Exclusive Fosters Video: Brandon Meets Callie's New 'Friend' -- and Gets Jealous?!

The simmering attraction between The Fosters‘ Callie and Brandon can’t be denied.

In the following exclusive clip from next Monday’s episode (ABC Family, 9/8c), their chemistry comes to a boil when Brandon meets Callie’s potential new boyfriend and is more than a little irked by the competition.

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Press PLAY to watch the sneak peek, and then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  1. dude says:

    I was on the fence but I loved this week’s episode and I find myself really rooting for Callie. The actress that plays her is so likable.

  2. Columbus says:

    I like Callie/Brandon too but would much prefer for Callie to find a permanent home with The Fosters as opposed to dating her foster brother.

    • mia says:

      I think both are possible. I have a friend whose parents were in the foster care system and ended up living together in the same ‘home’ and then fell in love. They’ve been married for 25 years and technically have the same parents (adopted). So its not impossible. And its probably a lot more common than we’d think. Finding a permanent home *and* dating one of your foster siblings.

      • Winter says:

        Though you’re right that it probably happens, it wouldn’t happen right now. It can happen once she is legally adopted or has aged out of the system (which is most likely), but while she’s a ward of the state it’s completely against the rules. In real life if CPS found out she would be removed from the home and placed in a group home.

        • johnhelvete says:

          Thanks for posting that. That is probably what happened with Liam, the subject of Callie’s paper about guilt.

    • BOOSHIE says:


  3. Mark says:

    I like this show but I find the chemistry between Brandon and Callie incredibly creepy.

    • K. says:

      I don’t think it’s creepy at all they’re both over 16 years old, had never met and are in no way related! Now if they were raised together from babies, then yes it might be creepy..Also love those two together…

      • DM says:

        I totally agree with that, K. It’s not like they grew up together, and so they don’t have a brother-sister relationship. They just met and wanted to be more than friends. Isn’t that how anybody gets together?

  4. mia says:

    im so glad tvline covers this wonderful show! and Switched at Birth. I was just thinking last night ‘ooo, hope there’s some Fosters stuff on the next spoilers post’ lol.

  5. Tinemi says:

    Please TVline do a recap from this awesome summer show. I know is not the guilty pleasure of Mistresses but it is a nice summer enterteinment.

  6. Splum says:

    Callie/Brandon for the win! My 2 favourite characters, by far! Actress who plays Callie is quite good at making audience feel for her.

  7. Brandy says:

    “error loading media file can not be displayed.”

  8. Alex says:

    I wish Talya would go away forever.

  9. Aleana says:

    I like them but I rather they be friends then boyfriend and girlfriend I do wish Callie open up to the Moms and other brother and sister more

  10. Lorena says:

    You know, i would like Callie and Jude, go live with Brandon’s dad, that will be so ABC family

    • ccc says:

      good point but his dad has a drinking problem though or Brandon decides to take a stand and go live with his dad so him and callie can still have a relationship because Brandon did say “he was not like laim and wouldn’t make callie take the fall” and bc Jude really likes his foster moms

  11. Heather says:

    I hope Callie and Brandon become more than friends their chemistry is more than I would have ever thought it would have been. They belong together more than her and her new boyfriend.

  12. Liz(a) says:

    The video is not working. :(

  13. i think its okay for brandon and callie to get together..its not like they’re biologicalyy related. it seems like the only reason brandon broke up with talya is for callie so they should just get together(:

  14. Lilly says:

    I love ballie

  15. Zoey says:

    I think they should date behind the moms back.That would be AWESOME!!

  16. Cameron says:

    I agree they should date behind their mom’s back.

  17. Nicole says:

    I am a 100% Ballie shipper. And I know that a lot of people don’t like them together because its “creepy”, but it’s not like they’ve ever met, grew up together or are related in any kind of way….? So what’s creepy? I hate the dating rules. And I feel like because of these rules, either Brandon, or Callie and Jude will be going to live with Brandon’s dad. Probably not soon… But eventually I feel like someone’s going to have to leave (unless Callie and Brandon turn 18 or Callie gets legally adopted before). Sorry for it being so long!

  18. Emilia says:

    I would love it if Brandon and Callie got together . I don’t really mind if she’s with Wyatt as long as he isn’t a bad influence on her.

  19. JM says:

    I really liked the video! I can’t wait until Mondays episode

  20. Izzy says:

    I ship Ballie all the way!!! I don’t like her being with Wyatt but in a way I do because it makes Brandon jealous and then he might make a move, I really hope he does. :) #ballie

  21. Emma says:

    I’m totally rooting for the whole Brandon and Callie getting together situation. I think that they should adopt Jude into the family officially but not Callie because she’ll soon be 18 and if she hasn’t been officially adopted her and Brandon can legally be together. It’s a win-win situation. :)

  22. Rose says:

    I think Callie and Brandon should date behind the moms back an I don’t care for Wyatt I don’t like him he’s nothing too me and if Callie and Brandon dated on the show behind the moms back it would be sort of like a twist and they would have a dirty little secret and I would much more excited too watch the show ever Monday..!

  23. Maria says:

    Yes I totally really agree with u rose they should date and Callie should get over Wyatt and Callie and Brandon should date behind the moms back.i would love that they would be making out behind every corner but know one would know

  24. Anna says:

    Brandon and Callie should date I just don’t get why they can’t they should let them go out and at the end of the episode they get caught by Lena and Stef or to make it better they don’t get Caught at all. And why did Wyatt have to come in the picture it just made things worse between Brandon and Callie they already had to deal with Tayla Go Brallie ;)

  25. Savanna says:

    How is it creepy for them to go out they are perfect for each other and Wyatt is a bad influence. Brallie all they Way!!!!

  26. ccc says:

    I think Brandon will go live with his dad and callie and jude will stay with Brandon’s mommies and that way callie and Brandon can still have a relationship and jude can stay with the family he has gotten attached too OMG I love this show soooooo much

  27. Abby says:


  28. Bby says:

    Am sorry but this movie is really annoying at some point…between callie and brandon,are dey trying to teach us that its ok to leave ur girlfriend just for a new girl who even happened to be a foster sister to u…i dont get dat..and pls no one should give me the reason dat tayla was acting up n dat she went far by reading callie’s journal dats why brandon left her.its a normal thing for every girl in her postion to be jealous, because it was so obvious they both had somthing for each other…so its normal for her to feel insecure..so please make me understand what dey are trying to tell us in this movie between callie and brandon.thanks

  29. Natalie says:

    Ha ha “don’t call me dude” I think that Wyatt is nice and all it’s just Brandon and Callie had a spark ever since Callie came to live with them

  30. Jessica says:

    I’m confused, I just want to know if Brandon and Callie end up together in the end. Like did he move in with his dad so they could be together? Well I guess that really wouldn’t work either.. Anyways, so they get over each other??