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Castle Scoop: Nathan Fillion Weighs In on Rick's 'Adult Choice' -- and Answers a Burning Question

Castle Season 6 Preview Marriage ProposalAs Castle Season 5 came to a close, the ABC series’ titular author solved a mystery not of his own crafting by getting on bended knee and asking lady love Kate Beckett to marry him.

And while the bold move caught some viewers off guard — after all, things were starting to go south for the pair in the wake of Beckett  pursuing an out-of-town job — Nathan Fillion‘s eyebrows were not among those arched.

“No, it doesn’t shock me that we were shocking people,” the actor shared with TVLine last week, as his Joss Whedon-penned/directed film Much Ado About Nothing began hitting theaters. “It’s not a shock for me.”

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Neither was Fillion taken aback by the quite serious tone to the question-popping, as the finale’s closing scene purposely played out in a manner that seemed headed toward a sad break-up.

“It was important to me not to spoil it, not to telegraph where it’s going,” Fillion says of his alter ego’s approach. After all, he points out, “This is probably one of the more grown-up things Castle has done since becoming a father — and even in being a father, he’s not very grown-up about it. [But] fatherhood happens to you; making a choice to be with someone for the rest of your life, that doesn’t just happen. That is an adult choice you have to make. That is some growing up you have to do. So I wanted to treat it as though it was a serious thing for Castle.”

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All of which brings us to, you know, Kate’s answer.

Although some fans have theorized that Fillion and leading lady Stana Katic went ahead and filmed Beckett’s response while there at the playground location — if only for continuity sake — the actor confirms, “No. We did not shoot the answer.” Nor does he know what it will be.

“We did that last day of shooting on a Thursday. Friday, I came in and did some looping … and then left town immediately [to] work in Canada,” he reports. As such, he maintained, “I have no idea, not a one. I’ve not had one email, not one discussion, not a phone call about where things are going, what’s going to happen. So I can’t even spoil anything by accident!” (With reporting by Scott Huver)

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  1. Nelmar says:

    By the way, does anyone know who selected the ring Rick proposed to Beckett? How many kts? was it Terry or AM? Or anybody else in the show? Just a girl curiosity :))))

    • Sally Ramsey says:

      Luke, the costume designer tweeted a picture of it, so I suspect he did. Nice ring! I think a more important question is when Castle was supposed to have bought it. That would make a lovely part of the story. My vote would be for after the swings in Rise, before the call from Mr. Smith. At that time Rick would have believed in a possible future if he had patience. In 47 Seconds he told his mother that he had been willing to wait, that he thought they could build a future together. The other time would have been after the Zombie episode when it looked like things were looking up. Of course there was the time she was on suspension too – if they got out of bed.

      • Nelmar says:

        That would be great if they revealed the real date ( time )Rick bought the ring! So, the cast start shooting season 6 today, July 8,, is it correct Sally?

        • Sally Ramsey says:

          At least some of the cast is shooting today. Molly said she starts tomorrow. There is supposed to be a photoshoot today. For some reason, the twitterverse is really excited about it. I don’t know if they are expecting pictures to be released or what. I hope there will be some. I want to see how everyone is looking.

  2. Sally Ramsey says:

    This is really for Dory. More info on rings. Five were bought and given to Andrew. He took them home to Terri who picked out the final choice.

    • Dory says:

      THX Sally. How nice of you. I,m had some great info from posters that helped me locate times & names of eps. Early flight to Austin TX tomorrow. Return on Thurs PM. Business. Will get in touch with all those who helped me. Good fun. Hi to Ralph.

    • Nelmar says:

      wow, This info is for me too, I did not know all these details, 5 rings? Terri then picked one, nice… Thank you Sally! Have a safe trip Dory!

  3. Nelmar says:

    Maybe who knows, when finally Castle is over, and we are no longer able to talk about the show since there will be no show anymore, we all should meet somewhere in the country, that would be interesting, I think. All with name tags so we will identify each other knowing finally who we are !!!!!!!!

    • Sally Ramsey says:

      That would be fun, but we’ve got at least a year to think about it. Did you see that I finished the story? What do you think? BTW, I don’t know how accurate the story is, but there is a picture out of Luke handing Stana something and she has a choked up look on her face. Supposedly he is giving her the ring to try on, but you can’t see that in the picture. The implication is that the proposal was accepted, but someone may just be teasing us.

      • Nelmar says:

        Yes I saw that you finished the story, but what about finding out what happened to Castle? What windowless room was that? I did not read anything about it, maybe I missed it. Regarding meeting after Castle finale, I hope it will not be tooo sooon because I still want many other seasons after season 6, I believe many out there want it also.

    • Ralph says:

      It would be fine. I think many people would be surprised at how mild mannered I am. I just love my Castle so much that I don’t let anyone mess with them, even Marlowe. In fact perhaps we could invite Marlowe.

  4. dr2red says:

    I found the proposal depressing. Asking the person you love to marry you should be joyful. Castle looked like he was having a root canal and Kate looked pissed off not at all happy.

  5. Robert says:

    If you don’t know how to tease an audience, please don’t even try it. A recommendation to Marlowe and Katic.

  6. Nelmar says:

    Hi Dory, Ralph, Rick! Sally and I are following a new tvline thread from July 9. Hope to hear from you all.

    • Dory says:

      Hey Guys. THX. Love to be included. Austin 102 back to NY 98 plus humidity. Glad to be home. Tonite I’m watching a season 5 rerun on ABC. How do I get in. Instructions please.

    • Dory says:

      Hi Guys I posted a reply that didn’t go through. Did something wrong. Anyhow Austin was 102 back to NY 98 & soupy. Glad to collapse and watch a rerun of Castle season 5 tonite on ABC. Please do include me. WITH instructions.

    • Ralph says:

      What is the name of the thread?

  7. Nelmar says:

    Sally, I just read that Nathan was a no show to Friday’s filming, that he wants a four day work. Do you know if it is true? It was posted on Ask Ausiello, TVline thread

    • Dory says:

      Read the same info. Wants a 4 day work week. I wasn’t sure I got on the right thread didn’t see any familiar names.I’ll check back for more instructions. THX

    • Sally Ramsey says:

      I replied to it there. It was single sourced although printed everywhere. I have no idea what is true, but it is certainly only one side of the story. It is not at all like Nathan to be selfish or inconsiderate but it was pretty obvious that the schedule was grinding him down. My guess is that he wants it to be more of an ensemble show and that they can shoot around him one day a week. Why not? The other actors have expressed enthusiasm for more camera time. That is assuming that there is anything to the story in the first place. Nathan hasn’t tweeted a word about it. He has been pretty much his playful self. He may have been upset about Cory Monteith. They knew each other.

      • Nelmar says:

        HI Sally, I went to read what you said on the other thread, and read a few of other postings over there. Well people seem to think that Nathan is trying to have some more free time to do other things, if you work straight for days and days that will prevent you from getting involved in other productions for sure, well Sep is coming, if it will be the last season we don’t know yet, but it for sure could be. Too bad, but actors need to do what they think is better for themselves and careers, so we could say good bye to Castle in one year…
        To Dory now, yes there are many other people posting at the other threads, but that’s how I started it, looking and reading all those postings, but , the most recent postings were done by just Sally, Rick, Ralph, a few people and me.. and finally you came along, Dory, so that’s why you probably don’t recognize those people, but in general they have been posting for a long time. There are too many fireworks there back and forth, so I stay out of it.

        • Rick says:

          Nelmar I tried that thread and it was too hostile. I liked this one because people stated opinions , ideas, and not crude attacks.
          I saw some pictures of the new female detective from House. Is she supposed to have an affair with Beckett or Castle? She did not seem to be the type Castle would be interested in. Send him out to LA to work with the Nicki Heat actress that should wake Beckett up.
          Tho he has gone from funny, unathletic, but courageous and the smartest guy in the room to a slow thinking lapdog. Is Castle just trying to bail from the series? As the presumed star he ought to have more control over his character.

          • Dory says:

            To Nelmar, Rick & Ralph I’ve decided to stay on this post. I’m still catching up with reruns. Many have been repeated several times. Also the reruns of season 5 on ABC. Linchpin – good ep, Beautiful support actress. Headhunters was real funny. I realize there are other newbies. So far I see Rick as a handsome man about town who really loves the ladies. He’s funny good father & son. I haven’t figured out if he loves Kate or if he’s so uses to women falling into his lap that the challenge is exciting. Love the it’s in NY. Kate I feel is attracted to him but is so closed in she hides her feelings. She also has her past loves. As soon as I feel I can make an intelligent comment I’ll do so. Also agree with Ralph that Stana is the prettiest female on tv. So I hope I can come on and ask questions which so far have not been answered through reruns. THX

  8. Nelmar says:

    Good Morning Dory and Rick and all! What are the questions you have, Dory? I know some answers cause I have been watching the series since 2009, and reruns, but I can’t say I am an expert on the series. Rick, regarding the new character, by what I read, she is to work in DC, with Beckett. Not in NY, but you know, sometimes things are out there just to confuse us, purposely, so we need to wait till Sept. Regarding Nathan’s situation, I read on the other thread that he wants a four day work week, I can understand it, they have long hours in a day, have to memorize their lines and can’t do anything else if they are stuck for the whole week for hours and hours, but everyone has its own opinion and fireworks are incredible over there and as you said Rick, a little hostile. I am very shy to be arguing with them. I hope all is well with all the cast so they can keep doing the series and also do other kind of business, such as films, appearances, voices etc…For actors, their window of opportunity is not as large as for a person who works anywhere else, if they starting aging, especially the actress, the chances of getting job is harder, so I can even see Stana trying to work less hours and try to do something out there, She is around 35 and Nathan around 42, So they need to look into their futures. Many celebrities always get films to do, series, but many are left behind, so they need to do what they need to do, even fight for a raise, so they can compensate for their loss, do you agree? You can be honest with me, I just don’t want to discuss this matter with so many other people on the other thread cause they can get really upset, but I like a good opinion etc… My husband has worked long hours and night hours and he always complains how it was so exhausting.
    Dory, yes the series “takes place” in New York, but it is shot here in CA, I heard Nathan in an interview saying that they were in Malibu shooting the Hamptons scene in season 5, that’s when I asked my daughter about it and she said that she believed all was shot in LA, I was disappointed, but you know, nowadays they can do so much in doors also, My daughter showed me a picture she got on line and the swings were in a studio, I felt horrible, I thought they were outside, smiles smiles smiles, I felt very naive. Regarding the fact that Rick loves Kate, I believe he did have an attraction for her at the beginning and eventually he fell in love with her as time went by, however the fact that she was so enclosed in her own shell made him think that they probably did not have a chance to become a couple, sometimes I believe he had hope for it, sometimes he had no hope, so he kept his own old behavior, some kind of play boy, this is an old way of saying that about guys who had eyes for girls all the time, maybe nowadays, people don’t use this nomenclature anymore, but I have passed my 50″s now, so I still use this old vocabulary :) OK guys, sorry for my bad spellings sometimes, i need to go now, but will check this thread later on today. Have a great day!

  9. Dory says:

    Nelmar . One comes to mind now. I will probably think of many more. Did they ever follow up on the nikki Heat movie. The woman in season 2 who slept with Rick to get the part, did they take up a relationship. Was there any follow up on the second woman. They were both pretty woman but I didn’t think they compared to Kate. Also the bedroom scene with the Elle Munroe character was not very flattering to Rick. He didn’t look his best. Also, the one scene I’ve seen of Rick & Kate kissing was very shadowy. I realize that he had every right to date and sleep with other women. He & Kate were not together at the time. Just seemed a little odd.

    • Sally Ramsey says:

      The role of Nikki went to Natalie Rhodes but she was supposedly in rehab when Castle and Beckett visited the set of Heat Wave 3rd season. Nathan has had some unflattering shots and some scenes have been darkly lit. On youtube some, most notably the kiss on Always, have been lightened up. Some times Nathan looks better than others anyway. There has been some speculation that there were some health problems involved with that. From the live stream and pictures from San Diego today, right now he looks terrific. Hopefully that will show up on camera on the show. One odd piece of history of Castle is that AM picked the name because it sounded like a**h*l*. He was supposed to be kind of a jerk at the beginning or at least act like one outside his family setting. That was supposed to hang on the lack of a father figure which led to a lack of discipline. Having Beckett snap the reins actually helped a lot with that. The character evolved. Ellie Munroe was part of that. Remember that up to season 4, Beckett was with other guys too.

      • Dory says:

        Other than that one scene in the bed, I have never seen Nathan look bad. I think he’s very handsome. Not a pretty boy but a real masculine hunk. Yes, Beckett was also with a lot of guys. Tomorrow nite I,m going to a pool party and I’ll ask my host if I can watch the ABC rerun at 10. I know he’ll say yes. Thanks as usual for a well thought out answer. Be back soon.

  10. Nelmar says:

    Dory, none of the “actresses” had a relationship in the future with Rick, EM, slept with him, but since Beckett told him she was just trying to use him to get the part in the movie, he became suspicious of her, but at the end of the episode both liked to have used each other somehow. The actress ( Nathalie Rhodes) who played Nikki Heat part, participated in one episode, she kissed Rick but that’s all, she confined to Beckett that he was the first guy to say NO to her, so she did not go to bed with him, so to speak. That character also never returned to any other episode. I will check what season that episode was in. Were you able to get a list of all episodes like I mentioned to you earlier? ListofCastle episodes, I believe is in Wikipedia, let me check it now…yes it is Wikipedia, they have a list divided in seasons and episodes enumerated by season and also as a whole. Ok, that episode with Nathalie Rhodes was in season 3 ep 11, as a whole it was ep 45. EM was in season 2 episode 20, The Late Shaft is the episode title. Correct, Kate and Rick were not together at the time these two characters were brought to the episodes. They just officially started accepting their relationship after episode Always, last one in season 4, have you watched it yet? In my opinion they loved each other but were not exclusive to each other,since none of them want to accept a relationship, better, Kate, because Rick was always open to that, but somehow was tired of her pretending she did not love him, etc. etc…, Rick finally got upset with her during the episode 47 seconds, decided he was done with her and hope for a future relationship,had “something” with a flight attendant, did you see that episode? It was very close to the end of season 4, he kind of got tired of Kate’s pretending behavior, and decided to move on with life and go back to his old life style, playboy style. Have you seen these episodes? I don’t want to talk too much about them, in case you haven’t watched them. Did i make it more confused or was I able to explain it to you? :( sometimes I think I talk too much and make things more confused, smiles smiles. I will check this thread again later, home alone today so just reading, doing nails, sending emails to friends in other countries, and texting my husband and daughter back and forth :) so feel free to write me, I will have time to check this thread again later on.

  11. Dory says:

    I certainly did find the episode guide as you suggested it was a huge help. The problem I have with the reruns is that unless I’m working at home. I don’t get to see them. This is my problem. No one else can help with that. Yes I saw the one with the flight attendant and always. I saw Significant others. In that yoy can see how forceful Kate can be. I would have opted for the fancy hotel with all the trimmings. Head hunter was one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen. Wet your pants funny. So you can see I’m getting there. Hope to be up to speed by Sept. I’m so glad I can write you. THX

  12. Nelmar says:

    NO problem you can write any time. I haven’t heard from Ralph or Sally, will check if they are posting in the other threads. If you could record the episodes it would be a great help, or watch them on line, A friend of my daughter’s watch some on line, she missed the last episode of season 5 and watched it on line, I believe is through ABC, not sure. Yes headhunters was very funny for sure, that guy worked with Nathan in Firefly series and Serenity movie, so they know each other for a while. I have to admit that season 5 in my opinion was one of the weakest ones, although I don’t want to believe it, but I had complained with my family that I had not felt the great connection between Kate and Rick as I had felt when they were not together, don’t know why I felt like that, but there were some good episodes in season 5 .It depends on the writers of course, the series has many different writers, so… I hope season 6 will be great, looking fwd to seeing funny things and lots of drama, but some better and stable romance between caskett, Let.s see.

    • Sally Ramsey says:

      Nelmar, I’m here. I’ve been having the best time during the time of SDCC watching Nerd Machine video and live stream. Nathan was on the Mystery panel yesterday. He’s been hosting all the panels today and will do two of his own tomorrow. It doesn’t look like Serenity will stream tonight, though. There has also been an incredible flow of pictures tweeted from SDCC. Nathan is looking so good! There will be an interview with Will Keck, who is the one that Stana dropped her bombs with, on Monday. The first picture of Nathan and Stana (official) is supposed to be released then. I think any official info will come then.

  13. Nelmar says:

    So, Sally you are in San Diego right now? My family is there! Will check with my hubby all this info. I wish I had agreed to get me a ticket, tickets are sold in Dec, you can’t get anything after that. They always go but I take the day for me, now I feel bad if I am missing all these things, will text my husband to see if they have seen Nathan. He went just for today, but our daughter is there since Wed. What story of Stana is this with Will Keck? I don’t know anything about it. You are my informant, so to speak :)

    • Sally Ramsey says:

      No ,not in San Diego, at my computer. It is all online. Nerd Machine is streamed to their channel on youtube. All of that is still available with Nathan’s panels streaming tomorrow. Anyone can indulge in massive doses of Nathan. Pictures are tweeted. As I said, Nathan looks great. In the pictures he sort of looks like he did on Castles second season. Some have him with a sexy stubble. I think only those actually in San Diego will see Serenity hosted by Nathan and Alan Tudyk tonight.There is no stream listed for that. The Stana story to which I referred. was the thing that everybody got mad about that if Beckett didn’t take the job, she was a loser. I think by now we know she will, so that discussion is off the table, but AM has said that there are 4 possibilities and Beckett would have to give something up for each one. By my count that would be 1. take the ring and stay,2. take the ring and go 3. don’t take the ring and go, 4. don’t take the ring and stay. All the spoilers point to taking the ring but going but it looks like there are Federal things that come back to NYC. So we could see Beckett stay a Fed and be in NYC. Only AM knows. I hope your daughter has a blast. There is so much stuff going on.

      • Nelmar says:

        Sally, I just now read your posting, had I known I would try to check Nathan on youtube, My daughter saw Molly cause she was at Comic con. Altogether she had fun, bought a lot of stuff, including a t-shirt that says, “I love castle”, it has a heart on it and a pen that goes through it, very cute. It has been so crazy at comic con recently, tons of people, she and daddy used to go for many years just one or two days, it was very easy to buy a ticket because it was not this popular. Nowadays, you have to get your tickets around Dec. and it is not just about comic books but about everything, so there are lost o people, including babies, strollers etc… it is insane. I can’t stand it, so I stay home, have nails done, watch movie, etc… my hubby went just for one day, drove there, long drive, but it is ok, you don’t do it every day. Traffic in CA is busy anyways and people are used to it. My daughter went on Wed with a friend from college and the girls stayed at a hotel. They met dad on Saturday over there. My daughter had a costume on she made herself, she was interviewed by a British newspaper and it was posted on line, very cute. Well, it is Tuesday, already, everyone is back to normal life now. Well now we have to wait and see what AM wants for Castle and Beckett, Have a great week everyone.

        • Sally Ramsey says:

          Everything is still on youtube on the Nerd Machine Channel. Enjoy!

          • Nelmar says:

            Thank you Sally, I watched some of the interviews, don’t know if all of them were there, but it was good enough to see NF and also laugh.

  14. Nelmar says:

    wait a minute, is he the person she gave the interview that a woman is a loser if chooses love over work?

  15. Rick says:

    I am in Glacier National Park, Mt and I must say our problems with Castle don’t seem too important. Slow Internet so I will read all the comments and hints for next season when I get back. They can’t be worse then the last three episodes (L3E) (I am so tired of writing L3E) can they?

  16. Bookworm says:

    I think that “Watershed” was an awesome episode. It shows two people who have been emotionally damaged by events in their past and their imperfect attempts to make a relationship work. Sure it wasn’t “fairy tale”. Sure it wasn’t violins and roses. But it is an epic example of their struggles to overcome their relationship phobias and fears, struggling with being afraid to accept the love being offered. It’s REAL. It’s gritty and it’s good writing. I LOVE it. :) And if she turns him down, I am going to have to put the hurt on some writers over there. LOL :)

    • Ralph says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed ‘Watershed’. There are many who didn’t and for good reason.
      As I have said recently, Beckett has taken the job in DC, so get your DVR’s ready. There is absolutely no reason to be put through Marlowe’s angst for no reason at all. Record the first three episodes of season six, and look at 6.04, live. If the setting for the show isn’t back in NY, find another show to watch because Marlowe the great can’t turn the ship.

      • shirley says:

        Ralph,agree with you but its alittle to late,these writers have drank all the kool aid and if i could speculate will have kate in high gear with rick submitting -gosh that is so much fun to watch!!Let me ask,if kate goes to dc even for 3 eps. she will have no time for castle there,so what does castle do?Not back to the 12th they don’t even like him,maybe kate can get him a job as a doorman at her condo.,would be fitting the way they portrayed him as season 5 progressed .

        • Rick says:

          Shirley you are exactly right. If Kate goes to Washington as seems likely then Castle has no role in the 12th. I read that she will be mentored by a female detective. Kate is an NYPD Homicide Lt. Detective and she has to be mentored? Is this Rizzoli and Isles go to DC lite? What do you call the female version of a bromance or is this more? None of the hints seem to indicate a change from the L3E. Also Castle is going to just let some guy move into his apt. and stay with his daughter? Are they going leave Castle with any shred of masculinity or good parenting. How pathetic.
          In Always Castle tells Beckett all his frustration and love when she kicks him or “off the team” as she put it. At the end she turns to Castle when all her options are gone. She lost her job, gets almost killed in showboating, and the killer got away. Castle takes her in when she shows up at his door and says ” I want you”. Very moving and I loved both of their performances. Compare this to the L3Es of S5. I hope Ralph is wrong, but I wouldn’t bet that way.

  17. Rick says:

    Why is the AG job a good one for Beckett? The pay is the same, she is not a lawyer or an accountant. Task forces don’t go after murderers so what skills does Beckett bring to the job and why would she have a future in an organization that is basically political. It seems like a dead end job change.
    Why would NYPD take her back? I don’t think civil service works that way.
    Does Castle just hang around the police station waiting for her to come back? Does her wall come down for some new guy in Washington while Castle is waiting? In short what ever happened to the show I used to watch.

    • shirley says:

      All great points Rick,but as to kates skills how much of her skills were refined by working with castle,and he (castle)never is commended for bringing out or advancing kates so called skills late in the series?All of us have evolved in our jobs many times by learning from others;same with kate,but does she give any credit in the 2nd to last ep. in season 5 as she discusses a potential new job?NO,castle is reduced to a has been!And the writers aren’t partial!!!

  18. shirley says:

    Rick hasn’t become obvious its the beckett show, these writers have become SO partial its right in our faces.They want to exhaust every possible situation to show that kate is the controller, she decides where the relationship is going all along taking full advantage of ricks unconditional love-it makes one feel all warm and fuzzy.

  19. shirley says:

    Now the actors may have little to say about the script they have contracts their job is to follow the script ,but maybe fallon’s displeasure with the 5 day work week and wanting it changed to 4 is his way of voicing his displeasure with how the writers have been portraying him and the show in general!

  20. Nelmar says:

    Hi everyone! Sally, Dory, Rick, Ralph, any “new” news about Castle? Or all still the same? Hope you all are doing well. Summer is going by tooooo fast, I don’t know but it seems that when I was a child it went very slowly :) :) Keep in touch, if you guys can. Have a great day!

    • Sally Ramsey says:

      Not too much new. They shot on Rock Hudson’s old estate. Today they are at the studio and the art dept tweets that it is overcast. Episode 2 of the season is supposed to be called “Better Half” but I don’t think that involves the obvious implication. There is supposed to be an episode where someone claims to be a time traveler with info about Castle and Beckett’s future. There is also supposed to be one where Castle has to do hostage negotiation with someone who claims to be his biggest fan. Nathan’s DVD of Justice League the Flashpoint Paradox (animated) comes out today. Nathan is voicing Hal Jordan/Green Lantern but according to him, it is a cameo. They’ve put him out in the publicity anyway. It looks like we will have the approximately three episode arc where Beckett comes to some conclusion about her future work while things are not running too smoothly with her relationship with Castle,then some fun should kick in. It has been really cool here in Ohio for days after an obnoxious heatwave. I got to go to the county fair without the sun beating me down, a new experience. Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters comes out Aug 6 with Nathan as Hermes. I hope everyone is well.

      • Dory says:

        Hi to all. So good to hear from someone. Yes the heat in the NE has been oppressive. I am doing very well in my catchup on Castle. I think I finally have it. There are a few eps in 5 I haven’t seen. Between ABC.com and youtube I should be up to speed by season 6. I really love this show. Haven’t yet formed opinions on the love affair. Who loves more. Who puts up the most obstacles. Right now just enjoying it. I think Castle is the funniest guy on tv. Be in touch. THX for all your help. I have been reading you all along.

  21. Nelmar says:

    Good morning from the west coast to you all. Thanks Sally for the updates. Good, Dory, you are almost there, and probably better than I am… I tried to re- watch or record season 5 reruns on ABC, but sometimes I forget because it is on weekends and I get busy with things and voila… I have one epsto watch recorded from last weekend, and will have my husband set satellite to record this upcoming weekend, but first I need to make sure it will be from season 5. The other seasons I have watched over and over on TNT.
    I have to confess that summer here is not too bad especially at nights, we always have a good sea breeze and even ceiling fans are not necessary, it is amazing, hope stays this way, I think that as I age I have more trouble to put up with heat, mercy Lord.
    Will be, for a short time, out of town with my family going to a very hot place, Arizona,to visit friends. Probably won’t have time to write or read postings, but next week I will check if you guys have posted anything. Love to hear from you all. Sally, we will for sure watch the sea of monsters, one of the channels ran a trailer of it one of these days, don’t remember which channel now, but we saw it just once. I have been watching Perception on TNT, missed the other season because did not think I would like it, but started watching this season and I really like it, like the concept of the series. Let’s see as time progresses if I will still be interested in watching it. Well it was wonderful to hear from you ladies, hope you all have a blessed rest of week and will talk next week. By the way, this eps about the time traveler should be interesting, keep us posted Sally and enjoy your county fair, I love fairs!

    • Sally Ramsey says:

      One more update. They are going to have a child star who played a Screeech type character on a riff on Saved by the Bell, die.

    • Dory says:

      Great to hear from both you gals. I haven,t much to post right now but I do check periodically to see what you’re posting. The best.

      • Ralph says:

        It is nice to know all of you are doing well. Keep the DVR’s handy for this coming season.

        • Carolee says:

          I can wait for September. Every night my Husband and I watch one Castle mostly season by season . We are at season 3.it is our third time watching these DVD’s.It reminds us how we were 34 years ago.That proposal sound quite like us.my husband shock me we were dating only 5 months we were in his car and he asked me to marry him. We met on a blind date my friend setted us up .Therefore I was flubbergated I wanted to make sure this guy was serious.So I said I can not say yes I do not have a ring.He worked in my home town and I worked as a nurse in another city 120 miles away .The next Friday he should up at my door and said let’s get a ring.You know before we married my husband was just like Castle full of jokes playing on words I never new how serious this was.Since I am French Canadian I took everything serious.He was able to play jokes on me. Now we watch and we discuss our pass.

  22. Chris says:

    after watching those last few episode i was wondering what happen between the two of them after all they been through together i thought the love for each other is much stronger . and now beckett is about to throw it all away.Ive you watched the last Episode when she has this conversation with her father and beckett says she wants the job that means to me she willing to break up with castle just for a new job. That aint right to me. They deserve better.

    • I almost feel like I don’t know these people. They fought long and hard to be together, keeping it a secret so Gates would not tear them apart. Now Beckett acts almost indifferent to what they went through.

  23. Rick says:

    Good books and shows spend time building the characters so that you feel you know them. When they damage the core of that character it damages the whole show and makes the audience less willing to accept what happens and care for the characters. Beckett’s core is a young women damaged by the vicious murder of her mother who becomes a homicide detective. Over five years it is shown that she is the last person to care for the victim and the one who will or will not see that the murderer is brought to justice. She puts her personal life on hold to accomplish this. Castle has gradually broken through her wall allowing her to work and have a personal life. All of a sudden she is going to leave her career and jump to a vague bureaucratic job leaving the core of the character behind. If this happens the writers of the the L3E are in control and the show has no basis for belief and it doesn’t matter if she says yes or no to Castle.

    • shirley says:

      You are dead on Rick,the writers have made the series after the final eps of season 5 not believable anymore.

  24. Carolee says:

    Like I said earlier Who are the writers the last 3 Episodes they did not know Kate’s charactor they changed it .She was acting totally different than her previous episodes. They should have watched all the shows from the beginning before they wrote her part in the last episodes.Yes she could have been invited to work in DC but have her say something to the fact I must discuss it with my partner before I go for an interview

    • Ralph says:

      Agree Carolee. The writing for the last three episodes was so poor bad that it hasn’t risen to the abysmal level yet. Marlowe also needs to review his own story line. In my opinion Marlowe is a bad joke.

      • Carolee says:

        I think Mr Marlow should have better writers and keep the romance going between Kate and Richard because he will lose a lot of fans. People will stop watching the show therefore there goes the rating and the show will die.Maybe that is what Mr Marlow plans are. He must some agenda for a new show.Well if he want to keep us fans he better start writing or have his wife write love scenes between Kate and Richard ,also between Lanie and Esposito . Also maybe have Kate say yes and Richard goes to DC with her and they rent an apartment. What I heard is Pi the person Alex met in Costa Rica is moving into the loft.What stupidity who would let a unknown boyfriend move in their house .And that unknown Detective will he cause friction? What is Mr. Marlow doing, is he trying to get all of us fans angry.We also need comedy ,play on words love and affection between members of the cast.The writers better write Beckett ‘s charactor more or less what she portraited in the beginning of Season 5 . At the end of Season 5 the writers changed her and no one likes their favorite Actor to change that goes for all the cast members.

  25. Nelmar says:

    Hi everyone! Sally, Dory, Ralph and Rick! Haven’t seen any postings anymore from any of you. I guess we are all waiting for Castle to restart in September. Sally, any spoilers? Dory, are you caught up with the episodes? I read some recent postings, but people are still complaining about Nathan having wanted to work less days, so I will not post there, very intimidating. I like peace… I hope you all are doing great, Arizona was really hot, but it was a wonderful trip, loved to have seen my friends. Summer will be over soon, hope we will keep in touch, even if there is not too much from Castle to talk about. Have a great weekend you all.

    • Sally Ramsey says:

      Hi Nelmar. Most of what I have seen has been about casting for episodes 1-5. Antonio Sabato Jr.. stood out for me as a guest star . Looks like he and Nathan hit it off. It seems like people have rallied round Nathan, with Susan Sullivan and Stana saying nice things and Stana also saying things are fine on set. Nathan is going to the Fan Expo in Toronto next weekend so they must be cutting him a little slack. That’s a long flight for a weekend jaunt, especially round trip. He did have to pull out on a couple of other things lately, though, so I expect that there may have been some compromises on both sides. Only a guess on my part, of course. These are legal matters so no one is really allowed to say anything. It looks like shooting is on schedule and everyone is happy. The new writer Dara Creasey is really nice. I say this because she has favorited tweets from me twice. The current big kerfuffle is that CTV in Canada will be showing Castle on Sunday nights. Their premier will be at 7:00 P.M. Sept 22 and then they will move to 9:00 P.M. for subsequent episodes. That will give a day for the dropping of spoilers and for piracy. There is much concern that such a thing will affect US ratings for Castle and therefore the future of the show. There certainly was a debacle when Still ran overseas a week before it ran here because of the Boston Marathon bombing. I know that I got to see most of it online, albeit with German subtitles, before it aired here. So did a lot of other people. I regretted it. It really spoiled things for me. Also the show actually lost viewers that week. No one wants to see that happen again. Also the fans from all over the world like to live tweet on twitter while the show airs. CTV will be making a mess of that as well. There is already a twitter campaign underway to ask CTV to changes their minds. I participated but I am not holding my breath. Terri Miller has also let it be known that the writers cannot accept any story ideas from outside. I imagine there are very good legal reasons for this. I just say this because if anyone is entertaining dreams that the writers will pick up story ideas posted here or anywhere else, they should forget them. It won’t happen. There are also almost 15,000 Castle fanfics posted on fanfiction.net. Some of them are really good. There are enough ideas for decades of Castle, but they can’t be used for the show. I think there is some attention to fan gripes though and from the very little I have been able to discern, I think things will be put very much back on track within the first few episodes. I think things should be pretty much fine be the end of episode four or at most five. Again, I’m making my best guess with very little information. That has occasionally worked out very well for me in the laboratory, but I don’t know about reading the minds of TV showrunners. All the best to you and your family.

      • Carolee says:

        I did not know CTV was airing it on Sunday nights at 9 pm. I usually tape the show Castle so I can skip the commercials on Mondays. They annoy me. Thanks Sally I will tape it on the 22 at 7 pm .

        • Sally Ramsey says:

          I don’t know what CTV is doing now, just what they will do in the future. In the US repeats of Castle Season 5 run at 10:00 P.M. on Sunday nights.

  26. Rick says:

    Sally thanks for your summary of every thing going on. The hostility on other boards toward Nathan for asking for a day off are really extreme entering into the political shouting that ruins most news shows and stops me from listening.
    Since I have been told there are only 7 basic plot lines and the rest is enhancements I find it dubious that the 15,000 (did you really count them) fanfics would not enter some episodes. In fact if you read J. D. Robbs (In Death mystery series about a NY female homicide Lieutenant detective married to a millionaire (sound familiar) you will find all of the Castle crime plots. In many ways Robb handles the relationship problems more the way many of us would like to see the writers handle Castle and Beckett’s relationship. If any one wants to read the Robb books start at the beginning (Naked in Death) otherwise it is like coming into Castle late and not understanding what is going on.
    I hope your optimism about S6 is true. If there is less Castle & Beckett and more emphasis on ensembles and guest actors that would kill my interest. Every year the networks come up with a 100 or so great new shows most of which are cancelled within a few weeks. Castle has stuck for 6 seasons not because it had the greatest crime screens, but because of the Castle Beckett interplay.

    • Sally Ramsey says:

      Actually fanfiction.net keeps a running count of the number of stories so I did not have to count them. Obviously there are not that many plots, but there are twists, additional characters and alternate universes. There are also ratings, so if you want stuff that would never make it onto network TV, that is there too – or not. I have read J.D. Robb, who is Nora Roberts. I think I have read most of the adventures of Eve Dallas and Rourke. Eve is a bit like Beckett in that they are both successful female detectives with troubled backstories. I think the similarity ends there. Other than being rich, Rourke is nothing like Castle. Also, Eve has a female partner. Rourke has other things to do, although he does help her out in certain areas. Be that as it may, there are some changes that I haven’t mentioned yet in Castleland this year. One is that they are now using digital cameras instead of 35mm. That means that they may be able to make changes the editing room that formerly required more takes. Castle was one of the last shows of its type shot in 35mm. Stana has commented on this a tiny bit. It could mean a little ease in the shooting schedule. It may also mean that the show may not look exactly the same. We’ll have to see. It has been made clear that no one lost their job. Also, in the first episode, after we get the results of the proposal and Kate’s job decision, there is a 3-4 month time jump. Stana and Nathan have been working together, at least lately, and I have heard that Lisa Edelson is already gone. Soooo, that’s why I think things will work out. I hope you have the patience to hang in. With a take-off on Saved By the Bell, someone claiming to be a time traveler with info about Castle and Beckett’s future, and one of Castle’s fans holding people hostage and demanding that Castle negotiate, there are some fun plotlines. There are also lots of weird and wonderful ways to bring Beckett back without resorting to putting Castle in mortal danger or bringing back 3XK. There has been some talk about bringing back 3XK though and also about bringing back James Brolin. That may just be talk. Again, we’ll see. Please try to hang in. I think it may be worth the wait.

      • Ralph says:

        Thanks for the info Sally, you give me hope. However, I still plan to record the first three episodes and watch the fourth on DVR. If Andrew is through jerking around his main characters, I’ll watch the first three episodes. I’ll never watch the show again, live. Too much angst for such little character development.

        • Carolee says:

          I watch Hunt and Target again today. I miss the charactors. I do hope the 7 charactors are scene in the first 3 episodes because this fan will be taping the shows on my DVR and see it the episodes when I missing the charactors joyful encounters. Thanks Sally I will try not to miss to many episodes.maybe I will watch the 4 th episodes of the season live.

          • Sally Ramsey says:

            Another tidbit released today, guys. First episode will be called Valkyrie.

          • Ralph says:

            I’m in trouble already. The title doesn’t sound like an episode that I usually enjoy. Of course I will be four episodes into the season so I will know whether to keep the ep or delete:-))).

  27. Rick says:

    Valkyrie is not a great name for episode 1. Look up the definition and she is surely leaving for DC and probably not engaged. Ralph’s idea of the DVR is looking better and better.

    One of the definitions had the sentence:
    “They live together for seven winters, until the women fly off to go to a battle and do not return. Egil (Castle?) goes off in snow-shoes to look for”

    or “Chooser of the slain” could mean Castle is badly injured and she has to return to save him from death.
    In any case the title is not restoring my lagging faith in Andrew.

  28. Nelmar says:

    Hi everyone, have been reading your postings, where is Dory? I will record all the eps from now on, but just to watch them again later. At home we all have to watch Castle “live” we are fans, no matter what, I know my daughter is waiting for Sep 23 to come soon. I hope all goes well, understand the title, maybe it is going to be a little challenge to watch her saying no to him, or saying yes and move away, but I still hope that all will end well. Sally you are incredible, with lots of info about the show, I love to read your postings. Good to see Rick and Ralph posting here, just missing Dory. Now we have Carolee also, welcome and, nice meeting you!

    • Carolee says:

      Glad to be a fan Nelmar. I never was a total fan about a show since Secret Agent man and The prisoner.Now I watch every week and tape “Castle” because I miss the understanding of the jokes and what they say what it means within a sentence. I guess it is my French background. Now I back to the show What does this mean Valkyrie is that a name of a person?My husband and I watch every night Castle. We started the CD ‘s with the first year and now we are at the third year because we miss the characters; we started seeing the shows the week after the 5th year ended. Stana and Nathan acting is so similar how my husband and I were 34 years ago.We see ourselves through the characters they play.My husband was just like Castle and I was a cancer nurse .Life for me was very serious no tme to joke around; he showed me to relax and find humor in every day activities and made me laugh.Now we watch the show fatefully It makes us very happy.We need the show to give us happy feelings.I hope the writers make it fun to be around the characters and no bad feelings or sad situations that make us feeling awful after an episode.Well guys hope to hear from you soon I mean hope to read you soon

  29. Nelmar says:

    Good morning Carolee! Regarding Valkyrie, it is a mythological character and if I am not mistaken it was the name of a plot against Hitler. There was a movie out there a few years ago, maybe 2 years or so, titled Valkyrie with Tom Cruise, I did not watch it. It was about Hitler. Also, you are right, it can be a proper name, when I was in primary school, many moons ago, there was a girl in my class whose name was Valquiria, it is Portuguese for Valkyrie. As you can then see, English is not my first language either, actually French used to be my second language, however now it is my 4th language, I forgot almost everything, I think, after having to concentrate on English only that used to be my 4th language I put French to rest in the back of my brain, it is sad that I feel that I lost my French completely. However, your first language even if you don’t speak it everyday, you will not forget it. Yes I agree that at Castle they speak very fast and some of the jokes can be very subtle if you don’t pay close attention. So, if you are in Canada you are going to watch Castle before we will here in USA :) Well have a great weekend, hope everyone else is doing well, Sally, Rick, Ralph, Dory – we haven’t read any postings from you recently. Au revoir Carolee!

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