantha B says:

      Maybe Gibbs can “settle down” of course with a total kick-ass redhead, but still help in the field when needed.

    • L. Burke says:

      Wasn’t Rocky’s contract done at the end of this year too? I wonder if Vance is coming back?

      Yeah, I was thinking that too. They could promote Gibbs to Assistant Director and promote Tony up to team lead. That would slide McGee up to Senior Field Agent. And then they could bring in two new characters for Tony’s team. It’s a way to keep the dynamic the same and bring in new blood.

  46. Anon says:

    Sad…can’t imagine finding someone with the chemistry Cote has with the rest of the cast. However, I am not a Jamie Lee Curtis hater and think she would be a good addition.

  47. Amber says:

    I think they need to add a big twist to the show and have GIBBS daughter come into play somehow, like she as put into protective custody when her mother died and could not risk GIBBS knowing she survived, That would put his character into a loop and then bring in a new face to take ZIVA’s place on the show. Someone that can mesh well with Tony and calm him down a little. I also think that NCIS should get more involved with cases with the NCIS Los Angeles team to keep it fresh. That is just my take on the whole thing. I have been watching since season one and I even watched JAG before it became NCIS and there are some changes that really need to be made if the show is going to continue to thrive.

  48. kirads09 says:

    I will miss Cote for sure. As long as it is on her terms, I wish her the best.

    Casting ideas: Nana Visitor (Trek DS09) – Hey, they got counselor Troi ;
    Sarah Jones (Alcatraz, Vegas) ;
    OR: Michelle Fairley (Game of Thrones)

  49. Vera says:

    Ziva is brilliant . She will be well missed . her and tony and the feeling both were somehow going to get it together ..Phew .. felt the tension .. shes a great actress I wish her well and look forward to seeing her in something else

  50. Stacey says:

    So sorry there will not be a Ziva David on the show no more. Who can they find that will make the show any better. Cote your character will be missed by many. Hope you find what you are looking for in your adventures in life. The best to you.