Emmys 2013: The Lead Drama Actor Race in Review, Including Our 6 Dream Nominees

Emmy Best Actor Drama NomineesOnce upon a time, Breaking Bad powerhouse Bryan Cranston was considered a lock for the winners circle. But, after Homeland’s Damian Lewis kept him from taking home his fourth Emmy last year, nothing is certain — especially with newcomers as formidable as Kevin Spacey and Matthew Rhys now in the race.

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Review the following slideshow of the major contenders — including TVLine’s Dream Nominees — then hit the comments to vote for who you think are the six best. And check back Wednesday as we tackle the Outstanding Drama Actress race!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. JAA says:

    Both Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen from Hannibal should get a nomination

  2. Steve P says:

    Kevin Bacon was fantastic in The Following. The show quality towards the end was kind of meh but he and Purefoy were excellent.

  3. Ari says:

    WTF? you name 20 guys and not one is Robert Carlyle?! He’s mindblowing on Once Upon A Time.

    • HeatherC says:

      I think he got entered into the Supporting Actor category if I remember right from last year which means he should show up when TV Line does their supporting actor/actress lists. Agree that he’s pretty darn awesome though!

  4. Ari says:

    WTF? you name 20 guys and not one is Robert Carlyle?! He’s mindblowing on Once Upon A Time.

  5. epluribusunum21 says:

    WTF?! You name 20 guys and not one is Robert Carlyle? He’s mindblowing on Once Upon A Time!

  6. ryan says:

    Bryan Cranston is going to win the emmy he is amazing

    • Jamie says:

      I don’t know. I think Damien Lewis is legitimate threat on the strength of “Q&A” alone. It’s as strong a performance as any I’ve seen Bryan Cranston give, so he might be able to take home the prize. Of course, I wouldn’t mind any scenario, I just think that the race isn’t as close as it’s been in the past :)

      • Britta Unfiltered says:

        I was convinced Lewis had it in the bag after I saw Q&A. But then Cranston went and won the Golden Globe last fall, and then won the Critics’ Choice Award last night, and now I’m all mixed up about who it’s going to be. It is going to be a very close race. But I’m rooting for Damian Lewis. Or Timothy Olyphant, but I doubt they’ll nominate him.

  7. Sarah says:

    William H. Macy!! The challenge with Shameless is I’d qualify it more as a “dramedy” than either a drama or a comedy. Either way though, he’s incredible. And Andrew Lincoln. I’m just starting to watch Breaking Bad on Netflix (I know, wayyyy late on that one) and I can totally see why he’s won this award so many times!!

  8. Brandon says:

    So freaking happy for the Mathew Rhys love. He should have gotten more credit on Brothers and Sisters (the whole show really, minus the final season), but I am overjoyed that he seems to be getting the recognition he deserves. He is wonderful on The Americans. Bravo!

  9. rflairfan1 says:

    Kevin Spacey
    Brian Cranston
    Timothy Olyplant
    Steve Busemi
    Jeff Daniels
    Charlie Hunnan

    I would be okay with any of these guys winning. But I think Spacey has it. He was amazing on house of Cards.

    • The Beach says:

      I hope the fact that House of Cards is on Netflix and therefore doesn’t have as large an audience doesn’t hurt Spacey’s chances. The show is top notch and Spacey was born to play this role…perfect casting.

  10. Susan says:

    The day the Emmys create separate categories for network and cable will be the day it becomes a fair race.

    • chris says:

      How is it not currently a fair race?

      • Marisa_once says:

        Cable TV have waaaayyyy more budget, since they collect their money through subscriptions instead of advertising. And while networks give their best and work hard to give audiences 22 episode seasons, cable networks spend their entire huge budget on a 10-13 episode season, which allows them to hire the best actors, directors, cameramen, sound editors, etc. They’re simply not in the same category, if only for the fact that cable series are basically miniseries.

    • Pen says:

      Totally agree!!!!!!

    • Mo says:

      I totally agree… IMHO actors have more freedom on cable.

      • chris says:

        How do actors have more freedom on cable?

        • andrewbowman55@msn.com says:

          It’s depth of character. A teacher with cancer who becomes a drug dealer, a marine who returns to US but may be a traitor, to name two examples vs. a CSI agent, an NCIS agent, etc. That’s not to say the two leads on Hannibal aren’t killing it, b/c they are. But those roles usually don’t exist on network TV.

          • Jamie says:

            So. It should be up to the actors to make the best of the writing then. It’s definitely more difficult to deliver a truly spectacular performance without great writing, but that should be incentive for networks to step up their game. Most of the network shows I watch don’t deserve nominations because they’re simply not good enough, not because cable shows are inherently better. Hannibal and Elementary have proven that network shows are capable of being great, while most USA shows prove that just because a show’s on cable doesn’t necessarily translate to being an award winning show.

          • johnhelvete says:

            The fact that these type of roles don’t exist on network TV is the fault of the networks themselves. Give CBS credit for sticking with The Good Wife, but why the other networks can’t devote one single hour a week to a prestige show, when they have at least 18 hours a week to program is the issue.

          • johnhelvete says:

            Fox in fairness has about 13 hours a week to program, but when it is more important to have 3 hours of a reality show like X Factor instead of cutting back to two hours and getting rid of the results show, than Fox does not appear to really care about winning Emmys.

          • andrewbowman55@msn.com says:

            Fair point about not all cable shows being inherently better in quality than network TV. I’d much rather watch TGW, Hannibal, Elementary, POI, Parenthood over dreck like Franklin & Bash, etc.

            And yes, it’s sad we get six hours of singing shows and until next season three hours of dancing (being cut to two) instead of quality programming.

    • RyanC says:

      The day actors stop phoning it in just because it isn’t on cable is the day it becomes a fair race. A great performance is a great performance, regardless of what it airs on.

      • Jamie says:

        HERE HERE. And all these people complaining about cable shows taking home all the prizes, are just bitter fans of shows who wouldn’t get nominated even if separate categories were created.

  11. Eric7740 says:

    Jon Hamm
    Kevin Spacey
    Peter Krause
    Kevin Bacon
    Bryan Cranston
    Matthew Rhys

  12. Patti says:

    Matthew Rhys
    Josh Dallas
    Robert Carlyle

  13. D'Arcy says:

    Andrew Lincoln? Bryan Cranston, more like…

  14. mentalgirl says:

    Bryan Cranston was incredible last season. I totally think he should win!!

  15. jbkr73 says:

    Sorry…Timothy Olyphant’s work on Justified comes out ahead of Matthew Rhys AND Andrew Lincoln any day. He goes between light and humorous moments and heavy drama without missing a beat. That’s talent,

    • tripoli says:

      Agreed. He’s just so great on Justified. Would love to see him get a little award recognition.

    • jaxsgirl says:

      Absolutely. TEAM Olyphant. And Justified is incredible. I just started watching last year (and watched all prior seasons. Walton Goggins is everything!!

  16. Maria says:

    Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen are really impressing me on Hannibal, I hope the show bring on NBC won’t effect their chances of being nominated. Also, The Following is horrid and no one on that show should get anything.

    • Maria says:


    • Marisa_once says:

      The fact that this show is is on NBC will ABSOLUTELY ruin their chances at a nominations. I sincerely hope I’m wrong, but Emmy voters seem to have been snubbing shows that weren’t on AMC, HBO or Showtime in the past few years (except for The Good Wife). It used to be that shows like Grey’s Anatomy and House were able to score nominations, but they have been completely blocked out of nominations in past years, while the quality was/is still the same. Too bad for Hannibal, Hugh Dancy is phenomenal, he deserves to win.

  17. Hugh Dancy, Timothy Olyphant, Jon Hamm, Mads Mikkelsen, Johnny Lee Miller, Matthew Rhys

  18. Alexandra says:

    Mads Mikkelsen, Matthew Rhys, Jon Hamm. That is all.

  19. A says:

    Wow. I only ever watched like 3 shows on this list.
    My pick out of the list would be:
    Michael C. Hall
    Johnny Lee Miller
    I also think these guys should be added or at least considered even though I know its a long shot:
    Michael Emerson
    Jim Caviezel
    Matt Bomer
    Gabriel Macht
    Patrick J. Adams
    David Boreanaz
    Nathan Fillion

    • Jamie says:

      I seem to have this discussion EVERY Emmy season. I like David Boreanaz and Nathan Fillion as much as the next guy. Angel was one of my alltime favorite TV characters ever. However, how are they producing performances that are truly groundbreaking or magnificent given that they’ve only been provided cliched, stereotypical procedural writing. Now of course acting is separate from writing, but in order to produce a truly award winning performance, the two need to work together and nothing I’ve seen of Castle or Bones has ever suggested that the writers have attempted to play with the procedural format and try and do new and interesting things with it. Also, being on network tv should be NO excuse for Bones and Castle since Elementary is an example of a procedural capable of doing new and interesting things. #RantOver #BonesAndCastleFansNeedToSimmerDown

      • A says:

        You’re probably right about Bones and Castle because they haven’t been as great lately. I just mentioned their names because I enjoy those two actors. However, all this doesn’t change the fact that the Emmys are so damn predictable and continue with the same nominations over and over for several years. You know what, it’s fine to nominate a show or an actor for a particular show for 2 maybe 3 years or take a break in between seasons and nominate them again after. But when the same actors and the same shows fill up the same categories for several years over and over it gets to the point where its enough already. Feels like you’re watching the same award show on repeat. If come year 4 or 5 and they haven’t won it or if they’ve won it once or several times, move on and recognize other great people and shows. it’s not that they still aren’t great in their roles but a little change would be nice. l almost sometimes want them to lump any random network show/actor just to keep it somewhat interesting. That’s why I think many are looking for a separation of cable and network. Tired of the same old nominations. And another side point, half the cable shows out there some people dont even watch or haven’t had the chance to check out so I don’t blame them for wanting to see shows that they actually watch and enjoy with good acting to be recognized. A little balance of both. I really hope Elementary and the Good Wife or Parenthood or Connie Britton or Scandal or some other great show get nominated just take a nod away from Mad Men or Breaking Bad or whatever show that’s been nominated a million times.

        • chris says:

          and? The emmy is for Best Drama. Not ” Best Drama that hasn’t been nominated before” or ” Best Drama that x amount of people watch”

          • A says:

            Clearly if a show has been nominated 5+ times and hasn’t won or if it’s won several times, it’s time for abtrak and moving on to recognize other great unnominated dramas because there are in fact more than one. You can stick to looking forward to your boring repetitive nominations, no one’s stopping you. I, on the other hand, will stick to being annoyed at the constant snubbings of great shows and deserving actors/actresses who are ignored or never seem to win or be recognized.

          • A says:

            Break** not abtrak

        • tripoli says:

          This isn’t school sports day where everyone gets a medal or ribbon just for showing up. Sure, I can get on board with it being a bit boring to see the same shows or actors nominated time and time again, but on the other hand, if it’s still good,it will continue to get the nomination.

          • Fran says:

            tripoli, I completely agree. Sure there are some people I would love to see get some much needed attention. But punishing those that have won already? That makes no sense. If someone gives a performance that is deserving of a nomination, they should get one. It makes no difference whether they have been nominated or won before.

          • Marisa_once says:

            I think Emmy voters can get comfortable with the actors they know are good which makes them ignore other actors who have been exceptional this year. That may cause them to make a safe choice, to favor consistency over excellence. How is it that a usually good show with a so-so season (Homeland, the killing season 2) still manages to score multiple nominations while another one that really upped their game and had a phenomenal season (Parenthood) won’t get a nomination? We’re only asking them to be fair and give the deserving show/actor some much-deserved credit. Sandra Oh has been exceptional on Grey’s for nine, and still she’ll never win, because Emmy voters won’t even bother to watch her show.

          • A says:

            @Marisa_once thank you for saying exactly what I’ve been thinking. Maybe I could have explained myself better earlier, but that was part of the point I was trying to highlight. It’s not about punishing those who have been nominated before. I even mentioned above that it’s not that the current likely nominees aren’t amazing in their roles because they probably are but there are others who are equally as amazing with their acting craft, some may think even more outstanding than the regular batch of nominees. It’s all subjective. Everyone will have their own tastes and preferences as is evidenced by people’s different comments on this post about who they would like to see nominated. That’s why I think they need to branch out of that comfort zone that you mentioned and open their eyes to other amazing actors as well. Give proper recognition where its due but don’t close their eyes to other great actors/performances. Perfect examples you gave with Homeland, Parenthood and Sandra Oh. She is always exceptional with what she’s been given. Whether it’s good writing or bad writing she gives it her all, yet its sad to see that she will likely not get any Emmy win for her excellent performance after 9 years.

      • Tinemi says:

        I get the “cliched, stereotypical procedural writing” but if you watched Castle’s episodes where he goes all Taken while getting his daughter back you’ll now Nathan Fillion has the chops. It’s true, the show doesn’t give him much to work with, but when they do, boy does he use it!

    • lll says:

      +1 to Michael Emerson and Jim Caviezel. Person of Interest is the type of show that should be nominated for Emmys.

  20. hanna says:

    Hugh Dancy, ’nuff said!

  21. Sarahliz says:

    I don’t know why the Newsroom doesn’t get more attention. It’s the smartest show on TV hands down. It is witty and entertaining not to mention topical, and does so without incest, violence, drug use, or sex. That’s what a winner looks like to me.

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      Incest…the new hot thing on television. Haha. It does seem to be popping up everywhere. You should probably avoid The Borgias if you get upset by that. I’m honestly not trying to be snarky, here and I apologize sincerely if I’m coming off that way.
      Anyhoo, I feel really confident that Jeff Daniels is getting nominated for The Newsroom, so I think you’ll get at least one wish for a Newsroom nomination. ;) I like that show too.

    • rka says:

      I would always rather have violence and/or sex than regressive attitudes about women that verge towards a particularly smug brand of misogyny.

      • ec says:

        This. I think Aaron Sorkin is great – I’ve loved all of his shows, but in his writing there is the ever-present Sorkin-esque ‘talking down’ to women that drives me crazy. In almost every male-female relationship he writes (Josh and Donna on the West Wing; Matt and Harriet on Studio 60; Casey and Dana on Sports Night; and on The Newsroom, virtually every man and every woman), it seems like the man is always teaching the woman a lesson, dealing with her neuroses, or coming out on top of arguments as the wittier, smarter character (with the oh-so-occasional argument won by the girl, but this is usually just the guy getting told his being intrinsically smarter is “mean”, not that he’s necessarily wrong about anything).

        • Brendan says:

          Josh and Donna was a case of old-and-established in the political world teaching up-and-coming having nothing to do with gender, and she eventually grew to be a political force in her own right after taking the initiative to grow beyond her entry level position, so I have no idea how you could consider writing Donna Moss misogynistic. Matt and Harriet was always framed as a battle on equal ground between two opposing view points. It’s been a while since I last watched Sports Night, but that was never my impression of Casey and Dana (though I don’t have anything more specific to back it up than that I never viewed it that way). Every man and woman in the Newsroom? Once again we have the established Will being a father figure type to up-and-coming Sloan (but Sloan Sabbath is portrayed as a brilliant mind), and Will and Mackenzie are portrayed as being on equal ground.
          Every time I hear this ridiculous argument about Sorkin’s writing being misogynistic I just pull up clips in my head of CJ Cregg (quite possibly the single most intelligent, in control, and generally awesome women I’ve ever seen on television), list all of the intelligent and powerful female characters he’s written (I mean, all of Sorkin’s main characters are smart, a dumb character couldn’t carry his dialogue) and laugh a little.

          • rka says:

            I think you should examine what you wrote. Sorkin does indeed create “father figures” who interact paternalistically with younger women, which is NOT a dynamic that is ungendered, especially in the context of shows in which he repeatedly sets up a more general dynamic of the Wise White Father who Knows Best for the team/staff/nation/et cetera. Also, even CJ Cregg (whom I do like, generally, as a character) was repeatedly shown as neurotic/overemotional/concerned with “women” things in a way that verged on uncomfortable.

          • Sarahliz says:

            I agree completely. If Sorkin’s name wasn’t on this, “mysogyny” wouldn’t be a problem. Sloan Sabbath and Mac McKale are both incredibly intelligent characters. Having spent time as a polisci major, I can say with a good amount of authority that MANY people cannot speak with any kind of sophistication on the issues they can. Maggie is getting annoying because she holds the level of ignorance about topics that much of the public does (Georgia and Georgia, seems a little too ‘Jaywalking’ for me), but other than that it seems realistic in the way women are treated in the workplace. I don’t know a single one who hasn’t been talked down to by her male coworkers.

          • Brendan says:

            Okay fine, I’ll bite, but only in brief:
            Sorkin writes a lot of mentor-mentee relationships. If the fact that the majority (not all, as he does have some women in mentor roles, e.g. Mack/Jim, CJ/Charlie in the later seasons) of those have a male in the mentor role passes your definition of sexism, then I think your threshold for crying sexism is too low, but we’re really at a point of agree to disagree. (I don’t mean to sound dismissive, I’ve just had this argument with several different people before, and it never really seems to get anywhere)

          • Laura says:

            The evolution of Donna’s character really occurred in seasons six and seven, after Aaron Sorkin left and John Wells (I believe) took over as head writer. So, Sorkin can’t really be given credit for much of that development. I loved Josh and Donna, though.

    • Johnathan says:

      Smart and most pleased with itself are not the same thing.

      • Sarahliz says:

        Have you watched it? I haven’t heard the SDS brought up on a scripted television show, well, let’s see, ever. I’d rather hear biting social commentary, witty reparte and topical cynicism than watch someone get a body part chopped off every week.

  22. Nina says:

    Say what you will about Mad Men’s current season and Don Draper himself (and I think that character is currently the weakest link on the show), but Jon Hamm has been absolutely stellar lately. He doesn’t even stand a chance of winning before the final season, unfortunately, but it would be incredibly disappointing if he wasn’t nominated.

  23. Bryan Cranston, Jon Hamm, Damian Lewis, Matthew Rhys, Michael C. Hall and Jeff Daniels.

  24. tharaa says:

    Damian Lewis
    Michael C. Hall
    Mads Mikkelsen
    Kevin Bacon
    Bryan Cranston
    Hugh Dancy

  25. Mikael says:

    My favorites are: Damian Lewis, Andrew Lincoln, Matthew Rhys, Hugh Dancy

  26. megan says:

    Why is there no write-up under Charlie Hunnam’s picture??

  27. Maris says:

    I love all the love Monica Potter’s getting so far & I agree that Peter Krause should get nominated too, both of them were fantastic this season

    • Sam says:

      Peter Krause reached his Six Feet Under greatness in this past season. I was afraid that he lost it in the first few seasons of Parenthood, but he was truly incredible this past year. Monica Potter was also great this season, but I think the writing for Peter Krause’s character required more nuanced/complicated acting, and he hit it out of the park.

  28. Victoria says:

    I love both Hugh and Mads, but I think Mads has come a long way now and has become a great actor. America introduced him to us through Hannibal, and I don’t think anyone has played Hannibal so well other than Hopkins! He’s a natural, and very unique with his acting.He deserves to be noticed for it. I vote MADS!!!

  29. megan says:

    Charlie Hunnam should have won an award since S3 , imo. Not gonna happen because the emmys hate SOA.

    • lilly85 says:

      THIS. completely agree, was just gonna write the same thing. SOA continuely gets snubbed and for me it’s one of my favorite, can’t wait to watch shows, up there with Breaking Bad, Dexter, and Game of Thrones.

    • lily says:

      lol. the emmys don’t hate soa, they just hate crap writing.

      • megan says:

        That’s your opinion, now isn’t it? Even the critics who love SOA can’t believe it gets snubbed each year.

  30. Adam says:

    I get so tired of this type of lazy click-bait BS. This could be an interesting topic. Rather than just putting up pictures or a list, how about providing your actual opinion and make your case for why you think these performance were particularly worthy of Emmy consideration?

  31. Edlweiss1 says:

    Robert Taylor from Longmire!

  32. rty123 says:

    Damien Lewis has, hands down. the best episode. Nobody is going to be able to top that Q&A.

    • Jamie says:

      Fully agree. As uneven as the backend of Homeland was, that episode made up for everything. It was truly the most well written, best directed, and best acted episode of TV I’ve seen this whole year. If Claire Danes and Damien Lewis don’t submit that episode, they’re idiots.

      • Britta Unfiltered says:

        Damian will submit Q&A for sure, I bet, but I kind of hope Claire Danes submits Beirut is Back. I thought she was incredible in that final chase scene through the Beirut apartment building, and she had that touching moment of insecurity earlier in the episode, and that heartbreaking scene with Saul. And at the very end of the episode I think you can feel the loneliness she has quite well. As good as she is in Q&A, I think Damian kind of steals the show a bit from her there.

    • Miranda says:

      If he submits Q&A – which he almost certainly will – he’ll be hard to beat.
      But then the voters might see a lot in that performance that they saw in last year’s submission.
      Tough one… Personally I want Matthew Rhys to sneak in and upset the whole apple cart – he is a revelation in The Americans!

  33. H says:

    I wish Emmy would give a sh*t about Sci-fi!!!

  34. Jim says:

    Anyone else think that Mark Harmon in NCIS gets overlooked for this EVERY year? That said, Damian Lewis’ work in Homeland, Episode 5 this year, “Q&A” all but assures his winning two in a row!

  35. Jamie says:

    Can we stop pretending that The Walking Dead is a show worthy of any awards besides technical awards for makeup and such??? It’s a great show in terms of action and excitement and appointment viewing, but nothing done by the show’s writers and (no disrespect) actors is award worthy in any sense of the word. The writing particularly has stilted the characters and prevented the actors from doing anything spectacular. Although the writers have always been particularly troubling, the actors share some of the blame as well for not attempting to breathe life into the dialogue and coming off so incredibly wooden. Even if I’m not a huge fan of the show, the actors on Mad Men – particularly John Hamm – are definitely more worthy of awards for deliver subtle, non-melodramatic performances.

    • lilly85 says:

      Completely agree. I love Walking Dead and True Blood, but neither of them are worthy of any writing, directing, or acting awards. Sorry Walking Dead, but Andrew Lincoln does not deserve a nomination when up against so many others. His breakdown was so so. Watch the penultimiate episode of Game of Thrones this season. Now, Catelyn…THERE’S a breakdown worthy of recognition.

  36. Crittab says:

    I need to see Timothy Olyphant back in the race this year. Raylan Givens is one of the greatest characters on television, and Tim does an amazing job with him.

  37. marin says:

    Damian Lewis
    Matthew Rhys

  38. Adam says:

    Bryan Cranston
    Kevin Spacey
    Damien Lewis
    Jon Hamm
    Matthew Rhys
    Mads Mikkesen / Hugh Dancy / Kevin Bacon (toss-up)

    The competition is probably between Cranston, Spacey, and Lewis but I’d be shocked if Hamm isn’t nominated, and Rhys deserves a nomination as well. The Hannibal men are great, and Kevin Bacon was fair enough but in a terrible show (yet a headlining movie star, so its Emmy bait).

    • The Beach says:

      I consider Breaking Bad one of the greatest shows ever on television and Cranston is the man. I’m also a big fan of Homeland, Justified, SOA, Mad Men and The Americans. But Kevin Spacey is absolutely brilliant in House of Cards, so I guess this year he gets my vote.

  39. Labpar says:

    Andrew lincoln for his breakdown in TWD for the win.

  40. Milo says:

    Hugh Dancy has been amazing . I’m sure all the other candidates are great as well but peronally Hugh takes my vote.

  41. Labpar says:

    Matthew Rhys what is that about? Still he manages to act with the ridiculous disguises and not fall about laughing.

  42. Alichat says:

    I’d have to put Jonny Lee Miller on the Dream list if only for the scene in episode 16 where he reveals to Watson that he’s a better person with her around. I also agree with a commenter above that Matt Bomer and Patrick J Adams should be on this list.

  43. Austin says:

    The truth is the performances of TV will never all be recognized like they should be. ANYWAYS

    Peter Krause
    Damian Lewis
    Jon Hamm
    Matthew Rhys
    Hugh Dancy
    Bryan Cranston

  44. ally says:

    hugh dancy must win.. he is a phenominal actor who deserves the recognition for his brilliance. #Hannibal

  45. Tinemi says:

    My list would have Hugh Dancy, Matthew Rhys, Damien Lewis, Peter Dinklage (I guess he’ll appear as a supporting actor but a girl can dream), and John Hamm (I know this season of Mad Men is not-as-great, but not-as-great Mad Men is still pretty-amazing television). I wish one day Nathan Fillion gets rewarded for making my monday nights, happy nights.

  46. TV Gord says:

    Hugh Bonneville
    Bryan Cranston
    John Hamm
    Peter Krause
    Damian Lewis
    Andrew Lincoln

    Cranston for the win!

  47. Kevin Spacey and Charlie Hunnam, who i think is very underrated and does a perfect job

  48. kimberly says:

    Charlie Hunnam!!! Also what about Travis Fimmel (Vikings)?

  49. Patrick Maloney says:

    Hugh Dancy
    Damian Lewis
    Andrew Lincoln
    Jonny Lee Miller
    Timothy Olyphant
    Matthew Rhys

  50. Tracy Eilers says:

    Charlie Hunnam should win hands down. Bryan Cranston is amazing though,