Veronica Mars Movie: Veronica's Dating [Spoiler]?

Veronica Mars Movie PhotosVeronica Mars’ mysterious big-screen boyfriend has been identified, and it appears ex marks the spot.

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If newly leaked photos from the set of the fan-funded film’s set are any indication, Kristen Bell’s titular sleuth has reconnected with her former college sweetheart Piz, played by returning co-star Chris Lowell. (Buzzsugar has even more damning evidence of a Veronica-Piz rekindling.)

Last March, franchise mastermind Rob Thomas — who is writing and directing the Veronica Mars movie — told TVLine that Veronica would be “dating someone” at the start of the flick. He declined to say whether her suitor was an existing character or someone new — only that it would not be Logan.

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Thoughts? Do you suspect Mr. Thomas orchestrated the Veronica-Piz hand-holding photo-op to throw us off? Is this all a moot point since we all know-suspect-hope Veronica will get her happy ending with Logan? Weigh in below!

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  1. EVIE says:

    I don’t know why but I am afraid they will kill of Logan… As it seems to me Jason doesn’t seem to be loved by his co’stars! And if they want to continue the show, they would like to do it with the ones they like working with…. I hate that!!!

  2. Mandy says:

    They have to be dating because Piz didn’t go to high school at Neptune High so that is the only way he would be in the movie at all. And clearly, Veronica will need to leave him for Logan, which will be more sad than if it was some new stranger that no one cared about.

  3. fioleni says:

    Really? I’m not going to try to refute your points on Logan because they’re largely true but you honestly think Duncan was good for Veronica?

    I mean, sure, a ways before the show began and Lilly’s murder and all the subsequent messiness, I’m sure he was a good first boyfriend for Veronica.

    But he also had iffy-consenual/non-consenual sex with Veronica while he believed her to be his half-sister. And he broke things off with her without telling her why.

    I think Veronica went back to him because he’s reliable (read: boring). A relationship with Logan is always going to be hard but with the Lilly and not being siblings issues out of the way, Veronica figured a relationship with Duncan would be a return to the ordinary pre-murder days.

    I can’t stand Piz. Maybe that’ll change but I doubt it. To be fair, I think I was predisposed to dislike him because I was partway through the first season when I watched the movie trailer and what I got out of it romance-wise was this barely-in-the-plot cop kind of guy with annoying shaggy hair (which is a pet peeve of mine) or Logan. So not really a hard choice. (Other things I got out of the trailer: oh my god yes Veronica punched Madison!, Weevil is married what?, Tina Majorino is beautiful!, Dick is still Dick).

    I was pulling for Leo for a while but that’s never really going to happen. Max Greenfield is great.

    I wouldn’t want Wallace and Veronica together because I love them as best friends and Alicia and Keith should get married. (And I grew to like Jackie and Wallace together).

    It’s too bad the show doesn’t explore say Meg (I love Alona Tal!) and Veronica because before the bus crash and before Duncan, that could have been such an interesting relationship.

    I guess by default, I’m Team Logan. Logan is definitely a messed-up person but whoa can Jason Dohring act and bring us all these different aspects of his character and he brings out all my feelings about Logan’s effed up homelife and I just want to hug him (or sometimes shake him).

    But as has been reiterated, Veronica Mars is first and foremost about VERONICA. If she can end the movie happy and independent without Logan or Piz, I’ll be delighted. If however, she ends up alone and miserable or miserable with one of them, I will be filled with much fury and disappointment.

    Rob Thomas has said he wants to keep making more Veronica Mars movies/books/tv and if we’re going to have more(!!!!), I demand something like Torchwood’s Gwen shooting at aliens and being badass with her baby on her hip – obviously doesn’t have to happen right away. Oh and Duncan and Lilly(/Faith) should definitely reappear on the show/next movie/book. Don’t you just know that little Lilly is V’s goddaughter? I believe it.