Scandal Scoop: Scott Foley Officially Promoted to Series Regular for Season 3

Scandal Season 3 Scott Foley Series RegularJake Ballard will continue to be a presence in Olivia Pope’s life for the foreseeable future.

Scandal has officially promoted Scott Foley to a full-fledged series regular ahead of the show’s third season, TVLine has learned.

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“I’m thrilled to join such a talented, enthusiastic and professional group of people,” Foley said in a statement. “Shonda [Rhimes] and company have created a troupe of layered complex characters and to be able to be part of that is both exciting and humbling.”

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Foley joined Scandal towards the end of Season 2 as the mysterious Jake on a recurring basis. At the time, the actor told TVLine that “there’s the possibility of permanence,” adding, “Shonda and I have talked about something longer. I love this show, and I’d love to be there as long as they’ll have me.”

Thoughts? Happy Jake’s sticking around? Hit the comments!

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  1. Sarah says:

    Sooo… Is the Goodwin Games toast then?

  2. Suz says:

    Why all the hate?

    I’m sure this all ties into OP’s plan: she leaked her relationship w/POTUS, dad will let Jake out of hole to act as her boyfriend in public (he looks enough like Fitz that media thinks it’s a mixup + sex tape), and Fitz stays stuck with Millie to win reelection.

    So conflict becomes between Olivia/Fritz vs Cyrus/dad/Mellie runs all season as Gladiators and Jake go through motions of their job while still have a case-of-the-week or buildup to re-election (based if there is a time jump).

  3. HM says:

    I will agree that it makes sense that Jake return at some point. There are a lot of unanswered questions relating to him and his relationships with Fitz and Olivia’s dad. What does not make sense is the idea he could reconcile with Olivia and have it be believable. Aside from his association with B613, he’s not a good guy. It isn’t even about Fitz versus Jake. Jake wooed her, slept with her, and taped it per orders. Then when she figured out what was happening he put her in the hospital. Olivia choosing to date Jake would just be another representaion of her making poor decisions when it comes to men. Plus we all know Liv can’t stay away from Fitz so it would be just be a matter of time before she cheats on Jake and then what? Then all the Jake lovers will hate Olivia. Have him come back and just be there. Better yet pair him up with Quinn. Something other than the triangle/square that is Jake/Liv/Fitz/Mellie.

  4. AmyP says:

    I could not be more excited about this! Thank you Shonda.

  5. Meka says:

    Ummm…No. This is not good news, this is terrible news. This is just a cop out. An easy way to not have to tackle the huge storyline. Olitz was just outted!!!! But besides being hated bu every Olitz shipper what does Scott Foley bring to the table?
    We already have Huck and Charlie. We don’t need more B613 members or assassins now that Quinn is moving in that direction. We saw how bringing a new love interest for Liv went last time. The chemistry is NOT there.

    This cast brings it EVERY WEEK. Foley does not hold his own the way Diaz, or Darby, or Katie does week to week. Dan does better than Scott does.
    James Novak isn’t a series regular but Jake Ballard is? FOH!

    • chely says:

      Meka -This is a tv drama-not a contest between what characters you think bring it or don’t. As far as I’m concerned everyone who comes to Scandal brings it-it’s their job and they all seem to really like and respect each other and support each other. Your attitude is not in line with how the cast and crew reportedly feel about each other and the show. Don’t get the actors confused with how you feel about the storyline.

  6. Euvee says:

    Why Shonda why? Can’t we have Harrison’s back story of does this mean Harrison is leaving the show? I actually hate this news for two reasons.
    1. I fear this is a confirmation that Harrison is leaving Scandal.
    2. I fear Jake will be dragged out of the hole to be a bump in the road to Olitz.
    Can’t Liv be single for a while? Can’t Fitz get a divorce? Shonda please surprise me, pleasantly.

    • chely says:

      Confirmation? It’s not even been said that harrison is leaving Scandal-how can one confirm what which has not been stated? You just pulled that out of the air.

  7. Di says:

    This is actually depressing. There are so many other directions the show can take without necessarily bringing SF/Joke around as a regular. This is not even about Olitz. Anyone who followed Greys already knows that the main couple has a million other hoops to jump through before they ever get together with any hope of permanence. It’s what Shonda does. I didn’t think Olitz were going to be together at the end of the last season and I don’t think they’ll be together for most of the coming season, and that’s okay. SF though, really!?
    I’ll watch yes, just not live, so no live tweeting either, I wouldn’t want to add to the ratings. Also, just to put this out there, does Olivia HAVE to be with someone?

    • kay says:

      It plays into the idea that a woman can never be content to be single, which is sad because in season 1, she’d been single for over a year.

      • Moe says:

        … meaning she was actually single… for over a year, right? I could be wrong.

        • Euvee says:

          Yeah, a year we didn’t see right? Liv has been with three men in two seasons, I think she needs a break to focus on her Gladiators, since they (OPA) were the reason she walked away from pre- emasculated Fitz who was ready to divorce Mellie.

      • chely says:

        Well, guess what? Olivia Pope is single now! Remember how content she looked before she was mobbed by the media at the end of the finale? Come-on be positive. She’s not married, so she’s chosen her freedom over staying with a man just for the sake of staying with a man so far. Olivia’s character doesn’t come across as that type of woman anyway. The character of Olivia is very strong and is never really seeking out romantic relationships.

  8. kay says:

    Personally would have kept Fitz and Olivia amicably apart this season and most of the next. I know that would upset some people but I think Fitz ought to divorce Mellie for both their sanity and for the sake of the kids they’re bound to be screwing up and run as a single man for re-election and Olivia ought to deal with her father and figure out why she is so good and taking care of others and so bad at allowing herself to be loved.
    Bringing Jake back for anything more than an the episode they get him out of the hole is a mistake however. It will encourage lazy soap opera writing, prolong an unpopular, unconvincing and distasteful romance, and shift focus from characters like Harrison
    I would have preferred that Both Olivia and Fitz take a time out from dating because Olivia was never a heavy dater so all this season 2 action is a little out of character and they keep sucking people into their drama in a way that diminishes Olivia, the star of the show, while rendering the office of the president ridiculous.
    The romance of season 3 ought to be Abby and David Rosen’s reunion.
    Going the Jake route will prove a costly mistake.
    PS Isn’t anyone ever going to count the ACTUAL Defiance votes?

  9. DJS says:

    Why would they hire him F/T for Season 3? Who wants to watch him in the hole where he MUST stay? NO JAKE NONE NADA ENOUGH. Let’s Hire HUCK to take out Scott Foley? Sound good? Say bye bye SR I promise to RUIN you for this.

  10. Amy says:

    SO excited!! I adore him!

  11. scandalcrazy says:

    I have no desire to learn more about Jakes character. I disliked him season 2 so to say disappointed is an understatement. I don’t care about his relationship with Fitz or Rowan. He is a BAD creepy guy. He’s B613 and cannot have a family if Huck can’t, right? So if he’s around for Olivia then I am sad at how pathetic she’s become. I want a strong single Olivia if she can’t be with the love of her life, the President. A Navy Captain isn’t gonna cut it. Unless the pathetic Olivia is back and I’m not interested in watching her. She was around plenty last season and it’s time for her to go.

    • HM says:

      You know I didn’t even consider that. Jake starts back up with Olivia and she goes to work every day and looks Huck in the eye knowing what he had to give up to be out of B613? That would make Olivia weak, pathetic, and disloyal and that is NOT Olivia Pope. This is just bad all the way around.

    • joho says:

      A married man cheating on his wife is weak and the woman who falls for him is even weaker.

    • auntiepaulie says:

      The writers did weaken the Olivia character, I hated that. Sad, really sad. Those writers made some seriously messy mess of a really great character and I just cannot for the life of me figure why. At the same time Mellie’s is a big shot with some nasty words in her mouth after she handed over her husband to Livvy so she could become FLOTUS.

  12. Mary says:

    YAWN!! Shonda Rhimes is so damn predictable. She is Phucking a good cast up…No one’s here for Jake & Olivia. Grrrrrrrrr…I hope those who have supported the show from the very first episode bend together and boycott this mess. I, for one, will not bother supporting or promoting the show. May the chips fall where they may….

    • Mary says:

      Sorry..typo. BAND TOGETHER

    • joho says:

      I’m here for Jake and Olivia. I’m definitely not here for Liv being Fitz’ side piece when she can be the gorgeous and sexy Jake Ballard’s main piece. I’m so happy about this news – so happy!

      • Davania says:

        I am with you…She is not a side chick! I think Jake can give Fliz a run for his money….I also think Fliz is going to embrace being a dirty politician and make Liv’s and Jake life hell…Shonda will bring the rain…Harrison needs a back story (a great one) Abby bored me, However David rocks (so them together creates a balance) Quinn is proving to be awesome…Huck I enjoy him so much just want to see something good happen for him..Keep Cyrus love him and his boo! But Charlie I am still on the fence. Millie is traditional All American Female at 100% the best villain ever…I love not liking her and want to see at what lengths she is willing to go for what she wants!

  13. Cindy says:

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! I was getting tired of the president & Liv prolonging there relationship. I like how Jake was there for her instead. I’m over Liv & the president. GO J A K E!!!!!!

  14. Moe says:

    Heck YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Foley! Great addition to SCANDAL! Woo Hoo!

  15. Cheyenne says:

    YAY!! Now get him out of the hole so he can give Fitz some serious competition.

    • Louisa says:

      Sorry, how can he be serious competition for fitz when shonda has to dumb fitz down to make jake look good?

  16. Olivia says:

    Sorry but… I don’t like Jake so this is putting me in a pretty bad mood

  17. Babygate says:

    OMG!!! Seriously did a happy dance! Woo hoo!!!

  18. Katrina says:

    I love it! He is a great actor and not bad to look at! Definatly happy with this news!!!

  19. sum1ppluv2h8 says:

    Scandal is a great show. I am excited about the new cast


  20. Sherry says:

    I loved Scandal as much as anyone, but damn – all the armchair analysis out here (because the internet makes everyone an expert and apparently incredibly narrow!), it’s clear that some of you are too much invested in this. IT IS REALLY JUST A TV SHOW…..FOR REAL…….NO KIDDING……These folks DO NOT exist outside the imagination of Shonda Rhimes and whatever screen you choose to watch, I promise….


    • mary says:

      Wow, such brilliant insight. You should get paid for it.

    • kay says:

      That’s true, but the moment you have to tell people to stop caring about a show, is last the moment before they stop watching.
      People don’t stay up and watch shows they can’t suspend disbelief for.
      People ARE going to take Scandal less seriously, it had already begun by the end of the2nd season, but that’s going to hurt the ratings.

      • Cheyenne says:

        You keep posting nonsensical comments about how you think people are going to react to the show. You don’t speak for anyone but yourself. This is Shonda’s show and she’s going to write it the way she wants it. If you’re not happy with it, go watch something else.

      • Sherry says:

        That is ridiculous… might want to reconsider the investment you’ve made in television and expand your horizons a bit….It’s just a tv show….that’s it….

  21. burkey says:

    Very, very happy with this. He’s a brilliant actor. All these Olitz fans need to realize that Olivia marrying Fitz and being first lady is completely unrealistic. This show already got relegated to soap opera territory, the writers don’t need to kill it off with having a President divorce his wife in the middle of an election. Get a damn grip. I hope the focus is less on relationships/affairs for season 3 and the show gets down to some gritty stuff…push the boundaries a lot further…give this great cast more and better material to work with instead of focusing on romances.

    • kay says:

      This is nothing to do with ‘Olitz’ for a lot of people, it’s to do with PRECISELY the fact that Jake’s reappearance means he will be back as a love interest and the soap opera shenanigans will continue.
      There is no other reason to bring him back other than as a romantic interest and it stretches credulity even more than a presidential divorce.
      A few presidents HAVE divorced, Mandela even remarried in office as did Sarkozy. Putin is currently divorcing and Sanford was recently re-elected to congress after his affair and divorce.
      I don’t know ANYONE who continued a relationship with a man who was sent to sleep with them, made and distributed a sex tape and gave them a concussion, thus necessitating their ex-boyfriend sitting by their bedside all night long.
      Do you think JUDY SMITH would go back to such a man?
      It makes no sense, and that’s what’s annoying people.
      It makes Olivia Pope look like a fool.

      • Rhymes with Stitch says:

        It has to do with Olitz. Would so many people be so outraged if they made any other character a regular? Olitz fans feel worried and threatened. Otherwise there would not be such an insane, intense reaction to a character on a show where the story has not even been told. Try to pretty t up like ur all concerned about plot, etc. not buying it. Scared and threatened. If Olitz is so strong, and the shows ratings are driven by them, then u have nothing at all to worry about

      • scandalcrazy says:

        Exactly! You said it perfectly!

      • Nikki 35 says:

        Agreed ! For the same reason I don’t see Olivia with Fitz I don’t see Olivia with Jake. Additionally she is way too conflicted and controlling with her emotions. As long as her gladiators need her (lol) I don’t see her settling down or having a healthy relationship. Sure… she may date and convince herself that she is no longer in love with the president but this fan won’t buy it.

    • Seriously? says:

      AHAHAHAHAHA. I’ve never heard Scott Foley called a brilliant actor. Ever.

  22. Mara Hagood says:

    Hope he can occupy Oliva from this mess with the married president

  23. Erika H says:

    I like SF but he just isn’t a strong actor for me esp when compared the other amazing and memorable actors already on this show. Also imo until they start being more selective and really fleshing out real potential love interest for Olivia outside Fitz, I can’t take the Edison’s and Jake’s of the Scandal world seriously. I’m not expecting Liv/KW to have the same chemistry with other males like she does Fitz/TG but DAMN can I get something besides BLAH?? . At this point I’m ready to throw in another love interest for Fitz (besides Mellie) b/c maybe TG will have better luck in the “chemistry department then KW in the love department. They should bring Steven back b/c besides Fitz that’s the only other man Olivia had a “spark’ with. If SR gives me a Jake story b4 a Harrison/Abby story, I’m out. I like those characters better than Jake and I think both actors are better actors then Scott.

  24. laura says:

    absolutely freaking love this!!! Scott Foley rules! Scandal just got better.

  25. Matt says:

    Some of you takin this seriously and criticizing on how a CHARACTER ON A TV SHOW lives their life? Oh my.

    And for all of you rooting for Scandal’s demise just because of the upping of a popular actor to a regular basis, wow, you must not be aware of the RATINGS. SCANDAL won the 10PM hour in the demo everytime during the back nine epps and defeated Elementary and Rock Center by wide margins. SCANDAL consistently rose every single week in viewers and the demo and has gained a cult following. The season finale received the shows highest ratings and total viewership. The Show is arguably THEE MOST popular television show right now and the most popular since LOST. Jeff Perry, Kerry Washington, Bellamy Young, Tony Goldwyn, and Guillermo Diaz, the shows outstanding leading cast, ARE ALL MAJOR Emmy Contenders, too. Just because Scott Foley was upped to a regular all of you are predicting Scandal to be cancelled. That doesn’t even make sense.

    • kay says:

      Lost rating’s declined in the last 3 seasons. It went from 15th to 31st, and it’s finale was widely reviled.
      Which is the point people are making.
      Ratings can decline quickly and sharply if the viewers are upset.
      The particular character Scott Foley plays is the problem, not Scott Foley.
      It’s a character that has no real place in this story, thus it can only be destructive.
      The cast are in no danger of losing their careers but all the Emmys in the world won’t save the show if people top watching.

    • mrenee says:

      The ratings are all relative. Popularity waxes and wanes. See Revenge..But remember, the results are reflective of the grassroots effort to gain and maintain viewers. This will certainly change and greater shows have failed, so who knows how it will work out. The back 9 felt rushed and too fantastic. The finale to me was a debacle. I think people are simply disappointed because we all thought this would be a game-changer of a series–and now it looks like business as usual. All of the progressive, compelling drama that we anticipated, is far greater than it’s reality. Shame on us all for not remembering that at the end of the day, it’s another Shonda Rimes show and they all pretty much go the same way: women suffer and they all have daddy issues, men are cheaters or are unworthy, weak and pathetic. Fitz went from being a vulnerable, somewhat damaged, Presidential being to becoming an emasculated, abusive wimp. I actually liked Scott Foley, but don’t see him as an upgrade. Olivia has become simple-minded. Why would she want to be involved with this one the father sent? She would be far more interesting if she simply said she did not want to be First Lady and while she still loved Fitz, he could not be her everything, nor she his. I don’t want to see Fitz depressed for 24 shows. Let him move on to someone else and dump Mellie. Let Mellie be the hellified woman on wheels that she was before she became saddled with 4 children. No interest in seeing her parent Fitz. So…it’s not really about Scott Foley. It’s just about the fact that the triangle and the show is becoming too cliche. We’re all dressed up with nowhere to go.

      • Erika H says:

        Scandal is a typical SR show now. All the females have parent issues and the men aren’t allowed to be men. Here I thought I gave up watching Greys? I guess not………………lol Unit Olivia gets he mind right, I don’t want to see her w/ Fitz, Jake or any man for that matter. I smell another season Wash/Rinse/Repeat with a whole lot of Jake story but I bet u we still will be holding our breathe for a Harrison and Abby story.

  26. WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO He is a great actor and I love SCANDAL. This just made mine and my daughter’s day!

    • joho says:

      amen to that!! It just made my day too. I’m going to celebrate by tweeting Scott Foley some love and rewatch the Jake Ballard arc, which I totally love!

  27. nothappy says:


  28. Amie says:

    Yes! Great addition to the show! I knew once they threw him in that deep cellar, he would somehow become part of the show.

  29. Carolyn says:

    I like Scott Foley and I like his character, Jake too. Can’t wait to see what direction Shonda takes him.

  30. zandile nyamande says:

    Omg omg I love shonda …….team Jake Ballard love him

  31. k says:

    This is going to end in tears.

  32. acegreys99 says:

    this wouldn’t be an issue if Henry was still alive…….
    personally, i like Scott Foley in the charming roles like in Grey’s Anatomy and the Goodwin Games and earlier in Scandal…when we didn’t know he was a bad creepy guy

    • joho says:

      Jake saved Liv’s life twice and defied his orders which landed him in a Huck hole. He’s definitely NOT a bad guy. We do not know everything about Jake Ballard. We were told we would some things but not everything. I have a theory about what he’s really doing but I want to wait and see if Shonda actually goes there.

      • acegreys99 says:

        and see that’s the thing-we don’t know everything abnout him(and while i understand that’s what makes good TV)- they’re all such grey characters and the storylines get so dark and twisty-i think it’s one of the reasons I like Grey’s more-I prefer storylines where, yes it may be life or death, but it’s not turning into a labyrinth and getting lost in the pit of lost morals like i feel scandal might

      • Seriously? says:

        Can we stop with the whole “Jake saved Liv’s life” BS that his fans keep putting out? Unless you’ve forgotten, her father is head of B613, so unless you believe that her own dad wants her DEAD, her life was never in danger. Did Rowan probably want to have a B613 agent scare her or bring her to him? Yes. But kill her? No.

        • Moe says:

          Jake risked his life (as far as he knew) and his career for Olivia.

          • Seriously? says:

            Yeah, and ended up killing a B613 for no reason!!!! Is anybody crying tears for her or the photographer he beat half to death?

        • Doreen says:

          I have to agree with you, Liv father did not want to kill her, he told Jake to bring Olivia to him, Jake took it upon himself to believe that Rowan want her dead, he did not save her life, people get it straight , Jake did not save Liv life….Shonda made a Jake a regular, because Harrison probably not coming back to the show…Shonda is trying to tank her own show……

  33. Ronnie says:

    If Shonda follows her pattern as she did with Grey’s in the first few seasons, then she has lots of things up her sleeve. Who says Scot Foley is coming back to romance Olivia? He could be there in a completely different scandalous capacity that no one is even thinking about. Let’s not forget his history with Fitz and there’s plenty of drama there. Who knows? He could be a new gladiator or a new love interest for another character. Wouldn’t it be crazy if he somehow hooked up with Mellie? Think of how crazy all that would be. The possibilities are endless for this character. He won’t be limited to the Olitz triangle.

    • mrenee says:

      I had hoped that Jake was sent by Meliie and they were having an affair. I love Bellamy and believe her to be a true asset to the show. I just don’t like all of these women being so stupid.

    • joho says:

      Bless your heart. You Olitzers are grasping at straws. Scott Foley sizzles with Kerry Washington and he’s SINGLE!! He’s not going to be paired with Mellie or Quinn or Abby. That’s just not gonna happen. Olivia likes Jake and was interested in him when she first met him. That’s why she called him FIRST!!

  34. Liz says:

    Yesssss! I think he may come back as a changed man (a really good guy) after being in the hole!

  35. Jill says:

    I’m wondering how he gets out of the hole & what mental state will he be in.

  36. Rhymes with Stitch says:

    Some of you people need to check yourselves in to a psych ward with the quickness. It’s a show. A new character joined the show. And this has ruined your day, life, your future as an armchair warrior? Seriously? And u think that’s normal. Let me be straight with you. You need a life and you need therapy. In that order. For the rest of you, I agree, an actor with a job is a good thing

  37. joho says:

    OMG!!!! I am doing my happy, happy, happy dance!! I love Scott Foley and especially love his character Jake Ballard. He really brings major FLAVA to the show!!

  38. bunny says:

    I luv him coming bck but I don’t think he’s gonna fall in love immediately after so much torture…. Fitz n pope got me glued 2 scandal n I want mre of dem n d other xters nid a build up… Well mellie is alws mellie like r dramas

  39. Vicky says:

    Great!!! It’s interesting to see how it plays out because although Olivia loves Fitz, she does have feelings for Jake.

  40. Miss Thang says:

    SCOTT FOLEY AND KERRY WASHINGTON HAVE ZERO CHEMISTRY! There love scenes are like seeing two awkward teenagers, with braces go at it. I fast forward through them. There love scenes remind me of this one episode on Sex in the City where Carrie Bradshaw has HORRIBLE sex with this guy who screws like a jack rabbit!. That’s how Scott Foley is in his love scenes with Kerry. TOTAL NOVICE. Just acting his way through it all.

    Scott looks like he’s kissing a man. His eyes are super wide open with a hint of fear. No passion just acting. I’ve seen Scott in other love scenes with other women and he has chemistry with them NOT with Kerry.

    Why can’t Kerry move on from men who have issues. Scott Foley’s character is a weirdo and he’s creepy. Plus he’s dangerous.

    • Erika H says:

      From now on whenever I see Jake and Olivia kissing, I’m going to scream at the screen “WHERE THE HELL IS FELICITY?” lmao. He didn’t get the girl but DAMN him and Felicity at least had “spark” Watching him & liv kiss is as awkward as watching Mellie/Fitz.

  41. Rhymes with Stitch says:

    CONGRATS SCOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. jax says:

    Good move by Shonda Rimes! Have been a big fan of Scott Foley since his Felicity days. He’s the only reason I’ll watch Scandal next season

  43. EG says:

    The truth is the only people complaining about Scott is the Olitz Stans, and it’s the same 5-6 that travel to tumblr and to twitter commenting like the world is going to end and wishing the demise of the show. If they are soooo unhappy with this news…lol just turn the channel. The show will not sink or be cancelled because your precious Olitz is not together….some people are so!!

  44. Babe444 says:

    Worst news ever!!!!! Scott Foley was so damn boring to watch…. I didn’t see the chemistry with Kerry. Not even close to the chemistry she has with Tony Goldwyn! So Olivia will get with Jake even though she knows he’s Fitz old buddy? We’re supposed to root for that? So she went from Fitz to his buddy? She was better off with Edison! Can we learn more about Harrison and give him a story, bf Jake is thrown down our throats?

  45. Jelenablue says:

    OMG!!!!!!! Noooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was smiling and then I saw this and my face dropped. Not looking forward to Season 3… Scott is just so BLAH. I was already down after the season finale, with how bad it ended. Jake coming back makes everything worse. I have no doubt the ratings will drop, majority are not here for Jake at all.

  46. Linda Singleton says:

    I know everybody has their favorites and are entitled to their opinions … romance novels are still being written because there are people that read them and they become invested in the characters portrayed to them … the same with travel … you may not be able to physically go places, but you can go places through your envisioning of the place being talked about … the same with Scandal … there are those of us who fell in love with the chemistry between Fitz and Olivia and that is undeniable … the writers either make or break these characters and I think some of the rhetoric that they have had Fitz say to Olivia, especially in the funeral for Verna, that was hard for him and he admitted that … the writers seem to vilify these characters and the show now has turned into one dark corner to another … Fitz should have not been made to kill Verna, even though she tried to assassinate him nor should they have made him a lush … the storyline came clear to SR and Betsy Beers when they saw TG and KW interacting in conversation and that is what the TV audience was sold. Now it has turned into a free-for-all … the writing is going every which way and the principal characters surrounding Olivia and Fitz, namely Harrison, Abby and Quinn, are not being given any play at all … I have no dislike for Scott Foley, the person, but the character was brought in to demean Olivia, who ended up being hurt, and this so-called long, lost father ordered the demeaning of his daughter makes me think who in this storyline has any integrity at all … it is becoming so unrealistic and there seems to be a hodgepodge of writings that have gone all over the place … SR makes Fitz weak-strong-weak and I am sure this man should tire of this because I am as a viewer … Olivia is a jackrabbit who runs every time a stick pops … she never sticks around … Cyrus is living through Fitz being president and Mellie is using him to gain power … now, at some point, some of this crap needs to be dealt with in a sensible manner … there are so many holes in this storyline. Bringing back Billy Chambers as the mole … killing Osbourne in a false CIA mole acknowledgement that Olivia took to Jake, who was parading around as an officer … now he is in the hole for his disobedience … now, the woman that Jake killed was working for Olivia’s father, so do you really think that Roman sent the woman to kill Olivia? Where is this stuff going? If they wanted mystery and excitement, they are running over themselves … they should have gone with Fitz and Olivia and let him fight for her coming to the WH … or something to that effect because now adding Scott Foley and giving him a regular presence, Fitz’s friend going with the woman Fitz is in love with is getting so old and tired … Olivia is being passed around and believe me, there really has to be scripted love scenes because there is about as much chemistry between them as you see on other shows … TG and KW were a rarity … and if I was the Fitz character, I would not be bounced around like a volley ball … at some point there has to be some stability of this duo that boosted the ratings and have the love of the fans … MAKE NO MISTAKE, fans made this show and you have to consider them because if your product only pleases you, then you have failed.

    Some structure is needed very badly or this could go badly. Twitter is comprised of people and people came through for this show big time and that is why we are even talking about a Season 3. Scott Foley wanted a job because he said that there were things that his wife wanted to buy … I am sure we all would be grateful if we were in his shoes … but to vilify him right at the onset did not bode well for the fans and they are reacting just like anybody else would knowing that they had been used. I don’t know where this show is going, but I am glad I am not obsessive as I was because your life is consumed and that is not good. It is hard to reheat desire and obsessiveness to the magnitude it was after it is lost … the best thing for these writers to do is not insult the fans intelligence and realize that we can think, even if it is a TV show and remember that it is PEOPLE and not dogs, cats or birds that watch TV, so if you want a satisfied viewer, then realize that they have the power as well … they can make and they can break your product …. peace!

  47. Skye says:

    I don’t watch for ships but even I have to ask: What chemistry are some seeing between Jake and Olivia? I feel as though people want them together simply because they hate Fitz (Which I have to ask, how and why are you still watching then?). Hopefully, his character will at least develop into more than just “Olivia’s rebound guy.” Since Olivia said her Gladiators “need” her I hope we see her be the Gladiator she was in Season 1 because there was no progress in the season finale. The badly underdeveloped characters have to be addressed also. Initially, the mystery was intriguing. However, we’re knocking on season 3 so I NEED that to be addressed.

    • Pam says:

      I dont hate Fitz . I like Jake, with or without Liv. I can’t explain why I like what I like. I just do,lol

      • Skye says:

        Great. You are not who I was referring to then lol I didn’t get that out of every Jake fan around the net

        • Pam says:

          Oh, you were expecting every Jake fan to account for their preference? Lol. Not sure why it matters. But, good luck with that!

    • Seriously? says:

      I’m with you. I see no chemistry with Jake and Olivia at all. Olivia had more chemistry with Billy Chambers (before he became a serial killer) than she does with Jake.

  48. melachica says:

    so happy for him love jake on the show

  49. Emily says:

    Scott Foley is amazing as Jake. Very happy to hear that he will be sticking around!

  50. Artiface says:

    Ooh wow. A new gladiator possibly. A new hot guy, definitely. Looks like a win to me.! Yes!