Exclusive Twisted First Look: Karen (Kinda) Questions Danny About What's in That Chair

This Tuesday’s Twisted (ABC Family, 9/8c) finds Karen increasingly torn between trusting her son and suspecting him of murder — and we have your exclusive first look at her dilemma in action.

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After finding Regina’s much-talked-about necklace hidden in her late hubby’s rocking chair, Karen lightly grills Danny by suggesting they get rid of Vikram’s comfy seat. As usual, though, the convicted killer maintains quite the poker face.

Press PLAY below to watch the mother-son moment, then hit the comments.

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  1. Alex says:

    Does anybody else find this show a bit boring? Nothing really seems to be progressing. I’ll still watch in hope of it becoming better though.

    • Kate says:

      I agree. Needs far more forward momentum, and several characters (Lacey, I’m looking at you) are flat. But I find the lead very watchable, and I’m still semi-intrigued. I’ll keep watching and hope for improvement.

      • carol says:

        Maybe she’d be interesting if the show wasn’t 90% about Jo and her father the show is suppose to have three stars and was not suppose to be the father. They need to get back to the premise of the show

        • Fran says:

          I completely agree. The focus on Jo and her family makes the show drag too much. The Dad is extremely boring and while I like Jo, I find that her blind support of Danny is making her character too one-dimensional. I’d much rather get more scenes with Danny or Lacey, especially since Lacey actually had a relationship with Regina. I’m surprised anyone would find Lacey flat. I think her character has many layers and the actress plays the role extremely well.

    • Alichat says:

      I find aspects of it boring, and a little hard to buy, but other parts compelling. I think it’s smart that they make Danny an enigma, and Jogia does a great job making that character compelling. I expected that his story would be a bit more cut and dry. And the tension with the town residents is good. Danny’s interactions with Rico and the soccer team are spot on. So I enjoy all that. But I find it hard to believe that Lacey is such a nice person, yet friends with Regina and Sarita who from all we’ve seen are total b*tches. There needs to be more backstory on Regina….at least make us care that she’s dead. I find the ‘Jo and her dad’ bits boring. If she’s going to defend Danny so vehemently to the school, I would like to see her snap back at her dad sometime. The friction is lacking. And I find him unlikeable. I would like him to be a smart sheriff, and frankly right now he just seems narrow minded. Danny’s mom needs a job. What does she do all day? And you know what I would have liked to have seen regarding the necklace discovery last week? She finds it, then we see the conversation in the kitchen, but instead of asking him about getting rid of the chair, she tells him that Goodwill is coming later that day to get the stuff, then walks out of the kitchen. Later, we see him pulling the cup out of the chair, and instead of finding the necklace, he finds a note from her that just says “You need to tell me what is going on.”

  2. James says:

    ABC Family put so much promotion into this show yet the actors are always glum and getting their feelings hurt. Just admit defeat, ABC Family, and bring back THE LYING GAME already.

  3. Bell says:

    I like the show so far I think a van jogia was the best pick for Danny. It keeps making you want more like what is going on with the necklace. Why does Danny have it and where did he get it was it his aunts or regina’s.

  4. meatwad says:

    im confused as to what i’m supposed to believe. Are they saying he’s a killer and that we are watching him try to get away with it or is innocent of this crime and we are watching him try to reconnect???

    Also it throws me that Jo looks like a high student but her former best friend Lacey looks like she’s a junior in college

  5. Mick says:

    Lost almost 1/2 million viewers 2 weeks ago, and another 300,000 for the latest episode. Way too thin of a premise for a weekly TV show. Agreed, cancel this show and bring back “The Lying Game”.

  6. Brandy says:

    I am loving Twisted and am excited about tomorrow’s marathon and new episode which should help bring in new viewers. The pacing has been just right (the 5th episode airs tomorrow) seeing how the writers don’t want to spoil the murder mystery or tell all about Danny and whether or not he’s a sociopath. The main actors are pretty engaging and have excellent chemistry with one another & I also feel that their characters have been well developed for a series at this stage. I’m looking forward to Lacey becoming actively involved with Regina’s murder seeing how she was her best-friend, the evolving of her relationship with Danny & Jo, and finding out the details behind Tara’s death.

    • Kaycee says:

      I too love this show. I have a theory that Danny was not the one who really killed his aunt but took the fall for it for someone else. Not sure if I think it is his mom or not yet…at times I think so and other times I don’t. I think that is why he refuses to talk about it. What puzzles me is how Regina ended up with the necklace, I hope they shed light on this SOON. I hope they don’t cancel and it comes back for another season. LOVE Danny and think they chose the right person to play him.

  7. tiff says:

    This show is great. I love the cast and plot, so diffrent than anything I’ve seen before. I dont know why all the lying game fans keep trying to make nasty comments about twisted or even promote it gets cancelled. I personally like both shows and I hope the lying game gets renewed and Twisted continues on in the future. Just because twisted becomes a successful show doesnt mean the lying game will get cancelled. Show support for your favorite shows without trying to bring down others!

  8. Amy Dods says:

    The Lying Game failed because it was just a knock off of PLL it’s not coming back and you all will deal with that. On another note, Twisted is so interesting I can’t wait to watch it tonight. I didn’t know about it before so I had to marathon it online. I think the story development is really great and in a great place at the 5th episode of the season. Cheers really can’t wait to watch :)

  9. Krystal says:

    Really, that’s sad, how The Lying game people are trying to sink this show. I have seen them trend things saying for people not to watch Twisted. While I do like TLG, Twisted is just a better show overall. Can’t wait for the new episode to air tonight.

  10. abbyjo says:

    I can’t believe I’ve allowed myself to get sucked in… but I am newly addicted to this show. Saw the first episode on repeat, then binge watched episodes 2-4 last week on demand. I like the triangle they’re building between Danny/Lacey/Jo, and I like how you’re just not sure whether Danny killed Regina or not. The writers have done a great job with the did-he-or-didn’t-he tension and, much like Karen and Jo, the audience wants to root for Danny but are also a little afraid to find out the truth, too. Also, I can’t wait til they reveal why he killed his aunt – and I want to know what Karen had to do with that, because it seems like she’s hiding something abou their family history, too. All in all, it’s been very enjoyable – snappy, stylish teens a la Ten Things I Hate About You combined with the mystery and chemistry or a taut thriller. This show works for me. Keep it, ABC Family!

  11. Mikaela says:

    What bugs me the most about this program is the flagrant use of the words sociopath & psychopath. Sure Danny has signs of both but so does 90% of the population. Danny’s a complicated character and Avan Jogia is playing him perfectly. I think that it’s going to take a few more episodes for some of those burning questions to get answered.

  12. Michelle says:

    I loveeeeeee this show am so addicted this show PLL and the fosters are amazing but I do like jo and danny this show is awesome and I recorded every show to make I do t miss one please keep this going and do t even think about canceling this great tv show we all came to love

  13. Jeannie says:

    This show is pretty good and has the potential to become even better- ie. more complex. The 3 young leads are very talented and the dynamic between them is whats most interesting right now. Danny and Lacey have sparkling romantic chemistry and the friendship lost between Jo and Lacey is a unique angle for a TV show to explore (as long as it doesn’t turn out to be as clichéd a set-up that the popular girl ditched her best friend; hoping it’ll be more intricate than that). The murder mystery itself is just not mysterious enough yet to be the sole reason for tuning in.

  14. CC says:

    I’m surprised myself at how much I like this show. I also agree with the people saying that this show is lacking momentum though. It’s moving…not at all in terms of the plot and the investigation into Regina’s death. Also, what is not understandable to me is why it’s better for everyone to not know why Danny killed his aunt? What could be so terrible about her that he killed her and not say why (without it being supernatural)?
    On a side note, is it just me or is Denise Richards’ face completely frozen whenever she appears?

  15. Marissa says:

    I love the show! It’s good to see avan jogia in something other than victorious. Please renew twisted!

  16. Marissa says:

    I love the show! It’s nice to see avan jogia in something other than victorious. Please renew twisted!