Food Network to Drop Paula Deen After 'Inappropriate' Comments

Paula Deen Dropped By Food NetworkPut a fork in her, ’cause Paula Deen is done.

Food Network has announced that it “will not renew Paula Deen’s contract when it expires at the end of this month” in light of the TV personality’s recently exposed offensive comments.

The controversy stems from a deposition, reportedly held May 17, in a discrimination lawsuit by former Paula Deen Enterprises employee Lisa Jackson against Deen and her brother, Earl “Bubba” Hiers, per Huffington Post.

According to the report, Deen admitted to using the N-word and expressed a desire to have a southern style wedding with black waiters assuming the role of pre-Civil War-era “slaves.”

Deen was set to appear on Today this morning, but canceled her appearance. She later released a short apology video — it was quickly taken down, but you can still watch it here — in which she said, “I want to apologize to everybody for the wrong that I’ve done. I want to learn and grow from this. Inappropriate, hurtful language is totally, totally unacceptable.”

“I’ve made many mistakes along the way,” she continued. “But I beg you, my children, my team, my fans, my partners, I beg for your forgiveness.”

A new apology video has since been released:

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  1. rlnadolny says:

    People have a right to their opinions and beliefs. I do believe she should have kept them to herself, but in the end….to each their own. Nothing we do can change what happened so maybe we should just move on and not make mountains out of mole hills, there definitely is more going on in the world than this, I’m sure.

  2. John J Foote says:

    Food network jumped the gun. I think they su-k

  3. Faisal says:

    Some people do and say stupid things when they get rich and celebrities. We see it everyday.So sad it happened to Paula..she is the last Michael Richards.

  4. scott says:

    OMG!……. Your all stupid!……….racism is people who have negative intent towards others…….You all hav your own stupid idea of what can or cannot be said……Don’t call a fat girl fat…….or chubby……or fluffy……or big boned…..or heavy……or thick……..out of approx 7 billion people on this planet someone us going to have an issue. This world is jus chock full of idiots……this blog site is making it quite evident…….Paula Dean, you go girl….and you shouldn’t apologize for any of it……you did nothing wrong.

  5. rachelle says:

    Paula Deen is nothing but racist, ignorant TRASH. She should be mortified by her words and behavior. I’m willing to bet money that she’s not even actually sorry. Good damn riddance!

  6. scott says:

    Furthermore, you are judging someone for making a comment or two from a lifetime of representing an industry in a positive light…….keep in mind dummies, that doctors who we hold in reverence kill people on accident all the time…..and for those of you that don’t believe me……find an ER nurse with 10+ years experience and ask them…..they will let you know……and it doesnt always make them bad doctors or bad people…..but they are still held several notches higher in respect than most……I been a Paramedic for a very long time and in 20 years ive made my mistakes…..and some have cost lives….I share these stories to help educate……and my educating has saved many others lives….thank god my county I work in didn’t give me the Paula Deen treatment……..whew!…….soooo many more mistakes from others would have continued and many others would have died!……keep in mind all you goofball morons, Paula Dean didn’t kill anyone. She made a comment…..and while Paula is done with the food channel…..those doctors I mentioned?…..they still have their jobs……and some people are still dying……..Besides, we want to hang Paula on a comment and a theme? Then why in the Hell do we all allow people like Peter Popov, the Faith healer have his own tv show and rip sick people off of their life savings when they need medicine and treatment?…..but noooooo! Jus write Peter Popov a $10, 000 check, let him touch your forehead screaming “I cast the demons in the name of Jesus!”….then you fall backwards and are healed!!!!!…. Really?….and he still has his own tv show?… guys are soooooo dumb!….Hang in the Paula…… long as you know who you are.. :-)

    • Bump says:

      Are you psycotic or what!
      Calm down, take a pill or something!!

    • Stan says:

      Your comment is really annoying to read. Try using proper punctuation. You’re also missing the point but I suspect their is no point in trying to explain it to you.

  7. We’ve all done and said things we regret, we should forgive and let go.

  8. Amanda says:

    No matter what race you are everyone should find this offensive not only because she said the N word and as someone who works on TV she should have known the scrutiny she would be put under for saying that, but also because of the whole slave thing. No matter how you look at it that is wrong.

  9. Joyce says:

    I don’t care what kind of language Paula Deen uses because she is not an English teacher or an etiquette expert! I watch her for her cooking which she does very well and I think it is absurd to fire her for using a word black people use all the time! Nice to know the double standard is alive, well and living at the food network!

  10. julientk says:

    It is not her job to babysit you and your food habits. She can cook what she wants. Also, she admitted to using the n-word 30 YEARS AGO. Who cares?

    If Food Network wants to drop her, that’s their prerogative, but, I don’t think anyone should be living in some sort of dream world where famous people are never making mistakes or doing something offensive.

  11. Amy says:

    I agree with Joyce & Julientk. Besides, 30 yrs. later the “victim” is now “offended?” I $mell opportunity cookin’ in the kitchen with the fried chicken.
    Joyce..the “double standard” is alive and well all over. Right on TVline’s boards about American idol, for years they’ve lamented that “the white guy with guitar” won the competition too often, (meanwhile, there’s been 3 African American winners)…imagine if we lamented there were too many black winners. Enough already.

    • Stan says:

      For the last time- this is NOT about something she said 30 years ago! This is much more recent and is about multiple comments. My goodness, please look at the information before you comment. Paula is a public figure working for a business and if she causes that business bad publicity (and this is not the first time), then they have every right to fire her. It’s not about agreeing or disagreeing with her comments, or her right to say them.

  12. Barbara says:

    Does anyone remember Senator Robert Byrd? He was being interviewed on a news program, and blatantly said that he and others used the N word in the South, regularly. He used the same word in the interview a few times also. He didn’t think it was wrong to do so, because that’s how people talked in the South years ago. He chuckled about it, and gave the impression that because it was done all the time, it was acceptable. That was just the way things were. Now that man was a racist in my opinion. Nothing was ever done to him,
    He was never removed from his political position in any way. He was a public figure in a position to vote on laws that would affect the rest of us, and not a thing happened to change this. On the other hand there were times that other senators or representatives made remarks or statements that might, and I emphasize might, have eluded to a so called racial comment, and they were chastised, and removed from leadership positions, and committees. They were public political figures, whose choices would affect all of us in some way. Paula Deen’s choices do not. I wrote all that to say this, Everyone is different and life is not fair. Racism is wrong. Discrimination is wrong. Many things in life are wrong. Many of the comments made in this posting are wrong. Some things as these will never change. None of us are perfect and we will always err in some way. I do not know what was in Paula Deen’s heart when all this took place, and yes she used poor judgement when this happened, but I do know it is not for me to judge and condemn her. I have heard racial slurs by many of the so called enlightened, during my lifetime and have cringed at them. For that matter, I have cringed at some of the comments made here by many of you, that reflect animosity at Paula Deen’s financial success. I do not believe that anyone was forced to purchase anything that would have contributed to her bottom line. WE all need to look inward and take inventory of our own lives, and at least try to become a somewhat better person.

    • ty says:

      The word means black. In the minds of many older southerners, it’s not a derogatory term. The J word, however, is derogatory. It’s no different than calling a person of color schwartzer in Germany.

      • Barbara says:

        Thank you for setting me straight. I do have a question though. If black is the descriptive meaning for the N word, what is all the fuss about. I always thought that the word niger spelled with 1 g and pronounced like Nigeria was the descriptive word for black. It is used on the labels and packaging for black sunflower birdseed, and paint colors. As for Sen. Byrd, or anyone else from the South, they should be setting a good example instead of adding confusion to the situation. I will ask again, why was he allowed to talk that way and she wasn’t? They are both Southern. Personally, whatever anyone’s interpretation of the word might be, it is offensive, rude, and hurtful, or must be, because this entire conversation would not be taking place. If we all just try to be decent human beings toward one another we would all benefit from doing so.

  13. Mike says:

    Lets bottom line this folks. She can say an do whatever she likes as long as no laws are broken. You can chose to dislike or like her an say whatever you want about her. No one has the right not to be offended. You can chose to watch her or not. Food channel can chose to fire or hire her. Moving on……

  14. G says:

    The use of the word colored is not acceptable either.

  15. sal says:

    why is just the N=word how all the other words people use against each. People say some bad stuff to. example driving you cut someone off not on purpose what happen they yelling at you flipping bird at u. how went someone calls a person fat pig that hurt full. so enough on just the N-word it all the bad word.

  16. C. Wilson says:

    I just think this whole politically correct thing gets taken too far. If you don’t like what someone has to say or what they believe then simply have nothing to do with them. The laws that are set in place ultimately keep peoples opinions and actions from causing any major chaos in the world. We and our ‘that’s not fair whine whine whine’ attitudes is what causes the rediculous craziness. We have become a society of cry babies.

  17. Jenn says:

    I am a white female who lives in the south. I am offended by the discrimination of my origin of birth and the assumption that “everyone” from the south are racist and ignorant assholes. I believe that everyone appears to be judged and picked on for their race or origin or religion of political preferences and so on. I myself have been called whitey and cracker and snow bunny in school and had my hair pulled at work and tormented because I was moved to an office where I was the only woman of non color and the other employees were trying to break me so I’d leave. This is not an issue that only happens in the south and only happens to non Caucasian people. I do not agree with Paula for her choices in words and actions however if we condemned everyone who made the same choices everyone would be sued and fired.

  18. Nancy says:

    She apologized and yet they removed the video? Clearly they don’t want her to apologize now? What the hell? So we should all be punished now for something we say in the privacy of our own homes? That’s scary.

  19. jim says:

    I look foward every Saturday morning. to watch her i don’t get why food network is bringing stuff from the pass yelling racism you know. weres the neeleys or big daddy at why aren’t they on how many blacks do you see on food network talk about. racism all they did is through paula under the bus don’t worry paula many fans will stick by you we will quit watching food network there abunch oh asses I’m sure there so perfect them selfs we love you paula no matter what happens and we will come to savana to eat at your resteraunt and buy your books love from our house to youres

  20. ashley says:

    its not like she did not know what she said she is in her 60s and she dus know better i hope she dont get back in

  21. nonya says:

    I live in Texas and have been scrolling through these comments. I am a caucasian male and can tell you that not everyone in the South is racist! It’s amazing at all the racism directed towards the south for something one person said. This is craziness!

  22. Kathy says:

    I am very disappointed in Food Network. I will never watch them again.

  23. shar says:

    It’s sad it came to this,but Paula is a grown woman and should have known better. I grew up in the same time as her, even though she is a few years older, and was around when people were using the n-word, even my own parents. Very inappropriate for these times. What you do in your private domain, is your business, but in front of Africa-Americans, not good.

  24. Voy Cooks says:

    Paula Deen’s comments were vile enough but those who rationalize her behavior and defend her are simply reprehensible. The n-word does not mean ignorant or any other euphemism. It is a mean-spirited, vulgar racial epithet. Paula Deen knows this and chose the language she used. She must now suffer the consequences.

  25. Brandon says:

    Taking her off air isn’t enough. A boycott on her store should be next.

    • Linda says:

      Brandon are you perfect?have you ever said something you wish you could take back?

      • Bump says:

        I did not hear her say, “I wish I could take it back”. I heard her blame the South, her Grand pa, Bubba, her age, the Times she was born into (1947 NOT 1747) etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum!

        To your question, “Brandon are you perfect?have you ever said something you wish you could take back?”

        Even if she did want to and did take it all back all the decades of her insensitive racist remarks, well that’s cool, however that does not mean ANYONE HAS TO EMPLOY HER IF THEY DO NOT WANT TO Linda lame brain!

    • Why not just send a message and execute her?

  26. Suzie says:

    So she said the n word years ago and they are firing her now?? Why? We were all young and dumb once. No one should look down on a group of people. Only she can answer to what she really feels. I do not watch her but if she is being punished for something she said years ago shame on food network. However if she is a racist then I stand behind food network.

  27. Linda says:

    I think it’s ashame the the food network fired Paula dean.I will not be watching food net ever again.No one is perfect in this world.Let her explain her side and listen.She is 60 plus years old.Give her a chance.Look what others have said and done that was much worse.Every one at one time or another has used words and regret it later.I am behind Paula Dean 100%.Give her job back to her.

  28. jen in benton says:

    do you guys realize that you are arguing over something that happens to most americans everyday ? i mean come on 85% of the U.S population uses the n word .. some people are way to sensitive and the above comments are proof . i mean seriously we arguing over a word ..granted its a terrible word and i will not use it and will never let my child use it . but come on !!!!!! GROW UP !

    • Bump says:

      Oh you are such an elitest! So you and yur rug rats are in the bottom 15% that do not use the word…you special!

    • Frank says:

      We are missing the point here! It’s a professional atmospheres its a job not a hang out on the corner of 125th street, c’mon guys your missing the point always act and be professional in your job weather your the boss or employee you must act accordingly to your job description so, now for acting childish you must pay the piper remember its your job just like a boxer ” protect yourselves at all times”

    • Angela says:

      some people are way to sensitive
      And yet you refuse to say the word. Why? Because you know it is terrible. If I were getting called a word that had nasty connotations for my race and its history constantly, yeah, I’d probably be a little “too sensitive”, too.
      Also, the “Well, other people do/say it!” argument? Doesn’t wash. My dad used to use a great example: Say you’re in traffic and other people are speeding, and you, intentionally or unintentionally, begin speeding as well.
      You happen to be the one who gets pulled over by a cop. You think the cop’s going to buy your, “Well, everyone else was doing it!” excuse? No. They’ll give you a ticket anyway, ’cause whether you were the only one speeding or not, you were still in the wrong.

  29. Tyronicia Miller says:

    I think she will make a come back but I Don’t see her the way I use too! To me she is prejudice and apart of her character believes that this is okay! This is why she is behaving the way she is because she is comfortable with it. She needs a history lessons to me.some one needs to reeducate her in history. I already forgave her because I would want to be forgiven too.

    • Frank says:

      She’s done! Too many younger cooks out there!!!
      She will never have ratings and there is only one Martha Stewart she stoled and made a come back but when you use racial comments there is never a come back

  30. Anybody over the age of thirty, and I say anybody, who claims to have never uttered a racist, derogatory or bigoted word toward someone of another color, culture, class or religion is either a total, two-faced liar or an absolute freak of nature. The whole ‘word police’ movement is defined and directed by the Left. Name one person on the political Left who has been made to pay with their job for some ugly, vulgar thing they said about someone else. Bill Maher? Chris Rock? Kathy Griffin? David Letterman? Joe Biden? Barack Obama? Yeah, that’s right. Think real hard on this one and get back to me, you self-righteous hypocrites.

    • kay ballantyne says:

      Paula Deen is a cook, not a religious or political figure. Why do the media and the sponsors have to turn everything into a nasty news day? I still buy Paula’s books, still would watch her show, still treasure her recipes, and will not watch food network again.

      • Bump says:

        Good riddance Paula meen and Kay Ballantyne !

      • Frank says:

        You are right a cook!! So why get into racial slurs? Be a cook look for more recipes for your show . Why get into racial comments? Now you gotta pay! They pay you to cook not to call people names!!!

    • Frank says:

      Yes we have! But you are a national figure on television and the head of your show there is no other conversation you can have with your employes?? Yes we do say it but she said it to the wrong person and now you got to pay!
      Always be professional in your job!!! She must have been bore in her job or ran out if recipes

  31. Frank says:

    Well, if that’s what carry on in her TV show then they got problems because I’ve been in business since 1999 and I’ve never had a conversation of race name calling in my business. So, what inspires a work place to have these topics of conversations ? So, you know what they deserve what they going to get for not having a professional atmosphere!!!!

  32. April says:

    I have many things I would like to voice my opinion on but I totally agree with Mr. Donald Trump. Move on in your own life. All of these people that stripped you of all that meant so much to you. They are all hipocrits, themselves. Are they really going to try to tell all of us that they have NEVER used that word in their life, including black people. No more tears or appologies. Hold your head up, brush yourself off, put this behind you, now. Remember, “there is always something better around the corner”. Really Paula, let them all swim in the pool together. You get out, dry yourself off and never look back, focus on forward cause it’s out there for you. They were just your “stepping stone” for what awaits your real calling in life.
    Good luck to you and your fruture endevers!

  33. Jon says:

    After reading it here, I think I will have a Nazi themed wedding. Love the SS uniforms. Everyone is racist regardless of what they think and it is unfair that certain races get preferential treatment.

    • Bump says:

      Wah wah wahhhh stop yur cwying and walk up to one of them there types that” it is unfair that certain races get preferential treatment.”
      Tell him how you feel in real time face to face.

  34. I just couldn’t go away your web site prior to suggesting that I extremely enjoyed the standard information an individual provide to your guests? Is going to be again continuously in order to inspect new posts

  35. Thanks for finally writing about >Paula Deen Fired By Food Network After Racist Comments – Bye, Yall – TVLine
    <Liked it!

  36. Bump says:

    benefits of tomatoes YOU ARE VERY ANAL RETENTIVE!! Try minding your own business, I know it will be very hard but I’m betting that you can do it even if it takes the rest of your life.

  37. jasneskis says:

    Paula Deen has the right to say anything she wants just as you are I. You and I may or may not agree with her, that is our right. This is still America? We do have free speech? If she chooses to use this American right it is her business and right.I never plan to put God out of business, it is his business to judge the soul, not all you hipacrits that apparently need a life so you won’t be so busy minding everyone else’s business.
    She has aright to have whatever party theme she can afford, plan and carry off. You don’t like it, plan your own party…..
    I don’t know how that line got into my writing. I couldn’t get rid of it.

  38. Terry Clothe says:


  39. vickie says:

    I believe that verbal abuse is wrong on all counts. Have you ever seen a black person held to any level of accountability for calling white people names? I haven’t.

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