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Community Season 5: Donald Glover Not Returning Full Time -- Who's Gonna Tell Abed?

community season 5 Donald Glover leavingAbed is not going to like this. Not one bit.

Donald Glover (Troy) will not be returning to Community full-time in Season 5, TVLine has confirmed.

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According to Vulture, which first broke the news, Glover — who wants to devote more time to his Childish Gambino-fueled music career — will only appear in five of the show’s upcoming 13 episodes.

Word of Glover’s reduced schedule comes roughly a month after series creator Dan Harmon inked a deal to return as showrunner (after sitting Season 4 out).

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Thoughts? Does this unfortunate development dampen your enthusiasm for Season 5? Also, should Community find Abed a new BFF to fill the eight-episode void? Hit the comments!

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  1. Midori says:

    It takes around a week to film an episode, that’s a quarter of a year. He can’t make music the other 40 weeks? Or only sit a few episodes out? The show won’t be around for long, this is just stupid.

  2. Kenneth Belliveau says:

    I saw this coming and any fan of his did as well. I could not be happier for Donald Glover. I am a huge fan of his acting and music, and if it is the music he wants to pursue, I say go for it, All those who are saying you lost respect for Glover because of this choice, get over yourselves. This man has given us four amazing seasons, and will be part time in the fifth. He wants to do other things, he is superbly talented and wants to branch out. Be happy for him.

  3. rachelle says:

    Why do the TV gods hate me???? First, Happy Endings gets 1,000% cancelled and now this? I can’t win!!

  4. Quinn Mallory says:

    This news has dampened my enthusiasm for Season 5. Still #sixseasonsandamovie

  5. Damn you Donald Glover. If I ever see you in person, be ready to get slapped in the face. Huge douche move.

  6. Lee says:

    Terrific, more room for Chang, said nobody.

  7. Jenn says:

    Troy was definitely the reason I kept watching Community through its roller coaster of a ride. I’m not sure I can keep riding (let’s extend the cheesy metaphor here), without Troy being there.

  8. bobbie says:

    Good for Donald Glover. Everything I wanted to say about this has been said by other people already, (Troy and Abed in the Morning!, etc.) But, Pierce is out and I think it’s good that he won’t have to put up with Dan Harmon. Yay for Chevy Chase! :)
    I don’t know what Jeff will do, since he also graduated from this endless Community College.

  9. ray says:

    Let’s be real…. he’s not that good of a rapper. He’s a great actor…why is he giving that up?Also…

    I was wrong …this is the darkest timeline!!!
    My emotions….my emotions!!!!

  10. Jo says:

    If it wasn’t so sad, it’d almost be cute that he thinks he’s going to have a music career.

  11. Tanya says:

    Thanks for the horrible news! I love Abed’s and Troy’s bromance! And since Pierce was hardly there in Season 4, it’s like Community’s writers are slowly sensitizing us to the fact that Season 5 might be the last season!

  12. wi says:

    At first, this news stung – but then I realized that Harmon is back, and he could write “Abed growing up” arc masterfully. So now I am mostly curious.

    • Scangela T. Foxx says:

      That would be an interesting turn, and the groundwork was already laid out last season. I just hope they don’t use Chang as a filler in Troy’s absence.

  13. Luz says:

    I hate everything, couldn’t he just wait a little longer?

    I can’t express how sad this news makes me. Troy & Abed duo is one of the best parts of Community.

  14. R.O.B. says:

    I was really looking forward to Dan Harmon bringing the funny for Troy again. His character was pretty dull last season. Love the dynamic he brings to the group, especially his relationship with Abed. I wonder if there were any behind-the-scenes shenanigans that contributed to this. I like his CD, but it is eye opening in terms of the type of guy he is off camera (apparently Donald Glover has more intercourse than some adult film actors). .

  15. Abe is going to need a new friend. You know what that means…”Abed and Chang in the Moooorning!”

  16. Matthew says:

    Think of it this way. Community was starting to feel a little stale last season, and not because Harmon wasn’t there, but because it was mostly the same dynamics. The characters really didn’t change that much. Taking Troy out of the equation will, at the very least, allow the writers to really extend Abed’s character and take him to new places, probably a little bit Britta as well. It sucks to be losing him (as it does to lose any cast member in a comedy), but if we have to lose him, try and look at the bright side and what it could mean for the progression of the show.

  17. comfan says:

    A main character cant be in only a few episodes. He’s a MAIN character. The show revolvs around the whol group being together, losing one character for part of that will mess with that.

  18. Dr. Enie says:

    I know that the Castle crew started the 6 th season oof filming as of this week.
    I saw two Stana Katic interviews and I am disappointed that she believes the show should make babies. I am a devoted fan of the show and 80. I just want the romantic and tke case solutions !!!!

  19. sean peecook says:

    It’s just Abed in the morning!

  20. Mr. Dawson says:

    We survey 100 former TV stars and asked them what they said before everything went wrong and we put the answers on the board.

    Show me, focus on my music career!

    Number one answer!

  21. Liz says:

    I don’t think they can survive this. Pierce, yes. Troy, no. I knew there shouldn’t have been a season 5.

  22. anónimo says:

    They should recast Troy (I second the nomination of Damon Wayans Jr.), but have Abed be the only one who doesn’t recognize him; that would play into his illusions of a show within a show.

    Alternately, they could have a revolving cast of Troys (switching up race and gender) – or even put existing (and/or past) cast members into the role (Chevy Chase could do Pierce doing an impression of Troy – not that it’d ever happen), and/or mix [clay/ani]mation with live action – even within the same episode, totally driving Abed insane.

  23. Diana says:

    Troy & Abed is one of my fav duos on any show right now and definitely the best Community “couple”. Interested to see what they do with Abed without Troy but still wish he stayed. Will change the whole group dynamic.

  24. Lamlamomo says:


  25. Jason2222 says:

    can’t they just have one more SOLID season of 24 episodes? why do we have to keep getting dealt these 13 episode mini seasons. Unfunny Narcissist Chevy Chase leaving the show is fine and well but Troy? Also its always stupid when actors quite these shows, while i work 50 weeks out of the year we got these actors who cant make time to commit 3 months to a show that pays them millions.

  26. Jason2222 says:

    While it will stink missing Troy its not a deal breaker. They normalized Chang last season and season 5 they will promote Chang big time, I think this show will still work I mean The Office still had some laughs without Steve Carell. Think about how Ken Jeoung was always minimalized in seasons past while being one of the funniest on the show. I mean the dynamics were already going to shift because Jeff graduated, I think Community will still continue to be cool just wish they would commit to a solid 24 episode season.

  27. leon says:

    This is staring to sound like something drake did in degrassi. But anyways, i hope gambino is working on a new album lol. As for the show it womt be the same without troy on it full time :/

  28. chad says:

    Well if that doesn’t beat all, I though Pierce and Jeff were only doing a few of the episodes? So are they keeping Jeff in the group for the full season or are three cast members now only doing half a season!?…..If the latter, then this needs to be the last season, seriously, they shouldn’t do two more seasons with half the cast.

  29. Brandon says:

    so much more I left out but i was already ranting,to keep it short, this is poop

  30. Brandon says:

    oh i cursed so that last comment diddnt go thru

  31. Donny says:

    It’s rather sad that there are this many people calling DG selfish for pursuing his own career. I don’t blame him, and I hope he goes far in his career. The fact of the matter is we all saw who really brings the most to the “study table” through season 4. The minute that Dan Harmon was no longer involved, the show took a dramatic nose dive in regards to story content and comedic value. If anyone is being selfish, it’s NBC for continually meddling with a good thing. Donald Glover and Chevy Chase are brilliant actors and hilarious comedians, but they’re not the only ingredients in the ‘Community Cake’.

  32. shiraz says:


  33. Csvabo says:

    I don’t know what to do, my whole brain is crying

  34. tonye says:

    I honestly feel Glover/Gambino doesn’t realise the awesomeness of the show to fans. And then, look at what a good comedy show did to Will Smith’s career… Just saying. Anyways, love community, season 4 wasn’t great at all but still looking forward to 5.

  35. Stephanie says:

    Troy is everything in community!

  36. Robert says:

    Okay, I know I’m really late to this party but I didn’t even know there was such a show as community until about a week ago. So, I spent the last week…or four days…okay maybe three on a “Community” marathon. I have loved the whole series and am saddened to have lost Pierce, Shirley and of course mine and Abed’s best friend, Troy.

    I truly loved the way the two of them just clicked. Their whole experience just seemed organic. It made me fall in love with the imaginative duo! Troy’s departure was really sad and I wondered how Abed would cope. It’s sort of strange to see him acting more “human” now but I suppose it makes sense.

    I’d love to see a reversion to his former self, a relapse if you will, that will bring Troy back. Then, with Troy being more world-wise, it could help Abed to develop into an even more intense character, finding the balance between introspective alienated film-geek and life-living fun-loving reality-based human.

    Or perhaps, he could go into an introspective mind trip that sort of mirrors Chang’s power-lust from before but all be in his mind or something and Troy return to bring him out?

    I dunno, I’m not one of the writers. LOL But the point is, Troy has to come back…he just has to! It’s the law!!!! Or at least my request?