Ratings: Big Brother Hits Low on Quiet Night

Ratings Big Brother EvictionCBS’ Big Brother drew 5.4 million total viewers to this season’s first live eviction show, while scoring a 1.6 demo rating.

Those numbers topped a quiet Independence Day Eve on both counts, yet marked drops of 17 and 27 percent week-to-week and hit an all-time demo for the series for a consecutive night.

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Reminder: Starting next week, the live evictions will air Thursdays at 9/8c.

Leading out of BB, The American Baking Competition retained 4.7 mil and a 1.2, shedding a few viewers week-to-week but steady in the demo.

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The only other original fare was on ABC, where Family Tools‘ penultimate episode (2.4 mil/0.6) was down 14 percent and a tenth (to another series low), while The Lookout (3.1 mil/0.7) dropped 14 percent and two tenths.

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  1. jenna says:

    I didn’t watch the live eviction, did julie chen address the controversy?

    • crog says:

      No she didn’t say anything and there was no mention of it

      • jenna says:

        very disappointing. I hate that the producers seem to be making light of these terrible comments

      • cindy says:

        I am horrified that Big Brother are letting these people remain on show after hearing the remarks that were made! I have been watching this show since the beginning and I am sickened that they are permitting these people on the show!

        • dawn says:

          then I guess they should kick out anyone that called the girls air heads and bleach blonds. Oh wait no, only the minority’s can get away with those comments. The pretty blonds should get the ax, I am sickened at people like you that only pick out half the truth. Get over it, Freedom of speech is for everyone not just the minority’s! Both Julie and Candice have made comments about the other ( black Candice sat on the sheets now they smell or making Asian eyes) . Very racist comments but of course you want the white girls thrown off right!

          • CW says:

            BB15 should continue and all the players have a right to free speech. With that being said everyone should be shown in all their true colors. I do think Aaryn’s remarks were racist and I can say she is definitely my least favorite by far and GM isn’t far behind. Air heads is a general term and can be applied to anyone in any race. Karma will come around and if that is they way they feel we can’t change that. It still is upsetting though that in today’s age we still have those feelings floating around without just cause (really?? over a guy you just met?). I am sure we can admit that we have had prejudices at various times in all of our lives but to this degree over something that petty isn’t so smart.

        • Pat says:

          Permitting them on the show seems incorrect because you never know what a person is going to say or be like. You can get an idea of how a person really is but some are very good at masking it in an interview. I believe that they should allow these people to continue to make a fool of themselves and be surprised when they get out of the house and it hits them that what they said is wrong. They will realize what they have lost with their big mouths and narrowminded thoughts. But everyone get real, there are people like that all around us and these just happen to be on a nation-wide TV show so it makes a large splash. You can NEVER change all people. Let them say stupid things and we as the home audience will not vote for them to be the MVP for the week. That is the power we have in this case. With all the crap (racy, inapproriate for children, shocking stuff) that is on TV I find it hard to believe that this is the thing we find to harp on. This is real life and that is what we like (and have liked since 1997) about this show.

    • Joey Beck says:

      Big Brother a.k.a. “Don’t Bother”…pure excrement !

  2. Scott says:

    CBS should realize if they did address it and kick out the ones that said it, or at least played for them what they said and have them react the ratings would be through the roof

    • kavyn says:

      Kicking them out is extreme. There’s been tons of people that have said offensive things in past seasons, like Jeff last season (the ‘Dumbledore’ comment), Evel Dick, Jerry, Ericka, and others.

      But CBS should have 100% shown the racist, homophobic, sexist and offensive comments on the show, especially when they add a “twist” where people vote for who gets power. Not that it matters though since Elissa will win it every week due to being Rachel Reilly’s sister. Not showing it is them simply condoning it, regardless of what they officially say to the press.

    • I think kicking them out would be erroneous. They represent a reprehensible segment of our society. Air the dirty laundry, hopefully people will learn from it. These people will have to live with their poor choices and hatred for the remainder of their lives – it’s on the net and t.v. Think of the difficulty they’ve created for themselves working in the real world. Karma is at work.

  3. DW says:

    I wondered if the controversy would draw more viewers or turn them off, -or perhaps the ratings have nothing to do with the situation. It wouldn’t surprise me if most of the general audience has no idea of what’s going on, or if they do, its comes off as fairly innocuous. The houseguests have been warned by the producer (the houseguests mentioned it but it happened “off-screen”); its still going on, though, with some pretty nasty comments still being made, mostly by Aeryn (or Aryan if you’d prefer). So what happens if the biggest offender gets to be Head of Household, -will that make the situation better or worse? The producer would prefer to ignore the situation because it taints the “fun” atmosphere she’s trying to create. I’m sure she feels addressing the situation will only make the people complaining happy, but few of them actually watch the show.

  4. M says:

    the amount of controversy this season is ridiculous. Seriously where do they find these people!?!

  5. This season I find my mind wandering, or when possible scanning though on my DVR, all the conniving and watching just the ‘games’. I’ve been doing the same for Survivor for the last couple of years.

  6. Anon says:

    As I saw them focusing on the showmances, I was just disgusted. I realized that they had just “swept” away the racism and homophobia issue. It was just so distasteful to see all the show sweep it away under the rug. Is this 2013 or 1953? As far as I am concerned, CBS and BB production have given the ugly hate behavior their blessing and support.

    There also seems to be a misogynist issue as one contestant is calling women the c word on a daily basis and making statements about how need to do what they are told and to cook for him. Was this given any air time? No, but we sure got informed on a fight over wine.

    It was particularly abhorrent to me to see the interview with Julie Chen and David, who infamously stated his sheets smelled because “black Candice” sat down on them. When he chuckled and noted how racist that sounded, Aaryn responded back with stating “At least you didn’t make Asian eyes in the diary room”, to which they both laughed.

    But you know what kind of questions we got between the two? Spelling and showmance. Everyone who dropped the second half of the hour didn’t miss a darn thing but more “covering” up by the BB production.

  7. Larry says:

    As a loyal BB fan, I have to say that that there aren’t very many people I am rooting for. There are some pretty disgusting contestants this season. Half of the cast I can’t even stomach due to the live feeds. The producers did a pretty terrible job getting serious players. When David said that the only reason he joined the show was to have a showmance and didn’t care about the money -I thought, seriously, this is the best the producers could had done. This year I might not make it through the season.

  8. Kevin Clark says:

    The ratings suck because most of the houseguests suck. Get rid of the racists and bring back players from the past if you have to.

  9. alisonblogg says:

    If Elissa gets evicted then the rating will drop even lower!

  10. Magically Suspicious says:

    AG better light a fire under Elissa and liven her up. Obviously, she’ll have to come up with some coup d’etat goodness to keep her around, but we all expect that anyway. But, one way or another, Rachel’s fans rooting for Elissa are the only thing that will keep this season from being a complete bust. I’m a loyal watcher of the shows and the live feeds and I can’t make myself watch this season like I have seasons past. Usually, there are one or two people I abhor and have to try to avoid on the feeds. Now, there are one or two people I actually like and they obviously get no camera time.

  11. Jimmy says:

    I’m happy David was evicted, he was beyond annoying and ridiculously dumb, and what in fresh hell is a dead ferret doing on his head? That hair is awful… Now that he’s gone, Big Brother’s Bitchiest Blonde, Aaryn, doesn’t have a close ally anymore… SUCKS FOR YOU BITCH. As for the controversial comments, they 100% should have shown them during the episode, and see how the house guests react to them. The fact that they weren’t mentioned is a travesty. However, I don’t think kicking the people who made those comments is the right way to go – let them stay and watch the hate they get from America. LOL, just watch, Julie Chen will probably bring it up on The Talk one day – that would be awesome.

  12. The Beach says:

    David: Uh, yeah, I still, like, live with my parents and, like, I lifeguard in the summer, then, ya know, I collect,like, unemployment the rest of the year…yeah.
    Your tax dollars at work, America.

  13. Jacqueline says:

    There is something about this cast that has created a hateful atmosphere. Perhaps, this is why the ratings has dropped?

  14. Paul says:

    While I will continue to watch, I can certainly see why the ratings are down. This year there is an overabundance of unlikeable people. The fact that they’re all in their 20’s for the most part and more interested in hooking up then playing the game leads to some very boring episodes. If they would focus on the controversial statements, though, I think ratings were improve.

  15. Geo says:

    Considering that ratings are dropping and that some people are beginning to write to the show’s advertisers and asking if they still want to be associated with a program and a network that are trying to sweep blatant racism, homophobia,misogyny, and (this week, because I guess there isn’t a bigotry this year these houseguests DON’T possess) anti-Semitism under the rug, I wonder if the show’s producers will finally grow a spine and some ethics and actually deal with their major problem. Probably not– unless they’re forced to. BB pretends to be all about the fans (with its many fan votes, which always suspiciously come out in results that benefits the producers “storyline”), but in reality, BB seems to not give a damn about its fans, unless it absolutely, positively has to. Usually when you have a show like this, the only way to get them to listen is to follow the money and start talking to their advertisers. This is something I’d strongly recommend here for longtime BB fans who are royally fed up, as some of the same websites that are keeping track of all the racial, sexual, and homophobic slurs the houseguests keep making are now also providing lists of the show’s advertisers.

  16. Gerald says:

    looks like there slowly digging a hole to cover themselves up in like the song goes” this land was made for you and me” not just you.

  17. Linda says:

    I think this show should be cancel because of the offensive remarks that are being made and shame on the network for not yanking the show. I think CBS has hit an all time low itself. If Paul Deen was singled out and lost everything why not cancel this show because of offensive comments.

  18. edwin says:

    Very disappointed on bb allowing this behavior, n the host is Asian too, well I’m done watching bb this season,

  19. Marlena says:

    I think BB should kick them off the show. Why would you on bb knowing you are racist. I will not be watching bb if they don’t kick them off the show……

  20. Morgan says:

    I don’t think they should be put off the show for their comments. It is a free country. I’m glad CBS decided to show some of it. They should show more since America is voting this yr for an MVP @ week. Although,it probably would’ve taken them the full hour to show everything. However, for making physical threats to other houseguests & wiping Elissa’s hat up the crack of his a^^ , Jeremy should have been given the boot & been forced to forfeit his stipend.

  21. peg boukalis says:

    I think big brother needs to stop all the bleeping.The feed at night stinks go back to show time. I feel very diapointed with this season.

  22. John says:

    Who wants to sit and watch a bunch of nasty human beings being mean, racist and homophobic… great job CBS… Im checking out after all these years… get your act together… a more diverse cast is needed and enough of the typical stereotypes

  23. gomez says:

    I really dont care what they say im pissed the after hours is not on showtime anymore i have really lost intrest

  24. Frank says:

    Eventually we will be turned into a nation which doesn’t allow free speech. As hateful as these comments are the idea that we can no longer speak freely is a bit disturbing as well. Also, I wonder if someone of minority status made remarks like that would everyone still be upset about it or would it be ok then?

    • Pat says:

      You are correct Frank. I think it would be very different if Howard would have said anything like that. It would not be a big topic and we would not all be speaking or writing about it. There does appear to be a uneven scale when it comes to freedom of speech. People are afraid to bring it up or it is accepted when a minority says something that could be viewed as racist. And now that we are on the subject I wonder if anyone else feels that Paula Deen has been “corrected” enough and lost enough. I think that she is being used because she is an easy target. I am still a little confused as to why it is okay for some people to be racist and others it is not. How is that equal?

  25. L says:

    Does that include those of us who DVR it? I assume the majority of America is not on the same schedule. I’ll watch it regardless of those comments.

  26. Tonya says:

    BIG BROTHER it is time to prove you don’t approve!! Time to let them go.Best live show ever Let the world see them leave the house.You know everyone will watch that.Show what you stand for

  27. Steve Knowes says:

    Heres the deal with Big brother – i used to be an avid follower and would never miss an episode. I started watching with season 1 but gotta say around season 7 or 8 i really starting losing interest. For me to invest 3 hours a week in a tv show they are going to have to keep it interesting and I think CBS thinks interesting is having yound tight toned model types running around in their bathing suits. Both female and Male – 95% of the people on the show are very young and very good looking. I mean seriously the first night amost every male stripped down to just shorts to lounge around the house. Problem is most of them are on the show for a shot at fame and they rely on their looks and not their brains. Its impossible to watch these unintelligent people plot and scheme – its like watching middle school kids trying to strategize….and watching it for three hours a week is unbearable. I tune in occasionally but have to say there is no substance there to keep me interested.

  28. skispike says:

    If this is a “reality show” then cbs needs to show it all. You can’t pick and choose just because you’re scared you might get sued or people will stop watching. I don’t watch it cause it’s a just a bunch of narcisist cutting each other down over and over. You know this is what the network was going for all along, only they got more than they bargined for. This show and many like it are the degredation of society. Everyone watching trash like this just throws fuel on the fire. Get off the couch and do something, anything but this.

  29. Ann says:

    If you really want to see some fireworks, allow the players to see some of the comments here. See what they have to say. Everyone should accept responsibility for their actions and words.

  30. Bob Lupean says:

    The contestants including “the professor” were not picked for anything but being younger…so what do you expect from this current mix of immature, back stabbing, kiddies.

  31. J van der Schel says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the ratings took a dip this season compared to seasons past. The racial thing, may or may not hurt but that’s not the problem as I see it. Their aren’t any houseguests over 40 and only 1 over 35 and 2 others over 30. That’s a mistake. A lot of us with real life experience don’t want to watch the spoiled, narcissistic, younger generation act like the idiots they don’t know they are. I’m in my mid-40s and there’s no one there for me to root for, so I’m less inclined to watch.

  32. wayne says:

    We are , and I do mean WE AS THE PEOPLE, are sicken and are going to take action about you not shuting down Big Brother on this season of total racism – of all degree’s there are at least four people who need to be taken off ASAP two females, Two males!! Lets not kid anyone you know who they are. We are going to make sure this does not ever go away, in any way we have to to get this done! Either take these peopleoff the show and set a example for the viewers who like this sho and are appauled by you acting like this will just blow over. This is not going to happen! Now the other way would to be shut this season off completely because it is past getting out of hand. We are going to call networks news reporters, facebook Twitter foreign media and anyone we can think of and as long as it takes, even if this goes on for years to come! Step up and do wants right, do you not think this is the right thing to do to show the world there are limits , and pentalties fro doing wrong, and showing are young how to treat society. I exspect drama of course but this is beyond norm – take action because we will. There are children also parent let watch these shows , which in my opinion is wrong, lets do what is right for them as well. AND KNOW ONE DESERVES TO GET MONEY FOR THIS BEHAVIOR. Startint now will be writing your sponsors and ad people as well, a boycott. Do you not think there is enough hate in this world!! And saying sorry does not even come close to covering it, so do not even go there. The time has come! Money does not buy respect,honor, moral oblication to are world – this is pathetic! Thank you These need to go now Aaryn,Gina,Jeremy,Spencer