Fall TV Preview

Fall TV Poll | Thursday: Parenthood Vs. Scandal and Sherlock Holmes, and Other DVR Dilemmas

Fall TV Schedule 2013 ThursdayThe Fall TV season will be here before you know it, and with it comes tough, new viewing choices. In fact, the time to get thinking about them is now.

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Each day this week, TVLine will present the grid for that night’s fall line-up, including Big 5 fare and select cable listings. You then vote for what you plan to watch ”live” during each time slot.

(If you fancy yourself a DVRnista and are horribly, irrevocably hung up on my use of the word “live,” I invite you to instead vote for your “Top Priority” in each time slot. Semantics problem solved!)

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WTWthursday2013NOTES ABOUT THE THURSDAY GRID: This represents face-offs taking place for at least six weeks of the fall TV season; that’s why, for example, Burn Notice (which ends its run on Sept. 12) is not included. Details on new shows (indicated in RED) can be found at these links: The Crazy Ones, The Michael J. Fox Show, The Millers, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Reign, Sean Saves the World, Welcome to the Family

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Want scoop on any of the above shows? Email insideline@tvline.com and your question may be answered via Matt’s Inside Line.

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  1. HeatherC says:

    My Thursday is going to be spent watching ABC all night and it’s funny because this hasn’t changed for me in a long time! =)

  2. Brandy says:

    BIg Bang Theory,Once Upon a Time in Wonderland,Vampire Diaries,Reign

  3. Jen says:

    tvd, wonderland, reign, sean saves the world, the crazy ones, elementary, the michael j fox show… man there is a lot on this night that i want to check out. not sure how i am going to watch them all.

  4. ali says:

    Parenthood v. Scandal is just brutal.

  5. Maki says:

    VD, Grey’s and than Elementary. TBBT and Reign get DVR treatment! Really big crowded day!

  6. Tiffany says:

    When the title of the article popped up with Sherlock in it I thought you meant BBC’s Sherlock. This was misleading and while I enjoy Elementary there is a huge difference and you should credit the show properly.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I have added the word “Holmes” to abate any mass confusion.

    • Darcy says:

      I think people grasp it. Sherlock is BBC, no? I love how Sherlock fans act like their show is some kind of sacred Conan gospel against the lesser-than Elementary. I’m a big fan of the canon and think Elementary is better in a lot of respects. It’s not a knock against the untempered brilliance that is Sherlock, LOL!

      • scooby says:

        No, PBS runs the show in the US. Sherlock could be back on the air at the end of 2013 as well, so it’s not unreasonable to get confused here. I’m a fan of Elementary, and there’s a lot to like that’s different, from how they’ve handled Watson to Moriarty. I think it’s only gonna get better. The show Sherlock is more cinematic, and I feel compelled to tell people they have to see it. I’ve been going through withdrawal for a year now. As much as I like Elementary, if people don’t watch it, I don’t really feel the need to beg them to check it out. I watch it myself, then go about my business. I’ve never heard anybody have that must-see reaction about Elementary even though the response has generally be positive. If you miss one of 22 episodes, you’ll live. If you miss an episode of Sherlock, that’s 1/3 of the season. They make every moment count, and it’s brilliant. Ask any actor in a 22 ep season, and they’ll acknowledge how it feels stretched a bit sometimes and that’s why they like the idea of 10-13 ep seasons on cable. I bet Jonny Lee Miller would be happy to shorten it up, esp. given how shows are in the UK, but that’s not how networks operate. You’d think with all that time they’d use Aidan Quinn more. Maybe it’s contractual and he doesn’t want to be in it more than that.

        • Darcy says:

          See, I do have that must-see reaction toward Elementary. I feel myself advocating for the show. It handles so many issues so deftly. It’s funny and quirky and sometimes very intense. The finale was one of the best things I saw on TV all year. Very well acted and written. The Holmes and Watson dynamic is absolutely fascinating to see evolve through the season.

          I think Elementary >Sherlock in characterization, Watson, Moriarty, and if they’re going where I think they’re going with Mycroft, it might be better there, too. Moffat just isn’t that stellar at long-form television. He tells great stories with the tools he has, but his Sherlock and Watson don’t really change. In that sense, I think Elementary has more heart.

          Don’t get me wrong. Sherlock is excellent television. But I think Elementary deserves all the props in the world for keeping the quality pretty high over 24 hours of network television. Moffat and Co. has so much more time to create the glossy six hours of TV they do a year. And I do mean year. Or more. But I do see your point re: shortening the season, but as of right now that’s unlikely to change.

  7. Thursday’s at 10 – The hardest choice for the 2013-2014 line-up.

  8. Eric7740 says:

    The Vampire Diaries
    Greys Anatomy

    The Crazy Ones (love me some SMG)

    • Rivera says:

      I really really wanna watch Crazy Ones live – but i can’t think of not watching Grey’s! that would be an abomination!

  9. Thursdays at 10 p.m. = toughest time slot this season. Parenthood vs. Scandal vs. Elementary. I vote for Parenthood because it’s still one of the best TV dramas I’ve ever seen this year and I’m so excited for The Michael J. Fox Show (the best new comedy of the season).

  10. Kristin D says:

    With 30 Rock gone, Community a mid-season (until something new fails) Thursdays actually might be my easiest night. TVD & Reign as DVR top priority (as I rarely watch anything live anymore). I might check out Sean saves the world now that Megan Hilty signed on…

  11. SJ says:

    I think the 10 pm battle bodes well for Elementary. I think Scandal and Parenthood attract similar viewers. Personally, I’ll be watching Parenthood and DVRing Elementary, but just an observation…

    • LOL says:

      Sucks for you. You’re missing out. Scandal is far superior to both the other shows. Your loss, though.

      • Mel says:

        I love Scandal, Parenthood & Elementary!. I would not say Scandal is the superior show, it’s just a different show. Yes, it’s constantly exciting and fast and there’s always a mystery, but sometimes you want something with heart and is family oriented (Parenthood), or a little more quiet, slow puzzle (Elementary). All in their own time and place LOL.

  12. Don’t know which sitcom line-up is better this season on a Thursday night: NBC or CBS. Tough decision. Any suggestions?

  13. Lauren says:

    Ugh I really hope Parenthood survives its new timeslot. It’s such a good show but that is some stiff competition.

  14. Tai says:

    Thursdays are looking pretty simple for me unlike Tuesdays. Just sticking with watching The Vampire Diaries live and DVRing once Upon A Time In Wonderland. Then I’ll check out The Crazy Ones and probably Scandal.

  15. Adam says:

    I gave up on Glee after the shooting episode this season (had pretty much dropped it before that, though), and fell behind on Grey’s Anatomy years back. For how busy Thursday night TV is, my 9-10pm hour is pretty empty!

    I guess I will try The Crazy Ones and the Michael J Fox Show, since they both look pretty decent.

  16. Nick says:

    Live: Big Bang Theory, The Crazy Ones, Michael J Fox Show
    DVR: OUAT in Wonderland
    Netflix: Glee, Parenthood & Scandal

  17. Spencer says:

    No! Who decided Parks should be on the same time as Big Bang? I guess NBC is just trying to find some way to get rid of it…

    • ^ Community perhaps?

    • Ari says:

      I’m guessing they are pulling a Community and trying to kill it by putting it up against the highest rated comedy on tv. Frankly, I think Parks should have gone at 9 as the natural replacement for The Office. I kind of felt like it was a slap in the face because Parks was their best rated non-Office show on Thursdays last year. Why put it in the death slot?

  18. PeterW says:

    NOOO the crazy ones and glee at the same time :( and then scandal and parenthood at the same time :( come on this blows wendsday night is crap move something to then

  19. chris says:

    I have been watching Scandal but may switch to DVR for it. Watch Parenthood live. Scandal has live tweeting which is super addictive but I can see where the show is headed B613, daddy issues and the standard Shondaland “foot drag” to keep the main couple apart Fitz and Olivia, then offer substitutes to fill time. S3 should have been mind blowing with Fitz divorcing Mellie but it appears they have tabled that for S4 or S5 or some delay. When they get serious, I’ll go back live.

  20. Elyse says:

    Thursdays at 8 are going to be a hard choice for me. My boyfriend and I just started watching Parks and Rec on Netflix and its quickly become one of our favorites. But I also love Once (so i’m sure i’ll love the spinoff) and TVD… but once again I don’t have a nielson box so my viewing habits really don’t matter ratings wise.

  21. Sheryl says:

    ABC all the way. Project Runway on DVR.

  22. Chris says:

    8pm: Big Bang Theory, X-Factor, Welcome to the Family
    9pm: Greys, The Crazy Ones, Michael J Fox Show
    10pm: Parenthood, Scandal

  23. 8 p.m. – The Big Bang Theory over Parks and Recreation. 8:30 p.m. – The Millers over Welcome to the Family. 9 p.m. – The Crazy Ones over Sean Saves the World. 9:30 p.m. – The Michael J. Fox Show over Two and a Half Men.

  24. Kim says:

    I don’t watch most things “live” my DVR is my best buddy.

  25. Jack S says:

    Live: TBBT/X Factor/Glee/Scandal
    DVR: Parks & Rec/other half of X Factor/Elementary.
    Uh oh. Thinking of giving all the comedies a chance too.

  26. Cammie says:

    Glee Live
    Nothing else interests me enough to record

    • Pam says:

      This comment makes me sad for some reason.

      • Cammie says:

        Maybe your sadness is you watch too much TV and spend to many hours on the internet casting shade on people and don’t do enough outside activities. By limiting one’s viewing to only a couple of hours of TV a week and having a life outside the TV and internet, you will find true happiness.

        • Emily says:

          Whoa, uncalled for.

          • Len says:

            I admire Cammie’s stance.

            I watch way too much tv. However, I’ve never stayed in and watched something, or fretted I may have not taped/dvr’ed something, or my dvr is full so i need to stay in and watch stuff live, if I have the opportunity instead to go out and do something with people instead. That always takes priority for me.

            Meanwhile all the coworkers are completely obsessed they need to watch shows live so they can talka boutit at work the next day, then they complain they never go out and do anything.

            Tv like any technology is a very useful thing, unfortunately like most technology it has become an obsession.

          • Miranda says:

            Was I the only one that thought Pam was reacting to the fact that it was Glee that was the only show that interested Cammie? I personally think the show has lost any sense of originality it had in season one and has become formulaic. Not to mention how back and forth the character development is… Sigh, as a writer myself, this show has become lazy. And as a TV addict, any number of these shows warrants a watch over Glee. Well, except for Two and a Half Men.

          • Emily says:

            Pam: I’m sorry you feel that way.
            Cammie: Well, then, you’re an idiot.

            That’s how I read it, anyway.

        • Betsy says:

          …says the pot to the kettle

    • GLEE should end after six seasons I hope.

  27. Darcy says:

    Elementary. It’s super addictive and the best thing on CBS. I question the brilliance of leaving it against Scandal, though, with 2.5 Men as a lead-in. Are they trying to kill it?

  28. Leondre says:

    Live-NBC all night DVR-Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Scandal

  29. robinepowell says:

    If NBC were smart, they would have moved Parenthood to the 9:00 time slot, where it belongs. The only conflict I have on Thursdays is Parenthood and Elementary.

    I might PVR Once Upon a Time: Alice in Wonderland, since it conflicts with Big Bang, but depends if I decide to watch it or not.

    • Miranda says:

      Except Grey’s Anatomy tends to win a lot in the 9 o’clock time slot.

    • Ally Oop says:

      That would be awful. I like Parenthood where it is. I dont watch Scandal or Elementary so at least I have no conflicts with that hour. The rest of the night however…yikes. I only have one satellite box and can only record one show at a time. Luckily there’s time shifting so I can record two shows per slot. Vampire Diaries and Big Bang at 8pm but what in the world am I gonna do for the 9pm slot? I like 4 shows–Grey’s, Reign, Glee and Crazy Ones. I guess Glee and Crazy Ones will have to go to the wayside except when Grey’s and Reign are on reruns. At least I have Glee on Netflix. Thursdays remain the most busy TV night of the week for me, as they have for much of the past decade.

  30. Jen says:

    Way too much to watch! The DVR will be busy.

  31. AL says:

    ABC owns my soul on Thursdays and Sundays….although I’ll be DVR’ing ‘The Crazy Ones’ I’ve adored SMG since Buffy ( but lets not talk about the ‘The Ringer’).

    • Miranda says:

      A) It was just Ringer, and b) I liked it. It certainly wasn’t TV gold, but it started off as an interesting premise and had some intriguing plot points and mysteries.

  32. Anna says:

    Watch Live:Grey’s, Wonderland, and Scandal.

    DVR; Glee, Vampire Diaries. Elementary, Big Bang, and Reign. Thursdays suck for me there is too much on this one night!

  33. Kay says:

    From The Big Bang Theory to Elementary, there’s only one I watch that night

  34. Lori says:

    Scandal v Parenthood is tough, but Big Bang Theory vs Parks and Recreation is brutal for me

  35. Maryb889 says:

    How adorably 20th century. Really. Does anyone watch anything live anymore … outside of a sports event, that is?

    • jill says:

      Yeah…. lots of people! Not everyone has a DVR and live ratings still matter.

    • Len says:

      Better yet, does anybody do anything but watch tv?

      Ahh for the days of two channels, watching a show and then going out with friends for the evening.

  36. Mika02 says:

    Thursday i’m excited for
    Live: OUAT in Wonderland, Sean Saves the world/Micheal J Fox, Scandal
    DVR: Xfactor Results and Parenthood (I really think putting this up against Scandal was a mistake although I’m good with Person of Interest on Tuesdays because I finally can watch it live!)

  37. Cindy says:

    Vampire Diaries and Big Bang. I like OUAT but wont watch the spinoff because it doesn’t look that appealing plus Vampire Diaries is just too good not to watch live.

  38. DoctorWhoFanatic! says:


  39. Tinemi says:

    For me is TVD, Grey’s and Scandal. I’ll DVR Parenthood, OUTWonderland and maybe Reign. I’ve learnt that with the CW the worst I can do is get attached to a series that might not last.

  40. Austin says:

    My two favorite shows on television are Parenthood and Scandal. I’m really mad that Parenthood was moved! But I will definitely watch Parenthood LIVE Scandal is great, but I love Parenthood more than any other show. DVR Scandal.

  41. Art says:

    I was so disappointed in Scandal finale. I don’t know if I have the patience to watch season 3. Right now, I’m going with Parenthood.

  42. Melody Paris says:

    Another light night. A few things to check out, but only one MUST see show. Again, a great night for Tuesday DVR overload recovery. I DVR everything, so this is a great chance to catch up.
    7 pm – Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, I’m going to check out but I’m not yet sold that I’ll like it
    8 pm – Reign – like the spin-off from OUAT, I’m willing to give this a try, but I have no confidence that I’m going to like it
    9 pm – Elementary – and this is my Thursday show, this is my MUST watch on this night
    And that’s it, which is nice. I may just blow off the 7 pm and 8 pm hours and do something outside…crazy, I know.

  43. John says:

    For me: Vampire Diaries, TBBT, Wonderland, Grey’s Anatomy,Elementary and Scandal.
    Will check out Welcome to the Family, Seasn Saves the World and The Crazy Ones.

  44. Seven says:

    It’s nice to see all these people debating between Scandal and Parenthood. It makes me think that maybe CBS knows what it’s doing re: Elementary and the comedy block. <3 Elementary

  45. cas says:

    Thursday are so awful! So many good choices. TVD, GA, TBBT, Wonderland, The Crazy Ones (SMG!!!!)! I recently just started season 1 of Scandal. I like it so I may catch up and watch season 3 except I am getting the feeling they are going to pull a Derek/Meredith with Olivia and Fitz judging by the comments. Which just makes me wonder why Ms. Rhimes can’t think of any other ideas for couples? I think she must have had a torrid affair once or something considering all her leads end up starting that way.

    • chris says:

      Yes, anyone remember Rose and Derek? I see the handwriting on the wall – stall. Pretend Fitz loves Mellie and Olivia loves Jake). I will probably watch Parenthood, DVR Scandal. I can skip the latest version of bad matches to delay the leads. She loves creating super couples then dragging them out over years. I’m not that patient.

  46. Ram510 says:

    SCANDAL!!!! I can’t wait! Other than that I will somehow squeez in Wonderland, P&R, TVD (maybe) Welcome to the Family (although this one may not last too long), Sean Save the World, The Crazy Ones, MJ Fox Show, Scandal and Parenthood. Scandal love but the rest I don’t even know at the moment

  47. Lauren says:

    Um, yeah: Somehow I don’t think there is a huge overlap in viewership between Scandal and Parenthood…

    • Steve says:

      Well, in the sense that Elementary is different in format and in appeal than those other two, I’d expect to see more people torn between Scandal and Parenthood than Elementary and Parenthood. At least in the demo, In that sense, I can see Elementary making some small gains against Scandal if the Two and a Half Men lead-in isn’t a misstep.

      Elementary is more serialized than a typical CBS procedural, but it’s not soapish. Definitely a more cerebral show. So it’s going to attract a different type of viewer than Scandal. I’m not saying Scandal is for dim people or anything, but I see less overlap there than with Scandal and Parenthood given where each show places its priorities. I do enjoy Elementary for its character development, though. It’s fascinating.

  48. Kira says:

    Thankfully I have Tivo :)
    8pm: Big Bang Theory, Parks & Rec, Vampire Diaries, and Once…in Wonderland (at least the pilot)
    9pm: Grey’s Anatomy, Michael J. Fox Show, and Reign (at least the pilot)
    10pm: Elementary and Scandal

    Thursday nights are crazy!!! lol

    • Len says:

      Having TiVo/dvr is great. I need to ask a question, and this isn’t meant as an insult. When do people find the time to watch all this stuff? If people spend three hours watching live every night and dvr’ing three hours, when is there the to watch those dvr’ed shows?

      Guess I’m just jealous at people’s free time, but it seems to me it’s due to not sleeping :)

      • Miranda says:

        Most people don’t have three hours live + three hours DVR every night. I have a total 21 and a half hours of TV this fall I’m looking into watching, half of which is returning shows, and the other half shows I want to check out, another half of which I’ll drop, so I’ll probably end up watching about sixteen/seventeen hours a week. I DVR everything and watch the really good stuff first, and then save the others for light nights, like Wednesday for me, or empty nights, like Saturdays.

        Most people, however, I’m pretty sure watch what they really like first, then tend to save some for lighter days, or the dreaded hiatuses most shows tend to go through at the same time, so that they catch up then.

        • Ally Oop says:

          Exactly right. Some weeks it’s all reruns and there’s that really big hiatus that’s maybe a month long around Christmas where there’s not a whole lot. For me, theres around twenty-five shows I watch but I only watch about 14 hours of TV a week. I never watch live. I just go to my DVR and watch what I want to most. Surprisingly, eventually I get through watching most of it all but some shows I end up deleting cause I realize I never will ge around to watching them because they just don’t interest me enough–those are what we call bubble shows. And usually in the fall I select about 20 new shows to sample but then those get whittled away until I’ve settled on about 12 I will keep watching.

  49. GeoDiva says:

    This is the worst night of the week. Will watch Scandal live and DVR both Elementary and Parenthood. Thank God for 2 DVRS!

  50. David says:

    Scandal for sure!