The Voice Season 4 'Live Finals' Recap: Who Should (and Will) Win It All? [Updated]

Michelle Chamuel Why The Voice - Season 4The battle lines have all been drawn and the fandoms have been essentially locked in for several weeks now on Season 4 of The Voice. So the question entering tonight’s Live Finals was this: Would (or could) any voters be swayed to switch allegiance?

The question exiting it, though, was quite different: Why did one of the three competing acts get a hefty advantage by scoring two out of the last three solo performance slots on the telecast? (Spoiler alert: It wasn’t The Swon Brothers or a member of Team Usher.)

Look, I know Danielle Bradbery is as easy a sell to country radio as sauvignon blanc to a reality TV recapper warm milk to a hungry 1-year-old, but the Live Finals were so imbalanced, I swear my TV tilted four inches to the right by the time the telecast came to an end. You think I’m exaggerating? Chew on this: The Swon Brothers’ final competitive performance tonight ended with a full 42 minutes left of airtime. Mark Burnett & Co. might as well have introduced ’em with a dismissive, “Hey, America, it’s the opening act for tonight’s main event…put your hands together for Zach and Colton…whatever their names are!”

OK, OK, I’ll quit with the conspiracy theorizing now. Because, ultimately, the final night of Season 4 voting comes down to a choice among apples, oranges and kiwis. Or, rather, a fast-food burger joint, a backyard barbeque and an avant garde urban trattoria.

Danielle allows Blake and his country fans to have it their way — midtempo, twangy love songs made with a quarter pound of lean beef and cooked the same exact way every time. She’s a monument to consistency, to assembly-line efficiency and to the American dream. (Hey, if Blake can call her “without a doubt, one of the strongest vocalists on Earth, surely I’m allowed such a flight of fancy.)

The Swons’ performances may sometimes come out a little undercooked or occasionally overcharred, but the food’s not really the point. They’re about beers and bonfires and laughter with friends and family — and their understanding of their own limitations and broad appeal has allowed them to ingratiate themselves into the hearts and minds of the voting public. They’re the ultimate answer to the question, “Which act would I want to join me on the couch to watch The Voice?”

And then there’s Michelle: All Chilean sea bass with avocado foam, wasabi mashed potatoes and haricot vert with a soy demi-glaze. She’s a rarity, an aquired taste, a special (and expensive) night out — but with Usher lending his name to the joint, it’s become the place to be for lights, psychos, Furbies, screaming babies in Mozart wigs, sunburnt drifters with soapsuds beards voters who want something out of the ordinary.

Me? I’m #TeamMichelle, but I understand the appeal of her rivals — even if, deep down, I know it’s Danielle Bradbery’s Powerball ticket, and the rest of us just have to hope she stimulates the economy and it trickles down to us.

Can we pause for my favorite exchange of the night?

Usher: We’re humans being, not just humans doing.
Carson Daly: That should be on a cocktail napkin.

With that, let’s cut to my letter grades for tonight’s performances (I’ll update this recap with more detailed reviews overnight):

The Swon Brothers (New Song): The Eagles’ “I Can’t Tell You Why” | Yeah, maybe it’s a little odd that The Swon Brothers tackled their second Eagles track this season, but if you’re gonna ping ’em on those grounds, then you’d have to do the same to Michelle (two Cyndi Lauper and two Pink covers apiece) and Danielle (two each by Carrie Underwood, Pam Tillis and Sara Evans). And the truth of the matter is, “I Can’t Tell You Why” is a terrific piece of ear candy that stretched Zach’s muscular instrument into falsetto territory and allowed the guys to show off their seriously improved harmonies. My only complaint is that considering Zach declared his intent to infuse the tune with “an extra little spark of special” — not to mention that both Colton and Zach play instruments — I’d hoped they’d try to do something (anything, really) to color outside the lines, move the song away from the karaoke bar and toward a future as risk-taking artists with a real point of view. Yeah, I know, I’m tragicomically optimistic. “I Can’t Tell You Why” was pretty solid in spite of all that, though. Grade: B+

Michelle Chamuel (Encore ‘Defining Moment’): Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” | I’m typically not a fan of repeat performances on reality singing competitions — it’s nearly impossible to recreate  magic once it’s out of the hat — but I’d be lying if I didn’t point out that Michelle actually upped her game on “IKYWT 2.0,” nailing the lower notes on the verse in a way that eluded her the first time around, while still keeping alive a raucous, uptempo energy that was missing for most of the night/season. Michelle’s air-punch, “throw down the mic” move at the end had me hooting and hollering right along with a studio full of folks who channeled 11-year-old girls surrounding a One Direction tour bus. Grade: A-

Danielle Bradbery and Blake Shelton (Mentor Duet): Patty Loveless’ “Timber, I’m Falling in Love” | Handy rule of thumb: If you’re a full-grown, married male coach on The Voice, you probably shouldn’t choose to duet with your 16-year-old female protégé on a song that has her looking into your eyes and delivering lyrics like, “The right body, the right face/Timber, I’m falling in love.” No wonder Danielle mumbled her way through the opening verse, a faint look of dread in her eyes, then went surprisingly flat on parts of the chorus. The coaches didn’t provide any feedback on the night’s duets, and thank heavens: If Adam had made some kind of unfortunate joke about Miranda Lambert needing to watch her back, I would’ve crawled under my couch, turned into a dustball and prayed for the roar of the vacuum cleaner to drown it all out. If anything, though,”Timber, I’m Falling…” taught us it often takes more than a bell-clear tone and an unrelenting eagerness to be worthy of the “mission accomplished” message Blake conveyed; old-fashioned life experience, deep understanding of a lyric and an ability to convey its message count just as much — if not more. Grade: C

The Swon Brothers (Encore ‘Defining Moment’): Loggins and Messina’s “Danny’s Song” | On paper, this choice seemed like a head-scratcher: Why choose to reprise the same exact song you just had a fairly big moment with only seven days prior? In practice, “Danny’s Song” was even more inscrutable. For starters, I’m 99 percent certain Zach either missed his cue or botched his lyrics (or both) coming out of the first chorus, when he mumbled something along the lines of “It was a summer night/ And I know I love my wife.” Say what now? And while Usher’s comment that he’d “disappeared for a moment” mid-performance was spun as a positive, I have to admit I could relate a little, as the familiarity of the cover — and the lack of a fresh new twist or arrangement — left me with a lingering sense of ennui. Wouldn’t it have been cool if the Swons had given the band a break, and chosen to strip the song all the way down — just to Zach’s piano and Colton’s guitar? See what we end up missing out on when a coach gets rewarded for playing it safe all season? Grade: B-

Michelle Chamuel (New Song): Annie Lennox’s “Why” | I loved how Usher’s sole remaining vocalist kicked off Annie Lennox’s monster solo hit by singing into what looked like a mirror, until her reflection stopped moving its lips on the phrase “keep your big mouth shut.” Whoa! Please tell me I’m not the only one who didn’t realize that was a video screen — or that I’m the only one who dug it. But enough about the special effects: Michelle’s voice was in gloriously good form as she hit all those tricky notes and conversational phrases — while managing to put a more hopeful, less manic spin on the lyrics. By the time she hit the lines “This is the book I never read/ These are the words I never said,” I could feel a chill spread across my shoulders and down every hair on my arms. (I’d yell “Goosies!!!” but J.Lo made the phrase illegal back in Season 10 of American Idol.) In all seriousness, though, Michelle was so deeply under the song’s skin and so consistently on pitch that she may have found a small crack in the window that allows her to win the whole thing. Yeah, I know, probably not, but these are the dreams I’ll dream instead anyhow. Grade: A+

The Swon Brothers and Blake Shelton (Mentor Duet): Brad Paisley’s “Celebrity” | If I’m being honest, Zach and Colton and Blake sounded perfectly fine (albeit rather ordinary), but the song choice was the equivalent of going for a field goal when you’re down by 21 points with three minutes left on the clock. Maybe the boys knew they were destined for third place and thought it’d be clever to tackle a country hit about the perils of life in the reality TV era? (Oh, Blake, I never can tell if you’re the most self-aware dude on network television today or if you have no self-awareness whatsoever.) I’d have given this a B+ or A- if the Swons had said when they wrapped, “Don’t waste any votes on us. We’re never gonna win the whole enchilada, but we’ll be opening for Blake or Rascal Flatts or whoever in the latter part of 2013, right?” Oh how I miss crazy, bracing honesty — I can’t tell a lie.  Grade: B

Danielle Bradbery (Encore ‘Defining Moment’): Pam Tillis’ “Maybe It Was Memphis” | Is it wrong that I found myself aggravated by the way the camera person shot part of this performance from behind Blake’s bopping head — the better to drive home the notion, “If you heart Blake, then aw shucks you should heart/vote for his favorite contestant ever!” And if that wasn’t enough, even Carson Daly had to jump on the critique wagon and tell her she was “really something special” before turning it over to the judges. I know, I know, I sound like a total harpie, especially because Danielle’s lilting, wholesome, “butterflies fluttering over a meadow” tone is a perfect 12-point fingerprint match for Pam Tillis’ sentimental midtempo love song. The only things that detracted from the number were Danielle’s slightly mechanical use of the stage — the way she climbed atop that staircase looked more like a matter of programming than anything natural or spontaneous — and the way certain specific lines and phrases (i.e. “Read about you in a Faulkner novel/ Met you once in a Williams’ play”) were rendered almost meaningless in her hands. I mean, do you think Danielle even knows who Tennesee Williams is, or what his Southern Gothic aesthetic was all about? From the way she sang those lines, I’m guessing not. Then again, maybe the purity of her vocals makes such a question invalid in the first place? I don’t know. You tell me. Grade: B

Michelle Chamuel and Usher (Mentor Duet): U2’s “One” | Call me a softie, but I got a little lump in my throat witnessing the energy exchange between coach and pupil during this performance — the way Usher extended his hand toward Michelle, and she reached back and clutched his fingers; the way Usher got down in a Chamuel Squat to pay homage to her signature stage move; the way both of their faces lit up when one of ’em sang the wrong phrase before coming together in unison on “we’ve got to carry each other.” Yeah, initially the sound mix on Michelle’s mic appeared to be wildly out of whack, but once that got ironed out, this really did turn into a case of the sum being even greater than its parts. I can say without exaggeration that Usher and Michelle are responsible for my favorite coach-contestant relationship in four seasons of Voice history; now here’s hoping the Mutual Admiration Society continues to meet — and make music — once the season is done. Grade: A

Danielle Bradbery (New Song): Sara Evans’ “Born to Fly” | There was something so old-school and quaint about the set for Danielle’s performance — the stone walkway, the white wooden arch covered in ivy, the picturesque trees in the background — that it was giving me serious Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters variety-show vibes. And that’s rather fitting, since Danielle has a set of pipes on her that — utilized properly — can turn back time and find a way to transport listeners to a simpler, more relaxed time and place. When Danielle’s voice opened up on the chorus, and the energetic fiddler broke it all the way down, I could understand Blake’s fascination with this wholesome kid who’s like a perfect block of marble that’s slowly being transformed into something that could be timeless and inspirational. Stylistically, I might prefer Michelle’s brand of jagged modernism, but I can’t say I don’t understand what movtivates folks to download Danielle’s music in droves, either. Grade: A-

Should win: Michelle
Will win: Danielle

And with that, let me turn things over to you. What did you think of Season 4 Live Finals? What did you think of the coaches’ comments? Who will win it all? And who should win it all? Take our polls below, then sound off in the comments, and for all my Voice-related news, recaps, interviews and videos, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. NakedCowpoke says:

    I’m voting for the Swons. I really like those two dudes. Zach cracks me up. His face is so hilarious.

  2. Cleo says:

    I’m so sick of people proclaiming that Danielle is a guaranteed success in upcoming years.
    Do you know how many finalists were called guaranteed successes to the industry on Idol, and aren’t?
    Assumptions get us nowhere and does nothing

    • Zod says:

      Something tells me you just have your panties in a bunch because whoever you happen to like isn’t be declared a guaranteed success. Predictions don’t mean anything. Get over yourself.

  3. Ash Morgan 4eva says:

    When I watch The Voice (US)…I feel like the only one consciously always giving their absolute all is Michelle.
    She always looks like she is performing and singing to win…while the others kind of sometimes do, but not always.
    Just a speculation

    • unicornwasp says:

      i take it from your name that you watch the Voice UK as well. what is UP with this season being so short? 3 weeks of live rounds? you barely get to hear anyone sing!

  4. NakedCowpoke says:

    Adam Levine declares Danielle the Winner! I love Shakira with the Okie flag, the glasses, and the cowgirl hat!

  5. analythinker says:

    Well… Danielle was Born to Fly. Michelle asked “Why?”, and The Swon Brothers said “I Can’t Tell You Why.”

    I’m sorry, I just can’t resist…

  6. Chris says:

    When it comes to the Voice, I don’t usually take the time to vote, but after tonight, I voted for the Swonn Brothers. I understand somebody has to go first, but making them perform their new song in that spot and then giving them a coach duet that only showcased one of them just seemed completely unfair. And it wasn’t just a pity vote, I really think they have the perfect blend of vocal consistency and stage presence. They make me appreciate country music in a way that none of the other country artists on this show have been able to do. I know it’s unlikely that they will win, but I would love to see it.

    And if it can’t be them, I hope it goes to Michelle. She’s got a beautiful, original voice, and she seems like a decent human being, both of which are refreshing qualities in an artist.

    • Zod says:

      I think the Swon Brothers made the choice to go all in on the stronger voice, which probably hurt them in the end. Colton didn’t even sing solo until the group performance.

  7. mel says:

    I agree. Danielle has a perfect voice but lacks any emotional connection with either the song or the world. She has the mechanics and nothibg else as yet. Michelle is by far the best of the 3 and should win.

    • MariMari says:

      Let me preface my reply by saying that Michelle is my favorite too. (For you to say she “ by far the best of the 3 and should win.” is pretty strong. “Best”? Probably left at ‘favorite’ would be better). But, what always bothers me is how the youngsters, like Danielle, in competitions get lambasted for being vacant, dead in the eyes, “mechanic”(al), etc. when they are SO young and have so little life experience to be able to portray the mostly adult emotions set forth in lyrics. Some youngsters DO pull it off better than others. Danielle strikes me as just striving to be so perfect, and she has had (from what I recall in her back-story) no real stage experience before this show. Michelle fronted a band in Ann Arbor when she was attending my alma mater the University of Michigan. Of course Michelle will be a more proficient and believable performer. Danielle will learn and grow as a performer as she grows up. Imo, there is no mistaking her beautiful vocal abilities. I just dislike hate and venom for a young girl with little experience. The show is called “The Voice”.

  8. Someone. says:

    I felt really bad for Colton when he didn’t get one line to sing for himself (except during the group song with the Top 16) during their performances tonight. If it wasn’t clear already, tonight one could be definitely positive that Colton is only there for harmonizing/back-up vocals. Poor guy! Zach has the better voice, but come on. Give Colton some lines to sing as well.

    • The Beach says:

      The few times I’ve heard Colton sing alone his voice has a much softer tone and not the hard-edged twang that Zach’s does. I guess it is his destiny to always be Zach’s back-up.

      • TheProducer says:

        They aren’t even a duet any more. The little one has been relegated to singing back up for his brother. They have cheated by changing their duet into a solo performance with the smaller brother only singing in the back ground.

  9. Lann says:

    I believe both Danielle Bradbery and The Swon Brothers will have hits on the country charts in the years to come with or without a win on The Voice.

    Michelle Chamuel MAY continue to have hits if Usher is behind her as he was for Justin Bieber.

    • Davey says:

      I think it’s great that Danielle and the Swon Brothers will have country hits that I will never listen to. They are likable but I listen to other kinds of music.

  10. Thea says:

    Slezak, you win the Internet for your Stefon refrence. 👏

  11. chrysta says:

    I think they put the Swon guys on first to put everyone to sleep and then put Michelle on next to wake em up! Seriously, with the exception of Michelle the show tonight was one big snoozefest!And it seems that Danielle sounds flater when I listen to her when I can’t see the TV and I’m not distracted by her sparkly outfits and cutsie face!

  12. Debbie M says:

    I just get a Stepford Wife vibe from Danielle. Beautiful, pitch perfect, but a vacant, emotionally disconnected look in her eyes. May be her age, inexperience in front of a crowd, or something else, but If I am watching her and not just listening to her, I am not as impressed. That being said, she will probably still win and have a Kellie Pickler-like career, not a Carrie Underwood one.

  13. George TheOnion says:

    Danielle’s blank stares were very agitating, tonight.

    I’m glad Christina is coming back next season. No more of this endless praise coming from the coaches.

    • A says:

      Finally someone agrees! I think Christina returning is a great thing for the show. Time to bring in a little honesty and some actual critiques back to the show. These coaches are just way too nice without her. So sick of the endless praise and ongoing lovefest the coaches seem to be having with every single contestant and the fear they seem to have that prevents them from actually giving good constructive criticism and doing their job.
      It’s so irritating because it completely dismisses the purpose of them being there. Any idiot can sit there and say “You were awesome” and “you were amazing” all the time, but these people are being paid millions to use their expertise to actually “coach” and help mold these wannabe artists and help them learn and improve, not sit on their *sses and give undeserved compliments all the time.

      • thedeviledadvocate says:

        Did you know, prior to the start of season 1, Christina, CeeLo, Adam and Blake banded together and the four of them together told the producers they did not want to do the show IF the producers wanted them to ridicule, belittle, make fun of, be snarky to, (basically everything Idol tries to do when it is time to throw someone under the bus), and also they didn’t want to do the show if they were going to bring in joke contestants like Idol sometimes does.

        • A says:

          No I didn’t know that. And I never said I wanted them to do any of those things and I’m glad that they don’t.That being said, this is still a competition and some sort of critiques by the coaches should be made. It’s what they are paid to do to coach these contestants. They need to give them comments that will help them grow and allow them to develop skills and qualities that will ultimately aid them in their quests to become better artists. Constant praise, while annoying to hear all the time, really is just going to hurt them in the long run IMO because while the coaches may think they are great or are reluctant to make any comments, the people who really matter, the voters and the fans and the people who will pay money for their future music may choose not to. I think that’s also part of the reason why The Voice has yet to produce a single star whereas AI has produced Oscar and Grammy winners.
          I also didn’t know about their part in the issue of joke contestants but if that’s true then I applaud them for that because the joke contestants on AI got really old.

        • George TheOnion says:

          When those rules censor actual, valid criticisms, they shouldn’t be there.

          • thedeviledadvocate says:

            Usher harshly asked two of his contestants if they thought messing up was funny, during a coaching session. Blake told Danielle she sounded like a certain part of a song was out of her range, during a coaching session. The coaches do give their contestants criticisms, but doing it out of the spotlight of national tv seems to be much more productive than calling them out after performing in front of 10 million viewers for missing a couple of notes. Also, the negativity feeds off itself, see Randy’s OTT critiques over the last few seasons of AI. I prefer the coaches to soft pedal, as opposed to the judges often unjust browbeating. On the other hand, the OTT standing O’s on AI were far more disgusting than the way the coaches on The Voice avoid critiques.

    • Jay says:

      Yes, Danielle is so ‘un-engaged’, for lack of a better term. @George, I’m also tiring of the constant, often undeserved praise coming from the coaches. They used to give gently phrased, constructive criticism – well, except for Christina. But this season their comments have been so saccharine, they’re a huge waste of time.

    • debi says:

      For some reason, people complained that Danielle smiled too much or smiled during the wrong songs. I liked it when she smiled because it seemed like she was so happy to be there and to be singing. I think that’s why she didn’t smile as much during the finals. She was thinking about it too much, but thank goodness it didn’t affect her voice. She sang as good as ever.

  14. algalhi says:

    Wow, Michael, an A- for Michelle’s “Trouble”? She was breathy and I couldn’t hear some of her words. I agree that she has a nice voice and energy, and I know you like that she is quirky, but for me A- is too high a grade for that performance.

  15. I8A4RE says:

    Michelle should win. I’ll be surprise if she does not.

  16. Robert Henry Eller says:

    We can have all the amusing discussions about music, voices, performances, production choices, and cheesy coach and contestant comments that we want to have. The results of the voting on this show is going to reflect the voices of the Americans who are watching this show, and more importantly the voices of the Americans who are voting on this show. And this show has become a vicarious stage for the cultural and demographic battle now going on in this country, as reflected in our politics. And that is all the voting on this show is about. It’s not about the music. All the contestants can sing. The voting is about what the audience wants to believe about how life should be. This isn’t even a battle of the bands. This is a battle of the tribes.

  17. JB Smooove says:

    The question exiting it, though, was quite different: Why did one of the three competing acts get a hefty advantage by scoring two out of the last three solo performance slots on the telecast? (Spoiler alert: It wasn’t The Swon Brothers or a member of Team Usher.)

    NOOOOOOOOO, this show is rigged???? You dont say!

    • I8A4RE says:

      The Voice wants Danielle to win so bad. They see her as the winner who has the potential to be a Carrie Underwood type of success.
      “After Monday’s live final performances on “The Voice,” it’s pretty clear who the show hopes will be crowned the champion on Tuesday.

      Danielle Bradbery was given the prime slots and closed the show Monday night. Before she’d even uttered her first note of “Born to Fly,” Adam Levine already had anointed her the winner and Blake Shelton, the 16-year-old’s coach, had said (again) that she was one of the most important artists they’d ever seen walk across the show’s stage.”
      “The Swon Brothers, on the other hand, finished all three of their individual performances before Danielle took the stage for a second time. Except for a random group performance with the rest of the top 12, they were done for the night with 40 minutes left in the show. It doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist to guess that the likable Okies on Blake’s team weren’t the top choice of whoever made the schedule.”
      “Michelle Chamuel the Indie singer had the range. But for “The Voice,” range isn’t as important as genre. Though Usher did his part by having Michelle reprise Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble,” she’s an indie-rock girl in a country competition, and that likely means a runner-up finish and a front-row seat for Danielle’s coronation Tuesday.”

  18. Jack says:

    To make sure I’m only getting tunes I really love (and to avoid spending tons of money), I’ve limited myself to four iTunes purchases per season of “The Voice.” This season, my four were:
    1) “Tiny Dancer” (Caroline Glaser)
    2) “One of Us” (Sarah Simmons)
    3) “Stay” (Amber Carrington)
    4) “Danny’s Song” (The Swon Brothers)
    Which stand-outs did others decide to download?

    • Sarah says:

      I couldn’t get any songs but if I could I would’ve done
      1.The man who can’t be moved (Josiah Hawley)
      2.Time after time (Michelle Chamuel)
      3.I knew you were trouble (Michelle Chamuel) even though I hate the original Taylor version
      4.clarity (Michelle Chamuel)

      Just because Michelle is my favorite isn’t the reason three of the songs are ones she sang. I just like what she does with the songs.

  19. Zod says:

    I suspect Michelle could’ve sang a song completely off key, pitchy and forgetting a bunch of lyrics and Michael would still give that performance an A.

    • Todd says:

      She pretty much did that every week… seriously bad voice.

      • Sarah says:

        Are you kidding Me..the songs she sang that are popular right now I’ve listened to over and over on the radio and she didn’t miss one lyric she isn’t off key and her voice is amazing tell Me why she’s on the voice finals if she had such a bad voice

      • BillyBob says:

        Michelle’s voice is just average. Her voice fades out like the duet with Usher.

    • A part from forgetting the lyrics, that is what Michelle does every week. But she is the best squatter.

      • AlyB says:

        The critiques of singers on this show have been mostly based in reality. For example, no one argues that Danielle has an engaging stage presence or more than a dead eyed delivery, just that those things don’t matter because they like her voice. These criticisms of Micelle are not based on any kind of objective reality. Read, lie.

        • Of course the critiques are based in reality. Michelle had the weakest voice of the 12 that went into the liveshows. She does not belong in the top 3, but people like the show she puts on. In my opinion the top 3 should have been Sasha Allen, Judith Hill and Danielle, but that was not how it turned out.

  20. Ash Morgan 4eva says:

    …..Hopefully Danielle isn’t the female Javier Colon.
    Great, hopelessly clear voice…
    Never heard of again..
    Well then I guess she’d be the next Bianca Ryan???

  21. Ash Morgan 4eva says:

    Blake said Danielle was one of the most important people to walk on the show?
    I’m sorry…but I don’t believe so…okay maybe for the show.
    But her importance and relative interest hardly gets to me…due to the fact that when I think of spectacular 16 year old vocalists, all I’m thinking of is Jessica Sanchez.
    Jessica could sing and perform circles around Danielle.
    If we want to talk about pitch perfect, or as a damn close as we can manage. Jessica is moreso that than Danielle.

  22. I8A4RE says:

    They should do The Voice LIVE tour for the top 12. I would go see it. Better than idol.

    • I8A4RE says:

      Oh I would punch that Josiah in the face. I hate that freaking smirk. Give him two black eyes and some broken teeth and a bleeding and bloody nose.

      • Sarah says:

        That’s just matter who the person is or how much you hate them you should never want them to be hurt. I liked Josiah because he sang music i like.and btw a bloody and bleeding nose is the same thing

        • BillyBob says:

          I agree. The youtube comments are even more brutal. Josiah reminds me of Chris Issak. He should of sang ‘Wicked Game’

      • A says:

        WTF is wrong with you? What did the guy ever do to you?
        Geez, people who make comments like this should be banned from ever making comments anywhere on the internet, let alone be allowed access to the internet in the first place.
        You can dislike him but to wish him harm, you have serious issues….

  23. David ek says:

    Who amongst you want Michelle to win the most?

  24. Karen says:

    I just realized tonight, about the Stepford Danielle, that she doesn’t feel the music. Most of the artists are swaying, tapping or dancing to the beat. She could barely clap it. I think this is why I never enjoy her. And yes, Blake not a a great duet chose, that song is older than the hills and wasn’t that big when it came out.

  25. TheProducer says:

    Danielle Bradbery is the new and upcoming Carrie Underwood 2.0…. A duet with Danielle and Justin Bieber would go double platinum…I’d be surprised if Usher doesn’t see this and try to arrange it…Michelle? A Vegas lounge act…The Swons? Killed themselves with choosing a falsetto piece..not macho Okie stuff…Watch the ITunes sales of Memphis and realize there’s a multiplier on the vote..Is there anyone who knows anything about the music industry who doesn’t know that Columbia Records wants her so bad for her first cut that they can taste it!!!

  26. jj says:

    None of them. The Voice is not about the voice at all.

  27. David ek says:

    Brothers and Sisters, join me let’s change Michelle’s life. keep voting for her

  28. Aaron says:

    The only tragedy will be if danielle actually wins, she is just a 16 year old girl with a nice voice, there isnt a thing about her thats original, now michelle brings everything i like to hear in music, the fiery passion should win her the title.

  29. BobP says:

    I watched the show last night as I have all season. All three performers were excellent. That being said; I voted for Danielle, and downloaded her music from the performances. Based on the season’s performances, Danielle is most deserving of the win. She has been the most consistant all season, and has the most downloads. I love Michelle, I think she is truly genuine. That being said, I will buy more of Danielle’s music; and I am not a big counyry music fan. In the group number last night where all three finalists sang together; Danielle and Michelle were side by side. I thought Danielle was just a little bit better. The Swons are very good; but there act is more older Swon as lead act and younger Swon as backround singer.
    Read many comments from folks who are biased toward one performer or another. The Voice is a singing competition. If it is soley based on singing, any of the three finalists deserve to win. However, a true fan will vote their favorite and also download music. Danielle consistantly has the most downloads. That is THE barometer. A fan that is motivated enough to not only vote for a performer during a competition; but is also motivated enough to invest $1.29 to download a song. I used the word “motivated.” Who motivated the most fans to download music this season? It isDanielle. That means something. I read alot of critiques about Danielle for “lack of stage presence’ or whatever. There is some merit to those comments. But come on people! Danielle is only 16. That will come. The fact is,her music is consistantly good, and she moves people to invest in her artistry. That is enough for me to give her the edge over Michelle in a very close race.

    Right now all three of Danielle’s songs are in the top 13 on I-tunes. Case closed. Good luck to All; but I hope Danielle pulls this out.

  30. clg says:

    love Michele and hope she wins, I’m old enough to be her mother but have always loved Indie rock and uniqueness (combined with lots of personality and a great voice). I have even grown to like the Swon brothers, they have really improved and grown over the season. Danielle is a great technical singer but I have never been fond of kid singers. It’s hard to connect to kids singing adult songs and a little weird too. (like her singing with Blake). The only songs I downloaded this season were from Judith Hill, Michele and even one from the Swon Brothers. Go Michele!!

  31. Mary says:

    Wow Michael you are entitled to your opinion, but seriously Danielle voice is gorgeous. I will say she need work on her stage presentation, but if this show is truly about the voice she should win hands down. All of them have talent, but Michelle is a niche artist that usually do not do well on these shows. I will say I loved her new song this week, but I am probably in the minority but I did not care for the duet with Usher. Her Taylor Swift song, I still hate it. The Swon Brothers are good, but they remind me of Tate Stevens of XFactor – sing well but sound like many other country singers. Sorry I know you do not care for Danielle, but give a girl a break, she is only 16 can you imagine how she will be a few years from now. She reminds me of Carrie Underwood and look how that turned out.

    • Sarah says:

      I totally agree with you about the swon brothers.also with Danielle she is extremely talented but she does sound a bit similar to some female country artists.Michelle has a strong voice, especially during the top 16 performance she was the only voice I could hear distinctively out of everyone.just because Danielle is only 16 doesn’t mean she is the only one that can get better all of them have a lot of room to improve their overall performances.based on last nights performances Michelle should win.Danielle just didn’t impress Me last. night

  32. Sarah says:

    With how many people on the poll voted for Michelle for who should win and her three performances were the top three on that poll proves she does have a major chance and why doesn’t everyone go and vote for Michelle like it says they would in the poll. MICHELLE SHOULD WIN!!

  33. Jaxguy says:

    Danielle great voice. Michelle? Wonderful. I haven’t watched the show. I did watch “Why.” If America puts it vote where it’s mouth is and stands behind it’s usual critique of “he/she was boring” or whatever the phrase is, Michelle will deservedly win this thing, If not The Voice is just another predictable reality singing show that misses 90% of the time. Oh, and by the way, The Voice has missed EVERY time. They generally eliminate the true winners way too early or give them 3rd place. I expect no less from this year. I really hope I’m wrong.

    • HTGR says:

      Not sure about the third place thing. Amanda was below 3rd place. Juliet and Vicci were 2nd. But yeah none were first though.

  34. davey says:

    Does anyone else think Danielle looks like Lindsay Lohan when she was a teenager? That’s why she gave me the creeps from the beginning.

  35. Cássia says:

    Honestly, I dont get The Voice fans. When it’s convenient they say that it is all about the voice (which in this case means that Danielle is the right winner), but when their favorites don’t match that than they start talking about connecting and stage presence (which would make Michelle the winner). You can’t spend a whole season saying that the voice is more important than stage presence or emotionally connecting and then turn around for this season and say the exact opposite just because it fits your favorite and you want to justify their win. I really don’t understand some people.
    A lot of people complained about Cassadee winning because she didn’t have the best voice (which would go agains the show’s premise, even though I really don’t think that was ever the show’s premise) even though she had arguably the best stage presence and more often than not was able to connect and emote, but now they don’t think that Danielle should win, even though she’s almost the exact opposite of Cassadee.
    Just say you like Michelle better instead of trying to come up with inconsistent arguments about who should or should not win.
    By the way, Blake’s strategy is smart and if the other coaches don’t realize that it’s not his fault. He should do what he can within the rules to help his artists win so I don’t get why everyone is complaining about the songs he chooses and blah, blah, blah.
    Anyway, good luck to both Danielle and Michelle, hopefully one of them will win this season.

    • jaxguy says:

      Your points are strong. The fans talk about virtues that suit their personal favorite. But the reality is last year Amanda Brown was by far the best singer and performer. But true to American taste got booted too early.

    • HTGR says:

      I think it’s that she doesn’t have the raw voice of Sasha or Judith and yet not the delivery and skills of Michelle (who doesn’t have a weak voice by any means BTW). Neither quite hear nor there for her. Not bad at all, but not quite it either. That said she may well go on to do very well in country music. It’s far from a sure thing, but I’d not bet against it either.

  36. davey says:

    Well, if Michelle loses tonight she goes out in a blaze of glory. She is no 3 on the iTunes right behind Danielle, her duet with Usher is in the top 10, no 1 on the iTunes pop chart and all her songs have charted on the iTunes pop chart. Pretty good for not being the winner, according to Adam Levine.

  37. Jess says:

    I know I sound crazy, but I missed Christina Aguilera during the judges’ performance. I had to go back and rewatch ‘Crazy’ from a few seasons ago to feel better about the judges again.

    I was looking at Amber, Judith and Sarah during the group performance, and just thinking ‘oh how I wish this was my top 3’ (well, actually I might replace Judith with Michelle because Michelle has really grown on me lately)

    Is no one going to mention how Colton gets an average of one solo line per song and only ever seems to sing on high harmonies during choruses? Why bother being a duo at all if the only one we ever hear is Zach? (lol did I get their names right?)

    Definitely voted for Michelle this week. (I almost typed ‘Amber’ and then cried inside)

    Danielle has a very good voice, but I just constantly think that it’s possible she’s a robot.

    • jaxguy says:

      Amber was my favorite country singer this year. She should be in the final with Michelle and Judith.
      P.S. I don’t hate Danielle. She’s a good singer but boy has this show dug deep to manipulate her win. I think it’s because they really believe she will be a big country star, and oh how bad they need a big star from this show.

  38. I was hoping that during Michelle performance of Why, she would see no reason to squat. love her singing, but the squat is annoying and takes away from her performances.
    Danielle is just BORING.
    Go Swon Brothers

    • Ted says:

      I love the Swons, but, speaking of BORING, omg!!!! They have had their moments of brilliance, but their Eagles’ cover was putting me to sleep last night!!! I was hoping they could pull it out, but they just didn’t bring it like they really needed to…….

  39. Anna says:

    Michelle should win, but unless the country vote was really split, Danielle will win.

    Blake gets the hyperbole award for calling Danielle “one of the most important artists ever on this stage”. Shouldn’t he wait until she proves herself in the actual music industry before dumping praise like that on her? Also, didn’t he say basically the same thing about Cassadee last season?

    I think all 3 of the finalists will get record deals, so good for them. Michelle is the only one whose music I have plans to purchase or whose career I might follow, but I wish all of them much good luck in their future careers.

  40. Ted says:

    Did anyone else notice how much Danielle has aged during the past couple of months??? I was shocked at the close-up shots of her last night; she looks like she’s in her mid-to-late 20s instead of 16.

  41. David says:

    Danielle- I disagree with people who try to compare her with Carrie Underwood. amber was closer on that score. She actually reminds me of LeeAnn Rimes. Not so much the dexterity as the tone.
    Michelle- Usher’s attitude towards her strikes me as genuine. Therefore, I think she can trust that he will shepherd her career after this.
    Swon Brothers- I think everyone has spotted the weakness in this act. Colton needs to be given a stronger role in order to make this a true duo

  42. danoregon says:

    Chamuel is an interesting performer. Bradbury is generic. She’s like Hayden Panatierre in Nashville but just not as convincing as a performer.

    If I had to invest $10,000 in one of the performers, I think you have a better shot of getting your money back with Chamuel,

  43. Lois Benton says:

    In order to keep the ratings up, NBC better hope that Blake doesn’t win a third time in a row. Why would anyone watch a show that has no surprises and never varies? If Blake wins (and I think he had the worst overall team this season), why would any contestant who had a choice pick anyone other than Blake? Can you imagine a show more frustrating or boring? Even if Blake takes a sabbatical, I won’t care, because I won’t be watching, if he wins again.

    • Eidi says:

      I agree with you, but you are thinking about coachers and not contestants at all. I am supporting Michelle, not because her coach is Usher that I love, however for the reason that she is a great performer, singer and attract a broader audience than the local and country singers.

  44. Robi says:

    Michael, you have been a total jerk in the way you have treated Danielle. I used to be a fan of yours, but I no longer am. You have proven yourself to be the same biased opinionator that the “judges”, JLo and RJ, showed themselves to be on AI. You nit-pic the rivals of your favorite in an attempt to convince the voting public to vote your way. Danielle, and the Swon Brothers, are fantastic singers and vocalists, and yet you keep downgrading them, and praising Michelle, because, I can only guess, you are not a fan of country music, and you want Michelle to win. I am convinced Danielle, and the Swons will have much more successful careers than your favorite. Danielle is the first “The Voice” contestant that, I believe, will really come out of this whole process with a successful, and recognizable, impact in her particular music genre. She is only 16 and has a lot to learn about “performing”, but has a phenomenal base talent, her singing voice, to build on. And she’s adorable now, and will be a beautiful woman, and will receive a lot of help and guidance.

    If Michelle wins, it will just be another case of the winner of The Voice disappearing into music entertainment oblivion. Name one Voice winner that has received any national attention for their career accomplishments.

    Danielle will, because, I think, Blake is so impressed with her that he will see to it that she gets good representation and good guidance.

    • Lois Benton says:

      Michael’s just expressing his opinion and giving you a forum to express yours. As Ali G would say (or not): Respect!

  45. Guitar Blue says:

    I understand many of the comments about Danielle as somewhat emotionless and not demonstrating/delivering the spirit of the song in performance. …….she works more on staying in-pitch and giving a good technical presentation of the song.

    We work with girls around her age sometimes as they have aspirations to get into the local music scene and sing with live bands in the area. One of the challenges is to help them with “acting skills” , just as one is selected to play a part in a local play. And there are some interpretive lines in doing that, as one can appear “invested” in the meaning of the song, or slip over the line to look fake and cheesy. …………………… she will develop more as time goes by …… and especially needs to have access to songwriting that fits her age group and the concepts relevant to music buyers of her own generation.. If she gets a hit song in the future, it won’t be from doing Blake or Miranda or Reba type of music, but rather from an original song that fits her own generation.

  46. Jen says:

    “Handy rule of thumb: If you’re a full-grown, married male coach on The Voice, you probably shouldn’t choose to duet with your 16-year-old female protégé on a song that has her looking into your eyes and delivering lyrics like, “The right body, the right face/Timber, I’m falling in love”
    I couldn’t agree with you more, Michael. I thought it was totally icky.

  47. Haide says:

    Basing it from my perspectives, I think Michelle should win… Why?
    1. I haven’t watched any of the “singing contests” on TV in years… since Adam Lambert lost AI. I’ve heard really good singers here and there but never to the point of actually following the episodes… but when a friend of mine from FB posted a YouTube of Michelle’s version of “Just Give Me A Reason”, I was instantly hooked. I searched every single song she’s already sang, and followed every succeeding ones she did… even bought her iTunes (I haven’t done that since A.Lambert), and I actually voted last night, as many times as I am allowed to… haven’t done that since A.L. (again–just emphasizing how long it’s been)
    2. It’s quite rare to find singers who can put their emotions in their voice. A fake raspy sound can be imitated altho it doesn’t necessarily project emotions, but the actual emotion in vibrato’s— you can’t. Even if your face emotes as much as you think you can, if the voice doesn’t project it… no good. Michelle has that!!!! “True Colors” and “Just Give Me A Reason” were perfect examples for it.
    3. She knows exactly who she is and she let’s her artistic side flow rather than be robotic. I prefer artists who make statements about themselves, rather than be karaoke-ish.
    4. She has “The Voice”. When you play a song, and instantly, you know exactly who the artist is even if it’s the first time you’ve ever heard the song, then “THAT’S THE VOICE”. Kinda like James Earl Jones (can never mistake that for someone else, even though his voice isn’t about singing… i think you get the picture). Michelle’s voice can easily be separated from any other… because she has the emotions in it.

    Yeah… I agree with this article. Michelle should win… but unfortunately, it’s not up to me.
    I’m eager to find out.

  48. Theresa says:

    Personally i think 16 is too young to compete in this or any other show (IE IDOL). I can see Danielle already thinking she is better than her young friends..her ego will go thru the roof and she will end up overpaid, overindulged star much like Beiber.

  49. Michelle isn’t a well prepared Chilean sea bass so much as she’s an adorable new neighborhood restaurant with 10 tables that you’re dying to try out but quickly find that their menu lacks focus, their servers are rude, everything is either overcooked or salty, and surprisingly the best thing on the menu were the sliders with the recipe they stole from Chili’s.

  50. stupenny says:

    It seems to me that the show is about the voice, not about being a victim. If Michelle wins or curry’s favor with the audience it should be solely on the merits of her voice not as a victim. I;m so tired of hearing people crying and moaning to garner attention. Just get on the show and sing like it’s the last time you are ever going to sing. Leave the tears and the sob story until you have won and need a little publicity. We each have a story to tell, none more important than the others, especially not to garner votes!