Report: The Client List Renewal Held Up By Backstage Debate Over Baby-Daddy Drama

The Client ListThe Client List‘s renewal process seems to be at a pregnant pause.

Star Jennifer Love Hewitt, who is expecting a child with co-star and fiancé Brian Hallisay near the end of the year, reportedly wants her real-life baby daddy to play her fictional one on the Lifetime drama.

But here’s the rub of Sugarland: Both the network and the show’s higher-ups haven’t decided how to handle her character’s on-screen pregnancy in the upcoming third season.

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Per Deadline, neither party is inclined to agree with Hewitt’s idea: The showrunner is pushing co-star Colin Egglesfield, who plays Hewitt’s character’s brother-in-law/admirer Evan, as the pop of the new kid, while Lifetime execs haven’t yet decided how to handle its star’s pregnancy should the show move forward. The impasse is leading to a renewal delay.

“There are many story lines we are exploring,” Hewitt’s rep told the site. “So any suggestion that we are not doing our best to develop a great season is simply not accurate.”

The frothy series’ second season finale aired Sunday night with a total of 2 million viewers (opposite the NBA Finals and True Blood‘s season premiere), down from the previous season finale’s audience of 2.7 million.

Who would you like to see as Riley’s baby daddy? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Lydia says:

    Kyle finds out about Riley’s extracurricular activities and gets so upset he leaves again. Although he plans to return and his absence is only to clear his head and make sense of everything, Riley believes he has abandoned her again. She then falls into the arms of Evan. After they give up all of their worries for one night of love-making, Kyle surprises Riley with his return. Soon after Riley discovers she is pregnant and the drama begins again!!!

  2. Sara says:

    I think if you play Riley’s character as being pregnant then it should be Evans or the guy she slept with for money.
    I know she said ” she didn’t slept with Evan”. She could’ve lied to Kyle about it. It would be nice to see Evan as the father. I love the show and there’s not many awesome shows on tv nowadays. It would be ashamed to cancel it.

  3. Just push the premiere. Push filming until after the baby and don’t worry about it. If they do include it, she never slept with Evan so it can’t be his. Therefore, it should be Kyle’s, but I agree with someone above that it would be good drama if they thought it was the guy she slept with for money’s baby.

  4. Erika says:

    Ok, you guys, they can simply write in the script that she lied to Kyle about sleeping with Evan. Me, personally, I LOVED Evan and Riley, Kyle was a douche, and still is, lol. Its funny how worked up one,can get about a TV show, hahaha. I just hate how they did Evan when Kyle came back. Its lije Evan and Riley never happened.

  5. Erika says:

    I guess we’ll see what’ll happen.

  6. Erika says:

    That was suppose,to say I hate how they did Evan and Riley.

    • jess says:

      i think that had alot to do with JLov dating real life Kyle. I saw on twitter how she was defending Kyle character of how he wanted to be a family and she was with him for her kids. we were all team Evan and it seemed like she wasn’t. i think she had alot to do with evan getting out of the picture. but hes a better actor than the kyle guy, i don’t like him.

  7. Amanda says:

    I think if the baby gets written into season 3 it should be Kyle’s. It wouldn’t add up to being Evans since they never slept together. I can’t wait for season 3!

  8. Amanda says:

    I think it’s gross that Evan and Riley ever tried to get into a relationship, that is her kids uncle

  9. Melissa says:

    Evan Make it a twist

  10. Melissa says:

    Evan Make it a twist and The guy she slept with for money, I am sure she protected herself, come on it is Riley, I like the idea that she really did sleep with Evan and did not say anything

  11. Andrea says:

    The show defiantly must go on. I love this show and am so in love with all the characters. I feel if they did throw her pregnancy in then it has to be Kyle’s. I’m ready for things to work again between them. I’m ready for Evan to move on in his life. We all ready have a new baby in the mix but it could work for them too to both grow up together. Also if they don’t do the pregnancy then just air at another date. But I will be very upset if this show just stops airing. I want to know how it ends and I can’t just pick up a book and find out the end.

  12. Andrea says:

    The show defiantly must go on. I love this show and am so in love with all the characters. I feel if they did throw her pregnancy in then it has to be Kyle’s. I’m ready for things to work again between them. I’m ready for Evan to move on in his life. We all ready have a new baby in the mix but it could work for them too to both grow up together. Also if they don’t do the pregnancy then just air at another date. But I will be very upset if this show just stops airing. I want to know how it ends and I can’t just pick up a book and find out the end. Please keep going

  13. anonymous says:

    I don’t see why they have to put the show on hold just for her. She is almost 35 (if not already) ….. and she has decided now to start a family. Gosh not wise move. The show is fantastic!!! I want to see a thrid season. A pregnancy storyline will be great for the show.

  14. The baby should really not be Evans because as the show played out to all the viewers Riley never sleep with Evan!!! Now maybe Riley having to play as she don’t know if its kyle or that other guy… i think will ruin the kinda of person that Riley is… but i know one thing for sure THEY REALLY NEED TO KEEP THE SHOW GOING… rather they hold off untill after her baby is born and not play it into the show at all or to make it apart of the show… this is the best show ever and it cant end like that…

  15. Biwell says:

    If the show didn’t show riley slept with Evan in season 2, they can create that she did slept with Evan but they just didn’t show it and since riley dreamt that she was having sex with Evan that can be said that they did have sex. She seems to have lots of guilty dreams about what she did. Their situation is no different from what is happening in the real world. They both make an interesting characters which needs to be explore and if they can’t use Evan as riley baby daddy they should please use someone else that is fun but not Kyle. They already have two kids together, where is the fun in that. Kyle character is really boring, dull and repetitive, it doesn’t wow at all. I hope she won’t bring her personal life to season 3 like she did in season 2 and ghost whisperer

    • Erika says:

      Biwell, I totally agree with you!! Kyle is boring. I loved Evan and Riley, but ever since Kyle came back it was like Evan who. I really hope she doesnt bring her personal life in the new season. They should just wait till after the pregnancy. It,wont be any longer than what we have to wait for now.

  16. Bluu says:

    I don’t want to see Riley pregnant on the show or have any more kids it will totally screw up the show. Just write her out of a couple of episodes until she has her baby.

  17. Meghan says:

    The 50K client should be the father, and kyle has deal with his past coming back to haunt him. that so called woman in season one who helped him cope with his addiction!!!! Will riley and kyle be strong enough to make it through it all over again?? or will evan be the one to pick up the slack again and instead having riley fall flat on her face? who knows just saying!!! You can run with so many ideas for starting season 3!!! Can’t wait. I love this show!

  18. joanne says:

    I would love to have her in the third season and just put her having a baby in it!!!! I love the show so much

  19. Karissa says:

    I think that Riley (Jennifer Love Hewitt) being pregnant on the show will fit in perfectly due to the fact that Kyle (Brian Hallisay) just had sex in the show. Even with the pregnancy I sure would love to see what they have in store since the season finale left us on the edge of our seats. One of the best shows I have seen in my life. I would love to see more double life action very soon since my Sunday nights revolved around my television. I have no idea what to do with my Sunday nights now.

  20. robin says:

    I think it should be her and kyles since they reunited also her and evan never slept together and I would hate for it to be the guy that paid her for sex when her and kyle just got back together and she was only doing what she did to take care of her family.

  21. joann says:

    Kyle is boring his character needs to go back to jail and the ratings will go back up. Season two was boring.

  22. brianna says:

    I think the father should be the guy that she slept with for the $50000 or kyles either way would be good

  23. Blah says:

    I love her and Kyle together in the client list and in real life .. But putting the baby daddy to be Evan is just corny or even the guy she slept with , they should put it as Kyle being her baby daddy things finally working out for them and making the drama something else Maybe with Evan and his girl or something . But deff not making it Evan it’s so weird n nasty I mean hello he is her mans brother smh ‘ and then the guy from the 50,000 that happened only once and she did sleep with Kyle in after so it just would be boring putting it with the client ; I think they did a good job putting Kyle more in the show he’s cuter than Evan and all te others .

  24. Blah says:

    Make KYLE THE BABY DADDY !!!! I Love the show but deff won’t be watching it if jen isn’t with Kyle and they make it a corny as usual drama . It would ruin Jens reputation and it would just suck

  25. Brittani says:

    I think that they should let kyle be the father on the shower since in season 2 evan and riley never slept together. also the show must go on. i am on the edge of my seat waiting for season 3 to come out and see what will happen next.

  26. Jay says:

    Ah it all makes sense why Kyle was suddenly a good guy! Oh well I would like them to write the baby as Even’s but, a better story would be the $50,000 John or delay the season and leave the whole pregnancy out of it completely! But Kyle and Riley adding a baby? Silly storyline all together!

  27. Rochelle says:

    I love this show!!!!! I want and need the season 3!! I’ll go crazy if the show stops playing. Kyle should be the father of the baby, it fits perfect as season 2 ends. The Client Lost is the greatest show on this planet!!! Jennifer Love Hewitt, I adore you. You are very beautiful, lovely, intelligent, creative, and talented. Come back quickly for season 3! The show must NOT end!! Round of applause for the Client List!!!

  28. Rafaela says:

    Bring the show back please and Kyle must be the daddy!!!!! I love their chemistry

  29. Jeremy says:

    I think Riley should have a brief tryst with Evan. Allowing the mix up with maybe it’s Evan’s maybe it’s Kyle’s. I prefer Evan over Kyle! Most of the fans I believe are leaning in Kyle’s favor. Evan and Riley still have something. It may not happen now, but if/when the show ends. I would love to see her end up with Evan!

  30. Carina says:

    I would LOVE to see Kyle as the baby-daddy!! and pleeease come up with a third season :D I love the show <3

  31. Kayla says:

    There should be a season 3!!!! It has more wowrk to explain to the fans. The baby should be included but I would say, it should be from one of the Clients she left wth. Especialy the on that left for 6 months. This would put a real mystery to vewers,more dram and excitement!

  32. Amberly says:

    Pleeease let it be kyle’s. He royally messed up at the beginning but hes stepping up now

  33. Brandi says:

    Air the show!!!!! No matter who’s baby it is. It will still be good . Love it!!!!

  34. THEY SHOULD HAVE ANOTHER SEASON!!! and Kyle should be the father considering they just got back together why would that be a bad idea? I dont think it would be!!

  35. jennifer says:

    i love this show an cant wait to see tha next episode just a suggestion about the baby daddy if i was them i wouldnt say evan was the dad bc they never made it as far as sex before tha real dad returned if i was them i would say that the guy that payed her 50,000 to have sex with her was the dad!!!!! i love you jennifer love hewitt keep the new episodes comeing you have a lot of fans!!!

  36. B. says:

    I honestly do not care, i stopped watching half way through because they had too much Evan, i can’t stand him,the show will most likely be great loss.

  37. Crystal says:

    Kyle Should Be The Babys Father. Why Confuse Her Kids N TAhen Have To Start A Whole New Story Line Doesnt Make Sence To Do So

  38. maryjolocke says:

    man she slept with for money he will be the baby father

  39. Crystal says:

    I like the fact that Kyle is back and they are working things out and I think it would be great for their marriage to have another baby on the show!

  40. says:

    the baby is born with complications from being premature. Nobody suspects anything wrong with the timing of the birth except Evan. He thinks he is the father, and only he suspects it, because he did Riley when she was drunk passed out one time just before Kyle came back and she doesn’t know it. He secretly gets dna test to find out for sure and he discovers it is not his and wonders who is the father because the timing is all wrong for it to be Kyle’s. Evan starts hinting and questioning Riley and her friend about the timing of the birth. This gets Riley secretly wondering about who the father is too…. Meanwhile, money problems start because she isn’t working and Kyle’s janitorial job isn’t cutting the mustard. Riley needs money to start another RUB, so she contacts the rich guy, but doesn’t tell him about the baby. Need I go on?

    • jess says:

      thats a good story plot too. I thought of the drunken night thing too, but it was a willingly thing on both parts. i just dont like kyle would like him off the show or not on as much. but going to the wealthy guy for money for a new rub would be great, i hope too they keep cybil shepard, she could start a salon/spa with riley and riley has to fight the temptation of going back to her old habits for more money again. but I am team Evan and want him to be baby daddy since the beginning.

  41. jess says:

    i think they should keep to the storyline of the Client LIst Movie that started this series that JLov played in. Her hubby took the kids and left after her cover was blown with the prostitution. They should do that, but have Evan step in like always when her friends and family have left her and she has no one. We are team Evan!! There could be a foggy memory of a night out with the group when she was with Evan where they can show them being intimate but that didn’t air on tv because it was a drunken night… one of those kind of things. Or, they can get together when Kyle takes off with the kids. Then kyle dumps the kids off with her because he cant be a dad and doesn’t want to do it anymore, he goes back to his old ways. Evan is there to help her raise the baby and kids and everyone wonders if thebabyis his or Kyles…Evan is abetter actor anyways,been in more movies and is more convincing. Kyle guy got with JLov for a better role and more screen time for his own benefit, now theyhave a baby coming and he will get more air time or she wont do the show. Stupid on her part but he got with her for a meal ticket and her pocketbook. I dont like him, hes a bad actor and has beady eyes.

  42. Sarah Hillman says:

    Keep the story line as is her real life baby daddy can find his own show lol. And as far as evan being the father how would that work??? They never did the deed she freaked when they only kissed. The only 2 people that could be the father in the show that makes any since is the man she visited in the hotel for money or kyle since they did the deed at the end of season 2. Just saying

  43. faceitaj909 says:

    We know that it going be a matter of fact that they going have to collect the insurance and rebuild the rub in order for the “client list” to continue, but will they start giving legit massages and doing house calls? How can we make this more interesting then “who is the baby daddy?” and instead step it up and keep the show about what it really is.

  44. Sharona says:

    Here’s the ways I can see the storyline going. Remember When Lacy and Dale heard the real birthmother and boyfriend talking at the hospital and they thought they were not going to get the baby. What if for a month or two before, Riley offered to Dale that she would become a Surrogate and not tell Lacy just in case it would’nt come to be. The way they write things these days it could be that she went ahead and did it not expecting any real results that soon.

    • jess says:

      they already got the baby, remember when Riley got caught at the Rub right at the season finale, lacy and dale and the baby were riding in the car late at night to get it to sleep when kyle called them to come sit with his kids while he went to look for Riley? They arleady have the baby.

      • Sharona says:

        Yes I did see the end, but you know how many people adopt and then the wife gets preg right away….so ift is possible.

  45. Sharona says:

    Sorry Guys, just to continue with my last comment, If on the show she is a Surrogate there really is no reason why she could not continue to working…..She could still manage and book appointments and get involved in everyones lives. Hey they do have a great cast and I’m sure the writers could set up some juicy story’s on any of the couples or soon to be couples at the rub.

  46. Karen says:

    Definitely think the baby should be Evans

  47. Nichole says:

    Tbh it doesn’t matter who plays the fatherly role in the upcoming season because with out a doubt it’s gonna be another great one ! This show Always keeps me on the edge and I absolutely love it !!!!! Please do not cancel

    • michelle says:

      So, again, there is no decision on what the Network Execs want to do, and they are in charge. We’ll just have to wait. It’s curious that JLH closed her twitter. I’m sorry I didn’t get to see the vile that was spewed at her for her unprofessional behavior during this situation. Prim donna stars and their attitudes. She was desperate for attention between Ghost Whisperer and The Client List and now she’s back in the limelight making diva demands at the expense of the employment of over hundreds of people. You figure she would have learned the first time she did something like this.

  48. Cyndi says:

    I think Evan should be the daddy!!! I love them together.

  49. jenn says:

    Evan all the way.

  50. Elizabeth says:

    There has to be another season, it can’t just end in the middle of the excisting part! It’s bad timing in the series for her to have a baby, it would be a bit too much, but what can you do ;) So I would prefer that she had a baby with KYLE (cause she’s saying in the series that she and Evan didn’t have sex) rather than the series got cancelled.