Castle Exclusive: Lisa Edelstein Joins Season 6 Cast -- What's Her Connection to Beckett?

Castle Season 6 Cast Lisa EdelsteinLisa Edelstein is trading a House for a Castle.

The TV MVP is joining the ABC hit’s Season 6 cast for a multiple-episode arc, TVLine has learned exclusively.

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The actress will play Rachel McCord, a tough and highly-skilled Federal Investigator whose appearance plays a vital role in Beckett’s decisions about her future.

As you know, Season 5 ended with Beckett considering a move to Washington D.C. to work on a special task force in the U.S. Attorney General’s office — a decision presumably complicated by Rick proposing marriage in the very final scene.

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Edelstein’s post-House credits include stints on The Good Wife, Elementary, House of Lies and, most recently, Scandal.

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  1. Andrea Aynsley says:

    I know those pictures are every caskett shippers’ dream until AWM posted that damn dream sequence tweet that unnerved everyone as he loves yanking on our chains hopefully to counteract the major leaks…on the other hand, the nay sayers are saying that these leaks are deliberate as it is so early on in the series filming to give the game away…I say this is necessary as so many are up in arms over S5 ending. Hopefully, there is no alternate filming answer to the proposal and AWM does not alter the positive direction this has revealed as there are still lots of secrets to be uncovered in S6. A No to proposal will simply quash all those juicy storytelling snippets that he is hoping to get to….

    I want Lisa to be the one to show Beckett that love is more important than chasing and hunting down the next suspect…looks to me like she’s a partner / mentor / superior…Now everyone’s focusing on her what about this Matt guy that is also recurring…..?

    Does anyone else there believe that the proposal is not a dream? That she said Yes?

  2. Alie Hunter says:

    Let’s be real. Beckett will be in DC for no more than 2 eps. The show is in New York. The boys are in NYC and the show would not be the same if Castle and Beckett were not working with Ryan and Espo. People love the dynamic of that team and Marlowe is not dumb enough to stretch people’s patience because I can see viewers tuning out if he changed the show that much. Beckett spent the last 2 years trying to find happiness in her personal life and not hide behind her job. I think that’s the purpose of DC. Her head tells her it’s a great opportunity, but she’ll start the job and soon realize that working as a fed pretty much means checking her personal life/happiness at the door. Mark my words, she’ll be back at the 12th rolling her eyes and holding back a giggle as Castle comes up with ridiculous theories no later than 6×03. Only an idiot would choose a job over love. Plus, this is New York. The biggest police department in America. There will be plenty of opportunities for her within the organization which won’t require her traveling all over the country

    • Alie,
      I think you have it 100% right. The “Rachel” character will either be a good mentor and tell Beckett take love over a job or she will be a total martinet and Beckett will rapidly decide that she doesn’t want to become like her. Either way Caskette stays together or there is no show.

  3. Andrea Aynsley says:

    Hi guys, I totally am on the Rachel is some sort of catalyst for Becks to reconsider her career choice either an “If I continue down this path am I going to end up like Rachel in the near future” type plot or that Rachel talks some sense into her and tells her not to choose job over love and that she belongs with Rick back in NYC…

    I’m actually disappointed that Gates having a family herself and all did not advocate this but instead provided the ‘gasoline’ that ignited this sudden ” I deserve more in my career type attitude instead of counteracting her with an offer or at least having a heart to heart about the pros and cons about taking on this new job. I mean if your best employee decides to search for greener pastures, you’ll just say sayonara and let them walk without any sort of chat…

    But I hope that these leaks are genuine and not some positive publicity ploy for now and then discover it was just a dream sequence due to AWM’s use of mirrorring- Like in S5x01, when Rick wakes up alone in bed and it is not a dream although we were teased that it might be initially. So here’s hoping that S6x01 is not Kate’s dream of what could be if she had accepted the proposal. I don’t mind if it’s a flashback but the ENGAGEMENT must be real otherwise what do they have to go on….Different cities and not engaged..I shudder to imagine the catastrophe of such a plot..

    Also if they are likely constructing a new set that looks like Kate’s DC apartment? Could it indicate that she might be there for a longer period? But then again they construct new sets all the time like in still etc…What do people think about these theories?

  4. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE kill off Beckett and replace her with Lisa Edelstein’s character

    • kath says:

      Give Lisa Edelstein her own show instead. That’s what she’s always wanted… that’s why she convinced the producers of House to make her the co-star and caused the show’s demise.

  5. Tony Troiano says:

    I live for Castle; absolutely addicted. I am excited to see Ms. Edelstein on the show, but defintely want Castle and Beckett together – married. I thought this after last season: Maybe she goes to the federal task force and that’s how she brings down Bracken. It sure sounds like she is going to Washington, just don’t let the relationship get away.

  6. onlyme says:

    I’m wondering if we’re looking at a possible spin-off…not now but down the road when Castle ends….

  7. Let’s look at this logically: In Season 5 there were numerous episodes showing the building love and trust between Caskett — culminating in “Still”, a retrospective of 5 seasons of “Castle” and ending with “Ilove you’s” and the whole cast knowing of their love for each other. To blow all that away with a weird job in an organization no one has heard of — there is just no way that can happen and keep the audience. Because Marlowe et all CAN write an episode that will end her ties with the 12th doesn’t mean he SHOULD or WILL. All will and has to be well — they will get engaged and then spend the rest of the season with their normal ups and downs hopefully culminating with a wedding in Ep 24 and a honeymoon for the hiatus. That would hold me for Season 7!!

  8. kath says:

    Lisa Edelstein contributed a lot to ruining House for me. If she’s involved in Beckett’s new job, I’ll be rooting like crazy for Kate to move back to New York.

  9. Erika says:

    Big Fat YES!!!!!!

  10. Adrian21 says:

    200 comments? WTF? It’s just a guest star role, who cares? Castle&Beckett are the show.

  11. Kelly Kilgore says:

    Better not take beckett off…shes the reason we’ve watched this long. since castle is expanding just keep it 4 a lil while. taking stana off is like killing the show.

  12. Michael I. Metzger says:

    I think i’ll take a stab at it,Mother and Daughter.Mother chooses to stay Dead,so Daughter is Safe,but something goes wrong,so she’s forced out into the open,Surprise,after all Castle Sr.,can do it why not Beckett.

  13. @LisaEdelstein #gg2d <>
    Don’t we have enough tough talking lawyer/investigator/police officer/detective/whatever archetypes on TV? My head will explode. I can’t and don’t watch nighttime fictional dramas (like “NCIS: New Orleans. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.) So long, Lisa. It was great while it lasted on Girlfriends Guide to Divorce – a truly great show. If you continue on #gg2d (which I hope that you do, then of course I will continue to watch. Wayne Reses.

  14. re: @LisaEdelstein #gg2d I’ve never heard of the ABC show “Castle” and I don’t know who the character “Becket” is. I sound like my grandfather. Oh wait, he’d dead. Wayne Reses.