Emmys 2013: The Comedy Series Race in Review, Including Our 6 Dream Nominees

Emmy Best Comedy Series NomineesGrills are firing up, school is winding down, and you’ve come to terms with the fact that yes, you will become obsessed with another season of Big Brother. You know what this means, right? Emmy season is here!

As the balloting process gets underway, culminating in the July 18 nomination announcement, TVLine will be taking a close look at all the contenders in the major races and highlighting our dream candidates — the six shows and performers in each category that we think voters should recognize when they fill out their ballots.

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First up: Outstanding Comedy Series. Review the slideshow then head to the comments to share your own personal dream nominees. And check back Monday for our preview of the Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series race!

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  1. Mike R. says:

    I agree with most of your nominees, surprisingly, Parks and Rec, Louie, Happy Endings and New Girl deserve to be nominated, but I have not seen Enlightened so I won’t judge, but I feel even though it was different it was very ambition and caught its groove 5 episodes into the season, Arrested Development deserves a nod. But in the end I doubt these will be the nominees, more than likely these will:
    Big Bang Theory
    Modern Family
    Louie or New Girl

  2. SJ says:

    Parks and Rec (WIN), 30 Rock, New Girl (most improved, season 1 was awful IMO), Don’t Trust the B, Veep and Happy Endings would be my dream nominees. Suburgatory missed the cut by thiiiismuch. Season 1 was better.
    But in reality, only 30 Rock and Veep are locks. P&R and New Girl have an outside chance, the cancelled ABC duo is a non-starter. So sick of Big Bang and Modern Family, and I actually like the latter.

  3. I just don’t get Girls, the few times I’ve seen it I’ve been a) Really bored, b) walked away with a bad aftertaste.

    I hope BBT gets to win this year, I love love love that series.

  4. Superhero says:

    Parks and Recreation
    Arrested Development
    New Girl

    That’s my ideal list of nominees (I absolutely adored season 2 of Enlightened as well, but I can probably count on one hand the amount of times when the show made me laugh).

  5. Dednnis says:

    The most consistantly funnycomedy series is The Middle.

  6. John DeMayo says:

    The problem with The Big Bang Theory is that the past two seasons (5 and 6) haven’t been anywhere near as good as Seasons 1 through 4. The earlier seasons are what deserved to be nominated… not the past two. I have no idea how TVline actually thinks that this past season was one of its best. Is the decline not completely obvious? Just go back and watch the first four seasons, and THEN try to tell me that Season 6 was one of its best. While an improvement over 5, it just doesn’t compare to the old stuff. The past two seasons have focused way too much on the relationships, and not nearly enough on the nerdy antics of the core group of characters. Don’t get me wrong… Amy and Bernadette are both excellent characters… but the writers just haven’t figured out how to integrate the whole cast into an episode without turning it into a stale relationship comedy.

    • tripoli says:

      Oh yes, it is painfully obvious. I didn’t watch when the show first started but did catch up online a few years back. Episode after episode was so incredibly funny. I laughed so much. The last couple seasons have not been very good. Most episodes these days don’t elicit even a tiny laugh. Past its prime and relying on the same tired jokes.

      • John DeMayo says:

        Yep… there have been several episodes the past two years where they haven’t elicited more than a slight grin from me. It used to be a show about the quirky antics of a group of nerds. Now it’s almost as if it has become a show that simply makes fun of nerds.

  7. Claire says:

    I think Parks and Rec is the best comedy on TV; I wish it would get recognized. Even if the series isn’t nominated (which I believe it should be), at least give Amy Poehler an Emmy for it!

  8. Ryan says:

    Veep, Arrested Development, 30 Rock, Parks & Recreation, The Mindy Project, Community

  9. Jared says:

    Parks and Rec
    Modern Family
    New Girl
    Nurse Jackie

  10. Joe says:

    Should be

    The Big Bang Theory
    Modern Family
    Happy Endings
    Parks and Recreation

    With Veep Winning

  11. Angela says:

    I’m in a minority who liked “Community”‘s fourth season overall, but even so, unfortunately, the blurb about it is right nonetheless. It’s truly sad to think this show might never get the recognition it’s deserved, and should’ve received, within the last four years.

  12. lily says:

    ok, arrested development is brilliant and this season was audacious and bold. it blows these other shows out of the water, and i don’t know why you assume this so-called “lukewarm” response- the big majority of viewers who actually watched the whole thing responded positively. i’m telling you, most of those “critics” wrote a review based on like 3 episodes (which is a HUGE mistake) and other ones were mad that they weren’t given early screeners. it’s wrong for you to proclaim a mixed reaction, that does NOT match what i’ve seen and heard from people who watched it

  13. Eddie says:

    The Office
    Parks And Recreation
    New Girl
    Arrested Development

    The Office winning for ‘Finale’

    Honorable Mention: TMP & 30 Rock.

  14. Loose Seal says:

    Community, Louie, Arrested Development and Parks and Rec.

  15. MC says:

    It’s really too bad about Nurse Jackie because the show is having its best season, perhaps ever. And I loved Enlightened!

  16. CJ says:


  17. Joe says:

    No reader voting this year? Haven’t we gotten to make our choices in past years once we read TVline’s choices?

  18. Jen says:

    I’m so tired of Big Bang Theory and Modern Family.
    let’s give The Office, Parks, New Girl, Mindy Project, Veep, and even The Middle some love! those are ACTUAL laugh out loud comedies!!

  19. Aprilcot says:

    New GIrl
    Parks & Rec
    The Office (it was significantly better this season; almost back to form IMO)

    I would love to see the Emmy go to P&R, but would be totally satisfied if any of the others won.

  20. Britta Unfiltered says:

    My dream nominees: Arrested Development (FTW. You guys are insane to say it wasn’t good. I’ve been through it 3 times now, and it’s awesome). I also pick Louie (I’d be happy if that won), Girls, Veep, Episodes, and…there’s a few I would put in a 6th spot, so I’ll just flip a coin and say Happy Endings.
    Now here’s what will really get nominated: Arrested Development (I’m tellin’ ya, that’s gonna happen), Louie, Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory (ugh), Girls, and 30 Rock. I feel very lost as to knowing who’s going to win this race this year though. The comedies are always harder for me to guess than the dramas, because the Emmy voters definitely don’t have the same sense of humor I do. They could be boring and go for the safe choice of Modern Family again, or they could be daring and go for Girls now that the Golden Globes have put their seal of approval on it, or they could go for the wildly popular The Big Bang Theory. If they want to give it to who truly deserves it though, then it’s going to be Arrested Development or Louie.

  21. Patti says:

    New Girl
    Big Bang Theory

  22. Emily says:

    I would love to vote for Glee, but it wasn’t written properly this season. I am a hardcore Glee fan, and will watch it until it ends, but it had lost most of the comedy that it used to have. Every once and a while they’ll have something that I’ll laugh pretty hard at, but usually it’s just very over dramatic now. They still do have good music, but they need to get back into doing more Broadway and “oldies” like they used to. That’s the show we fell in love with, and that’s the show we want back. Glee could have a big comeback if they get their comedy back. For right now though, my vote has to go to Big Bang Theory. Sorry Glee and Glee fans.

  23. Michael says:

    Happy Endings and Mike & Molly should get noms, but the hands-down winner and BY FAR the BEST comedy on TV today is . . . . . . wait for it . . . . . . . . . The Big Bang Theory!! The other shows are funny as well, but it’s way past time for TBBT to be recognized as what it is, one of the greatest TV comedies of all time!!!

  24. mark says:

    The office deserves a nomination. Despite what you all think it rebounded from its first season without carell and arguably had the greatest series finale of all time. And why is everyone stoked about p and r. I love that show, and I thought this was its worst season yet, way to over the top. My noms
    The Office
    30 Rock
    Arrested Development
    The Mindy Project

  25. Eunice says:

    Parks and Recreation!

  26. dommy says:

    modern family had a spectacular season… the new years eve one where they go to palm springs and meet billy dee williams and nude years eve and mitch and cam following the three bears into the club is great… the one with the birth of the baby and hayley dating the old jeans guy and cam hurting lilly over and over again nails it especially that line from cam about lilly after she crashes her toy car… “you know there was always a good chance she would be a terrible driver” and the season finale with the death of phil’s mom and how he has to go to the neighbor lady to fix up his dad and with cam starting fights with the old ladies and the harpies moving in on phil’s dad and mitchel defending all those people in the courtroom and jay finding his first sex partner… omg that was hysterical and the ending with paul newman’s lighter is so sweet… sorry if some of you can’t see how good it is and that this show is not past it’s prime in year 3 or 4 (god everyone is so impatient these days) … but luckily many many people (who actually have taste believe it or not) disagree… and very happy to see VEEP in there… different tone but such a smart show