Castle Exclusive: Lisa Edelstein Joins Season 6 Cast -- What's Her Connection to Beckett?

Castle Season 6 Cast Lisa EdelsteinLisa Edelstein is trading a House for a Castle.

The TV MVP is joining the ABC hit’s Season 6 cast for a multiple-episode arc, TVLine has learned exclusively.

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The actress will play Rachel McCord, a tough and highly-skilled Federal Investigator whose appearance plays a vital role in Beckett’s decisions about her future.

As you know, Season 5 ended with Beckett considering a move to Washington D.C. to work on a special task force in the U.S. Attorney General’s office — a decision presumably complicated by Rick proposing marriage in the very final scene.

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Edelstein’s post-House credits include stints on The Good Wife, Elementary, House of Lies and, most recently, Scandal.

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  1. Beckett will say “yes”, but I have to try this d.c. thing out. Obviously, for whatever reason, it won’t work out and all will be well. Beckett is a driven, homicide detective – not a Attorney General’s private goon squad (remember how they handled the local police – including Beckett). She is committed to Castle for all of Season 6 with many “I love yous” – not easy words to get out of Beckett – with only a 10 second lapse (Quail and Squab) Castle may go with her or stay home for the 2-3 episode arc.

    Remember no Beckett, no show; no Castle, no show; no Caskett — GONE!

  2. I too am not a fan of this actress. She has a coldness to her personality.

  3. Maria De Fátima Menezes says:

    I can’t imagine Lisa on Castle! Seriously, guys! I guess I’m still into Huddy’s relationship. hahahahaha BUT it’ll be so nice to see Stana and Lisa working together! Can’t wait! :D

  4. Joe Petitjean says:

    Love her great pickup

  5. Andy says:

    Oh, come on! WTF is wrong with this world? I really can’t stand her! Hope she’ll be in the show for just 2 episodes.

  6. didi says:

    I really can’t stand her.

  7. arial2 says:

    She’ll be a good fit. LE is a great actor and will only add to the show. I only wish House fans would stop confusing the actor with the character she played in House. She didn’t choose the “Huddy” thing, the writers did. I’ve often wondered if her exit indicated she didn’t like “Huddy” all that much, either…

    • Virginia B. says:

      I don’t watch House. I just think the cast of Castle jives without anyone knew. I don’t know why they took the guy who originally played the chief and added Penny Jerald Johnson who IMO doesn’t fit well at all.

      • S. says:

        It’s Penny Johnson Jerald and she’s great. Check her out on Deep Space Nine, her character’s warmer and more likable. It’s just how Capt. Gates is written because Montgomery was very tolerant of his favorites doing what they wanted, and she’s from Internal Affairs so that’s gonna conflict with many cops who are naturally suspicious and resistant to that branch of the force. They needed to be reined in, plus she’s made a difference. Clearly she can call in favors for things the team couldn’t normally get. Gates willfully turns a blind eye to evidence of Caskett as long as they make an effort to hide it, so I’m all for her. ;) When she needs to be understanding and touched by a situation, she is, so I think they haven’t given us some cardboard tough boss. She’s not supposed to be part of the team so much as an overseer/leader of many teams and she does that. I sense authority and compassion which totally fits given her role in the precinct. She doesn’t seem to think someone in her position is supposed to be ‘one of the guys’ and you could argue that’s part of what got Montgomery in trouble in the first place back in the day. Montgomery had several years with these guys. Gates has had one year. I think she’s doing okay.

  8. Shannon T says:

    Lisa, you’re really testing my loyalty by only doing these 2-3 episode guest starring bits! It’s been 2 years for you since House ended!

    • Loony Luna says:

      I know :( She left House before season 8 started and yet she’s been the only one of the original cast not working consistently. I think she needs to do what she said she was going to do a couple years ago and try out for pilots or produce her own stuff because I’m bummed she has less work under her belt in 2 years than the rest of the old House cast has in 1 :/

      • Shannon T says:

        Sorry I sound like such a downer but it sucks how it used to be, “Wow Lisa may film tv pilots or be a producer!” To, “Huh. Lisa is kissing an inflatable doll and wow 3 whole guest star episodes instead of her usual 1?” Lame.

      • abe says:

        Lisa is not your average actor. She would need to feel very passionate about a pilot and a new show to sign on for 7 years and sadly, the TV map has not really offered many great opportunities in the past couple of years. Lisa has done consistent work since House: movies, shorts, guest spots, now character voicing, she’s involved in her charities/causes and she enjoys traveling which she is now able to enjoy freely. She’s looking around for certain at something that holds quality which will allow her to keep her other priorities.

        As for the rest of the House cast, not all of them are actually into projects & shows.

        • Loony Luna says:

          So I guess what you’re saying is that I just have to wait some more until she does something meatier than all those things you mentioned? I guess I’m ok with it….And my point about all the other actors is that they’ve been doing work constantly and not whether or not they’re doing projects or shows. They’re all doing what they said they wanted to do after House and I just wanted that from Lisa as well ( pilots, producing). I’m cool with what we’re getting now :)

          • abe says:

            That’s basically what I’m saying indeed. As for the rest of the House actors, they’re actually not doing more than Lisa said she would do. Lisa is also producing. A few of these actors didn’t have their pilots picked up by the networks they were destined for and half of them have uninteresting parts frankly. I think JS might be the one who got the dream gig he wanted.
            Lisa is also working constantly on a few projects and that includes writing her pilot/show but then again, it’s never a guarantee to be signed on in this industry.
            It’s cool if you’re cool with all of this. I get the frustration but I really think she’s worth the wait and in the meantime, I enjoy her path.

          • JAA says:

            Hello, what about Jennifer Morrison working on Once Upon A Time or Olivia Wilde doing movies? Plus Jesse Spencer working on Chicago Fire. Morrison hasn’t stopped working since she was fired from House.

          • Gavin says:

            JMo might be working but she’s not the one adored by the OUAT fandom, they tolerate her while most find her character annoying and her acting bland and there’s not much buzz about her either. It’s all about Lana Parilla there.

            As for Olivia Wilde, Hollywood desperately wants her to be talented and famous unfortunately for her, she’s done many flops and she’s not receiving critical acclaim. She’s only working because of her looks and connections.

            It’s the game!

          • JAA says:

            LOL, Gavin, Jennifer Morrison is loved by the OUAT fandom. She’s the one doing promotion: awards, talk shows, conventions, you name it. You must have been living under a rock if you think there’s not a lot of buzz about her and I don’t even watch the show. But her name is everywhere.

    • ShocktheMonkeyDave says:

      Even if she’s doing (sorry to be frank here) slightly unforgettable roles at least she’s still working. I guess.

      • Shannon T says:

        I know I know. I’m just not one of those fans that just blindly accepts any work LE takes. She’s much more capable than this is what gets me. I know she can do BETTER than what she’s been doing after House, which just includes guest spots,crappy made-for-tv movies and now voicing a cartoon character. I mean really.

        • bine says:

          maybe her roles are not to your liking but she picks parts that motivate her and her TV shows from TGW, to Scandal and now Castle were all wise choices and different character types. I enjoyed watching her play them..She’s also starred on House of Lies opposite an Oscar nommed actor. She’s done 2 very creative shorts, sure a Lifetime movie, which she totally stole btw, but also another one that was feature at a prestigious festival and got great reviews. She’s always voiced characters.
          She’s versatile and much more than Cuddy.
          I am not a blind fan either but I have more or less enjoyed most of what she decided on post House and I’d rather she follows this path then get stuck on a crappy show for years just so because a few fans want to see her every week.

          • Shannon T says:

            I don’t agree with much of what you said, and I know you feel the same about my opinion but hey that’s ok :) Thanks for being one of the most mature, diplomatic LE fans I’ve ever talked to. It’s a nice change tbh.

      • OUAT *fan* says:

        @Gavin you clearly have not been watching ABC’s drama ‘Once upon a time’. And I’m afraid #SwanQueeners could kill you, eheh.

  9. Lily says:

    I hate whe a show takes a great cast and messes it up by adding someone else. They did it on The Closer and they did it on Franklin and Bash. Why not adhere to the motto..”If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”? Because all the fixing has broken it. I’m with the person who said they hope multiple episodes means maybe 2.

    • Castle Fan says:

      oh geez. stop watching castle if it upsets you that much. she’s around for 3 eps not a regular cast member. go crawl back under that fan rock and stay there until september!

      • jamed says:

        You’re being really ridiculous. People are allowed to have their opinion and not worship everything this show does.

      • Ralph says:

        You’ll be lucky if Castle is still around after mid-season. It looks as if Marlowe is headed to DC, along with Beckett and that my friends will be the straw that broke the camel’s back. I’m sure many of you will enjoy this but many of us won’t. There is no doubt that Castle has joined my DVR. If it becomes mostly fast-forward, I’ll just watch intelligence.

        I refuse to go through with S-5, E21, 23, 24 again.

        • @Ralph says:

          How did I know before I even finished reading that post that it was Ralph who wrote it? Seriously I was less than halfway through when I went ‘sounds like something Ralph would–Yup.’ The tone is totally Debbie Downer as it always is, and you often speak about a ‘many of us’ which is hilarious. Here’s a disclaimer for you: ‘The opinions above are expressed by Ralph and in no way reflect the beliefs of the rest of the Castle fandom.’ Stop projecting. The show may not be perfect, but cut with the gloom and doom. For the love of Derrick Storm, something about the show must still appeal to you, Ralph. The show’s not gonna be cancelled mid-season, and Beckett isn’t a total witch. Gimme some happy thoughts. What makes you feel joy? Preferably Castle-related so’s to stay on topic, but if you must give us an epistle about puppies and unicorns, go for it. Are you at least happy that Terri Miller’s back full time instead of being freelance like last season? She’s all about the Moonlighting banter and romance. If that doesn’t do the trick for you, nothing will.

          • Just one thing says:

            This cracked me up.

          • Ralph says:


            Welcome Beckett AK, i’m happy that you think you are so perceptive. As a brilliant perceptionist you should be able to tell what I think of you:-)).

  10. JoyAnne says:

    Frankly I love the whole Castle cast as it is. Whatever they are coming up with I just hope the present actors are all part of it.

  11. OMG!!!! This is a very wonderful news, indeed… We adore Lisa Edelstein ad can’t wait ti see her on the screen with Stana/Beckett… Yay, two amazing ladies… #WeSupportLisaE

  12. lauren says:

    Love Lisa.So Yay!!! Spoiler saw pics Caskett become engaged and Beckett will leave for DC but engaged.

  13. ppistachio says:


  14. Andrea Aynsley says:

    I know Casketty Goodness..I was right a Yes and Yes…All I really cared about was the proposal so do to DC wherever…So just curious what’s so bad about this Lisa person in Castle? I’m not a house fan but I’ve seen a few eps ages ago. Isn’t she House’s girlfriend…

    • TimTam says:

      Nothing’s wrong with her technically, but some people tend to find her acting very,very wooden. She pulled the same three expressions on House which included “looks constipated” and “looks constipated and a little flirty” or “angry shout” Which she once agreed to do into a real baby’s face. She was House’s girlfriend during season 7 then dipped out before season 8 . (Reasons for this may vary depending on who you ask). Some people even write fic about how she forgives abusive House by making him a totally different person than on the show and Cuddy the flawless woman who has done no wrong ever.

      • Corey says:

        I know we all have our sensitivities but frankly Lisa is a layered and versatile actress who delivers way more than 3 facial expressions. Maybe when dealing with House, there was not many choices possible from the convoluted writing for her to go with but if you watch her standalone episode or the rare scenes in which the storyline was about Cuddy, then you would admit she’s much more than you make her out to be.
        I wonder if you have seen her on other parts because she phenomenal frankly and the showrunners around seem to have noticed.

        Your comment about the fanfics is sad but it still provided me with a good laugh.

        • TimTam says:

          It sounds rude but that episode following Cuddy around? That’s what I based my opinion of her acting abilities on haha. All she did was walk around looking constipated and then her scream at the end? My opinion people but yikes that’s not a good episode to suggest showcases her abilities. But hey to each their own that’s just how I feel. And of course a showrunner is gonna play up someone haha they’re not going to say the opposite, right? No showrunner has said anything about her that hasn’t been said about anyone else. And yep I’ve seen those fanfics and they make me concerned for the people who think it’s ok for a person to continue a relationship with their volent abuser.

          • Corey says:

            I think you’re really being unfair about her standalone episode. She was fantastic in it. I did think that the writers could have made it more dramatic. She was phenomenal on ‘Joy’ if we’re talking about meatier Cuddy episodes. But to each their own like you said.
            If that didn’t convince you, maybe you could watch her on Scandal or The Good Wife. She was definitely more free & fun and emotional there because the writing allowed her to depart from strict Cuddy.

            As for showrunners, I said they noticed her but actually not all of them talk about their guests yet for some reason, Lisa always gets a special mention/compliment from them, their cast, crew and let’s not forget, the press. She’s respected and sought-out in the industry.

            Those fanfics are indeed pretty lame to condone such a toxic relationship post assault.

      • Rob says:

        lol no, she is an absolutely amazing actress and all the critics say so. Your argument is invalid XD

        • jamed says:

          Its not invalid just because you disagree with it! Not every critic loves her, sorry, and people are allowed to give their opinions.

          • TimTam says:

            Thanks for that, Jamed! I have a feeling that if I took a plank of wood, slapped some pursed lips on it and called it Lisa, Rob would still be saying the same trollish things hahaha

  15. Samuel says:

    It really surprised me. I though Rachel were supposed to be a detective in her thirties, as previous spoilers stated. Now I think Rachel is Beckett’s mentor/partner/colleague in dc, which seems to be another female character with strong personality. Maybe she will push Beckett to think more about her career?

    But I had to agree, Lisa and Stana could bring sparks to the show!!

  16. sally smith says:

    i dislike her intensely. she’s gonna ruin a good show.

  17. Valerie says:

    worst choice ever. the cast of castle is ways better than she.

  18. patti says:

    Hum. . Should avoid these spoilers I love Castle v but not this actress. ..

  19. Andrea Aynsley says:

    Seriously who cares about the “insignificants” Caskett is the real deal and now that it is a YES!! Many like myself have died and gone to castle heaven…(until the next road bump hits..and the angst begins) Haha…What is so bad about having Lisa as Rachel on castle? If her acting is bad, that would only put Beckett in a better light..if it’s good Beckett can aspire to be like her..For some reason I think she is the one that sends Kate back to NYC..I mean we’ve had so many iron ladies in this show Gates, Sophia, Jordan Shaw etc…Bring it on..

  20. So Beckett goes to Washington ans is going to mentored by Rachel — Beckett decides that Rachel is not who she wants to be when she “grows up” and returns to NY and her true vocation – homicide detective. She’ll have a few fences to mend bu that might take 5 minutes of episode 3. Meanwhile she and Castle are fine – he supported her all the way (as he promised). Anyway that’s my take.

    P.S. Use Martha and Beckett’s Dad a little more – she might decide baseball isn’t so bad (when she’s with him)

  21. Mari says:

    oh wow amazing news!! I love Castle and I loved Cuddy!! I even stopped watching House when she left.

  22. Olivia says:

    This is purely awesome!

  23. Dave says:

    I’m so happy I could poop!

  24. Cuddy's lawyer says:

    Great news! I never watched Castle but I will now!

  25. Barb says:

    The way I see it, the role would be for 3-4 episodes. Can’t see the show continuing the DC storyline for that long in the season since they a hard enough time trying to find a balance in the Castle/Beckett relationship (which was bad for 2/3s of the season). Now you have said relationship in two different locales…

  26. RichieS says:

    Hmmm.. Stana,Nathan,Lisa…do I smell threesome ? This could be the best plot twist rumor since one that had Dennis Haysbert joining the cast as a love interest for the Captain.

  27. suri says:

    It was nice at the beginning and I used to watch all of her guest spots but I’m getting tired of it. It’s like she’s back in the 90’s. *siiigh* Don’t think I’ll watch this or any future guest stints unless it’s a more substantial role on a show I enjoy. But good for her and the Castle fans. I think you’ll enjoy her as she’s an amazing actress.

  28. Astrid says:

    OMG that’s so freaking awesome!!! I can’t wait!
    I LOVE Lisa and I LOVE Castle <3 Can it be better :)

    I just can't stop sceaming out of joy :)

  29. Astrid says:

    OMG that’s so freaking awesome!!! I can’t wait!
    I LOVE Lisa and I LOVE Castle <3 Can it be better :)

    I just can't stop sceaming out of joy :)

  30. Jules Miller says:

    Already love Castle, and now Lisa Edelstein, this is excellent news. Even more excited for the new season now.

  31. jj says:

    All signs seem to be pointing toward Beckett taking the DC job. Not really excited about it but will see how it plays out. Glad to see LE landing in Castle. I am sure she will get the respect that she deserves from AM and company as oppose to David Shore and company.

  32. Vicenta says:

    I need to know wich episodes she is going to be in, so I can avoid them. She already ruined House for me, I just hope she doesn’t ruin castle too.

  33. DON BO says:

    Ever since her appearance on Ally McBeal, I’ve had a hard time picturing her as anything other than a man.

  34. Sam says:

    Arc means just a few episodes, so this gives away that it is highly likely that Becket says no to Castle, and goes to DC for a little while. There are some ways to make that work briefly. The only other wrting out I see is that they put Edelstein in to try to convice Becket to say yes to the DC job while she continues to work on cases in NYC.

  35. bella says:

    Do not care for her.. but LOVE LOVE LOVE Castle.. hope she does not become a regular…

  36. Lori says:

    Lisa Edelstein’s father was my kids pediatrician!

  37. Polly says:

    Dislike her! Funny how some of you are blaming her for the characters she has played! Poor acting? Maybe, but she had to play the role!
    Does anyone remember the original character she played on TV, before West Wing, I am sure. I think she was an attorney with a strange part of her anatomy.

  38. Liz says:

    This is going to be the last season, I’m afraid. It took them so long to get together, and they are great together, and now they are bringing on this woman who looks like a man to cause trouble. Who cares about the FBI. When are they ever going to work as a couple and have a baby?

  39. (@lenasti16) says:

    Goodness, this is such a wonderful news. I love the show and how the season ended with Castle and Beckett taking the next step on their relationship and now, this news of Lisa Edelstein joining the show for S6 just me more excited about this upcoming season. I love Lisa and all her works. She’s an amazing actress and I’m just so glad that she’s going to appear on this great show, too. Can’t wait to see her on my screen again with Beckett.. Two inspiring women.. Yay… Go, Lisa… :)

  40. nora culajara says:

    I hope castle and beckett will remain as sweethearts I jut love them both

  41. Marcus says:

    ok… this is getting annoying. If they have her go to DC for a couple of episodes, and see how doing that job has affected Rachel McCord’s life, she then changes her mind and come back to the 12th, I’m going to seriously do a Beckett eye roll. Such a plot line is so contrive and cheap, way below the standard usually associated with CASTLE. It then makes the whole job offer storyline a drama creator and not something to help push the story forward. If they’re serious about Kate taking the DC job, then she has to at least spend half the season doing it and now just the first 2 or 3 episodes. Plus, whatever her answer is to Castle, taking the DC will definitely put a strain on their relationship.

  42. GREAT! She could be ‘The other woman’. I love Lisa, ever since the Simpsons, lol.

  43. Melly says:

    What a great addition! Loved Lisa in everything I saw her in! Great actress, beautiful woman, wonderful human being. TPTB of Castle couldn’t have made a better choice :)
    Really looking forward to September to see Rachel McCord in action :D

  44. Kriszta says:

    I’m happy ,go Lisa!

  45. Beylt says:

    I’m frigging excited about this. I adore Lisa

  46. Daniella Gonzalez says:

    Wooow ! Lisa Edelstein in Castle , perfect <3 Love HER ! (Its my opinion) LISA EDELSTEIN IS WONDERFUL , (fan mode on)

  47. cagil says:

    Lisa is an AMAZING actress and I’m so glad that she’s doing this. This is gonna be my first time watching Castle and I’m gonna watch it just because of Lisa!! :)

  48. Jared says:

    This isn’t related to Lisa Edelstein’s casting, but SpoilerTV just posted some photos that confirm Kate’s answer to Castle’s proposal. People are going to be very happy.