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What Happens Next: Is Another Glee Proposal Imminent? Will Rachel Be Funny Girl?

Glee Season 5 PreviewTVLine hits rewind on the TV season’s biggest “What Happens Next” finales, then invites you to predict the cliffhanger outcomes

There were just as many questions as there were resolutions at the end of Glee‘s Season 4 finale.

Will and Emma got hitched in the choir room. New Directions pulled off the win at Regionals. And Brittany, having possibly made “the most important scientific breakthrough of the 21st century,” said goodbye to McKinley and headed off to start her work at MIT — without finishing her senior year! (Yep, the end of Season 4 didn’t correspond with the end of the school calendar, meaning Season 5 could/should find time for Nationals, and McKinley senior prom and graduation.)

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While there’s no definitive word about how exactly Heather Morris’ real-life pregnancy will affect her screen time as Brittany, the MIT development should allow the show’s writers to scale back her presence in the early parts of Season 5.

Two other story arcs, however, ended on truly cliffhanger-y notes. Rachel gave a stunning rendition of Celine Dion’s “To Love You More” at her callback audition for Broadway’s Funny Girl — but we were left wondering whether it was enough to convince producers to cast the college freshman/complete unknown in what’s presumably a multi-million dollar revival.

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Blaine, meanwhile, sought to counsel of an older lesbian couple while making plans to propose marriage to his estranged sweetheart Kurt. And while Kurt’s dad Burt tried to talk Blaine out of it — remember how that worked out for Rachel and Finn, he asked — the season ended with a shot of Blaine clutching some kind of ring box.

Assuming there’s not much time lapse headed into Season 5, what will happen with Rachel’s Broadway dreams? And will Blaine ignore his possible future father-in-law’s advice? Take our polls below — and then hit the comments — to weigh in on how these cliffhangers will play out.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Sam says:

    Blaine’s an idiot if he asks someone he’s not even dating to marry him, which is why I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes through with it. This is the same guy that was singing Against All Odds to Sam a couple of weeks prior and who cheated with a Facebook random. Fickle, fickle, fickle.

    • June says:

      Blaine is an idiot. Period.

      • Sue B says:


      • Jazz says:

        Blaine is an idiot and over-hyped.

      • biggirl says:

        i don’t think he’s an idiot he’s in high school he just really wants true love, and to him Kurt has that. i’m not saying that he’s perfect i just say that everyone makes mistake and you have to learn from those mistakes.he’s learn from his mistakes when he cheated on Kurt with that Facebook random but don’t forget when will and Emma were getting married in the church Kurt Blaine were in the car together kissing each other. i know if Blaine goes through with asking Kurt to marry him there will be a 75% that Kurt would say yes, but then again Kurt’s dad would have a say in this situation.

    • dude says:

      Not to mention serenaded a guy he liked at the GAP.

      • Farra says:

        And ogling Sam all season.

      • Dita says:

        Yeah, wow. Fifteen/sixteen year-old-Blaine sure was an idiot. Like, what the hell, people? Cut the kid some slack! I don’t necessarily think he should be proposing either, but people seem to forget that he is, y’ know, a teenager. He messes up. A lot. As does everyone else on this show (even Kurt! *le gasp*). It’s kind of the theme of the show, in case you haven’t figured that out.

        • Sammy says:

          Yeah, except he’s done nothing but “mess up” for an entire season now. It’s less errors now and more a personality trait.

          • Ash says:

            He messed up by cheating. That’s it. He is certainly allowed to have a crush on Sam – he and Kurt are not together. Having a crush on someone does not equal being in love with them. And let us not forget that Kurt also made mistakes. But no one is villainizing him.

          • Tyler says:

            People threw a fit season three because “Kurt and Blaine are too perfect, they aren’t like a real couple”, people also threw a fit because “Blaine doesn’t have any flaws” but a teenage kids makes mistakes for the equivalent of about 5 months and everyone is throwing a fit again. Make up your mind people. I think it is very silly for him to propose and I do not think that if he does propose, Kurt will say yes. BUT I do not believe he is overrated, I do not believe he is stupid, and I do think he has learned his lesson about cheating.

    • kandijay says:

      My parents weren’t dating when my dad proposed. That said, yes, Blaine is an idiot.

    • Thiago says:

      Blaine needs to die

    • Connie says:

      Blaine isn’t an idiot. So what if him and Kurt aren’t dating anymore. They both still have strong feelings about each other. When your in love, age can be just a number. There are people in the world that probably get married at the same age as Blaine and Kurt. If you don’t like that Blaine is trying to save their relationship by asking Kurt to marry me, then that’s yor problem. But I think that it’s sweet and romantic and they both deserve each other. Long live Blaine and Kurt!

      • Caley says:

        TRUE TRUE TRUE! Words can’t even describe how much I want them to be together! I demand Klaine since there will be no Finnchel! I think I will cry If I don’t get My Kurt/Blaine Marriage! Age is just a number Baby!

    • Char says:

      This comment. Just yes.

    • Evie Rose says:

      I just wish that all the characters hadn’t found the love of their life during high school. That’s what’s unbelievable about this show

  2. Lalala says:

    I still want Sam and Blaine together so please no Klaine reunion yet!!!

  3. Michelle says:

    We all know that because it’s Glee then the most unrealistic things will happen for each situation

  4. linas says:

    who cares

  5. JR says:

    Much more interested in finding out about Finn’s fate!!

    • Pam says:

      This is Glee, I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

    • Sela says:

      Me too. I don’t give a hoot about Blaine. I’m more interested in Finn. Glee is stretching Finn’s non existent story into the ground. Blaine was swooning over Sam most of the season til the last episode where he wants to marry Kurt, who doesn’t want a relationship right now with Blaine. Glee is so over the top with ridiculous nonsense. And social agendas now. I’m not really hoping for anything productive of Glee anymore..

    • Cheri says:

      Ryan Murphy said summer 2012 next season-season 4 was Finn’s big storyline. He told everything but Finn’s season 4. Glee and Ryan Murphy have proved in season 4 that Glee has no plans they intend to follow but what they want. I didn’t and won’t ever have any desire to watch McKinley with the new cast. Finn has been neglected so I will neglect Glee from now on. I have decided now that what Glee is now- PSA’S and social conscience and sexual identity- is not what I will watch again. Glee IMO has diminished in quality.

    • miley says:


  6. Amy says:

    I want Rachel to land the understudy role to a paranoid star who knows Rachel’s the better singer and better Fanny. Then we could have the star trying to destroy Rachel while Rachel fights to get the role all season.

  7. Heather says:

    I’m much more interested in seeing Finn and Artie in New York, to be honest. I also hope Rachel gets Funny Girl.

    • tw says:

      Finn and Artie?? Really…that’s what you’re going with? Finn, maybe. But Artie? Who cares. You may as well ask for Tina too. Ugh. The core of next season’s Glee (hopefully) will be Rachel, Kurt, Santana and Blaine in NYC, with a some random visits from Finn thrown in. Forget the rest.

      • Jk says:

        I don’t mind Artie there as a supporting character because he has actually been used fine that way. Plus he is a decent singer and ok actor unlike some cast. But no he doesn’t need to be getting long arcs. I hope they give Rachel, Santana and Kurt more they are their bread and butter.

        • Heather says:

          I never said anything about long arcs.

          • JK says:

            Noone said you did. As I said I was fine for him being a supporting character in NY. This show was best when it focused on a few leads and let the supporting characters support. When they tried to let everyone get arc instead of a few plots in a few episode it went off the rails. Rachel needs to be the main lead, Kurt, Santana, Finn secondary leads and a few supporting cast. Mck can go away all together for all I care.

          • Farra says:

            Agree with JK. Do away with McKinley.

      • Heather says:

        The guy that plays Artie is a much better singer than the one that plays Blaine and his character annoys me a lot less. I don’t need more of a reason considering it’s a singing show and neither of them are main characters.

      • Remy says:

        Yes, because I’ve always wanted Darren to ruin that side with his crap singing and acting.

      • what a useless, whiny comment. says:

        nobody cares.

      • Mariah says:

        Sucks for you then because Artie was clearly set up to make the journey to NYC last season and Kevin confirmed it at the Monte Carlo TV Festival yesterday. :-)

        • Farra says:

          They did the same vicinity thing with Quinn. She had snippets in 2 episodes.

          • Mariah says:

            Quinn was set up in a different state and the actress didn’t want to commit to Glee for longer. Completely different scenarios.

          • truth says:

            Come on the writers didn’t want to write for Quinn anymore so her contract was reworked to guest star. She got to choose guest or regular she choose guest the others who they decided where expendable choose regular. I bet next year they are guest too. I know people want to believe it was all her choice but in the end if they wanted to follow Quinn or Puck or whoever they could have, they were under contract. So funny how glee fans never believe what Ryan says except in this case that he gave them a choice in how much they wanted to work. He gave them a choice in how little they wanted to work once he said he wasn’t going to be focusing on their characters post high school.

        • things change says:

          Mike was going to school in NY too before they changed it to Chicago. That said I’d rather see Artie than Blaine. Kevin is better singer and actor than Darren.

          • Mariah says:

            Mike got a throwaway line about applying to Julliard (and not only Julliard) with no acceptance, no set up, no follow-up. Again, a completely different scenario. Artie was set up at a school in the same /borough/ as the others.

          • things change says:

            It was as much as Artie. He was set up to go to NY until the very end of the season. I am not saying Artie won’t be there but there is still time to change it so it is not 100% that Artie will be in NY.

          • Farra says:

            Harry Shrum was cast in a role for a new TV series. So, I doubt there will be much Mike Chang.

          • Mariah says:

            LOL it was never as much as Artie, Mike was never accepted to a school in New York and he was never sent off by his parent to go to New York and he never explicitly said “I’m going to New York.” Stop comparing apples and oranges.

      • Em says:

        This is all I want. Klaine plus career focused Rachel and a new, respected romance for Santana. Bring it on! Forget the rest. Also, TV Line, you suck. Self aware gay men in 2013 do not have to play the field. Gay people should be able to have high school sweethearts that get married and stay together all their lives, too. They don’t have to date around, and Kurt and Blaine have always been romantics and old marrieds.

      • RachelsBoy says:

        Artie IS going to New York… He got into Brooklyn Film School. Brooklyn, NY!!

  8. BT says:

    In my dreams, Blaine will have that a-ha! moment and he’ll go find another boy who will actually give him the time of day. But this is glee.

    • Tom says:

      Yeah, because the one that needs a better guy is the cheater and not the one who was cheated on because he told his boyfriend he’d call him back.

    • grow up says:

      Stop blaming Blaine’s cheating on Kurt.

      • suebrody says:


      • Paige says:

        Kurt isn’t to blame – but he does have some responsibility for the dissolution of their relationship. The cheating didn’t happen in a vacuum, and it’s too bad that we never got to see Kurt explore any of the ways in which he contributed to the break-up.

        • ana says:

          The cheating is all Kurt fault! How dare he find a job that he enjoys and stop listening to blaine talk about bowties.

          • Paige says:

            That’s not what I said. The cheating is Blaine’s fault. But there are reasons why someone cheats. Not excuses, but reasons. All of Blaine’s fears from last season that were addressed in DWS and again in the finale happened, despite Kurt insisting that they wouldn’t. The problem with Kurt fans is that you can’t admit that Kurt is at all culpable. Blaine made a terrible mistake because he was insecure in their love and felt neglected. But even if he hadn’t cheated, they still would’ve broken up because Kurt wasn’t being a good boyfriend – not because he is a bad person, but because he is a bit naive and didn’t take Blaine’s fears seriously. Bottom line, they are both young and stupid and still figuring stuff out. But man, people need to get over it already. Kurt has.

          • Lydia says:

            Or maybe it’s because Blaine is a whiny little brat who rather than telling Kurt what he needed and wasn’t getting decided to cheat on him instead. He didn’t even give Kurt a chance to adjust his behavior. Besides the reason Blaine gave for cheating on Kurt was that he wasn’t sure they were meant to be and only after sexing up someone else did he know Kurt was “the one”. At least until Sam became “the NEW one”.

  9. Claudia says:

    Gladly, I don’t care about Rachel and Klaine. I don’t really care about Glee anymore. I’ll watch until the trainwreck is over, mostly bc of Marley, Jake and the Glee Project.

  10. Elly says:

    If Rachel gets the role of Fanny Brice, I’m seriously done with this show- the vogue.com thing was unrealistic enough but this one will take the cake. Just because Lea Michele has the pipes for the role, doesn’t mean a not mature enough Rachel Berry should.

    • Pete says:

      except Babs was young and untested.

      • Elly says:

        Yeah but Babs wasn’t auditioning for an iconic broadway show- she was auditioning for an autobiographical musical that could have bombed.

    • Rose says:

      Thank you!

    • Pam says:

      I still don’t know why a congressman’s son landing an internship is the height of improbability on a show where a man didn’t know his wife was faking a pregnancy, but I kind of see your point. Giving Rachel such a huge get right away doesn’t leave a lot of room for story growth. Especially with the level of talent in the Glee writing room.

      • Kelly says:

        It also isn’t improbable considering Lea’s b-way credentials. That said I worry about them giving Rachel that kind of success with 2 seasons to go.

      • Angela says:

        Indeed, this show deals in unrealistic situations on a regular basis. It’s their thing.
        But I agree with you and others anyway, it would be kind of nice to see these guys have to honestly scrape and struggle for a while, especially in a place like New York City. It’d make it easier to truly root for them and their victories when they do happen.

        • Elly says:

          It took them 3 year to win Nationals, and that payoff was awesome. It was the first time Glee had felt authentic since season 1. That vogue.com thing was just unbelievable, if he had been in fashion school a year, maybe it’d be a lucky break as opposed to not realistic in any fashion.

  11. Kim R says:

    I was all excited thinking this was the Friday questions…..then I remembered it was Thursday. Drat. :)

  12. Cadance says:

    none of the options for kurt and blaine sound appealing? I feel like Ausiello just doesn’t like this pairing. poor poor man. Get use to them, Aus, they’re endgame. It’ll be okay.

    • Oh, teenagers... says:

      Doesn’t matter if they’re endgame, they’re still an awful pairing and it doesn’t mean people need to force themselves to like them.

    • Barb says:

      Learn how to read. “BY MICHAEL SLEZAK”

    • Linda says:

      I don’t like any of the options either. My choice would have been they don’t get engaged but decide to have a long-distance relationship again. It would be nice if they actually talked to each other about what happened or, well anything. The last proposal episode they did not say one word to each other which was ridiculous.

      • Pam says:

        Who would want to get back in a long-distance relationship that didn’t work the first time. That’s just setting yourself up for failure.

    • Jim says:

      Maybe they aren’t appealing cause the whole idea of Blaine and anything related to glee is unappealing?

  13. SS says:

    Yeah, I’d say none of those things will happen for Klaine because even if Blaine doesn’t propose last season showed us that Glee isn’t about to show either one of them actually dating someone else.

    • Sofia says:

      Yup. Whether it’s due to the double standard or the writers/Ryan Murphy just not invested in the characters dating anyone else, probably a combination of both, I highly doubt we’ll see anything of substance there. My guess if they do date anyone else, they’ll just be used as random drama fodder for a couple eps and then it’s over. Whatever happens, it will likely be all to make way for Klaine getting back together and sooner rather than later. An option not on the poll, but I could see Blaine proposing early on, Kurt freaks out (“Are you crazy? We’re not even dating!! I’m dating Adam/Random Guy!!” etc etc, but also freaked probably because we, not Blaine, see him not entirely opposed to the idea, which freaks him out more). Kurt runs back to New York, makes some hollow, if superficially and initially earnest, attempt to make Adam work or date some other guy(s). This is where I could see a 4.05 bookend situation happening in 5.05 as Slezak suggested in the poll, but Kurt cheating on Random Guy or Adam, which ends random drama fodder relationship story (what little there ever was of it in the first place). Back in Lima, Blaine angsts about the proposal fall-out to the point he considers not going to New York (insert another Matt Bomer guest stint in here somewhere), Kurt eventually gets word of that and because as if they’re not going to incorporate Blaine into the NYC plot eventually, that’ll be the reason Kurt changes his mind and says yes to the proposal (in the ep airing around Christmas probably as a present to the Klaine fans/Ryan’s present to himself), paranoid he’s about to lose Blaine forever or something. After that, Klaine largely put on the backburner to give some of the limited queer screentime to Santana and/or Unique, I’d guess Santana. Because four seasons have proven there’s only so much queer allowed on “Glee” and Klaine have consistently gotten the priority, so until Klaine are in a place they can be pretty solidly off-screen for awhile, the other queer stories will get little to nothing. So, basically throw Klaine back together and then Santana dating NYC ladies or we get a Unique/Ryder story or something. I’d have said S6 finale for some big Klaine thing, but if S6 is also the series finale, it would probably be mostly about Rachel/Finchel. So, S5 I can see being mostly Klaine.

  14. Lois says:

    I don’t think any of those options are right for Klaine. I think Blaine will hold off a while and maybe there’ll be a proposal at the end of senior year (so…the winter finale?). But we’ll see.

  15. lena says:

    I just want Finn & Rachel back together that’s all.

  16. Ems says:

    total lol at the digs at smash and girls :)

  17. Delia E. says:

    Maybe Rachel doesn’t get the role and gets into a serious funk and Santana calls Finn to NY to talk to her. Then he inspires her to continue fighting for her dreams. Then maybe the person who originally had the role of Fanny has an ‘unexplained accident’ in which the directors think and bring back Rachel to be Fanny for Opening Night. All I know is at the end, I want Rachel singing as Fanny Brice on Broadway–with Finn in the audience. :)

    • nope says:

      God know I am tired of Rachel having to have someone else come save the day or give her a pep talk. She didn’t need that before she had “friends”.

    • Mac says:

      Gross. I hope Rachel breaks up with him and makes decisions for herself at this point. Horrible, uneven relationship.

      • Flo says:

        She is broken up with Finn. She’s been broken up with him since the final episode of Season 3, and then re-broke up with him in 4×04, and, in case anyone missed it (I guess you did?), further made it clear that they were broken up in 4×06. Rachel and Finn have been apart on Glee for FAR more time than they ever spent dating each other.

        I do want to see Rachel make more decisions for herself. Hopefully better ones than last year, when she impulse-shacked-up with a male hooker. Burt should have recalled, when giving (what was the absolute correct advice to Blaine) that what happened with Finn & Rachel getting engaged (something that was always leading to a break up, for those not capable of reading the story correctly at the time) wasn’t necessarily as bad as Rachel shacking up with the male gigolo of NYADA, lol.

        • my dreams are bigger than you says:

          You act as if she made a decision to shack up with a hooker, no she decided to shack up with her boyfriend. To soon sure yes but not as you describe. Just more stuuipd writing really. First half of the season we had finally had a strong Rachel again who didn’t need Finn to make her decisions by the end of the season the stupid writers had to make it all about Finn again and she needed him to save her. Blah. Why can’t Rachel be strong and make decisions without having to make Finn look good all the time.

        • Hi glee am heather 22 years old i like to be famous on tv like glee

          • Kelly says:

            You won’t get famous on here…

            Especially not when you don’t capitalize words that need to be capitalized and don’t use proper grammar and punctuation.

            You want to get famous? Then, pack your bags and move to LA. Don’t post on here that you want to be on TV.

    • Nina says:

      Sam and Blaine really deserve each other. I hope Kurt finds someone who won’t cheat on him. Actually I just want Kurt, Santana and Rachel being fabulous together in NY. They need to stop messing with those children. Finn, Blaine and Brittany are morons.

  18. Molly says:

    I love Klaine but I will vomit if they get engaged. What is it with Glee and teenage marriage? Has no one in that universe ever heard of waiting to make permanent life choices? I will also vomit if Rachel gets the role of Fanny Bryce. Giving a 19 year old college student the lead in a massive Broadway revival is ridiculous enough that it would turn her into an even more major Mary Sue than she already is.

    • Rose says:

      I agree.

    • Joe says:

      You don’t know the definition of Mary Sue. Marley is a Mary Sue. Rachel, sure she is a winner but not without a price usually being called out or insulted, made to apoligze for something and learn a lesson.

  19. shouw says:

    ugh please only klaine fans cares about that proposal. They just need to end this storyline

  20. karenb says:

    Glee Projecf please. Lol.

  21. Leslie says:

    I don’t care about Blaine and Kurt but I do want Rachel to play Fanny! Glee is spending too much time at McKinley – we need some Broadway!!!! And a lot more Rachel and Finn!!!!

  22. Anne says:

    Ha, these poll options sound SO bitter towards Klaine. I choose F. Kurt suggesting they get back together which keeps Blaine from proposing right then but he keeps the ring, and they get back to the relationship dynamic they had in their first 2 seasons.

    And D for Rachel, because I want to watch her succeed eventually, but it’s hard for me to root for her when she already wins basically everything however implausible. She should lose Fanny, but pick herself up and keep on going because she’s a star and she knows it.

    • Sal says:

      She won one thing this season and why it didn’t work cause they didn’t show us her struggling to practice or audition for things. What people seem to forget is 9 out of 10 times for Rachel when she wins it often come with a price of being called out or insulted or something. Even with the showcase they had to back track and put her in her place with the diva off.

      • Anne says:

        But that’s just it, they don’t show her realistically struggling a lot. And I’m not saying Rachel has no problems ever, but any price she might pay for anything she wins is often tiny or temporary. Last season she got Prom Queen because why not and got into NYADA the special way, this season she not only got a place in the super exclusive showcase of her super exclusive school as the first freshmen since whenever, she won the damn thing. And her teacher is jealous of her. That’s also one of her big actual problems this season, her teacher is mean because she envies Rachel, and boy trouble.
        The diva-off I have a lot of issues with, how the writers badly tried to turn their writing issues with Rachel’s storyline into Rachel’s issues, how she got slut-shamed and “put in her place” for that, how even so she still couldn’t lose anything and Kurt could win anything regardless of how insignificant their little competition was without him still affirming her utter amazingness… the entire episode was a mess.
        If we had seen Rachel work towards this Fanny audition and have auditions before this one it’d be one thing, but now I’ll just kind of roll my eyes if she gets anything big in the production. This lack of build-up and effort in the writing almost makes her come across Mary Sue-ish at times which I find really REALLY regrettable because Rachel is one of my FAVOURITE characters, when she’s written well, and I LOVE to root for her, when it’s written well.

        • Flo says:

          Totally agree.

          I WANT to root for Rachel — so write a good, strong, developed story showing her facing real struggles so I can root for her, like I did in the first few seasons.

          And it wasn’t just Rachel who got cheated out of good stories in Season 4 — every other single story was short-changed in order to spend the entire season dwelling on the trials and tribulations of Blaine Anderson glooming around after cheating on Kurt, then crushing on Sam while trying to fend off Tina. And I feel like something happened with some refugees from the CW who wandered onto the Glee set, but it’s hard to recall what it was since they’re largely so bland and generic that their stories don’t stick in my mind.

          The season was a huge let down, all around. I hope they cut back on characters — for real, this time — and show us Rachel, Kurt, Finn, and Santana in New York, with anyone else as an add on. That’s where the long-term, core stories are. Or at least move the show in that direction, even if it starts out winding up the school year in Lima.

          • Anne says:

            EXACTLY. I didn’t have this issue the first few seasons either.

            And I agree season 4 wasn’t just bad for Rachel. I’d say it was bad for most or perhaps even all characters. But I really disagree this was because they spend all their time on Blaine. Hell, the writing of Blaine’s storyline SUCKED majorly as well. Tina had it the absolute WORST, but Blaine this season ranks high on my list of character assassinations for the sake of drama (I’d put Rachel very high on this list as well, Quinn once again for sleeping with her married teacher after we left her finally stable-ish and happy-ish last season, and we didn’t actually know all that much about Unique to ruin her but I still think the catfish storyline was just unfair, and Kurt because to me he just seemed kind of neglected as a character while still being a part of several storyines which was weird.). Blaine did get a good amount of screentime, but it was a bad story, and my issue with other characters storylines isn’t mainly with lack of screentime but also with lack of quality in the writing.

            YES, the newbies. They were also badly written, mostly just in that they were super boring, but unlike everyone else I wasn’t invested in them because they used to be better written. Stop trying to make the newbies happen, it’s not going to happen. (I choose to not count Unique as a newbie because she was in season 3 and I actually like her and think she’s interesting. Which of course means she barely got anything to do this season compared to Ryder, Marley, Jake and Kitty.)

            Season 5; Less characters, more NYC, I completely agree. I do care about some of the other characters so they can make appearances, but this having 30+ main characters is not working. I at least want Rachel, Kurt, Santana and Blaine in New York, I guess Finn is an important character so he can go there too, I’d like Mercedes and Mike there as well. That seems like a nice-sized group to keep the focus on for long-term.

        • Joe says:

          But that is cause of time. They told us what was going on in NY not showed us. Rachel still had to be insulted and berated by others and usually taught a lesson.

          • Anne says:

            Yeah, but, lack of time or lack of effort on the writers’ part, It’s still a problem. If the writers don’t have time to set up their stories well, then tell less stories, or tell different stories, don’t tell instead of show and only give us the “highlights” version of Rachel’s actual life, because as I said I have a hard time being invested in her successes like this despite wanting to be.

            Like I wrote, I don’t think Rachel has zero problems, and this show does have a nasty habit of lecturing it’s female/minority characters. My issue is with how the writing can still make Rachel’s accomplishments seem unearned by not giving proper attention to realistic and relevant obstacles for her to face before achieving her VERY ambitious goals. This isn’t a problem I’ve always had with Rachel’s storyline, it started bothering me end season 3 and then that continued in season 4, which I overall didn’t think was very well-written. Let’s hope season 5 improves things. Rachel is a great character who deserves a great story with great writing.

    • Em says:

      I like your idea for Klaine, Anne! I miss season 2 Klaine…

  23. Linny says:

    I wish there was an option of Blaine disappears never to been seen again, Kurt is sad for awhile until he mets a mature man with way better vocals and acting skills.

  24. Sue says:

    At this point all I care about is more NY and waaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy less McK.

    • Rose says:

      And I want no more of The Rachel Berry Show (NY Glee) and to see the new dynamic at McKinley.

      • Igo says:

        New ‘dynamic’? LOL, compare to dynamic of mck between original casts in season 1 and 2, this new ‘dynamic’ makes me want to skip all of their scenes, mainly because of bad writing and the chemistry hasnt there yet

      • Pam says:

        Than you should stop watching now because they are moving more and more characters over to the NYC side and as that happens the narrative focus is bound to shift in that direction. If this show thought McKinley could float without the grads on the show they’d have been written off by now.

      • Jiffy says:

        The new McK is so boring and the cast has NO chemistry together no matter how many songs they have them running around the stage together.

      • NY at least has potential and good actors/singers says:

        Ha the Rachel Berry show nonsense how orignal. I see another person who has yet to figure out she is the lead character. If they move it all to NY yes she would remain the lead character but it would even out more if they focused on a few main characters instead of boring noobs.

      • Lori says:

        PREACH! The most important thing they can do to improve the show is spend more time on stories for Rachel/Kurt/Santana in NY and bring a couple characters over to join them. The 2nd thing is to cut way back on McKinley. So doing #1 takes care of #2.

  25. Darren's bald spot says:

    Maybe Blaine returns the ring and go to have a hair transplant because Darren’s bald spot is getting more bigger…. seriously Glee your actors are getting old

  26. Nina says:

    I hope Kurt laughs in Blaine’s face for thinking he can cheat, lust after Sam for the whole season and then propose like some egomaniac. Kurt can do so much better

  27. Rachel says:

    Has there ever been a more pathetic character than Blaine Anderson? Seeing all of his stuff from S4 written down actually made me cringe.

    • Jazz says:

      Tina who had a crush on his pathetic ass? I found it amazing how much ass kissing they did of Blaine yet made him so pathetic in the process.

    • Jeanette says:

      I thought Blaine finally became a “real” character this season – not just Kurt’s boyfriend, but someone who makes his own mistakes and has his own friends and I thought his development was one of the best of the season.

    • Em says:

      More pathetic characters:
      -all the new characters

      If you write down the stuff for any of the characters, you’ll cringe. Because they’re all badly written by bad writers. Get over it and stop pretending only Blaine is affected by it.

  28. Mindy says:

    I’m hoping for a more reasonable promise ring proposal, where they continue to date and Blaine promises to be faithful and the ring is a sign of his commitment, but not a marriage proposal.

    • Me says:

      But then Blaine will see a cute boy and as he’s proven time and again, he’ll get distracted and find a way to blame someone else for it.

      • Em says:

        Time and again? You mean that one time? Like Kurt was distracted by Chandler that one time? Blaine has pined after Kurt all season long.

        • Me says:

          Oh so I just imagined all those episodes where he never mentioned Kurt and lusted after Sam. Wow, I hope next season when I’m just seeing things I imagine a show without Mckinley.

  29. Igo says:

    I just want the writers of glee to know: many people watch glee not solely for one blaine anderson. Enough with his character already with his repetitive and often pointless storylines and focus on character that we fell in love in the first place in season 1. I hope at least second half of the season we will have NY side featured prominently with inovative writing

    • Lydia says:

      Yeah. I don’t hate Blaine or anything but he’s been so overused that I’m starting to get annoyed at the sight of him. Please just let us have a break from him for a while.

    • Lynne says:

      I was indifferent of Blaine in season 2 and 3 now I am so tired o him and part of it is the acotr who plays him is mediocre. He can’t handle that much story and has little range in voice and acting.

    • Jeanette says:

      A lot more people love him than hate him, though. Darren Criss’ star is on the rise, and Glee is just capitalizing on that. He is a fan-favorite and for good reason. I hope we get to see more from him and from the NY side next season.

      • Igo says:

        I’m sorry but can you tell me how can you consider darren as a star on the rise? because it’s pretty subjective and a lot of people can argue with that. I didn’t say that people hate him, i’m simply saying that more people watch glee not mainly for blaine, but for other characters especially since blaine is supporting characters. And i’ve been reading glee recap from various site and i see same sentiments from many people/critics about blaine and his storylines that took screentime too much than what it needed

        • Freddi says:

          It really isn’t that subjective though. There’s more demonstrable evidence that shows Darren Criss is a marketable commodity than otherwise. His songs in “Glee” still sell solidly, if perhaps not as much as they used to, though “Glee” sales are down across the board. However, clearly the series still makes Fox enough money they invested in two more seasons (and it’s got to be in the money since I’m hard-pressed seeing it in the great storytelling, since it isn’t that great. “Glee’s” narrative is disjointed even in the best of times). His are still some of the biggest selling songs from eps. Sold out solo summer tour and the guy doesn’t even have an LP out yet. His brief stint on Broadway also sold out. He’s got a lot of visibility in a movie scheduled for summer release, third or fourth billing after main star and name, Kristen Wiig. The movie is clearly aimed at the demographic not interested or tired of the summer action movies (mostly women and teen girls. Which also happen to be “Glee’s” biggest demographics). Obviously it remains to be seen how well that one will do, but probably will do well enough in the demographics it’s aiming at. I can get not being interested in Darren or the character he plays in “Glee”, but I also get why the Fox executives and producers love him. Hence all those “pointless storylines” he keeps getting, not to mention all the songs and recording time he gets.

          • igo says:

            the highest selling song this season was Let Me Love You and it’s mainly bc it’s a popular song at the moment, w glee’s decreasing popularity you can’t expect people would buy broadway song more than popular songs.
            Second, I don’t intend to bash him I just wanna tell you the truth that his movie w kristen wiig can barely see as a hit since its only premiere in TIFF and don’t have a wide release yet. If anything the biggest movie potential among casts right now are dianna w her movie and chris w SBL premiered in France recently.
            I think RIB for whatever reasons love him tried to put him on the spotlight this season just like what they did w chris and naya in season 2 and 3 but the execution didn’t do well with terrible writing and also his acting can’t save the storyline itself. I’m not darren’s hater at all its just this season has been such a huge disapointment bc less charismatic casts took more screentime than the original casts who make me fell in love w glee in the first place. I think that’s why many people right now feel the same way about blaine and the newbies being the spotlight this season

        • Jeanette says:

          Like the other commentator said, it’s not subjective. Darren Criss is popular – that’s a quantifiable thing. He, Lea, Chris and Naya are probably the most popular on the show. I think part of the reason why Blaine got so much screentime is because he is the fan-favourite on the Lima side of things and since they haven’t really fleshed out NY yet, he obviously got more stuff to do. Hopefully things will pick up more on the NY end and we’ll see more from the others. Anyway, I get people wanting more of their fave characters, but the fact that he is popular is undeniable (except for the handful of intense haters on the internet).

          • Lydia says:

            No one outside of Glee even knows who Darren is though. He never goes on talk shows daytime or nighttime so he really has very little name recognition with people who don’t watch the show.

          • Kelly says:

            Ever heard of Starkid? That is HUGE in the Harry Potter fandom. People know and love him from that as well.

      • Daniel says:


  30. Pam says:

    All I want next season is well-written, character driven storylines that don’t try to make complex issues black or white, focus on a smaller group of characters, and the realization that allowing character growth to remain from one episode to the next will not trigger the end of the world. Then I remember this is Glee and each season finds new ways to be worse than the last one.

  31. Lori says:

    I like the idea of Rachel getting the understudy role, and then working to get the lead role, since we know she’s the one perfect for the role. I just want them to show us what’s going on instead of telling us like they did this year. Rachel Berry voiceover and schemes are the best and this would make all that possible. They just need to tell more NY plots and give them more song since that’s the only part of the show I can still sit through.

  32. Fernanda says:

    i want to see more of Kurt and Adam, he deserves to be in another relationship and not be Blaine’s shadow, remember, Kurt said Blaine is an alfa gay and sometimes is difficult to be his boyfriend.

    Rachel could win or not in Funny Girl, but I prefer to see her on the Broadway circle doing auditions and working in rehearsals plays, but wait, we saw that on SMASH, Glee is about underdogs. The best thing for her is to become the lead’s understudy.

    But what happen to Finn, does he stay on Ohio U for good, or something happen and he could go to NY too as Santana, and now Artie and Blaine, possible

  33. Nikki says:

    I’m kind of hoping it’s a promise ring or something instead of an engagement ring for Kurt and Blaine. It would be a nice way to explain why he had the ring box without a him proposing, plus it would show that he wants to re-commit and be true to Kurt.

    As for Rachel, I’d love to see her get understudy or some other minor part. She feels too young and inexperienced to have a major lead in such a big show. Maybe in a few years time if Glee is still around, we could see her finally take on the role, as it was the one she was born to play!

  34. Teddie says:

    Clearly the ontd glee (aka Blaine/Darren haters) crew is out in force. Ha ha. Can’t wait for Blaine to get to NY with Kurt and Santana. Even Rachel is fine now. Just dump all the newbies.

    • Sammy says:

      I was waiting for someone to blame the elusive ontd glee like it usually happens. I checked, this wasn’t even posted there. I know it’s hard for someone who isn’t very bright to understand, but sometimes people dislike unlikeable characters.

      • Ash says:

        Whether it was specifically ontd_glee or not, this was definitely targeted by Blaine haters (from tumblr or twitter or wherever) – these comments are not those of the passing casual watcher and Blaine is not an “unlikeable character” to most.

        • Sammy says:

          Lol sure, buddy. A cheater isn’t unlikeable? In what universe?

          • Ash says:

            I’m not sure what show you’re watching, but In the same universe as people like Quinn, Rachel, Finn, Puck, Santana, Brittany, Kurt, Will, Mercedes, etc., etc. You know, all of the other cheaters on the show. Somehow people manage to accept all of their flaws, but the second that Blaine steps out of line he’s the anti-christ. He made a mistake. He was deeply sorry for it, and they showed that. All season long, in fact. Perfect characters without flaw are boring. I would much rather watch characters make real and human mistakes and pick themselves up and try to make amends.

  35. Ross says:

    I don’t really think any of the things that were suggested in the poll for Klaine are likely scenarios. I think something will derail Blaine from proposing, but he’ll hang onto the ring for awhile, and the audience will be left wondering for most of the season if he’ll pop the question. I think there will be an eventual Klaine engagement and I honestly can’t wait! They’re the best part of the show for me.

  36. Ash says:

    You know, the thing about comment’s sections to remember is that it’s always the people who have a problem with something that are the most vocal about it. It’s just like looking up restaurant reviews – people who have a bad experience are far more likely to leave a review, than people who had a good experience. People who like Glee and Klaine are mostly indifferent to commenting on these types of thins, because it really is kind of pointless. Klaine is liked by the majority. As are Blaine, and Darren Criss. Ryan Murphy (and I imagine large segments of the GA) likes the new kids and Marley and co. will likely continue to have lots of screen time. And Rachel will most likely be triumphant, as unrealistic though it may be. Anyway. It’s just always a little funny to me when people in the comments are like, ‘See? All of these other 50 people agree with me! That must mean we speak for the other 5 million people watching!!’ No honeys. It’s just that no one else cares.

    • igo says:

      This is not just the viewers but also the critics generally have not welcome w/ blaine and newbies storylines this season. With more than 3 million people stopped watching glee this season(the premiere watched by 8 million people) and even more than 7 million people stopped watching people since season 2, you can’t exactly say that GA like blaine and newbies. I can also guarantee that many people still watched glee this season for originals like Kurt and Rachel. So yes honey, even more than 5 million also don’t like glee nowadays they just don’t bother to comment and watch the show anymore and buy the songs

      • Ash says:

        There are lots of reasons why I believe viewership is down, but I don’t think it’s fair or accurate to lump Blaine in with the new kids or to say he is one of the primary causes. He has actually received a lot of praise this year – but yes, I think the show would be do well to focus on more of the “old guard” as it were, but that definitely includes Blaine. My point was simply that people who are really extreme in their views are the type who comment on these articles and so are not necessarily indicative of how the majority feel.

        • Tom Allison says:

          When 90% of show was Lima/Newbies and Blaine, yes it’s reasonable to blame them for the declining ratings. If people found them compelling they would not have tuned out at the rate they did. Glee lost over a million viewers in the season final that was 99.9% Lima. The GA obviously didn’t care about New Directions and the Newbies or sticking around to find out if they won regionals. The newbies are bunch of nobodies that lack the talent of the original cast, it’s not surprising Blaine, Sam and Brit got some much coverage, they were all they had because the New Cast was a major failure! . And poor Cory was stuck trying to prop up the waste of time that was the newbies!

          • Ash says:

            I think we’re arguing the same point to an extent – I agree that the newbies are not very popular and they need to focus more on the others – but my point was that I don’t think it’s fair to single Blaine out and lump him in with them and say he was the cause. You also then have to say Sam, Brittany, Will, Finn, Artie, Tina, and Sue are to blame, especially if you’re going to use the finale as an example of the show’s failure as it focused primarily on Brittany and to a lesser extent Wemma (and of course the newbies at Regionals). If you ask me, Blaine was one of the main things keeping the Lima side afloat. Anyway, my dream would be for them to ditch McKinley altogether and focus on Rachel, Kurt, Blaine, Finn, and Santana in NY, along with maybe a couple of the other grads…

        • Igo says:

          When you like certain character, it’s easy for you to cloud your judgement toward certain charaters. But sometimes you just have to admit that when the storylines sucked, it really sucked. I’m admittedly original casts fans but i’m not going to say that their SL this season was flawless(rachel pregnancy and finn college SL was really bad IMO), and same w blaine and the newbies bc blaine sings literally in every episodes this season. Other than the breakup episode and grease, i did not like all of their storylines this season and i see that the critics(tvline, ign, the a.v club just to name a few) were also having the same sentiments w/ the latest SL was the proposal storylines that made me roll my eyes w/ its repetitive storylines. Like i said in previous comments, i’m not a hater on any characters here i’m just trying to be honest here about why this past season was lackluster compared to other previous season

        • JohnQPublic says:

          Everyone is questioning this relationship or that as possible reason for viewers bailing, when to me the most obvious reason is this uber ridiculous storyline of Brittany’s. It was bad enough when she had her quirky little “fondue for two” sessions, but when a character who has been struggling for 4 seasons just to get though HS, is suddenly the smartest person in the known world? I mean, thank God she got pregnant and isn’t coming back except in limited play for Season 5, if she were, it may have doomed the entire show. I’ve watched the series since its inception, I don’t know if they got new writers for her part or what, but it’s gotten completely out of hand and I believe that is what is costing the series viewers.

  37. Lianna says:

    I am excited for Blaine to be in NY eventually (with Artie, too, sure!). I’m also excited for the eventual Klaine reunion, whenever that may be. They have meant a great deal to me, and are the main reason I continue to watch this show. :)

  38. Dita says:

    Ha, oh Blaine haters. Never change. I, for one, am stoked about the possibility of Blaine joining Kurt in NY. They are quite literally the only reason I am still in this. Aside from that, though, I do hope Blaine holds off on the proposal for awhile. It would be great if they could have an actual conversation about their relationship and what went wrong.

    • Taryn says:

      This is exactly how I feel. The only reason I’m still watching Glee is because of Kurt and Blaine. I was ready to stop watching when I heard Chris might not be back for season 4 because Kurt is my absolute favorite character, always has been, even before I was really a Gleek.

      That said, I would love to see Klaine reunite but I don’t think the proposal is the best way to go. If Blaine proposes, I’d like for Kurt to say not necessarily no, but rather not yet. Tell Blaine they should spend time rebuilding their relationship first and then he can ask again. You read this right people, I’m a major Klainer who DISAGREES with the proposal. So no, not all of us want to see it happen.

      On another note, I really don’t think it’s fair that people are using comments to bash the characters or the actors who play them. Yes, you’re entitled to your opinion but don’t forget there are fans of them out there and a lot them will be incredibly hurt by what you’re saying so try to be more respectful in your views or don’t say anything at all. The actors are real people too and they do have feelings. Honestly how would you feel if you were a big star and you came across se bashing you like that online?

      I know this long, but I also would like to say, I really don’t think Rachel should get much more than a minor role. First of all, if this were real life and not a TV show, it’s very unlikely that Rachel would be seriously considered for a major Broadway role her very first audition. Secondly, Rachel has pretty much gotten just about everything she’s wanted. It would good for her to finally learned she’s not always going to be the best for everything, take her down a peg. But we know that won’t happen because God forbid anything bad happen to Rachel Berry, one reason why I’m not happy her pregnancy test was negative. Prime example though, she choked on NYADA audition and what happened? She got in anyway!

      • Daniel says:

        I would rather Blaine decide to hold off on proposing (or maybe he’s already just planning for the future?) than Kurt give him a lecture. I’m not a fan of the dynamic fans (and RIB+ I suppose) have given them where Kurt is all mature and wise and Blaine’s a stupid idiot that needs Kurt to teach him everything about life. That was never their dynamic before and it’s just really unpleasant. The other option is they do get engaged and it’s impulsive and young and silly on both their parts but they make it work, through good times and bad.

  39. Louisa says:

    Why do people want to watch a show filled with only perfect characters? I guarantee you that Ryan Murphy is not going to write a show where Kurt meets perfect boy and perfect boy woos him and loves him and never does anything wrong and they get married and have a perfect life. Ryan explicitly said that he wanted to make Klaine’s relationship, “real, modern, and complicated”. And he has also said that he view’s Blaine’s cheating as a mistake, but not that it means he’s a terrible person. It’s a TV show. The characters are meant to be flawed. It’s what makes the show interesting.

    • Em says:

      Well, Blaine’s cheating was a writing mistake, that’s for sure.

    • Lydia says:

      No one cares about the cheating. The complaint is that people are sick of people on this show having to take their cheating partner back. Sometimes people cheat and that is the end of the relationship for good.

  40. Rachel says:

    I hope Season 5 brings Kurt, Blaine, Santana, Rachel and Finn in NY. With a side of Sam and/or Artie. Klaine reunited, Finchel working on it, and Santana finding a new LI. :)

  41. Jeanette says:

    I love Darren’s voice and I love Blaine Anderson. I thought this last season was great for his character in terms of the stuff we go to see him do, and his songs were definitely the highlight for me. Hoping to see more of him (and Kurt!!) in Season 5.

  42. Jamie04 says:

    Talk about unrealistic! Rachel would never get the lead in a Broadway show at her age – but it’s Glee, so she probably will. As for Klaine, they will end up together – so it doesn’t really matter.

  43. Anna says:

    I hope for season 5 Rachel becomes a Fanny Brice understudy but then gets to preforme due too real lead injuried or somewhat which leads Finn to be hurt and meets a new girl. In the mean time Kurt says yes to blaine proposal but waits to the wedding on hold. Artie does not come to New york and the rest should be back at Makinley High or what ever school they came from.

  44. T says:

    Wow so much Blaine hate… I understand not liking that he cheated but wow…

    • Farra says:

      I liked him season 2, but since then I could careless. Especially now. But, the show has taken a turn that doesn’t interest me at all. I have really tried to feel something for the new cast, but I am only numb to extremely bored to tears. This season has been so much McKinley with the development of the new cast and how they fit into the New Directions. McKinley is just a snoozefest. When there is 5 minutes of New York and the rest is McKinley, I DVR the episode. When it is all McKinley, I don’t watch it at all. I think I watched 9 episodes season 4. Season 4 was terrible. I’ll probably reassess my need to watch Glee over the summer. Because at it is, there is nothing worth watching. If season 5 Glee keeps New York just minimal as in season 4, then Glee is for teens and young adults who want that kind of content. I have kids who are too young for them to understand some of the content. Season 1 Glee was fun and had soe adult themes that were touched on where the kids thought were funny. Now, it is too serious and full of social issues with attention to every aspect of sexual awareness.

    • Anan says:

      Look I have no hate for Blaibe at all. However I hate Finchel more. I don’t know why I think it is bc they are together in real life and it is also because Finn and rachel shouldn’t of started back up agian in the end of season 3 cause of her going to ny and finnaly growing up. Finn needs his own future and to me they need to just end once and for all.Just like the GH supercouple Luke and Laura.

  45. Rita says:

    I hope there is an engagement for Klaine somewhere along the line – not sure if now is the best time, but I’m eager for them to get back together, that’s for sure!

  46. Ha. i would love to see option E for Blaine. i’ve always said i envisioned a future career in poltics or activism for Blaine, even before this season’s election scenario. would make good tv,…

  47. I believe Rachel will get the part,but will flop devastated she will drop out of nyada and return to Lima where with the help of her friends mr shue and Finn she will find her inner diva and eventually return NYC and go on to be a great success on broadway winning a tiny award

  48. I really love Klaine! I can’t wait to see how their relationship develops over time. And I really can’t wait to see their wedding, sooner or later. They’re the best couple!

  49. Sarah says:

    At this point I will take a Klaine reunion in whichever way I can get it – if that includes an engagement? Great! Bottom line, though, something needs to give – this story line has gone on for far too long. I hope we see them back together soon!!

  50. Howard says:

    Blaine should have slept with Tina when she was “Vapor Raping” him and got pregnant and when he goes to ask Kurt to marry him she interrupts with the news…Kurt goes back to Adam and Mike comforts Tina and Blaine is left out in the cold…and at the end of the series Blaine and Kurt end up together…