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What Happens Next: Has a Grey's Anatomy Marriage Flatlined? Is It Lights Out for Richard?

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Preview Calzona RichardTVLine hits rewind on the TV season’s biggest “What Happens Next” finales, then invites you to predict the cliffhanger outcomes

Things were indeed stormy as ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy wrapped Season 9 in true Shonda Rhimes fashion.

Meredith birthed baby Bailey during a blackout (and then went under the knife some more, due to complications); Cristina and Owen called it quits, again (and you have to believe/hope it will stick this time); April told a death-defying Jackson she still loves him; and Alex and Jo finally aligned with the fans who believe they are MFEO, smooching and such.GreysAnatomy_Season9finale_Richard

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But as the hour drew to a close, two true cliffhangers were in play: the state of Callie and Arizona’s union, given that the former had discovered her wife’s affair with newbie Lauren, and Richard’s life, after the former chief was electrocuted in the course of rebooting the hospital’s power supply.

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Assuming that Season 10 will pick up some time later — say, a real-time three or four months down the road — will we discover that “Calzona” is in fact down for the count? And Richard, too?

Rewatch the (painful) Callie/Arizona verbal throwdown here, then review our carefully hand-crafted poll options and share your predictions for how the two cliffhangers shook out.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. NSerra says:

    Shonda disse que só amputou a perna de Arizona porque tinha certeza que ela voltaria a ser a mesma pessoa, então, não faz nenhum sentido fazê-la trais em nome do PTSD e depois separá-las, sem tratar isso. Arizona precisa agora do amor de Callie e Callie pode muito bem lidar com esse erro da esposa e ajudá-la a se tratar.

  2. NSerra says:

    Shonda said that only a leg amputated because Arizona was sure she would ever be the same person, then it makes no sense to do it Doggy on behalf of PTSD and then separate them, without treating it. Arizona needs now love Callie and Callie can very well handle this error wife and help her to deal with.

  3. tiffany says:

    Richard will be fine because Shondra not going up the stupid tree again. Like she did with Lexie and Mark. Just plain stupid! As for Callie she will forgive Arizona like she did with George. Finally Shondra will break down Yang and she will have a kid or adopt one with Owen. This stucks but it will happen. No worries mate. PS we are stuck with Jo now. DAWN IT!

  4. Cheyenne says:

    I think they should cancel the show. It was great in the beginning but it’s gotten all stale now. The story lines are boring, the main characters are getting tiresome, and last year’s group of interns was just plain obnoxious. Pull the plug and have done with it.

  5. Lisa says:

    Mark would tell Callie, “you fought, you loved, you lost. All you can do is walk tall.” Season 5 episode 12

  6. HP says:

    Arizona has always been selfish, totally unlikable and unredeemable. She always questioned Callie’s sexuality, was always jealous of Callie’s friendship with Mark, and then she has the nerve to act as if the plane crash is an experience that Callie can’t begin to imagine. It’s like. “B***h, remember Callie’s car accident!” You don’t cheat because of tragic events. I say stone her.

  7. Sasha says:

    Lauren Boswell is definitely a keeper. I hope she stays on the show and becomes a regular. (:

  8. Lisa says:

    If you think about it Arizona only asked Callie to marry her because she didn’t want to share her with Mark. He is no longer an issue. Arizona can completely walk (no pun intended) away from Callie and Sofia, because they are or were obligations. When she found out Callie being pregnant, it’s like a situation she was almost forced into even though she was asked if she wanted out. Remember, she told Callie that that is not how she saw her live…that it was a bisexual’s dream. Season 10 will probably be more about Arizona than Callie. And no, I don’t agree with some of the comments that Callie should be with Owen or a guy…that’s an easy out for both characters; especially, for Arizona. I understand Callie is bi, but let’s see how it goes. Of course I don’t think Callie should be Arizona’s doormat, but she shouldn’t be easily scared off either.

  9. cbanks1985@yahoo.com says:

    My only question to Shondra is how come Owen and Cristina didn’t discuss this baby issue before getting married? I mean these are the kinds of talks you have before you marry someone. I know it is a show, but I feel we wasted a few years on them, when in reality it should have focused on them finding someone that would give them both what they want. Also, I liked Lauren and Arizona better than I liked Callie and Arizona. Of course I was always a Callie and Mark shipper, and I had always secretly hoped that one day they would ride off into the sunset together. Callie deserves the best and if Arizona can’t give it to her she should move on. I like Arizona but I feel it may be time to learn about the 2 characters apart from each other.

    • Lisa says:

      I agree that we should get to know Callie and Arizona apart. Arizona’s past was never mentioned or explored, so now the writers can do so. As for Cristina and Owen, she’s always said she didn’t want children.

  10. chickieroni says:

    Did Richard die? It’s written in the above article as “electrocuted” which means he’s dead. If it’s meant to be a cliffhanger, and he’s still alive, then he was shocked (which is what I thought happened, but maybe I’m wrong). Please feel free to delete this question once the issues has been addressed Mr. Mitovich.

    Have a lovely day!

  11. Jess says:

    Another vote for Calzona to stay together and work through this. Having them split and trying to see other people would be boring. I would be much more entertained by them trying to work everything out and attending therapy and you know, actually talking about their issues like all the other couples on this show get to do except for C/A. Also send homewrecker back to where she came from never to be seen again.

  12. ryna says:

    we still want Richard on Grey’s Anatomy s10.and for arizona just let her struggle to win callie’s heart and trust.. and let lauren stay and make things complicated between arizona and callie.. and christina n owen we want to see more of them..

  13. i guess its F callie and arizona will “repair” their relationship and forget everything that happened…they will forgive each other and they live happily ever after :-)

  14. Fernanda says:

    I am a big big fan of grays anatomy, watch all seasons several times and love all the episodes. What a shame to have finished ninth season.

  15. Cammy says:

    I hope Christina catches “baby fever” after helping with Meredith’s birth plan, and Christina and Owen can work it out. They are meant to be together. Callie should move out with Sophia to Mark’s apartment. Lauren and Arizonia have a lot of chemistry that has not been there with Callie lately.

  16. runi says:

    For once, can you find Cristina someone who is fully capable of understanding and nurturing her AS SHE IS and not keep trying to change her. She has always been honest about what she wants and I would really like to see Owen with someone who will appreciate him for the great dad and hubby that he will be – just not to Cristina. (would be great to bring back Teddy here). If Weber goes (and that would be a pity as he still has a lot to offer in the role of mentor as well as the romance between him and Jacksons Mum) then maybe a McOldie hottie that Cristina falls for lol. As for Jackson and April, i have mixed feelings. April still has some ways to go and Jackson hasn’t quite settled into his role as board member yet. I’m hoping this fling with the intern stays just that and he and April hook up in the future whens she calms down a bit. I have to say that none of the new interns are doign it for me. Not sure if it was the shock of last season’s finale or what, but none of them capture my attention, with the exception of Jo (loving her and Alex!) I wish you guys never killed off George and Charlie! We need another sweetie. LET ARIZONA GO!! I can’t wait for Callie to go on the prowl again. She used to be my fave before Robins and her incessant whining. And bring back the Nazi PLEASE! After taking away Mark and Lexie before they got it togther in real life, that is the least that you can do. broke my heart…sob sob

  17. Laura says:

    I would love To see Richard survive. He really has become the heart of the hospital. I’d love to see him be grandpa to Merediths baby, perhaps slightly slowed down. Cally could use some time away from Arizona. Let her have some wild flings. I think adding a baby to Christina and Owen’s relationship would be really interesting. Maybe one shows up that Christina falls for. Or maybe Owen could start working with kids somewhere to satisfy that part of himself. I’d love to see their love conquer that chasm.

  18. Wendy says:

    Quite sick of the on and off again Cristina and Owen relationship. He should move on, find someone else that will love him and give him the children he so much wants. As far as Arizona and Callie, Arizona is being alittle overboard with her distant feelings regarding Callie and then having a quickie affair with the other Dr. It wasn’t Callie’s fault that Arizona was on the plane and she wasn’t and Callie has done everything possible to help Arizona get over her trauma and sadness. After all they both lost Mark. I would like to see a lot more of Jackson and April’s relationship blossom, I really enjoyed watching their relationship grow and was so disappointed when they went their separate ways. It would be wonderful to see Richard survive, however, I don’t think he will. Bailey also needs to become a nicer person, her personality of being the “tough Dr.” is getting old and that “nasty face” she makes is a real turn off. Derick and Meredith have had their share of drama, so lets just see them enjoy their new baby with a few twist and turns here and there, nothing to dramatic.

  19. Shaniah says:

    I love greys anatomy I can’t wait until season 10 comes out. Everything will be revealed. I am so excited and I am screaming inside with the excitement. I love it so much. Love you Derek. I wish you were mine but Derek and Meredith just have to be the perfect tv drama couple. For certain.

  20. megan says:

    SO GLAD Alex and Jo made it. Alex needs someone who won’t leave him and will love him and treat him right. Jo showed she could do that just by her actions (the couch, remembering his fav donuts, bringing him something healthy for breakfast..the list goes on) Just hoping Shonda doesn’t have them break up. I like that Camilla is a series regular now though.

  21. Eli Puerto Rico says:

    Owen is my favorite character of the show. He is so hot and such a good husband, even after he cheated on Cristina (she deserved it by the way). She is selfish like Arizona. Owen deserves a better woman at his side, at least to make Cristina jealous and rethink before let him go because I don’t see her with another man better than Owen. She needs to learn a lesson of life and start to see the importance of the family more than a job. She will not be the first woman having a great and demanding job and a family to deal with… hellooooo look at Meredith!!! About Callie and Arizona, I liked Callie better when she was straight. She deserves to find a new love, but this time with a handsome doctor (man), likes when he was with Mark, that was terrific. I don’t care about Arizona, for me she was the one who should been dead in the plane crash, not Lexie. About Jackson and April, i wish they could be together again. He was her first love (in all meanings), was sexy to see the “cinnamon” and the “white sugar” melted. About Bailey, she’s also my other favorite doctor. She is compromised, kind, and such a good doctor, even after all that happened to her or thanks to her. What about his son? I would like to see her very happy with her husband and taking leading roles in next season.

  22. Julie says:

    Arizona needs to go, Richard needs to stay and I love Jackson and April together! Also, Owen and Christina need to figure it out, either b together or don’t, doesn’t matter to me, I’m just sick of that storyline. They need to bring back izzy! ;)