CBS Blasts Big Brother Cast's 'Offensive' Racial, Gay Slurs -- Are They Right to Edit Them Out?

BIG BROTHERBig Brother cast, CBS is watching you.

The Eye network has formally responded to complaints about and criticism of racial, homophobic and misogynist comments being made by certain cast members during the live feeds — and then scrubbed from broadcast.

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As accounted in detail by, Aaryn alone has targeted Candice, Helen and Andy with racist and homophobic slurs — to an extent that her modeling agency has just dropped her, TMZ reports.

GinaMarie, Spencer and Jeremy are among the others who have contributed, in varying degrees, to the heap of hate speech.

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In a statement to BuzzFeed, CBS said:

Big Brother is a reality show about watching a group of people who have no privacy 24/7 — and seeing every moment of their lives. At times, the Houseguests reveal prejudices and other beliefs that we do not condone. We certainly find the statements made by several of the Houseguests on the live Internet feed to be offensive. Any views or opinions expressed in personal commentary by a Houseguest appearing on Big Brother, either on any live feed from the House or during the broadcast, are those of the individual(s) speaking and do not represent the views or opinions of CBS or the producers of the program.”

Seeing as CBS obviously and rightfully wants no association with such slurs, it makes sense that the reality series thus far has omitted them from any of the broadcasts. But some — Big Brother 12 alum Ragan Fox, included — wonder, “What’s the point of casting racial, ethnic, and sexual minorities if production’s going to edit out the racism, ethnic discrimination, and homophobia that these people encounter inside the house?”

In an open letter to BB, Fox goes on to issue this charge: “If you really want to provide a groundbreaking twist, SHOW CBS VIEWERS HOW SOME STRAIGHT, WHITE PEOPLE talk about gays, Asian Americans, and African Americans.”

Do you think Big Brother should offer America a more accurate depiction of the Houseguests, repugnant warts and all? Or is it better to not give such slurs any further showcase and instead leave them on the cutting room floor?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Patty Stamps says:

    I think Julie Chen should address it directly to them during the live show and let them know she’s offended as an Asian AND ask them how proud of themselves they are for being so derogetory and hurtful.

    • TW says:

      This. Brilliant suggestion.

      • mta35 says:

        Julie should wait until finale night before confronting any house guests about their private conversations. Doing so would affect how the players play their game; and consequently, the results of the game. Even if the entire house were privy to the racist/homophobic comments, it still wouldn’t be right for Julie to address the issues during the game as she would still be affecting the game.

        • starla says:

          exactly we do vote based on their “character” also so we should know whats what when rachel did her stuff to ragan they showed it, and evil dick etc so on and so on

          • Ayana says:

            I agree. I would be so angry if I as a black woman voted for one of these people.

          • C.J. says:

            I also agree. I believe a true winner is above putting others down to feel better about themselves. And potential employeers should be aware they are hiring racist/homophobics.

          • Kam says:

            I wasn’t shocked when I heard Aaryn making such racial slurs and remarks because she is an evil person but I felt VERY offended. I honestly think that someone that can just say those types of things knowing that they are being watched 24/7 and not care, needs to be out of the house. I love Big Brother but I can not watch the show knowing that nothing will be done to her or she won’t be addressed about the racial remarks she makes.

        • joanna gittens says:

          Julie, makes comments that directly allow the house guess to respond to what ever is happening on the show. How is this different? That’s feedback!

      • Joseph A says:

        My thought is that the producers should rmind them that anything being said is public , and to be aware that certain actions might not just be perceived as game move by the public

    • Deion says:

      I agree. They won’t eject the houseguests, nor will they show what was said. They should at least have Julie Chen admonish them.

    • Danyelle says:

      omg that would be epic. and when aaryn gets booted, julie needs to say, “Now why don’t you go make me some rice”.

    • Dawn says:

      Great idea. Call them out on it. Let Aaryn know now, that she lost her contract. Show these idiots that their actions have consequences.

    • Evan says:

      That’s good. And then let Aaryn know because of it she was let go by her agency and other should no doubt expect the same treatment from outside the house.

    • mycatmidnite says:

      This! I think that would be awesome

    • Ashly says:

      I think Julie should bring up comments made, but shouldn’t tell them that she’s offended. Just bring it up and let them try to dig themselves out of the holes they’ve made for themselves. I’m amazed by their prejudice and their lack of awareness. You’ve got cameras all over the house watching you! Mostly, I just feel bad for the people that the comments are directed towards. I think Aaryn, Jeremy, and whoever else is participating in this need to be strongly reprimanded and if it happens again, then they’re butts need to get booted off.

      • M says:

        I agree, Julie should definitely address it but I don’t think she should bring her personal offense to it. I’m sure these houseguests will dig an even deeper hole by trying to explain their behaviour

      • yearonear says:

        I’d like to see Julie just say something like, “And here’s a highlight reel from your time in the house” and start playing back the comments. No need to say anything, just let her words speak for her.

    • TV Gord says:

      She would look like a hypocrite, considering the offensive Asian stereotype she frequently trots out on The Talk. I know she does it to appear comedic, but whenever she does it, it makes me cringe.

    • Bob says:

      GREAT IDEA, but will NEVER happen as her hubby is the Commander In Chief! CBS loves all the attention and HOPES the ratings will go up. BUT it is going to back fire. as of this writing Aaryn is HOH, placed the “Gay”, “Black”, and the “Asian” as HAVE NOTS – words from Aaryns mouth

    • Donna says:

      I agree. Everyone should know what the true colors of the houseguests are. Particularly since America votes on different things throughout the show. And I would think Julie would be particularly offended and want to address it.

    • Patti C says:

      I agree,that julie should address them head ” LIVE”. If they can dish it out, then they should accept the critism . Then we can here their unbiased excuse why they make those kind of derogatory comments. No rocks to hide under…Look at poor Paula Deene.

    • dude says:

      COMPLETELY agree! I would love to see Julie go after Aaryn.

    • joanna gittens says:

      I think people who hire such hateful people just for ratings shouldn’t be allowed on any broadcast. Why stoop so low Big Brother! You should be ashamed of yourself for keeping this conterverslty
      Hidden for so long. I won’t be watching your show in the future! I think the cast members responsible should be fired from the show and that should be aired on your next eposode. They should be publicly humuliated.

    • Chrysti says:

      Julie Chen and the BB Production Staff should have some sort of presentation informing ALL house guests that this behavior is NOT tolerated in the work place, nor is it appropriate anywhere, but especially on a nationally-broadcast program. Two choices: without naming individuals, put all house guests on noticed to cease and desist from such behavior. Better yet: show the world what happens when people behave badly–hold the guilty guests accountable and kick them off the show. Seriously: accountability BB!!! Disgusted with reaction and lack of action. Anybody remember what happened to the actor on Grey’s Anatomy????

    • Barbara Gortman says:

      I agree that 100% Julie needs to address it.

    • Lane says:

      Patty, I totally agree with you 100%. I also think they should remove the 2 that said the offensive slurs as well. They don’t need to stay in the house another day.

      • Cas says:

        I agree with you Lane. They should be escorted out the door because of their mouths. Why make the rest of the bunch miserable just because they’re so juvenile??

    • Patti d says:


    • Maggie says:

      Bottom line with this latest set of “characters” is they (for the most part) are VERY young and immature. The show must not attract older folks like in the past that made it much more interesting. This season seems to be a bunch of teenagers in high school showing how much they need to learn about life and respecting others. Who among them has a real job with a career path???……I bet this is the last season.

      • Marilyn says:

        I agree! The show was so much better when there was a better mix of older with younger cast mates. It was a more interesting show. This year’s cast are the worst that have ever been on the show. And they should really keep their mouths in check and keep their racist and homophobic comments to themselves. Really immature and downright mean!

    • perry bell says:

      Julie should address all racist comments, and CBS should not allow anymore racist house quest on the show, by not addressing it you are saying you are ok with it,CBS and big brother you are setting a very poor example for our kidds to follow, please post this on t.v.

    • dom d says:

      getbthem off the show now ,being a bully dosent me only fista cuffs words hurt more

      • bigdaddy says:

        I think they should put one of the guest she talked. About in hoh with her and let them know a bout the slurs

        • bigdaddys wife says:

          The show is called big brother. Their every move is being watched-hence the name. I think they should air every dirty little secret because it gives us a glimps into peoples true nature. How many others has been affected directly or non-directly by people like aaryn in their everyday lives. By seeing this people will know her and whoever else’s true colors and be able to decide for themselves if they would want to allow such small mindedness in their everyday lives. As for me and mine…we wouldn’t tolerate such ignorance!

    • Kate says:

      Yes, a lot of people are big talkers and quick to throw slurs around, until someone actually calls them on it. This Aaryn seems to be quite an ugly person inside – it’s sad to hear those kinds of remarks.

    • Giag says:

      I agree. Give them a ‘shock factor’. Also let ‘certain guys'(Jeremy) who is NOT a man, know that being verbally abusive to woman is also uncalled for and inappropriate!

    • I truly believe these individuals should be disqualified for their racist/homophobic slurs. They are bullies in zero tolerance times. If it is allowed to continue without consequence , the network is condoning the behaviour. It is time to take a stand against these individuals and television is the prime location to set it straight. I like big brother, but these ignorant people are ruining the show.

    • Jim Angell says:

      I also think Julie should approach each one about their statements and inform them that they have been removed due to their language and bigotry. This would give the same treatment that the television stations have given Paula Dean. This would certainly open their eyes about their feelings and language would affect their ability to enter contests and their potential income. People should also write to the sponsors to have them removed from the contest.

  2. Lightstar says:

    They need to be more like Big Brother UK. If a houseguest makes a comment that could even remotely be seen as racist/homophobic/etc, they are called to the Diary Room and Big Brother repeats what they said and tells them this behavior is not acceptable and they are given a formal warning. If it happens again, they’re out.

    The big thing here though, the UK would SHOW THIS ON THE AIR! I think that’s important and it’s important for them to call them out in the Diary Room and let them know their behavior isn’t acceptable.

    • Dana says:

      That sounds awesome. Hey, Big Brother should be more like 1984, they should strap the douchey contestants down and put through corrective therapy

  3. Jason Long says:

    That is exactly what I was expecting in a statement from CBS. It is fine to show some of it but and to CYA CBS should make a disclaimer prior to air.

  4. Joel says:

    I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I agree that these slurs do not need to get any more of a showcase than they already are. These people aren’t getting away with it. They are already being condemned online and so far at least one person is seeing real life repercussions for her actions. On the other hand, I hate knowing that people who are only CBS watchers and don’t necessarily follow up on it online might be rooting for these people based solely on the image CBS shows of them.

    • Matt says:

      And that right there is where I have a problem with CBS. If they don’t “condone” it, as they say, then stop scrubbing the image of these people for the mainstream audience. Show them as they truly are. They don’t need to air the offensive slurs, but they can get around that the same way they get around the f-bomb and other “unacceptable for prime time” language: bleep it out.

      But the intent of what the cast is saying is clear, bleep or no bleep.

      The internet-savvy viewers probably only make up a small proportion of viewing audience, so I’d guess that not many people watching Big Brother know anything more about the cast than what’s being shown on the heavily edited and sanitized CBS airings. If the full viewing audience saw the extent of this distasteful behavior, the outrage would probably be a lot more vocal (as it should be).

      And also yeah, if they don’t condone it, drag their butts into the diary room and tell them to knock it off or else they’re out.

    • jenna says:

      my thoughts exactly

  5. The entire cast is already so unlikable, it won’t do any more harm to their “game” to let America know that they are hatemongers. CBS needs to step up and show what is really going on in the house or this show will continue to be a giant joke. Most people know only what CBS airs and it’s just another media spin to leave out the hate speech.

    • Evan says:

      America already knows. Here’s the thing: The guys in the house never really think the majority of the fans are watching the feed. They regularly think we’re only watching what CBS airs. But the majority of America’s Choice and MVP voters are going to be the online viewership. And while they’ll no doubt scream “producer rigging” its going to be their own fault when Elissa wins MVP EVERY WEEK! And not once will they ever truly think “Hey maybe the stuff we’re saying people actually see/hear.” It’s what happened to the “Friendship” and why the “Nerd Herd” was getting everything their way that season. America was watching how ugly they really were and reacted accordingly.

      • Anon says:

        I am sorry, but that simply isn’t accurate. The majority of BB’s viewership is not numbered in those watching the feeds. Sheer numbers wise, those who don’t watch the live feeds is FAR greater than those who do. While live feeders are impassioned, they are not the majority, not even close. And we have no way of knowing how many of America’s Choice and MVP voters are live feeders/only tv viewers-that information isn’t available. But in a larger picture, America’s Choice and MVP is a small matter compared to the real issues of covering up racism and homophobia.

        By editing out these comments, CBS and the BB production is silently condoning it. In fact, they are supporting it. It is like they are saying “Well, we don’t like that they said it, but we are going to support the contestants who did it by making it appear it didn’t happen”. They are propping up racism and homophobia by hiding it away and SHOWCASING the perpetrators as nothing more than young people showmancing and having fun.

        Yes, it is a reality tv show, and CBS is not responsible for the world. But they ARE responsible for their TV show.

        Something very similar happened on UK Celebrity Big Brother, where Jade Goody targeted Shilpa Shetty with derogatory, racist comments that led to other house guests joining in. Only UK BB production didn’t support it by hiding it away. They aired it as is, and dealt with it audience reaction and the contestants intelligently with an open dialogue. They discussed it openly with both the perpetrators and the victim instead of shoving it under the rug. And you know what? The country wasn’t talking about the BB production or the channel, they were talking about the people involved. CBS has no excuse.

        What’s sad is that Candice, Helen, and Andy are going to come out and find out about these comments from the die hard fans and know that the production around them condoned it by covering for their attackers.

        Shame on CBS and BB production. This is a cowardly act that amounts to granting granting permission. “You can behave this way, because we will just edit it out.”

  6. Adam says:

    I don’t think they need to be edited out. I doubt that if they were left unedited, that anyone would confuse the cast member’s opinions as a reflection or statement of CBS’s views. If the point of shows like Big Brother is to put “real dramas” on television, then why not portray real adversities minorities face?

  7. Each to their own. That’s all I gotta say.

  8. Drew says:

    Time for Big Brother to pack it up. I’m glad CBS doesn’t tolerate it. Enough is enough.

    • adamcala1234 says:

      But the thing is CBS are tolerating it… if they weren’t hey would have chucked them out already, I think they need to step up and take action.

      • Lilly says:

        All that will do is stifle speech and what little “reality” there is on this show. Better to air this laundry, disclaim it, and let the chips fall where they may. The life consequences this “children” will be taught – and even some lessons we and those mistreated will gain from it – would be totally lost by just summarily sweeping the problem out the door.

  9. Lori says:

    It’s supposedly a reality show. Leave it real and let the individuals deal with the consequences of their idiocy.

    • Alicia says:

      I completely agree… Don’t they remember Adam? They will definitely have to answer for things they have said.

  10. LizaJ says:

    With the MVP twist this year, America absolutely needs to know who the contestants really are. It affects the outcome of the game. People should know who they are rewarding.

  11. matt says:

    CBS should show this on tv, but they never will. It’s easy to make a public statement admonishing what’s happening, but it’s a whole other thing to show it on tv and they don’t have the guts to do that.

  12. Daisy says:

    I’m just glad they finally acknowledged it at all. As someone else mentioned above, the UK BB does handle it perfectly. Let these offenders know that America is actually watching and it’s not acceptable. Especially since they have this MVP thing. Don’t let less tech savvy people vote up racist homophobes. Not cool.

    • ALEX33016 says:

      I totally agree with Daisy…some of these people, as I (not that I am not savvy), but I just do not watch Big Brother After Dark. So those of us, might vote for a racist, homophobic, misogynists as MVP! I shudder at the thought! It needs to be shown, especially with all the talk about racism and the gay lifestyle in the news lately.

    • adamcala1234 says:

      I agree. As I live in the UK and watch both Big Brothers, they should be more like UK BB, because if this had happened over here they would have been chucked out already, plus it would have been shown on tv. Like Emily on season 8, she used the N word on day 8 and was ejected immediately.

  13. kat says:

    I think they should show something. It’s so misleading the way these people are painted and when they are having viewers vote for them based upon whitewashed editing that shows them in a positive light, it changes the game, especially with the new format. Not that the game is fair, but this really puts the players who are decent people at a disadvantage. We should be able to vote (I never have, but since I have BBAD, I might) to help someone win half a million dollars based on a truer image of the individuals.

  14. ALEX33016 says:

    BBUSA was ruined by Allison Grodner…You cannot compare it to ANY BB, especially BBUK! She has turned BBUSA into “MTV’s The Real World with the doors locked” All white, young, sorority girls and d-bag white boys…I have seen eps of BB UK, Australia, Mexico, etc and I have seen diversity in ages, races, sexuality, UK alone has a 41 yr old and a 59 yr old in their cast. This is the worst season of BBUSA I have ever seen and I have seen them ALL! Totally nasty…and I would find it insulting if Julie Chen did not address it since she is Asian herself. That would be like if an African American hosted and they made a comment about an African American “stereo type” and they did not address it. It happened, it was said. Don’t “whitewash” it.

  15. MrMank says:

    We’ve spent the last two decades, give or take, giving airtime to these “reality” shows, but we are scandalized by even a hint of reality. I don’t condone anyone’s racist, sexist or bigoted views, but I equally (if not more so) do not condone censorship. Let’s see these people as they are and stop living our lives in our protective little bubbles.

  16. Fumi says:

    They should definitely not edit it out. By doing so they are implicitly condoning the actions of these people, particularly if they go far in the competition. A strongly written statement doesn’t really do anything. Because when you think about it, how much of their audience actually read these press releases that websites like Tvline (though I do this site)? I would wager a fairly small amount. Allowing the whole audience to see how these people actually behave and having Julie Chen say something on Thursday(only if she wants to) would be the best way to address the issue.

  17. Queerbec says:

    This is a great discussion that should be brought up to the house guests. They should be aware of the discussion. Plus America should realize this is how white folk talk all the time anyway, especially behind closed doors. It happens at social clubs in Boise, Idaho and in the boardrooms of Wall Street. This kind of talk is okay in America as long the insulted victim is not around to hear it–except for women who are expected to take it, even in the corporate world, and in many cases do (or protest with a tiny giggle after they complain). We’re so disingenuous with our public stands on racism, sexism and homophobia. We mouth support but once behind the closed door, it’s let’s see what we can get away wit. Will Julie Chen have the courage to allow this discussion the Talk? I’m sure those women would have a lot to say, especially if the View goes there first!

    • Lizabeth says:

      I totally agree that this should be brought up to the house guests. If Aaryn has never been around people different than her, this is the opportunity to open her eyes and possibly change her for the better. Same with the other players accused of making these remarks. However, your comment that “this is how white folk talk all the time anyway” borders on ignorance no different than what these BB players are accused of. It’s a racial stereotype and it is wrong (on several levels). Of course (and unfortunately) some people speak that way…that’s why we have a young girl on this show who speaks that way. But, to say it’s common of “white folk” is offensive and silly.

  18. Lilly says:

    You know, I find much of what I’ve seen (don’t pay for the live feeds, but have watched some of the “After Dark” hours, and have read some of comments online) offensive.

    HOWEVER, this is still a free country and although CBS is a private entity that has the right to do what it wants, they should NOT be swayed by the PC police. I hate to see the freedom of speech limited anywhere!! I’m a believer in people having the right to make a$$es of themselves – AND suffer the consequences. After all, this show is supposed to be about watching people’s behavior under stressful conditions and how that brings out the best and worst in them. Is it not instructive for us to see how people can HANDLE such attacks and overcome them?

    So, though I hate to see racial tensions stirred any more than they are, I say they should show at least some of the controversial stuff and let the people suffer the consequences … and Aaryn – rightfully so – already has, even if she doesn’t yet know it.

    But if you punish them for being themselves INside the house (as long as it isn’t physically dangerous), you’re orchestrating even more fake behavior than already exists. Everyone will be afraid to speak (ahem … sounds like the bigger outside world, eth?).

    I’m honestly sorry for the way these idiots’ remarks have made the minorities in the house feel offended. But as long as it doesn’t rise to the level of making them feel in danger, how is that different than the abuse Alissa has taken (and others in years past) just for being themselves – white or otherwise? The whole house is ganging up on Alissa this year JUST because she’s related to Rachel Reilly. She otherwise seems like a decent person.

    Honestly, I think the real problem is CBS’s casting staff. Seriously. Get REAL people with some maturity and intelligence, and they would avoid most of these situations in the future!

    • ALEX33016 says:

      It’s not the casting people…ultimately, the producer says YAY or NAY to the people that are on screen.

      • Lilly says:

        Good to know. WhoEVER is to blame, I blame! Honestly, they’ve found the dregs of young society this season…. Not only is there no class, there is barely any IQ in this house! They’ll need 4 weeks of double eliminations to get this down to half interesting people and game play!

        • ALEX33016 says:

          I agree…that Ken Doll guy is the dumbest person in BB History! I mean “C’mon” and he said yesterday that he wanted to stay on the show to be with Aryan…wtf is this “The bachelor” You should want to stay on to win the game or win the money! Not to be in a showmance. Like I said Alison Grodner has RUINED BBUSA! I wish BBC America aired BBUK! That is a real Big Brother game!

  19. Larry says:

    CBS you hired these people so live by the sword -die by the sword. Not showing who these people really are just shows you are concerned more on losing viewers than presenting a true Big Brother style. Don’t try to fool the viewers by presenting a different story by editing out the bad stuff.

  20. Simon says:

    Another major problem with BB USA is they only choose a selected amount of “minorities”. There’s always just one gay person and one black person. Granted this season has two, and they also threw in an Asian, but she is older and of course would not fit in with the younger players. I gotta say BB Canada had two gay players, and multiple minorities, I’m talking 5 or 6. And there was no intolerance in the house. That represents Canada, and I think CBS shoud do the same in the US, start representing all of America, not just young blondes from the southern states.
    And yes CBS is allowing the bigotry by not airing the truth. Please let Julie say something on the live show.

    • ALEX33016 says:

      True…1 gay 1 black…is usually the formula…I remember one season of UK that the minority was the white people. They had people from everywhere. And some seasons they had people with actual disabilities, again not to mention older people. It really is the worst casting ever

  21. Mark says:

    If I watched this nonsensical crap, I’d want to know just how awful the people involved are, because I assume the primary purpose of reality TV is for the viewers to participate in passing judgement on said people. If CBS doesn’t want a-holes on their network, they shouldn’t choose a-holes to participate in their programming.

  22. Krissi says:

    The comments should be shown to America, UNEDITED. Not all people watch the live feeds or the after dark broadcast, but watch the show when it airs on CBS. I think if you’re going to make America a part of the show by voting for an MVP and whatnot you need to show everyone what/who these people really are. If I don’t see something on the actual show I might not know what type of a person she is and that may sway/guide by decision in the wrong way.

    • ALEX33016 says:

      I concur!!!!!!!!!!! if you are involving America by the voting of MVP then show America who we are voting for warts and all! Give us all the info so we can make a well informed decision.

  23. Elyse says:

    I don’t want them to edit Aaryn to be an angel when she’s really a racist B—-. I would rather see the houseguests for who they are.

  24. Is this supposed to be a reality show, or just another example of how fake these shows truly are.

  25. Rob says:

    If CBS doesn’t want to show the unedited comments, someone should make it clear that they are available to be viewed on YouTube and people should watch them. I think CBS might be worried about lawsuits from the house guests once they get out and find out about all of this so CBS is being very careful in what they do and do not show. For example, if they actively portray Aaryn in a negative light and show her comments on the broadcast she may find grounds to sue CBS or the production company for losing her modeling agency or whatever. Just an example. And really just a thought. I know they all sign their rights away when they go into the house but CBS probably has to protect itself in that regard just in case.

    • tripoli says:

      You make an interesting point Rob, but if CBS puts out a completely unedited conversation how much basis does one have for a lawsuit? If she said it, she said it. It’s all on tape. As is every nice thing she may have said. I am one of the viewers who doesn’t watch the live feeds so I pretty much have to go by what I see on the show. Granted, as an avid internet user, I hear about the stuff that happens that doesn’t make the show but for the most part I try to avoid too much because I prefer not to be spoiled, which is inevitable since comps happen before they end up airing. It seems that in the past few years we hear more and more from the BB house that is awful and unpleasant. So much racism, homophobia, etc. I guess this is the path CBS is choosing to go down. Lots of young, fit house guests with questionable character. If nothing else, CBS should allow the viewing public some real insight into the in house words and actions of the house guests, especially if they are actively wanting viewers to participate and impact the game. Doubt it will happen, but at least others are putting it out there if CBS won’t.

  26. kh says:

    CBS/Big Brother cannot have the show be as interactive as they have made it (i.e. Weekly MVP Vote and Favorite Contestant at season’s end) without showing these comments that have been made. I’m sure EVERY contestant on the show could be shown in a more negative or positive light and I understand that it’s nearly impossible to show these aspects in only 3 hours of television a week. However, when contestants make such offensive remarks on live feeds that news media outlets are now focusing on those rather than the actual show, it’s clear it needs to be apart of the telecast.

    I don’t think even the Chenbot will be able to hide SOME sort of emotion when interviewing Aaryn during her (garaunteed eventual) eviction. It would be nice if all viewers were filled in on the entire story.

  27. Ryan says:

    I think what some people might not be getting here with the whole “diversity” thing is that the cast this year is a fairly accurate representation of the demographics of our country today. 72.4% of America is white, 12.6% is African American, and only 4.8% is Asian. Isn’t it only fair that there would be more white people in the house, than African Americans or Asian Americans? Compared to the statistics of the country? Homosexuals rank in at only 3.5% of the country. And also, with the whole “age” thing, when was the last time you’ve ever seen a HouseGuest 40+ win the game of Big Brother? Ever? Not me!

    I rest my case.

    • ALEX33016 says:

      Evel Dick? Uh he was 44 sooooo….Regardless of whether or not America is 72.4% is white…what is coming out of those people’s mouth is utterly disgusting. Because people are a “majority” does not give them a right to talk smack about people based upon another’s race, sex, or sexuality.

      • Ryan says:

        You’re right, I am in no way condoning racism or sexism. I am just pointing out that people are complaining that there are only two African Americans and one Asian on the show.

        • Anon says:

          Who is complaining about that? It’s not even mentioned in the article or any of the comments accept for yours.

          Case non-existent.

        • ALEX33016 says:

          BTW, Ryan your numbers are a bit off because if they are coming from the census, they consider Hispanic, not a race. So you could basically be WHITE (Hispanic Origin or non-Hispanic Origin), BLACK (Hispanic Origin or non-Hispanic Origin), etc. What I, myself would like to see diversity, as in Hispanics, White, Black, Asian, people from Europe with accents (British, French, Irish, etc…BBUK has had American players), Native Americans, Kaysar was one of my favorite BB houseguests of all time and he was Muslim. All I have seen since Allison Grodner took over is complete crap. Of course, I watch because it like trying not to watch a train wreck…you wonder how much worse can it get…one answer…This season.

      • Lilly says:

        Let me clarify: I try to conduct my life as a respectful, generally kind person. But you sound like it’s perfectly okay to talk smack about people who AREN’T considered a minority community. Freedom of speech allows people to make fools of themselves – and the rest of us to make judgments on those fools (including the talent agency who has now fired, thankfully, Aaryn).

        But are minorities – whether race or sexual orientation – so much more tender of spirit that they shouldn’t be subject to “talking smack” without being given the opportunity to overcome such struggles or show their quality by being a better person? It is, after all, the struggles that make us who we are.

        Life isn’t fair. And I don’t think these immature morons should be saying what they’re saying. But I attribute their comments as much to their big mouths and lack of respect for anyone other than themselves just as much as I do the fact that they are “racist” or “homophobic.” Will it be okay with you if Jeremy, for example, becomes a great player by “talking smack” to and intimidating the other white males in the house? Just curious.

  28. Scott says:

    Totally have Julie Chen show the offending houseguests the clips live. This would be so just..and honestly epic television

  29. BB-FAN says:

    I don’t think that anyone should say anything as this is a “reality” program and unfortunately this is who these people really are. To tell them not to do it, would mean that they would then be acting phony and not being their true selves for the rest of the show. Upon eviction, Julie should then hit them with hardball questions about their behavior. They will face real world consequences like Aaryn who has lost her modeling contract.

    The only time CBS/producers should intervene is if there is a physical danger to one of the contestants.

    I do think that they do have to show it on the actual shows though so viewers know who this people really are, especially as many have mentioned, America has the power to vote for a MVP each week.

  30. Sg. Grant says:

    CBS will never show it. CBS pulls episodes of popular shows that might hurt the feelings of specific regions of America. No way they would intentionally hurt the feelings of large segments of the entire population.

  31. Scott says:

    What’s also disturbing was the conversation on the live feeds around 330 BB Time on early Mon morning about drugs where some HGs talked about drug usage. Seriously, CBS?? You can’t ignore that!!!

  32. Jacqi says:

    I dont watch live feeds but follow people that do on twitter. I would NEVER vote for Jeremy or Aaryn to be MVP! They are stupid aholes! I like Elissa, Helen and Amanda so far. I dont think they have said anything bad just yet. I like Amanda because her diary room comments crack me up!

    • Rob says:

      Amanda made a homophobic comment about Andy when she was snuggling with McCrae in the HOH room. Trust me, she’s no princess. But McCrae called her out on it and I think she thought she was being funny. The others said their stuff out of ignorance and bigotry.

  33. Jo says:

    I can’t wait for Aryan to get out of the house and learn how despised she is.

  34. Brent says:

    They need to air the remarks unedited, with the exception of bleeping out profanities. CBS would win any lawsuit because I’m sure these people all signed multiple waivers to use their likeness, image, speech, etc. before they entered the house. If they decided to use this language when they were being filmed and recorded, that’s on them, no one else. And I surely hope Julie Chen frankly asks them about the comments as they are evicted.

  35. Matthew says:

    They should treat them as words of a vocabulary. Yes, the slurs being used are abhorent, but they are still words, and words, like all tools, can be used for both good and evil. The perception of what people think about the words being said is in the mind of the beholder. Editing and the producers should have nothing at all to do with it.

    I will remind everyone that, while I still want to re-iterate I think the slurs are absolutely assinine and un-needed on every level of humanity, that they are NOT illegal, and not outright banned in the rules of the house. Unfortunately, that means they are fair game.

    Viewers need the power to make their own decisions in this area. I hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but the world is racist and derogatory. The humans with an ascended social intelligence (the ones that know how bad social othering can be) aren’t in the majority, unfortunately, and I hate this thought, but there are a lot of “normal” (eg, young white males) in North America that are just plain racist and agree. It’s idiotic, but it’s just reality.

    So the decision has to be made on an individual basis what each person will and won’t tolerate. All we can do is hope the people that make such remarks don’t come out on top in the end of this game.

  36. Magically Suspicious says:

    This is what happens when you try to ‘sexy up’ the season and you build a cast made primarily of young, vain, entitled, idiots.

    If they went to Aaryn right this second and filled her in on the public reaction and the loss of her modeling contract, it wouldn’t change her behavior. She’d sulk and cry and assure herself that everything is rigged against her and the producers obviously decided to make her look bad. If you did the same with Jeremy, he’d blame one of the ‘bitches’. I did notice that CBS didn’t try to edit his use of that term on the Tuesday night show. Probably because you would have nothing to show of him if you edited out his foulness.

  37. Kendall says:

    It’s the same story every year. I’m not sure why it’s any different this time.

  38. Pat says:

    Anyone who has made racist remarks should be removed from the show. They should do it on the next live show, where Julie informs all of them that there will be no eviction from the house and instead I will read the names of those who will exit immediately. Bring them out onstage and play on live air what all of them have said that was quite offensive and then inform them that they are no longer welcomed on the BIG BROTHER SHOW! I cannot believe that any one of them could be the winner at the end of this show and for CBS to allow this will be a travesty.

    • Lilly says:

      Ooooo, what about flogging them, too?!?! Good grief, didn’t your parents ever teach you that words can’t actually HURT anyone? As long as there is no physical intimidation, BB doesn’t owe people the house protection by censoring speech. How is this different than the other forms of smack-talk that goes on against all house guests? I abhor real racists too, but I say CBS should show these actions and conversations to the voting BB audience and let the chips fall where they may. They will be punished, especially with America having the power to award an MVP. And some of these twits have a rude awakening when they realize their actions may affect the rest of their lives!

  39. A says:

    I think they definitely should show the public who these people are especially if we are to make informed decisions on who we would like to vote for MVP, especially for those of us who don’t or can’t keep up with the live feeds.
    I just read on Zap2it about how Jeremy took Elissa’s hat and wiped his ass with it. What kind of human being does that? You know something, from having only seen the live episodes and read a few blogs I hope Elissa makes it a bit further. Sure, she maybe should have came out with it and stated that she’s Rachel’s sister from the start, but I understand her intentions for wanting to keep it hidden even though it was so obvious. These contestants are just disgusting. Hating on her for the most shallow of reasons calling her ugly and saying how they hope her husband has a woman on the side and how she’s not human. To be honest, I found her way more likable then Rachel from the little I’ve seen of her and I have not yet seen a legitimate reason for her to be hated this much.
    Aaryn sickens me. I’m happy she will be facing the repercussions of her actions because her behaviour is absolutely despicable. Telling Helen to shut up and go make rice. WTF? God I hope Julie confronts them about the racial and homophobic slurs, even though I highly doubt it would happen. I’m sick and tired of them portraying her as this lovable girl.
    I don’t know what the casting director was on when casting these people but they definitely need to start picking better contestant and finding a way to run some preliminary psychology tests or something on potential contestants to weed out these type of awful people. And come on at least let all of them have some semblance of a decent IQ. I mean David, really?; Not one single word spelled in the Veto competition and someone who confesses that the only reason he wants to be on the show is for a showmance. WTF? I’m watching a game not a dating show, I could give a crap about your love life!

  40. Mark says:

    Here’s an idea: Stop watching an idiotic reality show that makes celebrities out of “everyday” ignorant morons.

  41. cjeffery7 says:

    i am weary of seeing poorly or half-handled situations like these on tv and being told it’s simply “reality.” in reality, people should be standing up against people who say such things. if the show can address it appropriately, i wouldn’t mind having the slur-ers confronted and reprimanded (certainly by the likes of julie chen, who is a BOSS of an intimidating lady), but if it’s going to be some half-assed “we dont want to offend too many people by being controversial or lose viewers” then keep it online. call me apathetic, call me pessimistic, but i’m tired of seeing tv shows tip toe around the subject – making the more impressionable of us think it’s something to be brushed off in real life.

  42. Rob says:

    Latest reports saying that GinaMarie was just fired from the pageant company. So, another one bites the dust.

  43. Tahoe Mike says:

    Censorship is ALWAYS wrong. “Politically correct” is censorship, and it is always wrong. Quit teaching people not to be offensive, and teach them not to be offended.

    The one thing that cannot seem to be tolerated on “Reality” television is REALITY. People talk like that; get over it. Whatever your race, creed, or preference quit taking yourself so seriously. If you can’t laugh at yourself, don’t worry; I’ll do it for you.

    • Anon says:

      No I am not going to get over it and I am not going to teach others to not be offended by hate speech. If people talk like that, I am going to protest it – EVERY SINGLE TIME. Proudly and vigorously.

      Declaring offense at hate speech to be a quaint trait of “political correctness” is a piss poor justification for proponents of racist and homophobic talk.

      MAN UP, and realize it is wrong to talk and treat your fellow human being that way, then STOP doing it. If you want to shrug it off with “Well, everyone does it, it’s funny”, well than you simply don’t have what it takes to be a decent man and human being at this time. Go back to elementary school or your mother to learn basic, decent human behavior.

      This is not something to laugh over. Period.

      • Tahoe Mike says:

        If you didn’t learn that “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me,” it is you who needs to go revisit mommy and the third grade. Here is another third grade lesson for you, “All bullies want is a reaction, don’t give them one.”

        If the words and ideas of others can offend you so easily and deeply, then they have power over you. If you want to rob what you call “Hate speech” of its power to hurt, learn to dismiss, and ignore it for the stupidity that it is. You can’t control what others think and say (happy 4th of July), but you can control how you react to it. As long as you are prepared to keep ‘Fighting the good fight,” the fight will never end.

        If an ignorant reality contestant says something stupid on a late night internet feed, and nobody tweets it; is it worth getting all worked up over?

        The question in the article was should CBS edit it all out of the broadcast and my answer is no, they should not. Since this story is all over the net today, people will be tuning in to see what all the fuss is about and what they will see is nothing.

        • Anon says:

          Everything I have to say on the subject I have already said. Then Daisy below said the rest.

          Please educate yourself on the harm that racist and homophobic bullying causes and become a better person. If you don’t, I can only pity you. Peace Out.

    • Daisy says:

      You sound like a person without a diverse group of friends (or any friends for that matter). You of course have the freedom to be as big a jerk as you want to be. Jerks tend to die alone and friendless. So good luck with that.

      • Anon says:

        I am a jerk without any friends because I don’t tolerate or laugh over hate speech? If that is your stance, that speaks to your own character and not mine.

      • Anon says:

        Oh, wait! Sorry, if that is in response to the above poster, Tahoe Mike, then I totally took that wrong. Apologies if that is the case!

        • Daisy says:

          Yep. that was directed at the jerky “tahoe.” Sorry you misunderstood. No. YOU, Anon, are absolutely correct in your response.

          • Anon says:

            Sweet, my bad. I should have paid more attention to where it tabs over in relation to response. Thanks for the solidarity on the issue – and probability lessening of me dying alone and friendless. : D I mean, there is still a chance, but that is due to other things. ; D

  44. TV Gord says:

    So, they’re editing the reality out of a reality show. Shocker.

  45. Geo says:

    Allison Grodner and BB have brought this problem on themselves by tolerating it in previous contestants on past seasons. For instance, by not calling out contestants like Jeff (who by that point already had his “storyline” constructed by BB as a hero) and his homophobic remarks, Grodner sent a message that houseguests could say whatever blatantly bigoted slur they wanted to, and there’d be no consequences (not only was there no punishment, BB went so far as to bring Jeff BACK as a contestant in a later season). Now, Grodnwer and BB are reaping the whirlwind of their own (in)action– they have a house that’s about 65% full of raving bigots, who are providing all sorts of examples of wildly offensive slurs against blacks, gays, and Asians, along with a heaping helping of misogyny (including rape “jokes” aimed at female contestants) and even one houseguest praising Adolph Hitler, for god’s sake.

    If Grodner had any ethics, she would have nipped this kind of thing in the bud when it was only one or two houseguests on past seasons who made one or two bigoted comments. But now she has a whole house practically full of ticking timebombs and it’s majorly angering even longtime fans of the show. I hope it truly is giving her nightmares– particularly if she remains inactive and refuses to deal with this on the actual show– because, at this point, she deserves to have her nose rubbed in the slime of what happens when someone who knows better repeatedly ignores blatant bigotry.

  46. Shelby says:

    Considering how America is tasked with voting for MVP and various other things throughout the show, I think it’s only fair that America be given a chance to see the houseguests’ real colors. I think Ragan Fox also has a valid point. Discrimination is part of real life, so sweeping it under the rug does no favors in helping to eradicate it happening further.

    • Patty says:

      I agree with Ragan as well but what I don’t understand is why Howard or Amanda who heard these comments didn’t bring it up for discussion so that everyone in the house knows they heard. Also when she made the comment in the kitchen after HOH and they all heard what she was saying about Helen making the rice why they just all pretended not to hear her, Don’t you think they have as much responsibility as Julie Chen or CBS?

  47. Robbie says:

    I wanna hear Julie Chen bring it up on The Talk. The houseguests said racially offensive things about Asian and Black people as well as anti-gay comments too. That covers 4/5 of the co-hosts on The Talk. And since Julie is pretty much the official spokesman of BB, it is her duty to speak on the subject.

  48. Larry says:

    I think she should be evicted from the show. Also is it just me or is it about the youth? Where are the elders ??? I think this show has hit bottom and I’m done watching. Let the hate work its magic, the producer should be fired. F..y you haters. CBS is showing its true colors.

  49. maria christini says:

    I feel that the stuff should be shown so America gets to know the “real person” Nothing should be said to them, if because Big Brother tells them they will change their game plan, being fake.