True Blood Recap: All's Fair in Love and Warlow

true blood season 6 warlowIn Sunday’s episode of True Blood, the plot/plots thickens/thicken like a good remoulade sauce. (And yes, I did ask someone who can cook for help in writing the preceding sentence. I’m putting the “investigative” in “investigative reporter,” yo!) Not only do we get a new vampire, a new couple and a big, albeit temporary, casualty, Warlow’s identity (as well as quite a bit of his surprisingly toned physique!) is — as the title, “At Last,” foretells —revealed. Want the deets? Keep reading!

NO SUNNY, MO PROBLEMS | No sooner has Nora explained to Niall a) who Lilith is and b) that only her progeny — Warlow — can lead her to the sun, thereby defeating her, than the old coot has fairy-zapped her a block away — where she’s summarily shot and apprehended by the authorities. (Apparently, someone in the writers’ room is as fond of her as I am.) Elsewhere, Billith and Jessica abduct Andy’s daughters — now a girl group made up of mouthy teenage Mini-Arlenes — and begin delivering their blood samples to Takahashi for synthesizing. Unfortunately, he’s nowhere near a breakthrough when Jessica loses control and binges on the youngsters. “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!” she doesn’t say but is clearly thinking.

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TWISTS OF FAE | After Ben secretly sprouts fangs and feeds his blood to an unconscious Jason, the himbo and Niall deduce that he is actually Warlow. But, before they can get the drop on the crafty vampie (faimpire?), he kills Gramps, then — explaining in a suddenly British accent that good and evil battle 751726_tbjj604_2_28_0072[1]within him — he revives Niall, crazy Nick Nolte hair and all, and banishes him to the same netherworld from whence he came. (Whew! Exhausting!) Meanwhile, Sookie, too, has come to the conclusion that Ben is Warlow. However, rather than confront, stake, report or shun him, she cooks him fried chicken laced with colloidal silver (unfazed, he refrains from saying, “Tastes like chicken!”), puts on some Etta James and lets him think he’s gonna get lucky… for about a hot minute. Then, she flares up her magical fairy ball and reveals that, in spite of the fact that she let him get to second base, he doesn’t have her fooled.

THE PRODIGAL DAUGHTER RETURNS | After forcing Tara to tell him where she’s stashed Willa, Eric turns their hostage — making her only the second vampire he’s ever created (aw!). But then, to her horror, he sends her immediately home to explain to the Governor that fangers are people, too. (But… but… she’d already picked out the wedding dress, you could just tell!) At first, Eric’s scheme appears to be working — Daddy can’t deny his little girl. (Daddy’s strumpet, Sarah, on the other hand, wants her sent immediately to the torture chamber… er, lab.) Alas, the new vamp gets a whiff of Pop’s bloody hand and goes into a feeding frenzy, giving her would-be stepmonster the perfect excuse to shoot her. “What about Pam and Tara?” you ask. They just bicker like mother and daughter (or lovers, take your pick), then Pam’s shot and captured by the authorities.

A HAIRY SITUATION | While the wolf pack sets off in hot pursuit of Emma, Nicole has a bigger meltdown over her devoured friends than Sam was afforded after Luna died in his arms. (Hello, drama queen!) Later — perhaps remembering her rescuer’s stint as a horse — she lets him comfort her with a make-out session (that presumably doesn’t stop at a make-out session).

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? I know some of you suspected that Ben was Warlow. Was the reveal still satisfying? How funny was Jason’s homoerotic dream about Ben? (“Do it like you do it to yourself,” indeed!) And Andy trying to put out an APB on girls who could be between 7 and 70 years old? Lastly, how worried/hopeful are you that Eric’s line about death not being the end is foreshadowing? Hit the comments.

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  1. Pamela says:

    I have loved every season so far. The Sam/Luna/werewolves storyline is a bit boring though. Alcide is horrible. What?! There are only 10 episodes this season?! : (

  2. Aimee says:

    Why did Benlow drink and spit out Grandpa Ferry’s blood in the bathtub? Wouldn’t the vampire in Benlow want to drink it?

  3. Very good episode! i really like this season so far!

  4. I don’t think the fairy-quads are dead. Fairies shrivel(& turn to dust?) when drained, granted they are only half fae (but more fae than Sookie)so I don’t believe they are dead, close though… Also, I think the reason Eric turned Willa is because he’s trying to protect vampires (& humans alike). He needs to know the location of the camp and hey, sending in the governor’s daughter as a baby vamp who cannot control herself is one way to find that location, since he is her maker and will be able to track her. Or it could go another way, the governor murders his daughter because she is a vamp and that sends a clear message that there is no redemption for the governor. & war begins either way. In no way do I think Eric thought she was special, in fact, she sounded like a vampire groupie to me (‘why don’t you want me to taste your blood?’) and if there is one thing Eric has made clear, he doesn’t find them cute or amusing. Willa isn’t special, Willa is bait and Eric is waiting.

  5. Who's gonna die. . .? says:

    It pains me to say it, but I’m convinced Pam will be the big death this season :( The beginning of the end was set up last season when Pam turned Tara, and Eric released her. The pre-season hints all pointed at a main character, evoking feelings of shock and sadness among the cast members and fans. Pam is a fan favorite and will be missed, which is something most people wouldn’t be willing to say about the other secondary characters. The writers have run out of things for Pam to do and have effectively ruined her tough-as-nails-smart-mouthed-diva persona by turning her into a sulky-lost-puppy-dog whose whole purpose in life is to follow Eric wherever he may lead, which makes zero sense now that he’s released her. The writers spelled out her entire story last season, so there’s nothing left to tell. Here’s why I think they’ll kill her: Pam passed on Eric’s “legacy” to Tara when she made her last season; Eric made only his second progeny (Willa) in a thousand years last episode; Tara has super bad dating mojo, every love interest she’s had has either died or left her; and Burell is uber pissed off that his baby is now a vampire so he’ll certainly want to hurt Eric. Once Burell realizes that his army has Pam in custody, he’ll use her to get to Eric (Pam said last season that she would gladly die a thousand deaths for Eric). Plus, Eric is more interesting when he’s being bad. After he killed Talbot and fell in love with Sookie, he’s seriously become too sweet, loving, and nice. No vampire should ever be too nice, they’re supposed to be immortal and at the top of the food chain after all. The show needs conflict and Pam’s true death will certainly ignite a revenge campaign from Eric and Tara, and I’m thinking Bill too, since he also knows what it’s like to be a Maker and would clearly do whatever it takes to protect his progeny (plus there’s some weird love/hate bromance going on between Bill and Eric). Also, Jess ate Sheriff Andy’s four faerie daughters last episode and Bill barely blinked. I’m thinking Andy is about to change his opinion of vampires and Bill isn’t about to hand his daughter over to Andy, so he’ll be looking for allies, and he and Eric make a very formidable team. As for other deaths, I’m thinking most of the deaths will come from Alcide’s pack now that the writers have turned him into a fanatical Alpha dog maniac. Steve Newlin will also bite the dust, possibly at the hands of his ex-wife, unless he can use his powers of persuasion to talk his way out of ANOTHER corner. Finally, at first I thought Lafayette and Andy might die too, but the show would be so ruined if all of the comic relief were killed off. Even during the most mundane of episodes, like the season 6 premier (snore), we can always count on Pam’s witty comebacks or snarky remarks (remember her “super snatch” comment from last season?) to pull us through. That being said, I hope I’m wrong about Pam, but you have to admit, we’d all certainly miss her character more than any of the other possibilities.

  6. Benlow Predictions says:

    In addition to my “Who’s gonna die. . . ?” prediction listed above, I’m also going to go out on a limb and predict Ben’s redemption. Yes, Warlow has been revealed, but it’s looking a lot like Ben isn’t as bad as he’s made out to be. Or if he is, he’s also the key to saving all vampires from eradication. Why?

    First, Ben is clearly powerful enough to kill whomever he pleases, yet he chose to punish Niall by banishing him to another world, but not before draining his precious faerie blood. There has to be a reason why Ben didn’t swallow Niall’s blood. Maybe in large quantities, it’s toxic to vampires or maybe faeries can only be trapped in the other world if they are drained of their blood? Warlow had to become “untrapped” somehow and if you recall, Niall was able to travel through the portal in Sookie’s bathroom and return at will, but then he became stuck there once Ben drained him. The magic of the fae blood would also explain why Sookie was able to locate and walk through the portals and why humans need faerie escorts in order to enter the portals, like at the club. Either way, I’m thinking the faerie hybrid bloodline is the key to the conflict between the faerie and vampire world. Could be that the fae blood is the source of the faerie light and the immortality enjoyed by both the fae and the vampires. The mystery of the blood would also explain why Bill was reborn when he drank Lilith’s blood. Bill’s scientist will probably crack the mystery of the blood just in time to save the vampires from annihilation.

    Second, perhaps Warlow was born, not made? We’ve seen what happens when fae are drained by regular vampires, so it’s unlikely that Ben was simply turned by Lilith. Lilith, as the originator of the vampire race, could have fallen in love with a faerie-human hybrid, resulting in the birth of Warlow. Yes, I realize it’s unlikely that a vampire could give birth, but Lillith isn’t just any vampire, she was the first and judging by Bill’s new found powers alone, Lilith is one magical nudist. Also, if you recall, the Fae were notorious for “forcibly mating” with humans until the vampires starting killing them each time they crossed over to the human plane. Maybe, Warlow started killing the fae because he has a soft spot for humans as the ancestors of all vampires? Or maybe fae-human haflings who are turned into vampires hold the key to day walking?

    Third, if you recall Sookie’s visit to faerie land three seasons ago, it looks like the faeries have a dark side and perhaps, Warlow only killed Sookie’s ancestors because they were evil like the ugly faeries handing out “light fruit” to the humans who became trapped in the other dimension. That’s how Sookie’s grandpa got stuck in faerie land. It may sound way out there, but Niall seemed very shady and he was clearly hiding things from Sookie. Plus, he played a big role in Nora’s capture after she revealed what she knew about Warlow.

    Fourth, I’m thinking Sookie is going to find herself in another triangle, this time with Ben and Bill. Nora did say that Lilith can only be defeated by her progeny and since Bill is Lilith reincarnated, and Ben is likely Lilith’s child, it makes sense that the two of them will cross paths with Sookie in the middle as usual. Ben could be the answer to day walking. Perhaps he’s the only thing standing in the way of vampires achieving their goal of day walking and true immortality.

    Fifth, Warlow was promised “the first fae-bearing FEMALE”, last time I checked, females are the only ones capable of giving birth. If all Warlow wanted to do is kill Sookie’s royal faerie bloodline, any Stackhouse fae would have sufficed. Thus, I believe Sookie’s mix of human and fae blood is the magic combination that will allow another vamp/fae/human like Ben to be made.