Emmys 2013: The Supporting Comedy Actor Race in Review, Including Our 6 Dream Nominees

Emmy Best Supporting Actor Comedy NomineesFor the past three years, the men of ABC’s Modern Family dominated this category — and there’s every reason to believe Ed O’Neill, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Ty Burrell and Eric Stonestreet will hear their respective names announced come nominations day on July 18. That leaves two open slots and a myriad of options, including past nominees Max Greenfield and Bill Hader, and the long-overdue Simon Helberg.

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Review this slideshow of the major contenders — including TVLine’s Dream Nominees — then hit the comments to vote for who you think are the six best. And check back Thursday as we tackle the Supporting Comedy Actress race!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. I wonder how many actors and actresses look at past catagories to decide which they should enter? I mean all the Modern Family cast agreed they were all supporting so thats what they choice and Friends all agreed they were leads. Jon Cryer went into supporting for years and Charlie left and went into lead catagory. He always had a ton of screen time with Charlie. I was suprised last year or the year before
    when Rob Lowe put his name in Lead. But he probably thought with Modern Family guys atking up most of the spots that would be his best bet.

  2. Jen says:

    this is a tough category! I love almost everyone you suggested, but I really hope that John Krasinski gets a nomination (and wins!)

  3. Joel says:

    How Nick Offerman isn’t a Dream nominee is beyond me. He’s Ron F—ing Swanson!

  4. quang says:

    1. Ty Burrell had a great year, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he wins his second award.

    2. Last season I was all about Damon Wayans, Jr getting an award, but this season he’s been super irritating, what with a mugging and the yelping.

    3. Thank god Colfer is no longer in contention for these awards, mostly because I won’t have to read endless crap in the comment section about how his performance is saving lives.

    • Matt says:

      Yes, yes and HELL YES!

    • Zach says:

      What Matt said.

    • Em says:

      Why are people hating on Colfer, I doubt he will win anything this year either because of Glee’s ever sinking quality. And yes, just to annoy you, he did save my life. But what I don’t don’t doubt is that he will win an Oscar in the future when he gets rid of Glee because he’s a natural actor.

      • tripoli says:

        An Oscar? Surely you must be high. Dude is completely overrated and incredibly annoying.

      • Sam says:

        People hate on Chris Colfer because he isn’t as good as Glee fanatics make him out to be. I don’t dislike him as an actor or singer, but I have grown tired of people acting like he walks on water when he clearly doesn’t. Does he have a good singing voice? Yes. Does he have adequate acting skills for primetime television? Yes. Is he good enough to actually compete in a category with these much more talented comedic actors? Please.

        • JBM says:

          Well I am not a Glee fanatic. In fact I am far too old to be any kind of fanatic these days, however, I do give credit where credit is due. Colfer is a very skilled and talented young actor and he deserved his past two Emmy nominations. I think that that actor has certainly proven himself to be ‘up there’ as one of the best.

          I may not enjoy the show he is on and simply watch it in order to keep ‘informed’, but Colfer is certainly one of the standouts on the show even with the poor quality of the past season.
          Having said that, I doubt Colfer will be nominated this year due to the very minimal screen time he has been given.

          My selection for this year’s Emmy Noms are,

          Max Greenfield,
          Damon Wayans Jr.,
          Nick Offerman,
          John Krasinski,
          Chris Pratt.
          Ty Burrell

          I think that the list holds many strong actors and I think this years nominations are going to be interesting to say the least. I also would be happy if any of the following receive noms.

          Simon Helberg,
          Jason Segel,
          Dan Byrd,
          Bill Hader,
          Jason Sudeikis.

    • Laura J says:

      I didn’t know homo phobia was still around? I thought it had died off with all the dinosaurs that believed it that crap. Chris Colfer will have an Emmy a Golden Globe and a Oscar because he is the best actor on glee. Oh and Chris Colfer saved my life!!! :)

    • Sue B says:

      Way to diss Chris Colfer. Kudos. He’s a brilliant actor. Not saying he should get the nom this year, b/c Glee barely used him, but it doesn’t mean he isn’t work recognition.

    • STOP Hating on Chris Colfer he is my my FAVORITE on Glee and your only Jealous because HE IS AWESOME and by the way he is my IDOL

  5. Babybop says:

    I think the race should switch from being all Modern Family to being all Arrested Development.

    But mostly, can we PLEASE stop with Modern Family dominating everything? Other shows deserve a chance!

    • Jen says:

      yes! I would love to see Arrested Development getting nominations! how awesome would it be if Tony Hale gets nominated for both AD and Veep?!

      • Elizabeth says:

        He didn’t submit for Arrested Development only for Veep according to a few sources

        • Britta Unfiltered says:

          I heard that as well. We must be reading the same sources. I’m curious why he wouldn’t submit for Arrested, it seems like that would have been the better shot for him. I like him on Veep, but the character isn’t very showy. The Emmys want showy characters to nominate for supporting roles.

    • Eli says:

      This isnt kindergarten, not everybody gets a chance

  6. Aprilcot says:

    Max Greenfield
    Nick Offerman
    Chris Pratt
    Jim Rash
    Bill Hader
    John Krasinski (I think of him more as a lead, but I would love to see him get a nom anywhere.)

    I would be happy with any of these guys taking home the prize. As long as it isn’t someone from Modern Family (again).

  7. Elizabeth says:

    How could you have forgotten Will Arnett? He is the best part of the new Arrested Development!

  8. Nick Offerman was snubbed last year and if it happens again this year, the Emmy voters should be ashamed of themselves and I’m looking forward to see if Bill Hader’s final year on SNL should give him another Emmy nod. Stefon, you will always be missed.

  9. Eddie says:

    John Krasinski
    Ty Burrel
    Max Greenfield
    Nick Offerman
    Rainn Wilson
    Will Arnett (Amazed he isn’t here, unless he is in the lead category?)

  10. Lauren says:

    Nick Offerman
    Rob Lowe (or is he entering lead actor?)
    Adam Driver – Who I think is easily the best actor on “Girls”
    Rainn Wilson was fantastic the last season of “The Office.” The first episode of the season and the last three in particular.
    Max Greenfield
    Jesse Tyler Ferguson – Who in an uneven season really stuck out. Loved him when Haley was arrested.

  11. Zach says:

    Chris Colfer, no way in hell. Glee has been possibly the worst show on TV this season. And his performance gives a bad name to gays across the world. I have only met one person who even comes close to being that stereotypical.

    Simon Helberg is an interesting choice, an alt-comedian who wound up on a mainstream, albeit funny, sitcom and manages to retain the indie sensibility. And he has been tearing it up this season.

    Damon Wayans Jr has been horrible this year, after a pair of solid seasons on Happy Endings.

    Jeffrey Tambor definitely would be a great choice. Especially considering he is playing two parts on Arrested Development, and putting a subtly different spin on each one.

    Still dismayed to see nobody from The League on the list. Especially with Mark Duplass becoming Hollywood’s golden boy.

    It’s a long shot, and Go On has already been cancelled, but Brett Gelman and John Cho were funnier than most of the people on the list.

    Will Arnett should be on the list.

    But my dream winner is DJ Qualls. His performance in the Legit finale is one of the greatest things I have seen in recent memory.

    • gdv says:

      Agreed, Will Arnett should be on the list. I thought his eps of Arrested Development were by far the funniest ones this season. (SAME!).

      • Zach says:

        He also managed to stay in character, despite the writing telling him otherwise, on Up All Night. His entire character was rewritten, but you could still tell it was the same Chris Brinkley. That was something that Christina Applegate failed to do.

    • LM34 says:

      Effemiphobic much? How dare this character be written like that. They should dedicate themselves to just present butch gay men. Those Kurt-like gays doesn’t exist because I say so. Hur, hur, hur.

      I agree on the Glee is crap this season and the last part, tho.

      • Zach says:

        Maybe they do. I am simply saying, I have only met one (and now that I think about it, I have seen but not met a handful of others) who comes close to the stereotype. And that stereotype basically is Kurt. He doesn’t have any nuances to his character that set him apart at all. Early on he seemed to have an affinity for cars, but that was dropped quickly.

        And Chris Colfer seems like a good guy. Struck by Lightning was a good movie and it just went to show that he has a lot of talent. And I suppose he does act proficiently on Glee, managing to stay in character at all times. But unlike say, Will Arnett in season 2 of Up All Night, he doesn’t manage to put his own spin on a poorly written character.

        • LM34 says:

          Let’s let it at that it is problematic to relate feminine to bad and masculine to good when talking a bout a guy, likewise the other way around still applies. People are not a set of characteristics they have to fit to make them acceptable. Back to nominations I do believe Colfer is a great talent but not just limited to his work outside Glee, be it 8 (some critics highlighted his performance among an already strong star filled play) or Struck by Lightning he shows his amazing subtle acting or his very different from Kurt acting respectively.
          And then we have glee. Doom.
          Talking about season 1 and 2, because again, 3 and 4 are crap and somewhat related to how many people don’t like Kurt in fact. Many find him annoying because he is the wrong kind of gay, the stereotypical one, all of these statements are sadly common and to be honest, many characters wearing such traits and characteristics are indeed just jokes, they are there to be some exotic fun relief to the main characters. Against this setback Kurt managed to find people who liked him, not necessarily gay men, but the general audience to the point of setting the actor into the Time 100 influential people. The ones that loved his story lines with his dad which are easily among the best Glee has done overall and also didn’t ruin in the making (I’m looking at Santana’s coming out which had an abysmal execution). What I’m trying to say is that despite this group of negatives the character proved nuanced enough to surpass such things. It was also backed up with a great actor. I repeat, this was s1 and 2. Chris Colfer is still a great actor but now Glee is the laziest exercise of ‘writing’ on TV (that I know of). Not just him but most of the cast have seen their characters been one too many times be assassinated and being relegated to smaller screentime to leave space for half assed versions or tween idols but without any quality to back them up. So I do understand if his nuances are not that clear or almost inexistent for anyone who has been smart enough to leave the mess that is glee, but I do think they were originally there and plenty to have made it so far.
          About Colfer actually winning an Emmy on being nominated this year all I have to say is that it’s not likely at all. Not because he doesn’t have the talent but because the show has no quality left. In the past, would he had? From the beginning Glee being considered a comedy has doomed his chances when his most juicy scenes are drama. Deservedly, none other than Jane Lynch has been able to win for their comedic performances but none other has had the comedic material to do so to that extent. So yeah, there are many more more deserving actors who work in good shows with good writing who deserve the nominations and wins.

          • Valentina says:

            I agree to all this post. Colfer is a talent, seriously, but Glee is total crap and let me say he is wasted on that. I saw him in 8 and he impressed me so much. I’ll wait his future projects for sure (where awards coul come), but he can’t win an Emmy for Glee….

    • Riley says:

      Okay, I’m not trying to start a fight, but the actual show of Glee’s quality and the performance he gives portrays nothing about Chris as a person. Chris is much, much better than the writers give him credit for, and everything he does on the show is done simply because it is written for him. He can’t change it, he’s just acting his part.

      • Zach says:

        That’s a good point. And Chris Colfer is a very good actor, he was great in Struck by Lightning. However, he doesn’t manage to make Kurt feel like a real person. He stays in character and manages to do what the script asks of him. But never goes above and beyond. That is what means someone is Emmy worthy.

        • Ehm says:

          That’s the complete opposite of true, for me. He manages, with the limited material he gets on Glee, make Kurt a very well-rounded, likeable character.

        • Michael says:

          I disagree in part with you Zach, sorry. Chris Colfer is a very good actor, but to say that he hasn’t made Kurt into a ‘real person’ is I feel a matter of opinion. I have, unfortunately due to the nature of my work, had to watch every single episode of every season and out of all the characters, much as he really is not my favorite, Kurt is the one who has developed the most. He grates on me terribly, but I recognize him as ‘real’ and that is down to the skill of the actor behind the character. It certainly cannot be credited to the writers, as the writing has been steadily decreasing in quality, especially in this past season. That development of Kurt is definitely Colfer going above and beyond what is asked of him.

          • Leila says:

            I also have to disagree with you Zach. Because even if Kurt wasn’t “real” he’s a lot more real than any of the other characters. But I don’t think that’s important. Glee stinks. But Chris Colfer doesn’t. I don’t think he’s going to win. But not because he isn’t good enough. It’s just because the other shows as a whole are really good. It’s hard not to like Modern Family. Eric Stonestreet’s amazing. I think a lot of the cast of modern family are. It just gets annoying sometimes to always compete with them. But I think that’s what makes it competition.

    • Mark says:

      Gays will NEVER be accepted until they learn to accept their own kind – macho or twink. I have met a lot of Kurt Hummels in my life – even fruitier ones. Gays who work out to look “masculine” are usually uncomfortable in their own skin and it shows

  12. lyn says:

    TBBT is the only one of these shows that I watch. So, naturally, I’m for Simon Helberg.

  13. JJ says:

    My picks:

    Ty Burrell
    Eric Stonestreet
    Max Greenfield
    Simon Helberg
    Damon Wyans Jr.
    and either Alex Krapovsky or Tony Hale

  14. Sg. Grant says:

    Alright, Gambino is a mastermind…

  15. King says:

    I think only Ty Burrell and Eric Stonestreet should be nomimated from the 4 Modern Family actors. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ed O’neill too. Jese had a weak season overall.

    • dan says:

      I think Eric Stonestreet had the best MF season for the males, and JTF had a few good episodes (especially the season finale), but I don’t think Ty or Ed deserve nominations this year. Simon Helberg needs to represent TBBT.

  16. Sarah says:

    Max Greenfield Max Greenfield Max Greenfield Max Greenfield Max Greenfield

    Seriously he cracks me up every week… to the point I need to pause to have time to laugh. Without a doubt the BEST part of New Girl!

    • Chelsea says:

      So totally agree! It takes serious talent to pull off a lovable tool but he does it every week and I’m in tears of laughter!

  17. Philip says:

    Arrested is eligible for next year’s Emmys? When is the cutoff point?

    • SJ says:

      Arrested is eligible for THIS year’s Emmys. The cutoff point is, if memory serves, May 31.

      • SJ says:

        …although I am surprised it’s eligible at all since it only aired online. In my opinion, all Netflix/Amazon/Hulu etc. original programming should be excluded. Broadcast is getting completely shut out, especially in the drama categories.

  18. jrs says:

    Sorry, but Modern Family’s reign is over! I still watch it and it’s a good show, but it has really lost some of it’s mojo and just does not deserve to dominate any longer

  19. Karen says:

    There are so many amazing actors in this category, but if I had to pick 6, It’d be: Max Greenfield, Damon Wayans Jr., Nick Offerman, John Krasinski, Chris Pratt and Donald Glover.
    But if any of the following get a nom, I wouldn’t be mad about it: Simon Helberg, Danny Pudi, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Jason Segel, Dan Byrd, Bill Hader, Jason Sudeikis and Chris Colfer

    • flutiefan says:

      pretty much agree with all that you said!
      (except Chris Pratt. he’s ok, but the character doesn’t offer enough for me)

    • Anna says:

      Agreed. I’m not the biggest Max Greenfield fan, but the other 5 were spot on.

  20. KitKat says:

    Anyone but Rainn Wilson…

    From the list above my 6 would be (Jason Segel should be there):

    Ed O’Neill
    David Cross (the Tobias episodes were BY FAR the best!)
    Bill Hader
    Tony Hale (but for AD)
    Ty Burrell
    Eric Stonestreet

  21. JAMANDAFAN says:

    I really want to see nominations for the men of Community, Parks and Rec and Happy Endings!! These guys are amazing and never get recognized. My six would be: Nick Offermen, Chris Pratt, Tony Hale, Damon Wayans Jr, Donald Glover and Adam Pally.

  22. Jinq2 says:

    As others have said before me (but it bears repeating), the problem with Modern Family is that the writers have given its characters no meaningful arcs (aside from possibly Hayley and, to a lesser extent, Jay), The characters of Phil, Cam and Mitchell, haven’t grown emotionally at all. On the one hand, this shouldn’t take away from the actors ~ all very good actors and funny men ~ however, the same old schtick is starting to get tired. When you have actors like Simon Helberg and Max Greenfield, who electrify the screen and really elevate their shows to something more than we’ve seen in the past, it seems to me they deserve not only a shout-out, but to bring home the statuette. (Although I’m thinking it will probably go to Rainn Wilson.)

    • EL says:

      Jinq2, that is possibly the most well said insight on current TV shows I have read in a long time. Well DONE! This sentence sums up what I was trying to say exactly: “Simon Helberg and Max Greenfield, who electrify the screen and really elevate their shows to something more than we’ve seen in the past, it seems to me they deserve not only a shout-out, but to bring home the statuette.”

      For me personally, I feel like Simon Helberg has grown leaps and bounds since the beginning of TBBT and the last two seasons he has been unbelievable. He’s my vote to win the Emmy this year.

      I also absolutely adore Neil Patrick Harris and feel that he too has been able to grow the character of Barney from ridiculous to someone of credibility and substance. He used to be more of a characterture – every group has someone with some if not all Barneyisms- to someone you root for. So he is a close second to Helberg!

      In all honesty, I do not watch every episode of “New Girl”, but when I do, Max Greenfield is beyond amazing.

      Eric Stonestreet is always wonderful as Cam and as usual has done a fantastic job. The same goes for Ed O’Niel. But as Jing2 said above, neither of the characters haven’t really changed or grown this past season. and while I love them, I feel as Helberg or Harris had better years.

      and my final vote goes to John Krasinski, as he needs some recognition for his hard work over the past few years! He is a phenomenal actor over all!

  23. TobyG. says:

    Community guys!

  24. abel says:

    Max Greenfield
    Ty Burrell
    Damon Wayans Jr.
    Bill Hader
    Simon Helberg
    Jeffrey Tambor/Chris Pratt/Eric Stonestreet

  25. Eric says:

    IMHO, the only Modern Family actor that deserves to be nominated actor in this catergory is Ty Burrell, the other Modern Family men did nothing to deserve a nomination!

    Ty Burrell
    Damon Wayons Jr
    Max Greenfield
    Neil Patrick Harris (even though he is passed his prime for this award, it should have been awarded to him ages ago!)
    Garrett Dillahunt (where’s the love for Raising Hope!!!)

    • lariet50 says:

      See, I agree Neil Patrick Harris is long overdue for an Emmy, but the problem is that HIMYM is so past it’s prime that no one will consider nominating him now. He should have won it five years ago.

    • flutiefan says:

      Garrett Dillahunt is amazing!

  26. Mikael says:

    Simon Helberg should have won years ago. His performance as Howard is just as funny if not funnier than Jim Parsons’ Sheldon. I like Ty Burrell & Eric Stonestreet on MF, but if neither of them win, I’d rather it went to Simon. If this was 6 or so years ago, I’d say it should go to Neil Patrick Harris back when Barney was in his prime, but now I’d have to say no one from HIMYM is worth it. As for lead actor, as long as it’s no one from 2 1/2 Men I’ll be happy.

    • ElenaGreece says:

      I totally agree with you about Simon Helberg. He truly is a great comedian, and he shines in almost every scene he is in. For me, he was the only reason to watch TBBT this year, although the writers could have used his talents more creatively. I think he is the only actor from the show that deserves to win, and I’ll be very happy if he does.

  27. The Beach says:

    Anybody BUT Tracy Morgan. The dude is not funny…merely obnoxious.

  28. kavyn says:

    The only “dream nominee” I agree with you guys with is Damon Wayans Jr.

  29. cjeffery7 says:

    Tony Hale (Veep) and Christ Pratt – they are seriously so funny and so unassuming. they are stealing scenes in the least obstrusive way possible.

  30. Cara says:

    Danny Pudi of Community is the funniest guy on television. Seriously, it’s like he’s an alien from a humor dimension who can read our minds and knows exactly how to say ANYTHING so it is the funniest thing in the world. His whispered “I hate you” at the end of one episode is an example…all my dh and I have to do is whisper that to crack each other up…

  31. Wesley says:

    Taran over Nick Offerman? Really?

    • tripoli says:

      My thoughts exactly. I despise Killam with a fiery passion. Offerman is comedic gold in every scene he’s in.

  32. Adam says:

    Max Greenfield
    Simon Helberg
    Will Arnett
    Damon Wayans, Jr.
    Ty Burrell
    Nick Offerman

    I really hope that the category isn’t overstuffed with Modern Family nominees again, but Ty Burrell is still deserving. Max Greenfield and Simon Helberg should be locked in for the Emmy voters, doesn’t require much hoping to see them be honored (again, as long as it isn’t the Modern Family Awards). Will Arnett should definitely be on this list, he was excellent in Arrested Development this season, and Damon Wayans Jr. requires recognition as well. Nick Offerman I was a little torn on putting on my dream list since this season didn’t have his strongest material, but he was great nonetheless. I wouldn’t be upset to see Tony Hale, Neil Patrick Harris, or Bill Hader get nominated though.

  33. Leila says:

    It would be so cool if Chris won. He’s such a great actor and definitely deserves it.

      • Joseph. says:

        Yes! Chris Colfer is an extremely talented actor, whether or not you like the character he portrays. I am not fond of the character ‘Kurt Hummel’, but I recognize the impressive talent of the actor. Chris Colfer deserves respect in this industry. He may not have had much material to work with in this season of Glee, but even with the little screentime he has had and the very limited dialogue he has been given, Colfer has consistenly given an extremely nuanced, and layered performance with depth and emotion.

    • Zach says:

      He is a great actor, but isn’t given great material on Glee. In fact he is given horrible material.

  34. Leondre says:

    I think the TVline team likes New Girl more than I do.

    Anyway, I would like the nominees to be:

    Nick Offerman
    Eric Stonestreet
    Ty Burrell
    Danny Pudi
    Donald Glover
    Bill Hader

  35. Ehm says:

    It would be great if Colfer won, because he’s a great actor, but tbh Glee is so awful now and they haven’t really used him this season anyway, so I doubt it. And if one more person says that he “gives a bad name to gays” I will slap them. Because 1) nothing can “give a bad name to gays” because you shouldn’t judge a whole group of people based on one person, idiot, and 2) gay men like Kurt definitely exist, and they deserve a voice just as much as any “straight-acting” (ugh) gay person. If gay guys like Mitchell from Modern Family can be on TV, then so can gay guys like Kurt.

  36. Patti says:

    Max Greenfield,New Girl
    Simon Helberg,Big Bang
    John Krasinski (How has he never been nominated for his work on The Office)
    Dule Hill,Psych
    are my picks and so would Jake Johnson on New Girl although he may be placed in lead section.

  37. Meeee says:

    Chris Colfer is one of the strong ones I think, He is naturally funny and a fabulous actor.

  38. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I think you guys are going to get your wish on Simon Helberg. He’s not one of my dream picks, but regardless I have a suspicion he is getting nominated. I also think this is the year a Modern Family actor or two drop out. They performed so poorly at the Globes. It was a huge change from previous years. That is a sign of things to come at the Emmys.
    It’s a hard category to call though. Right now I am thinking the nominees will be Will Arnett (FTW, b*tches! Sorry. I’ve been watching a lot of Breaking Bad lately). And Ty Burrell, Eric Stonestreet, Simon Helberg, Bill Hader, and the 6th spot is either going to be David Cross, Ed O’Neill, or Max Greenfield. I had Cross picked, but I may drop him for Greenfield. I think I’m letting my Arrested emotions get in the way of my logic. Will Arnett was just too good on Arrested to not get nominated, and his episodes are getting a lot of praise. Bill Hader had his final SNL year which I think may keep him in contention. Helberg is from a highly rated, beloved show. And then there’s Modern Family.
    If it were me voting, my dream picks would be Will Arnett (FTW, b*tches), Adam Driver, David Cross, Michael Cera, Alex Karpovsky, and I’d write in Tony Hale for Arrested. I don’t think he submitted for that show. I wish he had. If not Tony Hale, then Zachary Knighton.

    • Zach says:

      While I don’t think he deserves an Emmy, I would like to give props to Zachary Knighton. He is the only male cast member on Happy Endings who manages to make his character feel like someone you would want to know. Pally has gone from an amusingly sloppy slacker to a whiny, idiotic jerk. Wayans has gone from a likable yuppie (and yuppies are almost never likable) to a prissy, spineless, pathetic person. Knighton on the other hand has taken material that is rather thankless, and did something to retain the original Dave. I expect him to go onto great things after this nightmare of a season.

  39. Jazzcolfer says:

    Chris Colfer is my favorite on this list. When he acts I believe and feel everything. I really can always empathize with his character. I’m always surprised by the wide range of emotions he displays. When I expect his character to express one thing a certain way; Chris always ends up expressing three. He is a very deep, subtle and funny actor.
    Also, as a non westerner, the way Chris displays emotions is very “universal” to me. Where regarding other actors I can remind myself that they display it this way because it’s cultural(probably doesn’t make sense to anyone here).
    Finally, yes, Glee was horrendous this season, but Chris doesn’t write the show and was barely in it this season.

    I also really enjoy Ty Burrell from Modern Family. I am going to stop there otherwise I will go on forever with all these good actors.

  40. Leah says:

    I would be okay if anyone from SNL, Parks or Community won. Rooting for Offerman, Danny Pudi, Hader, Killam, and Pratt in particular.

  41. miaforeve@hotmail.it says:

    Chris colfer deserve an Emmy!

  42. BeeBabe says:

    Chris Colfer ALWAYS tells a story with his acting and that is why he won a Golden Globe and so many other awards. He is so talented, not just in acting, but also in writing. I imagine one day we will see him directing. It is too bad Glee tried to make their 2nd tier actors the stars this year, because it just did not work and the ratings show it.

  43. Tom Charles says:

    My six for supporting: Danny Pudi, the kid who plays Luke on Modern Family, Garret Dillahunt, Nick Offerman, Adam Pally, and Simon Helberg. None of the adults from Modern Family really need nominations. Eric Stonestreet should not be awarded for Cam, and as much as I loved Married With Children, Ed O’Neill’s work here isn’t really anywhere near that. I’ve liked Jesse Tyler Ferguson in most everything I’ve seen him in (anybody remember The Class?), but still there are funnier people out there than him. The only one of the four I’d CONSIDER giving a nod to is Ty Burrell, but as I constantly say I think it’s about time people start realizing even though it’s a great show, there’s better/funnier stuff out there than it.

  44. Cold Flame says:

    Chris Colfer is definitely the best actor on Glee, right up there with Jane. The problem is, Glee’s quality has decreased so much because they keep promoting Darren Criss, who’s only mediocre at best. Chris should’ve gotten that Emmy 2 years ago when he still had good material. But I’d vote for him anyway, because he’s talented, he deserves it, and manages to steal every scene he’s in with the limited screentime. I actually thought he was very funny this season and he didnt have too much drama. His character was snarky and funny like back in season 1. There’s no reason he should get crap for a poorly written show. Maybe if he wins, the writers will pull their heads out of their asses, and see what a gem they have.

    • Em says:

      You know you can defend Chris without taking shots at Darren, who is a fine actor and did great with the lousy material he was given this season. You know two years ago people were saying Chris was overhyped and Glee just promoted him because he was Ryan’s pet so maybe you shouldn’t do the same thing for Darren now.

      • chori says:

        Kurt got promoted due to Colfers previous Emmy noms and I don’t think there has been much doubt about that. Glee isn’t getting any award recognition anytime soon so no point quarrelling here…

      • maido says:

        Kurt only got media hype after he got his first emmy nomination and golden globe, only thing that darren criss got was newcomer teen choice award (mainly for playing kurts boyfriend) and that was 2 years ago. Chris Colfer still gets pca and tca’s these days.(and is considered for acting awards, despite most of his screentime given to blaine)

  45. Emily says:

    Chris Colfer. He puts so much passion into his acting, and when he gets the chance on the show to be funny, he’s hilarious. He can stem out into so many different things as well. He doesn’t just play a gay kid, but also played an asexual guy in a movie that HE wrote. He can act, he can sing, he can dance, he can write, and he sure as hell is funny on AND off the screen!

  46. Shangela says:

    Whilst personally I find other shows much funnier and honestly Glee has toppled more into the precarious category of ‘dramady’ now. Chris Colfer is a fantastic actor.

    He works with the EXTREMELY limited material he is given and adds even more. It takes an avid glee fan – like myself – who yes painstakingly watches every episode from awful to still awful but inspiring to I think actually pay attention to how Chris seems to fit whole conversations into the show using only his eyes and face. Give him one, two lines and it’ll feel like he is saying ten just through how he acts it and that’s what I love about him. He made a potentially catastrophic and grating character beautiful, with flaws and softness and strength and morals and that’s really just not through the -ahem- lazy lines he’s been given.

    Yes Kurt is somewhat ‘stereotypical’ on societies view of a stereotypical gay but he HUMANIZES the whole hollywood popularness of it. He brings the softer, more raw edge which can be seen if you watch the show without any expectations and quit the eye rolling.

    Not to mention his movie. Fantastic. It had me laughing, crying and gasping, even jumping in my seat at one point, some people did not especially like his character but I could see the merits in it and I think if you took it 100% seriously then you’re going about it all wrong.

    He is a young talent and whilst there are other men there who are fantastic, my heart lies with Colfer as a brilliant well rounded young actor who has even more to give and whom I think will flourish even more than he already has as soon as he leaves those hallowed halls of McKinley High.

  47. SB says:

    DULÉ HILL!!!

  48. Ty Burrell ftw! says:

    I really like Ty Burrell, I think he’s grown into his role and has actually improved. Eric and Jesse are great, but slightly over-rated. I think Ty is the best in Modern Family out of the men.

    Chris Colfer over-acts more than Tobey Maguire, and THAT’S saying something. People need to stop praising him. He is a terribly over-rated actor, and so dam annoying and self obsessed in interviews. He loves himself way too much.
    Like someone else said, he genuinely gives a bad name to the gay community.
    And even aside from his over-acting and terrible obnoxious personality, his performance in season 4 was completely phoned in and obnoxious towards the character of Blaine.

    Did someone actually have the nerve to say Colfer has passion? Don’t make me laugh!

  49. Megan says:

    I rate Colfer as an actor and feel he deserved the Emmy when he was nominated for Glee’s second season. He is a prolific actor (as shown by his acting in Struck By Lightning) and I feel he is still a strong draw for Glee, despite the fact that the writing quality’s declined and there is not much growth among many of the characters.
    I would like to see someone from a show other than MF win this year, although I personally thought O’Neill and JTF had strong seasons and were the best of the Modern Family men this year.
    I would have said NPH to be nominated but as has been mentioned, HIMYM has passed it’s sell by date.
    Ultimately my top 6 would be
    Chris Colfer
    Jesse Tyler Ferguson
    Ed O’Neill
    Max Greenfield
    Adam Driver and
    Adam Scott

  50. Amber says:

    I can’t believe all the hateful comments being made about Chris Colfer’s acting. Chris is a very gifted actor, with a lot of range and a lot of potential that is being absolutely wasted on Glee. Glee may suck, but Chris is brilliant and deserves to be nominated and be recognized for the excellent work he’s doing. Honestly, he’s the only reason I even watch Glee.