The Vampire Diaries' Biggest Twists: Julie Plec on Neck Snaps, Doppelgangers and a Great Fake-Out

Vampire Diaries Plot TwistsSee Elena’s shocked expression in the picture to the right? That’s how we feel while watching The Vampire Diaries, thanks to the show’s knack for serving up surprising plot twists.

After the CW series recently dropped one of its biggest bombshells — Stefan is Silas’ doppelganger, OMG! — TVLine invited executive producer Julie Plec to look back at four seasons’ worth of memorable curveballs.

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Flip through the gallery to see what Plec had to say about the first seasons, and hit the comments with your thoughts. And be sure to check back next week for Part 2, reviewing Seasons 3 and 4!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Rachel says:

    Katherine at the end of season 1 was my favorite twist too. Of course Kevin pitched it.

    • danielle h says:

      That was honestly one of my favorite tv moments ever. U just think elena and damon have kissed and its all winding down for the finale before hiatus then BAM we finally meet katherine. It was executed epicly.I watchded it over and over.

    • Matt says:

      That scene made TVD for me. The following plot twists were just mehh… but I was truly shocked. Never saw it coming. KW indeed, is a genious.

  2. Amanda says:

    This kinda just reminds me how terribly in quality the show has gone down. Because all of these season 1 and 2 twists were so good. Now in season 4 we get lame hybrid babies. Both shows are seriously on the bubble for me.

    • rachel says:

      that’s a different show you know. hybrid baby is on the Originals. Bash the show all you want, but actually mention something that is on this show.

      • Fran says:

        She said BOTH shows are on the bubble for her. The hybrid baby was introduced on an episode of TVD. It was the “pilot” for The Originals… but it was still a Vampire Diaries episode. That’s why it was mentioned.

  3. Melinda says:

    I miss the first and second season so much! It’s not what it used to be.

  4. Fran says:

    I agree with you guys. This just reminds me of how good Seasons 1 and 2 were, and how downhill it’s gone since then. I wish they would have stuck with Damon as more of a villian. I have hope that the Stefan storyline will be a good one this year so I hope I’m not disappointed.

  5. Kira says:

    The first two season were sooooo good!!!!! But once Kevin Williamson left it went downhill. Most of the so called great twists these last two season have been a huge waste of time. IMO, Julie Plec just isn’t getting the job done.

  6. dude says:

    I agree that the twists were definitely better in the first two seasons and season four was a bit of a let down but I honestly enjoyed season three much more than season two.

    • iMember says:

      Season 2 will always be the best for me, but Season 4 was way superior than Season 3. Season 3 was all about “Kill Klaus! Kill Klaus!” and it felt so much like a badly written fan-fiction in terms of the love triangle. Not to mention, it was like a big filler of a season since the main focus (Kill Klaus) never even happened. Season 3 started off well and then plummeted. Season 4 was a lot more entertaining and the storyline and seeing Elena take a much darker tone was a lot more interesting to watch. Plus, Season 4 gave more of the supporting characters something to do, like Bonnie!

      • thesp says:

        I disagree. Season 2 is the best season and my favorite but Seasons 1,2, and 3 were much much better than Season 4. It was the season of the Originals. We got to see the Original family, the backstory of Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah, Tyler and Caroline in a relationship, Klaus flirting with Caroline and her putting him in his place, AND Stefan went bad for a good chunk of it. It was fascinating to watch. Plus Elena was immensely less annoying. Season 4 was boring and seemed to progress really slowly. In season 3 Klaus found out about Elena and was able to make more hybrids by like the fifth episode. If they had followed that progression in season 4, The veil would have been dropped by the mid-season finale and some other big twist would have happened in the regular finale. I prefer the fast-pace way of story-telling. And Season 4 also happened to have the biggest logic fail with that pregnancy. Bonnie was the only supporting character to have a little bit of a story but I still felt like she wasn’t shown a lot. They could have done so much more with her use of expression magic and battling with the spirits. Caroline had little to no storyline except to interact with Klaus and Tyler was gone for half the season after failing to kill Klaus. Matt was never around, Elijah left, Rebekah was daggered for a good amount of time, April was useless, Shane was shady, and nobody liked Hayley. They did a good job spreading screen-time around in the third season but the fourth season every episode seemed to be Elena and the Salvatore drama. That triangle was so stale this past year.

        • Josh says:

          It’s a bit sad that it seems for anyone woman on this show to have a story, they need to have a male with them. Caroline is seven different kinds of awesome, yet when Klaus or Tyler weren’t around, she was barely around.

        • Raven says:

          I completely agree with you! I feel like season 4 could have had so much more potential had they not drawn everything out the whole time and not focused so much on the smaller trivial things that really didn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, and focused more on developing the characters more. Bonnie should have been showcased WAY more than she was because almost everything in the seasons plot surrounded her. And Matt definitely should have been shown more, and of course all of the other great supporting characters. It really annoyed me how everything was more “Elena centered” than usual-this isn’t Elena hate I’m just saying. With the whole cure ordeal, Jeremy dying, Elena turning off her emotions, all of that for the cure that ended up being given to Katherine. Making Jeremy’s (and later Bonnie’s death because she died bringing Jeremy back) pointless. I felt Elena should have been LAST on the list of people for the cure because everyone else had to accept their vampirism and live with it..Why shouldn’t she? She’s not the only one who didn’t want to become a vampire. Not to point out the fact that she was dating a vampire, and was always harms way. The possibility was always there for her to turn. Just like in season 2 when almost did, if not for that whole life force-spell binding-thing. The finale had some great moments and some not so great moments. I feel like Bonnie should have been focused on more considering she was current state. I also wish there was more appreciation for a lot of the characters for everything they did for Elena and the Salvatore brothers. Katherine recieving the cure was a disappointment, mainly because I can’t imagine her as human, and the way it happened. Jeremy being brought back was great except for Bonnie’s death being a result of it. Stefan turning out to be Silas’s doppelgänger was something that got me excited because if they do it right, that plot could make for a really good fifth season. I’m keeping my fingers crossed! :D

          • will says:

            the best thing abt season 4 is we got to see all the characters we missed, alaric, jer, lexi. and the doppelganger storyline is amazing, cant wait to see hoe long Silas will parade around as Stefan. i dont get it about the cure: once you’ve had it you cant turn into a vampire again? if not then whats the big deal cos Katherine will just look for someone to turn her back

      • Rachel says:

        Season 4 was definitely the most lackluster out of all of them. In season three we got to see The Originals including Mikael and Esther, Klaus’s backstory, Tyler and Caroline finally in a relationship, Klaus and Caroline interacting, single Elena, Alaric had an actual storyline, Tyler had an actual storyline, and Stefan went bad for a good chunk of the season. It was really entertaining to watch. As far as the triangle went, it really wasn’t the main focus like it was in season 4. That’s when it became unbearable.

    • James says:

      Wow, really? To each their own but Season 2 is by far one of the best this show has seen. Season 3 definately wasn’t bad but in my opinion nowhere near as good as 2. Season 4 is the worst though in terms of stacking up.

  7. mac says:

    Biggest twist ? Elijah, the villain we had previously, was more badass than Klaus, who supposedly was more badass than him…

  8. AMCPress says:

    I have to say the twists throughout the past seasons were definitely entertaining. I didn’t see Stefan having a doppelganger. I’m sure season five will be interesting.

  9. Michelle says:

    So the JNSI was supposed to put the brakes – if not kill – the triangle? Seriously? Wow, they really underestimated people’s love for Damon, didn’t they?!

    • James says:

      In all actuality it should have- what normal, moral person could forgive something like that? Of course this show isn’t supposed to be about morals and I guess they couldn’t ignore the rabid Damon fans, so they had to throw things in there to make it all okay.

  10. a says:

    She didn’t list Stefan being a doppelgänger as a favorite plot twist? That’s a bode of confidence for next season, now isn’t it

  11. sara says:

    Yep Damon killing Jeremy most definitely should have killed the triangle, no way I hell do I believe someone could not only forgive but also fall in love with the person who did that. I know she forgave him when she thought he was dying, but he didn’t so that forgiveness shouldn’t matter or be true

  12. Theo says:

    The season 1 twist remains my favourite… Loved the season 4 plot twist but seaon 1 was the best.

  13. Shaun says:

    I’m trying to remember how Katherine was invited inside during that reveal?

    • BookGirl says:

      She was on the porch w/Damon, Jenna opened the door and interrupted their kiss and invited her inside thinking it was Elena.

  14. DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

    Oh, Uncle Mason. You sure were sexy.

  15. I had the Katherine/John thing down just before “Elena” kissed Damon. Predictable or not though, it is up there with a few other favourite twists. Like the Klaus/Jenna thing.
    That came at me sideways, hit me like a truck and left me broken.
    Though on one hand I feel like TVDs definitely been on the side of a decline in terms of the quality of the twists. But on the flip side the season 4 finale wasn’t too bad what with killing Bonnie, the return of Jeremy (I kinda wanted Lexi or Alaric more but eh not complaining too much), doppelganger Stefan and looking forward to the return of Tyler. I guess season 5 will decide if I keep watch or give in.

  16. MaryAnn says:

    The biggest thing I object to about this show is the complete disregard for that actually pretty sizable chunk of the audience that is a little bit older than the main characters. I loved Alaric and Jenna. Why could they not have stayed around and had a real story line developed? And it seems everyone’s parent/older generation relative ends up dead. How about leaving a few of the older generation as supporting characters? How many are left now? One? At any rate, I will keep watching, but I really wish a way could be found to at least bring Alaric back and give him a real story line. Is the actor actually that much older than Ian Somerhalder and the actor playing Klaus?

  17. Fabe says:

    Notice how almost all of those twists involve Katherine? She really is the best character on the show! Season 2 was definitely my favorite, but I am excited to see Katherine as a human next season. I’m still mad they brought Jeremy back, it just cheapens Elena’s whole journey in the last half of season 4 and makes death meaningless.

  18. Josh says:

    What’s really funny is that when Kevin left, the female characters all took a large dip in quality. It’s funny how a male writes better females than Julie Plec, who seems to go to the adage of “Women just aren’t interesting enough without a guy by their side…” Look at Elena…She was barely a character this season. She was just a piece in a love triangle…Caroline, not focused on unless she had a guy with her…All of Bonnie’s storylines were centered on a male.

    • Fran says:

      Oh I completely agree! I’m rewatching Season 2 right now and Elena actually was a person. She made her decisions and did what she thought was right (even if it was wrong). Ditto for Caroline and Bonnie… unfortunately we just don’t see that anymore. It really is sad and shockingly obvious when you look back at the first 2 seasons.

      • Josh says:

        Remember when she kicked werewolf ass? Or when she would make decisions that both brothers who disagree on and when her life revolved around HER LIFE and not which brother loved her? Remember when Caroline found out she was much more than a beauty queen and second rate Elena who let guys treat her like dirt? When instead she found out she was incredibly strong, loyal and fierce? Remember when Bonnie was discovering her own strength, her magic and being the moral compass of the group who did what she had to do for the greater good, even if her friends disagreed?

        Now all I can say about the girls is…Remember when Elena was a constant victim who needed a guy in her life to tell what to do? Remember when she choose Stefan than Damon than Stefan than Damon? Remember when Caroline stood by Tyler’s side but hate-flirted with Klaus or when Tyler left and she hate-flirted with Klaus and was little more than his love interest. Remember when Bonnie basically lost all her morals because some guy convinced her too then she was willing to kill people to save another guy?

        Sort of sad how season 1-2 the girls could exist without the guys but in season 3-4 every storyline evolves around a guy. Unlike the guys who have storylines that involve each other or even just themselves. It’s really sad :(

  19. Mikael says:

    If they do seasons 3 and 4, Elena forcing the Cure down Katherine’s throat is a good one.

  20. Sandra says:

    Sorry but Season 3 was definitely the worst of them all. The whole “Kill Klaus” storyline got old real fast. Season 4 had its issues but lets not forget that it did have some great episodes. Season 1-2 were definitely the best of them all.

  21. aljo says:

    season 2>season1>season3>season4

  22. Lois says:

    Hmm, I definitely liked Season 3 a lot more than Season 4 rather than what some people are saying. But that might be because I just absolutely hated the cure and Silas storylines from this season. This season had a lot of potential at the beginning, especially with Elena as a vampire, but it just never really went anywhere interesting.

  23. Babybop says:

    People are so forgiving to Damon because is the sexiest person that has ever walked on the earth. I don’t even know how Ian Somerhalder can still be sexy while covered in fake blood pretending to be a serial killer-vampire but he accomplishes it.

    Regardless, the Damon killing Jeremy thing was probably the biggest “WHAT JUST HAPPENED?” moment of the first two seasons for me.

  24. Miranda says:

    Jeremy did not see ghosts because he had died and been brought back so many times, it was because he died of non-Supernatural causes (aka the gunshot) and Bonnie brought him back to life with witchcraft, seeing ghosts was the consequence of that.

  25. charlotte says:

    I Loveddddd Season 1 and 2 and 3. I loved the epic love story of Stefan and Elena. Loved bad boy, sleep around with beautiful women Damon. Loved all the scary jump out of your seat scary scenes. For me I won’t be back for season 5. Once Damon and Elena slept together it forever changed the show. Even if Stefan and Elena get back together it will forever be ruined. I thought their love story was exciting and so hot. Oh well, it was great while it lasted.