Cinemax Sights Hunted Spin-Off Miniseries

Hunted Spin-Off CinemaxSam Hunter isn’t done running, after all.

Cinemax is developing a Hunted spin-off miniseries that continues the story of the cancelled espionage thriller’s main character, played by Melissa George.

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Hunted creator Frank Spotnitz will be involved in the new project, called Sam Hunter, which finds private spy Sam trying to figure out why there’s a price on her head and what her current situation has to do with her mother’s murder. (Let’s not forget she’s also trying to keep her young daughter safe from whomever wishes them harm.)

Hunted‘s solo season was commissioned by the UK’s BBC One before Cinemax came on as the U.S. producer and distributor;  per our sister site Deadline, the British network’s decision not to renew the series for a second season made it impossible for the drama to continue in its original form.

So the American cabler kept the parts it liked — namely, its creator, star and main character — and is making something new.

Spotnitz is now writing the project, which will eventually be a four-hour miniseries.

Are you happy to hear that Sam will be back? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. RAE HOUGHTON says:

    I am over here in Australia, and just can’t wait for the extension of this series..
    My wife and I loved it, although the wife was a bit confused. She gets that way. But we loved it anyway. The characters were good. And the bad guys were very bad.
    look forward to the new extension…if it ever gets here

  2. iralarry says:

    Great show. Beautiful ppl. Fine acting. Believable for TV espionage. I’m glad I remembered her breath holding training or I’d be broken-hearted. Looking forward to a second go round.

    Who the hell is complaining about a bit of skin? Perfectly in context and who feels ashamed to see beautiful
    ppl shagging it out? Stupid puritanical buffoons. Bring on the mini-series. When is it. Sign me up before my free three months of cable packaging expires.

  3. Gayle says:

    Glad it’s returning!

  4. Greg Sexton says:

    Yes enjoyed the show. Hope it returns soon. So we can find out where the baby is?

  5. Mirna Atash says:

    Hell yes! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for Sam, and the father of her child. Also who and how she ended up with a price on her head. Great show very excited to hear it’s coming back! Thanks guys!

  6. Matthew Salvin says:

    Anyone know when this will air ??


  7. cindy says:

    I was disappointed that it had been cancelled. 4 hr is better than nothing. How about more?

  8. Pepper BeallMaupin says:

    YES YES I really loved the series, I am very excited to see it continue on, I believe it will be a huge success!

  9. gayle schindler says:

    love this series – I’m a mystery-thriller fan and this was a great series – I want more!

  10. I loved Hunted! Am glad it is coming back. Disappointed it is only for a mini-series. We will need good advertising so as not to miss it when it comes back (and presumably under a new series title/name).

  11. DEA says:

    I recently just started watching this show, and i didn’t seem to get into it till about the second episode and it sucked me in!! – I am really wanting to see the season 2. – I find it funny that the “British Producers” decided to cancel this series, they obviously don’t know the difference from a good show to brain dead idiot producers, whatever if England doesn’t wanna make money and put the time and effort making a quality show, us Americans will ;) as we know how to actually make GOOD SHOWS WITH MULTIPLE EPISODES ! – Our American producers don’t just give up after the first series…… those British brain dead producers need to be Dealt with by the character in the show “Tyrone”

  12. DEA says:

    England needs to take Movie/Show series production college all over again as they seem to keep canceling multiple shows….. they must be to busy drinking Tea & filling their faces with FISH LOL

  13. Saint says:

    its already july 2014 I haven’t heard anything yet so is it canceled?

  14. hank says:

    Yaaaay, love the show need more than 4 hours but it is a start

  15. Victoria says:

    Sam has to come back. George is great at being tough and yet vulnerable.

  16. jax says:

    I loved the series could not stop watching it. Every character made the show so interesting. Every episode just drew you into it…..please continue …..

  17. Swrvdrvr74 says:

    Comcast is offering free Cinamax this weekend, so i took advantage n watched the series, Hunted. It’s totally awesome. Absolutely in love with Mellisa George. BBC messed up when they dropped the show. So glad to hear that a 4 hr mini series will come. I hope there will be more afterwards. Thanks.

  18. A says:

    Love to see her. Love love this show please return……….pleaseeeee

  19. doug says:

    Yes!!, the show was great!, been waiting along time for another season and was hoping for many more…Banshee is the greatest show ever on tv and I watch them all including Sapranos,Boardwalk Empire,,,magic city,the Wire,Oz,Strike back,,Power,, but please for the love of God ,Cinamax bring back many more seasons of Banshee,, as well as Strike Back,, and I hear there is only 4 more episodes of Hunted , well that is better than nothing cause I believe it could last many seasons as I couldn’t wait till next week for the next episode to air,, also Banshee must not end for many many seasons as I couldn’t wait for the next episode so much so I watched another episode to keep the last episode always fresh in my mind, and it was so hard to wait a year for season 2 and now I got all my friends all caught up on both the seasons that they all call me to see if I know any more series that are good,cause there isn’t many that are great like Banshee..but I also would love to see many more of Hunted,Sam is great in this show!!,, and you also have another great show in Strike Back also,, all my friends still say that the fight scenes in Banshee were the best in ANY SHOW EVER!!,, and Hunted had good ones as well as Strike if you can’t tell by now Cinemax,,I watch more shows than anyone almost literally as I have Dish Network and I watch ALL the primetime channels at different times cause I record so many shows and I literally watch 10-12hrs.a day…maybe more ,,I love Cinemax, but you need more series only have a few and they are all good to great!!..we’re as HBO has many but only a few have been great and some good ones,,, but many bad ones they strike out a lot,,, were you guys have not struck out yet all though I am yet to see the new series The good luck on this one,,, just one more thing,,I am not one to like sci-fi ,,very much,,, the biggest sci-fi I watch that’s on now is called The Strain on FX I believe…thx for ur time

  20. Elissa Wheeler says:

    So happy happy happy! !!!!! Love the show . Found out it was cancelled and was disapointed . Please come through with spinoff.

  21. wanda pegg says:

    Enjoyed Hunted very much. Disappointed there will not be a second season but am looking forward to mini-series.

  22. LaurenceE Lantzy says:

    Fun show……love it when good triumphs over evil………some times a little hokey but very entertaining. Love to watch her beat the crap out f the “tuff” guys……

  23. Sheila says:

    Still waiting. I loved the Hunted and can’t wait to see Sam back in the saddle.

  24. danita says:

    I just finished watching Hunted and I must say WOW! I love action, the plot and all of the mystery revealed. In my fantasy I am able to kick ass like Sam did while protecting my children. I would love to act but haven’t been found and molded. Keep up the good work and please give us more.

  25. Ray says:

    Bring back HUNTED!!! Great show with a great cast. Completely different and new from anything that’s on tv right now. Highly surprised that it was cancelled.

  26. Louis5 says:

    Loved hunted & refreshing to see such a strong performance from a female lead (Melissa George) which thoroughly deserved a series 2.
    Really disappointed that this never happened & pleased to read about the spin off series which I hope airs asap.
    Notice Ms George in a film just come out, well received & looking forward to seeing that.

  27. ellie says:

    So pleased. Loved the first series and really want another but when will it air ?

  28. Roger Noble says:

    Hunted was as good of a series that has been on Cinemax bar none!! Want to keep up with Melissa George with the upcoming spin off! Keep the public updated with the spin off.

  29. Lisa says:

    I’m glad it will be back, sad it will only be a miniseries. I hope it is still as good as it was.

  30. debra says:

    I’m waiting for hunted to return I cant wait.

  31. Whitney says:

    I’m hooked and im so happy the show will go on however im saddened that a season 2 will not be picked up! This show is awesome

  32. Lunch Cloutier says:

    I am thrilled that the series “Hunted” will be resurrected as “Sam Hunter.” Thank you to Cinemax and the writer/director Spotnitz for their great efforts. I can’t wait to watch and enjoy their work.

  33. james says:

    I absolutely love…Hunted…nd its characters…especially Sam Hunter…plz bring season 2 out soon…

  34. Roger Noble says:

    Yes happy to have Sam back! Hopefully the mini-series will be popular enough to do a full season!!

  35. Jaime says:

    This was a good show and it’s sad to see this Go no where.

  36. Jon. says:

    Fantastic ! Loved the original and can’t wait for the new one to start. Melissa is very credible in the role and pulls it off with real style.
    Jon in Kingston,Ontario.

  37. Glen mcLeod says:

    Good news. Excellent series

  38. David says:

    Loved hunted. Can’t believe it was cancelled…poor decision in my estimation.

  39. Dee Tarbell says:

    I loved this show. Please give us more. We need how’s of this caliber.

  40. Frank says:

    I am real excited a great series one of the ewasons I like Cinemax.

  41. Pat Wilson says:


  42. Amanda Pena says:

    I am glad to hear that Sam Hunter will be back. I really liked the first season with all twist & turns so I know that her second go around is going to be Fricken osome. I guess I will have to hurry up & wait to see what she has in store for everyone. Yes

  43. Denise Brown says:

    I just binged watched Season 1…so ready for the mini series…bring it on

  44. KAG says:

    Great series. I will definitely watch additional episodes no matter the name.

  45. Robin carr says:

    My husband and I both loved watching this series together. Hated when it ended.. Looking nice so forward to more of it

  46. Pete says:

    I don’t comprehend why networks/companies cancel a great series. The story lines and twists of Hunted are great as is the acting. So? Why the freak did BBC really cancel it? I can’t imagine Hunted wasn’t well received no matter what BBC says. I know it isn’t cheap to film, but neither are some other BBC series.

    • Roger Noble says:

      Can’t wait for Sam Hunter to return. Couldn’t understand why series was canceled in first place…….keep us posted regarding return of series!!

  47. I enjoyed “Hunted” and thought that the plot, characters, etc, were entertaining. I was not excited to find that there was no season two, so reading that there will be a spin-off is good news !

  48. J Fogle says:

    I liked the show and will watch the sequel.