The Voice Top 5 Performance Night Recap: Semi Homemade [Updated]

The Voice Recap Season 4Things got viciously, competitively real on The Voice‘s Season 4 Top 5 performance episode. How real, you ask?

How about Adam Levine declaring that “from a technical standpoint it doesn’t get more proficient” than human ray of sunshine Danielle “I’ll make more money by 20 than you will in a lifetime” Bradbery’s TimMcGraw cover? Or Shakira declaring “you did good” after Amber Carrington’s disappointing “Firework”?

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Okay, I know, those critiques qualify as faint praise at worst, but THIS IS THE VOICE — BTW, any time the phrase “this is The Voice” is uttered, it must be done in the style of the NBC megahit’s jingle — where all critiques must be carefully buried between the lines.

In other words, Adam might’ve well hurled a bucket of pig’s blood on Danielle’s mauve mullet dress, while Shakira’s words landed like a foul, month-old tomato smack in the middle of Amber’s face.

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Anyhow, regardless of how the judges tried to subtly signal their favorites, Tuesday’s results show should be verrry interesting. Two acts are going home, while three will advance to next week’s finale. My best guess is that Michelle Chamuel has enough momentum — and uniqueness — to sail to the Top 3, especially when she was rock-solid again tonight. And while season-long front-runner Danielle Bradbery hit her share of flat notes (musically and emotionally), that wade out into the audience to hug her mom and dad probably resulted in an avalanche of votes.

Which means Sasha Allen, Amber Carrington and The Swon Brothers are fighting for the last chair left in the circle. With that in mind, let’s cut to tonight’s set list and letter grades, shall we?

The Swon Brothers: Bob Seger’s “Turn the Page” (Contestant’s Choice) | If The Voice was a theme park, Team Blake would be stuck at the Bumper Cars or the Merry Go Round. Which is my snarky way of saying dude and his singers have exhibited a very limited taste for danger over the course of Season 4. “Turn the Page,” however, found the Swon Brothers graduating to the Tilt-a-Whirl, as they took a ’70s rock classic and delivered it with 20 percent more country flavor. I didn’t entirely buy Zach as the road-hardened protagonist, and Colton looked like he was rocking grandma’s paisley blouse as it was being devoured by a plaid cowboy shirt, but the big notes at the end landed perfectly. I may never download a Swon Brothers track off iTunes, but I can’t deny that this was their best week in the competition to date. Grade: B+

Sasha Allen: Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” (Contestant’s Choice) | You don’t steal a steak from a hungry lioness. You don’t pick a fight with Wladimir Klitschko. And you don’t cover “I Will Always Love You” on a reality singing competition. Because in all of the above scenarios, chances are you’re gonna come out maimed and bloodied. And sure enough, as Sasha botched the timing of the ballad’s delicate intro, it began her descent toward Tuesday-night elimination. The excessive vibrato and multiple flat notes didn’t help, either, and nor did the harp and fog and white robe-dress that had everything except a pair of clip-on wings and Shakira shouting “Angel! Angel!” But to me, the biggest issue with the performance was an odd emotional disconnect — which I suppose I should’ve predicted based on Sasha’s interview package and her dedication of the song to her kids. I mean, how can you rehearse “IWALY” all week and remain blissfully unaware that it’s more than the sum of its refrain. Dolly Parton’s classic ballad is a woman’s bittersweet goodbye to a love affair that’s not destined to work out. You don’t sing, “So goodbye/ Please don’t cry/ We both know I’m not what you, you need” to your children! Grade: C+

Michelle Chamuel: Zedd feat Foxes’ “Clarity” (Usher’s Choice) | Michelle will never be a perfectly flawless singer — note how Blake underplayed his praise with an “it’s always solid” remark — but that’d be like complaining that a shark isn’t winning a foot race against a cheetah. Razor-like precision isn’t Michelle’s game. She ultimately seems more interested in using the textures of her voice — the high quavering swoop of her falsetto, the banshee wail of her belting — to harness the power of a song’s lyrics. In her hands, “Clarity” wasn’t just another radio hit for boogie-down purposes, but a plaintive question about the fate of a relationship sung by a woman who manages to hold the eye without the need for backup dancers or crazy costumes or superfluous minutiae. Also, is it wrong for me to admit I also fancy Michelle for the sole fact that she tackles alt-electronic music on a consistent basis — and that, alongside thrash metal, is one of the least likely genres you’re gonna hear covered on a reality singing competition. Grade: A

Danielle Bradbery: Tim McGraw’s “Please Remember Me” (Blake’s Choice) | There’s no denying Danielle showcased a ton of vocal power in the rousing final refrain of “Please Remember Me,” but her interpretive power proved far less impressive. Nothing about her expression or tone or delivery matched the content of a song with the lyric, “When I can’t hurt you anymore, you’ll find better love.” If I didn’t know better (yes, that’s a Nashville reference), I’d have thought maybe Blake was sabotaging Danielle by giving her a song that was ill-suited to her tender age. But the floorlit closeups of Blake with dollar signs spinning in his eyes told a different tale. Apparently, it doesn’t matter what Danielle sings or how she sings it or how little creativity or growth she shows: The train is moving too quickly to try to wave it down with logic or constructive criticism. Grade: C+

Amber Carrington: Katy Perry’s “Firework” (Contestant’s Choice) | Amber’s usually such a dominator, vocally speaking, that it was jarring to hear her struggle with her lower register and then go sharp when she attempted to hit big notes on what Katy Perry says is her most challenging hit to perform live. It didn’t help Amber that the band’s arrangement cranked the strings, drums and background singers up to 11, but that only raises a question about why Adam and Amber didn’t cook up a more interesting countrified twist — or do something to move the performance past middling karaoke. Grade: C+

The Swon Brothers: Loggins and Messina’s “Danny’s Song” (Blake’s Choice) | The Swon Brothers may have outlasted a half-dozen artists more interesting and/or distinctive than themselves — Judith Hill, Sarah Simmons, Grace Askew, Luke Edgemon, Christian Porter, Jessica Childress, Midas Whale, Caroline Glaser, Shawna P and Warren Stone all come to mind — but Blake has coached them brilliantly. “Danny’s Song” — a sappy but effective ode to a newborn baby — showcased Zach’s skills at the piano and the tightest harmonies the boys have cooked up to date, while stretching their artistry in a slightly folksier direction. Was this a home run? Not quite. But sometimes you can outscore your opposition with a series of doubles and singles and occasional triples than you can with a combo of grand slams and strikeouts. (Side note: I hope I didn’t both that baseball metaphor too badly.) Grade: A-

Sasha Allen: Donna Summer’s “Bad Girls” (Shakira’s Choice) | With the wacky, no-way-they’re-gonna-blow-up-on-iTunes song choices Shakira keeps giving her, Sasha must be starting to feel just a little abused like a coffee machine in an office. (Click here if you don’t get that reference.) But while everything about “Bad Girls” was daft and strategically unsound — oh how I cringed at the sight of the word “SASHA” appearing in giant lit-up letters — the fact is that it was sung pretty darn well. I mean, the young mother might be a Broadway star in pop diva’s clothing, but she worked the stage moreso than most of her rivals, executed a series of choreographed dance moves and didn’t miss a single note along the way. Sasha oddly left out the beltiest line — “I got what you want, you got what I need/ I’ll be your baby come and spend it on me” — and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I was hoping Shaki would call in Kris Allen to wash some of the disco out of the jam, but I can’t deny the element of risk or the power of the vocal. Grade: A-

Danielle Bradbery: Jessica Andrews’ “Who I Am” (Contestant’s Choice) | If I were a cynic, I’d be rolling my eyes and yelling “Come ON!” at Blake using photo albums from Danielle’s childhood as a backdrop to her brown-sugar sweet rendition of “Who I Am.” But wait, I am a cynic, and my eyes are rolling. Which isn’t to say that the whole performance — save for a few questionable notes in her lower register — wasn’t the ultimate get-out-the-vote vehicle (as well as a showcase for her seriously powerful pipes). I mean, even my jaded heart melted a little as Danielle walked out in the audience to finish her song in the warm embrace of her mama and her daddy. But if that wasn’t enough, Blake reminded voters that Danielle is “every bit the girl that you hope she is.” How long before they create an American Girl doll in her image? Grade: B+

Amber Carrington: Maroon 5’s “Sad” (Adam’s Choice) | Speaking of rolling my eyes and yelling “Come ON!”…I’ll admit I was a little dubious about Adam selecting one of his own band’s tracks for Amber — that is until the fog began to roll across the stage, an overhead camera captured Amber standing in a single spotlight and she began to deliver one of the most effortlessly gorgeous vocals this show has ever witnessed. I loved the way Amber’s voice was front and center in the mix — with minimal background singers and subtle instrumentation — the better to soak up the ache and regret that infused her every word, from the desperation of “I’m scared to death that there may not be another one like this” to the final falsetto runs of “I’m so sad.” I never make a Kelly Clarkson comparison lightly, but Amber’s versatility and ability to interpret country, pop and soul, definitely is reminiscent of the American Idol Season 1 champ, no? If the Voice franchise really wants a crossover superstar, maybe Amber should be the one it pushes, not Danielle. Grade: A+

Michelle Chamuel: Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time” (Contestant’s Choice) | First, a small complaint: Can we please have a moratorium on clocks/hourglass imagery during any/all future performances of “Time After Time” on reality singing competitions? Because between Michelle’s rendition and Beatrice Miller’s on The X Factor last year, that’s two too many in the course of about eight months. That gripe aside, Michelle gave another stellar vocal on her second Cyndi Lauper ballad of the season, bringing a sweet restraint to the opening half before playing with the arrangement and going for some unexpected glory notes in the latter stages of the number. As Shakira noted, Michelle is on a “permanent crescendo” (that’d be a great name for a band or a race horse, no?) and the extended “lost” over the final chorus drove that point home. Even better, though, is the way Michelle personalizes every lyric, as though she’s somehow whispering it directly into your ear. “You are the winner,” declared a beaming Usher. If it turns out that “Coach” is incorrect, though, at least in terms of Season 4 voting, I really hope the collaboration continues, and he can use the Bieber machine to launch Michelle into the recognition and stardom she deserves. Grade: A-

Should go home: Danielle Bradbery, Sasha Allen
Will go home: Sasha Allen, Amber Carrington

And with that, let me turn things over to you. What did you think of Season 4 Top 5 performance night? What did you think of the coaches’ comments? Who was your favorite? Which two singers are going to be in trouble come results night? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments, and for all my Voice-related news, recaps, interviews and videos, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Guitar Blue says:

    While I am not an over-the-top fan of Danielle’s, I can recognize the fact that if she stays in good health and doesn’t get caught-up in too much teenage drama – stays focused —- that she will be a recognizable name in the Country Music field within the next few years…..

    It will take an original hit song to get her foot in the door of the big leagues however.—– doing covers gets you through a talent show, but doesn’t “brand” an artist. If Danielle’s “handlers” get her into a hit song, she’s got major upside potential. More in fact, than some of the winners of similar talent shows over the past 2 – 3 years, even if she doesn’t win.

  2. kaba says:

    Can this season be the official end of people claiming Adam is a good coach?
    He’s seriously no better than Christina is.
    What he excels at, is cultivating the best people during the Blind Audtions, and nothing more.
    In Season 2 he somehow convinced Tony Lucca that he was Jesus walking on water (when he was honestly one of the worst on his team imo) and that somehow worked well for him strangely.
    Last season he turned Amanda Brown and Melanie Martinez into the least interesting people with his abhor-able song choices for them.
    This season he rather regularly lead his team in the wrong direction, his team members only lasted as long as they did because there were others less popular than they were.

    And Season 1, he only won that one because Javier was the clear winner regardless of what team he landed on.

    • Guitar Blue says:

      Lot of truth in those observations . Choosing the right songs for your people is a big part of the battle, and the first season the talent was all over the place, to say the least, with Javier the survivor of what they put in the mix. Adam sometimes gets caught-up in some questionable ideas of what they should sing. ……………

      Amber made a classic mistake in choosing Firework, which I have found in working with some young singers over the years (in a small local market) that you shouldn’t always be singing what you like to listen to……. usually ….. because often the aspiring singer is not geared vocally or charismatically for the song. I’ve seen a number of good ballad, country or easy listening type singers flop when they try to show their “versatility” by going rock/pop, hip-hop or try to fling with songs well out of their wheelhouse………………

      Back in the day, we seen Pia Toscano eliminated after her run -around stage antics, nature print dress and song choice took her completely out of her wheelhouse. The stage production crew also threw some weird spinning lighting effects behind Michelle tonight, which had to be an unpleasant distraction to watching her performance for some.

    • matt says:

      Yes it looks like Usher is a better coach than Adam right now. Adam had the 3 best singers in the competition, the season was his to win, ahd he totally shot himself in the foot with his horrible coaching decisions and song choices.

    • Someone. says:

      But ‘Fireworks’ was Amber’s song choice. The contestants sang two songs yesterday – one their coaches picked, and the other song the contestants picked dedicating it to someone. And Amber chose ‘Fireworks’ dedicating it to her friends (remember Amber saying yesterday how they would blast that song in the car…?) So ‘Fireworks’ wasn’t Adam’s idea, but if he felt odd about it, he should have talked her out of it if he could have.

      At least he went right in giving one of his own songs to sing for her. Maybe, hopefully, that helped her to make it through to the finals.

    • Josh says:

      I thought Adam did well with both Amanda and Melanie last season. Amanda had some awesome performers, consistently rock, while Melanie changed up pop songs in her quirky style (as long as we ignore Adam’s awful final song choice for her, “The Show”). I will agree that he didn’t have to do much in Season 1 to have a winner in Javier Colon, and he royally screwed up in Season 2 (Tony Lucca over Katrina Parker??? Really???).

  3. Beezers says:

    Someone must have told Danielle to start acting like a person, instead of a singing robot. It was nice to see. I always liked her voice, though.

    I didn’t like Sasha’s first song, but liked her second one. She needs to stick to powerhouse songs.

    Fireworks was not a good choice for Amber. Too bad, because she’s really excellent.

    I love the Swon Brothers!

  4. JON says:

    Kinda disappointed Michelle sang a son she already did before. Was it me or did she fumble the lyrics in clarity? Hope she makes it through though. Same with Amber.

  5. Robin says:

    Amber should not have sang “Firework” – it started too low for her…it was not good…I worry she’s in jeopardy because of it. Sasha should definitely go home.
    Swon brothers were solid and Michelle was as well. Danielle was great too in my opinion. She sang one of my favorites! She’s done this before too! I really think she’ll be fine tomorrow…and I think Michelle will too. I voted for Danielle and Amber though – who I have continued to vote for the last several weeks. I like the Swon Brothers too but I can’t vote for them when I’m really worried for Amber. Gah! Hopefully her itunes sales will be really awesome and help her out…

  6. Sieves says:

    swons and amber might not leave.
    we might have a 1 2 3 country finale.

    don’t count your chickens before they hatch!

  7. kaba says:

    Alright, iTunes just hit a level of retarded I can’t comprehend.
    Danielle just randomly dropped and the Swon Brothers just jumped into the top 10?
    And no site seems to agree with each other

    • BillyBob says:

      I noticed that, it seems like the iTunes Danielle’s first song just dropped off. Amber’s ‘Sad’ disappeared. Was charting #26 a hour ago. Watch Carson will say tomorrow. Due to issues with iTunes. The votes from iTunes will not be counted…. oh my!

      • Joline says:

        Yeah- been off all night. Amber doesn’t show up on the charts but if you sort by artist says she’s at #20 with “Sad.” Swon Brothers just made it into the top 10 which means they made it to the finale. I’m afraid no surprises tomorrow….

      • The Beach says:

        If there really has been some major discrepancies/screw-ups with itunes as so many posters have mentioned then they really should throw out the itunes votes. That’s only fair.

        • AlyB says:

          It happened to me and from reading here, several other people. The preview on Amber’s song wouldn’t play. You’d get a message that it was not available in the US market. A lot of people, if not most, won’t buy the song if they can’t preview (or pre listen or whatever). It wasn’t showing up on the charts at all. They fixed it but that immediate rush of people going to itunes to check out the studio versions was affected and it probably dampened her sales. I think she ended up in the top 10 by cut off time anyway but in terms of votes counts, it would definitely mess things up. Especially because some people limit their kids, or their own purchases and the kids won’t wait. If one isn’t available, they’ll get their next favorite. If she goes home tonight, there’s a case to be made that it was because of that glitch. That was the best song of the night.

  8. chrysta says:

    I do not understand the fascination with Katy Perry songs at all!It did not work for Luke Edgemon and I am afraid it isn’t going to work for Amber either!And Whitney Houston!Again, with all the songs that are available to these singers they seem to pick the most done to death sonds or songs that they have a problem with vocally!It was a terrible song choice that sent my favourite Sarah home and I hope that doesn’t happen with Amber or Michelle!!!!!!

  9. BillyBob says:

    Looks like Danielle and the Swons could be the Final two?
    I think those WGWG snore boys could win!!!!!!
    I wonder if Michelle will be eliminated?
    Danielle and Swons will make it to the top 10 with 10x bonus.
    Amber’s ‘Sad’ song just may sneak into the top 10, and thus getting the 10x bonus. Neither of Michelle’s songs are going to make top 10 (it’s not climbing fast enough), so Michelle has no 10x bonus.
    Could Amber get 3rd spot over Michelle? Sasha is a after thought.

  10. Ron B says:

    I do not like Michelle, at all. She has a pretty good voice, but has been off-key on several of her performances. And does a lot of yelling. And, I am appalled that Michael keeps giving her A’s and A-‘s on almost every performance, and continues to give Danielle C’s and B’s, maybe a few A-‘s, at the best. Danielle may not work the stage like a seasoned professional, (for heavens sake, she is only 16), but she has a fantastic, flawless, singing voice, and is destined to have a great career in the Country Music industry. If Michelle wins, it will be another example of The Voice winner disappearing into obscurity, and more argument that The Voice has never had their winner become a major hit-maker.

    Michael, I am disappointed in you, that you are giving Danielle the same disrespectful treatment the was given Haley Reinhart by the AI judges, and that you criticized so much, at the time, and still do to this day.

    Shame on you.

    The Swon Bros and Danielle should be the final two acts, (both of them will be successful in Country Music) with Amber and Sasha being close behind. Michelle, in my opinion, should be last, behind all of them.

    • kaba says:

      Michelle went off key in Somewhere Only We Know and Clarity.
      Correct me if I’m wrong… but I’m well aware that I’m not so anteewaaaaays.
      As for the shouting she does, she has one big note in her songs generally. A lot does not equate to constantly shouting. And conaidering there are musical styles that incorporate shouting, I fail to see the problem.
      Michelle has been the most consistent contestant on the show and has definitely given high grade performances.
      But that’s just my take. I happen to think your claims are 100% ludicrous

    • BillyBob says:

      You may have your wish. Danielle, Swons, and Amber could be the final 3 tomorrow. Swon Bros are #7, Danielle is #10 on iTunes. If Amber can squeeze in with a 10x bonus with ‘Sad’

      • BillyBob says:

        Amber’s ‘Sad’ is #20

        • AlyB says:

          Right now on itunes, a couple of hours past the cut off so it’s safe to say they’ve got the 10x bonus:
          #2 Swon Bros – Danny’s Song
          #3 Danielle – Who I Am
          #6 Danielle – Please Remember Me
          #7 Swon Bros – Turn the Page
          #8 Amber – Sad

          Michelle’s Time After Time is at #12. It may have been in the top 10 when they cut off the tallies but I don’t know. I think they cut off at 9 or 10 AM eastern time.

          It all depends on the phone and online votes now. If you go by the itunes as a guide though, we’re going to have an all country final three.
          I really like that Amber is not doing country on the show. She has a magnificent voice, tender and beautiful in the right spots and powerful and rich when it needs to be. I love that kind of vocal nuance and she demonstrated that in spades in Sad. I think some people that aren’t country lovers are hesitant about supporting her because once she’s off the show, she will likely go country. If she does make top 3, it’ll be interesting to see what Adam picks for song choices. As long as he stays away from things like Firework, she has a crack at this because she’ll consolidate the non-country lover votes. I would support her career after the show if she continued to put out songs like Skyfall, Stay and Sad. What can I say? With a few exceptions, I’m just not a big country music fan. I actually liked the Swon’s last night since they did songs that weren’t so deep country. I think that’s why they burned up the itunes charts too.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      This post is retarded. The guy is entitled to his opinions, as you are entitled to yours. If you disagree so strongly, then go get a blog of your own to bash Michelle the same way the RJ and J-Lo bashed Haley Reinhart. I happen to agree with (most of) his grades on Michelle and Danielle. And there’s no handicap points for youth. If the 16 year old girl can’t command a stage or convincingly communicate song lyrics, then she doesn’t deserve to win a singing competition. Period. If she does win, watch the ratings plummet like Idol’s did after the Nashville showdown 3 seasons ago or what’s about to happen to X-Factor. Milquetoast country singers like Mccreery or Tate Steven or Danielle are not well appreciated by the non-country loving population while the power vocalist ones or the ones with crossover appeal are often appreciated. The country takeover of this show could be its downfall. If Sasha and Michelle are out and it’s an all country final 3, I am forever done. Or at least replace the Swon Brothers with Kree Harrison and then I’ll gladly watch.

      • HTGR says:

        Sad to say but it looks like Sasha is gone for sure and Judith is already gone. Michelle might make it. But this will be the first time that none of the very most voiciest voices have made the finale. Oh well.

      • JSR says:

        In case you haven’t noticed Country IS making a genuine climb up the charts all on its own. Why? The music is from the heart, sung from the heart and it IS what this country is about. You contradict yourself too – Kree Harrison IS a country singer as well. Make up your mind are you cross over or are you done if a country artist wins? I strongly disagree, Idol is on its way out not Voice; this was an awesome season. It’s you who can’t make up your mind!

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          You’re an idiot. I said power vocalists or country crossover artists are the types of country that non-country music lovers can get behind. Kree Harrison is a power vocalist. Danielle and the Swon Brothers are none of the above. Before slinging insults, you might want to actually read what I wrote.

          • JSR says:

            Well OK then Angie are ya glad ya got that off your chest? You may feel I’m an idiot and frankly, I don’t care. I read your post. Danielle and Swon Bros. do not have power vocalists behind them because they don’t need them – it’s that simple! Yes Kree has a beautiful voice that is also powerful but I highly doubt she needs to replace the Swon Bros. They can all stand alone on their own merits and will do very well.
            My original post to you was for the one in which you began “This post is retarded”! You pretty much bashed everyone and began with Danielle stating that if she couldn’t command a stage then she doesn’t deserve to win. This writer/idiot does not appreciate being lumped together with the above referenced Milquetoast country singers who lack appeal while the powerhouse crossover ones are more appreciated. Please do not let me forget to add that it is your words that declared that if this show does indeed have a country takeover the ratings will plummet and you would be forever done. Should we say good bye now or later??Before you sling mud at me for clearly trying to point out the obvious to you in that country music is not only fun, it’s growing in popularity and here to stay. No one is forcing you to listen to it or like it but we are asking you to keep you unpleasant remarks to yourself. Having a difference of opinion is not an insult nor is asking you choose which side you are on in asking you to make up your mind. I tried hard to point several things out to you regarding a post YOU first wrote that to be honest I found offensive beginning with the use of the word retarded. Bashing people is insulting and I didn’t do that to you. I didn’t call you an idiot you did that one on your own and I’m afraid that insult was thrown at me.
            It’s OK to have an opinion but for everyones sake please make sure that when you phrase that opinion you aren’t trying to pick an unnecessary fight because it sure as hell seems like that’s you were trying to do with me and it won’t work; I caught on as soon as I read “You are an idiot!”

            I think I’ll just say farewell now…it’s time to move on Angie.

    • Grace says:

      Amen, Ron B. I agree with everything you said, though I might put Amber ahead of the Swon Brothers, depending on the week. Glad to know I’m not alone!.

  11. Ron from Boulder says:

    Based on tonight’s performances, it should be Danielle, Michelle, and the Swon Brothers in the finale. The Swon Brothers really did well tonight; their best performances by far; Danny’s Song was outstanding. Danielle sang well as usual and her performance of Who I Am showed some real emotion. I love the tone quality and purity of her voice; more emotion will come as she matures and gains more life experiences. Michelle is the best performer even if she doesn’t have the strongest singing voice. She has been consistent and engaging all season.

    Amber’s poor performance of Fireworks, and Sasha’s poor performance of I Will Always Love You, should leave them in the bottom two. Too bad they had such bad performances at a critical time in the competition. I’m sure the iTunes versions are much better, but the live performances were dreadful. Their second songs were much better, but one out of two isn’t going to be enough to make the finale.

    • BillyBob says:

      BREAKING NEWS: Swon Bros are #7, Danielle is #10 on iTunes. If Amber can squeeze in with a 10x bonus with ‘Sad’

  12. ivan says:

    The Voice haven’t produced big names on the chart but I predict Danielle will do it…due to :

    1. Her young age and vulnerability like that of Taylor Swift
    2. Her Voice is so pure
    3. Country fans loved her- as Blake said- Country Fans were the most Loyal…

    • Timmah says:

      I think the overlooked thing is that people who aren’t country fans (such as me) also like Danielle. She has made me like a bunch of songs I never heard of before.

    • Zod says:

      Well those country fans aren’t blindly loyal. Last season they pretty much rejected Blake’s sole country performer in the live round. I think the biggest country singer on The Voice before this season was Jeff Jenkins in season one, and Adam promptly dropped him for another country singer — Casey Weston — possibly to give Javier Colon a clear path to the final round.

  13. DaysGoBy says:

    The Swon Brothers are #7 Danielle #9 their other two are top 20. Closest is Michelle at #29

    • BillyBob says:

      Amber’s ‘Sad’ #20, keeps coming in and out of the charts.

    • HTGR says:

      Dang Sasha is cooked then. No way to overcome Swon with their now 10x bonus. What seemed like a gift with only one going home last week ended up into a be careful what you wish for type of thing…. Amber is probably cooked too. Anyway Danielle has already won that much has long been known. It has been about making the finale and getting that fun and presentation for the others. At least Sasha and Amber made the semis, although Judith was gone missing.

      • BillyBob says:

        Sasha and her coach cooked themselves as predicted. Both songs are risky. You either win or lose. The problem is those songs are over done and don’t sound fresh. Who wants to buy these tunes that were covered by tons of other people. Amber cooked herself with ‘Firework’, if she would of sang a country song which is in her wheel house, it would charted nicely.

  14. dj says:

    Some really poor song choices tonight, if you ask me. Firework is not good live, I Will Always Love You has been done to death, Bad Girls sounds dated, as did the two numbers the Swon bros did. The only saving grace for the artists is that many people at this point have their favorites and vote for them no matter what.

    • HTGR says:

      There is truth in that. Fireworks is killer difficult to do live (I still wonder about that ear piece thing), with Swon rebounding, Amber had to be two songs of perfection. IWALY always gets hate even if done well, people who watch these shows just seem to hate on ballads, especially the biggest ones like that. And disco even if done well never advances anyone either. Amber struggled with one and did great on one, with Swon seeming to climb charts that means she is gone :(. Sasha did very well, but I fear she is also gone with how those songs do with the viewers of these programs and basically with Swon into 10x bonus she is cooked for sure :( :(. At least Michelle makes it (although I suppose there is some crazy outside chance Sahsa or Amber could bump her, but she has had momentum for so long, I doubt it.) Looks a finale with some decent singers, but the most spectacular all gone and probably with 50% songs that I personally won’t care for at all even if done well.

    • BillyBob says:

      Amber should have sang ‘Time After Time’ and Michelle should have sung ‘Firework’ I think it would of worked out for both parties.

  15. kaba says:

    Anyone heavily anticipating an Amber comeuppance might need to check the charts again.
    Amber is riding on one song right now.
    Firework hasn’t even beat Michelles “I Knew You were Trouble”
    Clarity is at #38 (or higher)
    And Time After Time is in the top 30.
    Just because Amber has one song beating both of Michelle’s song, it doesn’t mean much at all.

  16. BillyBob says:

    Current itunes charting:

    #7 The Swon Brothers ‘Danny’s Song’
    #8 Danielle ‘Who I Am’
    #13 Danielle ‘Please Remember Me’
    #16 Swon Brothers ‘Turn the Page’
    #18 Amber ‘Sad’
    #23 Michelle ‘Time After Time’
    #38 Michelle ‘Clarity’
    #67 Sasha ‘I Will Always Love You’
    #94 Sasha ‘Bad Girls’

    Danielle, Swons, and Michelle to be final 3. Amber blew it with ‘Firework’. Should of sang a country song instead. Country songs is a sure bet to chart high. Amber is a country artist too! BIG mistake. Boo hoo, I really liked Amber too.

    • BillyBob says:

      #118 Amber ‘Firework’ Dang, why didn’t she pick a country song. Her hometown visit was all country, went to a country radio station, sang country, etc.

      • matt says:

        You’re assuming the telephone voting will be the same as the iTunes? From comments I’ve read here it looks like they might cancel the iTunes votes.

        • BillyBob says:

          iTunes has been pretty much spot on. The only surprise was Sarah voted off. Otherwise it’s been very predictable. But who knows, there could be another shocker. Let’s hope so.

  17. Jenny says:

    Amber is a true star! “Firework” was a hot mess, but she totally came back with one of my favorite Maroon 5 songs “Sad”. It was so perfect, she deserves to move on. Michelle is amazing as well, so much emotion and uniqueness, she’s earned that place in Top 3. I feel Danielle is a deer caught in headlights each time, she has a lot of growing up to do. Absolutely no emotion registers on her face and it’s so frustrating..she’s just sitting there all pretty. During her second song, I did notice some emotion, but it went away quickly. But she’s not charming or likeable at all and comes across as an ungrateful kid at times. I like the Swon Brothers as ppl,, they’ve got great personalities, but they bore me, just not into them. And Sasha, well she’s got a good voice and is showing star quality but I feel Michelle and Amber are in a different league. Sasha and Swon Brothers should leave tomorrow.

    • Ron from Boulder says:

      Amber is a true star? She butchered Firework badly, and deserves to go home because of that, along with Sasha, who butchered I Will Always Love You. Singing one song well and another badly isn’t going to be good enough to make the finale.

      Sorry, but America disagrees with your assessment of Danielle’s singing and likability, and I do to. The tone quality and purity of her singing voice are exceptional. She will sing with more emotion as she matures and gains more life experience. She has sold far more songs on iTunes than any of the other artists, and is going to win the competition, unless she stumbles badly in the finale.

      • Jama says:

        Every other performance of hers was brilliant. It’s safe to say some of the others have had one horrible performance in the past (Sasha’s “Without You,” most of the Swons’ dullness, etc.), but Amber shouldn’t go after one dud, especially when it was followed up with an awesome performance.

        • Ron from Boulder says:

          If this were an athletic competition, like gymnastics or figure skating, past performances wouldn’t count. Mc Kayla Maroney lost the Olympic gymnastics vault gold medal due to a poor vault in the finals, even though she had been flawless in prior vaults.

          However, The Voice is a singing competition voted on by fans, not judges. Fans will continue to vote for their favorites, even when their performance is poor. But based on last night’s performances alone, Amber and Sasha should be going home. You can’t mess up when it counts and expect to win.

          I like Amber’s voice and her iTunes songs are great. Sad is excellent, and Firework is pretty good. But the show should be judged on the live performances that night, not the iTunes versions, or the contestant’s performances on previous shows.

    • Ed says:

      I feel sorry for anyone who could possibly be “bored” by the Swon Brothers; you must have a VERY short attention span. They are the HOTTEST act on the show right now, followed closely by Danielle (who is growing on me every single week). Amber and Sasha will go home tonight.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        The Swon brothers are the HOTTEST act on the show? If so, that’s a stinging indictment of this year’s talent. They’re not bad, but it’s about the most generic and unexciting sound ever. It sounds like the free entertainment casinos provide nuzzled in between Keno and the nickel slots. And not Vegas. We’re talking local Indian casino.

        • ETG says:

          In case you haven’t noticed, they have been, by far, the most versatile act this year. Not only that, they are entertaining to watch, and genuinely personable. They are peaking at just the right time. I think the results from itunes will back me up.

          • HTGR says:

            You can like them or love them even and you can say they haven’t messed up, but to say the Swon Bros have been the most versatile singers of the season????????????? Come on. That is crazy talk. They’d crash and burn if they tried to be as versatile as some of the others.

  18. kaba says:

    The iTune votes suck the mystery out of voter turnout and create this imbalance that I don’t really agree with.

  19. Slezak’s bizarre crusade against Danielle Bradberry is strange. I know every year he picks favorites in these competitions, and the grades tend to reflect that. To give Danielle’s middling Tim McGraw effort the same grade as Amber’s train wreck Katy Perry song is borderline farcical. Danielle stumbled, AMber fell off a cliff. That says nothing to his downgrading of Danielle’s second performance, which was just fantastic as well as having much more emotional connection than she usually does, which is to be expected when she’s younger.

    I won’t even get into his obsession with Michelle Chamuel, who I quite like, but he has given every performance by her, other than one, a B+ or better if my recollection serves me. Her first song today was no better than Danielle’s, but he gave her an A? She missed notes all over the place, and wasn’t nearly as invested in the song as she typically is (maybe a sign Usher forced it on her?). Her second performance was FAR superior.

    On the night, I think the performances went like this in terms of quality:

    1. Swon Brothers “Danny’s Song” (I’m as shocked as you are).
    2. Danielle “Who I am”
    3. Swon Brothers “Turn the Page” (Again, shocked. I haven’t really loved any of their performances outside of the George Jones song a few weeks ago).
    4. Michelle Chamuel “Time After Time”
    5. Amber Carrington “Sad”
    6. Michelle Chamuel “Clarity”
    7. Sasha Allen “Bad Girls”
    8. Danielle Bradberry “Please Remember Me”
    9. Sasha Allen “I Will Always Love You”
    10. Amber Carrington “Firework” (Again, total train wreck. Missed notes everywhere.)

    Will and should go home: Sasha Allen and Amber Carrington

  20. EVPandHC says:

    According to iTunes:

    #5 The Swon Brothers – Danny’s Song
    #6 Danielle Bradbery – Who I Am
    #9 Danielle Bradbery – Please Remember Me
    #14 Amber Carrington – Sad
    #15 The Swon Brothers – Turn the Page
    #19 Michelle Chamuel – Time After Time
    #33 Michelle Chamuel – Clarity
    #61 Sasha Allen – I Will Always Love You
    #82 Sasha Allen – Bad Girls
    #109 Amber Carrington – Firework

  21. Jan1 says:

    I hate that the little Swon brother “sings” — but only with the backup singers. We rarely hear just the 2 brothers together. They rarely perform as a true duo. It’s big brother and the background singers.

    • BillyBob says:

      It’s like the Zach Swon having his own backup singer (Colton). Some people commented it should be Zach Swon and the backup guy. Zach Swon could be a solo artist, but it’s nice to have his little bro be his backup and background singer too.

      • tnsmoke says:

        It’s called HARMONY singing…Colton sings in harmony while Zach is lead vocal. Their voices mesh totally as they’re blood related, which always makes the best harmonies. Background singers are different, like on tour singing behind the main act, but their voices don’t have to blend effortlessly with the main singer like a harmony singer’s does.

        • kaba says:

          … They don’t harmonize.
          The other one harmonizes with the background vocals.
          Harmonizing is blending sounds in a chord to the point where its very indistinguishable

        • JSR says:

          It IS harmony and it was explained on the show! Colton is not a back up singer. They blend and if you really listen you can hear how awesome the blend truly is. The back ups only enhance what the brothers do.

  22. Lois Benton says:

    Based entirely on this evening’s performances, the final three should be: Michelle, Sasha and….(Wha…?) the Swon Brothers (until this evening, unofficially known as one of the best potential Knott’s Berry Farm Theme Park performers. (Don’t knock it. Some people make a living that way.) The Swon’s Brother’s first performance is what rated that ranking. The second was just so 70’s, but it was good, maybe just a notch above Knott’s Berry Farm standards. Sasha is the best remaining voice in the competition, although the song choices kind of suck. Still, the tone, the power, the emotion, the physical and musical beauty: It’s there. But Michelle is in her own league. She literally explodes on stage and all viewers in my house think she deserves to win. She’s mesmerizing to watch and her itunes recordings are the most endlessly fascinating to listen to. Danielle remains unformed. She’s still in gestation. My country music cohort says: “You know what’s missing in her performance? Emotion.” To which I roll my eyes and respond, “Ya THINK?” Miss Amber is quite good, as is Danielle, but, on performance alone, she’d have to go home. “Firework” (sigh), not all that good. Future contestants: Just don’t do that. It just doesn’t work on these shows. Is it really such a hard song? I don’t know. I can sing it; how hard could it be? “Sad” was good, but gave her the edge over only Danielle. Who should go home? Danielle and Amber. Who will go home: I don’t know. Who the heck is voting?

    • Robert Henry Eller says:

      One of those obscure Knott’s Berry Farm performers was a little-known banjo playing, balloon tying comedian named Steve Martin.

  23. BillyBob says:

    It’s the knockout competition between Amber and Michelle…
    Who will join Danielle and The Swon Brothers in the finals?
    Stay tune folks! :)

  24. Robert Henry Eller says:

    Caution: gag alert! If you are allergic to sappy kiss-tush compliments, avoid this comment.

    Mr. Slezak, I live and work in Milan, Italy. Therefore I am get your blog-posts before I get to see the show, which I have to wait for until some internet angel posts it online.

    But if you wrote your blog any better, I’d practically not have to watch the show at all.

    As it is, after reading your blog, I now watch the show to see how it reflects on your comments.

    All right, I hope no one was seriously injured by such shameless pandering. Side effects may include harmful dehydration from voiding through either end of the topological donut that is the human miracle.

  25. lydia says:

    I really don’t mean this to sound disrespectful because she seems like a lovely person, but I’m surprised to see such passionate support for Amber. She has always just kind of blended in for me…honestly I couldn’t tell her and Holly apart until like the top 6. The only two exceptions were Skyfall and tonight’s Sad, which I do agree was really great.

  26. Robert Henry Eller says:

    I’m watching on video. I don’t know what’s coming next, but after Usher’s Twisted, I could already be done.

  27. Robert Henry Eller says:

    Michael: Muslims believe that only Allah is perfect. In fact, Muslim carpet weavers intentionally “make mistakes” in their work to avoid the pretention of human perfection.

    In the world of pop music, Whitney Houston’s rendition of “I Will Always Love You” is as close to perfection as anyone can get. Or should. Once was enough.

    Sasha sang “I Will Always Love You” as an imperfect human being should. Albeit a human being with an incredibly affecting voice.

    If we insist that the only people who should sing “I Will Always Love You” or who sing it “as it should be sung,” must sing it as Whitney did, then we should just only play Whitney’s original, and ban everyone else from singing it. I don’t want, or need, anyone else to sing like Whitney in my lifetime. I want the Sasha Allens that we still have with us to sing like themselves.

  28. Robert Henry Eller says:

    I wish these singing competitions would severely limit the orchestration and backup vocals. The singers really should have to clearly carry the songs on their voices.

  29. Amy says:

    I would buy Amber’s version of Sad if I could. But I don’t live in the US so…..

  30. Robert Henry Eller says:

    Sasha Allen rocking Donna Summer. Work!

    • kiki says:

      Yes she was damnn gooood and Thanks Usher for rocking it.But I didnt think I t was a good song choice.IIt wasnt a strategic move sadly from SHAk because i DONt thik people are just gonna listen to it on their ipods ;Im very sad she did worst on itunes but here Im hoping for some sort of miracle.

      One thing for sure!!Swon and Danielle are going through;my worst case scenario because my favoriteare SASHA MICHELLE AMBER but little danielle was good with the second song.

    • Canadian Fan says:

      Sasha rocked her way home. So did Amber with Fireworks.

  31. Adam Fachry says:

    I actually really like Swon Bros’ arc on this show. I started off disliking, hell, even hating them (Two words: Grace Askew). But then they gradually proved me wrong. Sure there were stll okay performances along the road of improvement, but they’ve demonstrated a pretty impressive growth. I wouldn’t mind them making it to the top three. I think as of now, my ranking of favorites (in terms of body of work), will be like this: Michelle > Swon Bros > Sasha > Amber > Danielle.

    • Canadian Fan says:

      micheal, your assessment is completely off since both Danielle’s songs cracked into top 10 on iTunes chart. I read your blog before I could get to see the show, I can’t believe how out-of-tune your comments are…sorry to hurt your feelings but there it is.

  32. EVPandHC says:

    Danielle has BOTH song in the Top 10. The Swon Bros AND Amber have a song in the Top 10. Michelle and Sasha have none.

    Anyone else sad now?

  33. Mary says:

    Top song of the night Sad by Amber. Not much into country but darn I love Danielle’s voice. In a few years I can see her as a top country artist. I am not getting the Michelle love, I really did not like her first song at all, and wasn’t to crazy about the second one. I actually liked the Swon Bros. tonight, but I think it was the song choices. I don’t really watch the Voice, but do the judges every critique the performances? Amber, firework really, bad choice, it is better left singing in the car with your friends. The top three tonight would be Amber, Danielle, and probably Swon Brothers, due to their song choices. Sasha will go and I think either Michelle or Amber.

  34. Ed says:

    Slezak was a little generous with some of his grades. No way that both of Michelle’s performances were in the A range (and I’m a Michelle fan). She has fallen into a rut, and at exactly the wrong time. To give Amber an A+ for “Sad” is, in itself, pretty SAD. And, finally, to give Danielle the same C+ for “Please Remember Me” that he gave Amber for her HIDEOUS rendition of “Firework” makes him lose ALL credibility with me….

    • BillyBob says:

      I hear you. If ‘Firework’ was a C+, then ‘Please Remember Me’ is at least a minimum of B. Michelle’s performances were B to B+. Also, ‘Bad Girls’ an A-? That was a C+ song choice and performance. I can only assume Shakira doesn’t want to be in the finale, because why else would she pick a cheesy disco song? You can’t win with disco. Ever. And they don’t even try to lessen the disco-ness of it all. Remember that speech Shakira gave two weeks ago where she vowed to take full responsibility if Sasha went home? Well, tonight that’s really going to be a reality for the hips don’t lie girl. Oh my! :)

  35. BillyBob says:

    #2 Swon Brothers (Danny’s Song)
    #4 Danielle (Who I Am)
    #6 Danielle (Please Remember Me)
    #8 Swon Brothers (Turn the Page)
    #9 Amber (Sad)
    #12 Michelle (Time After Time)
    #24 Michelle (Clarity)

    Impressive! #TEAMBLAKE all songs last night made the top ten when voting closed. Amber made the top 10 too at closing.

  36. EVPandHC says:

    I thought Sad was the best performance of the night and one of the best of the season. But Firework was just meh. Really meh.

  37. BillyBob says:

    iTunes rank at vote closing 10:00 AM Eastern:
    #2 Swon Brothers (Danny’s Song)
    #4 Danielle (Who I Am)
    #6 Danielle (Please Remember Me)
    #8 Swon Brothers (Turn the Page)
    #9 Amber (Sad)
    #12 Michelle (Time After Time)
    #24 Michelle (Clarity)
    WOW! BOTH of The Swon Brothers and Danielle’s songs made top ten. Has that happened before? Also Amber made the top 10. Michelle didn’t make it. Sasha highest was #48.

    • Canadian Fan says:

      My prediction: Danielle, Swon Bros and Michelle are going to the finale. This was due to the top 10 finish of last week by Michelle, not this week. Amber and Sasha will be sent home.

    • thedeviledadvocate says:

      On the Itunes country chart, the Swon boys had songs charting at #1, 4, 42, 65, 69, 84, 87, and 95. This was at close of voting period.
      Danielle had songs charting at #2, 3, 35, 36, 48, 61, 71, 90, 99, and 100.
      So Swons 8 songs on the chart, Danielle 10 songs on the chart. WOW, I am quite certain that has never happened before.

      • BillyBob says:

        That is WOW! I bet Blake is doing the dance of joy and singing/rapping RED RED RED RED RED RED REDNECK…

  38. BillyBob says:

    LOL! Team Michelle is throwing all the hate at Amber’s videos. Threaten that Amber could just knock Michelle out of the top 3? Shakira picks the wrong songs week after week. Poor Sasha never had a chance this week with 2 wrong song choices. The Swon (Formerly Snore) Brothers were suppose to be long gone weeks and weeks ago. Zeros to heroes. :)

  39. Jaxguy says:

    Because of Michael S. I decided to watch the performances this week. No doubt the performance of the night was Amber on Sad. Brilliant! After that I would have to go with Michelle for either song and Sasha, for surprisingly Bad Girls.. I know it looks like Amber and Sasha will go. That will put the nail in the coffin for this show for me. First Danielle has a great voice and she is a wonderful singer but for me she has become predictable. The Swon Brothers are fine but again sounding like a broken record, predictable. I think the real funny thing about America and reality shows is how they scream boring but always punish risk taking. I know this brings out the wrath of everyone but Scotty Mc, Tate Stevens, Phillip Phillips, Cassadee Pope, Swon Bros., Danielle and many others were predicable. I didn’t say bad, I said predictable. Adam Lambert, Crystal Bowersox, Haley Reinhart, Josh Krajcik Judith Hill and Amanda Brown were way more interesting and creative. So America stop lying and admit you only want white bread and safe., .

    • ETG says:

      Yeah, there IS a doubt that “Sad” was the performance of the night…. because it wasn’t. That honor would go to “Danny’s Song”. And, honestly, the only one who is predictable right now is Michelle. I hate to say that, because I am a huge fan of hers…. but it is true. Usher has caused her to fall in a rut the same as Adam has done to Amber.

      • davey says:

        Danny’s Song was the performance of the night? Just a rehash of an old song I used to love, done 10x better by the original artists. No thanks.

        • ETG says:

          You’re entitled to stand alone on your opinion, but, apparently, MANY other people agree with me (reference, ITunes charts).

    • HTGR says:


      bland, safe and predictable is how they usually vote (and yet not in a top 40 way either for the U.S. versions of the shows)

      and don’t dare speak up no matter what goes on otherwise they will jealously put you right back in your place

  40. Tedatbent says:

    Blake gets on my nerves, but he was dead on when he said the Swon Brothers have improved the most this season. Danny’s Song was “a moment” for them. So beautiful and heartfelt. I am an R&B fan, yet I can’t deny the power of that performance. It is frustrating because my girl Sasha finally hits her stride with Bad Girls and it will probably be too little too late. I wish she had shown this side of her artistry earlier in the season.

    • ETG says:

      I liked Sasha’s appearance at Village Underground, where she was singing Etta James’ “At Last”. I wish she had done THAT song last night instead of the Whitney number…

  41. Canadian Fan says:

    Blake proves himself to be the best coach 3 seasons in a roll. No small feat.

  42. Cassia says:

    Honestly, I don’t get how you can give the same grade to Danielle’s first performance and Amber’s “Firework”. One of those was clearly superior to the other and, hint, it’s not the latter.

    As long as both of them make it through, I don’t care who is the 3rd person, although I’m really hoping that is Michelle and not the Swon Brothers. Sasha is dead girl walking at this point, which is a shame because I really like her and would love to see Shakira have someone in the finals. But, yeah, she was not good tonight.

    Also, I don’t really get the criticism that Danielle gets about not connecting to the lyrics of her songs because, if anything, that is not her fault, it’s Blake’s. As her coach, he should know better than to give her songs that she will probably have a difficult time relating to and emotionally conveing it to the audience. So, I don’t really fault her for that.

    Well, my ideal final 3 is Danielle, Amber and Michelle, although I’m pretty sure that the Swon Bros will be advancing which means that either Amber or Michelle is going to go home, which is a shame, really.

  43. Joan Olsen says:

    My top three would be Michelle, Amber and Sasha. The other two sound the same every week. They need to step out of their comfort zones to impress me.

  44. MAS says:

    Swon brothers were great last night. I think Zach has a distinctive voice. They could make it through. I was disappointed by Michelle. An ‘A’ for Clarity? Really? I hated it, and I liked her. Bad Girls was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed it. And, count me as someone who cried when Danielle sang Who I Am. Can’t tell you why because I thought Adam was right about her emotional disconnect and precision. I do think she could be a superstar. Very, very interested to see the results tonight.

  45. Countryfan27 says:

    Blake Shelton is not a cynic, he is a country artist who cares about his team. Danielle Bradberry is an artist Blake believes in and who he see’s as having a great future in country music. Blake is a smart coach who understands his team and that’s why he will win once again. You called Blake out for trying to steal votes with Danielle singing “Who I Am” and walking up to her parents but didn’t call out Usher for bringing out Taylor Swift for Michelle. The two I’m hoping are in the finale are Danielle and Michelle but the truth is I like them all. Amber will lose because of Adam. Country fans are beyond loyal and would have voted like crazy for Amber but Adam has her singing too many non country songs causing Country fans to be frustrated and non Country fans believing she is posing as a pop artist when clearly she’s a Country artist. Adam by doing this has split the minds of the voters and will result in Amber being voted off. Country Music is about telling a story through relatable lyrics and Adam has had Amber going against that the whole competition which BLAKE called ADAM out for, don’t blame Blake for being the smartest coach.

    • davey says:

      Um, other kinds of music besides country music tell a story and move people. Otherwise songwriters like George Gershwin, Irving Berlin, the Beatles, James Taylor, Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Ben Folds, Sara Bareilles, Glen Hansard, Ryan Adams, etc. wouldn’t have a following.

  46. senor skippy says:

    I think The Voice should bring in new sound engineers for season 5. Someone who understands how to bring up and balance mics, reduce backup volume and noise, tone down crowd noise, and quiet down the band. This is supposed to be about someone’s voice, not backup singers and band performance. So many performances suffered because the beginning of a song, 9 times out of 10 being low and quiet, was drowned out by the band or inaudible because the mic was not adjusted properly. Engineering definitely needs help.

  47. Lois Benton says:

    If The Voice doesn’t change it’s voting methods, like American Idol has failed to do and suffered therefore, it’s audience is going to be gone, gone, gone. You can’t multiply itunes votes times ten and have cumulative voting, or once a contestant has the lead, no one else, no matter how wonderful, has a chance. If MIchelle or Sasha are not in the finals, I just won’t care about this show anymore, or even bother to watch the finals. If Michelle doesn’t win, I think I’ll just pass on future seasons, because, while the music can be good and the show entertaining, ultimately, it may just be too frustrating to watch.

    • Jama says:

      I agree that the 10x iTunes voting is flawed, but not for your reason, which is that your favorites don’t benefit from it…

    • ETG says:

      I wish I had a nickel for every time someone says, “if such-and-such doesn’t win, I’m gonna pack up my toys and go home”.

    • BillyBob says:

      I read somewhere awhile back. The top ten iTunes 10X bonus makes sense. When people actually spend money to buy the songs from that artist, they have a vested interest in that artist. Voting by phone, online, text, etc does not measure the selling abilities of that artist. It also shows which artist can actually SELL music and is not just the most popular. Having the best voice in the world and your songs does not sell is a not what The Voice producers wants.

      • ETG says:

        You are right. The itunes bonus shows which artists fans are committed to, and which ones will be most likely to have commercial success. It is a good idea.

      • teatime says:

        But why does the song have to get into the Top 10 to get the multiplier? Every paid the same amount for all the songs that did not get into the Top 10. It is just too arbitrary to look at the Top 10 ranking at a particular point in time.

  48. Chanette says:

    New here, hiya ^_^.
    Just wanted to address the validity of the iTunes multiplier.
    Personally, I feel it’s just an awkward way to reflect voter investment. It can be much too wishy washy.
    Or then there are cases where Danielle is the highest bought regardless of whether or not she performed the best of the night (don’t see a problem with her winning, though there are weeks when I felt her height on the charts were a mystery).
    Or then you get a case of what it appears for this charting where Amber reached multiplier status on only one song while the other was an absolute flop.
    Or then you see Michelle, she’s generally been above everyone and neck to neck with Danielle, then all of the sudden she’s one of the two artists without a multiplier for the week, putting her at risk for elimination.
    I think this will be close, I think Amber flopped enough on ‘Firework’ for her to not be safe just because of the multiplier since Michelle, though without a multiplier, did much better with both of her songs than Amber did collectively. And if Michelle has votes the way she has youtube views on her videos, a multiplier isn’t much of a fear inducer when she’s put up against Amber.
    Am I the only one insanely amazed that Michelle reached 12th with ‘Time After Time’? I’m sorry but I’m so tired of that song it’s an amazement that others weren’t as well. It just goes to show that the strongest fanbases on the show right now are Danielles, The Swon Brothers, and Michelles.
    Danielle being the clear first place…she can half ass on any song and still command her way to the top 20 at least. Michelle at 2nd because…Danielle’s fanbase is just recognizably stronger, Swon’s at 3rd…they’re wishy washy.
    I think tonight we’re either in for an astounding and unwarranted shock…or we’ll be mighty impressed by a fanbase.

  49. karen says:

    Michelle is bordering on schtick with her predictable crouching stance and arm flailing gestures. She needs some new moves, otherwise she starts becoming a parody of herself.

    • ETG says:

      Yep. That ship sailed several weeks ago. Michelle was one of my early favorites, but her lack of progression is causing me to fall off her “fanwagon”…

  50. Chanette says:

    This is how I look at why who should win, categorically.
    In terms of who performs and leaves EVERYTHING on the stage and is evidently out to give nothing but their best: Michelle should be the winner
    In terms of who just has a voice that makes you wanna keep listening with all your heart: Danielle should be the winner with Michelle at a close second
    In terms of who has displayed masterful artistry and conviction in style: Michelle should be the winner
    Marketability goes to Danielle first and foremost.
    Then I’d say Michelle or Amber, then the Swon Brothers.

    I think Sasha missed her time. Age is sadly a big factor in relevance in America and her being over 30 is just…something

    • Jasmine says:

      but at lease Sasha made it this far. She really is a good singer. I’m proud of her.
      But I want Michelle to win. But again, we can’t always get what we want.
      I wanted Angela Miller to win Idol. That was not the case. I wanted Haley Reinhart to win Idol season 10, sadly, she was screwed by everyone.
      Last season, I wanted Jordan Pruitt to make it further than she did and Celica Westbrooke, too. Christina’s team last year was horrible, no wonder all her contestants got knocked out early.

    • HTGR says:

      Yeah but does she actually look older than any of the others (OK, well compared to Danielle, for sure, hah)? She looks realllly young for her age and doesn’t look a day older than Amber or Michelle for sure.