Has Spencer Gone Pretty Numb? Mad Men Mimics Good Wife? Heart Burn for Westen? And More Qs!

Neil Patrick Harris TonysWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Mad Men, Pretty Little Liars, Awkward and General Hospital!

1 | Will all future Tony Awards opening numbers be underwhelming in comparison to Neil Patrick Harris’ mile-a-minute tune from Sunday’s broadcast? (Hint: Probably!) And have we figured out how he got from inside the magician’s box on stage to the back of the theater in 15 seconds?

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2 | Which of TV’s May/December caretaker/caretakee romances do you prefer — Mad Men‘s Manolo/Dot or The Good Wife‘s Cristian/Jackie? Isn’t it crazy how many parallels there are between the two storylines? Elsewhere: If Pete had just seconds prior dismissed gays as “degenerate,” why would Bob Benson proceed to hit on him? (If Bob is in fact gay himself.) Who’d like a full episode of just drunk Pete/Peggy reflecting on old, difficult times? And did anyone else think that Sally might (eep!) run out into traffic while racing away from her illicit eyeful?

3 | How exactly did Game of Thrones‘ Theon survive getting his manhood chopped off? Wouldn’t he have bled to death? (Do we really want to know the particulars?) Is Ramsey, in addition to being a complete knife-wielding psychopath, also a skilled surgeon?

4 | Would you agree or disagree with the following bitchy bon mot from Food Network Star‘s Danushka?: “I would never watch a show where someone’s last name is Dinki!”

FallingSkies_Season3_Cochise5 | Does Falling Skies‘ “Cochise” sound a bit too much like Darth Vader? And who knew cute babies could be so damn creepy?

6 | Is it just us or are The Fosters‘ cut-to-blacks at commercial breaks really abrupt? And are we predictable for already hoping that Callie and Brandon make sweet music together?

7 | How is Major Crimes‘ DA’s office just now discovering where Rusty lives? And as much as we love the codger, is anyone else still adjusting to Provenza being so take-charge (and not lazy) in investigations?

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8 | On King & Maxwell, did you almost not (or simply not) recognize Ryan Hurst aka Sons of Anarchy‘s Opie as the autistic savant?

9 | When was the last time you saw professional female TV characters grab a bite to eat at a luncheonette counter the way Mistresses‘ Savi and Karen did on this week’s episode? Also, with Savi realizing her mistake and putting the brakes on her affair with Dominic, shouldn’t the show’s writers be legally obligated to find some other outlet for Jason George’s almost absurd levels of sex appeal?

Bachelorette10 | Has there ever been a less aesthetically pleasing first kiss on TV than The Bachelorette‘s Kasey and Des, with damp towels wrapped around their heads to help retain body heat in a frigid rooftop pool?

11 | Whose elimination stung worse on The Voice: Amber Carrington or Sasha Allen? And did you ever imagine from their nondescript early-season renditions of “American Girl” and “Drift Away” that The Swon Brothers would make it all the way to the finale?

12 | Could So You Think You Can Dance‘s Vegas round have felt any more rushed? And didn’t it seem absurd for the show to cut Tommy Tibball, so mesmerizing in his Boston audition, during the ballroom round without showing us 10 seconds of footage to justify the ouster?

Pretty Little Liars13 | A valid concern from our Pretty Little commenters: Why wasn’t Spencer more upset about the fact that her sister tried to kill her best friend? After everything that’s happened to the girls, is she simply immune to crazy  now? And we’d like to know: Why does every detective in Rosewood look like he just graduated from riding a tricycle?

14 | On Awkward, why does Jenna’s journey of self-discovery yet again have to be framed by which guy she likes now?

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15 | Why, America’s Got Talent, why do you subject us to preteen ballroom dancers lasciviously shaking what their mamas gave ’em?

16 | Given his tendency to show up when struggling shows need a boost, is John Stamos — who’s now on Necessary Roughness — the new Heather Locklear?

GH Nikolas17 | When did General Hospital‘s Nikolas get promoted to Science Officer? And while we all know what a good sport Ian Buchanan is, didn’t you kinda have to feel bad for him donning a tutu and full make-up to tango with Emma?

18 | Did Burn Notice break your heart a bit when Michael watched Fi and Carlos smooch? And then step on it when Fi ran to her new beau after cheating death? (Hey, both of GH’s Nikolases got a mention this week!) But how thrilling was that final sequence, where Michael used a saying from their past to save the day? (All that said, can we please talk about Gabrielle Anwar’s flashback wig…?)

19 | Have Hannibal viewers seen the last of Abigail Hobbs? Raise your hand if the show tricked you into thinking, even for that brief moment, that Will had killed her? And can we place a request now for a catch-you-up/straighten-you-out recap show — à la Revenge or Once Upon a Time — before the Season 2 premiere?

20 | With Monica Potter and Tatiana Maslany taking home top honors at the Critics’ Choice Television Awards, can we not just hope but possibly assume that we might see some Emmy love for these standouts this year?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. dude says:

    20. PLEASE GOD!

    • Annie says:

      #1 – duh, Tesla machine. Hello? Nobody saw “The Prestige” at TVLine? ;)

    • a says:

      We can only hope. Too bad people, including Michael Ausiello himself, consider The Good Wife to be the best drama on TV.

      • Trip says:

        I love high-brow entertainment on cable as much as the next TV snob, but “The Good Wife” is by far the best drama on broadcast tv and stands absolutely equal to the best of cable primetime.

  2. cjeffery7 says:

    1. a Tesla box DUH
    6. i predicted as much after the first episode, so… yes.
    20. aha! i KNEW you couldn’t get through a Burning Q’s w/o mentioning Tatiana & Monica! I must be psychic. p.s. i’m totally on board with your obsession.

  3. Warren says:

    19 / stop it, when he shoved her into those horns, I screamed. I still hope we manage to see her in some capacity- maybe she’s not really dead, it maybe she haunts Hannibal the way Hobbs haunts Will. She was cool.

  4. Josh says:

    You do make a good point about Awkward….I never really thought of that but Jenna’s character is sort of guy dependent. I mean she isn’t Elena from TVD bad(she doesn’t exist as a character without the guy)…she’s still her own person and exists as an interesting character by herself, but it seems so much of her growth is attached to guys.

    • Sg. Grant says:

      I think she nails the role of high school teenage girl. So many girls are just like her, and define themselves based on their boyfriend. I do hope they explore her as a person by herself at some point.

  5. Nick says:

    I think Spencer is getting immune to it by now because at some point it always circles back to Melissa…just like it’ll circle back at some point to Toby, Jenna, Noel, CeCe, Mona, Jason, Paige, Lucas, Byron, Meredith, etc, etc, etc…they gotta sustain it somehow.

  6. Jared says:

    I’m not sure what’s going on over at MTVs AWKWARD. The writers have made Jenna extremely unlikeable this season. Enough with the love triangles! This show spent 2 seasons figuring out who will Jenna pick to only have her sabotage her relationship with Matty now for another guy?? This used to be one of my favorite Summer series but lately not so much.

    • Liza180 says:

      I agree! I invested in her and Matty only to have her start thinking about that other idiot who I don’t even like. Come on. Bring in another problem that doesn’t have to do with another guy or love triangle. Have one of matty’s parents pass away. Deepen the writing and the relationship instead of making her so fickle.

  7. ZmaX says:

    #13 well, since the video cut off right before her “sister” took off the mask, there really isn’t any proof other than Mona’s word that it was Melisa. And when the video cut off, Spenser even said sarcastically to Mona, “oh how convenient” (or something along those lines) I don’t think Spenser believes her, or at least doesn’t want to believe her and is in denial about it (and since here isn’t any real proof, it’s easy for her to ignore it)

  8. Caitlin says:

    As far as #13, I feel like Spencer has always wanted to believe that Melissa isn’t capable of some of the things she’s been accused of, regardless of their relationship. And she doesn’t trust Mona, so without the proof, why should she?

    Plus, there’s the whole, she just went through her crazy period. Gotta make you don’t care about some stuff as much.

  9. Mindy says:

    20. Along with MICHAEL CUDLITZ

  10. Meredith says:

    Also in regards to 13, I think the writing/characterization is pretty consistent. It reminds me of an episode in season 2 I think it was, where Aria’s brother was breaking into houses and stealing stuff. When Aria found his hidden stash she wasn’t at all concerned about the gun (A GUN) he stole from a police officer’s house, just the crappy piece of pottery Jenna made. If it’s not pertinent to their current agenda it just gets washed over.

  11. Jj says:

    13. This is just one of the huge plot holes in this series. Just like why Spencer would be ok with Toby having just tried to kill her in the steam room. That wasn’t just pretend.

    • rowan77 says:

      Plotholes have to actually do with plot – this is a failure of the writers, director and actor to think about a realistic response from Spencer. A character issue, not a plot issue.

  12. Patti says:

    yes to number 18. love Michael and Fiona. Hope Carlos is gone soon. I guess it’s interesting now though Michael got what he wanted back in the spy game and it now is not all it’s cracked up to be.

    • Liza180 says:

      I’m really going to miss this show when it ends. I feel like I know the gang somehow. The writing actually got better as the years progressed.

  13. PFitzDC says:

    #12. I’d rather have 10 seconds of footage of charismatic tapper Alexis Juliano or Krump Girl Mariah Spears, both of whom made it to the Green Mile, even though we didn’t see any of her performances in the various styles. Seriously, SYTYCD–stop wasting my time with endless teases of dancers like Armen and Sydney who are cut at the end of the episodet. Let’s have some more even-handedness for the dancers who must rely on America’s vote from week to week. Probable shoo-ins Amy, Jenna and Fikshun have a distinct advantage and it’s not fair.

  14. Kim R says:

    1. NPH…..astoundingly talented.
    4. Personally I would not watch a cooking show with someone as sour looking as Danushka….I don’t care what her last name is. :)
    7. Loving Major Crimes and all the characters. Characters grow people!
    8. King & Maxwell…I was more struck by how much King reminded me of Tony DiNozzo (Big D, little i, big N, little ozzo). :)

  15. Kelly says:

    I hope Michael ends up back with the gang and back with Fi on Burn Notice

  16. Sam says:

    #17 – The Emma/Duke scenes were incredibly adorable, and a huge part of that was bc of Duke’s willingness to don that tutu and makeup after Emma asked him to.

    • Fyrkat says:

      I also think Duke and Emma were awesome. Grandad (since Robert and Noah aren’t around) having fun and playing with his granddaughter. How long has it been since you’ve seen kids actually getting to PLAY on a soap opera?

  17. Sg. Grant says:

    #3: Any attempt to remove the penis can result in excessive bleeding, and death in many cases. While you may have only heard of the Bobbitt case, removal or attempted removal of the penis is actually a lot more common than you might think. Wikipedia’s page on penis removal has 26 documented cases of involuntary penis removal. Nearly every one of them do not end well, and a few end in death. An interesting point to consider is that nearly every instance of involuntary penis removal in the last twenty years takes place in Asia.

    Bleeding to death and an infection that results in death are real possibilities. He would also most likely need a catheter.

    I figure the best way to explain why Theon lived is to suspend belief, since, after all, they do live in a world where there are also dragons and white walkers.

  18. Jennifer says:


    Fallen Skies: that baby is not normal! The “mama” thing creeped me out way more then her poking her head over crib or anything Karen has done so far, and that’s saying a lot because I’ve never liked Karen.

    Haven’t bothered to watch Maxwell & King or whatever it’s called mainly because it looks to much like other “(when) will they or won’t they” hyped shows. Also because of the predictability that Jerry O’Connell would eventually appear on the show. Gibbs rule #87, never let your current spouse appear on your new show, it’s an oblivious ratings ploy and usually boring as hell.

  19. rowan77 says:

    1. I think Neil will have to top himself next year at the Emmy’s – and if they hire anyone else, they are fools. As for how he got out of the box and to the back of the auditorium – they mistakenly showed the split curtain from the back of the box (where he climbed out). Then he ran to the door at the center of the side wall in the theater (he never came from the back. The Newsies cast did, Neil started halfway down. If they hadn’t shown the split curtain on the box the audience would have had a reaction to the illusion – but the saw how it was done so notice no one started clapping until they saw the Newsies.

    2. I started referring to Peter’s Mom as Jackie as soon as I saw them together. Exactly the same plotline. And YES – my question (already stated previously) -if Bob is really gay – why hit on Peter (who he knows is straight) after Peter just voiced his disgust with Manolo’s sexuality?

    3. I think that in a castle, there may be a doctor about. If they can’t stitch up Theon, then Tyrion should have bleed to death last season when he got hit in the face with an axe or sword or whatever sliced his lovely face.

    4. If somebody’s first name was Dinki I wouldn’t watch. I’ve seen worse last names.

    6. Glad to see it’s not only me.

    7. My question as well. And yeah, waiting for Provenza to go back to his more laid back approach. Maybe because he took over originally – before they knew Capt. Raydor was taking over.

    And am I the only one who thinks it’s funny that there is a character named Raydor on a show with G.W. Bailey when he was also on M*A*S*H* with a character named Radar?

    8. I always think of him as Gerry Bertier from Remember the Titans.

    13. When I see something like that I aways think that even if that got by the head writer, how did the actor not question the character’s behavior to the writers?

    17. LOL!

    20. I sure do hope so!

    • Carrie says:

      Holy cow – until you just mentioned it I didn’t even connect the dots that Jackie’s son on TGW is ALSO named Peter. Because I thought that’s the Peter you were mentioning, not Peter Campbell. The similarities are ridiculous.

    • Lu says:

      on #1 for me it looked as if the audience didn’t start clapping b/c they didn’t know he was behind them or where he was– they were still looking forward at the stage. The Newsies & NPH got their attention to where to look and then the audience turned around and started clapping. You can see surprise on some of the audiences faces when they see him. Also it is not obvious the split in the box–that you are referring to- even with repeat viewings.
      even if the trick is step by step explained it is still pretty cool how fast & clean he did that.

    • Damn says:

      1. So is everyone gonna ignore the fact that NPH used the N-Word in his opening performance?

      • rowan77 says:

        He didn’t. I listened to it and he said, “The night is bigger.” Don’t you think that Mike Tyson would have haulled off and hit him if Neil said that? Why are you believing a tabloid, anyway?

    • 4theloveoffilm says:

      I, too, thought of REMEMBER THE TITANS! But then, I don’t watch SONS OF ANARCHY.

  20. Betsy says:

    21. Is Royal Pains REALLY going to go the cliche’d Hank-gets-addicted-to-painkillers-after-surgery route? AT THE SAME TIME Divya-the-medical-professional-has-an-unplanned-pregnancy????????????

    • Liza180 says:

      I like the painkiller angle because it could totally happen. It often does to regular people. I had neck surgery and it was a struggle to get off of them. I wish divya wasn’t preggers but oh well. Maybe jeremiah will prove to be a good dad…i hope they get together.

      • Betsy says:

        Liza, I see your point, and absolutely agree it happens to regular people. But this is supposed to be my fluffy summer show! And jeremiah should know better! (so should Hank.) Maybe Boris will share shark blood with him and we will have an insta-cure.

        • rowan77 says:

          This show has dealt with serious issues periodically through-out it’s run. Tucker’s basic abandonment/his father’s drug addiction, Paige’s mother’s mental illness and how it’s affected the family, Eddie R. going to prison, Hank suddenly losing his golfing patient/friend. Each season has had a serious story arc among the fluffy and disease of the week plots. But I do feel it’s a bit obvious (even though it does happen all the time).

    • Kim R says:

      I know. Way to ruin a good show. How many times have we seen these plot “twists”??? Sigh. :(

  21. NotBri says:

    19. The whole scene in the antler room freaked me the H out, especially when Will opened his eyes and he’s on the plane… and regarding the fate of Miss Hobbes, there’s no way Hannibal’s going to let her live after telling her his worst secrets.

  22. shadester says:

    I was shocked the swon bros made it over Sasha. She is amazing and thought she might win. Dont get me wrong i love them but i just dont think they will win. I guess Danielle has this in the bag.

  23. nick1372 says:

    6. I had to think about it for a sec, but yeah, they are really strange. Maybe they should dial it down a little. It kinda makes a really grounded, solid series seem cheesy. As for Callie and Brandon, it’s so obvious, but I’m still not sure about how I fell about that.
    20. God, I hope Tatiana Maslany gets and Emmy.

  24. Abby says:

    From their very first audition I thought the Swon Bros were weak. But clearly there is room for them in country music (there’s room for EVERYONE in country music, unless they’re blatant liberals, let’s be real) so I’m not surprised. An all-girl final should have been the reality, though, considering the vocal talents the eliminated girls had over the Swons.

  25. Bigdede says:

    #17 I don’t care if Nikolas got promoted to Second in Command, I WANT NIZ NOW!!!! When will I get Nik and Liz back on my screen again. It’s beem 22 days.

  26. H.Houston says:

    #18 – Burn Notice — This episode for me was heartbreaking. especially the last five minutes of it. I loved how they merged how Michael and Fiona first met with the present day. And that last five minutes, when Michael goes to talk to her and she kisses him on the cheek… and we jump to the past to Michael watching her in the bar kiss the guy she was seeing on the cheek and him saying to the barkeep that he wasn’t worried, that was a kiss goodbye. I had tears on my face. Kudos to the Burn Notice team – what a wonderful 100th episode.

    • JAO says:

      I thought the same thing. The last 5 minutes of BN was heartbreaking. I sobbed at the look on Michaels face when he remembered.

  27. Tom Charles says:

    16 | Given his tendency to show up when struggling shows need a boost, is John Stamos — who’s now on Necessary Roughness — the new Heather Locklear?
    Maybe the antiTed McGinley?

  28. Cassie says:

    3)The Bolton’s house sigil it the flayed man. I would assume that the family has learned some torture secrets on how to keep a man from bleeding today while they have there fun. My question is how is Theon now dying from an infection since I have a feeling catheter are in high supply where he is out.

  29. leo21 says:

    #7 I thought they did know where Rusty was staying and it’s just the new ADA that wasn’t clued in. It did seem tone deaf that she didn’t understand that he couldn’t exactly just stay with any foster parent or in a group home.

  30. Tinemi says:

    13. Ha!! I’ve always wonder about police force in that show. Is so laughable, that I almost understand why the girls never go to them for help.
    14. The feminist in me wants to agree but to be honest, if I remember correctly from that time in my life, men where an important part of who I was becoming, and the same could’ve been said of a lot of females in their teenage years.

  31. M3rc Nate says:

    5: My issue isnt his voice, but his name! I will never hear it and not think they are saying Co-Cheese.

    18: Pretty heart breaking but I imagine in the end they will end up together so :/ the suspense isnt that high. UNLESS they go the amazing/heartbreaking route of in the end he makes the ultimate sacrifice and gets himself killed saving his friends/team.

    Now im not fully convinced, but i cant help wondering if the sweet “flashback” code phrase was needed. I mean if he had just said “Fi…..get down…” she would have gotten down maybe faster cause she wouldnt have needed the few seconds to process that old phrase and what he means…then again maybe if i re-watched it , if he had said get down the guy could have reacted faster and shot Fi before he was killed.

    Oh and i can think of many ways to get into that building off the top of my head.
    Use high power thermal vision scopes and a .50 cal and find the girl tied to chair, the guy standing, and shoot (armor piercing round) through the building and kill him.
    Air drop from a plane with a parachute and land ontop of the building, and
    A) Drill a hole and pump in fast acting knockout gas
    B) Find/make a opening, drop in flash bangs, drop in and shoot him.
    C) Use thermal vision find him, stand above him on the building, plant a explosive aimed down, blow it and kill him.
    Use a mirror to walk up close to the building, have it angled a certain way so when he scans around the mirror perfectly blends it with what its reflecting…talk to him on the phone in a way so he gets close to the slotted windows again, stick your shotgun up against the wall/window and blast him away

    And im sure i could think of 10 more. :/

  32. Whatever says:

    3. Varys was castrated and said he had nothing left and he survived.
    How does anyone survive the wounds they sustain on GOT ?
    Leg amputations,castration,chest wounds, The infection alone should wipe out half of Westeros.
    I was wondering how Theon was tending to his “needs” while on the cross as well as all the wounds. Maybe they have to have the Maester checking on him just so they can continue to torture him.
    5.That Baby is Creepy with a capital C !
    20. From your mouth to the Emmy Nomination Committee’s Ears.
    They both did a good job but Tatiana Maslany was just outstanding .

  33. A says:

    20. TATIANA MASLANY NEEDS TO GET A NOMINATION AND THE WIN!!! I just finished Orphan Black today. I haven’t seen such an outstanding performance on television of this caliber in quite a while. I mean there have been great performances this past TV season but Tatiana takes the cake. Her performance was phenomenal. The entire time I was watching it was like watching three different actresses in one scene and then I’d realize every now and then, she’s actually talking to herself. It was an amazing TV watching experience. 2014 is way too far away!!

  34. Leeann... :) says:

    18: That whole ending to Burn Notice was heartbreaking. For me, what made it especially heartbreaking, was that Fi didn’t go all Fi on him. I was totally waiting for her to slug him. But that kiss and the memory of it really got to me. And ya know what else did it for me was what Michael said to her on the phone with the accent.

  35. Amber says:

    11. I’m getting so sick of the Swon Bros hate! Get over it, they’re in the final, and obviously people thought they deserved to be in the final, and they sold the most itunes this past week

  36. shadester says:

    awkward- i think it was more about colin really wanted her to go for what she wants in life and interested in her life where matty wasnt. but then matty made a good point in saying she never asked how he was doing. Maybe its just sexual not a deep relationship. but i like matty!