Cable Renewal Scorecard: What's Coming Back? What's Cancelled? What's on the Bubble?

TVLine Cable Renewal ScorecardTVLine’s Renewal Scorecard has spawned a spin-off!

By popular demand, we present you with our first-ever Cable Renewal Scorecard, a handy, constantly-updated and easy-to-navigate cheat sheet featuring the current status of more than 100 of the buzziest* non-broadcast (plus PBS) offerings.

(*Due to issues related to length and our own sanity, not every cable series is included).

We’ll be updating this list regularly with the latest industry intel, so we strongly suggest you bookmark this puppy and check back for updates. 

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And now, the Scorecard (grouped by network)…

Bunheads: Officially cancelled
Baby Daddy: Halloween special airs Oct. 22; Renewed for Season 4
Chasing Life: Season 1a finale aired Aug. 12; Season 2 is a safe bet. Officially renewed for Season 2
The Fosters: Season 2a finale aired Aug. 18; Season 3 is a safe bet
The Lying Game: Officially cancelled
Melissa & Joey: Season 3 finale aired June 18; Renewed for Season 4
Mystery Girls: Season 1 finale aired Aug. 27; Officially cancelled
Pretty Little Liars: Season 5 finale aired Aug. 26. Already renewed for Seasons 6 and 7
Ravenswood: Season 1 finale aired Feb. 4; Season 2 could go either way  Officially cancelled
Switched at Birth: Season 3 finale aired Aug. 18; Renewed for Season 4
Twisted: Season 1 finale aired April 1; Officially cancelled
Young & Hungry: Season 1 finale aired Aug. 27; Renewed for Season 2

Bates Motel: Season 3 to debut in 2015
The Glades: Officially cancelled
Longmire: Officially cancelled. Renewed by Netflix for a 10-episode Season 4.

Rick and Morty:
Renewed for Season 2

Breaking Bad: Series finale aired Sept. 29; prequel spin-off Better Call Saul to premiere in February 2015
Halt and Catch Fire: Season 1 finale aired Aug. 4; Renewed for Season 2
Hell on Wheels: Season 4 finale airs Nov. 22
The Killing: Fourth and final season now available on Netflix (all six episodes)
Low Winter Sun: Season 2 renewal is a long-shot. Officially cancelled
Mad Men: Part 2 of Season 7/finale season to debut summer 2015
TURN: Washington’s Spies: Season 2 premieres Spring 2015
The Walking Dead: Season 5 premiered Oct. 12; Already renewed for Season 6.


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  1. WYNGATE says:

    I must have missed it, but how about LONGMIRE? Any word on that series for season 3?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Right there on Page 1. Third of three items under A&E.

      • Mary S says:

        All that says is “Essentiall{y} renewed” – and with A&E, that might not mean what we want it to! I cannot believe they cancelled The Glades and renewed Bates. Makes no sense to me at all.

    • Mary S says:

      I just did a search for Longmire and the only thing it said was “Has not been cancelled” – but the article had no date, so I don’t know how current it is……….I’m with you, though…I really like Longmire. Of course, I also liked The Glades, and A&E cancelled that with no warning, in the middle of a cliffhanger. They didn’t even give the writers enough warning to let it end with a wedding instead of a shooting. JERKS!

  2. szhooper says:

    I LOVED “Copper” on the BBC and was really appalled at how they ended the series. EVERYTHING pointed to it being renewed and then WHAM, sorry it’s gone… a real, real shame…..

  3. shana says:

    copper & the glades both cancelled & last episode left audience hanging. what a bunch of schmoes. @ least give closure to show instead of leaving it w/a cliff hanger.

  4. Marie says:

    Any news on Body Of Proof? Please bring this show back with its great cast…..

  5. bobbie says:

    More Psych, yay!

  6. Mic says:

    Drop Dead Diva was renewed for another thirteen episode season on October 25th, courtesy of Lifetime and Sony Pictures TV! :)

  7. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I feel so stupid. All this time I had no idea Hell on Wheels had been renewed. Glad to see it won’t end without closure.
    Is there really a chance The White Queen could have a season two? I got the impression it was done and that they really had no intention of taking it past one season. They moved through Elizabeth’s life pretty fast. SPOILERS. She’s already had all 12 of her kids or however many it was she had, and Edward and Richard are both dead, and Henry is king. The War of the Roses is over, and Elizabeth’s reign as queen has ended. The only thing left for her is to go off and live in a nunnery for her remaining years while Lady Margaret controls Henry’s puppet strings. If they’re planning on doing the reign of Henry and Elizabeth’s eldest daughter now, then I don’t think there’s really much story to tell.

  8. Jen says:

    Please include predictions for this fall’s freshmen!!

  9. Confucius said every time you open a book, you learn something.
    If you exchange the word “book” with “post”, this blog operates in the same way.

  10. daveedtjr says:

    What about MT V’S

  11. Nelson Neto says:

    How about White Collar? Any news yet? Love the show.

  12. usuktvfanvn says:

    Next time please include Disney, Nickelodeon and History Channel. Or their non-animated shows at least. Thanks a lot for doing this ^^

  13. cancel it says:

    ravenswood need to be cancel

  14. Charlotte Lukezich says:

    Where’s Leverage? Great show. They all were great together and the show was well-written. No cheese, just great story content and great acting. Will I see it on the lineup?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      LEVERAGE was cancelled a year ago:

      • Mary S says:

        I agree, Leverage was a great show! I know it was cancelled a year ago and the actors have all gone their separate ways, but I would STILL love for a sequel; the ending of the series was a great set-up for a new show, even on a new network. I hated losing it…it was the perfect blending of The Equalizer and Mission: Impossible! for those of you too young to remember, Mission Impossible was a series in the 60’s, starring Peter Graves and a fabulous team…long before Tom Cruise took it to the big screen.
        I don’t see why Leverage can’t be picked up a couple of years after Nate and Sophie’s marriage, when they are now bored with being “regular” citizens and want to go back to being the good guys!

  15. Charlotte Lukezich says:

    Almost Human! I liked it. I was skeptical until I watched it and it’s great. Something we need. It’s new, creative, different.

  16. rebecca says:

    when are we going to get an update on haven?? all thats here is a start date despite the season being finished!

  17. CJ says:

    Good to see that White Collar is a “safe bet” for Season 6 – though I’ll feel better when it’s for sure! I wouldn’t want to see the show end with all of the strife Season 5 is giving us between Peter and Neal.

  18. Jack says:

    I didn’t see The Wedding Band on TBS listed here. It was announced that it was cancelled over the summer.

  19. SUE MCINTYRE says:

    I don’t understand these TV networks. Presently, I’m upset with CBS. They used to have good shows spread thru the week: Monday was Hawaii 50, Tuesday the NCISs, Thursday was Elementary and Friday was Blue Bloods. Now they have moved things around so that there is nothing on Monday or Wednesday. And you have to go looking for things! We’ve lost alot of good shows, because the networks don’t give it enough time to get ratings and once you find a show you like, they move it. Detroit 187, Necessary Roughness, King and Maxwell, and the list goes on and on… I can’t even remember all the shows in the last 3 years that have disappeared. Its just very sad. Why don’t they get rid of some of these “reality” shows and put back the samrt programming. I think Blue Bloods is one of the best shows on TV right now. It shows FAMILY, RELIGION, RIGHT AND WRONG, RESPONSIBILTY, IT IS DEFINITLEY A FAMILY SHOW THAT WE SHOULD SEE MORE OF THAT KIND.

    • Mary S says:

      I agree completely about Blue Bloods! It’s a wonderful show, with a fantastic cast and great writing. As for the shows being moved around with dizzying speed, I just set my DVR to record “Any Day, Any Time” – many of the shows you listed are still on the air, it’s just that they are between seasons and will be coming back soon….although, we may not be able to find them without the assistance of a pre-programmed recorder! If you do not have a DVR, talk to your cable company-most are offering a free DVR with their service. If they don’t, then by all means investigate other providers!

  20. Selena says:

    I can’t believe that the lying game is still canceled this makes no sense I thought it was about what the fans wanted but I guess not. It was such a good show. Then to top it off we can’t even get and ending how you Guys or girls suck right now and I mean no disrespect because I know it’s your job but I really loved the show and I’m so upset. Just can’t believe this??????????????

  21. Fabian says:

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  22. wfuscrub says:

    Can we pleas get one more psych season? What are the ratings like for this season?

  23. Bill Wilson says:

    Anybody know the status of “Comic Book Men?” I LOVE that show!

  24. please please pleasse LETH A 5th season! I hva e two shows I watch right now, Grimm, which I saw is coming back for another season and Haven, which said it could go either way……. SCYFI if you see this, PLEASE BRING HAVEN BACK1!!!!! Thank you! ;)

  25. Jamie says:

    I see that under TV Land there is no mention of that awful Kirstie Ally show? Does that mean it wasn’t renewed? Please say yes.

  26. Jen says:

    Please update the new shows: Looking, True Detective, Getting On,…

  27. DJ says:

    HAVEN has already been renewed with even MORE episodes

  28. ncmacasl says:

    You should add popular Streaming Shows (Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, etc.) to this list or make a 3rd list.

  29. Lumen says:

    How about SyFy’s Helix? Not even mentioned?

  30. Kathie Menker says:

    Cheers for renewals of Franklin&Bash, Major Crimes, Perception, Rizzoli& Isles, Covert Affairs ( bring back the great theme song!) , Royal Pains, Suits and White Collar.
    Jeers for losing King and Maxwell, although maybe Jon Tenney will be in Major Crimes more often. Jeers also for losing Monday Mornings, and Necessary Roughness. I also hated to see Fairly Legal cancelled last year.
    It was time for Burn Notice to go–too dark and violent with not enough justification for Michael in the last 3 seasons. Good, happy ending, though, except for Maddie blowing herself up. Also not surprised at Psych–more inane and not as funny in the last 2 seasons.
    I will always be livid about The Glades being cancelled abruptly with Jim bleeding out on the kitchen floor with Callie and everyone else waiting at the church on their wedding day. I saw something a few months ago about USA looking for a new show for Matt Passmore. No news yet.

  31. What!!!???!!!…cancelled Necessary Roughness……….one of my favorite shows… of the few that me and the MIL agree about……………

  32. Lisa says:

    Where is the CW?

  33. Mary Tba says:


  34. M says:

    I like the Historey Channel too cut these Swamp Peopke off;-( what there doing is bad wrong thrue God s eyes. He hates what you are doing the Devil is playing you ? If they don’t want too clean up there act well God will handly them.

  35. dcg4us says:

    I liked The Lying Game (mostly bcuz of Tyler C and Blair R) and The Glades – so rude to have ended like that. Glad to hear Matt P. has another project already. Hopefully we will see the rest of the cast(s) back soon too.

  36. jojuania says:

    Why did they kept baby daddy on ABC family but not the lying game? I wanted the lying game to come back on :(

  37. jojuania says:

    I also wanted bun heads to come back on :(

  38. Mary S says:

    Well, TNT used to be one of my “go to” networks for shows I could count on enjoying, but now I am down to only 3 to watch!
    Dallas: Season 3 to debut Feb. 24, 2014 NOT THIS ONE!
    Falling Skies: Season 4 premieres summer 2014 NOT THIS ONE!
    Franklin & Bash: Season 4 premieres summer 2014 NOT THIS ONE!
    King & Maxwell: Officially cancelled. I LOVED THIS ONE, BUT IT’S NOW GONE!!!
    The Last Ship: Season 1 to debut in summer 2014 NOT THIS ONE!
    Legends: Season 1 to debut in 2014 NOT THIS ONE!
    Major Crimes: Season 2 finale aired Jan. 13; Renewed for Season 3 ***YIPPEE!***
    Mob City (fka L.A. Noir): Season 2 is a long shot. Officially cancelled I DID LIKE THIS ONE!
    Monday Mornings: Officially cancelled I LOVED THIS ONE, BUT IT’S NOW GONE!!!
    Perception: Season 2B premieres Feb. 25; already renewed for Season 3 ***YIPPEE!***
    Rizzoli & Isles: Season 4B premieres Feb. 25; already renewed for Season 5 ***YIPPEE!***
    Southland: Officially cancelled NOT THIS ONE!

    I never wish for the cancellation of any show. If I don’t like it, I just don’t watch it. But I hate it when something I like is cancelled….

  39. Mary S says:

    I watched 7 of the 8 shows listed. That is a record for me, or maybe anyone: that I loved ALL but one of their programs!
    Burn Notice: Series finale aired Sept. 12 ———-Will miss it! DVDs already in my house!
    Covert Affairs: Season 4 finale aired Nov. 21; Renewed for Season 5. —– Great news!
    Graceland: Season 1 finale aired Sept. 12; Renewed for Season 2 – Never watched
    Necessary Roughness: Season 3 finale aired Aug. 21; Season 4 renewal could go either way. Officially cancelled. ————– Sorry to see this one go…
    Psych: Season 8 will be show’s last; series finale will air Wednesday, March 26—early seasons were great, somehow lost steam as time went by……….
    Royal Pains: Season 5 finale aired Sept. 11; already renewed for Season 6 — Great news!
    Suits: Season 3B premieres March 6; already renewed for Season 4. —– Great news!
    White Collar: Season 5 finale aired Jan. 30; Season 6 is a safe bet. —– Great news!

    All in all, not a bad renewal calendar. Burn Notice and Psych were ready to go, Necessary Roughness was not, Graceland, I have no idea! All we have to do is upgrade White Collar and I will be a very happy camper! Thrilled that I get to keep the remaining shows!!!

  40. Patty says:

    Why isn’t Atlantis listed under BBC? As ridiculous as it was at times, I loved it this season and I’m hoping for a second!! Anyone know?

  41. Arlene says:

    Thank you for these listings.

  42. Lois Taylor says:

    Roxy get your own show, and employee the rest of the cast. It will have ratings off the roof. Come on Roxy all these reality shows are doing there own show. Remember me it was my idea. Don’t all you army wife buffs agree with me. Come on Roxy Denise Claudia joy Joan Pamela and let’s not forget the beautiful funny GLORIA. forge5t life time you guys can do this.

  43. pjs says:

    It is so sad that King and Maxwell ,Betrayal, and a lot of these Networks Cancel a show without a Ending,,,and I could list a lot more but what the hell,,,at least give us a ending instead of just leaving us hanging,,it makes me not wanting to invest my time in new shows,,All these reality shows about to some stupid Survivor and now a Naked won,,drive me crazy,,I just turn off the TV,,,,Houses Wives it crazy, it like watching a Train Wreck,,,I am done with Stupid Shows and I am really done with the way they just leave the No Ending,,,,

  44. earl says:

    hey matt, what about the hallmark channel?? we love when calls the heart on saturday nights!! any word on it being renewed from hallmark?? thanks

  45. You have done a good job by providing the cable renewal scorecard. I am feeling glad to get the list.

  46. Christopher says:

    Can you update Cougar Town please? What are the odds looking like? any chance we’ll find out whether it is renewed/canceled soon?

  47. litomfr says:

    HBO’s True Detective is not listed

  48. marie says:

    hey could you add sirens to the usa sheet? love that show

  49. Tania says:

    I love black sails there is no other show like it I hope there will be a season2 , I also liked white queen I hope to see more of it. As for Dracula I loved it , it wasn’t the same old teen love story it was more classy bring it back too.

    • dcg4us says:

      I’m with you on all of it!

      • dcg4us says:

        P.S. Re: White Queen. I heard they are going to do some sort of prequel. Personally, I would prefer a sequel or a continuing series. A really great show! Reign is good too. The dude that plays Dracula is perfect in the role. I hope it survives the cut. Black Sails is good. I’ll keep watching all of them until I can’t (they cancel). You have great taste :) lol