Report: The Client List Renewal Held Up By Backstage Debate Over Baby-Daddy Drama

The Client ListThe Client List‘s renewal process seems to be at a pregnant pause.

Star Jennifer Love Hewitt, who is expecting a child with co-star and fiancé Brian Hallisay near the end of the year, reportedly wants her real-life baby daddy to play her fictional one on the Lifetime drama.

But here’s the rub of Sugarland: Both the network and the show’s higher-ups haven’t decided how to handle her character’s on-screen pregnancy in the upcoming third season.

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Per Deadline, neither party is inclined to agree with Hewitt’s idea: The showrunner is pushing co-star Colin Egglesfield, who plays Hewitt’s character’s brother-in-law/admirer Evan, as the pop of the new kid, while Lifetime execs haven’t yet decided how to handle its star’s pregnancy should the show move forward. The impasse is leading to a renewal delay.

“There are many story lines we are exploring,” Hewitt’s rep told the site. “So any suggestion that we are not doing our best to develop a great season is simply not accurate.”

The frothy series’ second season finale aired Sunday night with a total of 2 million viewers (opposite the NBA Finals and True Blood‘s season premiere), down from the previous season finale’s audience of 2.7 million.

Who would you like to see as Riley’s baby daddy? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Nathalie says:

    it would be funny if the guy she slept with in the hotel was the baby daddy;) just to create mooore drama=)

  2. Danielle says:

    Team Evan all the way!

  3. rinda says:

    I think Riley should say married to Brian hallisay in the show and the baby should be his for one it is in real life and Evan never slept with her so that would be dum to make him the daddy

  4. Patty says:

    i just love the show,so no matter what the show’s writer’s decide to do,just hurry up and get this baby started,hurry up already

  5. Ginna says:

    Have her carry a baby for her best friend, Lacey.

  6. Crystal says:

    I think it would make a good drama story line if the baby was a result Of the one night stand for the money for the rub

  7. Nass says:

    anyone knows when saison 3 is coming out? i’m so excited to know what’s gonna happen next!!

  8. Tina says:

    I think it would be great for the baby to find out to really be kyles but for her to be hesitant about it possibly being from the client that paid her 50,000 dollars to sleep with her.. But it really coming out to be kyles would bring them closer on the show! This is one of my favorite seasons to watch. I don’t miss an episode. Every Sunday I have it recorded and ready to watch :) I have always loved Jennifer love Hewitt. She is beautiful and a great actress. It’s about time she is in a good series.

  9. Rudy says:

    I think she should be a surrogate for her friend Lacy. Lacy is her best friend and she wants to do it because she feels responsible for the loss of her last baby. Lacy has one baby.. yea. But maybe they discover something with her eggs that she has to use them now or she may not be able to in the future. So she wants to complete her family now. I would rather Riley not have a baby right now, of her own, but if it were for Lacy she could still play the independent sexy career woman.

    • Rudy says:

      Which would make Dale the father just to clarify. Dale the father, Lacy the mother and Riley the human incubator ;o)

  10. Katrina says:

    Although I was all for her to stay with Evan, she got back with Kyle, so I say make the baby Kyle’s, because Riley said that Evan and her never slept together. So it wouldn’t make any since to make Evan the father. Or even the guy she slept with for the money. iam sure that the producers can make it seem as if the time she slept with the other guy and Kyle not far from each other. If the baby is the guy she slept with for money it would put a twist on it but if it is Kyles then it would bring them closer together. I just don’t want the show to end because this is my all time favorite show and I want it to go on as long as it can. Its hard to choose between the guy with the money or Kyle. If it would make since I would say MAKE IT EVANS!!!!

  11. Teresa says:

    I don’t care who the baby daddy is im just ready for the show to start back up

  12. marie says:

    They should bring the show back asap there’s nothing else to watch !!!! And they can hide the pregnancy on the show that’s what 90210 did . or… They can make a big drama story line about the guy who paid her and her husband. … Maybe the guy will come back and she might want to fall for him … Till she finds out its not his baby or vise versa till she can wear her sexy outfits again.

  13. marie says:

    Or have her carry a baby for her best friend lacy.. Is right!!! Let’s say the other mother wanted her baby back and it was so hard yht she decided to carry the baby for her!!

  14. Belinda says:

    Would like it if kylie was the father and she didn’t sleep with the brother inlaw for it to be his the only other guy was the client but I defiantly think it should be kyles :))))

  15. I just want the show to come back, I would like it to be Evan, but Kyle’s okay too…..Just bring it back and soon…I really miss the show it’s one of my favorites ever….

  16. Jessica says:

    I think it should be either Evans or the client she slept with. Yes Kyle is trying his best and everything, but the fact is even when he was there for her, he was still a douche and left her. Evan was there to pick up the pieces and help out.

  17. Sasha says:

    I think the father of the baby should be the guy she slept with for the 50 grand it would be an interesting twist and add more drama to the same if Kyle is the father the story will be the same and the drama of him leaving r staying we need suspense and new story line if not that guy then Evan after all there’s still a story line with those to… Lets see how it unfold.. Can’t wait

  18. pratik5887 says:

    Make it like that baby’s dad is one of her client and she don’t know which client and she continues in search who is the real dad

  19. urška says:

    i dont care who the father is
    just make another season and
    i’ll be happy :)

  20. Amy says:

    Love the show! I would like to see Kyle as the baby’s father. Season 3….hurry up, please!

  21. Tammy says:

    I love this show. Please don’t take it off the air. So my suggestion is every put everyone’s ideas together and make it come together and it will be a kick ass season. ( let’s do this) !!!!!!! Now on with the show.

  22. Sharon says:

    I think the producers & writers should figure it all out w/o any interference from anyone including the stars of the show! Always liked JLH acting. However, I think she did a much better job on Ghost Whisperer! I agree that Season 2 of the Client List wasn’t that exciting! JLH has so much to offer the audience with acting! So please, let the producers & writers do what they think is best 4 the show! Right now I’m one the fence of whether the show should be cancelled! Will ALWAYS be a JLH fan!

  23. :-) says:

    Evan definitely….. :-)

  24. Manga says:

    The third season would be able to continue with the story that the father figure is guy with whom she slept for 50,000 …$ Or that the child’s father is Evan … possible Inserted scene reminisces that she slept with him the same night when she is fire the rub … Evan is helped to escape from the face of the crime … and after the frustration she felt .. she falls into the Evans arms … the rest of the story is known lol

  25. congrats jennifer! im so excited for you! ive been watching you since party of 5 and i think you deserve all the best!

  26. Rose says:

    Kyle! He’s her husband, and I really don’t like all the Evan crap. He’s just not right for her. And besides, they never slept together.

  27. Veronica says:

    I think that it should be Kyle’s baby. Give them the fresh start again, after all when he finds out about what she does at the rub that will be a whole new twist!!

  28. Karina S says:

    Ive been into the show since the movie back in 2010. It would be good to see the baby father on the show be Kyle Parks….

  29. JLH Fan says:

    What if, she was pregnant BUT the twist would be that she doesnt know IF the baby is Kyles BECAUSE she also slept with the client for 50k. Since the show ONLY shows JLH having relations with her client & husband towards the end of the 2nd season. That would be another secret that she is hiding from him. Only person who would know is Lacey her BFF. Getting a DNA test would determine if Kyle is the father or the client & thats where we are left with the executives to decide who is the father. But Im kinda rooting for Kyle :) #TeamKyle haha

  30. Ashley says:

    The rich man that she slept with…make it his baby

  31. eva says:

    I always wanted her to be with Evan, I wish Kyle dies in some freak accident and Riley finally sees Evan for a man who loves and adores her. Kyle coming back is disgusting and it makes the show boring. Plus adding baby no three seems so cruel to her best friend who can not conceive.

  32. Heather says:

    I like her w Evan I don’t like Kyle at all , I think they should have Riley nd Evan get bk together they make a cute couple

  33. Patti Lumbert says:

    If they have it be kyles baby then where will the show be able to even go from there? Forgiveness and finished.. If they have it be the 50k mans child then there could be many more episodes with alot of twists and turns

  34. Ashley says:

    I would like Evan to be the daddy and you have to bring the show back!!!!! I love love love this show! I didn’t miss an episode and will not miss season 3

  35. Mr. Madrid says:

    I say, make Riley have an intimate night with bro in law and then she’s preggo with his baby. continue the story with that and then have her divorce hubby.

  36. hannah says:

    I really don’t want the show to end because I love Jennifer so much. I think her having the baby would get in the way though. As twisted as it is i kind of like the still born or miscarriage aspect to it because it give a lot of emotion but she won’t have an excuse to leave the rub and it would create some long term drama. It would also give her the chance to become closer with her family after the big reveal about what she does for a living. But all in all I just really hope that they keep airing :/

  37. klingman says:

    Its what the audience wants. Evan to be the baby daddy and then they get married and more episodes…. I live this show.

  38. susy says:

    I love the show , i enjoy it very much and jennifer is one of my fave actresses. i have seen all tv shows she had being part of and she’s amazing . i also love the show because it has so many things that are non fictional like everything that happens to her . the show is great also i love evan he’s hot hahaha . i think you guys can do an amazing story around her pregnancy so please do it … we are waiting for it desperately!! . Thanks .

  39. Linda says:

    I also love the show and want it to come back. Having the baby be the man’s she slept with would bring more drama but having it be Kyles Would be better. For sure not Evans. Love Jennifer L H. Want the show to be back . It will also depend on what they do with the rub fire and with Riley.

  40. alainanonn says:

    There was a scene that said Riley never slept with anyone other than the client that paid her. might be a good angle for the show to have the scare of it being the clients but then find out that in fact its Kyle’s. Their just too cute together not to have the baby be his!

  41. Skye says:

    Riley and Evan never slept together… But it would be a twist if it ended up being the guy she did sleep with for the 50 grand…???

  42. Roxanne says:

    Ok! Now wait a minute. Evan and Riley didn’t go to bed or have sex. Because I have seen ever episode from the past 2 seasons and they didn’t go to bed together. Now, the writers could write that she is pregnant with the customer that she went to his hotel room now that would be interesting. Or write the story line with her tv hubby that would work too.

  43. randee says:

    Kyle should be the father!
    riley and evan never slept together,
    and i do believe there was a sex scene between riley and kyle right after she found out the client list was stolen..
    riley and evans drama isnt interesting anymore.
    and to be from the guy who paid her to sleep with him that might be interesting…
    but im rooten for kyle!

  44. Cheri says:

    How will they make Kyle the father when she hasn’t slept with him since before he left a year ago. Evan can’t be the father because she never slept with him. Now, she did sleep with her client. That would be a juicy story. Lol.

  45. Gail says:

    She needs to be with Evan! He’s head-over-heels for that girl!

    • Roxanne says:

      Yes Evan does still care for Riley but; he has a relationship with Shelby and so we need to find out how that relationship is going to work out from how the last season ended. Shelby was following Evan to The Rub and so was Kyle and when the season ended you saw headlights so that could be Shelby, the police and the fire department. So please producers bring the show back or you will be having a lot of fans disappointed.

  46. Kayla says:

    Well they always have the story line of when she slept with that guy for money for a baby daddy story line… that would make nice drama BUT I love her and Kyle together.

  47. Taylor Winn says:

    It should be the guy who paid her 50k or whatever it was… that would be an awesome twist! GET TO WRITING! WERE READY FOR ANOTHER SEASON! LOL

  48. I want riley have Evan baby

  49. Kam says:

    Well that’s stupid. Riley never slept with Evan! If anything she will be pregnant with that guy that paid $50,000 to have sex with her. Or it will be her husbands. Cuz they just slept together around the season finale

  50. Mandy says:

    Love the show. Congrats to them both, really. I think that is wonderful they fell in love and I think their baby will be adorable, they look great together. But I really would love for season 3 to start no matter how they plan to do it, it will still be an awesome show.