CBS Blasts Big Brother Cast's 'Offensive' Racial, Gay Slurs -- Are They Right to Edit Them Out?

BIG BROTHERBig Brother cast, CBS is watching you.

The Eye network has formally responded to complaints about and criticism of racial, homophobic and misogynist comments being made by certain cast members during the live feeds — and then scrubbed from broadcast.

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As accounted in detail by, Aaryn alone has targeted Candice, Helen and Andy with racist and homophobic slurs — to an extent that her modeling agency has just dropped her, TMZ reports.

GinaMarie, Spencer and Jeremy are among the others who have contributed, in varying degrees, to the heap of hate speech.

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In a statement to BuzzFeed, CBS said:

Big Brother is a reality show about watching a group of people who have no privacy 24/7 — and seeing every moment of their lives. At times, the Houseguests reveal prejudices and other beliefs that we do not condone. We certainly find the statements made by several of the Houseguests on the live Internet feed to be offensive. Any views or opinions expressed in personal commentary by a Houseguest appearing on Big Brother, either on any live feed from the House or during the broadcast, are those of the individual(s) speaking and do not represent the views or opinions of CBS or the producers of the program.”

Seeing as CBS obviously and rightfully wants no association with such slurs, it makes sense that the reality series thus far has omitted them from any of the broadcasts. But some — Big Brother 12 alum Ragan Fox, included — wonder, “What’s the point of casting racial, ethnic, and sexual minorities if production’s going to edit out the racism, ethnic discrimination, and homophobia that these people encounter inside the house?”

In an open letter to BB, Fox goes on to issue this charge: “If you really want to provide a groundbreaking twist, SHOW CBS VIEWERS HOW SOME STRAIGHT, WHITE PEOPLE talk about gays, Asian Americans, and African Americans.”

Do you think Big Brother should offer America a more accurate depiction of the Houseguests, repugnant warts and all? Or is it better to not give such slurs any further showcase and instead leave them on the cutting room floor?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. KiraBay says:

    Uttering racial slurs should be reason to be kicked off the show.

  2. Gwendolyn Parker says:

    I think CBS should kick them off the show immediately. We just had Paula Deen and all her drama….why do these contestants get a free pass. If CBS does not address this in some fashion, I’m done with the show. Step up CBS.

    • Merrilyn Winters says:

      I agree

    • Jay says:

      I agree we need to bombard cbs with emails and spread the word to boycott the show.

    • Giag says:

      It’s a shame that CBS only made a statement that these are not their views but just the house guests’. They need to do something. Jeremy is also a bully towards women. How dare he raise his voice to them. And the other men don’t stand up and tell him to back off? I think this is a season that shouldn’t be drinking at all! Too many anger issues. They’re gonna blow!

  3. Nicole says:

    CBS should leave everything in so that the audience can see the types of people that CBS has chosen to make money off of. Censoring the hate speech only serves to let CBS feel better about themselves while lining their coffers.

    Plus, these people chose to say these things with cameras in their faces – they should face the consequences of those words going public.

  4. Jacqueline says:

    I feel that they should be booted off the show. If you make these type of comments, then this is who you are. A lesson needs to be made that CBS will not tolerate this behavior. You can not tell me that these two women do not know the cameras are on the 24/7?

  5. Merrilyn Winters says:

    I am an old lady, and have watched this show for all 15 seasons. I enjoyed the whimsical contestants, and their interesting stories. I liked the occasional grandparent, the whacked middle aged rocker,and those attempting advanced degrees. I was set aback when I saw the cast. EVERYONE in bikinis.Really? Guys loving to touch their pecs( at least Jesse had a great personality and played a killer Chess game). I am not surprised by the racist, homophobic remarks. From a cast picked by misogynist, ageist producers. I have had to advise my grandchildren not to watch….very sad. A terrible comment on today’s youth. I will not be watching anymore

  6. Mary says:

    What was said amounts to an assault. CBS should kick them off.

  7. JM says:

    There is no doubt that a significant number of viewers and fans are outraged by the behavior of this year’s cast. I’ve watched BB since the first season, and this is the first time that I’m about to pack it in. Complaining to CBS isn’t going to do much; however, I will begin documenting the advertisers and writing them. Sadly, the only way to combat this type of negative behavior is to hit CBS and BB where it hurts: the pocket book. The more viewers who target the advertisers the better.

  8. Ken says:

    Fire them for being ignorant, and archaic. There is truth in the saying “You can’t judge a book by its cover” they might be extremely pretty to look at, but they are rotting on the inside, so when they speak that toxic gas escapes. Well you can’t fix stupid ignorant homophobic non advanced humans. Truly the ugliest people on T.V.

  9. Ken says:

    The KKK and Nazi Germany are still living strong on CBS!

  10. Mary Hartman says:

    the worst cast ever. aaron and jeramy are the ring leaders. both should be sent home for cheating, and big brother shame on you for not saying anything to them and allowing that spoiled brat to be head of household. no wonder your ratings are so down. I don’t think I care to watch the rest of the long season, not worth the headache of whoever is allowing this crap to happen. the casting person should be fired ASAP.

  11. dude says:

    They only call them out for it if it fits into their pre-determined edit as a villain or something. Jeff was incredibly misogynistic but he was the Big Brother golden boy so he was scrubbed clean in his edit and shown as this stand-up hero.

  12. Just me says:

    Do you believe that the MVP or any other audience “voted” competition isn’t manipulated? These carefree prodicers do whatever they want. There is no possibility of America choosing anything. The refusal to portray this immature cast as they truly are proves it. This “game” is rigged. Once upon a time it was fun to watch. Sitting through not one but 2 Rachel, Brendon, Jordan & Jeff seasons was too much for me. Then they show up and ruin another decent reality show? I’m embarrassed for CBS. I don’t watch any other show on that network. Now this one has lost me.

    As another poster said, pay attention to the advertising during the episodes. Take it directly to them. Bypass the fools at CBS. They can’t even figure out how to hire above average intelligence for their lame, tired reality show.

  13. Byron says:

    Everybody is blowing this up and everybody is a Racest in some way. It was wrong but they should do live feeds. Just for this they did not say directly at them so they lost there real life cause of this Stupid Reality.

  14. Kathi Rieser says:

    what she said is not what big brother is about its how she is everyone in has said something they regret. no one is always perfect. Big brother is a game show . anyone in the game might or will do things they don’t do in real life .Let the person know they said that cause they maybe didn’t realize what came out was wrong. If need to have her say sorry.

  15. Ken Olson says:

    Paula Dean gets dropped like a hot potato and America loves her. Why is this nobody from Tx still on tv ?

  16. Frank M. says:

    Just because you become Head of Household what right do you have to ask who vote Dave out. That is a secret & Private.

  17. Ozzy says:

    This is nice and all. Funny, though, how – of course – the exposed racists are white. Lots of publicity. How ’bout some publicity for what happened to Carter Strange? How ’bout we get THAT some publicity?

  18. Annoyed viewer says:

    Notice how some the most vile bigots in the show are from the South…especially Texas. I live in Texas so I’m not surprised that Aaryn and Jeremy are acting like the racist scumbags that infest my state. First of all, Jeremy is an idiot. You can tell by the way he talks. Aaryn is practically a useless, spoiled brat. They have no accomplishments to date. As for Spencer, he’s typical uneducated trailer trash. He thinks he so superior when he talks. He’s just a TRAIN CONDUCTOR. He’s only blue-collar wage slave. He’s nobody special. Regarding, Ginamarie, she’s a typical airhead. She may not be from Texas, but she’s from Staten Island. No offensive to Staten Island, but it’s full of morons to boot. Don’t these jackasses realize that literally MILLIONS OF PEOPLE are WATCHING THEM VERY SINGLE SECOND? It’s not that expensive to pay for the live feed. If I were in the BB House, I wouldn’t act like a moron or like anybody else that would shame my family or my reputation. I hope these LOSERS get evicted soon. They don’t deserve to win Big Brother.

    • Lilly says:

      Wow. Stereotype much?? As a southerner who transplanted here 30 years ago, I know there are many perfectly beautiful, simple, traditional people in the South. Explain to me exactly how YOU are any different than the racist slugs you are condemning?

      • Robin says:

        Sadly, I live like 45 minutes away from this girl and racism is rampant outside of the liberal oasis of Austin. I have lived in 18 states (including LA and AK) and I have never seen such prejudice. This needs to be shown, hiding the fact that racism exists makes people complacent. Oh and I am a straight white woman and this disgusts me. Sadly, the south is behind the times when it comes to this. Luckily, not everyone who lives in TX is racist but about 70% of the people I have met are severely racist. Maybe it has to do with the education system being worse the further south you go. When you grow up around a certain culture, you can choose to question and bravely be independent of beliefs impressed upon you or go with the crowd. Psychologically human beings tend to herd and with a herd comes a herd mentality. So while not every person is, there is a higher amount of racism and homophobia.

  19. I am proud of my color, those girls are trash and from trailer park.

  20. Annoyed viewer says:

    If you want real revenge, vote that Ellisa gets the MVP every week she’s still in. If she gets evicted, vote for Howard or Amanda to get the MVP.

  21. Larry Brightwell says:

    The racist guests should be removed from the show now. Quite embarrassing for CBS.

  22. Ozzy says:

    Or how bout the three black ex-marines who killed a white Iraq vet after making him watch them rape and kill his black wife? If it had been three white guys doin’ that to a BLACK man and his WHITE wife, you wouldn’t be able to get away from it. Heard about that one?

  23. Yea! Show all the cast members that the Political Correctness Vice Squad is watching and listening to their every word and ready to lynch them on the spot!Teach them that the word “cracker” is not a derogatory word for white people in this culture because the DA in the Zimmerman trial says so!!!So tell them to be warned that if you are white, suck it up and take the racial slurs directed to you just don’t dish it out!!! LOL, LOL….

  24. wm says:

    I agree with Shelby,let the people be who they realy are in life.and on the show.if you don’t
    like what some cast members say ,then don’t watch the show.if the producers throw people off the show because of what they say,(as long as it’s not a threat),then the game changes
    in favor to others ,and not so for the this point,the game is dead from here on.those
    that were offended by words need to get a life.i’m always being called bad names,or being talked about,racist remarks made.etc. i’m to smart to let stupid people bother me with their
    immature words.i have a life to live and will not let words upset me.they are for the weak
    people.good knight.

  25. says:

    Every opinion is truth to the person who expresses it. Freedom of speech allows everyone the right to express their opinion. We do not have the right to sensor opinions or pass judgment on others opinions. To label a person due to their opinions is anti-constitutional. We all have the right to own our own thoughts and opinions.

  26. JB says:

    I wanna see it. I am a white Canadian and I think that seeing this can only benefit society because people are held publicly accountable for their idiocy.

  27. JJ says:

    Nope, leave them be. Let them all hang themselves. But I do think that CBS should show snippets of the horrible things being said at the end of each show so the viewers who don’t watch the 24/7 can see what these people are all about. I love that (they’ve) lost contracts and/or jobs due to their prejiduces. Serves them right. And I love even more that they won’t know about it until they exit the house. Talk about a “reality” check. They deserve what they get. And the public will know them for who they really are. And hopefully bring some awareness to the fact that this is a discusting display of humanity. At it’s worst.

  28. N.W. says:

    There are times repugnant language needs to be included for the listener to fully understand for the mindset of the utterer. The attitudes and views shared by Aaryn and her fellow bigot are attitudes that negatively impact the daily lives of many hard working decent human beings. America needs to listen to what it sounds like behind closed doors.

  29. scott says:

    let them make racial slurs. dont edit them because its going to hurt them more when they face the consequences of there actions after leaving the house.

  30. Jay says:

    I am disappointed that CBS and the Big Brother has not removed thise two bigots from the show. The show doesnt tolerate violence and people have been removed but it is okay to allow two if thise contestants to make racist and disparanging remarks about someones lifestyle
    I have been a fan of show frim beginning but not so much.

  31. MStephens says:

    CBS/BB in my opinion should stop just sticking a token piece in the show and make it more diverse. If the show starts out with 16 houseguest WHY not make it a even playing field. You can count how any African Americans, Asias and Hispanics have been on the show. HEY CBS/BB seek out 4 African Americans, 4 Asians, 4 Hispanics and of course 4 Caucasians. And it spice it up a little each ethic group has at least 1 gay person.

    I don’t thinks its fair to have these houseguest inside with these racist houseguest who obviously don’t care what America thinks of their behavior. CBS/BB and America can clearly see how uncomfortable this is making the only African American male in the house. Now as soon as he expresses opinion on their behavior he’ll be labeled as the ANGRY BLACK MAN.

  32. Candise says:

    As a white female, & long time bb fan, I’m glad cbs decided to show a persons “TRUE” colors…My biggest concern @ this entire issue, is to be sure and air offensive statements from all races now, & in the future. people can make a name for themselves via this show, and should be portrayed as their True selves…ty

  33. Byron says:

    Take the Show off the air know body is even watching for the game just the bull crap

  34. Dennis says:

    Why does it a always have to be about white people putting down black people. You act as if blacks don’t do the same toward whites. Put a house full of blacks together and listen to the stuff being said of the white race. Don’t just blame the whites, it cuts both ways.I guess this makes me a racists now because I said something that wasn’t politically correct. Say one bad thing about a black man these days and even if its true and your career is over. On the other hand, a black man can say anything about a white man and nothing is said. Reverse discrimination is the new thing in this country. I’m not a hater, just calling like I see it.

  35. randy case says:

    i think cbs should kick them both off the show if cbs let them stay there telling everybody its ok to make to say things like that look what happened to paula dean why not let america decide if they go or stay have a vote even ifs its a reality show racial slurs should not be tolerated

  36. Giag says:

    I think in a world against bullying, they would either remove the people involved, or lay down a really heavy penalty like isolation for a week with no chance of hoh for a few episodes and put them as have nots. But, no contact between either of them or anyone. Maybe even give an apology live to their housemates and viewers. This type of behavior is the exact opposite of what we try to stop when it comes to our kids.

  37. Defendfreespeech says:

    They should not edit/remove any of those offensive remarks and racial slurs. It’ll be nice for minorities in this country to see how young these white people are when they start to become bigots. Then, maybe, these minorities will learn to start making bigoted remarks at whites, instead of treating them like human beings.

  38. chuck says:

    What really got me going is when not sure which girl tried letting her know some of her comments were out of line & could be offensive & that peoples feelings could be hurt & instead of saying oh gosh you know your right I never meant anything bad by it & I should apologize & try so much harder to watch what I say not only because I would hate to hurt any of the HouseGuest’s feeling but that oh my gosh there is pmillions of people that watch and I don’t take that type of person and get her out of hoiku

  39. leahdevon says:

    NOBODY wants to hear inappropriate racial slurs. It’s disgusting.

  40. Cyndee Wenzel says:

    My only hope is that when Aaryn is booted out that Julie tells her on live t.v. that she was fired from two modeling contracts. I’m sure she’ll never work again in modeling. I’m sorry but I think the life she will have when she leaves the Big Brother house will be anything but fun. She has a lot of haters and I think CBS should boot her out. If a house guest is booted out for hitting another house guest, I think racial remarks to another house guest should get them booted. Anyway, they should boot Aaryn out just for her own safety.

  41. Zman says:

    America should know that blatant bigotry still lives strong.

  42. Bob says:

    After all the publicity Paula dean just received these people should be tossed off the show

  43. George. says:

    Come on people, if you’re watching this show then you’re no smarter then the people ON the show. The people on the show are 20s and up who either don’t have a job, they’re waiters, pole dancers, list surfing as a profession on job applications or mooch off mommy and daddy. Trust me they can say whatever they want to say, but at the end of the day they’re still major losers who have no lives and are only on the show because the shows producers found a bunch of idiotic morons who they know are going to be drunk half the time and who are going to make complete assholes of themselves.

  44. Val says:

    I agree as they get voted out show them what they said and letting them know they’ve been fired. I think America needs to see their reaction when told

  45. Tonto Fig says:

    It’s official – the worst thing in the world that anyone can do is not murder, rape, extortion, robbery….no, it’s making a racial slur. Liberalism is truly a mental disorder. You people need to lighten up.

    I’d like to see the same attention paid to black racism, but that would never happen because Hollywood and the media are dominated by self-hating white liberal elitists, who ignore the rampant racism and violence that blacks perpetrate against whites daily. When you treat the subject even-handedly, then I’ll give a crap.

    • C.J. says:

      White on black, black on white, who cares. Racism is racism. It’s unfortunate that people feel they need to put others down so they can feel better about themselves. I would never deny myself the pleasure of getting to know someone based on the color of their skin, religion or sexual orientation.
      I no longer watch the show, but I enjoy reading the comments

  46. Dan Williams says:

    I don’t think it is right that Russell Hance’s brother was ejected last season for picking a fight with Joe, but Amanda, Aaryn, and Jeremy can say repetitive racial slurs and stay on the show. If Amanda wins this, I might not ever watch Big Brother ever again.

  47. carla jean says:

    As of last night, I will no longer subscribe to CBS Big Brother or watch it. The foul mouth, racist, perverts that are left there are not worth my time or money. Gina Marie is the most disgusting woman/in-mature girl, andy a rat, spencer a perv, and all of them foul mouth. SHAME ON CBS

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